TOW Ricky Lake (part 2)

I do not own these characters.

The Ricky lake show studios (the croud starts claping)
Ricky: Hey!!!!! Hello! Everyone! How are we doing today? Good! Do you know what the show is about today???? Today we have people who
came here to say:
I have a crush on you and now is the time you`ll know it!

Special Oppening mixed up Ricky lake and Friends

Ricky: Hi again! Today we will have guessts who invited there crushes to our show to say
I have a crush on you and now is the time you`ll know it!
Welcome ROSS everyone! (yey! Its ross!)
(the croud claps)
Ricky: Hey ross
Ross: Hey ricky!
Ricky: So you have a crush on your friend rachle right?
Ross: yea. Actually she was my girlfriend and my wife..
Ricky: She was your wife?
Ross: Well, (laughs the famus ross laugh) that’s kind of funny, we were not together, and we went to las vegas with our friends, HEY MONICA,
CHANDLER, JOEY, PHEEBS! And we got drunk and got married. than, she wanted a divorce...
Ricky: WOW... and why did you break up?
Ross: I Slept with another women. (the croud goes what a "basterd")
Ricky: OK.. and now you want to know if she forgave you and you want her back.
Ross: yea.. I want her back.. (seems kind of sad)

M&Cs (everyone but r&r are there, watching TV)
Joey: Why are we not watching Ricky lake? Don’t you want to see ross and rach?
Monica: Ricky lake is not untill tomorrow...
Joey: Oh... that sucks..
Monica: I know..

Cut back to Ricky lake

Ricky: ok, ross, were gonna send you out for a while so we can talk to rachle.
Ross: ok (ross exites)
Ricky: ok everybody, lets welcome Rachle!
(the croud claps)
Ricky: Hey rachle!
Rachle: Hey Ricky!
Ricky: Are you excited to find out who has a crush on you?
Rachle: Oh.. very.
Ricky: Do you have any idea who it can be?
Rachle: I have an idea..
Ricky: Would you say the of he person you think as a crush on you?
Rachle: I think its Ross, my best friend..
Ricky: Well lets check it out! Would the person who has a crush on rachle please come out here?
(ross comes out, and rachle is kind of embarressed and hides her face. She starts to cry, and they hug and sit)
Ricky: ross, do you have anything you want to say to rachle?
Ross: yea. Rachle, (she looks at him) I wanted to say I still love you and I want you back. And I wanted to know if you forgave me for the stupid
things I did.
Rachle: I, of course I forgave you, I forgave you a long time ago... (they hug) and, (crying) and, I, love you too.
(ross kisses her and it gets very intense. Ricky has teary eyes)
Ricky: Wow.. I don’t think that in the history of the hole show we had a case like that.

M&Cs (everybody are there besides R&R)
Monica: Where is she?? Rachle said she will be here by now! I want here to tell me everything!
Pheobe: What is there to know it is allready clear that it is ross
Chandler: I still bett its gunther
Monica: Yea right (laughing) gunther..
Joey: well, I have to go. I have this audition in half an hour. Bye
Everybody: bye
(joey opens the door and he sees ross and rachle kissing)
Joey: OH MY GOD!!!!
Everybody: What, what happened (they rush to the door, and see ross and rachle kiss. They break the kiss)
Monica: are you guys back together?
Rachle: yea, we are.
Everybody: Oh.. that’s great, cool..
Pheobe: see? I knew it! Hes her lobster...