TOW Rachel's Realization

This takes off from the season finale of the sixth season when Chandler and Monica got

(Monica and Chandler are still dancing in their apartment and Ross runs in)

ROSS: (out of breath) Did I miss it?? (looks cautiously at Monicaís hand to see if she has
a ring on, sees that she does and gets a disappointed look on his face) I missed it, I canít
believe I missed my sister and one of my best friends getting engaged.

MON: Oh, itís ok Ross, youíre here now. What were you doing anyway?

ROSS: (brightens) Well there was this GREAT dinosaur thing on the discovery channel and it was talking about the Cretaceuous
period and how the tyrannosarous.....(sees Chandler and Monicaís looks and stops talking) So youíre engaged!!!!!

CHAN: (Talking to Ross but looking at Mon) Yeah, isnít it wonderful?

MON: It is wonderful.

(Both get sappy looks on their face and lean in for a kiss but then realize Ross is still there and they stop and look at

ROSS: Uh, so I better get going. Anyways, congratulations you two! I love you guys. (gives them each a hug and leaves)

MON: So, where were we?

CHAN: I think right about here. (leans in and kisses her and the scene fades out)


* the next day, at the coffee house. Ross is sitting at the couch, staring with a sad look on
his face, deep in thought and Rachel comes in*

RACH: Hey Ross, whatís up?

(Ross keeps staring and doesnít answer her. )

RACH: Ross? Ross? ROSS!!!!!!

(Ross looks up, startled) Oh hey Rach, what are you doing here?

RACH: The same thing most everybody does here, getting a cup of coffee and hanging out. What were you thinking about?

ROSS: Huh? Oh nothing really.

RACH: Come on Ross, I know you better than that. Whatís up??  Tell me.

ROSS: Oh itís nothing, really.

RACH: Well itís gotta be something for it to take me that long to get your attention!! Come on Ross, you know you can tell
me anything.

ROSS: Well, now that Monica and Chandler are engaged it really got me thinking about my love life, you know and how itís
been going nowhere for the past year or so. I mean all my relationships recently have been total dead ends. Iím really
looking for commitment
and it just seems like thereís no one out there for me.

RACH: Oh come one Ross, donít think like that. Youíre going to find someone. And hey, youíve still got me as your backup, if
weíre both not married by the time weíre 40 remember!! (she laughs)

(Ross gives her a look)

RACH: Ok, sorry, thatís not funny. Anyways Ross, youíre a great guy. I bet thereís a million different women out there that
would love to be with you.

ROSS: Really?

RACH: Oh, absolutley. I mean youíre cute, funny, sweet, smart, and a good kisser.(She gazes at him and you can see her
feelings for him are starting to come back as she realizes all of his good qualities) What more could a girl ask for, right?

ROSS: You really think Iíll find someone?

RACH: I do.

ROSS: (gets up to leave) Hey, thanks Rach. You really made me feel better.

RACH: (vaguely, thinking about what she said) Oh, no problem. Anytime Ross.

(Rachel watches Ross leaves then sinks into the couch with a look of Ďwhatís happening?í on her face)
*Later that same day, Monica and Chandler are snuggling on the couch in their apartment and Rachel comes in*

MON: Hey Rach!

RACH: (starts pacing back and forth in front of the couch) How can this be happening to me?? We broke up like 3 years ago,
heís been married once since than and divorced TWICE, once from
me. But now all my feelings for him are starting to come back. I mean, I was telling him all of his good qualities and how
heís going to find someone and Iím thinking why canít it be me that he finds? And oh my gosh I mean I knew I never stopped
loving him completely but I just never knew that deep down my feelings were this strong. And I donít
know guys, what should I do??

(Monica and Chandler just look at her with bewildered looks on their faces)

CHAN: What are you talking about???

MON: Okay, honey, slow down and tell us from the beginning.

(Rachel doesnít hear them. She is looking out the window into Rossí apartment where he is coming in with a woman. She sits
down slowly on the window seat, watching them the whole time. Chan and Mon follow her gaze and realize what and who she has
been talking
about the whole time.)