TOW Rachel's Return (part 1)

This fic takes place in 2018 and is created and owned by me. I have nothing to do with Friends, Warner Bros, NBC etc...(and if I did do ya think i'd be spending my time writing this fic) :)

***This does contain some slight season 7 spoilers and refernce to the twist at the end of the Season 7 finale****

Oct 2018

Rachel(Voicevoer): They say you can never go home again, well i'm about to find out if that's true. At one time I had the greatest group of friends. The sixof us truly cared about each other, we stood by each other through good and bad times....then it all changed. I haven't talked to those friends in over 16yrs, well except for my husband, he was part of our group, until the day everything changed and now something terrible has happened and i'm facing these people for the first time in almost 17 years

JORDYN(she's 16yrs old and approx 5'5 with long dark brown hair and green eyes and has a cast on her leg and crutches) Mom, do you know how long we're gonna be in NY?

RACH: I'm not sure, prob a few weeks. You're grandparents haven't seen you in so long, and I want to spend time with my mom and dad, especially after... after(starts to tear up)

JORDYN:(puts her arms around Rach) Mom, mom it's ok we're going to get through this

RACHEL: I know Jordy, and i'm so thankful I still have you. Now dont you have some packing to do?

JORDYN: (hugs Rach) Yeah, i'd better finish up. I love you mom.(she goes to her room) and picks up a photo. It's of her, Rachel, a 12yr old boy with dark hair, a girl around 8 with light brown hair and brown eyes and a baby girl, the man in the photo is.......Joey

RACH(V.O): Joey was the most wonderful man. He was one of my best friends before I ever fell in love with him--we never meant to fall in love, it just happened one night. I'd originally lived with my best friend Monica, but when she started dating our friend Chandler and they decided to move in together I moved in with Phoebee. Then our apartment caught on fire and I had to move in with Joey. I never felt any attraction towards him-and not on a lack of trying on his part, he was always trying to initiate Naked Thursdays, until one night when everything changed.


Rach and Joey's apt(they are both sitting in front of the new Drum set)

RACH: Joey, that is not how you hold the drumstick. Here, let me show you

JOEY: Hey, no your not touchin my stick, only I can touch my stick

RACH: so that's why I hear so much moaning from your room at night

JOEY: wait, I, I, whoah, um, I uh...

RACH: Too late Joe, you already said it

JOEY: well you're just jealous that you never got to touch my stick

RACH: There are a lot of things I regret, and I can assure you, that is not one of them

JOEY: Come on Rach, you know you want the Joey love(begins ticking her)She starts ticking him back and somehow they end up on the floor with Joey on top of Rachel. They pause and gaze in each others eyes, Joey leans in and brushes a piece of hair from her eye as he leans in and gently begins to kiss her. She puts her arms around his neck and kisses him back


RACHEL(V.O): that was how it all began, we kept it a secret for as long as we could but one day, we had no choice, we had to tell everyone what had been going on


Mon and Chan's apt(everyone is there)

CHANDLER: Monica and I learned something interesting during our honeymoon

MONICA: yes we learned that contrary to what everyone seems to think, I am not pregnant, I have never been pregnant and I dont' intend to become pregnant for at least a few months

PHOEBEE: but we found the test in your trash

MONICA: So(in her Monica way) that doesn't mean it's mine, i'm not the only person to have used that bathroom you know

PHOEBEE: Hey it sure wasn't me. I carried my brothers triplets if i'd gotten knocked up the normal way, i'd def tell you about it

ROSS: she has a good point

MONICA: well if it's not me and it's not Phobee.....(everyone looks at Rachel)

RACH: what.. what about your moms, huh??

MONICA: uh uh, I remember all too well the crabbiness of my mom during her hot flashes

CHANDLER and my mom decided to hook up with a 19yr old Boy Toy during her menopausal phase

RACH: oh, um... um... I..

ROSS: Rachel, are you...

RACH:(puts her head down and her eyes fill with tears)Yes

PHOEBEE: Oh my god, how did this happen

JOEY: well Phobee, when a man and women are together sometimes they like to get naked and....

PHOBEEE: I know how it happened, what I mean is, how did you let this happen, arent' you on birth control

RACH: Yes, and it was the one time, the one time I had forgotten to refill my pill prescription and i'd been off the pills for a couple weeks.

ROSS: Rach, sweetie, why didn't you tell someone, you didn't need to go thru this by yourself

RACHEL: because I knew how important the wedding was to you guys(looks at Mon an Chan) I mean you wanted to kill me when you thought I was stealing your thunder by kissing Ross at your engagement party

MONICA: ah honey , it was nice of you to think of us, but I wouldnt have been uspet, i'd have wanted to help you, I wish i'd known about this sooner

PHOEBEE: wait a minute, you mean you and Ross, you and Ross... again

ROSS: It wasn't me, not unless I was really really drunk, (looks at Rach) was I drunk Rach??

RACH: No, no it wasn't Ross

CHANDLER: Do you know who it was?

RACHEL: Yes, but i'm not sure if I want to tell you guys yet

ROSS: Just tell us, we are not going to care or judge you. Is it someone we know?

RACH: Oh yes, it's someone you know really well, and I dont know if he'd want me to tell your or not(looks at Joey with a what should I do expression on her face)He looks at her as if to say...just go ahead and do it. Ok, it was, it was... Joey

PHOEBEE: Joey? Joey? you slept with Joey? Joseph Francis Tribbiani how the hell could you have let this happen?

CHANDLER: I can't believe you two did that, what the hell were you thinking?

RACHEL: Ok what is the big deal? I mean yeah I know it's a shock but it was a pretty big shock when Chandler and Monica started dating and no one had a problem with that.

CHANDLER: Yeah, but Monica's ex wasnt one of my best friends

PHOEBEE:and i'm not in love with Chandler

RACHEL: Ok first off what happened between me and Ross is in the past and has nothing to do with this and Pheebs what does you not being in love with Chandler have to do with.....(realizes) your in love with Joey.

PHOEBEE: Duh, why do you think I have him as my backup

JOEY: Pheebs, I'm sorry I care about you. You know you're my number one girl, but I love Rachel. She's beautiful and sweet and...

PHOEBEE: Save it, I don't need to hear this(storms off)

MONICA: I can't belive you would hurt Phoebee like that(Her and Chandler leave)

RACHEL: Ross I...

ROSS: Save it Rachel(storms off)

Present(Voice Over)

RACHEL: That was the beginning of Joe and me being phased from the group. The others stopped calling us, stopped including us. We kept trying to make an effort until one day it became clear we'd been phased out for good

Flashback xmas 2001

Joey and Rach are walking down the hall to their apartment

RACHEL:(bends over to pick something up) Joe, look at this.

JOEY: What is it?(puts his arm around Rach and kisses her neck)

RACHEL: It's the xmas cards and presents we sent everyone, they were never even opened look(shows Joey) they all say return to sender on them. Face it Joe we've been Kipped

JOEY: We have not been Kipped(Rach looks at him)Yeah you're right, we've been Kipped


RACHEL: That was when I knew we were no longer part of the group. That January MOnica and Chandler moved out to a bigger apartment 8 blocks away. In February our daughter Jordyn Miranda Tribianni was born. In May Joey's movie was realeased and he decided to concentrate on film acting. We moved to LA that July. He never did get any major roles, in fact all he seemed to get were auditions, crappy plays and small one line or nonspeaking roles-but we were happy. Our Son Adam Michael Tribbiani was born in 2005 our daughter Eva Mia Tribbiani in 2009 and finally our baby girl Taryn Rebekah Tribianni was born in 2017. Although I missed being part of the group and wondered what everyone was up to, I never regreted being with Joey. He was the most wonderful husband, I remember on our last anniversary....

Flashback May 2018

Joey and Rachel's House

RACHEL(walks in the kitchen and kisses Joey) Morning honey, Happy Anniversary

JOEY: wait a minute, today is not our anniversary

RACHEL: Yes it is

JOEY: whoops

RACHEL: Whoops? what the hell do you mean by whoops. I cannot belive you forgot our anniversary? You are so unbelivebably....

JOEY: wait a minute-what's this(picks up an envelope and hands it to her)

RACHEL:(opens it and reads) go to the home of the animal that swims. Joey, what is this

JOEY: Just do it, ok Rach

RACHEL: Fine(goes to the fish tank and picks up another envelope. Go to the game with Sinking ships. She walks to the Battleship game and picks up a 3rd envelope. Find the CD with five guys from England, she goes to the Beatles CD sees a box and opens it) Oh Joe it's, it's beautiful(pulls out an emerald bracelet and necklace)

JOEY: Look under the cotton

RACHEL:(lifts up the cotten and finds two tickets to the Bahamas) Joey, oh Joey thank you, thank you so much. (throws her arms around him and kisses him) I love you, I love you so much.


RACHEL: That was how Joey was, always full of surprises, always doing whatever he could to make me happy, to make his family happy. Then one day everything changed.

Flashback July 2018

EVA: Mom, Mommy I can't find my pink jacket

JORDYN: Mom, where are my khaki pants I need them for school

EVA: I was talking to mom first, I need my pink jacket

JORDYN: Evie you are in second grade no one cares how you look. However I am in 1th grade, I have to look good

RACHEL: Girls, neutral corners. Eva your jacket is in the Hall closet, Jordyn your khakis are in the dryer

ADAM: besides you only care about looking nice cause of Kyle, you love Kyle, ooh Jordy and Kyle(makes kissy noises)

RACHEL: Ok, as fun as it is to listen to you three tease each other, we are running late. Jordyn what time do you get home from school?

JORDYN: 6, I have cheer practice after school

RACHEL: all right, i'll be home by 5 and dad will pick up Taryn from the sitters and Adam and Eva from school

ADAM: did he have to do scenes today

RACHEL: Yeah, he had a run thru for the new movie

(Everyone leaves) later around 6pm that evening

JORDYN: Hi Mom, i'm home. Oh my god you would not belive how many times Ms. Jacobs has us doing our scropions, I"m exhausted. So what's for dinner and where is everyone?

RACHEL: I'm not sure, I guess they went out somewhere

JORDYN: well, i'm gonna eat a salad before dinner(the doorbell rings) I'll get it(opens the door and a police officer is standing there)

POLICE: Hello, May I speak to Mrs Rachel Tribbiani please

JORDYN: Just a moment, Mom, Mom there is a policeman at the door for you

RACHEL: Hello, can I help you?

POLICE: Ma'm I hate to be the one to tell you this but earlier this evening your husband Joseph Tribbiani was in a car accident

RACHEL: Oh my god is he all right?

POLICE: I'm so sorry

RACHEL: No, NO, (starts screaming and falls to the floor in tears)

JORDYN:(crying) why, what, what happened??

POLICE: There were some eyewitnesses on the highway who told us what happened. Apparently your father was on Interstate 80 driving in the right lane and a truck in the left lane was carrying a load of logs. One of the logs slipped off the truck causing the car behind it to swerve into the right lane and hit your father head on

JORDYN: how are my brother and sisters?

POLICE: I'm sorry

(Jordyn and Rachel cry even harder and hug each other)

RACHEL(VO): So now we're going to New York. It's going to be unbeliebably weird. I haven't been there in years, the last time was when Eva was born and even then I just stayed at my dads. I had thought about calling the gang but just didn't have the nerve, the way they just cast me and Joey out still hurt. Part of me wants to see them this time and i know I have to eventually tell them about Joey-they were once his friends after all. But another part of me never wants to see them again. I'm sure they don't know about Joey's death, over the past few years his sisters all moved out of the area and his parents eventually settled in Buffalo-we decided together not to spend the money putting a death announcement in the NYC papers since all his friends now lived in CA

It's now a couple weeks later and Rach and Jordy are living at Rach's moms house Jordy is really bored and decides to go for a walk(she has a walking cast instead of the crutches now) she goes inside a store(just a fun store with lots of misc stuff) and starts trying on Sunglasses

TEENAGE BOY: Hey, those look really cute on you

JORDY: Um, Thanks

TB: Excuse me for being foreward but you are really beautiful, you're not from around here are you?

JORDY: No... why?

TB: Cause I would have remembered any girl as pretty as you

JORDY: (giggles) thanks, I'm Jordyn by the way, but everyone calls me Jordy

TB: I'm Trevor-Trevor Geller

JORDY: I'm Jordyn Tribbiani

TREVOR: That's an unusual name

JORDY: Yeah I know. No one ever knows how to pronounce it. My teachers always mangle it on the first day of school

TREVOR: Speaking of school, are you going to be going to Lincoln High?

JORDYN: No, my mom and I are just here visiting my grandma for a few weeks, We live in CA but wanted to get away

TREVOR: You wanted to get away from CA-are you crazy?

JORDY: Well, there are some bad memories there and we just needed time alone(starts looking sad)

TREVOR: Oh(brief silence) Um, do you want to come to my house and get something to drink, I warn you though it's really crowded my mom, stepdad, dad, sister and stepsister are all there

JORDY: That's ok, I like big families(said sadly and wistfully)

(they arrive at his house)

TREVOR: Hey Anna, where's mom?

ANNA(she's 13 with long blond hair and brown eyes) She's in the kitchen helping Clover with her homework

TREVOR: Dad and David there too??


TREVOR: Oh, Anna this is Jordy Tribbiani, she's visiting her grandma for a few weeks I met her at McWhorters. Jordy this is my sister Annelise, but if you call her that she will kill you--she only answers to Anna

JORDYN: I understand completly the only one who ever calls me Jordyn is my mom if she's yelling at me or my grandparents

TREVOR: The drinks are in the kitchen, you get to meet the whole gang. Lucky you! Hey Mom(he goes up and hugs a women with long blond hair, she turns around and we see that it's..... Phoebee.

PHOEBEE: Hi Trev, I see you've brought a visitor

TREVOR: Yeah this is Jordyn, I saw her at Mcwhorters and we just started talking

PHEEBS: Well she picked a great time to come, there's going to be quite a crowd here. Monica and Chandler are stopping by with Ali, Max and Asa and Ben just called five minutes ago and he may drop by with Michelle later on tonite

TREVOR: So are him and Michelle serious>

PHEEBS: It looks that way

JORDY: Who's Michelle and Ben

TREVOR: Ben is my half brother, he's 23 and Michelle is his girlfriend

JORDY: So you have a half brother and two sisters?

TREVOR: No, a sister and a half sister. Here i'll do the big introduction thing. Clover, come here.(A small girl with blond hair and green eyes runs into the room) This is my half sister Clover. We have the same mom, but David is her dad(points to a man sitting at the Kitchen table(yes it is the scientist guy David) Then Ben is my half brother-we have the same dad but a diff mom, his dad is Ross and his mom is a women named Carol-who lives with her life partner Susan. Annelise is my real sister, we both have the same mom and dad(Ross and Phoebee)

JORDY: Wow, that's, that's kinda confusing(they go sit at the table with everyone else and the doorbell rings) Monica and Chandler enter with their 3 kids. Alicia(Ali) is 15 with long dark hair and blue eyes, Max is 12 and has dark hair and dark eyes and Asa(Female) is 7 with dark curls and brown eyes

CHANDLER: Hey guys

ROSS: Hey Man, what's up

CHANDLER: Not to much, so how bout a cold drink

(everyone sits around the table drinking and talking)

MONICA: So Jordy, I hear you are visiting from CA, what part of CA

JORDY: LA-well Santa Monica

ALI: What made you decide to come all the way to NY to visit

JORDY: My grandparents live here and my mom and I decided to come for a visit

ROSS: So who are your grandparents maybe I know them, I grew up in this area--went to Lincoln High, course that was many years ago though

JORDY: well my grandparents are divorced, and my grandpa lives further upstate his name is Mitchell Green and my grandma is Ruth Green(I know that is not Rachel's parents real names but for some reason my brain has frozen up and I cannot remember their real names)

ROSS: What, what is your name

JORDY: Jordyn, you already knew that

ROSS: No, no your full name

JORDYN: Oh, it's Jordyn Miranda Tribbiani

MONICA: Oh my god(in her Monica way) you, your,your Joey and Rachel's daughter

JORDY: Yeah, you know my parents

ROSS: Rach and Monica were best friends growing up, we all grew up together and Rachel and I even dated for a couple of years

MONICA: I can't belive Rachel and Joey are still together

ROSS: wait a minute though, she said she came here with her mom, maybe they broke up or something

MONICA: Well of course they broke up, like Joey would ever be faithful to anyone(they are talking back and forth and basically seem to have forgotten that Jordyn is there)

JORDYN:(half yelling) I don't know what your problem is with my mom and dad, but they did not get divorced, they were very happy and he was a great dad

MONICA: Then why didn't he come with you?

JORDYN:(starting to cry) because he's dead ok, he's dead. He died in a car accident 3 months ago along with my younger brother and two little sisters. We came here because my mom was so depressed she wasn't eating or sleeping and when she started hinting at poss killing herself so she could be with my dad, I called my grandparents to tell them and they invited us here to get away. So why don't you just shut up cause you obviously don't know anything about my mom or my dad(she runs out the door and up the street)

TREVOR: Jordy, wait(starts to run after her)

ROSS: Trev, just let her go, if she's anything like her mom she'll just want to be alone

TREVOR: But dad, I want to make sure she's ok

ROSS: I know. I know where her grandma lives and we'll stop by later tonite to see how things are. I, I should talk to her mom too, we all should

MONICA: Yeah, yeah(sort of in shock)

CHANDLER: Oh my god, Joey, Joey's....

ALI: Um seeing as how I dont have a clue what's going on i'm going to go watch Tv, anyone else wanna come? (All the teens/kids go with her)

MONICA: So I guess we're gonna go see Rach tonite

ROSS: Yeah I guess so

PHEEBS: Gee how weird is that going to be

CHANDLER: I know, could it BE anymore weird

MONICA: I can't believe he is dead, and I, I never got a chance to say I was sorry

ROSS: None of us did. I mean I hated her so much for falling in love with Joey, and then I went and did the same thing with Pheebs

It's now a few hours later and the group(Not the kids or teens) just the original group is all at Rach's moms house(Trevor is the only one of the kids to have come along)Jordyn told her mom the whole story

RACHEL: Yes, can I help you(said icily)

ROSS: Rach, I'm, I'm so sorry about Joey, we all are(goes to hug her)

RACHEL: Well thanks so much for your concern, now please get out of my house

ROSS: Rach, I need to explain, please talk to us

RACHEL: Explain, yeah that's a laugh(starts to cry) explain why you kicked us out of your life, explain why it was wrong of me to fall in love with Joey,but fine for you and Phoebee to have children, explain why you ignored my daughter after she was born and treated me like I didn't exist for 17yrs? Fine Ross, go ahead and explain

ROSS: You're right Rachel, you are totally, 100% correct. What we did was wrong and there was no excuse for it, and we are sorry. God Rach, so many times I wanted to call and say hello or see how you were and I just didn't

RACHEL: why not?

ROSS: because of my pride because of my stupid pride

MONICA: Because of our pride, none of us called and we should have, and Rach, I did miss you, I did, I never had another friend like you

RACHEL: Thanks, I, I missed you guys too. I wanted to share so many things with you and to call so many times and I guess I was just to proud too. I just, I just wish you'd been there for me after, after my family died. I want to start again, and get our friendship back but i'm just afraid it's too late and I almost don't even care anymore

CHANDLER: How can you not care, we were friends for so long and now we have this chance to get back what we had

RACHEL: I don't mean it like that, I don't mean it to be anything against you guys, I just.. I just don't care about anything. The only thing that really keeps me going is Jordy, if I didn't have her I don't know what i'd do

MONICA: Rach, I can't even imagine going thru what happened to you,but you have to keep going

RACHEL: I know that but it's so damn hard(starts yelling) God Monica, you weren't there for me, you were my best friend and you just dumped me, (Screams really loudly) you all did, you all just abandoned me and you didn't even care how much that hurt. You didn't care about me or about Joey or how happy we were. You weren't there when the police came and told me my husband and my 12yr old, 8yr old and 10month old were dead were you, were you??(By this point she is sobbing hysterically and she goes off to her room and slams the door)

PHOEBEE: Oh god, I feel so.. so yucky

MONICA: Yeah, how could we have acted so stupidly, why did we care so much. I mean looking back why was it such a damn big deal that she fell in love with Joey,why did we let that ruin our friendship??

CHANDLER: I guess we should just go

P&M: Yeah, yeah let's go

ROSS: I'm staying

CHANDLER: Ross, you heard her she wants to be alone, and i don't know what you can do, I don't know what anyone can do--i've never seen her this upset

ROSS: I don't care, she was my first love and my exwife and I have to try, (softly) I have to try

EVERYONE: Ok, bye/good luck man etc...

Ross goes into the Kitchen and takes out a pint of ice cream and a spoon, he then goes and knocks on Rachel's door

ROSS: Rach, Rachel??? It's me Ross, I need to talk to you, I have something for you

RACHEL: Ross, just go away, just leave me alone

ROSS: No, no I wont go away, not until I talk to you

RACHEL:(knowing he means it) Fine, come in

Ross walks into her room and sees her laying on the bed staring at the ceiling her face streaked with tears, in her hand he sees the family picture of her Joey and the kids

ROSS: So Um, I um brought you some Ice Cream, the filled with fat kind

RACHEL:(gives a small smile) Thanks

ROSS: So how are you?

RACHEL: I'm fine

ROSS: Rachel Karen

RACHEL:(sighs) Fine Ross, I'm not fine. I'm horrible, I feel, I feel so horrible, I feel like total crap. Like I'm suffacating and there is nothing I can do to stop from feeling so badly. I'm so scared I'll never feel better,but at the same time I don't want to, because if I feel better it means i'm moving on and if I do that I might forget them, and I can't, I just can't do that

ROSS: You can't ever forget, because you loved them. Yes after awhile you may not think about them all the time but you will never forget, and there are moments when your mind will just flash back and think of them again

RACHEL: Wow Ross, when did you get so wise

ROSS: Years of experience, and losing Caitlyn

RACHEL: Who was Caitlyn

ROSS: My daugher, Pheebs and My daughter. She'd be 14 if she was alive, she died when she was 6 from Mengingitis, and it's been 8yrs but sometimes I can still hear her voice or her laugher in my mind, then other times when I try to remember or try to think of her, I can't. But you never really forget

RACHEL: Ross, I'm sorry. Um, do you mind if I ask you a question?

ROSS: Of course not

RACHEL: How did you and Pheebs, well....

ROSS: It was so strange, it was after you and Joey had moved away and I was in CP one night and decided to go see a movie, Phoebee was the only one who was free to go with me. So we went, only as friends of course. Well on the way home we went for ice cream and walked around Central Park and she as so free so innocent, she took pleaure in all these things that most people would never have noticed, and I just, I just fell in love with her

RACHEL: So what happened, I mean why did you guys divorce, was it because of Caitlyn

ROSS: No, we divored 3yrs after we were married, when we divorced Trevor was only 4, Caitie was 3 and Anna was 2. It was like we loved each other, but it wasn't love love, it was just friendship, there was never any spark and we cared about each other, but at that time David had moved back here from Minsk and they started hanging out and I could just tell, I just knew they had a connection and that we would never work together.

RACHEL: So did you ever remarry again?

ROSS: No, and I don't think I ever will, I mean not unless it's someone really, really special

RACHEL: Yeah I know what you mean. Ross, I'm glad you came tonight and I'm glad I came to NY, it's almost like it was meant to be you know. I mean God, what happened to me was so horrible, losing Joey and my kids. But someone once told me that their is a reason to everything, and if one good thing came out of this is the fact that I got to see you guys again, it's almost like Fate

ROSS: I know, what are the odds that your daugher would run into my and Phoebee's son on the same day that Monica and Chandler came to visit with their kids

RACHEL: Do you remember their wedding?

ROSS: Yes, and how Chandler panicked???

RACHEL(laughing) Yes, and I told Monica that ridiculous speech about "The days and nights being oh so hard"

ROSS: And Joey messing up the ceremony

RACHEL: Oh my god, I was laughing so hard when you were all "Um the rings" and he yells out "Oh crap"

ROSS: speaking of that, I never did thank you for teaching Ben that word and Dammit when he was 6

RACHEL: Hey, I was just trying to be fun Aunt Rachel, and the joke you two pulled on me was much worse

ROSS: Do you remember the day you brought that hairless cat, and we all played that game of catch for over ten hours

RACHEL: and the time Joey and Chandler invented Fireball

ROSS: what about when they left Ben on the bus?

RACHEL: or when you and Monica were on the Rockin New years eve show

ROSS: or, or or(they are both laughing really hard) or when Chandler Stole Joey's underwear so Joey put on all of his clothes

RACHEL: we had some good times didnt we?

ROSS: and some not so good, um Rach about that whole Chloe and Mark thing

RACHEL: stop, stop just a minute, if you even think of saying the words we were on a break, I will personally break both of your legs

ROSS: No, I was going to say I was sorry, I never should have doubted you or thought you were with Mark and what I did with Chloe was inexcuseble

RACHEL: It wasn't all your fault though, I should have made an effort to spend more time with you, and I shouldn't have kicked you out on our anniversary. Our Anniversary, what kind of crack was I smokin?

ROSS: So Rachel, tell me about your kids

RACHEL: well you know Jordy. She is, well she is popular and a cheerleader just like I was, but she's so, she's so kind and generous-it's like she's popular but she doesnt care about it, she's just so nice to everyone. Then Adam was, he was our sports fanatic, he was only in 6th grade and already playing on a 14 and up soccer league, and he loved science. Eva loved to tell jokes and to perform in skits and plays, and Taryn, well she was just the sweetest baby, about a week before she died she called me Mommma for the first time. Oh God, oh god, oh god, Ross why, why did they have to die??(begins to cry and Ross gathers her in his arms) he holds her and begins to smell her hair

RACHEL: Thanks Ross, thanks for being here for me. I'm starthing to get tired, but will you stay with me until I fall asleep?

ROSS: sure(he sits in a chair next to the bed and Rach lays down to sleep, she falls asleep and he also drifts off to sleep-when suddenly he is awakened by Rachel screaming

RACHEL: No, no, no, don't, oh god, no, please stop it please

ROSS: (gathers her up in his arms) Rachel, Rachel wake up, wake up it's ok

RACHEL: Ross, Ross, I, I was dreaming about it again and, I, I...(Starts crying, and she's shaking and covered in sweat)

ROSS: shh, it's ok, it's ok, I'm here.(he continues to hold her until she drifts back to sleep, he lays her on the bed and waits for about an hour then curls up in the chair and goes to sleep)

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