TO at the Roller Rink

This fic is totally alternate universe. Pretend for a moment that it is 1986. Pretend that the entire gang knows each other and that they are all 12yrs old J Now on with the Fic. Oh wait, I own none of the characters-well except for the made up ones. But I own none of the orginal cast. I wish I did though, cause then I could dress them David and Jen up in clothes and have me Ross and Rachel dolls and heck if I could own them I’d also want to own Brad and have Jen and Brad dolls, but yeah, anyhooo I’m gonna start the story now J

We see a girls bedroom there is a purple and white flowered canopy bed. The furniture is white wicker and there are white shelves, the higher shelves have dolls and barbies on them(not really played with anymore,but they are still there) on the lower shelves there are some music boxes, a jewelry box, some trophies and ribbons, makeup etc…) on the walls are posters, one of a dancer, one of Mary Lou Retton from the 84 Olympics and two other posters, one of Debbie Gibson and One of Menudo) Three girls are in the room. They are all around 11-12yrs old. The first is small and thin but well developed for her age. She has long dirty blonde hair(not dirty as in not washed but dirty as in blondish brown) and green eyes. Another girl is tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes and the 3rd girl is short, and overweight with shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes.

MONICA: so Rach, what top do you think makes me look thinnest, the green or the red(holds up two tops)

RACHEL: Oh definitely the green, green is a very slimming color. What are you gonna wear it with

MONICA: I think my black leggings

RACHEL: No, No No, not leggings, uh uh that is a short top, you only wear long tops or oversize sweatshirts with leggings.

MONICA: Rachel, your’e wearing leggings

RACHEL: yeah, but I’m wearing my new sweater with it, I mean look how long this is(holds up a pink, purple and blue striped sweater that goes to her knees)

MONICA: oh, yeah I see. So what should I wear

RACHEL: ooh I know, wear your acid washed jeans.

MONICA: Ok!!!!

RACHEL: Now, Phoebe what are you wearing.

PHOEBE: this, Phoebe said pulling a pair of pink denim jeans and a pink and white striped sweater

RACHEL: oh yeah, that is definitely gonna look soo good on you J

MONICA: Hey Rach, will you do my makeup

RACHEL:> of course, just wash it off before you go home tonight , I don’t want your mom yelling at me again

MONICA: well if my mom would realize that I’m not a kid anymore

PHOEBE: I know, its like hello parents we’re 12, that’s practically a women.

(a little girl of about five comes into the room, she’s dressed in a pair of jeans a Care Bears t-shirt and is carrying a Cabbage Patch Doll) Rachel, Mommy says you gotta take out the trash, else you can’t go skating tonight

RACHEL: I know that Jill, now get out of here(stands up and moves towards the door)

JILL: what are you guys doing

RACHEL: teenager stuff, now get lost you little brat

JILL: I’m going to tell(runs out of the room)

RACHEL: oh crap(runs after her) Jill, Jill wait, hey if you don’t tell mom I Promise I’ll play my Little Ponies with you tomorrow.

JILL: well…. Ok, but don’t’ call me a brat anymore

RACHEL: deal

JILL: and remember, you promised

(Rachel goes back to her room)

PHOEBE: Is she going to tell?

RACHEL: no but I have to play My Little Ponies Tomorrow


RACHEL: I know

PHOEBE: Hey Rach, can I play a tape on your Jambox

RACHEL: yeah.

(Phoebe puts in a tape and presses play and “Only in My Dreams” comes on) and they start singing

“Every time I’m telling secrets I remember how it used to be.

Then I realize how much I miss you and I remember what it means to be free.

Now I see I’m up to now good, no, no no and I wanna start again. Can’t remember

When I felt good baby, no I can’t remember when. Ohhhh Only in my dreams as real as it may seem is was only in my dreams..”

(while they sing the girls are dancing around the room, Rachel climbs on her bed and starts singing into her crimping iron)

ALL: Ohh, only in my dreams as real as it may seem…..

MONICA: I love that song

RACHEL: I know

PHOEBE: (looking thru the tapes) oooh, ooh Rachel can we hear this one?

RACHEL: sure, what is it

PHOEBE: you’ll see.

“Wake me up before you go, go, don’t’ leave me hangin on like A yo-yo…”

RACHEL: I should have known

(Phoebe starts dancing around the room)

RACHEL: Um Phoebe, as much fun as this is need I remind you we have to be at the Skating Rink by 7pm if we want to get the cool skates.

MONICA: Rachel, they are all the same, I mean really all you care is if they have the colored laces.

RACHEL: Yeah, like I said that cool skates

MONICA: but they all work the same way

RACHEL: Yeah but..

MONICA: never mind

PHOEBE: so are we getting ready or what

RACHEL: yeah!!! Oh and guys, thanks for sleeping over last nite

PHOEBE: don’t mention it, it was fun

MONICA: Yeah esp when we called Phillip Goverson and did “is your refridgerator running

PHOEBE: too bad he actually went to go check it

RACHEL: what a doofus

MONICA: yeah really what a nerd

(they all laugh)

About a half hour passes and they are all ready to go)

Rachel is wearing the Black leggings and her sweater, her hair is crimped with hearts in it. Monica has on her jeans and green top and a green stretchy headband in her hair. Phoebe is in her jeans, and sweater and her hair is in a side ponytail with a pink rubber band.

RACHEL: oh we look good, we look very good

MONICA: we do don’t we


RACHEL: dad, we’re ready to go

L GREEN: alrighty then, lets go

(he drive them the skating rink and they walk inside)

RACHEL: Oh yeah!!!! They got skates with purple laces still

MONICA: ooh, score J

(they get there skates and sit down on the bench to put them on)

PHOEBE: Oh guys look, look it’s the limbo stick

RACHEL: yeah Limob!!!! I love limbo

MONICA: that’s cause you two are good at it, I always fall

PHOEBE: It’s not your fault Mon, Rachel’s small and I’m just real bendy

MONICA: oh, oh, oh but maybe they’ll do Four Corners, I rock at that game!!!

PHOEBE: come on guys, lets go(skates out on the floor)

(Rachel, and Phoebe are good skaters Monica is just so so, she can skate but not backwards, not real fast and she falls sometimes)

MONICA: (skating up to Rachel) Hey Rach!!

RACHEL: Hey Mon, oh hey there’s your brother

MONCA: Hi Ross!!!!!!

ROSS: Oh hi

RACHEL: so who’s his friend

MONICA: oh some kid who just moved here, his name is Chandy or something like that

RACHEL: Chandy?? Chandy? What kind of a name is Chandy?

MONICA: I don’t know I didn’t name him

RACHEL: well I’m gonna go talk to him

MONICA: that’ll make Ross’s day

RACHEL: me talking to his friend

MONICA: no, you being within ten feet of him

RACHEL: wow, well lucky him(skates over to Ross and his friend)


ROSS: (trying to be cool, but not really succeeding) Hey Rachel

RACHEL: so who’s your friend

ROSS: this, this is Chandler

RACHEL: Chandler, that’s a weird name

CHANDLER: Yeah I know

RACHEL: you must have very interesting parents

CHANDLER:why yes, if your idea of interesting is a dad who kisses other men and a mom who writes dirty books…. Did I just share too much?

RACHEL: a little bit, yeah. I’ll see you guys later ok

ROSS: bye Rachel

RACHEL: (skates back over by Monica and Phoebe) ok his name is Chandler

MONICA: that’s it Chandler Bing

PHOEBE: Chandler Bing, what the heck kind of a name is Chandler Bing? Oh, Oh Oh Oh my god, Joey!!! Joey Tribianni(skates over to this really cute dark haired kid and hugs him)

JOEY: hey Pheebs, Hey guys what happening

PHOEBE: Rachel, Monica this is Joey Tribbiani, he goes to Jr High

MONICA: Hi Joey(to Phoebe) when did you meet him

PHOEBE: we met here, we skated some couple skates together.

RACHEL: when was this??

PHOEBE: When you had the flu and Monica got grounded for breaking Ross’s Dinosaur Statue

MONICA: oh, yeah… I rememeber you telling me about him, wow he really is as hot as you said

RACHEL: yeah, Hi there Joey

JOEY: Hey! How you doin?

PHOEBE: back off, he’s mine. You go get your own man Rachel Karen Green

RACHEL: yeah that’s gonna happen, do you see what is here tonight

MONICA: you could ask Ross to skate

RACHEL: ok that is soo not going to happen.

MONICA: but you know how much he likes you

RACHEL: still not gonna happen

MONICAL I bet you five dollars that by the end of the night the two of you will have skated together.

RACHEL: You’re on(they shake)

PHOEBE: ok but you know we only have an hour left so…

MONICA: don’t worry it’ll happen

JOEY: you sound pretty sure

MONICA: that’s cause I never lose

RACHEL: Ooh I love this song( “And the old painting on the tomb, they do the sand dance don’t ya know, if you move to quick, oh ee oh, there falling down like a domino… Walk Like an Egyptian…”)

(they continue skating around) Meanwhile….

ROSS: You don’t even understand chandler, I’d give anything just to be able to touch her or hold her hand.

CHANDLER: yeah but she’s only in 6th grade, I mean isn’t that a little young?

ROSS: I don’ care I mean it’s Rachel, Rachel, even her name is beautiful, Rachel Karen Green.

CHANDLER: ok you need to get out of Dreamworld and come back to Reality Land

ROSS: Yeah I know, it’s never gonna happen, no way a girl that beautiful would ever talk to me.

ANNOUNCER: OK everbody it’s time for Limbo!!!!!!

(The music starts and everbody gets ready to go. Monica falls right away and so does Chandler, everyone else makes it though.)

MONICA: go Rachel!!!! Whoo hoooo!(Rachel sails right underneath)

RACHEL: piece of cake! Come on Pheebs

(Phoebe is too tall to fit, but she bend down and tucks her head under her legs)

MONICA: way to go Phoebe

PHOEBE: it was egglplant soufflé


PHOEBE: I don’t eat meat and I try not to eat too many sweets so, eggplant soufflé


(they game continues on til only Rachel and Phoebe are left. Phoebe pushes off on her skates and goes flying towards the pole, ducking down at the last minute, she sails halfway under but her left skate gets caught on the pole knocking it down)

ANNOUNCER: Ok one skater left, can she do it???

(Rachel skates towards the pole, ducks under and sails thru to the other side, and stands up and smiles as everyone claps.

RACHEL: (to Phoebe) piece of chocolate cake with icing and sprinkles

PHOEBE: yeah well, well, you just wait til next time missy

RACHEL: ooh, next weekend, same bat time, same bat place

PHOEBE: I’m there

ANNOUNCER: Ok now its time for four corners!!!!

MONICA: Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!

(Everyone begins skating—everyone to your corners. Corner two is out. Phoebe, and Joey are out.

They play some more, Rachel is out, then Chandler, only Monica, Ross and 4 other people are left.

MONICA: Ok Ross, we’re going to corner 4

ROSS: corner 3




Announcer: pick your corner

(Monica skates to 4 and Ross to 3, she keeps motioning for him to come to her corner, he is the only one in corner 3)

ANNOUNCER: and corner 4 you are out, we have a winner

ROSS: whoo hoo!!!!

ANNOUNCER: we have time for one more skate, it’s couples only, and for fun why don’t we have our two winning couples lead off the skate. So I need our Limbo winner and our Four Corners winner

MONICA: ha, ha ha I win!!!! I told you you’d skate with him, fork it over Green

RACHEL: we are only skating together because we have too, not by choice that hardly counts

MONICA: hey, skating together is skating together, now fork over the five dollars

RACHEL: fine(hands her the money) then skates out to the middle of the floor

ROSS: so, I guess we’re partners huh

RACHEL: yep, guess so

(They begin skating together) Rachel I can’t belive Monica actually won the bet*

Ross: I can’t belive I am holding Rachel Green’s hand I am never washing this hand again*

PHOEBE: Come on Tribbiani,(grabs his hand and they skate onto the floor)

MONICA: So um Chandler, do you want to um skate

CHANDLER: sure, why not(they join the others)

THE END!!!!!