The One Where Ross said Rachel: Part 1 of 3

*Author's note: A HUGE thanks to Shelley for all your help with all my
fanfics! I don't know what I'd do without you! :)
*I just got the idea one day to create these fanfics, and I really like them!
As you can probably tell, I am a devoted Ross and Rachel fan, so, I'm sorry
to disappoint anyone who doesn't like them, but my fan fiction is really all
about R&R. Also, this takes place from the season 4 finale, The One With The
Wedding, Part 2. I figure, everyone seems to have a fan fiction based on that
subject, so why shouldn't I? Thanks for bearing through this boring, on with the fanfic!*
Scene: Chapel
Priest: Okay, Ross, repeat after me. I, Ross...
Ross: I, Ross...
Priest: Take thee, Emily...
Ross: Take thee, Rachel...(realizes what he just said, lets out an
embarrassed chuckle) Emily. Emily! Ha, ha!
Priest: Shall I continue?
Emily: (Hurt, almost crying) could you?
We see Rachel, utterly confused. Mr. and Mrs. Geller, Mr. and Mrs. Waltham,
Chandler, Monica, and Joey are looking from her Rachel to Ross to Emily.
Ross: Emily, no! It was a mistake, an honest mistake! I love YOU, Emily!
Emily: How can I believe you?
Chandler: Do you think you 2 should talk in PRIVATE?
Ross: Thank you, Chandler, that is a very good idea. Emily?
Emily: Yes, we DEFINITELY have many things to discuss. (she walks down the
aisle, and Ross tries to keep up with her.)
Rachel: (Whispering) Oh, God, Mon! What should I do?
Monica: Keep your cool. Listen, leave the 2 of them alone for now. Ross is
happy, and he needs a chance to work things out with Emily.
Rachel: (quiet) Yeah. Yeah, OK. I just want him to be happy. I guess.
-Opening Credits-
Scene: Side room, chapel
Emily has her back turned to Ross. You can tell that she's crying.
Emily: Ross, you wouldn't have said that if you didn't feel that way! Admit
it, you still love her! I thought that you and Rachel were over!
Ross: We are! Emily, Rachel and I had an amazing relationship...
Emily: (cuts him off) I DON'T need to hear this!
Ross: Listen to me, Em! What Rachel and I had was great, but we're history.
I'm with YOU, and I love you!
Emily: I really wish I could believe you, Ross. I really do. But I don't
believe you. I can't. (looks at him) We really rushed into this. I can't...I
can't marry you today, Ross. We just need to think about what we're doing
Ross:But I don't need to think about it at all! I want to marry you!
Emily: I don't know. I'll be at my parents'.
Ross: No, Emily, please!
Emily: I'm sorry. (she leaves)
Ross, depressed, looks out the window. There's a knock at the door, & he
Rachel: Hey.
Ross: Hey.
Rachel: Listen, I just wanted to apologize. I shouldn't have come. I really
hope you and Emily work things out.
Ross: No, Rach! I'm GLAD you came! You're my best friend.
Rachel: (smiles sadly) I guess so. (pause) I think I'm gonna go home now.
Pheebs might need me.
Ross: No! Please, Rach, I need a friend now.
Rachel: I don't think I'm the best friend for you to see right now. It was MY
name you said, after all.
Ross: It was just a mistake. (she looks away) Please, you're my best friend.
Rachel: Oh...I...(looks into his eyes, then, ashamed, turns away)...OK.
Scene: Buffet
Monica is nervously chewing at a carrot. Chandler makes his way over.
Chandler: So, uh...ya busy later?
Monica: AGAIN?! Chandler, my brother just called his fiance Rachel! This is
NOT the time!
Chandler: Come on, just a quickie?
Monica: No! I think you ought to be with Ross right now. I'm gonna find Rach
before she does anything stupid.
Chandler: (disappointed) Oh. Okay.
Scene: Chapel lobby
Rachel is sitting, depressed, on a bench. Mrs. Geller comes rushing in.
Mrs. Geller (Judy): Oh, Rachel, dear!
Rachel: (forces a weak smile) Hello, Mrs. Geller. I'm sorry for all the
trouble I've caused by coming.
Judy: Call me Judy, dear! And don't be sorry.
Rachel: Today was supposed to be the happiest day of Ross' life! Now, as
usual, I've gone and screwed it up.
Judy: What's so bad about coming to see your friend get married?
Rachel: Well, the that I actually came to tell Ross that
I'm still in love with him.
Judy: (surprised) Oh! Well, that would explain why he said your name...
Rachel: No, no. I couldn't tell him. He just...he looked so happy. If Emily
could make Ross happier than I could, so be it. I just want him to be happy.
Judy: Oh, sweetie, you really DO love him! That was good! Right now, if you
loved him, you'd let him be happy. That was very mature of you, Rachel.
Rachel: Thanks. Oh, if only I hadn't proposed that stupid break! If only I
hadn't written that letter! How could I let him slip away?
Judy: (Gives Rachel a hug) Oh, don't make it any harder on yourself, my dear.
Those events can't be changed.
Rachel: (starts to cry) I was the one who set them up!
Judy: Pardon?
Rachel: I set Ross and Emily up! If I hadn't, he might be with me!
Judy: Dear, there are a million "what if's". You can't dwell on them. You
must get over Ross!
Rachel: I can't! He's the only one for me! If I can't have HIM, I can't have
Judy: Oh, Rachel. That's not true. You may love Ross, but there will be other
Rachel: (Sobbing) I don't think so. (they hug)
Scene: New York
Phoebe: (is on the phone with Joey) What's going on now?
Joey: (on phone) I'm not sure. Rachel went to find Ross, CHANDLER went to
find Ross, Monica went to find Rachel...
Phoebe: Our lives are just one big soap opera, aren't they?
Joey: Nah...more like a sitcom.
Scene: Garden outside chapel.
Ross is sitting on a stone bench. He sighs. Chandler comes running towards
Chandler: Hey, man, I've been looking everywhere for you! Where have you
Ross: Well, here I am. Thinking.
Chandler: Thinking.
Ross: Yep.
Chandler: About what?
Ross: Well, at this time, I should have been married by now. But instead, I'm
sitting on a bench. Alone. Single.
Chandler: You look like that's not all of it.
Ross: It's not. I mean, WHY would I call Emily Rachel? How could I do that to
Emily, to myself, Rachel?! And why?
Chandler: What do YOU think?
Ross: I don't know. I mean, I love Emily. A lot. But I'm wondering if maybe
I'm in love with her because she loves ME. Does that make sense?
Chandler: Not really, but go on.
Ross: OK. I'm also wondering if I'm still...
Chandler: What?
Ross: If I'm still in love with Rachel.
Chandler: Huh?
Ross: I mean, when she came, I didn't think I could be any happier! But I'd
always thought that Rach and I would end up together. That I'd be giving
RACHEL an engagement ring. That SHE would be having my children.
Chandler: But that isn't how it happened. Listen, you and Rachel had
something special, but so do you and Emily. You already made a commitment to
her. This is THREE lives you might affect. Just think about it, man.
Ross: OK. Thanks, buddy.
Chandler: Buddy?
Ross: Sorry. Thanks.
Chandler: Better.
Scene: Chapel lobby
Judy has left. Rachel is looking at a display.
Voice: Hi.
Rachel: (turns around) Uh, hey.
Voice: (I wonder who??) Listen, um...
Rachel: Ross...
Ross: (I'm SOOOO predictable!) Er...(they look into each other's eyes. Gee,
wonder what's gonna happen? LOL, Shelley!) I...(they come together into a
passionate kiss)
Rachel: Oh, um, what just happened?
Ross: I just needed to know how that would feel.
Rachel: And?
Ross: And I don't know if I should have done that. Listen, we've really got
to talk.
Rachel:Yeah. (they sit)
Ross: I need to know why you came to London.
Rachel: I wanted to be at your wedding. To wish you well.
Ross: Are you sure? Is that all? (they look at each other. There is a long
Rachel: (looks away) That's all.
Ross: No.
Rachel: (firmly) That's all.
Ross: I need to know. Please.
Rachel: I'm a horrible person, Ross. I can't say why I came. You and Emily
belong together.'re so happy.
Ross: Please tell me.
Rachel: Please don't get mad.
Ross: How could I ever be mad at you?
Rachel: Oh, why do you have to be so perfect?! OK, OK. I tell
you...that... I'm still in love with you.
Ross: (sits back) I thought that might be it.
Rachel: If Emily can make you happier than I can, I want you to be with her.
You 2 have something special.
Ross: So did we.
Rachel: Listen, we went out for a year. A whole year! You and Emily went out
for six weeks and you proposed. You and I went out for so much longer, but
you never proposed.
Ross: (looks away) Eh...
Rachel: What?
Ross: You don't need to know.
Rachel: By your expression, I think I do.
Ross: You know our anniversary, the night you wanted "the break"?
Rachel: (nervous) Yeah...
Ross: I was propose then, but I didn't get the chance.
Rachel: (shocked) Oh my God! Oh my God! Is she...wearing the ring you would
have given me?
Ross: No, no! I keep that tucked away in the back of my desk at work. I could
never get rid of that.
Rachel: (Begins crying) I hate myself! I ruined the best relationship I've
ever had! We...we could have been married! Oh, God! What is WRONG with me? I
got another chance at it, and I had to focus on my own insecurities and I
threw away that chance. I'm surprised you can even stand to be around me.
Ross: (Takes her hand, wipes a tear away with his thumb) Rach...Rach. Sure,
we've had our problems, but, God, Rachel. It's you. I will
always...ALWAYS...want to be around you. Don't ever doubt that.
Rachel: And I'll stay content with that, I guess. Ross, go marry Emily.
Ross: (hesitant) I...I suppose. Thank you, Rachel.
Scene: Later, chapel; the service is up again.
Priest: Repeat after me. I, Ross...
Ross: I, Ross...
Priest: (sternly) Take thee, EMILY...
Ross: (imitates him) Take thee, EMILY...
Priest: To be my lawfully wedded wife.
(We cut to Rachel and Chandler in the audience. We can hear Emily saying her
vows in the background)
Chandler: Rachel, you've got to stop them! He loves you!
Rachel: No. You know how much I care for him. I couldn't do that to him OR
Chandler: Do it.
Rachel: No.
Chandler: Do it!
Rachel: (louder) No!
Priest:...Speak, or forever hold your peace.
Chandler: (whispers) Yes!
Rachel: (very loud) NO! (all eyes turn to her in shock) Oh, God! (moans) Oh
my God, I can't believe I just said that! (she sinks low in her seat)
Priest: Miss, If you have anything to say, speak up.
Rachel: No. Sorry, it took me a second, but I 'm holding my peace. (pause)
It's held, I promise! Go on.
Priest: Alright then. (annoyed) Now, if anyone ELSE has something to say,
speak now, or forever hold your peace.
Ross: I...I don't think I can hold my peace. (everyone gasps)
Emily: Wh...what?
Ross: I'm sorry, Emily, but I can't marry you. I can't go through with this.
I have something I need to say. (he walks to the crowd and pulls Rachel from
her chair)
*Author's note: Just to inform you, what happens here seems really mean for
Emily. But I can't help it, I've always hated Emily! Right, Shelley? LOL*
Rachel: (turning red) Ross, what are you DOING?
Ross: Rachel, I love you. I'm sorry, Emily, but...well, you could make me
happy, but I'm afraid someone else could make me happier. (to Rachel) Rachel,
I'm sorry for everything I've put you through...but, will you take me back?
Rachel: (crying) Yes! (they kiss. *Yay!*)
Ross: Emily, I hope we can still be friends.
Emily: I'm sorry, Ross, but that seems very difficult right now. (pause)
Goodbye. (she walks up the aisle, followed by a small procession of her
friends & family. Ross and Rachel are still holding each other)
Rachel: What made you want to do that?
Ross: You. You cared so much about me, and I remembered how in love we were.
And how, one day, I want that ring to be on your finger, and noone else's.
Joey: Hey, Ross? (holds up the phone) Pheebs wants to talk to you.
Ross: (takes the phone, listens) Okay, I'll tell her. See ya. Here's Joey.
(hands the phone to Joey)
Rachel: What did she say?
Ross: She told me to tell you that you're my lobster...I'm your
lobster...something to that effect.
Rachel: Oh, God. Where do we go from here? I mean, what are we gonna do?
Ross: (smiles) Well, there's a cafe right down the street. We could get a cup
of coffee, and then maybe go for a walk.
Rachel: (smiles) Yeah, that sounds nice.
He puts his arm around her shoulders, and she leans into him. Together, they
walk up the aisle and leave.
Monica: You think one day, she might become my sister-in-law?
Chandler: Knowing them? It's bound to happen!
Scene: Cafe
Rachel and Ross are sitting together in an armchair. Rachel is leaning into
Ross, her eyes closed, and she's smiling.
Rachel: I can't believe you chose me over Emily.
Ross: I can't believe I had to think about it. I love you more than anything,
ya know.
Rachel: (kisses him) You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you
say that. I love you, too. (pause, changes subject) So, how's Ben doing? I
haven't seen him lately.
Ross: He misses you.
Rachel: Really? (Ross nods) Oh, I've missed him, too.
Ross: (pause, changes subject) Sweetie, when's your flight back to New York?
Rachel: Tomorrow. Oh, I'm gonna miss you. You come back next week, don't you?
Ross: No, I'll join you. That way, we can have some alone time. Just you and
Rachel: But what about Phoebe?
Ross: We'll drop in and spend some time with her. Be WE have so much lost
time to make up for.
Rachel: Yeah, I guess so. (she gets up) Well, do you think it's time to take
that walk?
Ross: (gets up) You bet. (kisses her cheek)
Scene: A little later, hotel lobby
We can see that it's pouring outside. Ross and Rachel run in, both laughing,
and both absolutely soaked. Rachel is wrapped close to Ross in his jacket. As
Ross takes off his jacket, Rachel just keeps looking lovingly up at him,
keeping her hands on his chest.
Ross: (whispers) Hey, what do you say we start making up for lost time now?
It feels like ages since I've seen that little tattoo of yours.
Rachel: (smiles, giddy) I'd love to! (The 2 run off to her hotel room)
Scene: Later, Rachel's hotel room
Rachel is lying, asleep, clinging to Ross. She's wearing long pajama bottoms
and a spaghetti strap nightshirt, while he's wearing boxer shorts and a
t-shirt. He's awake, just looking at her, gently smoothing her hair. Her eyes
flutter open.
Rachel: Wow...I can't believe I'm waking up next to you.
Ross: Have I ever told you how beautiful you look when you're asleep?
Rachel: (smiles) I think so, but thank you. (she gives him a light kiss on
the lips, and when they break, they just look at each other for a moment.)
Ross: (gets up and bends over by his bag) One sec...(we can't see what he's
Rachel: (Sits up) Honey?
Ross: (turns around and beckons her to the edge of the bed. They kiss)
Rachel, sweetie, I know this seems like I'm rushing things a bit...
Rachel: Ross, what?
Ross: (bends down on one knee. Rachel gets all teary-eyed and gasps. By now
the entire studio audience is going wild...I know I would!) Rachel, I love
you more than anything in the world, and I would be honored if you would be
my wife.
Rachel: Oh, God, know I've dreamed about this day...(he
smiles)...but I need some time to think this over. (His smile drops) We've
barely been back together for a whole day.
Ross: Okay, then...I DO love you.
Rachel: I love  you, too. (she takes his hand) I promise I'll think about it.
Ross: No problem. (she smiles weakly)
Scene: Monica's hotel room
Monica and Chandler are kissing...there's a knock at the door.
Monica: I'll get that.
Chandler: No...stay...
Monica: It might be important.
Chandler: It might not be...
Monica: (kisses him) True. OK. (there's another knock)
Rachel: (outside) Monica! (sob) Please let me in!
Monica: (jumps up and opens the door, Rachel's in tears) Oh, sweetie, what's
wrong? Come in...what happened?
Rachel: I...(pauses quizzically) Chandler?
Chandler: Uh...Monica was having trouble with...uh...the...the I
came to check it out!
Rachel: You don't know the first thing about plumbing.
Chandler: Guess not. (pause) I'll...I'll get going. Bye. (he leaves, Monica
and Rachel sit down on the bed)
Monica: Come on. You can tell me.
Rachel: (Crying *I think Rachel's the best...but she can sure cry a lot!*)
God, Mon, I'm so confused!
Monica: What happened?
Rachel: Ross proposed.
Monica: Oh my God! That's so great!
Rachel: I said I'd think about it.
Monica: Why? I mean, this is Ross!
Rachel: Oh, I know, but we've been together for such a short time!
Monica: But you had a great relationship! You have a history! And you're both
madly in love!
Rachel: I know, I know. I just...I mean, everything's happening so fast! A
few days ago, I was dreaming of this happening. And now it is.
Monica: It's your decision. But Ross is the best thing that ever happened to
you, and vice versa. Think about that.
Rachel: I will. Thanks, Mon. (they hug)
Scene: Various places, starting w/ Ross' hotel room.
There is an underscore of "I try" by Macy Gray. Ross is looking out the's raining again.
*Author's note: This ending is very similar to that of "The One with the
List"...which, by the way, I cried at and love!*
We shoot to Rachel clutching Ross' t-shirt in bed. Then, Ross holding a photo
taken back when Ross and Rachel had been dating for the first time. The photo
is of R&R kissing, meanwhile smiling. Then, Rachel looking at the same photo.
Then, back to Ross looking out the window. We finally fade out with Rachel,
crying, looking out her window.

-To Be Continued-
Next up: The One With The Decision, Part 2 of 3. Will Rachel accept Ross'
proposal? Will Monica and Chandler still be together? And most of all, what
the heck will the phone bill be?! All in the upcoming fanfic!
*Author's note: Sorry that it ends with a cliffhanger, but I do that.
Especially when it comes to a trilogy like this! Right, Shelley? :)*