The One With The Decision, Part 2 of 3
*This is continued from The One Where Ross said Rachel, Part 1 of 3. If you
haven't read that, I suggest you read it before reading this one. Also, I am
a HUGE fan of Ross and Rachel. Yeah, I support Chandler and Monica, Phoebe
and Joey (even though they're not a couple, they should be), but basically
all my fanfics are about R&R. So if you don't like them, then you probably
shouldn't read on.*
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Ross' voice: Previously, on "Friends"...(We see various clips and scenes,
yadda, yadda, yadda...)
-Opening credits-
Scene: hotel lobby (continental breakfast)
Rachel is standing, buttering a piece of toast, deep in thought. She's
staring at her feet as she walks to her table. Suddenly, she bumps into
somone, and orange juice is spilled all over the person.
Rachel: Oh my God, I'm sorry...I...(She looks up, right into the face betcha, Ross!) Oh, uh, hi.
Ross: Hey. (there's an uncomfortable pause)
R&R: (in unison) I have something to say...
Rachel: You go first.
Ross: OK. Listen, I really rushed things with that proposal. I'm completely
happy with a relationship. Just forget I ever said what I did.
Rachel: Oh. (opens her mouth to say something, then decides against it)
Ross: What is it you wanted to say?
Rachel: No, it's nothing. Come on, let's get you cleaned up. (pause) I'm
really sorry.
Ross: No, that's OK. (Takes her hand) Really. (she smiles weakly and they
Scene: Monica's hotel room
Monica and Chandler are again fooling around on the bed. There's a knock at
the door.
Rachel: (outside, crying) Monica!
Monica: What...(Calls) I'm coming!
Chandler: This always happens!
Monica: Shoot! Chandler, go hid! She can't see you, or else we're DEAD!
Chandler: Yeah, OK. (he hides)
Rachel: (outside, crying, urgently) Mon!
Monica: (runs & opens the door) Rachel, what's wrong? Come in, sweetie!
Rachel: (runs and leaps down on the bed, her body shaking) Oh, Monica!
Monica: What happened? Did you say yes?
Rachel: I...I was going to.
Monica: Oh, why didn't you? (sits beside her and strokes her hair)
Rachel: He said to forget about the proposal and everything; that he'd rushed.
Monica: Did you have a fight? Did you break up?
Rachel: No.
Monica: Then what's wrong?
Rachel: I just thought about it all last night, and I just...I really want to
be his wife! And now...I can't! I want to be the mother of his children! I
love him, Mon, more than anything in the world!
Monica: That doesn't mean it won't happen!
Rachel: God, all I wanted was to say yes. To be able to say that Ross is my
Monica: Why don't you tell him that? Maybe he really DOES want to get
married, and he was just doing that for your benefit.
Rachel: He was just so happy. (suddenly, there's a loud knock at the door)
Ross: (outside) Mon?
Monica: Oh, God, go hide, Rachel!
Rachel: OK...(Runs into the bathroom and locks the door behind her Chandler's
sitting on the floor. Rachel turns around and jumps) Oh my God, Chandler, you
scared the hell out of me! Why are you here?
Chandler: Oh! Uh...more sink problems.
Rachel: Really? Mon should get a refund or something.
Chandler: Are you OK?
Rachel: (starts crying softly...again) Yeah, I guess so. (puts her ear to the
door) What's he saying? Damn, I can't hear. (sits back) Oh well.
-Cut to Ross and Monica-
Ross: (voice soft and low) Mon, can, uh, can you ask the guys if they can
make it to Morgan Park to watch the fireworks tomorrow? I'll ask Rachel.
Monica: Uh, yeah, sure. What's so special?
Ross: Well, I already got us 3 tables reserved at the park's restaurant,
uh...Blue Moon, I think it's called. Just...make sure you're there. It's
really important that you are.
Monica: Yeah, OK. No problem!
Ross: Alright, then, I gotta go talk to Rach, so, uh...I'll see ya later.
Monica: OK, bye! (Ross exits) Oh my God, Rachel! Get to your hotel!
Rachel: (comes out) Huh? Why?
Monica: Just do it! (Rachel starts leaving) Oh, and Rach?
Rachel: Yeah?
Monica: HURRY!
Scene: Rachel's hotel room.
Rachel bursts in, throws her purse down, closes the door, turns on the TV,
and flops down onto the bed, all in a matter of seconds. A few seconds after
that, there's a knock at the door.
Ross: (Outside) Honey?
Rachel: (breathing heavily, answers the door. Ross kisses her cheek) Hey!
Come on in!
Ross: Hi! Listen, do you want to come see the fireworks at Morgan Park
tomorrow night with me and the guys?
Rachel: Sure, that'd be nice.
Ross: Are you OK?
Rachel: Yeah, I just got back from...uh...aerobics...quite a workout. (makes
a point of being tired) Oh, boy, am I EXHAUSTED!
Ross: (sits her down on the bed and starts massaging her back.) This make it
feel andy better?
Rachel: MUCH better, thank you!
Ross: I love you, ya know.
Rachel: I know. I love you, too, Ross. (turns around and kisses him)
Scene: Morgan Park, morning of July 4th.
Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Monica are sitting at a table sharing a pizza.
Ross is inthe distance laughing and talking with some woman. Rachel is
staring worriedly at them. Joey's on the phone with Pheebs.
Rachel: What...what is he doing?
Joey: Phoebe says to tell you that your aura's all floopy, or something. Ah,
whatever, here she is. (hands here the phone)
Pheebs: Rach, ya gotta get over this jealousy thing, OK? Your aura turns all
floopy whenever you get really jealous.
Rachel: Yeah...uh, here's Joey, 'kay? Bye! (she shoves the phone to Joey)
Chandler: Seriously, Rachel. This is why you guys broke up before.
Monica: You really need to trust each other more.
Rachel: Yeah, I guess so. (Ross starts jogging over, so she bursts out
laughing for no apparent reason)
Ross: Hey, what's so funny?
Chandler: We dunno...
Rachel: It's Joey. He did...something really...stupid!
Monica: So stupid it was funny! (lets out a really wierd and fake laugh)
Ross: Uh...yeah. OK. (Kisses Rachel) So what do you guys wanna do?
Joey: Ooh, ooh! Can we...
All (but Joey): (cut him off) No strip poker!
Joey: (disappointed) Ohhhhhh.
Monica: How 'bout Rollerblading?
Rachel: OK!
Guys: Strip poker works for me.
Joey: Yay!
Monica: Come on, you guys! It's so fun! Just give it a try! (Pause) If you
rollerblade with US, we'll play strip poker with you.
Rachel: What?! Monica!
Guys: OK!
Scene: Later, Morgan Park
Rachel is lacing up Ross' skates, Monica's lacing up Chandler's, and Joey's
struggling, trying to lace up his own.
Joey: I don't know the first thing about skating!
Monica: Hello, Joey, pay attention! That is why we're here to teach you!
Ross: Uh...I sorta have...this...BALANCE...problem...thing.
Rachel: Just RELAX. You'll do fine!
Scene: New York
Phoebe is balancing a plate on her belly, and is rummaging through her purse.
Pheebs: Hey, this isn't mine! I do NOT alphabetize my credit cards. Damn,
this must be Monica's...she must have mine. I really wanted to use those
trick playing cards, too. Oh, man!
Scene: Later, Morgan Park
Ross has finally seemed to get the hang of it! He & Rachel are holding hands
while skating.
Ross: Hey, Rach, this is getting really easy! (suddenly, he trips and falls,
pulling Rachel down on top of him. They stay like that, gazing into each
others' eyes for a minute. Then their faces inch closer...and closer together
Monica: Hey, this is a public place!
Rachel: (embarrassed, helps Ross up) Right.
Joey: Hey, we rollerbladed...
Chandler: (cuts him off) Or in Joey's case, TRIED to rollerblade.
Joey: (shoots him a look) Anyways...time for a little strip poker!
Scene: Abandoned shed
Joey pulls out a deck of cards. Order in the circle, clockwise, is: Ross,
Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Chandler.
Ross: But why poker? I liked strip Happy Days Game better.
Joey: Well, does it look like I HAVE the Happy Days Game with me?
Monica: (rummages through Phoebe's bag) Here, I grabbed Phoebe's bag by
mistake, maybe she's got it...(pulls it out) A ha! I knew I could always
count on Pheebs! We'll take a vote. Alright? (everyone nods) OK, poker? (Joey
and Chandler raise their hands) Happy Days? (Ross, Monica, and Rachel raise
their hands) Happy Days it is! (Ross cheers while Joey sulks) OK, I
guess...Ross, you can go first.
Ross: OK. (rolls, picks up a card, and moves 3 spaces) I get to go again!
Yay! (rolls, moves 4 spaces) Yay! I've gotten at least 5, so...(Joey
flinches)...RACHEL...(she jumps)...take off your shirt.
Rachel: (blushing) What?! (Through her teeth) Ross!
Guys: (chanting) Do it, do it, do it!
Monica: (Rachel looks pleadingly at her) It IS the rules...
Rachel: You're no help! It's not fair! (pause) Fine. (takes her shirt off,
guys cheer, and Monica shrugs) At least it's my turn. (rolls, gets 5 spaces)
Ross: Hey, wait, Mon...didn't you eat that card?
Monica: That was when I was seven, Ross. Anyways, this is Phoebe's game not
mine. (blushes)
Rachel: ANYWAYS...I got 5, so, Ross, YOU take off YOUR shirt. (he does so) Oh
my God...ooh.
Joey: (teasing) Rachel, you are one lucky girl!
Rachel: (seriously) Aren't I? (keeps staring, smiling at Ross. He smiles
back. They're obviously flirting)
Chandler: (looks out the window) Hey, someone's coming! (R&R scramble,
putting their shirts back on. Monica slides the game into Phoebe's bag. Some
guy opens the door)
Guy: Are...are you guys stoned or anything?
Rachel: NO! We were just leaving, right guys?
All: Yep, uh-huh, etc
Guy: OK, then...
Scene: Hotel lobby
Everyone is arguing.
Monica: Ross, you could have at least told us that we have to dress nice for
Ross: Sorry! It slipped my mind.
Chandler: Fine, let's just go change. We'll meet back here in, say, an hour?
All: Yeah, sure, OK, etc
Scene: Rachel's hotel room
Ross has already changed and is sitting on the bed, flipping through the TV
channels. Rachel comes out, holding 3 dresses. One is a short, pale blue
dress, one's a long marigold-colored dress, and one is a long black
sleeveless dress.
Rachel: Which one should I wear?
Ross: The black.
Rachel: Y'think so?
Ross: Definately the black.
Rachel: If you say so. (she goes into another room, and we can't see her, but
she's changing. The 2 are still talking room-to-room) So, does the park have
a good view of the fireworks?
Ross: Yeah, it's supposed to be great. They supposedly have a huge fireworks
Rachel: That'll be nice. I remember watching the fireworks with my family on
our boat...oh, I miss those days. (pause) I've always loved 4th of July.
Ross: Yeah, me, too. (Rachel walks out in the black dress) Wow! Oh, boy...are
you actually my girlfriend? Why would someone as gorgeous as you want to be
with someone boring like me? (kisses her)
Rachel: Hey, don't talk like that about yourself! You are the most
attractive, sweetest, sexiest, most wonderful person I know!
Ross: Oh...thank you!
Rachel: It's true, ya know.
Ross: Well how do I respond to that?
Rachel: A kiss would be nice.
Ross:Yes ma'am! (pulls her close to him, one hand on her hip, one hand on her
cheek, and intensely kisses her)
Rachel: (makes odd noises like the noises Joey makes in "The One With The
Routine" after he kisses Janine) That was one hell of a kiss!
Ross: I was rather proud of it myself!
Scene: Hotel lobby
The 5 are ready. Monica is wearing a short-sleeved navy blue dress that comes
down to her knees. Chandler's wearing a gray suit, but no tie. Joey's wearing
a black suit with a Star Wars tie. Rachel's wearing a sleeveless black dress
(obviously) that comes down to her shin. Ross is wearing a black suit with a
red tie.
Ross: Joey, what's with the tie?
Joey: Hey, I like Chewbacca! And...(points accusingly at Chandler)...At least
I wore one!
Chandler: Sorry, but unless you wanted me to wear a silver tie with a big red
stain on it...
Rachel: Just forget about it. I think we all look great. Can we just head to
the restaurant now?
Monica: When are our reservations?
Ross: They're for 7:45. The fireworks start at 8:15. Blue Moon's an outdoor
restaurant right along the lake with the best view of the fireworks in the
whole park!
Chandler: Yeah, whatever, let's just go.
Joey: I miss Phoebe!
Scene: Blue Moon entrance
Ross: Geller, table for 2?
Waiter: Right this way, sir.
Ross: And also, Bing, table for 2, and Tribianni...eventually table for 2.
Waiter: Certainly. Follow me.
Rachel: (whispering to Ross while walking) Why's Joey alone?
Ross: He'll end up meeting some girl. He always does.
Rachel: Good point.
Waiter: Take a seat, and here are your menus.
Ross: Thank you. (pulls a chair out for Rachel, then sits across from her)
Rachel: (looks at menu) Wow, they're really expensive, Ross! You sure you
want to eat here?
Ross: Don't worry about it, Rach. I'll take care of the bill.
Rachel: Thanks! (skims the menu, waiter comes back)
Waiter: Would you care for any drinks at this time?
Ross: Yes, we'd like a bottle of red wine, please.
Waiter: Of course, sir. (he leaves)
Rachel: I think I'm gonna order a side salad.
Ross: No! Order whatever you want, please! Don't even LOOK at the prices, OK?
Rachel: Oh, alright. I guess I'll have the...broiled salmon, then.
Ross: That's better. (glances at her order on the menu, and his eyes briefly
widen. The waiter returns with the wine and 2 glasses)
Waiter: Would you like to order now?
Rachel: Yes. I'll have the broiled salmon.
Waiter: How would you like your eggs?
Rachel: Poached, please.
Waiter: And for you, sir?
Ross: I'll have the side salad with ranch dressing.
Waiter: (pause) Anything else?
Ross: No, that's all.
Waiter: Alright, sir, I'll take your menus. (takes them and leaves)
Rachel: Only a side salad, Ross?
Ross: I'm not too hungry.
Rachel: It was too expensive, wasn't it? I'm, I'll cancel my
order and get something cheaper.
Ross: Don't do that!
Rachel: Honey, you've got to eat!
Ross: Listen, I'll be fine. Relax!
Rachel: Order something better for yourself. I'll contribute!
Ross: Rach...
Rachel: (to waiter) Pardon me, but can we change our order?
Waiter: I suppose...
Rachel: Ross, do you want the steak?
Ross: (grumbles) Fine.
Waiter: How would you like it done?
Ross: Medium-well, I guess.
Waiter: Very good, sir. (he leaves again)
Rachel: I'm sorry, but you can't starve yourself!
Ross: I guess you only live life once.
Scene: A little later (everyone is eating, and there's another girl with Joey)
Rachel: Sweetie...thanks.
Ross: For what?
Rachel: For everything. Dinner...just...everything.
Ross: Your welcome, then, I guess. (All the lights in the park go out)
Rachel: Ooh, it's starting! (Everyone looks up at the sky, and giant
fireworks erupt in a brilliant display of color.) Ross, look!
They continue watching for a while. We see Ross look up, then down. We then
see a giant sign made of fireworks reading:
Rachel, will you marry me?
Rachel: Oh, isn't that sweet? Someone's...(looks at Ross, who is on one knee,
a small velvet box in his hand. She gasps) Oh...oh my God...(people around
them start whispering)
People: Hey, that must be them! That's so romantic! etc
Ross: Rachel Green...will you marry me?
Rachel: (looks around, teary-eyed, and nervously pauses. A big smile
overcomes her face) Yes! (He gets up, smiling widely, takes her in his arms,
and passionately kisses her)
Ross: Do you know how happy you've made me?
Rachel: I odn't know...but when you said to forget about it earlier...just
ask Mon, I was devastated!
Ross: I'm sorry...
Rachel: That's OK! This was so sweet and romantic...(kisses him hard, calls)
Mon, you guys!
Monica: Are you two...?
Rachel: Yes!
Monica: (similar to the opening of "The One With the List" I've said,
I love that episode!) Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!
Joey: The fireworks Rachel was...was OUR Rachel!
Monica: Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!
Ross: Yep! We're engaged!
Joey: Pheebs is gonna be really mad.
Chandler: Why?
Rachel: Uh-oh...she's the last to know again.
Ross: Can we worry about that later? (pulls Rachel aside) We don't have too
much time left here. I want tonight to be really special.
Rachel: It can be. Why don't we take a walk along the lake...ALONE...and then
maybe, go back to my room, for, um...dessert...
Ross: That sounds good. Come on, honey...(kisses her neck) Let's go.
He puts his arm around her waist and pulls her close to him. She cuddles up
to him and they wave to the guys. As they walk, they talk quietly, sharing
kisses and caresses. We briefly focus on a bench with a shadowy figure, then
zoom back to Ross and Rachel. They approach the bench and pause, then kiss.
We can hear crying and pan back to the bench. There, we can see that the
figure is Emily.
Rachel: (notices Emily and breaks the kiss) Uh...
Ross: (doesn't notice Emily yet) What, are you afraid of me or something?
(tries to kiss her, but she pulls away)
Rachel: Ross, we can't...not here...not now.
Ross: Why?
Rachel: Look behind you.
Ross: What?
Rachel: Uh...I think you REALLY need to look behind you. (he turns around)
Emily: (crying) Hello.
Ross: Uh, hi, Emily. (pause, sits beside her) I'm really sorry. I am.
Emily: I know you are. I miss you so much.
Ross: (looks down, at Rachel, and Emily, then back down) I don't know what to
tell you.
Emily: Please! I love you, can't you see that? Please, I want to get back
together, I've forgiven you, I swear!
Ross: (looks at Rachel, who is looking down, sad) I know. (Emily looks
hopeful) But I can't. (Emily starts sobbing) I'm committed to Rachel. And I
know this won't be easy to hear, but...we're engaged.
Emily: (mixed emotions: shocked, angry, sad...) So YOU'RE the fireworks
Rachel, then. (to Ross) And you thought WE were rushing it?! (turning mad) If
something goes wrong with your relationship, don't come crying to me! I might
have expected this from Rachel, being the slut she is, but YOU, Ross...I'm
surprised. But you 2 really don belong together. You're the most selfish
people I know!
Ross: (getting angry) DON'T talk about her like that. I know I may be
selfish, but Rachel is the most wonderful person I've ever known. You have no
Emily: (cuts him off) I don't??!! Ross, you and I had something unbelievable.
We were getting MARRIED. And, at our WEDDING you humiliated me! And yet, I
still love you. How can you not feel the same way?!
Ross: I can't take this right now.
Rachel: Ross...
Emily: You're not leaving until you answer my question!
Ross: OK. I don't feel the same way because I've always been kidding myself
from Day 1. And it wasn't fair to you; to myself; to Rachel. But, I won't kid
myself anymore, Emily. And I'm sorry for putting you through this.
Emily: You played with my feelings, Ross. (pause, features soften) I'll give
up now. I can see you 2 are really happy and I'll get out of the way from
here on out. (kisses his cheek) Goodbye, Ross. (she walks away into the
shadows. Ross and Rachel sadly look after her, then hug.)
Rachel: Well, if that doesn't screw the mood, I don't know what will.
Ross: Ya think we could still come through with our plans for tonight?
Rachel: (moves close to him) I guess we can try.
They come together and kiss very passionately along the water. Behind them,
we see the grand finale of the fireworks display. It's a very romantic and
picturesque moment. (Very exciting for Ross and Rachel fans, I bet!) The kiss
freezes and turns into a photograph, with Rachel holding it, smiling.
-To Be continued-
*I decided not to end with a cliffhanger this time...stay tuned for The One
With Phoebe's Babies, Part 3 of 3! Don't miss it!*