TOW Rachel's Wedding

This fic happens in the future. Ross and Rachel have a 2 year-old daughter named Katie but they are not married or whatsoever. From Season 8, Ross continued dating Mona on and off. Rachel realized that she was still in love with Ross but she realized that he’s happy with Mona and she just decided to move on. Rachel got her own apartment soon after she gave birth because she realized that living with Joey was not as comfortable as she thought it was. When Katie was about a year old, Rachel met a guy named James Walters (played by Ben Affleck ) It’s been a year and both of them are still dating. Ross and Rachel are still good friends and they manage to seem like a family with Katie. Ross still teaches in NYU and Rachel still works at Ralph Lauren. That’s about it! Oh and Monica and Chandler are together and Monica’s 4 months pregnant and she still works at Alessandro’s. Joey’s Joey and Phoebe’s Phoebe. Joey’s still a DOOL soap actor and still has a woman’s brain. He’s done a couple of movies already and. Phoebe’s a part time masseuse and she also sings at Central Perk.

I do not own these characters…. Except for James Walters and Katie



(Accompanied with the song “What If” by Babyface)

Scene 1: Rachel telling Ross that she is pregnant and focusing on his shocked face
Scene 2: Rachel and Ross in the hospital looking at the sonogram with Ross behind her and pointing where the baby is
Scene 3: Ross and Rachel watching the video when they… you know
Scene 4: Ross comforting Rachel about her date and kissing her on the cheek
Scene 5: Rachel in a hospital bed breathing heavy with Ross by her side holding her hand
Scene 6: Ross, Rachel and Katie still in the hospital. Rachel is on the bed with Ross standing behind her admiring Katie on Rachel’s arms
Scene 7: The whole gang including Mona and other people even Ross and Rachel’s parents at Ross’ apartment for Katie’s christening party
Scene 8: Ross and Rachel together talking at Central Perk with Katie in the carrier
Scene 9: Ross, Rachel, Mona and James together talking in a restaurant. After a while they stand. (cut to outside the restaurant) They are about to leave, Ross and James shake hands and Rachel and Mona hug. They part separate ways, Mona and Ross to the left hand in hand, Rachel and James to the right with arms around each other’s waist



Rachel and James are there having a romantic dinner

RACHEL: I know! I told him it won’t work but he still insisted in using those batteries.
JAMES: And Joey still has ways with the girls!

Both of them laugh

RACHEL: Hey, thanks for a wonderful dinner tonight!
JAMES: My mom was the one who made that. I told her that I’m gonna have a special dinner with my special girlfriend!
RACHEL: You are so sweet… (kisses him lightly)
JAMES: Listen, sweetie… I know we’ve been dating for a year, and, I know we both love each other very much. I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you. I also love Katie like my own daughter and-
RACHEL: Honey… (looks at him sweetly)
JAMES: Wait- And I know I want her to be a part of our lives together. Rach, (Kneels down in front of her) will you marry me?
RACHEL: (Looks at him, surprised and speechless)
JAMES: Rach?
RACHEL: Whoa… I did not see this coming! (Looks at him as if she was going to cry) Yeah
JAMES: Yeah?
JAMES: Yeah! You’re gonna marry me?
RACHEL: Yeah! (Now crying)
JAMES: (Hugs her and kisses her passionately, they both get into the kiss and break) Wow…
RACHEL: I know!

Both kiss again and we leave them there


Monica, Chandler and Joey are there having breakfast

JOEY: Thank God you won’t puke this out Mon…
CHANDLER: Joey, we are eating!
MONICA: I past that stage Joe! I can eat anything now…

Phone rings, Monica answers it

MONICA: Hello?
GIRL: (OTP) Monica!!! (with a high squeaky voice)
MONICA: Rach! Are you alright?
RACHEL: (OTP) Yeah I am!!! (sounding excited and still high pitched)
CHANDLER: Honey please tell Rachel that we can hear her here!
MONICA: (Goes near the balcony) What’s up?
RACHTEL: (OTP) I’m engaged!!!
MONICA: (Now with a high pitched squeaky voice) Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!! Rachel!!!

Back to Chandler and Joey who are eating on the coffee table

CHANDLER: That is what I do not understand with women!
JOEY: I understand them in there (pointing the bedroom door) when they do that, but here?! Nuh-uh!
CHANDLER: (Shoots him a look)

Back to Monica talking to Rachel

MONICA: When? When? When? (still high pitched)
RACHEL: (OTP) He proposed last night!!! (also still high pitched)
MONICA: Rachel! I’m so happy for you! when’s the wedding? (back her normal voice)
RACHEL: (OTP) In 3 or 4 months… Monica I’m so happy!!! (now more calm but still high pitched)
MONICA: I am for you too! Have you mentioned this to Ross?
RACHEL: (OTP) No, I just woke up. Please don’t tell him, you can tell Phoebe, Joey and Chandler but I’ll be the one to tell him okay? (back to her normal voice)
MONICA: Thank you so much! Why would you leave Ross out?
RACHEL: (OTP) Well, cause I just remembered that when he told us he was getting married with Emily, that didn’t make me feel so good!
MONICA: Yeah but you were still in love with him then…
RACHEL: (OTP) Yeah I know… Look I will always love Ross no matter what, he’s the father of my child. But if I put myself in his place and I hear that he’s getting married from someone else, I’ll just get hurt you know..
MONICA: Yeah you’re right! Well, I gotta go! I’ll be late soon… I’ll call you later, we’ve got some planning to do!
RACHEL: (OTP) Monica, I just got engaged! Anyway, Katie’s up. I’ll come over later! Bye!
MONICA: Bye! (Puts down the phone)
CHANDLER: What was that?
MONICA: (With a huge smile on her face) Rachel ‘s getting married!!! (Again with a high pitched voice)
CHANDLER: Oh my God! That’s great!!! (Also with a high pitched voice)
JOEY: (Looks at him weirdly) Dude?!


Phone rings, he comes out of the bathroom just wearing boxers (this I gotta see &#61514

ROSS: Hello?
GIRL: (OTP) Ross?
ROSS: Mom?
GIRL: (OTP) Do I sound old enough to be your mom?
ROSS: Oh hey Rach!
RACHEL: (OTP) Hi! Seriously, do I sound old enough to be your mom?
ROSS: (Chuckles) Of course not… it’s cause my mom always mentions my name when she calls and there’s no one else to answer the call except for me!
RACHEL: (OTP) Oh… okay! Hey listen, I need to talk to you!
ROSS: Okay- Are you okay?
RACHEL: (OTP) Yeah, I’m absolutely fine!!! I just have to tell you this in person!
ROSS: Okay, uh, what about 7 p.m. dinner at your place? I haven’t seen Katie for 2 days now!
RACHEL: (OTP) Okay, see you tonight!
ROSS: Okay, Bye! (Puts down the phone)


Monica enters and Phoebe approaches her as soon as she finished singing

MONICA: (Seated on the couch drinking coffee) Phoebes!
PHOEBE: Yes Monica? (Sits beside her)
MONICA: Guess what?
PHOEBE: (Thinks and puts her hand on her forehead) You want to eat chicken!
MONICA: No, but now I do! But that’s not what I wanna tell you!
PHOEBE: Oh, so what is it?
MONICA: Rachel’s getting married!!!
PHOEBE: No?!?! (shocked)
MONICA: (With a huge smile on her face) I know!!!
PHOEBE: Seriously, NO?!?!?!
MONICA: Yeah… are you okay?
PHOEBE: (Thinks) But- but how about Ross?
MONICA: Wha- Ross and Rachel aren’t together!
PHOEBE: Yeah but- Oh never mind… Maybe I get to sing at their wedding!
MONICA: This is Rachel we’re talking about. Believe me, she is worst than I am!


Rachel’s at the kitchen preparing the meal. Katie is on the playpen and the doorbell rings

RACHEL: Wait a minute (Sets the food on the table, carries Katie and approaches the door). Hey!
ROSS: Hi! (takes Katie from her, by the way, Katie has blue puppy eyes and her hair is dirty blond with brunette roots. She has Rachel’s face outline and soft red lips and Ross’ nose… just imagine a really cute baby, she looks like Dakota Fanning- the little girl in I am Sam) Hey you!!! (kisses her) Daddy missed you so much! (Katie looks at him and lets out a small smile)
KATIE: Down daddy! Down
RACHEL: Don’t put her down yet, she hasn’t eaten! Once she’s down you won’t be able to catch her again!
ROSS: Sorry sweetie but you’ll have to stay with me first! (Katie lets out a puppy face look) Rachel!
RACHEL: Ugh… Just- just don’t look into her eyes!

Both laugh. They go in and settle in the dining table. Katie is on a high chair

KATIE: Mommy hungwy
RACHEL: Yeah Honey, just wait
ROSS: (Hands her the pasta) Here, let me help you
RACHEL: Okay thanks
ROSS: (Starts eating) So what’s this news that you’re gonna tell me?
RACHEL: (Eating while feeding Katie) Ross, before I do what I’m about to tell you, I want your approval first okay?!
ROSS: Are you moving out of New York?
RACHEL: No silly!
ROSS: (Breathes in with relief) Okay!
RACHEL: Well, last night James came over and-
KATIE: Mommy hungwy! (opens her mouth wide open)
RACHEL: (Feeds Katie a spoonful of Macaroni and Cheese) Anyway, as I was saying, James came over and, uh, we had dinner and he proposed… (Looks at him straight in the eye)
ROSS: (Puts down the spoon and looks at her) Uh, wow…
RACHEL: I know- is that okay with you?
ROSS: Of- Of course! Yeah.. yeah it’s okay! I’m happy for you! (hugs her but he looks sad)
RACHEL: Oh thank God… I thought you’d be mad and stuff!
ROSS: Mad? Why would I be mad?! I’m happy for you! so, uh, when’s the wedding?
RACHEL: Well, in about 3 to 4 months!
KATIE: Mommy! (screams) hungwy!
RACHEL: Okay, okay! (Gets back to feeding Katie, Ross looks dejected and continues eating)


Ross is seated in the couch carrying Katie sleeping on his shoulder. Rachel comes out from the bathroom

RACHEL: So, you want me to take her?
ROSS: (Looks at his watch) Well, I gotta get going so I’ll just bring her to her room! (stands up and brings Katie to her room and Rachel is following him from behind)


Ross just placed her down on her bed and we can see Ross and Rachel standing beside the bed staring at her

RACHEL: She’s so pretty and I can’t believe someone like her came out from me
ROSS: I know… she looks just like you!
RACHEL: Even prettier. How can we make such a wonderful kid?!
ROSS: Uhuh… Hey if you need any help with while your preparing, I’m just here! And my parents are looking forward to see her soon so-
RACHEL: Yeah- Yeah that would be great! Thanks a lot Ross! (They are now looking at each other) Thanks for everything…
ROSS: Hey, I promised you that I’ll be here no matter what right?! I don’t want my daughter to think she only has a father once a week! I hardly see Ben and I don’t wanna be the same with Katie (smiles at her)
RACHEL: I know- she’s lucky to have a father like you!
ROSS: I think it’s the other way around! I never thought I’d see you as a mom! I remember you freaking out whenever she cries… well, I guess I’m wrong!
RACHEL: I thought of that too!

They share a “Ross and Rachel” moment for a while… but Ross breaks it

ROSS: Well, I better go!
RACHEL: Okay… ah, how’s Mona by the way?
ROSS: Oh, she’s in Boston. She left a few days ago but- but things aren’t going great between us!
RACHEL: Again? (slightly chuckles)
ROSS: Yeah, but I think this is it. I’m sick and tired of it! I’m not even- in love with her anymore, I’m not even sure if I ever was (they both look into each other’s eyes again)
RACHEL: But you guys were together even before Katie was born
ROSS: Well, I was confused that time, then we broke up! After some time when I realized I need someone (chuckles), we got back together for a month. I don’t know, it was like a switch kind of relationship! She even had someone in between me, so we weren’t that serious! I just didn’t expect us to last this long!
RACHEL: Aww.. Honey I’m sorry!
ROSS: Yeah so if you add up the time of us being together, it won’t even equal to a year! Just- just take care of what you have! I’d better go, I’m getting emotional already!
RACHEL: Okay, I’ll walk you out!


ROSS: So, just give me a call!
RACHEL: Okay… (Ross starts to leave) Ross?
ROSS: Yeah?
RACHEL: (Hugs him tight) Thank you!
ROSS: (Hugs her tight too, not wanting to let her go) Yeah, no problem! I just want you to be happy!
RACHEL: (Pulls away) Okay (Getting teary eyed) Bye
ROSS: (Hiding his emotions) Bye

Rachel goes in her apartment, leans her head on the door and tears come running down her cheeks. Ross stops and sits on a step in the stairs and puts his head on his hands


(Accompanied with the song “Take My Breath Away” by Emma Bunton)

Scene 1: Monica and Rachel in Central Perk talking, Monica is holding an organizer with wedding articles in it
Scene 2: Monica and Rachel in Monica’s apartment with tons of bridal magazines around them
Scene 3: Phoebe and Monica planning on Rachel’s shower
Scene 4: Ross and Katie walking in Central Park. A sweet couple passes by them pushing a stroller with twins. Katie looks at Ross and Ross just gives her a sad smile
Scene 5: Rachel and Phoebe looking at wedding dresses. Phoebe shows Rachel a yellow gown with magenta flowers. Rachel just stares at her
Scene 6: Rachel and James cuddling on the couch in Central Perk, she’s showing him the wedding articles she tore from magazines. Ross sees the in the window and smiles sadly
Scene 7: Rachel, Phoebe and Monica in a wedding store. Rachel comes out from the dressing room wearing a beautiful gown. Monica and Phoebe smile and hug her
Scene 8: Rachel, Phoebe and Katie in the same wedding store. The saleslady is getting their body measurements
Scene 9: Rachel and James in a wedding chapel talking to the minister. They are seated on the chairs and holding hands
Scene 10: Ross and Katie returning to Rachel’s house, James opens the door and Katie hugs him


JAMES: Hey Katie!
KATIE: Unca James! (Hugs him)
ROSS: Hey, is Rachel there?
JAMES: Yeah, I’ll go get her!
ROSS: Oh no, it’s okay. Just tell her that Katie had ice cream today and se already ate dinner so she’s ready for bed!
JAMES: Okay, will that be all?
ROSS: (Chuckles) Yeah! (to Katie) I’m gonna go now okay, you behave! (kisses her hair)
KATIE: Daddy don’t go! (she has her puppy face and begins to cry)
ROSS: (Kneels down beside her) Honey, I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I’ll pick you up!
KATIE: (Now crying) Don’t go, stay wit me!
JAMES: Hey Ross, why don’t you have dinner with us and you can leave ‘till she’s asleep!
ROSS: Well… (looks at Katie)
KATIE: Pease Daddy?
ROSS: Alright!
JAMES: Good, now I’ll just get Rachel! Come in

The 3 of them enter. James goes to the kitchen where Rachel is, and Ross and Katie sit on the couch

ROSS: You’re spoiled aren’t you?
KATIE: (Giggles) No!

Rachel enters

RACHEL: Hey honey! Hey Ross!
KATIE: Mommy! (runs to her and hugs her)
ROSS: Rach- I’m sorry, this little girl doesn’t wanna let me go! I’ll just give her a bath and leave, I’m not that hungry anyway!
RACHEL: Oh come on Ross! That’s not a problem! It’s even better that you’re here
KATIE: Mommy I ate ice cweam!
RACHEL: I know, I can see it on your shirt!
ROSS: Okay princess, you’re going in the shower!
KATIE: (Giggles then runs) No!
ROSS: Oh God, not again!
RACHEL: (Laughs) Well, Dr. Geller, good luck in giving her a bath! I’ll just go back to the kitchen and continue my cooking, I’ll call you when dinner’s ready! (Leaves and Ross follows Katie)


Katie is hiding under the bed and Ross comes in looking for her

ROSS: Katie….
KATIE: (Giggles)
ROSS: Honey you know what, I’m really really tired and I just wanna rest so please come out! (hears Katie giggling somewhere near the bed) Katie… (goes down and surprises Katie under the bed) Ahah, I got you!
KATIE: No! (Giggles and moves in the middle of the bed so Ross can’t reach her)
ROSS: Katie… Come here!!!

Rachel enters

ROSS: She got me! She’s under the bed and I can’t reach her!
RACHEL: (Laughs) Okay, I’ll go to the other side and when she moves over to your side go get her! (She gets down and reaches under the bed. She sees Ross and they share another moment for a while but then Katie manages to get out in front and runs going out)
ROSS: (Stands up) Okay Katie that’s it! I’m leaving! Bye-bye
RACHEL: (Gets up too) Are you serious or are you bribing?
ROSS: Both! If she doesn’t buy it then I’ll leave, if she does then I’ll stay!
RACHEL: (Chuckles) Okay!
ROSS: (Gets out and starts shouting) Good-bye Katie, I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow okay? (still hears no respond and opens the door, Rachel stands and watches) Bye Katie, daddy’s going home! (Katie runs to him and hugs his legs crying)
KATIE: I’m sowy daddy, don’t go!!!
ROSS: (Picks her up) See?
RACHEL: (laughs) Thank you for your tip! Better get ready soon, James’ just making a salad!
ROSS: (Walking towards Katie’s room) Okay


Katie just finished taking a bath and is getting dressed

KATIE: Daddy sweep hew! (sLeep heRe)
ROSS: You got me to stay here, and now I’m eating here and there’s no way I’m sleeping here missy!
KATIE: (Giggles) Missy!

Rachel enters

RACHEL: Hey it’s time for dinner
ROSS: Okay, I’ll be right over!
KATIE: Missy! (Giggles)

Rachel smiles and leaves

KATIE: Daddy sweep hew!
ROSS: There is no place for me sweetie!
KATIE: My wum (Room)
ROSS: Nope!
KATIE: Mommy wum
ROSS: (Laughs) And where will James sleep?
KATIE: Out! (Giggles)
ROSS: (Kisses her hair) Let’s go, I’m hungry!


James and Rachel are beside each other and Ross is across them. Katie is seated in her high chair and is beside Ross, she’s half asleep

ROSS: So, with only 2 months left huh?
RACHEL: (Looks at James) I know, I can’t believe a month passed by already!
JAMES: Yeah, I don’t even have tux yet!
ROSS: Aren’t you getting from Ralph Lauren?
JAMES: No, I don’t want Rachel to be the one to get it!
RACHEL: Yeah, he’s being silly again!
JAMES: Am not!
RACHEL: Are too!
JAMES: Am not!
ROSS: (Chuckles) Hey, I can help you get one!
JAMES: Really? How?
ROSS: Well, I can get you from the one I got from for my wedding… One of my weddings!
RACHEL: (Laughs) Which one?
ROSS: Emily’s!
RACHEL: Oh… okay! Honey when it gets to wedding stuff, just go to Ross!

They all laugh

ROSS: (Looks at Katie) She’s almost asleep, I better go put her to bed so I can leave! (Carries her and goes to her room. James gets the dishes and Rachel follows Ross)


Ross placed her on her bed and Rachel’s standing near the door

KATIE: (Sleepy) Daddy sweep hew…
ROSS: Honey, you know I can’t!
KATIE: (Begins to cry) Daddy!
ROSS: Okay, I’ll stay here first then I’ll go when you sleep! (Sits beside her)
KATIE: Mommy too…
ROSS: (Looks at Rachel and sees her approval then at Katie) (sighs) Well?! (Katie smiles and yawns)
RACHEL: (Approaches them and sits on Katie’s bed) Honey we’ll both be here okay, you just go to sleep!
KATIE: Okay… Goodnight (yawns)
ROSS: Goodnight Missy! (Kisses her cheek and she smiles)
RACHEL: Goodnight baby!

Ross and Rachel stay there for about 5 minutes and notices that Katie’s asleep. Ross stands up

ROSS: (Whispering) I should go!
RACHEL: (Whispering) Okay, thanks again! I don’t know what I would do without you!

Ross just smiles at her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. He sees James in the kitchen and shakes his hand and leaves. Rachel stands in the door of Katie’s room and approaches James in the kitchen


Phoebe and Monica, are there seated on the couch, Rachel and Katie are on the armchair and Joey and Chandler on the stools. Ross enters

ROSS: Hiii… (Ross’ “hi”)
GANG: Hey/You ok?/What’s wrong?
ROSS: Mona and I broke up!
ROSS: Yeah but this time we’re not getting back together!
MONICA: How are you sure about that?
ROSS: Because we’re both tired of it and she’ll be moving to Boston next week (grabs a stool and sits next to Phoebe)
PHOEBE: Aww Ross honey that’s okay!
MONICA: Yeah Ross, you’ll find someone, don’t worry!
JOEY: Hey, we can go to a strip club!
ROSS: I’m not in the mood, I think I’ll just stay home!
RACHEL: Hey, you can you with me and Katie, we’re going to the park!
KATIE: Daddy go (With her puppy face)
ROSS: Why do you always that? (Katie smiles) You don’t even understand me! (Smiles at her)
KATIE: Daddy go! Eat ice cweam!
JOEY: Can I go?
JOEY: Aww… Come on!!!
ROSS: No, and fine I’ll go! (pinches Katie’s cheek)
MONICA: She’s so adorable! I can’t wait to have my own!!! (Looks at Chandler who looks at her nervously) It’s happening
RACHEL: Well, we better get going! James and I are going to have dinner tonight so I have to be home early! (Stands up)
ROSS: Okay (stands up and carries Katie) Bye guys!

Both leave Central Perk

PHOEBE: (Looks at them passing by the window) Wow, they look like a perfect family! (They all look at her) What? Look at them!
JOEY: I know but don’t you think it’s a little too late to say that? Rachel’s about to get married!
MONICA: Yeah Phoebes!
PHOEBE: Well they- You know what, never mind!
CHANDLER: Anyway kids, Monica and I better get going… we have a doctor’s appointment!
MONICA: Oh come on Chandler, it’s not for another- (looks at her watch) Goodness, we’re gonna be late!! Go! Go! Go! (They both exit Central Perk)
JOEY: What would Monica be like when there’s war?
PHOEBE: She’d probably the army’s wake up call!
JOEY: What would I be when there’s war?
PHOEBE: A hero!
JOEY: (Smiles at her) Thanks, I thought of that too!
PHOEBE: Hey Joe, do you think Ross and Rachel still love each other?
JOEY: Yeah but that’s it…
PHOEBE: Yeah but- never mind!
JOEY: Why? Did your theory prove you wrong?
PHOEBE: Not yet! Hey Ross got the beautiful children from Rachel and Monica got Chandler’s money! How else are we gonna hook up? (does this ring a bell?&#61514
JOEY: Don’t worry, the time will come my love! (Looks at Phoebe and smiles, Phoebe does the same too)


Ross and Rachel are strolling holding Katie on each hand and an old couple approaches them

OLD WOMAN: (to Katie) Hello there little girl
KATIE: (smiles) Hi!
OLD WOMAN: You have such an adorable kid!
ROSS: Thank you!
OLD MAN: And you’re a cute couple!

Ross and Rachel look at each other and smile

OLD WOMAN: It’s nice seeing a young couple taking their children out
ROSS: Oh, we’re-
OLD WOMAN: I’m sorry, you’re really just a cute family! Well, we’ll get going now!
OLD MAN: Excuse my wife, she wants a grandchild!

Ross and Rachel wave good-bye and the old couple continue walking and quarreling

RACHEL: (Laughs) Wow…
ROSS: (Also laughing) I know! If Katie was a boy, would he still be cute?
RACHEL: (Chuckles) He’d probably look like Ben!
ROSS: No, I don’t think so! Ben doesn’t look anything like me! He looks like Carol!
RACHEL: Well, I guess same as Katie but with something else down there! (Laughs)
ROSS: (Chuckles) What do you wanna do Katie?
KATIE: Swing!

They go to the swings and help Katie get up. They start pushing her

RACHEL: Honey hold tight okay?
KATIE: Mommy, Daddy swing awso (aLso)
ROSS: (Sits beside her) Okay but hold
RACHEL: (Sits on the other side) Ross, are you okay?
ROSS: Huh? Yeah, yeah I am!
RACHEL: I’m sorry about Mona!
ROSS: It’s okay, I saw it coming anyway! I just want a serious relationship again…
RACHEL: You’re lucky you’re not a girl! I mean if I was single and I have a kid, no decent guy would go serious with me!
ROSS: Of course not!
RACHEL: And why is that?
ROSS: Rach, you’re pretty, sexy, a wonderful mom and a great friend and girlfriend! No man would not wanna be with you!
RACHEL: (Chuckles) Wow, I wish those were true!
ROSS: They are! I mean if I didn’t know you, I’d wanna get to know you better!
RACHEL: (Looks at him sweetly) Are you doing this just to flatter me?
ROSS: Hey come on, you have James now and I see the way he respects you and how much he loves you and Katie!
RACHEL: Fine… but I just wanna tell you that you’ll find someone who will love you and someone you deserve!
ROSS: (to himself) I already did, I just let her go!
ROSS: Uh- Yeah I will, I wish I already did so I won’t be this lonely!
RACHEL: (Looks at the time) Ross, we have to go!
ROSS: Okay, Katie wanna ride on my back?
KATIE: Yeah! (Hops on to Ross’ shoulder)


Ross enters and finds Chandler alone on the couch

ROSS: (Sits beside him) Hey man, you alright?
CHANDLER: Yeah… I’m just thinking what I would be like when I become a dad!
ROSS: I just wanna tell you that it’s the greatest thing specially when you’re with the woman you love!
CHANDLER: I know… I’m excited! I saw him this afternoon!
ROSS: He’s a he?
CHANDLER: (Smiles at him) Yeah, I’m having boy man!
ROSS: (Smiles but then fades) Yeah…
CHANDLER: Hey dude you okay?
ROSS: Yeah… No…
CHANDLER: Is this about Mona?
ROSS: No, you know what’s weird, I’m not even thinking of her!
CHANDLER: Maybe cause she was nothing to you!
ROSS: I know, I can’t believe I wasted 2 years with her!
CHANDLER: That’s okay man… so why are you so glum?
ROSS: I- I- (breathes) Dude I want you to swear this is between us!
CHANDLER: You can trust me!
ROSS: It’s- It’s just that- Okay, I was with Rachel today in Central Park, and there was this old couple who approached us and said that we were such a cute couple and a cute family
ROSS: When Rachel told me that she was getting married, my heart broke in a million pieces. I mean, I finally realized that we were over. I always thought that somewhere sometime, we’d still get back together and become real family! So the couple got me thinking what it would be like if we were a real family.
CHANDLER: Ross… you didn’t even have plans on getting marrying her yet right?
ROSS: No Chan, the night we broke up, the night I regretted my whole life was suppose to be the night I was going to propose to her. God how can I be so stupid?! Then when we got married in Vegas, I didn’t want to get that divorce! Phoebe was right, I did love her! And then she told me she was pregnant! There was my dream again but when I mentioned to her that it would be better if we just got married, she didn’t want to so I figured out that she didn’t love me anymore. But I never stopped! I never stopped (getting teary eyed) loving (chokes) her. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. You just don’t know how happy I was when she said she loved me too and I was so stupid! Now here I am again… She’s about to be married in a month or so and I’m here in Central Perk still dreaming about her! (breaks down and cries)
CHANDLER: Ross, let’s just go to your apartment okay! Let’s go and drink beer. Monica’s with Phoebe anyway!
ROSS: (Crying) Okay…

Both exit Central Perk


Both of them are sitting on the couch with a lot of beer cans and bottles surrounding them

ROSS: I don’t know what to do man…
CHANDLER: What are you thinking?
ROSS: Well, it’s either I’ll be quiet and keep my feelings for as long as I live or tell her now and ruin her life!
CHANDLER: Ross… I’ve never seen Rachel this happy since you guys broke up! She never stopped loving you but when she saw you being happy with someone else, it got her thinking that you’re over her so she moved on. Just look at it this way, if you tell Rachel now, she’ll just get confused. Okay, let’s say she picks you but once things don’t work out again, you’ll both regret it! Do it for her happiness, do it for Katie, man…
ROSS: (Crying again) I know… I know, God I love her so much I can’t even stand seeing her with James and Katie.. I can’t even stand being with her knowing that we’re not together anymore! Dude thanks a lot! I just need someone to talk to! You can mention this to Monica if you want… just tell her not to mention a single thing to Rachel!
CHANDLER: Yeah… hey you need someone to be with you tonight? I can tell Mon that I’ll be staying over tonight and-
ROSS: Dude, she’s pregnant, she needs you more than I do! I’ll be fine!
CHANDLER: Well, I gotta get going! Just ring me if you need anything!
ROSS: Yeah, thanks!


(Accompanied with the song “Come What May” by Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor)

Scene 1: Ross getting really drunk and looking at his and Rachel’s picture
Scene 2: Ross, Rachel and Katie eating dinner at Rachel’s place
Scene 3: Ross looking at something in a small box and throws it across the room
Scene 4: Rachel looking out the window carrying Katie who’s sleeping in her arms
Scene 5: Chandler and Monica comforting Ross
Scene 6: Ross walking behind the whole gang holding Katie while he’s looking at Rachel and James who are walking hand in hand
Scene 7: Katie holding Rachel and Ross on each hand jumping and swinging
Scene 8: Ross and Rachel sharing a moment under the bed
Scene 9: Katie holding Ross really tight while James is getting her
Scene 10: Ross and Rachel talking in a restaurant


Ross and Rachel are there talking

RACHEL: Well, the wedding’s a week from now and I’m really nervous
ROSS: Wedding Jitters, huh?
RACHEL: Yeah! So will it be okay if I leave Katie with you for 3 weeks for our honeymoon?
ROSS: Yeah that’s no problem, don’t worry
RACHEL: Are you sure cuz I can leave her with my mom for about a week and-
ROSS: Rach, it’s okay! Don’t worry!
RACHEL: (Holds Ross hands across the table) Thank you!
ROSS: Rach! It’s not a problem! I’d be glad spending more time with my daughter!
RACHEL: You’re great!
ROSS: (smiles at her) You know I’d do anything for the both of you!

Rachel just smiles


Ross is in there drinking again then Chandler approaches him from the bathroom

CHANDLER: I think I had enough for tonight!
ROSS: Yeah, me too!
CHANDLER: Thank God I’m spending the night here! I don’t think I’ll be able to cross the street!
ROSS: (Laughs then gets serious) She’s getting married in 3 days man…
CHANDLER: I know, and you’re doing great you know that?!
ROSS: I had dinner with her 3 days ago..
CHANDLER: What happened?
ROSS: She was asking if I could take care of Katie when they leave for their honeymoon
CHANDLER: Where are they going?
ROSS: Hawaii
CHANDLER: Is Rachel gonna live in James’ house?
ROSS: They haven’t settled that yet but I think they’re gonna stay at her place first since Katie’s there
CHANDLER: How are you?
ROSS: Getting worse!
CHANDLER: You’ll find someone, don’t worry!
ROSS: If I can’t be with her, I’d rather be alone!
CHANDLER: Are you serious?
ROSS: (Thinks) No but I just can’t love anyone else as much as I love her you know!


Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are there in the living room. Katie is in Rachel’s bedroom

MONICA: Have you spoken to him?
PHOEBE: When was the last time you saw him?
RACHEL: The other day!
PHOEBE: Ugh, I don’t feel good! Mon, I have to go, the atmosphere here’s sickening me!
MONICA: Rach will you be okay?
RACHEL: Yeah, you guys can go! I’ll just talk to you! (there’s a knock) I’ll get that (opens the door) Oh hey Ross!!! (Hugs him tight)
ROSS: Hey… Are you okay?
RACHEL: I am perfectly fine!
MONICA/PHOEBE: Hey Ross/We were just going!
RACHEL: Bye guys!
MONICA: (passing by Ross and whispering) Don’t do anything stupid! (Ross shoots her a look) Bye Rach! Call me!

They both leave and Ross sits on the couch with Rachel

ROSS: Will you please stop fidgeting!
RACHEL: Ugh, you’re not the one who’s getting married!
ROSS: I already did a couple of times!
RACHEL: Yeah you’re right! What did you feel when you were getting married?
ROSS: Uh, which one?
ROSS: Well, with Carol my mom was prepping me… She kept bugging me about what I’m wearing and all those stuff! With Emily I was worried about our families cause they can’t get along. I was also thinking of you, maybe that’s why I mentioned your name at the altar! (Smiles at her) And with you, I don’t recall a single thing… Although the grapes were good and that free newlyweds special in Pizza Hut! (Chuckles)
RACHEL: (Smiles then gets serious) You know what, I always thought this day would be our wedding day!
ROSS: That never passed my mind!
RACHEL: Ross, what if this doesn’t work out? What if it’s another mistake?
ROSS: Rach, if you’re comparing this wedding to mine, it’s completely different! I’m stupid and you’re not! You know your way around things! Look at me, 3 failed marriages! Look at you, you chose the right thing not to marry Barry!
RACHEL: Yeah… You’re right! But-
ROSS: Rachel, James isn’t gay okay? He’s not and he doesn’t seem like he will be! Second, the reason I asked Emily to marry me is because of transportation. The reason why my marriage ended is because I wasn’t over you. Now tell me if you have those reasons?
RACHEL: (Thinks and suddenly she gets teary) I can’t do this!
ROSS: What?
RACHEL: I can’t do this! (Now crying)
ROSS: Why?
RACHEL: Cause- I can’t
ROSS: Rachel
RACHEL: Ross- You got me okay… I’m still in love with you and I can’t marry him!
ROSS: Rach-
RACHEL: Ross, I’m serious
ROSS: Rach, I will always love you too but we have to move on okay?
RACHEL: No! I can’t move on Ross… I never stopped loving you!
ROSS: You can Rachel… You can!
RACHEL: Of course I can’t! You never did!
ROSS: Rach I did!
RACHEL: (Kisses him passionately) Tell me now… Have you?
ROSS: Rach- (she kisses him again)
ROSS: Look at me (He’s now crying) Rachel, we can’t do this anymore!
RACHEL: Why Ross? You know how happy we were… You know it was like a dream come true!
ROSS: Rach, I want you to be happy this time!
RACHEL: I am happy with you!
ROSS: No Rach. What if things don’t work out? What if we do this and end up breaking up?
ROSS: Rach, look at you! My baby has grown so much! You’re more independent and matured now… You’re not daddy’s little girl anymore, you’re successful and a wonderful mom. I’m so proud of you and I know deep inside me that I’m not gonna make you as happy as you are suppose to be!
RACHEL: Ross I love you so much
ROSS: Rach, I do too and we’ll live our lives loving each other no matter what happens… but we just can’t work this out!
RACHEL: Why not?
ROSS: Because I know we’ve had our chance and it didn’t work out!
RACHEL: Then we can improve on that
ROSS: No, I want you to be happy!
RACHEL: But I’m happy with you!
ROSS: Rach, this isn’t the time!
ROSS: Rach, the first time we got together wasn’t the right time either. We had to wait for a month because we weren’t prepared to be together. When we broke up and got back together, I had Bonnie… that wasn’t the right time too. When I married Emily, it wasn’t the right time. When we got married, it wasn’t the right time either and now certainly isn’t the right time!
RACHEL: Then what are we gonna do? Just forget about what we feel for each other?
ROSS: Rachel I will always love you okay, whatever happens… We both have Katie and she shows our love for each other. She would be enough for us! It’s time for us to move on!
RACHEL: Ross I don’t know how I’m gonna live without you
ROSS: I won’t go away, I’ll still be here! If we’re really meant for each other then it will happen but now isn’t the right time okay!
RACHEL: Ross… (She kisses him passionately again) Promise me you won’t leave me
ROSS: I won’t Rach, I won’t! (They hug for a long time and neither of them want to let go of each other) I’d- I’d better go
RACHEL: No- No, don’t go! Please stay with me tonight!
ROSS: Rach-
RACHEL; Ross, this will be my last night single and the last time I’m gonna be able to do this… Please?
ROSS: Okay (He kisses her head)

Both go to the bedroom and finds Katie asleep. Rachel lies down beside her and Ross cuddles behind her

RACHEL: You know what, this is the family I always wanted (Faces Ross)
ROSS: I know, and I do too (They kiss again and again then stops) Rach, I don’t think I’ll be able to go tomorrow
RACHEL: What- Why? You have to be there Ross!
ROSS: Rach, I don’t wanna see me let you go! I’ll just follow at the reception
RACHEL: Ross (begins to cry again and hugging him tightly) please go
ROSS: I’ll try Sweetie… just go to sleep, I’ll be here beside you

Rachel drifts to sleep hugging Ross really tight and one of their hands are crossed together

ROSS: (Whispering) I love you so much, how stupid was I to let you go?!


Ross wakes up and stares at Rachel for a while

ROSS: (Whispering) I love you Rach, I will always love you (He kisses her and gets up)

Ross is walking towards the door on the way out but Rachel runs from her bedroom and hugs Ross from behind

ROSS: I have to go Rach-
ROSS: (Faces her) I love you Rach and just remember that I’m doing this because I want you to be happy
RACHEL: I love you (They kiss one last time but more passionate) Tell me you’ll be there later?
ROSS: I- I don’t know but I’ll try! I have to go… (Hugs her tight then leaves)
RACHEL: Bye Ross- (She breaks down and cries)

Rachel goes back to her bed still crying. She looks at the clock and it says 6:08am so she looks at Katie

RACHEL: (Whispering) I love you honey, I love you so much…

She drifts to sleep again hugging Katie


MONICA: (OS) Rach! Rachel!!!
RACHEL: (Opens the door) Mon, it’s only 10!
MONICA: What the hell happened to you? You look like someone died!
RACHEL: Mon… (cries and hugs Monica)
MONICA: Rach? Rachel are you okay?

Both of them sit on the couch

MONICA: What happened?
MONICA: What did he do? (getting angry)
RACHEL: He spent the night here and-
MONICA: (Furious) WHAT? He spent the night here? Does he have any idea-
RACHEL: MONICA! I asked him to, nothing happened okay. I just love him so much and- and he let me go (cries harder)
MONICA: He let you go?
RACHEL: Yeah, he said we don’t belong to each other and no matter what happens we’ll always love each other (Begins to calm down)
MONICA: Honey (hugs her), where is he?
RACHEL: He left this morning, he’s not even sure if he’s going later!
MONICA: (Gets her mobile phone) Sh*t! I have to call Chandler (Dials) Hello?
MONICA: Chandler look for Ross now!
CHANDLER: (OTP) Why- Why- Why should I look for him?
MONICA: JUST GO! He was here at Rachel’s and you have to find him okay! Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid! Go, go, go!
CHANDLER: (OTP) Okay, okay I’m leaving now…
MONICA: (Turns it off) Okay now we have to make you look perfect in 5 hours


Chandler’s banging the door

CHANDLER: ROSS!!! Ross, open the door! (A guy opens his door from behind)
GUY: Would you mind?! Some people are trying to sleep here you know!
CHANDLER: Will you just get back in there?! (He goes back to his apartment) Thank you! ROSS!!!
ROSS: (Opens the door and looks really depressed) I let her go…
CHANDLER: Dude (hugs him)

Both enter the apartment and Ross lies on the couch and Chandler sits on the apothecary table

CHANDLER: What the hell were you doing there last night?
ROSS: I- I just wanted to see her before she gets married
CHANDLER: She’s messed up now
ROSS: I know, that’s why I’m not going later
CHANDLER: Ross, you have to go! Katie’s gonna be there and she’s a flower girl. Just go and watch her
ROSS: God I love her so much! I can’t let her get married t him. (He starts to cry and stands up) I’ll go stop her, she loves me
CHANDLER: (Stands up from the apothecary table and grabs him) No!
ROSS: Chan let me go!
CHANDLER: Ross! Let her go!
ROSS: I love her (Still struggling)
CHANDLER: (Gets on top of his back) So let her be happy!
ROSS: (Collapses on the floor and cries hysterically) RACHEL!
CHANDLER: (Hugging him) It’s over Ross
ROSS: Why does it have to end like this?
CHANDLER: (Pulling him up) Ross, please. Just go and get dressed. If you stop her now, you’re just making another mistake. If you love her you won’t do this to her
ROSS: (Long pause then he calms down) Alright
CHANDLER: Now get dressed!


Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Jill, Rachel’s other sister (Martha played by Maura Tierny), Sandra Green and Katie are there. Rachel enters the room with her wedding gown. It’s a tube and her hair is up with two strands dangling on each side of her cheek. Her vale is centered with a white gold tiara with diamonds on her head. The bridesmaids are wearing a forest green silk fitted dress. It has spaghetti straps. Monica, the matron of honor, is wearing something like that but less fitted because she is pregnant and pretty huge by now. Katie is a wearing spaghetti strapped balloon forest green dress with a silver sash that is tied into a ribbon at the back. She’s also wearing a fresh flower crown on her head with her hair down.

SANDRA: (Carrying Katie) Sweetie you look so lovely!
RACHEL: (By the way, she looks better now. Monica did a great job with her make-up) Thanks mom! (Hugs her)
MONICA: (With tears in her eyes) Are you ready?
RACHEL: Yeah I am! Thanks so much Mon! (Hugs her)
JILL: Aww Rach! You look lovely! (Hugs Rachel)
MARTHA: Aw.. (Joins the hug)
RACHEL: (Now crying) Phoebe! (hugs Phoebe)
MONICA: Please don’t cry Rach, your make –up!
PHOEBE: Aww Rach! We should go! It’s 2:30!
MONICA: Okay, we have 20 minutes to get to the church and 30 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to get ready for the bridal march!
RACHEL: You guys go down, I’ll just stay here first with Katie. Just page me when the bridal car is there!
SANDRA/JILL/MARTHA/PHOEBE: Okay!/See you/Let’s go/Are you sure?
RACHEL: Yeah Phoebes, go ahead!
MONICA: (About to close the door) Rach, all the exits of this building is closed so you better not-
RACHEL: Mon, I’ll be fine! I won’t leave, I just wanna be alone with my daughter for a while!

The rest exit and leave Rachel and Katie

RACHEL: (Getting teary eyed) Hi honey…
KATIE: Mommy wook at my dwess! (Look at my dRess)
RACHEL: I know baby, it’s so pretty like you!
KATIE: (Smiles) Wews daddy? (wheRe’s)
RACHEL: He’ll- He’ll be there honey! He’s going to watch you walk and see how pretty you are!
KATIE: Yow pwety too mommy… (she smiles the giggles) missy!
RACHEL: (Now begins to cry) I love you so much baby, and I love your daddy so much (Hugs her tight)
KATIE: (Giggles) Okay
MONICA: (Over The Intercom) Rach, the cars here
RACHEL: (Stands up and wipes her tears) Let’s go missy! (Gets her hand and goes out)


The church is not that big, decorated with green and white flowers

Rachel is in the briefing room with her mom and Monica.

RACHEL: (Nervous) Where’s Katie?
MONICA: She’s with Jill
RACHEL: Is daddy here?
SANDRA: I’ll get him!
MONICA: Are you okay?
RACHEL: Where’s- Where’s Ross?
MONICA: (Smiles at her) With Chandler, they’re on their way!
RACHEL: (With a huge smile on his face) Really?
MONICA: Yeah honey, he’s on his way here!
RACHEL: How many minutes left?

Dr. Green Enters

RACHEL: Daddy!
LEONARD: Hi pumpkin! (Hugs her) Don’t let me down this time okay?
RACHEL: (Smiles at him)
SANDRA: Leonard, the lady outside is calling you for the bridal march
LEONARD: Okay, I’ll see you outside baby!
RACHEL: (Gets teary again) Okay daddy!

Sandra and Leonard green exit leaving Monica and Rachel. Phoebe enters

RACHEL: Phoebe! (Hugs her)
PHOEBE: Someone wants to see you!
RACHEL: (Smiles) Really? Who?

Chandler and Joey enter (they’re wearing a black suit with a green long sleeves and different colors of ties)

JOEY: Wow! Are you Rachel?
RACHEL: (Not so happy) Joey! (hits him playfully and hugs him)
CHANDLER: Hey beautiful! (Hugs her and whispers) Don’t worry he’s there outside!
RACHEL: (Smiles) Thanks!

Ross enters (He’s wearing a black suit with a black long sleeves inside. He has no tie but the buttons of his long sleeves is open until the chest. He didn’t shave earlier so just imagine ). Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all hug together. Then the 4 exit leaving Ross and Rachel

ROSS: Wow!
RACHEL: (Smiles at him) I’m glad you came!
ROSS: How can I resist?
RACHEL: And you look all sexy!
ROSS: (Chuckles) How can I resist?
RACHEL: (Hugs him) Thank you Ross! (Getting teary eyed)
ROSS: Hey don’t start that again, I want you to walk down the aisle looking pretty okay?!
RACHEL: Thanks…
ROSS: I just came here to wish you good luck! I’ll be sitting with Katie! I’ll go now!
RACHEL: Okay… (Looks at him and they share a moment one last time)
ROSS: Bye (Hugs her tight like he doesn’t wanna let go. He gets teary eyed so he breaks and leaves quickly)
RACHEL: (Left alone) Oh God…


Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are there. Ross comes out looking like he’s gonna cry and Monica hugs him


MINISTER: Shall we begin?

FULL VIEW OF THE CHURCH: Ross is at the third row left side sitting in the middle with a vacant chair beside him and Ben on his other side wearing a suit too (cute). Chandler and Joey are sitting together behind him. Carol and Susan are on the right side somewhere seated on the back.

1. James with his mom and his Dad
2. James’ younger cousin as the ring bearer holding Katie’s hand
3. Jill escorted by a handsome guy (let’s say Ryan Philippe)
4. Martha escorted by James’ brother (Chris O’ Donell)
5. Phoebe with James’ friend (Mark Whalberg)
6. Monica with James’ best man (Matt Damon) * (I can dream )
Rachel enters with her father and a long vale and train. You can see Ross’ dejected face and he looks as if he’s gonna cry. Rachel is handed by her father to James

MINISTER: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join these two children of God, Rachel Green and James Walters, with the sacred bond of marriage. Do you James take Rachel as your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health ‘till death parts you?
MINISTER: Do you Rachel take James as your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health ‘till death parts you?
RACHEL: I- (Quickly glances at Ross who pretends to smile) I do
MINISTER: Then repeat after me, I James
JAMES: I James
MINISTER: Take thee Rachel
JAMES: Take thee Rachel
MINISTER: As my lawfully wedded wife
JAMES: As my lawfully wedded wife

Ross begins to stand up and exits quietly in the side of the church leaving Ben who’s taking care of Katie

Back to the altar…

MINISTER: Rachel, repeat after me. I Rachel
RACHEL: I Rachel
MINISTER: Take thee James
RACHEL: Take thee James (Sees that Ross isn’t there anymore and looks at Monica telling her not to worry. Meanwhile Monica signals Chandler to look for him)
MINISTER: As my lawfully…


Ross is seated on the step with his head on his hands

With the song “Something Stupid” by Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams

Scene 1: The kiss in Central Perk
Scene 2: Ross hugging Rachel after breaking up with Julie saying “it’s always been you, Rach”
Scene 3: Ross and Rachel’s kiss after the Prom Video
Scene 4: The kiss the morning after they… you know
Scene 5: The kiss after they both say ‘I love you’
Scene 6: The kiss in TOW the Jealousy
Scene 7: The kiss in the beach house
Scene 8: The kiss after he chose her over Bonnie
Scene 9: The hug before Ross got married to Emily
Scene 10: The hug before Ross filed the divorce
Scene 11: The kiss when they were… you know (contents of the Videotape)
Scene 12: The hug when Katie was born
Scene 13: The hug earlier that morning
Scene 14: The hug before the wedding

Chandler approaches him

CHANDLER: You okay?
ROSS: (Looks at him and he’s crying) I wish I was!
CHANDLER: Come here (Hugs him)

Back to the church…

MINISTER: Is there anyone in this room who thinks these two shouldn’t be married?
MINISTER: Therefore I now-
JAMES: Wait! I- I’m sorry Rachel!
MINISTER: May the two of you please step aside here with me

James, Rachel and the Minister step aside from the altar

MINISTER: Now please, arrange this!
RACHEL: James- what are you doing?
JAMES: You know what… I can’t do this Rach! When- When we got together I just broke up with my girlfriend and I never thought we’d go this far. I know I love you but she was irreplaceable and I don’t want it to seem like I’m cheating on you because I can’t love you as much as I love her!
RACHEL: (Lets go a sweet smile) James- it’s okay!
JAMES: Rach, look, I know there’s someone there too for you and I want you to find him
RACHEL: I already did, don’t worry
JAMES: Thank you! (Hugs Her)


Monica and Phoebe

MONICA: What the hell happened?
PHOEBE: (Smiling really big) I told you!
MONICA: Phoebes…
PHOEBE: Just wait and see!

Dr. and Mrs. Green

LEONARD: Well, there goes another marriage
SANDRA: Stop it! I don’t like him anyway
LEONARD: You didn’t like Barry now you don’t like James. Who do you want?
SANDRA: I always thought Ross was better than both of them!
LEONARD: That wet head that impregnated our daughter?!

Joey, Ben and Katie who are talking

JOEY: No… I have the Harry Potter trading cards and Harry doesn’t have glasses!
BEN: Joey your cards are fake!
KATIE: (Giggles)

Back to James and Rachel approaching the altar

JAMES: Hi, we appreciate your attendance and all but we both realized that this is not the right time (glances at Rachel who’s smiling)
RACHEL: There will still be a reception after so just follow there! Thank you very much!

The people start to leave

Rachel hugs James and kisses him on the cheek. James mouths her ‘thank you’ and she smiles and says ‘thank you too’

Cut to Ross and Chandler still at the side of the church

CHANDLER: Ross, the wedding’s over! Let’s go!
ROSS: (Still crying) I’ll just sulk at home, I don’t feel like going there anyway!
CHANDLER: I gotta go to Mon, I think she’s freaking out by now!
ROSS: Yeah, just congratulate them for me. Can I get Katie at your place tonight?
CHANDLER: (stands up) Yeah, just call me if you need anything!
ROSS: Thanks man!


Joey, Ben, Monica, Katie, Rachel, Phoebe, Carol and Susan are the only ones left. Chandler sees them and approaches them

RACHEL: Chan, where’s Ross?
CHANDLER: Cool down, I came here to congratulate you!
MONICA: Where were you? James called off the wedding!
RACHEL: Yeah he did, so where’s Ross?? I have to find him before he leaves!
CHANDLER: He’s there (points to the door), go!

Rachel runs out and finds Ross with his head still in his hands. She sits beside him

ROSS: (Looks at her, by the way, he stopped crying by now) Hey… How’s Mrs. Walters?
RACHEL: She’s fine, I think!
ROSS: I think?
RACHEL: Well, she already left and u wasn’t able to ask how she is!
ROSS: What? I’m asking how you are, not James’ mom!
RACHEL: Well, I’m perfectly fine!
ROSS: (Looking more dejected) Congratulations!
RACHEL: For what?
ROSS: You’re getting weird!
RACHEL: For what, Ross?
ROSS: Well, I think, and I recall, you just got married!
RACHEL: Oh that… There was no wedding Ross…
ROSS: (Surprised and looks at her) What? Why?
RACHEL: James called it off… it seems like he’s in the same place as I am!
ROSS: (With a big smile) Are- Are you sure?
RACHEL: Yeah Ross, I’m sure! I thought by now I’ll be checking the box beside Ms. in registration forms but I guess not! I’m single again.
ROSS: (Looks at her sweetly and kisses her) Well,(kiss) not (kiss) for (kiss) long (kiss)!
RACHEL: (Clears her throat) And uh, what do you mean by that?
ROSS: (Gets a ring from his pocket) Marry me Rachel Karen Green?
RACHEL: (Shocked and speechless, getting teary eyed) Where-
ROSS: Don’t worry, this is yours. I bought this 7 years ago. I was suppose to propose to you the night we had a break
RACHEL: (Now crying) What?
ROSS: Rachel will you marry me? I know now that this is the right time
RACHEL: Oh God of course I will! (He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss, starts out light but gets passionate and intense like they don’t wanna let go of each other’s tongues)
ROSS: (They break after a few minutes) I love you so much baby
RACHEL: I know, I do too missy! (They kiss again) Why did you bring this?
ROSS: Well, if I was going to let you go then I might as well let this go too but I couldn’t, and so I can’t let you go too!
RACHEL: (Stares at he ring) You better not (kisses him again) For a guy you have taste!
ROSS: I know, I don’t want you to exchange it! (They kiss again but now more passionately)

Katie sees them and approaches them

KATIE: Mommy! Daddy!

They break

RACHEL: Hey baby!
ROSS: Hey there missy!
KATIE: (Giggles) Missy
ROSS: (Carries Katie and puts her in between him and Rachel) I thought this would be the worst day of my life…
RACHEL: (Looks at him sweetly) I thought it was too! (They kiss again)
KATIE: Mommy! Yow squishing me!
ROSS: I’m sorry baby!
RACHEL: Wow, now my family’s complete!
ROSS: I know! And I’m with the woman I’ve been dreaming to be with in my whole life! (They approach each other and are about to kiss)
KATIE: Daddy I’m hungwy!
RACHEL: Your hungry?
ROSS: You wanna got to McDonalds?
KATIE: (With a huge smile on her face) Yes!
ROSS: (Stands up and carries Katie) Let’s go honey
RACHEL: (Stands up) Okay but can I please go home and change?
ROSS: Katie are you hungry?
ROSS: Sorry honey, I guess not!
KATIE: Mommy I’m hungwy!
RACHEL: Okay fine… can we just eat in the house and buy in McDonalds?
ROSS: Okay, okay!

The song “With or Without You” starts playing by U2
They walk towards the parking lot. Ross is carrying Katie and holding Rachel’s hand. They stop at the middle of the way and share a short passionate kiss. Katie looks at them and giggles

I hope you like it! It’s my first long drama fic! Please tell me what you think of it!