TOW Rachel's Story

This fic is written by me, me and only me. I do not own any rights to the show, nor will I make any money off of this. Now I know that it is impossible to know anyones age on the show. so to make it easy in this fic Rachel was born in 1970. I also realize I may not have everything perfect in this, but this fic is supposed to take place in the pre friends era, I'm hoping to make this into a 6 part series, one part for each person, and there may be stuff I mess up or forget, but I'll do my best

Sept 1975

We see a little girl with blonish hair that is pulled back at the sides with green yarn ribbons. She has blue/green eyes and a green checkered dress on

RACHEL: Mommy, what if I dont like school, what if no one like me or they make fun of my dress

SANDRA: Rachie, no one will make fun of you, and your dress is beautiful

RACHEL: I know mommy, but lets face it, not everyone is as fashion foreward as me

SANDRA: (laughing) Fashion foreward? Where did you hear that one?

RACHEL: I dunno, it was on one of those fashion tv show things

SANDRA: Rachie, sometimes you are too much. Well, here we are(they are at an Elementary school) RACHEL: (grabs her moms hand) Mommy, mommy you're coming in with me right?

SANDRA: of course sweetie

(they walk inside a typical kindergarten room)

MRS HARRIS: Hello, and what is your name?

RACHEL: Rachel Karen Green

MRS HARRIS: Well, welcome to kindergarten Rachel, this here is your hook, for your coat and bookbag, this is your cuboard and over here(leads her by the hand) is your chair. (there are 4 kids there, a girl and two boys)

RACHEL: Uh huh(she's looking around the room) Oh boy, a dress up area(runs over to play dress up with a couple other girls) SANDRA: (walks over to where Rachel is) ok sweetie, i'm going to go now, will you be ok?

RACHEL: Huh, oh yeah mom, i'll be great

(they kiss and Sandra leaves)

MRS HARRIS: All right boys and girls it's time to sit down and start the day. The first thing we do each morning is pledge alliegence to the flag, then we talk about the days weather and what day of the week it is

(they say the pledge, and then they do the weather song) "Oh weathergirl/boy, weathergirl/boy, what's the weather weathergirl/boy, will it be sunny, will it snow, will it be hot, will it be cold, what's the weather weathergirl/boy") *note* when I was in 12th grade I had study hall first period and spent every mon-Thur working with kindergarteners at a local elementary school and they sang that song every morning(so i didnt' just pull it out of my ass)

It's a couple hours later and everyone is working on art projects-Rachel is at her table with the two boys and the girl

TYLER: I"m gonna draw the best picture here

MONICA: Nuh uh I am, i'll be the best one

(yes it's the Monica, she is in a cute pink jumper and white top and her hair is shoulder length with a pink headband in it, she is slightly overweight but nothing major yet-it's still that stage where it looks like cute baby fat)

TYLER: Know what?


TYLER: I have a dog named Butch and one named Killer and they both weight over 50 pounds

MONICA: so,we have a German Shepard and he is almost 70 pounds

TYLER: My big brother is 8 and he can beat anyone up

MONICA: My big brother is 7 and... yeah ok, you win

TYLER: do you have any other brothers or sisters?

MONICA: no, just Ross, he is in 2nd grade(let's just say for the sake of this fic that he is 2yrs older)

TYLER: cool, I have one brother Steven who is 8 and a sister Amanda who is 3

RACHEL: I've got a sister named Libby who is 2 and my mommy is pregnant(since Jill is approx 6yrs younger than Rach which means Rach was around 6 when she was born)

SCOTTY: I have a sister who is 15

RACHEL: wow, that is old

MONICA: Yeah, I cant even imagine being that old

MRS HARRIS: alright boys and girls, I need you to wash your brushes out and then quietly line up at the door for lunch(they do so and go to the cafeteria) Ok cold lunch people sit at these tables and hot lunch sits over here

*this is how it used to be at my elementary school and before lunch we would always make like an H or a C out of our hands to let our friends or people in class know what lunch we had that day(since we werent supp to talk in class)* RACHEL: (looks at Mon) hey, um do you wanna sit together

MONICA: are you cold lunch?


MONICA: yay!!!! (Grabs Rachels arm and pulls her over to a table) Let's sit here

RACHEL: I love your outfit


RACHEL: Yeah it is a good color for your hair, people with dark hair should wear lot of pink

MONICA: Um, yeah ok

RACHEL: I learned that on Fashion Weekly

MONICA: what's that

RACHEL: It's a tv show that tells you what the new styles and colors are, someday I am going to design clothes and all kinds of people will wear them

MONICA: Ok, I have never heard of that show

RACHEL: You are silly, how can you not have heard of it, what do you do all day

MONICA: I play with my Easy Bake Ovens

RACHEL: ovens?

MONICA: Yeah, I have 6. Hey wanna come to my house we can make cakes today

RACHEL: sure, I just gotta ask my mom when she picks me up

(ok skip ahead a few hours and it's the end of the day)

MONICA: Mommy, Mommy!!!

JUDY: Hello Monica, did you have a good day at school

MONICA Yeah, I made this see(shows her a painting)

JUDY: Oh that's lovely dear. Oh wait til you see what Ross made today it is the most amazing thing...

MONICA:(looking bored) Mom, this is my new friend Rachel can she come over and play today?

JUDY: If it is alright with her mother

RACHEL: can I mommy

SANDRA: Yes, i'll be over around 6 to pick you up(the two parents exchange numbers and addresses)

Monica and Ross's house

MONICA: come on, lets go up to my room

(they enter her room it's a typical little girls bedroom)

RACHEL: oooh you got Chatty Kathy, i've wanted one of these forever, my mom said maybe for my birthdya but that's not til May(Yes I know in TOW They all turn 30 it was in Feb but it was always in May before that and I want it in May)

MONICA: Yeah, and I got clothes for her too see, and these are all my other dolls and here is a crib and ...

(suddenly the door bursts open and Rachel and Monica are squirted with Water. A little boy with dark hair and sparkling, mischevious dark eyes stands there grinning at them, he's wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt with a dinosaur on it)

MONICA: Ross Aaron(yeah I made him up a middle name) Geller, get out of my room, get out, get out(runs and tackles him to the ground)

ROSS: Ok, Ok i'm goin, say who's your friend

MONICA: This is Rachel

ROSS: Great just what I need another girl in the house

MONICA: shut up Ross

RACHEL: Yeah shut up Ross Dental Floss Brain

MONICA: Yeah Dental floss, poopy brain(they're 5 remember)

(they both giggle hysterically as Ross leaves) RACHEL: ewww, boys are so gross

MONICA: I KNOW, they totally have got cooties

RACHEL: oh, oh you touched him you touched him you gotta git a cootie shot

MONICA: Ok, here(hands Rach her hand) Cootie shot me

RACHEL: there, all done

MONICA: thank you

RACHEL: anything for my best friend

MONICA: wow, am I really your best friend?

RACHEL: sure, why not

MONICA: Yay!!!!

we now see a montage of them as the next few years go by: we see them at Halloween with Monica dressed as a nurse and Rachel as a fairy, we see them in dance class, Rachel is very coordinated and does very well, Monica tries hard but has troubles, we see them at christmas and Hanukah at each other's houses, and we see them at school playing on the playground, talking, laughing etc...(I dont want to type out each scene because it would take forever but think of it as a montage of 5yrs)

1980(Rachel is now 10 years old and in 5th grade. She is very, very pretty even though she is only ten you can tell she is going to be gorgeous when she is older, all the boys like her and she is pretty well developed for a ten year old, she has curves yet she still has a look of innocence about her and is quite thin(but not gross skinny, just thin) her hair is long(past her waist and she dresses very stylishly. All the girls in the class like her and want to be her friend

(A typical 5th grade classroom) Rachel walks in and is wearing a stylish outfit(I have no clue at all what was in style in 1980-I was 3yrs old ok) but just imagine her in something nice and 1980ish

MRS BROOKS: good morning everyone

CLASS:(mumbling, half asleeep, some people not paying attention etc..) morning

MRS BROOKS: As you all know this year in 5th grade you will be doing President Reports and guess what

MONICA: Oooh, Oooh, Oooh

MRSB: Yes Monica

MONICA: we get to do them now

MRS B: correct. You will be divided into groups of 3 and you will work on the reports, I will be dividing you up by last names, she starts reading off the groups..... ok next group. Monica Geller, Tara Goren and Rachel Green

TARA: Ok guys, lets sit over here(she has dark brown hair about shoulder length and is one of the "ringleaders" of the class-very very popular)

RACHEL: So I say we pick someone easy like Washington or Lincoln, someone who will have lots of books about them

TARA: Yeah, I like that, ooh and speaking of stuff I like, Rachel I loove your bracelet

RACHEL: Thanks, my daddy got it for me

TARA: it is soo pretty

RACHEL: yeah and I saw this cute lavender skirt when I was at Sachs, but I'd have to find a top to go with it and the only ones I found were off white and I dont want off white cause....

MONICA: guys, shouldn't we be working on the project, I want to get the best grade(Monica is now very overweight and her hair is about chin length at this point)

TARA: Yeah whatever dork

MONICA: dont call me that

TARA: I'll call you whatever I want you big, ugly, fat cow

MONICA: (leans over and pulls her hair)

TARA: owwwwww(pinches Monica and the two begin "fighting"

MRSB: girls, girls, what is going on here

TARA: she pulled my hair

MONICA: yeah well she pinched me and called me fat and ugly

TARA:(under her breath) well you are. I am not working with her, please let me be in a different group please

MRSB: fine, you may be in a differnt group, go join Madelyn and Jana's group they only have 2

TARA: Great, thanks(Mrs B walks off) Hey Rach, i'm sorry I stuck you with that, if you want you can sit by me at lunch though

RACHEL: Ok, maybe I'll see.(her and Monica go over to work on the project)

MONICA: So who should we pick

RACHEL:well, who do you want to pick

MONICA: I don't care, just whoever ok

RACHEL: Monica, are you crying

MONICA: No, I"m a Geller, Geller's are tough, we don't cry

RACHEL: Oh Puhlease, I saw Ross cry last week when he lost his rocket ship in the woods

MONICA: that is Ross, he is a wuss

RACHEL: true(beat) but Mon, tell me what's wrong

MONICA: It's just, well it's like you are so pretty and so nice and everyone likes you and look at me, I am fat, I'm a big, fat, dork but I cant help it, I try to lose weight but I can't and I'm so afraid that someday you will get tired of being my friend

RACHEL: Mon, I will never stop being your friend, I love you more than any of those other people. You are the one who helped me hide the kitten from my mom that time we found it in the woods,you're the one that always leaves your nightlight on when I spend the nite cause you know I hate the dark, and you, you, you're my best friend and you always will be(she tears up and starts to cry a little as they hug) MONICA: for real?

RACHEL: Yes, we will always be friends, oh you know what we should do, we should like exchange something.


RACHEL: we should exchange something of each others, here i'll give you my bracelet and you have to give me something of yours

MONICA: you're brand new bracelet, the one your dad got you from Paris

RACHEL: Yeah, we have to, it symbolizes our friendship

MONICA: Ok, here is my ring(she takes off a silver ring with a tiny butterfly, it's her favorite ring)

RACHEL: Now we are best friends forever

MONICA: Yay! But werent we already

RACHEL: yeah, but now it is official

1983-Rachel's House. A group of about eight 12-13yr old girls are sitting around in Rachel's bedroom

(Oh and I"m not going to do description for every single person, so just imagine them to look however you want. Monica is still overweight but her hair has grown out to a little past her shoulders. Rachel's hair is long and past her waist)

MAURA: Ok, so first you have to write down the numbers one thru ten on the paper, then I'll say a question and you put the answer in number one, then fold the paper over and pass it to the person to your right and they fill in the line for number two, then at the end we read them

**this is a game we played at my best friends slumber party when I was 13**

MAURA: Ok number one, who is the hotttest guy you know? Number two, who would you not be caught dead kissing, 3 how far have you gone, 4. what is your favorite color etc...

NATALIE: ok now let's read them now, Rach you go first. RACHEL: ok number 1) Chip Matthews, 2) Ross-sorry mon

MONICA: why would I care, I mean ewww you and my brother grosss, anyone who would want to kiss my brother is insane

MAURA: Oh no kidding, hey does he still like dinosaurs?

MONICA: like dinosaurs, he worships dinosaurs

ALYIA: That's not all he likes

RACHEL: huh?

ALYIA: well my brother is in 9th grade and Ross is his creative writing partner for English and he said that Ross always talks on and on about you Rach

RACHEL: Oh, ew, ew, ew, ew, I would so not ever ever be with him, gross

(Everyone laughs)

KERRIE: Ooh, Rachel and Ross, sittin in a tree....

RACHEL: Oh my god, shut up, just shut up now

NATALIE: ooh, lets do Bloody Mary

MONICA: what is that?

NATALIE: you sit in a circle and hold hands in the dark and go bloody mary ten times and then she appears, but you can't scream or she can kill you

KERRIE: who is she?

NATALIE: she was this Queen who lived like a long time ago and she wanted everyone to be Catholic and if you weren't she'd kill you

MONICA: oh that's just great, i'm about the total opp of Catholic, bet she'd really love me

RACHEL: so this dead person just appears

NATALIE: yeah, my cousins and I did it at my grandparents one time and they saw her but I never saw anything

RACHEL: Ok so does eevryone want to do it

MONICA: I don't

RACHEL: Ok, anyone who wants to, we'll go in the bathroom, but if you don't want to, then you can hang out in here


(they all go to the bathroom except for Monica)

NATALIE: Ok everyone hold hands while I say it(she does it ten times) ok now open your eyes and look

MAURA: I don't see anything

ALYIA: ooh, ooh I sorta see like a mist and it's like glowing

NATALIE: Yeah, oh, oh my god(gives a tiny scream) I see it, I see it, oh, oh Rach-oh my god

RACHEL: What(she still has her eyes closed)

NATALIE: she's looking right at you, oh, oh that is soo not good, supp if she looks at you, she wants to kill you. Do you see her looking


NATALIE:(notices her eyes are still closed) Rachel, open your eyes right now

RACHEL: no way, I aint looking at some crazed dead person who wants to get me

NATALIE: oh you are such a baby

RACHEL: I am not

NATALIE: are too,and i'm sick of this. Guys lets just stop, Rachel is too big of a baby to handle a little fun

(they go back into the bedroom)

RACHEL: excuse me I am not a baby(almost in tears)

NATALIE: oh puhlease, you are almost crying and you are a big wuss

RACHEL: yeah-well, well at least I can get a boyfriend

NATALIE: yeah a boyfriend who french kissed me at Lindy Alrersons bowling party last week

RACHEL: What??? Get out, get out of my house now

NATALIE: fine, this party sucks anyway

RACHEL: Guys i'm sorry about that

EVERYONE: It's ok/you ok/sorry rach/she's a jerk etc...

RACHEL:(crying) thanks guys, I just can't belive she would do that, I mean I really liked Jake and he was the first guy I really kissed ya know and... runs out of the room crying


RACHEL: Oh mon, I can't belive they did that too me, I really liked him and...

MONICA: (hugs Rach) it's ok Rach, it's ok. She just wasnt' a real friend that's all, cause A real friend would never do that

RACHEL: Thank's Mon and I promise I will never do that too you

MONICA: yeah, I know

1988(they have graduated High School and this is the day they leave for college, I have no clue where they went to school or if Rachel even did, but lets' say that they both did(at least to start) oh and they look like how they did in TOW the Prom video

RACHEL: I can't belive that you are leaving for Wiliam and Mary today(it's a private school in VA< only one I can think of off the top of my head)

MONICA: I know I'm gonna miss you so much

RACHEL: yeah, who am I gonna talk to on the phone at midnite and who am I gonna get to eat pizza and milkshakes with me and...

MONICA: Rach, you are gonna have a billion friends at Marymount(a smaller school in NYC-I only know about it cause they have a really good dance prog and I thought of applying, and it's supp to be not to hard to get into, not as hard as say Columbia or NYU anyway and I see Rach as not being stupid, but prob didn't do her best in school either-cause she was more into boys and stuff--but back to the fic now)

RACHEL: I hope your right, I'm soo nervous

MONICA: Rach you will do fine

SANDRA: Monica, your mom just called, she is coming in about ten mins to pick you up to leave for VA

MONICA: Ok, thanks.(To Rach) So this is it huh

RACHEL: Oh god, i'm gonna miss you so much sweetie

MONICA: I know, I will write you all the time and call and we can see each other at Labor day and I'll visit you and...

RACHEL: I know, but it's not gonna be the same(starts crying) it's the end of an era

MONICA: I know(they hug)

(A car pulls up and honks)

JUDY: Come on Monica, we have to hurry if we want to be there in time for the Presidents dinner and the opening orientation speeches

MONICA: coming Mom, bye Rach(they hug somemore and Mon finally goes and gets in the car)

1989(it's Spring semester of their freshman year of college)Rach has her new nose and Mon has lost a lot of weight

MONICA: I am soo glad we get a whole week off of school for Spring Break

RACHEL: No kidding

MONICA: Hey there is this hot club in the City, Ross goes all the time to try and pick up women(Rachel starts laughing) yeah I know..but what do you say we go and do some dancing

RACHEL: Yeah sounds great but in case you have forgotten Mon, we are only 19

MONICA: it's ok, it's 18 and up, you just have to be 21 to drink

RACHEL: Oh well in that case I am soo in

(a couple hours pass, they get ready and now they are inside the club. Oh and Imagine them wearing whatever, I was 12yrs old then and I remember stuff I wore but I didn't exactly go out clubbing so I don't know what people wore to do that

MONICA: Oh my god, oh my god there he is

RACHEL: Ok first off, quit pinching my arm, second who??

MONICA: Tyler Evans, oh my god he is sooooo fine

RACHEL: well go over and talk to him

MONICA: Oh I couldn't

RACHEL: Yes you could, now go(gives her a little push and Monica starts talking to him)

(a couple hours later, Mon has beeen dancing and talking to Tyler and they seem to really get along well) She leaves to use the bathroom

RACHEL:(obviously drunk) Hey Sexxxxy man, how are you doing. So what do you think of my Friend Monica?

TYLER: Oh she is nice, verry nice--great body, great kisser

RACHEL: Ok yeah, I dont' need to be hearing about her body and well as for the kissing, I taught her everything she knows

TYLER: Is that so(he is not flirting with her, just making conversation, in fact he is not interested in Rachel at all)

RACHEL: Oh yeah, did you know she is still a virgin and she has never let a guy feel her up, oh and she used to be a fat cow, yep used to weigh almost 300 pounds at one time. But I, I am such a good friend that I taught her stuff, stuff like this(reaches up and kisses Tyler on the mouth-a hard kiss with lots of tongue)

MONICA: Oh my god, you, you bitch(slaps Rachel)-she had heard every word

RACHEL: Monica(rememers she's drunks so she's slurring her words and not able to really stand up straight right now) how could you hit me, I'm supp to be your best friend

MONICA: best friend my ass, as of right now you are not my friend at all, I cant' belive you would say that stuff

RACHEL: well it's true, you hadn't ever done anything and you were a cow(giggles-rememver she doesn't really know what she is saying) a big, big cow

MONICA: yeah well you are a drunken slut, who sleeps with everything that moves, now get out of my face and dont' ever talk to me again

about 5 months later(Mon and Rach are not talking at all, they totally do not communicate at all anymore) Rachel is in her dorm room talking to her boyfriend

RACHEL: Oh my god, you want me to travel around Europe with you

BARRY: yeah, I mean you don't go to class half the time anyways and you told me your parents like me

RACHEL: no it's not that, My parents love you and they won't care if I leave school, in fact Daddy would prob be glad to not have to pay, I"m just wondering how many suitcases i'd be allowed to take with on the plane

BARRY: Rachel, you are soo funny

RACHEL: that's all, just funny

BARRY: and sweet, and sexy and....(kisses her)

RACHEL: oh yeah, that is just the way I like it(giggles as they fall onto the bed)

(now I dont want to type out all the scenes of the trip but they go to Europoe for 6 months, I have never been to Europe :( :( so I dont want to type out stuff about a place I have never been, but imagine they see all the sites, eat at outdoor cafes etc... it is now approx March of 1991


RACHEL: oh Barry look at the water fountain(tis' a musical fountain with colored water)

BARRY: yeah it's beatiful, almost as beautiful as you Rachel

RACHEL: awww

BARRY: Rachel, I have somethng I want to say


BARRY: when I first met you, I knew you were specal, besides being beautiful and sexy, you come from the right people, a family with money and you were taught the proper way for a women to act, you're not all agressive and power hungry like other women

RACHEL: uh huh

BARRY: you understand that a women's place is to let the man make the decisions and that's good because I enjoy taking care of you Rachel, I want to take care of you, for the rest of my life and that is why(gets on his knees) Rachel Karen Green I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife

RACHEL:(to herself) oh my god, oh my god he wants to marry me, I love Barry, Oh god I love him, but is he the one, do I want to spend my life with him. Oh come off it Rachel, hello he is made of money, he loves you and he wants to marry you, don't be stupid

BARRY: Rachel??

RACHEL: Oh yes, yes

BARRY: yes?

RACHEL: Yes!!(he picks her up and twirls her in the air and they begin to kiss)

1994-it's now her wedding day-yes, they had a very very long engagement. It is a huge wedding, a band, orchestara, huge reception, flowers everywhere etc....

SANDRA: (adjusting Rachel's veil) So this is it

RACHEL: yeah

SANDRA: I want you to know how much your dad and I both love you, we are so glad you are with a man who will take care of you and treat you the way you need to be treated

RACHEL: Thanks mom

SANDRA: Ok we're going to go sit down now, are you almost ready, it's about time for your big moment

RACHEL:(somewhat distracted) huh, oh yeah, yeah mom

(Sandra leaves and Rachel begins pacing around the room)

RACHEL(To herself): Ok get a grip, get a grip Rach, you are marrying Barrry, a man who will take care of you, who will do everything for you and... but maybe I don't want to be taken care of, maybe I don't want to be treated like i'm stupid or helpless, I want to make my own choices and everytime I state an opinion or try to do anything he acts like i'm helpless and... I do love him, I do, or at least I used to but lately.. lately he has been turning me on about as much as this here gravy boat. (stops in the middle of the room) oh god, oh my god, oh god I dont love him anymore, I dont love him. I can't do this, I cant marry him, but all the people are there, how can I just not do it. I have to do it, I have to, but ohh god, I cant I can't(suddenly she runs out the door and into the bathroom where she pops out the window and climbs out)

THE END!!!!!!!!! (of that Era)