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(a continuation to TOW The Promise Ring)

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CENTRAL PERK (Everyone is present)

Rachel (to Ross): Can you believe we've been together for three months? (leans over and kisses Ross)

Ross: I know, isn't it great. Three months ago I was about to go to Ecuador with Rebecca and now I with the most beautiful
woman in the world.

Joey: Who's that?

Rachel: Me, stupid.

Joey: You're not the most beautiful woman in the world, Yasmine Bleeth is.

Chandler: He's got a point there. (Monica hits Chandler in the stomach) Ah, Monica is the most beautiful woman in the

Ross: No, Rachel is.

Chandler: Monica.

Ross: Rachel.

Phoebe: Ok that's it. I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

Joey: Yeah. (to Phoebe) You were my second choice Pheebs.


CHANDLER & MONICA'S (Chandler and Monica are cuddling on the couch)

Monica: This is nice. We never get to spend time alone anymore.

Chandler: What are you saying? We spend each night alone together.

Monica (hurt): Are you saying you don't like spending time alone with me anymore?

Chandler: No, no that's not what I'm saying. I love spending time with you. I'm just an idiot that still hasn't got this
relationship thing right yet.

Monica: Nice save.

(there's a knock on the door)

Chandler (getting up): Who could that be? All our friends just barge in.

(Chandler opens the door and reveals a woman)

Woman: Hi, Chandler, it's me, Rebecca. Have you seen Ross around? I went to his apartment but he wasn't home.

Chandler: He's not here.

Monica: Chandler, invite her in.

Chandler: Come on in Rebecca.

Monica: How was Ecuador Rebecca?

Rebecca: It was nice, though I really missed Ross. I cut my trip a little short so I could come back and get reacquainted with

Chandler: Well, you know he's with…. (Monica cuts Chandler)

Monica: What Chandler is trying to say is that he's out with his son Ben right now. They were going to see Chicken Run.
They should be back in an hour or so. But Ross will probably go straight to his apartment

Rebecca: Thanks, I'll just meet him there. It was nice to see you again. (Rebecca leaves)

Chandler: Why didn't you tell her that Ross is seeing Rachel now?

Monica: It's not our place. Ross will do the right thing.

Chandler: Should we tell Rachel Rebecca's back?

Monica: If we see her before Ross does.

CENTRAL PERK (Phoebe, Joey and Kate are present)

Joey: Pheebs, where has Duncan been? Are you two still going out?

Phoebe: We're still going out, but it's hard. He's always on the road. This week he's in Toledo and Cleveland.

Joey: Where's that?

Kate: Ohio honey.

Joey: Where's Ohio, in Europe?

Kate: Didn't you ever study the United States in high school Joey?

Joey: I had sex in high school, I didn't study.

Kate: Anyway Phoebe, are you gonna see it through with Duncan?

Phoebe: Yeah, unless some yummy man comes along.

Joey: Someone like David Hasselhoff?

Phoebe: Oh yeah.

Joey: You watch Baywatch don't you?

Phoebe: No I don't, I watch Knight Rider re-runs.

ROSS' APARTMENT (Ross is getting home from the movies)

Ross: Rachel, I'm home. (no answer). You must not be home yet. (Ross walks towards his bedroom and opens the door. A
naked Rebecca lies on top of the bed)

Rebecca: Hi sweetie. I've missed you so much. Why don't you get undressed and we can get reacquainted.

Ross: What are you doing? Put your clothes back on, Rachel's going to be here any minute.

Rebecca: Who's Rachel?

Ross: My girlfriend. The girl you told me to go after. Did you forget about that? (The door to the apartment opens and
Rachel walks in).

Rebecca (grabs Ross' hand and pulls his body close to her's): I know you want me. (Rebecca kisses Ross)

Rachel: (Rachel walking into the bedroom) Hi honey, I got off a little early (sees Ross kissing a naked Rebecca) What the
hell is going on here Ross?

Ross (pushing Rebecca away): Rach, I don't know what she's doing here. I came home from the movies and she was here.

Rachel (furious): And how did she get in?

Ross: She must still have her key.

Rachel (still furious): Well, when you're done playing with your ex-girlfriend, you can come talk to your new ex-girlfriend.
And here's your stupid promise ring. (throws the ring at Ross and leaves)

Ross: Rach wait! Damn it Rebecca, get the hell out of my apartment and give me back my key. We are through!

Rebecca: Fine, no need to yell.

CHANDLER & MONICA'S (Monica is making dinner and Chandler is annoying her. Phoebe, Joey and Kate are watching

Chandler: Seriously, what are we having for dinner?

Monica: You're not having anything if you keep bothering me.

Chandler: Does it bother you when I do this? (nibbles on her neck)

Monica: No. (pause) Alright, stop it. The soufflé is almost ready.

Joey: What is a soufflé?

Phoebe: Some fancy French word for food.

Kate: Whatever we're having Monica, it smells great.

(the door opens and a crying Rachel enters)

Monica: Rach, what's wrong?

Rachel: Ross cheated on me again.

Chandler: With Rebecca?

Rachel: What? You knew that she was back and you didn't tell me?

Monica: Yes. But figured Ross would do the right thing and tell her that you guys were together now.

Rachel: Well, coming home to see Ross kissing a naked Rebecca isn't my idea of doing the right thing.

Joey: She was naked? Nice.

Kate: Joey!

Joey: What?

Phoebe: What did Ross say?

Rachel: He said that he came home from the movies and Rebecca was there lying naked on the top of his bed. He said she
had her own key. But that doesn't explain why he was kissing her.

Chandler: Rach, maybe she forced herself on him.

Monica: Yeah, when she stopped by here earlier she said she wanted to get reacquainted with him.

Joey: Lying naked on a bedspread is a nice way to get reacquainted. (everyone stares at Joey) What?

(Ross enters)

Ross: Is Rachel here? (notices Rachel) Rach, we have to talk.

Rachel: Are you done playing with your naked girlfriend?

(Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Kate make their way into Monica's bedroom and shut the door)

Joey: This is third time they've done this to us. Of course, it's Kate's first time.

Kate: What is he talking about?

Chandler: Every time Rachel and Ross have a fight, we always wind up in here. The first time we were in here all night.
The second time, it was only for an hour.

Kate: What happened the first time?

Phoebe: They broke up.

Kate: Will we be in here all night?

Chandler: Maybe.

Monica: My soufflé is going to be ruined.

Joey: We could order a pizza.

Monica: And how would we get the pizza.

Joey: We could tell Ross that a pizza is coming and he could bring it to us when the man gets here.

Chandler: Like that'll work.

(Ross and Rachel fighting in the family room)

Rachel: What's your excuse this time? We weren't on a break.

Ross: I told you the truth. She was there when I got home.

Rachel: Then why did you feel the need to kiss her?

Ross: I didn't kiss her.

Rachel: I saw you kiss her.

Ross: She kissed me, I didn't kiss her back.

Rachel: That sounds a little like the incident with Jill.

Ross: Rach, you have to believe me. I didn't know Rebecca was there. She forced herself on me.

Rachel: You know Ross, I don't know what to believe anymore. Maybe we should just take a break.

Ross: No, we're not taking a break. I love you.

(cut to the bedroom, they are all listening at the door)

Phoebe: Did she just say they should take a break?

Monica: Sounds like it.

Chandler: But their last break ended just three months ago. They can't go on a break again, they'll never survive.

Joey: Man I am hungry. (goes over to the bed, reaches underneath it and pulls out a big cardboard box) Let's see what we
have to eat. Slim Jims, Pop Tart, Snickers Bar, Macaroni and Cheese….

Kate: Joey, how were you planning to make Macaroni and Cheese without a stove?

Joey: Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Slim Jim?

(cut to family room)

Ross: Rachel, you have to talk to me

Rachel: There's nothing to say. I can't do this anymore.

Ross: What?

Rachel: Ross, I don't think we should see each other anymore.

Ross: Don't say that, I love you.

Rachel: Please don't say that, this is hard enough as it is.

Ross: But I really do love you. You mean the world to me. We just got back together. Don't throw it all away over this
misunderstanding. Rebecca means nothing to me.

Rachel: You don't know how hurt I was to see Rebecca kissing you. It brought back all my anger from the Chloe incident.

Ross: That's in the past, we both agreed to that.

Rachel: Then why do I feel like I can't trust you again?

Ross: Rach, you can trust me. You have to believe me, she forced herself on me.

Rachel: Ross, I need some time to clear my head. I'm gonna go for a walk. We can continue this later. (Rachel leaves)

Ross (to no one in particular): Damn it. I'm gonna lose her again.

(Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Kate emerge from the bedroom)

Monica: Are you ok Ross?

Ross: No, I am going to lose her.

Chandler: Don't talk that way Ross. It was a misunderstanding, she'll come around.

Joey: Yeah Ross, Rachel isn't going to leave you.

Phoebe: Her aura is a little cloudy right now, but she'll clear up in a couple of hours. Just give her time.

Kate: Is there anything we can do?

Ross: If you see her, tell her that I love her. I'm gonna go home and wait for her. (Ross leaves)

Chandler: Poor guy, his love life is always like a soap opera.

TIME LAPSE (Chandler and Monica are sitting on the couch, Phoebe is sitting at the kitchen table. Joey and Kate have
left. A soaked Rachel enters)

Monica: My God Rachel, you're soaked. Your gonna get sick. (gives her a towel)

Rachel: Is Ross here?

Chandler: No, he left hours ago. He was going to his apartment to wait for you.

Phoebe: Are you guys going to break up again?

Rachel: I don’t know.

Monica: Do you love him?

Rachel: Yes, I can't stop thinking about him.

Chandler: Well, there's your answer, there's no need to break up with him.

Rachel: But something always comes up to ruin everything. Maybe it's just best to end things now before I become too
invested in this relationship.

Phoebe: Honey, you already are invested in the relationship. You've always loved him.

Monica: Phoebe's right Rach. I think this whole episode is just a big misunderstanding. Ross would never cheat on you
again. Not after what happened the first time. He loves you too much.

Chandler: Rach, Ross loves you. If he says that Rebecca forced herself on him, then you have to trust him.

Rachel: I know. I have to go see him. Thanks guys. (Rachel leaves)

Monica: Do you think they'll survive this?

Phoebe: This time, yes.

ROSS' APARTMENT (Ross is sitting on the couch and as staring at the TV which is not on)

Ross (to no one): Why does this keep happening to me?

Rachel (who had walked in and overheard his comment): Because you’re an idiot.

Ross: Rach, you're back. I'm so sorry. (gets up to hug her, she pushes him away)

Rachel: Before you do that, I need to know the truth. Do you still have feelings for Rebecca?

Ross: No, I don't have feelings for Rebecca. I love you.

Rachel: So she forced herself on you.

Ross: Yes, I had no idea that she was back from Ecuador. Rach, you're the only one for me.

Rachel: Really?

Ross: I couldn't be any happier then when I'm with you. Do you forgive me?

Rachel (takes Ross' hand): Yes. Just don't let her get naked again on your bed. (goes to hug Ross and stops) Oh, can I have
my promise ring back?

Ross (pulls Rachel into a hug): Sure, it's in my left front pocket. (Rachel reaches into his pocket). Ah Rach, that's not the

Rachel: I know. (Rachel leads Ross to the bedroom).

MONICA & CHANDLER'S (Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey are eating breakfast)

Joey: So what happened with Ross and Rachel after Kate and I left?

Chandler: Nobody knows for sure. I don't think they broke up.

Phoebe: They didn't.

Chandler: How can you be so sure?

Phoebe: I am psychic remember. I know what I know.

Monica: For both of their sakes, I hope they worked it out. I can't live through another one of their break ups.

(Ross and Rachel enter holding hands)

Ross: Good morning.

All: Morning/hey/hi.

Chandler: So are you two still together?

Rachel: Yup, like two peas in a pod.

Ross: Actually, we have an announcement to make. (Rachel and Ross stand next to one another and hold hands)

Rachel (happily): We're moving in together!

Phoebe/Chandler/Joey/Monica: Congratulations/that's great/I'm so happy for you guys.

Joey (to Rachel): Wait a minute. Last night you were on the verge of breaking up with Ross and now you're moving in with

Rachel: Yes. We worked out our problems last night.

Ross: And this morning I asked her to move in with me. It's perfect timing.

Phoebe (to Rachel): So when are you moving?

Rachel: This Saturday. I hope that's ok Pheebs.

Phoebe: Sure. I am sad and all that I'm losing a roommate, but I am so happy I'm losing you to Ross. (Phoebe hugs Rachel)

Rachel: Thanks Pheebs. I'll miss you too.

Phoebe: Of course this is perfect timing, I was going to have to kick you out next week because Denise wants her room back.
Now I don't have to kick you out. Yippee.