The One With Phoebe's Revealance

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(This won't make sense unless your already read the first 2 parts.. "The One With Joey's BIG Aftermath" and "The One With The Toilet And The Baby Arrangements")

(where we last left off...)
Chandler: Ahh Pheebs you think you should get goin too?? It's gettin kinda late..
Phoebe: Uhh.. you guys, before I leave.. there's something I really gatta talk to you about first.... (fades to black)

Opening Credits:
Scene 1: (continuation)

Monica: Well ok what's up Pheebs?
Phoebe: you guys should sit down this might take me awhile...
(C&M sit down and give eachother a "this is going to be a long night" look)
Chandler: ok Pheebs.. whenever you're ready.. what's up?
Phoebe: ok well.. I REALLY don't know how to let this all out but I'll try.. uh.. (long pause).. ok.. for the past couple of days.. I've been.. um.. gettin these kinda um... well.. sorta.. feelings.. you could say..
Monica: well isn't that a good thing?
Phoebe: No.. well yeah it's nice I'm having feelings n stuff.. but NO!! it's not okay because of the person I have feelings for..
Monica: It's not Chandler is it??
Phoebe: EW! and NO!
(Chandler gives her an "excuse me" look)
Phoebe: No offense.. but anyways.. I really really like this guy.. but.. no I can't it's wrong..
Chandler: well Pheebs... if you really like this guy just go for it what's the worst that can happen??
Phoebe: see.. it's not that easy... this guy is already involved with someone..
Monica: OOOH... I KNOW WHO IT IS!!
Phoebe: No Mon.. I just really don't like her and by the way that's strike two for you... it's not Chandler and it's not Jay-Z.
Monica: wow I do suck..
Chandler: wow I think that's the first time you said that..
Phoebe: Anyways.. you guys.. what am I gonna do??
Chandler: Well.. it would help alot if we knew who this guy was...
Phoebe: okay.. but you guys have to SWEAR not to tell.. or it's straight to Phoebe Hell for the both of you!!
Monica/Chandler: okay Pheebs.. we won't tell../we promise..
Phoebe: okay.. it's Joey..
Monica/Chandler: (together) JOEY!!!
Phoebe: yea.. (lowers her head in guilt)
Monica: Pheebs how did this happen?
Phoebe: I dunno.. I mean.. I dunno if maybe.. I really don't.. maybe.. I think it's because he's engaged..
Chandler: why on earth would you all of a sudden develop feelings for Joey just because of his engagement?
Phoebe: I'm guessing that this is just a sign of jelousy y'know? it's just that.. you guys are all married and me and Joey have that whole pact about him being my backup yknow us getting married if we aren't by we're 40... I mean.. I NEVER would've expected Joey to ever get married so I knew if I didn't get married I'd DEFINATELY have him.. and now.. (she starts breaking down in tears)
Monica: aww sweety... it's not like you lost him.. he's still one of your best friends..
Phoebe: but still.. what if I never get married?
Monica: aww honey.. YOU WILL.. TRUST ME!!
Chandler: maybe you should go talk to Joey..
Phoebe: ..and tell him what?? that "I have feelings for you and that I forbid you to get married cuz I'm not married.." that's not right..
Monica: true.. but he's your friend.. you can still tell him how you feel..
Phoebe: Yeah.. I should.. I guess I'll talk to him tomorrow..
Chandler: But wait.. hold on there Pheebs-let me just ask.. you REALLY have deep feelings for Joey?
Phoebe: (long pause).....yeah.. yeah.. I really do.. but yknow I think I should go now.. thanks you guys.. good night..
Monica/Chandler: your welcome/good night Pheebs..

Scene 2: Next Day at C&M's Apartment (C&M are just finishing telling R&R about Phoebe)
A.N.: I know that C&M promised not to tell anyone but c'mon it's Monica and besides I'm sure Phoebe would've told Rachel anyway so just go with it

Monica: So then Phoebe was saying how she was feeling alone and jealous of us and now I feel horrible..
Rachel: Wow I can't believe it.. Joey and Phoebe.. wow.. and now she's jealous of us??
Chandler: Yup!
Ross: wow.. we should do something y'know like find her a new boyfriend or something
Rachel: but wait.. don't you think we should wait and see how it goes first..
Monica: well you don't think Joey's gunna run out on the love of his life and his daughter do you?
Rachel: you're right..
(Phoebe walks in)
Phoebe: Hey you guys (sees R&R) Can I talk to Monica and Chandler alone for a second?
R/R: yeah sure../ Go ahead..
(they go somewhere else)
Phoebe: So I'm gunna go tell him..
Chandler: good luck Pheebs..
Monica: do you know what you're gunna say to him?
Phoebe: not really but I'm just gunna go along with it.. I'll see you guys later..
C/M: Bye Pheebs/Good Luck!!

Scene 3: Later on at a park (Phoebe invited Joey to talk to him)

Phoebe: so Joey, how are things goin with Natalie and J.J.?
Joey: Wow.. Pheebs-y'know- I'm havin a GREAT time!-really- this has to be the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life..
Phoebe: Wow, Joey, you don't know how happy I am for you this is.. this is just so amazing-especially for you, y'know?? Yeah you must be so, so happy..
Joey: Yeah.. and y'know Natalie and I are already talkin about havin kids after we get married.. aint that great? "I'm growing up".
Phoebe: (puts her head down in shame) Yeah.. that's great, Joe.
Joey: (curiously) somethin wrong, Pheebs?
Phoebe: Nnnn-YES!
Joey: WHAT!! what? tell me.. what's wrong?
Phoebe: well.. what I wanna tell you is pretty much why I brought you here in the first place.. and before I tell you.. I just wanna say that this friendship is like no other friendship and I don't wanna mess this up..
Joey: Where you gettin at, Pheebs?
Phoebe: ..well, I also wanna say that.. Joey.. I am so happy for you about what's going on with you in your life right now.. you really don't know how proud I am REALLY! it's just that... I don't wanna get in the way of things..
Joey: Get in the-wuddaya talkin about, Pheebs?
Phoebe: Joey, the thing that I'm about to say, I don't want gettin in the way of anything.. and trust me I'm not trying to freak you out or try to ruin anything it's just that I need to let you know how I feel..
Joey: What's that?
Phoebe: Joey.. I have feelings for you-please don't be mad.. I know that your engaged and everything and it's okay if you have no feelings for me really I hope you don't.. I just had to let you know how I felt and.. I just thought what I did had to be the right thing to do.
Joey: (pretty much shocked and speechless by this) No-no-no, Pheebs it was the right thing to tell me-trust me.. it's just that so much is going on right now.. and just.. well.. how-when??
Phoebe: I dunno.. I think.. well.. maybe I'm just a little jealous I mean all you guys are married or getting married and having kids and I have none of that- I don't even have a boyfriend and I just.. thought YOU would be the one for me when we turned 40 because, no offense or anything, I never thought ANY of this would happen to you.. and now I'm just all alone.. (starts to cry)
Joey: aww no Pheebs com'ere (gives her a hug).. It's okay.. and believe me I didn't expect this either and TRUST ME YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE!! AND YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE.. NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!! (kisses her forhead)
Phoebe: thanks you're so sweet Joey..
Joey: you're welcome and since we're sharing feelings and stuff you should know that I did used to have a little crush on you too Pheebs.. I was just too afraid to tell you..
Phoebe: YOU - too afraid? yeah right..
Joey: yeah I didn't think you would buy that.. but the real reason was- was because out of all you guys.. you're my best friend, Phoebe, and I don't wanna ruin that cuz the friendship we have is so special
Phoebe: Yeah.. yeah it is- it really is.. and I don't wanna change the subject or anything but I thought Chandler was your best friend..
Joey: okay well you're my best FEMALE friend..
Phoebe: thanks Joey.. but if I'm not married till I'm 40 I'm gunna come live with you.. and Natalie and J.J... and your 2 sons..
Joey: 2 sons?!
Phoebe: yeah.. I predict that you're gunna have two sons that are 2 years apart.
Joey: cool.. and of coarse you can live with us.. whenever you want.. Joey's door is always open.. OH and hey if you want.. I can help you find the perfect guy..
Phoebe: I dunno if that's possible..
Joey: Why not?
Phoebe: Cuz I always thought that was you..
(Joey leans in to kiss her but Phoebe pushes him away)
Phoebe: No-no you can't- no.. please.. it's okay.. here (gives him a big, long hug and they just stay like that for awhile) you're such a good friend Joey.. I dunno what I would ever do without you.. (starts crying again)
Joey: you'll never be without me Pheebs don't worry..

Scene 4: C&M (C,M,R,& R are there)
Rachel: So what do you think's gunna happen with those two?
Chandler: Nothing.. Joey's been in love with Natalie for so long and I know for a fact Joey's not gunna wanna date Phoebe even if Natalie wasn't here..
Ross: Why do you say that?
Chandler: Well don't tell him I told you but Joey used to have this huge crush on Phoebe and he told me that he doesn't wanna ruin that "great, unique friendship" they have so he just did his best to get over her and I bet that's what he's gunna tell her..
Monica: (sacrastically) Did you always have these little "girl talks" every night before you went to sleep when you guys lived together?
Chandler: Very funny.. but we always talked about this stuff..
Ross: (Getting all childish) How come you guys never talk to me about stuff like that?
Chanlder: I dunno.. we never thought you had any interseting things to share with us...
Ross: Puhh..
Rachel: Anyways I guess we're just gunna have to wait till they get back..

Closing credits
Scene 5: (At the park continued from before.. all of a sudden Natalie just so happens to walk by the park and sees them)

Natalie: hey what's going on??(sees Phoebe crying) you okay Pheebs?
Phoebe: yeah (sniffs) I'm fine.. we were just talking about stuff..
Natalie: (hands her a tissue from her purse) ya sure you don't wanna talk about it??
Phoebe: (blowing her nose) No really I'm fine Joey helped me.. but ah.. Natalie, I know we like sorta just met and I'm not tryin to freak you out but let me just say that you are the luckiest person in the world.. you may not know why now.. but soon you'll find out.. and I'm just so happy for you (hug her)
Natalie:(a little confused).. thanks Pheebs, for whatever that meant..
Phoebe: trust me you'll find out soon.. you two should go talk, I'm just gunna head home.. see ya later..
Natalie: bye Pheebs.. (turns to Joey) what was that about??
Joey: You should come with me..
(walks her over to a bench and sits down)
Natalie: what's up?
Joey: well what Phoebe was trying to say was that the reason you're so lucky is because you're with me and you're about to live her dream..
Natalie: Well I do feel lucky to be with you but whadda you mean about "her dream"?
Joey: Well "that thing" that I helped Phoebe out with before were her "feelings".
Natalie: feelings? what kind of feelings?
Joey: Well right now she sort of in love with me and that's why she thinks you're so lucky to have me..
Natalie: Oh God..
Joey: No please don't freak out.. we talked already and she's gunna be fine and she really doesn't wanna feel like this but she just does but she doesn't wanna ruin anything and she really doesn't want you get mad or awkward around her..
Natalie: How can't I?! She's in love with my fiancè!
Joey: I know but look... she doesn't wanna hurt any of us okay.. she feels really bad and it's just that.. she's going through some tough things right now.. can you please forgive her... please??
Natalie: I guess.. but what kind of things is she going through that possessed her to fall in love with you?
Joey: Well she's feeling kinda jealous that the rest of us are getting married and having kids and I was sort of her back up..
Natalie: Her what?
Joey: Well it's something we sort of decided to do a couple of years ago, see, what we did is.. if both of us weren't married by the time we were 40 then we were gunna get married and she didn't think I would get married and now she's just really confused..
Natalie: uh huh.. but why doesn't she just find some one else?
Joey: She said there was no one else and that I was the only one for her and I felt so crushed but she had to know that this is the way things are and that if god forbid she doesn't get married later on she can always come live with us..
Natalie: you told her she can come live with us?
Joey: it's not like it's definate and if it were it's not gunna be for years from now.. I just wanna be there for her AS A FRIEND..
Natalie: well I guess that's okay I see where you guys are coming from.. I mean you two are best friends anyway..
Joey: So you're good? you're not mad at her?
Natalie: Well I guess I can't be mad at her.. I mean she can't help how she feels.. I guess we should all just get together sometime and work this all out okay?
Joey: Sure.. let's go home.

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