TOW Ricky Lake (part 1)

I do not own these characters.
The story happens at the 7th season. Monica and chandler are engaged, ross and rachel are not together.

M&Cs Apartment. (Chandler, Monica and Joey are eating breakfast when Rachel enters.)
Rachel: Hey guys!
Everyone: Hey!
Joey: Oh, Rach, here`s your mail. (Hands her a bunch of letters)
Rachel: Hey joey, how come you count the bills as my mail?
Joey: uh.. I don`t know.. (Looks at he`s watch) oh! Look at the time I have to go! See ya!
Everyone: bye!

Oppening Titles

(rachel goes threw her mail, and sees and interesting letter)
Rachel: Hey look guys! I got A letter with an invitation to go on the Ricky Lake show! Wow! I can`t belive it!
Monica: Open it! (the letter) Tell us what it`s about!
Chandler: Man! I love the Ricky Lake show! I watch it all the time!
(Monica and rachel are staring at chandler like he just fell of the moon)
Chandler: Yea.. well.. I really don’t like it that much..
Rachel: Seriesly, Chandler, ESPN.
Monica: Just read it rach.
(rachel opens the letter and starts reading it to monica and chandler)

Rachel: OK.

“dear rachle green.
You have been invited to the Ricky Lake show. The show`s title is:
I have a crush on you and now is the time you`ll know it!
You are expected to appear on Tuesday, february 14th ,
at the Ricky Lake studios.

Will be happy to have you on our show
The Ricky Lake Show

Monica: Oh my god! Do you know who it is?
Rachle: Right now, I have no idea..
Chandler: I think it`s clear enough..
Monica: yea... it could be ross...
Rachel: oh common you guys.. I mean, ross? It couldn`t be him..
Monica: Why not?

Central Perk (everyone is there exept Ross.)
Monica: (To rachel) So, Have you thought about it?
Pheobe: About what?
Chandler: Rachel got an envitation to the Ricky Lake show! How cool is that!
Pheobe: yea? What`s it about?
Rachle: Sombody has a crush on me!
Joey: Way to go ross!
Rachle: Why are you so sure it`s Ross, why, don`t you think it could be somone else? Like Gunther Maybe?
Everybody: sure, yea sure, whatever...
(ross enters)
Ross: hey!
Everybody: hey!
Ross: What`s up?
Monica: Oh... nothing spacial... Rachel was envited to go on the ricky lake show...
Ross: Oh.. that’s nice.. (tries to change the subject) so joey, how was your audition today?
Joey: They want me to audition again! They really liked me!
Rachel: Honey that’s great news!
Monica: whats the part about?
Joey: I have to play this gay dude...
Chandler: How are you going to play that? I mean, Joey? Gay?
Monica: (to chandler) Maybe your dad can teach him!
Chandler: ha ha very funny..

Monica and chandlers apartment (monica and chandler are there. Pheobe entets.)
Pheobe: Hey!
M&C: Hey pheobes!
Pheobe: Whers rachel?
Monica: She went shopping for a dress.
Chandler: you know.. for the Ricky Lake..
Phoebe: Ross is so cute to do that..
Monica: Do you think its ross? I mean I thought he was over rachel..
Phoebe: He is her lobster! How can he be over her?
Monica: yea... I guess your right.. we have to ask ross about this!
(ross enters)
Chandler: Speaking of the donkey...
Ross: What?
Chandler: nothing..
Ross: oh.
Monica: Look ross I have to ask you.. are you the one that has a crush on rachel?
Ross: What? (laughing Fake) no way!
Monica: really?
Ross: yae! Of cours! Oh, I forgot! I have to pick up ben today! Bye! I have to run!
Everybody: Bye!
Monica: He is sooo lieing...

Next day: M&Cs (Monica is there cooking. Rachle enters)
Rachle: Hi!
Monica! Hey rach! So.. are you excited?
Rachle: Oh My God! I am sooo excited! Do you like the dress I bought yesterday? Do you think I should buy another one? How is my hair? And my
shoes? Ohhhh! Im freaking out!!
Monica: Ok. Calm down.. you look fine... in a few hours it will be over and you will know who has a crush on you..
Rachle: I know... well I guess I wil get going..
Monica: OK. Bye honey!
Rachle: Bye!

That’s the end of part one.