TOW Rachel's Return (part 2)

RACHEL:(waking up) Ross, what, what are you doing here?

ROSS: watching you sleep

RACHEL: Yes, I can see that, the question is why are you here, why didn't you go home

ROSS: I wanted to make sure you were all right

RACHEL: Oh, oh um thank you Ross, for everything

ROSS: You're welcome, although I dont think you need to be thanking me for everything, not after how I treated you for 17yrs

RACHEL: Oh I wasnt' referring to that, I was referring to last night

ROSS: So you wont forgive me for the past

RACHEL: Maybe in about 5yrs

ROSS: 5yrs, 5yrs, Rachel I know what I did was wrong but still 5yrs

RACHEL: Hey keep talking and I"ll make it ten, maybe i'll even make you spent some time thinking in a box

ROSS: Hey, it's not like I made out with your sister

RACHEL: Um, yeah ya did

ROSS: oh, yeah. Well, well at least I know how to cook

RACHEL: I can cook

ROSS: Um, I ate a Triffle once that would say otherwise

RACHEL: You, you.. oh just shut up

ROSS: So Rach, how is Jill by the way?

RACHEL: She's good, she's working as a Real Estate Agent up in Ocean City and is married with a daugher named Marissa who is 7yrs old

ROSS: Jill a mother, didnt think I'd ever see the day

RACHEL: She's actually a great mom, she's changed a lot over the years

ROSS: She has huh, too bad she's married, are you sure she's happily married

RACHEL: Ross, dont make me have to come over there and hurt you

ROSS: Oh yeah, you and what army

RACHEL: Me and this army(picks up a pillow and starts hitting him with it) he hits her back with his and they end up running around the room
hitting each other and laughing, finally Ross grabs Rach around the waist and knocks her to the ground where he falls on top of her and they
begin kissing

RACHEL: Ross, stop, I, I can't do this

ROSS: I'm sorry Rach, it was my fault

RACHEL: No, no I kissed you just as much as you kissed me and it's not that I dont want to do it, it's just it's only been 3 months, I wont lie I
do have feelings for you, but I dont want to rush into anything and I still love Joey, I will always love him

ROSS: It's ok Rach, I understand, we wont do anything you dont want to

RACHEL: I do want to be your friend again, I"d like to spend time together just as friends, can we do that?

ROSS: We can do that

ok 3 months go by-I could type out all the stuff they do but that would take forever, so just use your imagination, they hang out at CP, hang out
with the gang, go ice skating, go to movies, dinner, take walks, get ice cream etc... and it's now New Years Eve and everyone is at Chandler and

ASA: How long til New Years mom??

MONICA: about 20 more minutes

ASA: Good, cause i'm tired

MONICA: Hey Ross, remember when we were on this show(yes it's Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve-let's just say it's still on the air for New
years since obviously I dont know what will really be happening NYE 2018

MAX: Hey Mom, was that the show that you took your underwear off on

MONICA: what, WHAT, where did you hear that

MAX: From Dad

MONICA: Chandler, I never said that, where the heck did you get that idea

CHANDLER: Hey I just remember you saying that the girls who got to dance on the platform weren't wearing any underwear and how much you
had wanted to dance up there

MONICA: well geez Chandler, that doesnt mean I did it

CHANDLER: You're not mad at me are you

MONICA: well....

CHANDLER: Oh come on, you can't be mad it's New Years

MONICA: Fine, i'll forget about it this one time(they kiss)

(ok a few minuts pass and it's now the countdown to the ball) EVERYONE: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR(they all kiss and hug
each other)

MONICA: Ok Asa Time for bed

ASA: That was it


ASA: I stayed awake for that?? How Boring, that was nothing

ROSS: well there is one more thing, that is if your mom will let you see it

MONICA: Um, I guess so

ROSS: Ok then everyone outside(they follow him out and he walks down a path-Monica and Chandler have a huge backyard)

MONICA: Ross, wht are you doing

ROSS: Everyone just stay their you'll see in a minute(suddenly the sky is filled with fireworks)

EVERYONE: ooh, ahhh

(the show ends and everyone goes back inside, except Ross and Rachel)

RACHEL: Ross, thank you

ROSS: You're welcome Rach, I remembered how much you always loved fireworks

RACHEL: They were beautiful, thank you again(she kisses him on the cheek-he turns his head and her lip grazes his lips and they both kiss,
suddenly she pulls away and runs inside

MONICA: Rachel, what, what's wrong

RACHEL: I, I went to thank Ross for the fireworks show and I kissed him

MONICA: oh my god

PHOBEE: Oh my god what??

MONICA: Rachel just kissed Ross

PHOEBEE: I know you guys have been hanging out more, but are you, are you in love again

RACHEL: I dont know, I dont' know. I mean, god he has been so nice to me and It's like what happened in the past never happened ya know,
and I do care about him, I think about him all the time and I miss him when he's not with me, but I loved Joey, I love Joey, and It's only been a
little over 5 months, I feel like it's too soon, yet I feel like, like this immense connection with Ross

PHOBEE: that's because he's your lobster

RACHEL: then what was Joey

PHOBEE: Joey was your Squid

MONICA: Listen, I think you need to follow your heart. Remember when Joey and Chandler were both in love with Kathy and Joey told
Chandler to go get her before she moved to Chicago because he saw how happy they were together? Well, I think he'd want you to be happy and
to follow your heart

RACHEL: Thanks you two(they all hug) i'm going to go talk to Ross now. (she goes outside) Ross, Ross I need to talk to you

ROSS: Rachel, I'm so sorry about what happened, it will never happen again and...

RACHEL: Ross could you be quiet for a minute, I need to say something and I need to say it without you interrupting. Ok for the past few
weeks I have felt this inredible connection when I'm with you. I think about you first thing in the morning and last thing at night and when I'm
not with you, I wish I was. I tried to hide my feelings out of loyalty to Joey, but I realized I cant' live in the past. He is gone, my kids are gone
and i'll never get that back, but I need to move on. He would want me to be happy and I feel that he would understand what i'm about to do(she
leans over and kisses Ross-he grabs her around the waist and kisses her tigher as he strokes her hair) Ross, what, what are you thinking

ROSS: that's it's unbeliebable that we can be feeling the same way. I never wanted to hurt Joey, or you, that's why I held back,but it's like agony
to not be with you, and every single day I regret the years we lost, I know you loved Joey,that you love him, but I wish we coudl have had those
years of Frienship, but I love you Rachel Karen Tribbiani

RACHEL: I love you too(they kiss for quiet awhile)

Ok it's 6 months later, once again I could type out stuff about what they have done the past few months but it would get repetitive so just
imagine then on a variety of dates

It's July 4th and everyone is at a pinic at Phoebee and Davids

TREVOR: Ok I have sort of an announcement and I wanted everyone to witness this(he takes off his class ring and we see that it's wrapped in
yarn, he then hands it to Jordyn)

JORDY: Oh Trevor, thank you, but just out of curiousity what took you so long?

TREVOR: well at first I thought you were only staying here for a few weeks, then the visit got longer and longer and once you and your mom
moved back permamently we were already having fun just hanging out, but over past few weeks i"ve been realizing that I want you as my


ROSS: speaking of making things official, I have an announcement too. Many years ago I was blessed to be part of this wonderful group of
friends, friends I thought would always be there for me. Over time we grew apart, and now years later we are back together(sadly) well most of
us anyway. I had one special friend in particular, who was there for me no matter what stupid thing I did or how I treated her. Rachel I loved
you from the moment I laid eyes on you and I will always love you, over the years although we have been apart, and have even gone in different
paths, I have never stopped loving you. Having you back in my life has made me realize that I'm the luckiest man in the world becaues I was
given a second chance. Joey was one of my best friends and my biggest regret was that I didnt' get a chance to tell him how sorry I was for the
way I treated him. I dont want to be living with regrets anymore and I will regret forever if I dont ask you this one question(he gets down on
his knees in front of her) Rachel Will you do me this honor and be my wife??

RACHEL: (Crying) yes, oh yes. I loved Joey with all my heart and I will always love him, but I know he would want me to be happy and I know
he would be thankful to know I was with someone who loved me as much as you(they kiss and she looks at the ring) oh Ross, it's beautiful but
so unsual looking(it's a silver band with two diamonds with a ametheyst in the middle)

ROSS: The two diamonds represent our love for each other and the amythest is Joey's birthstone(I have no idea what it is really, I just picked a
stone) as a symbol that your love for him will never die and he will always be a part of our memories(they continue to hug and kiss as everyone
gathers around to say congrats and we fade out)