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CENTRAL PERK (Everyone is present)

Ross:  So honey, big day tomorrow, returning to work.

Rachel (excited):  Yeah, I can't wait!  I even bought a new outfit to celebrate.

Ross: You don't have any money, whose money did you use?

Rachel:  Yours.  I didn't think you'd mind.

(Ross looks mad)

Rachel:  Oh, come on honey, you want me to look nice on my first day back to work donít you?

Ross (long pause):  Yes.

Phoebe:  Thatís so sweet.  You guys act like youíre already married.

Monica:  So Rach, how much did you spend?

Rachel:  Not a lot, just $500.

Ross:  $500!!!

Joey:  Geez, I donít spend that much on clothes in a single year.

Chandler:  Thatís because you donít make that much in a single year.


CENTRAL PERK (Continued from before, everyone is present but Ross)

Phoebe:  Rach, will Ross be back?

Rachel:  Of course he will.  I only spent $100.  As soon as he sees the receipt at home, heíll calm down.  I just like to drive him nuts sometimes.

Chandler:  So Rach, is there any special conditions on you returning to work?

Rachel:  Conditions?

Chandler:  You know, like random drug testing, strip searches.

Rachel:  Theyíre gonna strip search me?

Joey:  Cool.  I should get a job doing that.

Phoebe (to Joey):  You should just get a job.

Monica:  Theyíre not gonna strip search you, but they might tell you that you have to submit to random drug testing.

Rachel:  Why?

Chandler:  Ah, because you tested positive for marijuana a month ago.  They think youíre a reefer addict.

Monica:  Chandler!  Look Rach, they just want to make sure that you learned your lesson.

Rachel:  Then if drug testing is what it takes to prove that Iím never doing pot again, then they can test me all they want.

Phoebe:  So you wonít smoke pot with me anymore?

Monica:  Phoebe!  I thought you quit doing that.

Phoebe:  I did, I just wanted to test her resolve.

(Ross enters)

Joey:  Hey, look whoís back.

Ross:  Very funny Rach.

Rachel:  Like I could ever spend $500 on clothes.

(everyone looks at Rachel)

Rachel:  Ok, so I could.  But I didnít.  I love you sweetie.

Ross:  Donít sweetie me, you owe me a $100.

Rachel:  What happened to whatís yours is mine and mine is yours?

(everyone looks at Ross)

Ross:  I canít win this argument can I?

(Chandler and Joey shake their heads no)

RALPH LAUREN (Rachel is in her office organizing her desk.  Kim, her boss enters)

Kim:  Welcome back Rachel.

Rachel:  Hi Kim.  Look, I just want to say that I learned my lesson.  No more drug experimentation for me.

Kim:  Oh, so you canít come to my LSD party on Friday night?

Rachel:  Excuse me?

Kim:  Just kidding.  Ok., here are the rules for your probation.

Rachel:  Probation?

Kim:  Yes.  You didnít think you could just come back here and everything would be back to normal did you?

Rachel:  Actually I did.

Kim:  Well, surprise!  You are hereby notified that youíre on probation for the next six months.  You must submit to random drug testing twice a week on Monday and on Friday.  You are to notify me when you arrive at work in the morning and when you are leaving. Your new work hours are 8 am to 5 pm.  You have a mandatory meeting with the companyís EAP counselor every Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 pm.  And finally, you are being demoted to assistant buyer for the next six months.  You have to move out of your office and into the cubicle next to my office.  Any questions?

Rachel:  Youíre demoting me?  You canít do that.  I didnít do anything wrong.

Kim:  You tested positive for marijuana.

Rachel:  Besides that, I didnít do anything to deserve to be demoted.

Kim:  Rachel, you donít have to accept the terms of your probation if you donít want to.

Rachel:  And what happens if I donít?

Kim:  Itís simple.  Youíre out of a job.  Here (hands her a written agreement) Iíll give you until tomorrow to think about what you want to do.  I hope you stick it out.  You have your old job back in six months if you stick to the terms of your probation.  I can guarantee you that.

(Kim leaves)

Rachel:  I canít believe this is happening to me.

CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Chandler and Monica are arguing at the table)

Chandler:  Monica, the wedding is in two weeks, you canít tell her no now.

Monica:  I donít want Phoebe singing at the wedding, and thatís final.

Chandler:  We canít tell Phoebe no, sheíll be devastated. How about we let her sing right before the ceremony.

Monica:  And what is she gonna sing, Smelly Cat?

Chandler:  What does it matter?  Sheís one of your closest friends.  She just wants to do something nice for us on are wedding day.

Monica:  She could not sing.

Chandler:  Fine Monica.  You tell her.

Monica:  Why me?

Chandler:  Because youíre the only one whoís not willing to let her sing.

ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT (Rachel enters and tosses her stuff on the couch)

Rachel:  Ross, Ross, are you here?

Ross (emerging from the bedroom):  Hey, how was your first day back?  Did they miss you?

Rachel:  Actually, it sucked.  They put me on probation for six months and demoted me.

Ross:  What?  They canít demote you.

Rachel:  Thatís not the worst of it.  I have to pee in a cup twice a week and see a counselor once a week.

Ross:  Why do you have to see a counselor?

Rachel:  Apparently they think Iím a reefer addict.

Ross:  I told you never to smoke pot.

Rachel:  Donít start with me, Iím not in the mood.  What am I gonna do?

Ross:  Well, you love your job donít you?

Rachel:  Yeah.  So?

Ross:  So you stick to the terms of your probation and in six months everything will be back to normal.

Rachel:  Thatís easy for you to say, you donít have to pee in a cup twice a week for the next six months.

Ross:  Just make sure you donít pee on your hand.

JOEYíS APARTMENT   (Phoebe and Joey are hanging out)

Phoebe:  Whereís Jennifer?

Joey:  I donít know.

Phoebe:  What do you mean you donít know?

Joey:  Oh, I didnít tell you.

Phoebe:  Tell me what?

Joey:  We broke up.

Phoebe:  When?

Joey:  This morning.

Phoebe:  You broke up?  What did you do?

Joey:  I didnít do anything.

Phoebe:  Joey?

Joey:  Ok.  I asked her if we could have a threesome with this hot girl that I met at acting class.

Phoebe  (sarcastically):  And she said no?

Joey:  I know!

(Monica enters)

Monica:  Hey.  Ah, Pheebs, can I talk to you outside for a minute?

Phoebe:  Sure.

Monica (to Joey):  What did you do to Jennifer?  She left really pissed off this morning.

Phoebe:  He asked her if she would participate in a threesome with him and this hot girl from his acting class.

Monica:  Joey!

Joey:  What?  It sounded like a good idea.

Monica:  For you.

(Monica and Phoebe go into the hall)

Phoebe:  Whatís up?

Monica:  Well, you know how Chandler and I asked you to sing at our wedding?

Phoebe:  Oh, is this about my fee?  I accept only cash.

Monica:  Good to know.  Well, Iíll talk to you later, Chandlerís probably eating cookies on the couch again.

Phoebe:  Hold on there missy, thatís not what you wanted to talk to me about.

Monica (uncomfortable):  Yes it was.

Phoebe:  Monica, you canít fool me.  You wanted to pay by check didnít you.

Monica (relieved):  Yeah, we did.

Phoebe:  I knew it.  And people say Iím not psychic.

Monica:  Iíll see you later Pheebs.

Phoebe:  Youíd better go, Chandler just spilled his beer on the rug.

(Monica rushes into her apartment)

CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT  (Chandler has been quickly trying to clean-up his spill and notices Monica has rushed in)

Chandler:  Hey honey, howíd it go?  Is she pissed?

Monica:  She still thinks sheís singing at the wedding.  You missed a spot by the way.

Chandler:  What spot?

Monica:  Just clean it up.

Chandler:  Couldnít do it could you?

Monica:  I tried.  I just couldnít.  Canít you tell her?

Chandler: Ah, no.

Monica:  Please.

Chandler:  What and have Phoebe pissed at me for eternity?  I donít think so.

(Phoebe enters, Chandler sees her but Monica doesnít.  Chandler starts to wave his arms frantically)

Monica:  This is our wedding Chandler, Phoebeíll ruin it if she sings.  Why are you waving your arms like that?

Phoebe (loudly):  If you didnít want me to sing at your stupid wedding all you had to do was ask!!!  (Phoebe rushes out of the apartment)

Monica:  Oh @#$%.

Chandler:  Youíre not allowed to swear on a sitcom.

Monica:  This isnít a sitcom, this is life.  I have to go find Phoebe.  (Monica leaves)

Chandler:  Oh @#$, a big can of worms is open and theyíre all over the floor.

(Monica re-enters)

Monica:  Chandler!

Chandler:  Right, Iím right behind you.

CENTRAL PERK  (Ross and Rachel are present)

Rachel:  So you really think I should just sign the agreement?

Ross:  Yeah, I do.

Rachel:  But itís so humiliating!

Ross:  Sometimes the consequences of our actions lead to humiliation.

Rachel:  You have to stop hanging out with my Dad.

(Monica and Chandler enter)

Monica:  Have either of you seen Phoebe?

Rachel:  No, why?

Chandler:  Because Monica wonít let her sing at our wedding and Phoebe found out by overhearing our conversation.

Ross:  Monica!  Phoebeís one of your closest friends.

Monica:  Look, I made a mistake.  We all make mistakes or does 'We were on a break' not ring true to you anymore!

Rachel:  Mon, donít drag us into this.  This is your mess.

Monica:  Iím sorry.  I never meant to hurt Phoebe.

(Phoebe and Joey enter.  Phoebeís been crying)

Monica:  Phoebe, Phoebe, please let me explain.

Joey:  Ah Mon, this isnít a good time, she kinda hates you right now.

Monica:  Phoebe, I want you to sing at our wedding.  Sing whatever you want.  Just sing.

(Phoebe whispers something in Joeyís ear)

Joey:  Ah, Phoebe wants me to tell you that sheíd rather stick her guitar up her ass.

Monica:  Fine, I deserve that.  Iím sorry Phoebe.  I love you.  Iíll see you guys later.  (Monica leaves, and comes right back in)  Chandler!

Chandler:  Me too?  (Monica glares at Chandler)  Bye guys.

(Phoebe and Joey sit down)

Ross:  Are you alright Pheebs?

Rachel:  Can we do anything?

Phoebe:  Is murder still illegal?

Joey:  Last time I checked.

Phoebe:  Then no.

Rachel:  Come here Pheebs, do you want me to talk to Monica?

Phoebe:  Whoís Monica?

Ross:  My sister.

Phoebe:  No, sheís dead to me now.

Ross:  Come on Phoebe, let us talk to Monica and Chandler.  We all want you to sing at the wedding.

Phoebe:  Forget, Iím not even going to the wedding.  Iíll see you guys later.

(Phoebe leaves)

Joey:  Monica screwed up big this time.  Did you know that Phoebeís been learning ďAnnieís SongĒ for the past eight months?  She was so looking forward to singing at the wedding.

Rachel:  Sheís been learning a song?  Why didnít she tell the rest of us?

Joey:  She wanted it to be a surprise.

RALPH LAUREN (Rachel is cleaning out her office, Kim enters)

Kim:  Are you leaving us?

Rachel:  No, you told me I had to leave my office for six months.

Kim:  Oh right.

Rachel:  Hereís the agreement.  I signed it.  Iíll do whatever you want to prove to you that Iím not some reefer addict.

Kim:  I donít think youíre a reefer addict.

Rachel:  Then why do I have to be tested for drugs twice a week?

Kim:  Everyone that failed a drug test has to do the same thing, youíre not the only one.

Rachel:  Fine. (long pause)  I want to stay in my office.

Kim:  What?

Rachel:  I want to stay here.  I worked hard to earn youíre trust and I want to stay in this office.

(a moment of long silence)

Kim:   Fine.  You can stay in your office.

Rachel:  And I donít want to have to pee in a cup twice a week.

Kim:  Donít push your luck.

Rachel:  It was worth a shot.

(Kim goes to leave)

Rachel:  Kim, thanks for everything.

Kim:  Not a problem.

CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Monica, Chandler, Ross and Joey are present)

Ross:  Face it Mon, you screwed up.  You could lose Phoebe as a friend over this whole thing.  Heck, she said sheís not even going to the wedding now.

Monica:  Donít you think I realize that.  Sheís not going to the wedding?  Sheís my bridesmaid.

Chandler:  I guess you better find a new one.

Monica:  Chandler, one more comment out of you and weíre not even getting married.

Joey:  Mon, did you know that Phoebe was learning a new song to sing at your wedding.  Sheís spent the last eight months learning 'Annieís Song', she was gonna sing it at the wedding.

Chandler:  Really?  Thatís like my favorite song.

(Joey and Ross look at Chandler strangely)

Chandler:  What?  So I like John Denver.

Joey:  Are you sure youíre not gay?

Monica:  She was really learning that song?

Joey:  Yup.  Sheís been going to a guitar teacher and everything.

Monica:  I have to talk to Phoebe.

Ross:  I donít think thatís a good idea.  You should let Rachel and I talk to Phoebe for you.

Monica:  No.  I screwed up and I am going to fix it.

(Monica leaves)

Chandler:  I wouldnít want to be in her shoes, Phoebe will eat her alive.

Joey:  No, sheíll shoot her first, then eat her.

PHOEBEíS APARTMENT  (Phoebe is sitting in the dark.  Thereís a knock on the door and Phoebe ignores it)

Monica:  Phoebe, I know youíre in there.  Please open the door and talk to me.

Phoebe:  Go away, I donít even know you.

Monica:  Phoebe, please talk to me.  I am so sorry.

(long period of silence.  Phoebe gets up and opens the door and sits on her couch)

Phoebe:  What do you want?

Monica:  I want you to sing at our wedding.

Phoebe:  Well I am not going to, Iíll just ruin your wedding.

Monica:  Thatís not true.

Phoebe:  Just stop lying to me Monica.  If you didnít want me to sing at my wedding, then why did you act like it was ok for the past eight months?

Monica:  I donít know.  I didnít want to hurt your feelings.

Phoebe:  Well you totally succeeded, I feel great.

Monica:  Why didnít you tell me you were learning a new song to sing at the wedding?

Phoebe:  Who told you about that?

Monica:  Joey did.

Phoebe:  Damn, that boy canít keep a secret.  How long have you known?

Monica:  About a half hour.

Phoebe:  Oh, so you want me to sing now that you found out that I tried to do something special for you and Chandler.

Monica:  No, I want you to sing because youíre one of my closest friends and I would be honored if you did.  I love you Phoebe, and I want you to be a part of my wedding.

(long pause)

Phoebe:  Ok.  Iíll do it, but my fee just went up to $10 cash.

Monica:  Fine.  Iíll be delighted to give you $10 cash.

Phoebe:  Iím sorry I was such a bitch.

Monica:  You werenít a bitch.

Phoebe:  I know, I was just trying to save your feelings.


ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT  (Ross and Rachel are present)

Ross:  So you signed the agreement.  Iím proud of you.

Rachel:  Just stop it.  I know youíre gloating over this.  (mimicking Ross)  I told you not to use drugs.

Ross:  I am not gloating.  I just knew that you were finally at a place in your life where your career is good, your engaged to the greatest guy on earth and you have a great group of friends.

Rachel:  Well youíre at least right about two things, I have a great job and great friends.

Ross:  Arenít you forgetting something?

Rachel:  No.

Ross:  Fine, the weddingís off.

Rachel:  You didnít let me finish.

Ross:  You said you didnít forget anything.

Rachel:  I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world.

Ross:  Really?

Rachel:  No.  I was being nice.