TOW The Real Proposal

Written by: Rachel Rose

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[Scene: Delivery room]

Joey: My God.

Rachel: Joey. (Turns to face her on one knee with the box open.) Oh my God. (Pause) Okay.

Joey: What! No, the ring was in Ross' coat pocket, and well, when you called my name I just happened to be on one knee with the box open!

Rachel: Oh my God are you sure?

Joey: Sure as hell.

Rachel: I feel such an idiot.

Joey: Well don't, let's not tell anyone, let's keep it a secret, our secret.

Rachel: Okay.

Joey: Woman would you stop saying that?

Opening Credits

[Scene: Outside Delivery room]

Ross: Oh hey Joe.

Joey: Bye Ross. (He runs off.)

Ross: Okay that's not weird. (Walks into Delivery room.)

[Scene: Delivery room]

Rachel: Hi!

Ross: Hey Rach. I just said hi to Joey, he said bye and ran off. Any idea what's up with him?

Rachel: No, no, no idea.

Ross: Oh and before I forget. (Hands her the flowers.)

Rachel: Oh thanks, you're so sweet.

Ross: There's somthing that I wanted to ask you.

Rachel: Really? What? (Phoebe bursts in.)

Phoebe: The taxi is here. (She Leaves)

Ross: What's the point. (Leaves and takes Rachel's bags.)

[Scene: Waiting room, Joey, Monica and Chandler are present.]

Monica: I can't belive this time in 9 months i could be here giving birth to our baby. (She rubs Chandlers back.)

Chandler: Pretty amazing ha?

Joey: C'mon we better go, the taxi will be waiting.

[Scene: Outside hospital, Rachel is holding Emma, everyone is getting into the taxi.]

Rcahel: Ross.

Ross: What?

Rachel: What was that question you were wanting to ask me?

Ross: I'll tell you back at the apartment, that's if nobody gets in the way. (He laughs.)

[Scene: Coffee house, everyone is there exept Ross.]

Rachel: (Talking to the others.) So i think thats what he was wanting to ask me. But you can not say a word of this to Ross.

Monica: This is so huge! (Rachel nods her head as if to say yes.)

Chandler: Yeah, almost as huge as my Aunt Marie's ass.

Rachel: What is with you and your jokes?

[Scene: Monica and Chandlers, Monica and Phoebe are present and playing with Emma.]

Monica: (Talking to Emma.) You are so cute.

Phoebe: Yeah, but we won't eat you though, we promise.

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment.]

Ross: Are you ready for me to ask you that question now?

Rachel: As ready as ever.

Ross: Let's sit down. (They do so.) Rachel Karen Green will you marry me? (He holds the ring box open and sits on one knee.)

Rachel: (Crying happily.) Yes, yes I will. (She explains everything that happened with Joey.)

Ross: Oh my God you thought Joey was proposing to you? Oh well! I love you Rachel.

Rachel: I love you too. (They kiss, like in TOW Ross finds out.)

Ross: We better go and tell the others.

Rachel: And pick up Emma.

[Scene: Monica and Chandlers, Everyone are present, Rachel and Ross walk in.]

Rachel: Hi guys. (To Emma.) Hi Emma.

Ross: We have some news, were getting married!

Rachel: Again!

All: I'm so happy for you guys ect.

Rachel: So we better take Emma. (They leave holding hands.)

Phoebe: I am so jealous.

Closing Credits

[Scene: Joeys apartment, Joey and Phoebe are present.]

Joey: I feel so lonely now that Rachel's moved out.

Phoebe: Hey! I could move in! And then, Monica and Chandler are living together and so are Rachel and Ross so we wouldn't be the odd ones out.

Joey: Oh! You could join in joeys naked Thursday!

Phoebe: Yeah we'll see. (Walks off and slams the door, Joey shrugs his shoulders.)