By: Queen B

(So. This story takes place in the 1940's during World War 2. Also, I don't
know exactly know how they talked, or dressed back then, so just imagine
them to all look like young adults from the 1940's. Okay, here we go!)


Scene: (A dim lit room. We can see a big sign on the wall that says "Class
of 1943", meaning that it's obvious that their was a big party going on
earlier. Ross and Rachel are the only ones in the room, and are hugging.
Their is a soft song in the background.)
*Both are talking softly throughout this whole scene.

Ross: Rach, it's gonna be okay. You'll be graduating in a year too, and
than we can both be together forever.

Rach: (sniffs) But what if we loose touch? We'll be going to different
schools, and meeting new people. Who knows what kind of trouble you'll get
into without me around all the time.

Ross: Hey (lifts up her chin) You're the only girl for me, alright? That's
never gonna change. (kisses her lightly on her cheek)

Rach: (nods) Okay.

(They hug closer, and Ross starts kissing her neck. Rachel's mouth is right
up by Ross' ear)

Rach: (still talking softly) Ross, I need to know something.

Ross: (still kissing her) What?

Rach: Do you love me?

Ross: (quickly, still not stopping) More everyday.

Rach: But do you love me like you wanna be with me forever?

Ross: (still not stopping) Forever

Rach: Look at me when you say it.

Ross: (finally breaks) Rachel, I love you like I would love my wife.

Rach: Wife?

Ross: Yes. And I don't like me leaving anymore than you don't, but i'd
rather have us go to different schools, than to not have you at all. I hope
you feel the same way.

Rach: (hugs him to her) I do. Oh, God knows I do.

(They kiss passionately for a longe time. Than a mailman enters)

Mailman: Uh, i'm sorry to interupt.

(R+R break)

Mailman: Is there a Ross Geller here?

Ross: Yeah, that's me.

Mailman: Here, this is for you (hands him a letter)

Ross: Thanks.

Mailman: Have a nice day, folks. (exits)

Rach: What is it?

Ross: I don't know (starts to open it)

(There is a pause while Ross reads it. He starts to get a shocked face.)

Ross: Oh my God.

Rach: (worried) what's wronge?

Ross: I've been drafted.

Rach: What?

Ross: They want me to report to the army in one week.

Rach: No. This can't be happening! (starts to cry)

Ross: I know.

(They both hug, Rachel sobbing. The scene fades out)

Scene: (One week later. Ross' plane is about to leave, and Rachel is seeing
him off.)

Rach: (smoothing his hair) I can't believe you have to go.

Ross: Listen, i'll write you everyday, alright?

Rach: Promise?

Ross: Cross my heart, hope to die.

Rach: Don't hope to die!

Ross: Well, nobody hopes to die.

Rach: (Cracks a weak smile)

V.O: Now boarding flight 627.

Ross: That's me. I guess this is it. (Seriously) I love you, Rach.

Rach: (tears in her eyes) I love you too.

(they kiss)

Rach: (after they break) Be careful, you.

Ross: I will (kisses her cheek) Bye baby.

Rach: Bye. (Looks after him, sadly)

Ross: (turns around) Hey, Rach! (she looks up) Am I your number one

Rach: (sniffs) Of course you're my number one soldier.

Scene: (We focus on a table with nothing on it. A letter falls on the
table, and we can see what it says.)

Dear Rachel,
It was a hard day at the war today. There's alot of men worrying
about their families and friends, just like I am. Congradulations on
graduating high school! I wish that I coulds be there to see you, but i'm
afraid that's not possible. I miss you so much, but I think aboutyou all
the time. If I hope hard, I may be able to come home for a few days over
the summer. Well, I have to go now. Say hello to Monica and Pheobe for me.
I love you-Ross

(Another letter falls ontop of that one, and we read what it says)

Dear Rachel,
I had a dream about you last night. We were in a field at night,
looking up at the stars, and I told you that you were as beuatiful as the
moon, and you laughed because you said that I was comparing you to a big
round white thing with holes in it. Then I choose a star for you, and you
choose a star for me. Well, i'm tired. I have to sleep. Goodnight.-Love,

(Another letter falls ontop of that one.)

Dear Rachel,
I have to ask you something. First, I have to tell you that I love
you more than anything i've ever known. And if you love me as much I
love you, than that brings me to-Oh, dammit! I have to go. i'll write you
first thing tommorow.-Ross

(Yet, another letter falls ontop of that one)

Dear Rachel,
I have to ask you this before I get interupted again. Will you
marry me?-Ross

(We can see some blurry, soundless images of R+R getting married, and Ross
carrying Rachel into the hotel room for their honeymoon.)

*******TWO YEARS LATER********

(Now, as we know, R+R got married, and C+m did to. Pheobe married a guy
named Rob. Joey is single:-) *Note: Chandler, Joey, and Rob are also away
at the war.)

Scene: (M+C's apartment. Rachel and Monica are there.)

Rach: Hey Mon, what time is it?

Mon: It's almost 5 o' clock..

Rach: And what time do they get here?

Mon: (sarcasticly) Oh, like you forgot.

Rach: Well...

Mon: Oh come on Rach, the plane arrives at 10:52 pm.

Rach: Right, I knew that.

Mon: I can't believe you forgot, we've been looking forward to them coming
home for Christmas for almost two months.

Rach: I know, but I miss him so much that I forget things easily.

Mon: So, what did you get Ross for Christmas?

Rach: Oh, it's this prehistoric fossil that I found at the museum gift

Mon: Oh my God.

Rach: I know, he'll love it!

Mon: What were you doing at a museum?

Rach: Well, I know how he likes dinosours, and I was having trouble finding
him a present.

Mon: I think it's pretty nerdy, Ross being interested in stuff like that.

Rach: Oh, I think it's cute.

Mon: You think everything about Ross is cute.

Rach: (giggles) I know. So what did you get for Chandler?

Mon: I don't know if i'm going to get him anything this year.

Rach: Why?

Mon: Well, shouldn't Christmas be about spending time with the people you
love? I mean, is it really important what you buy for someone?

Rach: You're broke, huh?

Mon: Yep.

Rach: So, what are you going to tell him on Christmas day when you don't
have anything for him?

Mon: Yeah, and speaking of telling people things, when were you planning on
telling Ross about you're little surprise?

Rach: What are you talking about?

Mon: You know perfectly well what i'm talking about.

Rach: Yeah, I know, but come on, I don't show that much. (She takes off her
overcoat, and reveals that she is about 6 months pregnant.)

Mon: Rachel, it's plain to see that you're pregnant.

Rach: Yeah, I know, but could we just talk about something else, please?

Mon: Okay, but you do realize that he is going to eventually find out about

Rach: I know, I know. (pause)

Mon: So, what are you and Ross going to do tonight?

Rach: Well, I can think of a few things that I wouldn't mind doing.

Mon: (holds up a hand) Say no more.

Rach: Okay. What time is it now?

Mon: You didn't think 6 hours passed by, already, did you?

Rach: No, but I want to get home so I can get ready.

Mon: What are planning on doing that would take 6 hours?

Rach: Well, you know, just a few necessary things that will make my Ross

Mon: Okay, well good luck.

Rach: With what?

Mon: With the thing that you already know, but won't admit.

Rach: Alright, I get it. See you later.

Mon: Bye.

Scene: (Rachel walks in the door of her apartment. She goes and sits down
at a table, and starts looking through her mail. She sees a letter from
Ross, and smiles. When she opens the letter, we can see what it sais:)

Ross' Letter: (No, the letter isn't talking! We can just see what it sais
over her shoulder) Dear Rachel- Only a few more hours and i'll be home. My
plane should arrive sometime close to 11 o'clock, and I will take a cab
home. I still can't believe it's been five whole months since we've seen
eachother. That's way to longe for me to be away from you, but hopefully
this war will end soon, and then I can come home for good. Well, i'm going
to sleep now, but i'll be thinking of you all night longe. See you
soon.-Love, Ross. P.S- Don't fall asleep before I get home!

Rach: (Smiles and puts the letter back in the envolope. She pauses for a
moment, daydreaming, then the phone rings. They had phones back then,
right?) Hello? (listens) Hi, Phoebe!

(Split screen of Rachel and Pheobe talking)

Pho: Hey Rach! Aren't you so excited about tonight?

Rach: Yes! I can't believe it's been so longe since we've seen the boys!

Pho: I know! But, I don't think we should call them boys, I mean they're
fighting in the war. That's about as manly as you can get.

Rach: Yeah, I know, it's so sexy thinking about them getting all dirty in
those cute little uniforms.

Pho: So, when does Ross get back?

Rach: Well, his plane lands at 10:52, and he's taking a cab to the house.

Pho: Oh, you are so lucky!

Rach: How come?

Pho: Rob's plane doesn't land until 10:58!

Rach: Yeah, well, what do you guys have planned for tonight?

Pho: Well, I was thinking of like, jumping on him as soon as he walks in
the door, and then...well, you know.

Rach: Well, I was kind of hoping to do the same thing, but the jumping on
top of him is kind of out of the question.

Pho: Oh right, because of the pregnant thing. So, when were you going to
tell him about that?

Rach: Well, he's pretty much going to find out on his own once he sees me.

Pho: Are you nervous?

Rach: No....why, do you think I should be?

Pho: Oh, no, no, it'll be fine, Ross loves kids!

Rach: How do you know that?

Pho: Well, let's see..I don't. But why wouldn't he be happy?

Rach: Yeah, you're right, why wouldn't he be?

Pho: I just asked you that.

Rach: ...right. Well, I should go, Pheebes.

Pho: Oh, okay. You're gonna be at Monica and Chandler's for Christmas,

Rach: Yeah, we'll be there. So, I'll talk to you then!

Pho: Okay, bye!

Rach: Bye (Hangs up. Looks at the clock and sighs) I sure hope Pheobe's

Scene: (It's later that night. R+R's apartment is dimly lit. We focus on
the door for a few minutes, and then......yay! Ross walks in.)

Ross: Rach?

(Rachel runs up to him and jumps into his arms. He spins her around, and
they kiss passionately until Rachel almost has tears in her eyes, and they
continue to hug eachother tightly. We can see that Rachel is wearing her
overcoat, so he can't see that she's pregnant. Also Ross is still wearing
his army uniform.:-)

Rach: (Still hugging him. Sniffs) I've missed you so much.

Ross: Shh. Just don't say anything for a few minutes.

(A few minutes pass by, and they finally break the hug.)

Ross: (Wipes away her tears.) Is anything wrong sweetie?

Rach: No....well, yeah actually. I have to tell you something.

Ross: Well, is it good news or bad news?

Rach: Well, it depends.

Ross: (confused) What are you talking about?

(After a short pause, Rachel silently takes off her overcoat, revealing
her stomach)

Ross: (Shocked) Oh my God. (pauses, looking shocked)

Rach: (starts to cry) I knew it. You're not happy.

Ross: No, no, I am, I am happy. I'm just really surprised. How many months
are you?

Rach: (sniffs) six

Ross: (nods) Come here (hugs her. After about ten seconds, he realizes
something, and breaks the hug) Wait a minute, why didn't you tell me this

Rach: Well, I know how busy you are in the army, and I didn't want you to
be worried about me

Ross: (takes a deep breath.) Okay. Well, maybe we shouldn't think about
this right now.

Rach: (nods) Okay.

Ross: Ya know, I haven't told you how much I missed you yet.

Rach: And I haven't told you how good you look in that uniform.

(They lock gazes, and start kissing. Ross pulls her over to the couch, and
they fall ontop of eachother. We focus on the burning candles, and the
sceen fades out.)

Scene: (Morning. R+R are asleep on the couch. The phone rings and Rachel
wakes up and goes to answer it)

Rach: (Yawns) Hello?

(Split screen of Rachel and Monica talking to eachother)

Mon: Rachel?

Rach: (Rubbing her eyes) Monica why are you calling me so early?

Mon: It's 7 o'clock.

Rach: (Sarcasticly) oh, yeah, right that's not early at all.

Mon: Well, did you tell Ross that you're pregnant?

Rach: Yes.

Mon: Well? Was he shocked?

Rach: Yeah, of course he was shocked, but I think it's going to be okay.

Mon: Really?

Rach: Yes....(She sits down and closes her eyes, almost falling asleep)

Mon: Rachel?....Rachel!

Rach: (Opening her eyes) What?

Mon: Would you like it if I let you go back to sleep?

Rach: mm, hm...

Mon: Okay. Well, i'll talk to you later, alright? (Rachel doesn't respond)

Rach: (waking up) What?

Mon: I said i'll talk to you later.

Rach: Okay.

Mon: Okay, bye.

Rach: (closing her eyes again.) Yeah...that's great, Mon.

(Monica hangs up, and Rachel lays her head on the table and closes her
eyes. She hasn't hung up the phone yet. After a few minutes Ross comes into
the kitchen, and sees Rachel asleep at the table with the phone in her
hand. He looks wierdly at her. Then the phone starts to make that beeping
sound, ya know when you havn't hung up the phone yet.)

Rach: (Startled. Wakes up to the noise) Huh? What happened?

(She looks at the beeping phone in her hand, then at Ross who is still
looking wierdly at her.)

Ross: (chuckles)

Rach: (Still a little out of it) Oh, sorry. I guess I fell asleep talking
on the phone.

Ross: Yeah, I can see that. (Takes the beeping phone form her hand, and
hangs it up.)

Rach: (Yawns) Did I wake you up?

Ross: No. I was cold, you were keeping me warm.

Rach: Aw. You are so cute, even at 7:30 in the morning. (She kisses his
cheek, and walks over to the stove.) Do want coffee?

Ross: Sure. (Pause) So, uh, do you think it'll a boy or a girl?

Rach: What?

Ross: The baby.

Rach: Oh. Well, I don't know, what do you think it'll be?

Ross: I think it'll be a boy.

Rach: Really?

Ross: Yeah. And when the war is over, I can home, and we can take him to
the park, and people will stop and tell us how cute he is, and then we'll
tell them all about him. And then when he gets older, I can teach him how
to play football, and how to work with tools.

Rach: (smiling) Well...what if I don't want him to play football? What if
he gets hurt?

Ross: He won't get hurt.

Rach: How do you know?

Ross: Cause he'll be the big, stronge Quaterback that all the players will
be afraid to tackle.

Rach: (still smiling, walks over and sits on his lap.) And what if it's a

Ross: Well, then, you can teach her how to braid her hair, and how to put
on make-up. And i'll teach her how to ride a bike. And then she'll come
crying to me when you yell at her for making the phone bill too high.

Rach: How longe have you been thinking about this?

Ross: Since grade school.

(Rachel giggles and they kiss)

Rach: (gets up and goes over to pour the coffee)

Ross: So what do you want to do today?

Rach: Well, do you want to go see you're parents? (Ross gives her a look)
Okay. I guess not.

Ross: Well, would you want to go see your parents on your first day home
form the military?

Rach: I think the question is, would my parents want to see me.

Ross: Do we have a Christmas tree yet?

Rach: Ross, we slept right next to the Christmas tree last night, how could
you forget that?

Ross: Sorry, I had other distractions.

Scene: (R+R are walking down the street. They are both carrying shopping

Ross: Wow. I havn't shopped in New York since last Christmas.

Rach: It's been that longe?

Ross: Yeah. (pause as they keep walking) So, don't you think we should be
buying baby stuff?

Rach: Really? We have like two months.

Ross: I know, but I won't be here for two months.

(Rachel all of a sudden gets a worried look on her face)

Rach: Oh my God, you're right!

Ross: About what?

Rach: You won't be here for the next two months.

Ross: Yeah, I know, that's why I think we should start buying stuff now

Rach: No, no, that's not what I mean! You won't be here when I can't tie my
shoes, and when i'm too big to see my feet!

Ross: Honey, you already can't do either of those things.

Rach: Ross! You won't even be here when the baby is born, I'm gonna have to
do this all by myself!

Ross: Woah. I didn't think of that. (pause) But, hey, it'll be okay. I
mean, you can stay with Monica if things get bad. And we can still write to
eachother and you can tell me all about it.

Rach: You really want me to write you letters about mood swings and morning

Ross: Well....maybe you could be less graphic in those areas. But I
promise you, it will be okay.

Rach: But it's still going to be hard. And what if the war lasts for a
really longe time? I can't raise this baby on my own, Ross.

Ross: I know, I know. And I can't tell you how much longer I'll be gone,
but I promise you i'll be thinking of you and the baby for every second of
every day.

Rach: Really?

Ross: Yeah. I won't sleep until the baby is born.

Rach: can sleep at night.

Ross: Only if I'm really tired.

Rach: (wipes her tears and nods) Okay. I guess your right.

Ross: I know I am. (pause) So, do you wanna go home? We have a few hours
before we have to be at Monica's.

Rach: Okay.

Ross: Come on (Takes her hand and they keep walking)

Scene: (M+C's. Pheobe, Joey, Rob, Mon, and Chan are there. R+R havn't
arrived yet. *BTW: It's Christmas Eve.)

Chan: Ow!

Phoe: Chandler! You're not supposed to stick your finger in the NutCracker.

Chan: Well the stupid nutshells always get wedged down in there.

Phoe: Oh...okay then!

(R+R enter)

R+R: Hi!

Everybody: Hi! (they all hug and kiss and stuff)

Mon: Okay you guys, let's open the presents!

Rach: Monica, we just got here.

Mon: *Late*. You guys got here *late*. Meaning, we've all been anxiously
waiting for you two to get your butts over here so we could open the
presents! (cheerfully) Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas everybody!

Ross: So who's gonna be Santa this year?

Joey: Oo, me! me!

Rach: Joey, you were Santa last year.

Chan: And the year before.

Phoe: Hey, I know how we can decide! Here, everybody stand in a circle, and
i'll spin around and whoever I point to gets it.

(Everybody stands in a circle and Phoebe covers her eyes and spins around a
few times, then lands on Chandler.)

Chan: Aw, come on guys, do I have to?

All: Yes!

Chan: Alright, give me the Santa hat.

Mon: Wait I have to go find it! (goes into the next room.)

Chan: Ya know, military men really should be excused from doing stuff like

Mon: (Comes back in the room) Shoot, I can't find the hat.

Chan: Yay!

(Mon looks at him)

Chan: I mean, uh....damn.

Mon: But you still have to do it anyway. Here's the first present (hands
him a present, and everyone else goes and sits down by the Christmas tree)

Chan: (reads the tag) Okay, this one is to Rachel from Joey.(Hands it to

Rach: (opens it) Joey, what am I going to use these for? (holds up a box of

Joey: Sorry. I was in a hurry. But, hey if you don't want them, i'll take

Rach: Here you go (hands them to Joey)

Chan: Alright, the next one is to-

Mon: Woah, woah. I think someone needs to get into the Christmas spirit.

Chan: Alright, so does everyone wanna come sit on my lap, and i'll hand out
candy canes?

Mon: Could you be a little more happy?

Chan: (Overly jolly) Okay! This one is to Ross from Pheobe, here ya go
little buddy! (hands him the package)

Pho: Monica, I think you just ruined Christmas for everybody.

(There is knock on the door. Everybody looks wierdly, because everybody is
already there. Mon gets up to answer it.)

Jack/Judy/San/Dr. Green: Hi! (everyone looks shocked)

Rach: (under her breath) Damn. (her parents don't know she's pregnant yet.)

Mon: Mom, Dad? What are you doing here?

Jack: We're here to see you and Ross, of course. How could forget that?

Judy: Don't you remember dear? You invited us on Thanksgiving. Why, did you
not want us to come?

Mon: No, no, it's not that, we just already started opening the presents.

Jack: Well make more room under that tree, cause we've got three boxes full
of presents out in the car.

Joey: Alright! (everyone shoots him a look)

Rach: (quietly to Ross) Go get me my coat!

(Ross gets up and goes over to Jack and Judy)

Ross: Mom, Dad!

Judy: Oh, there's our little soldier boy!

(Ross hugs them)

Jack: So how's the war?

Ross: Well, it's......violent.

(He unnoticably gets Rachel's coat, and hands it to her. *Btw she's still
sitting on the couch. She puts the coat on, wich is long, and goes over to
her parents)

Rach: Mom, Dad, hi!

Sand: Hi sweetie (they hug)

Rach: Hi daddy.

Dr. Green: Hello baby. (they hug)

Rach: Wait, so the two of you came together?

Sand: Well, my car is getting worked on this week, so I called your father
and asked him if I could ride with him.

D.G: Yeah, of course the ride would have been alot more pleasent if she
hadn't come. (Rach rolls her eyes)

Sand: Sweatheart, are you cold?

Rach: No, no. Why would you think that?

Sand: Well, your wearing that wool coat.

Rach: Yeah, no, I-I just realy like this coat.

D.G: (going over to Ross) So, Ross. How've you been treating my little

Ross: Well, uh, I havn't been around much. (D.G looks confised) You know,
because of the war.

D.G: Ah.

Ross: But uh, overall, I think that I-

Mon: Alright everybody, let's re-attempt to open the presents!

Jack: Hey, Ross, help me bring the presents in form the car.

Ross: Oh, sure. Uh, we'll be right back you guys.

(cuts to Rachel and Sandra talking)

Sand: So, how's it going with Ross?

Rach: Well, it's pretty hard not having him here all the time.

Sand: I know. I remember when your father was in the war, I went through
the same thing.

Rach: Daddy was in the war?

Sand: Well, he served in the military for four years. You know, I remember
those weekends when he would come. We would-

Rach: Mom, mom! That's, that's enough.


(Everyone is at the table, about to eat)

Rach: Monica, could you pass the chicken?

Mon: Sure. (passes them)

Rach: (takes a whole bunch. *Remember she's eating for two. Everyone looks
wierdly at her) What?

Mon: Rach, I thought you didn't like that kind of chicken.

Rach: Well....I uh, I do now.

Mon: Finally!

Judy: So boys, how's the war going?

Chan: (sarcasticly) Oh, it's a blast.

Ross: Hopefully it'll all be over soon. We've got an advantage over the
other country.

Joey: Hey Dr. Green, could you pass the potatoes?

Dr. Green: What do you plan on doing after the war, Ross?

Rach: Daddy leave him alone.

Sand: Yes, you don't have to get into other people's buisness just because
you can't think of anything else to talk about.

Ross: Well I-

D.G: I'm just wondering how he plans to support himself and Rachel for the
rest of his life.

Rach: Well, I still have my job at the office.

D.G: But you can't live off of that forever. Times are changing, it costs
more to live.

Sand: Rachel, ignore your father, he just likes to muddle with other
people's lives.

D.G: Who's muddling?

Sand: You are muddling, just like you always do!

D.G: Oh come on, you're the one who's always critisizing!

Sand: Name one time!

D.G: Alright-

Rach: Would you both stop! You're making everybody miserable when you
weren't even invited in the first place!

Sand: What?

Rach: Mom. I'm really glad you two came, but if you can't be in the same
room together, than there's no point in you being here.

Sand: You're right dear. We're sorry everyone.

Joey: Great, now could you please pass the potatoes?


(everyone is sitting around talking)

Ross: So then Chandler grabs the guys' underware and locks him out of the
lockeroom, right in front of the cheerleaders!

(Everyone laughs)

Mon: Hey Rach, tell that story about our senior class prank.

Rach: (stands up) Okay, so we gathered all these water balloons, and there
was this really annoying teacher, who (her coat falls open, revealing her
stomach. Ross looks worried)

Sand: (serious) Rachel.

Rach: (trying to hide it, but it's to late) What?

Sand: You're pregnant?

Rach: (pause) Yes.

D.G: Wait, so you've been pregnant this whole time that we've been here?

Chan: You needed a biology tutor in high school, didn't you, sir?

Judy: Well, that's wonderful!

D.G: (mad) Wonderful? She's to younge, she doesn't even have a steady job

Ross: Dr. Green I-

D.G: (to Ross) And you! What's the matter with you, huh? You come home
every few months, do this to my daughter, and expect me to support it?

Rach: Dad-

D.G: Well I won't have you seeing my daughter anymore, do you understand

Rach: Daddy, please-

D.G: Rachel, I forbid you see him again!

Jack: Now wait a minute, you can't tell them what to do, they're adults!

D.G: You stay out of this! Rachel, do you understand me?

Rach: (very upset, but trying to stay calm) Daddy I want you to leave.

D.G: I'm not leaving until you agree to what I say.

Rach: (quietly) No, no I won't agree to that.

D.G: Well then don't expect to see much of me!

Rach: (very quiet) That's your call.

(Dr. Green truns and walks out the door. Everyone is quiet, while Rachel
just stands with an angry look on her face.)

Joey: Hey, hey. Looks like the jokes' on him. He forgot his gloves!

Scene: (Later that night. Rachel is driving Sandra home. Neither is saying

Sand: Are you going to be alright dear?

Rach: I have to be alright. It's not like daddy's gonna change his mind.

Sand: Just give him some time to get used to it, he'll calm down.

Rach: (not believing her) Yeah. (pause) So, do you agree with him?

Sand: Well...

Rach: Just tell me the truth.

Sand: Alright, I do agree with him a little. I would have liked to see you
finish college before you started a family.

(Rachel just sighlently nods)

Sand: Oh, turn right up here, it's the second house on the left.

(Rachel pulls into the driveway)

Sand: Well, goodbye dear, take care of yourself.

Rach: I will.

(Sandra leaves. Rachel just sighs and drives away.)

Scene: (R+R enter their aparptment. Rachel is practicly hanging from Ross'

Rach: Oh God, what a night.

Ross: Yeah, I sure didn't think Christmas Eve at Monica's would be such a

Rach: I'm sorry my Dad got so mad. I can't believe he did that.

Ross:'re not gonna do anything he said?

Rach: Of course not. And it's not like he's really never going to come
around me again, and I don't see him that much anyway.

Ross: (pause) Okay Rach, but just in case things get worse (Rachel looks at
him) Just do whatever you can to make things better, okay? I don't wanna be
the reason that you don't have a good relationship with your family.

Rach: (smiles) Don't worry, okay? That's just how my Dad is. He sais stuff,
and then the next day he changes his mind.

Ross: What if he doesn't?

Rach: Well, then, that's just the way things go.

(they both just stay sighlent for a while, both thinking about the same

Rach: Oh! I have to give you your present! (runs to get it, and returns)

Ross: (opens the fossil) Woah, were'd you get this, I've been looking for
one of these since high school.

Rach: Really?

Ross: Yeah. Hey, did you know that when archeoligists found this in Ancient
Egypt, they thought it was from the pre-historic period, but really it-

Rach: (has her eyeborws raised at him) Ross?

Ross: Well I think it's interesting.

Rach: I think it's boring.

Ross: Yeah, well, you're not the only one. Thank you (kisses her)

Scene: (R+R are asleep in their bedroom)

Rach: Ow (gets up and goes into the bathroom) Ow, ow, ow (gets down on the
floor, holding her stomach)

Ross: Rach? (enters the bathroom) What's wronge?

Rach: I-ow!

Ross: (worried) Are you okay?

Rach: I-I don't think so.

Ross: Okay, come on, we're going to the hospital (helps her up)

Scene: (Ross is in the waiting room at the hospital)

Doctor: (enters) Mr. Geller.

Ross: Yes, doctor is she okay?

Doc: Well, we're doing some tests on her and the baby. She's sleeping right

Ross: Can I see her?

Doc: Like I said, she's sleeping right now.

Ross: Yeah, I know, but can I please just see her?

Doc: Alright.

Ross: Thanks.

(Ross walks into Rach's hospital room. He sees her sleeping, and touches
her cheek. He goes over to a chair. *Note-the room is dark)

Scene: (Ross is back at the army, sleeping in his bunk. All of a sudden,
and alarm sounds, and him and the other men jump up, and start putting
their gear on. *Note-the whole scene is loud because of the gunshots and
bombs in stuff, so everything they say is yelling))

Man: Hurry up, they're attacking!

(they all run out the door)

Man: Get down!

(Ross ducks behind a rock)

Man: Ross! Load up, you could get shot at any time!

Ross: Dammit! I'm out of bullets, I have to go back!

Man: Ross, don't it's dangerous!

Ross: I have to go! (starts running)

Man: Look out!

(Ross turn around and gets shot, and collapses)

Man: Ross, are you alright?

Ross: (weak) I'm down....(dies)

(Cut to Rachel, who sits bolt upright in her hospital bed)

Rach: No! (Breathing heavily) Ross?

Ross: (waking up and hurrying over to her) Rach, what's wronge?

Rach: (Still getting ahold of herself, and getting teary-eyed) It was
awful, you got shot, and-and-

Ross: What? Rach, it's okay, I'm right here. (hugs her) Shhh. It was just a

Rach: (Sniffs) I wanna go home Ross.(sobbing and hugging him tighter)

Ross:'s okay.

(Montage: *You gotta imagine your own song.)

We see Ross, back at the war, writing letters to Rachel.

Rachel at home, starring out the window at the rain, looking sad.

Ross laying in his bed, thinking.

Rachel and Monica, sitting at the table, thinking about their men.

(The song fades out, into a scene. Rachel walks down the hallway of her
building, and starts looking in her purse for her keys. A man comes up to

Man: Hi.

Rach: (looking up at him) Uh...hi.

Man: My name's Paul.

Rach: (still looking for her keys) Rachel.

Paul: Did you just move here? I don't think I've seen you before.

Rach: Uh, no, I've lived here for about two years.

Paul: Ah, so it must just be me then.

Rach: Oh, God don't tell me I locked myself out.

Paul: Well, I wasn't going to tell you that.

Rach: (looking at him, kind of annoyed) Um, can I help you with something?

Paul: Don't you think I should be asking you that?

Rach: What?

Paul: Well, you're the one who's locked out of her aparptment.

Rach: Right, and how does that effect you?

Paul: It doesn't effect me, but it can.

Rach: What's that supposed to mean?

Paul: Calm down, that's just my way of asking you if you need any help.

Rach: Oh, well, if you have a phone that I could use, that would be great.

Paul: Sure, my aparptment's on the next floor.

Rach: Thank you.

(They turn and start walking up a flight of stairs)

Paul: So do you uh, live alone?

Rach: Well, kind of, my husband is away at the war right now, so-

Paul: Oh, you're uh, you're married? (kind of dissapointed)

Rach: Yeah, and, uh...(points to her stomach)

Paul: Wow. No, you just seem so younge to have such a...full life.

Rach: Yeah, well, that's certainly what my parants think.

Paul: Really. Oh, it's this one right here.

(They enter Paul's aparptment)

Paul: The phone's right over there.

Rach: Okay (Picks it up, and dials Monica's number. There is a pause) Ugh.
She's not home.

Paul: Who's not home?

Rach: Oh, my friend Monica. She's the only one who has another key to my

Paul: Oh, well you're welcome to stay here until your friend gets back.

Rach: Well, thank you, but I don't think I should.

Paul: Well, were else you gonna go?

Rach: Good point. Alright, I guess I'd better.

Paul: Excellant.

Rach: What?

Paul: I mean, uh, good. (trying to change the subject) Ya know, you could
give me a key to your place, just in case this ever happens again.

Rach: (starting to think this guy is being kind of wierd considering she
just met him 10 minutes ago.) Um, no I don't think so, this doesn't happen
that often.

Paul: (Seeing no point in trying to flirt with her) Well, it's been a few
minutes. Maybe you should try calling your friend again.

Rach: Okay. (dials the number again.) She's still not home.

Paul: Woah.

Rach: What?

Paul: I just realized that it's after midnight.

Rach: Really? Wow, I didn't think it was that late.

Paul: So, that could mean that your friend's already alseep.

Rach: Oh, God, you're right. What am I gonna do.

Paul: You can sleep here if you want.

Rach: (Really surprised that he said that) um...

Paul: I mean, I'm not talking about in my bed, but I have a couch that's
not bad for sleeping.

Rach: Well....

Paul: Come on, I'm sure you're tired, you've had a ruff day, just say yes.

Rach:Well, okay.

Paul: Alright, I'll go get some blankets for you.

*A While Later*

Scene: (We can see a kind of slow motion image of Ross, at the war,
running. We hear some far away voices yelling. The screen goes black, and
we here a loud gunshot.)

Rach: NO! (sits up in the darkness, sweating and breathing hard.)

Paul: (a light turns on in the next room and Paul enters) Everything okay?

Rach: Ross?

Paul: Uh no, it's me, Paul.

Rach:Were am I?

Paul: Uh, you're at my aparptment.

Rach: (puts a hand on her forehead, and sighs) I'm sorry. I guess it was
just a dream.

Paul: That's okay. Do you wanna talk about it?

Rach: Well, it's kind of a personal thing.

Paul: Oh...

Rach: No, no, not that kind of personal's just sort of this
bad dream that I've been having over and over again. And it really scares
me, cause I start thinking that it's gonna come true.

Paul: Sounds pretty bad.

Rach: Yeah....can I ask you something?

Paul: Sure.

Rach: Why aren't you in the war?

Paul: Well, a few years ago I got in a big car accident, and hurt my leg
really bad. They eventually had to remove it.

Rach: Wait, so you have a fake leg?

Paul: Yeah.

Rach: Wow, I never would have known.

Paul: Most people say the same thing. (pause) So, are ready to tell me
about that dream yet?

Rach: Well, it's basically just these blurry images of my husband getting
killed in the war.

Paul: Wow.

Rach: Yeah. And it always ends the same way. I wake up all scared, and
start calling out his name.

Paul: But, he never answers.

Rach: (shakes her head) Only once, when he was home for Christmas.

Paul: Well, it sounds to me like you need to start thinking more positive.
Maybe if you take your mind off him being in the war, you'll start having
better dreams about him...if you know what I mean.

Rach: (Smiles) Thanks. (pause) Well, it's pretty late, I'm keeping you up.

Paul: No problem. (gets up, and turns out the light)

( After he leaves, Rachel lays on the couch with her hands on her stomach,
just thinking)

*Flashback to about six years ago. R+R are still in high school.*

Rach: He does not like me!

Mon: Oh come on Rach, he's told me at least ten times before.

Rach: You're lyin'.

Mon: I am not lying, besides, who would know better then his own sister.

Rach: Well..

*A Few Weeks Later*

(R+R are at the library)

Rach: Okay, the next step is to simplify the problem.

Ross: Wow, I can't believe I have to have a tenth grader help me with my
11th grade algebra.

Rach: It's no big deal, I've tutored guys who are older than you.

Ross: Really?

Rach:....maybe. But, anyways, you want to multiply the-

Ross: You have really pretty eyes.

Rach: What?

Ross: Nothing. (drops is pencil on the floor. Rachel goes to get it for
him) Oh, i'll get it.

(They both end up down on the floor, gazing into eachother's eyes.They
slowly lean into a kiss)

*One Year Later*

(R+R are on laying Rachel's bed, making out. Things start getting heavy)

Rach: (Her lips still glued to him) My parents should be home soon.

Ross: (Not stopping) Shh.

(There is a knock on the door)

Rach: Oh my God.

Gr. Green: (V.O) Rachel?

(Ross rolls off her and gets under her bed. Rachel pretends that she's
about to go to sleep)

Rach: Yes Daddy?

D.G: (Opening the door.) Just wanted to let you know that we're home.

Rach: (fake yawns) Okay.

(D.G looks suspiciously arouns the room)

Rach: Is there something wronge Daddy?

D.G: Uh, no, not at all, sweetheart, goodnight. (leaves)

Ross: (from under the bed) Rach, I think I found your old retainer.

(Fade out to Rachel on the couch. She looks down at her wedding ring and

*Flashback to R+R's wedding*

(Rachel is in her dressing room, looking at herself in the mirror. She as
her wedding dress on)

Rach: (Thoughts) I'm getting married......woah. What am I doing, I'm only
19, I'm just a kid! ...But then again, who else am I gonna marry? I do love
Ross. I just wish he didn't have to back to the war....But, hey, that's not
his fault, he has no choice....But what am I gonna do while he's gone? I'll
be all alone, away from my parants.........excellant! Yes, this is
deffinately what I want!

(Fade back to Rachel on the couch, smiling, and closing her eyes...)

Scene: (Monica's apartpment. Let's just assume that Rach called Mon in the
morning and got the key, blah, blah, blah.)

Rach: Ugh. Mon, I'm going crazy, call a therapist.

Mon: Rach, come on, it's gonna be okay, the war should be over any day now.

Rach: And who told you that, Monica?

Mon: Well....No one actually told me it....But it's got to be the truth.

Rach: How do you do it? How do you stay so calm, when you're in the same
situation as me?

Mon: I don't know, I guess I just try to think more postitive.

Rach: Why is everybody telling me that?

Mon: Who else told you that?

Rach: This guy told me the same thing last night.

Mon: Woah, woah. A guy, last night?

Rach: Well, yeah, yesterday when I came home form work, I was locked out of
my aparptment, so this Paul guy let me use his phone to call you, but you
weren't home, so I ended up spending the night.

Mon: You spent the night at a strangers' house?

Rach: He's not a stranger.

Mon: How long have you known him?

Rach: Almost 16 hours.

Mon: What are you gonna tell Ross?

Rach: What do you mean, I'm not gonna tell him anything, it's not like
anything happened.

Mon: But still, you slepped in his house when you barely know him.

Rach: God Monica, you make it sound like I cheated on him or something.

Mon: In a way, you did.

Rach: How?

Mon: You opened up to him, shared your private life with him. Those are
things you should be doing with your husband.

Rach: But my husband is not here right now Monica! Don't you get it? Our
husbands are not here to comfort us when we're sad. (getting teary eyed)
Who are we supposed to turn to when we have a problem, huh? We are all
alone, and if they come home, things will be different, but until then, we
have no men to be by our sides', and there's nothing we can do about it!

Mon: (also getting teary-eyed) You said "if" they come home.

Rach: (sniffs and nods) Yeah.

(they just sadly hug.)

Scene: ( Rachel walks into her apartpment, still looking sad. She sets her
things down on the table, and pulls something out of her purse-a letter
from Ross. She starts to read it and we see over her shoulder what it

Dear Rachel,
How's the baby? This guy Mike's wife had a little girl yesterday.
He was so happy, he cried all night! I told him that my baby was coming
soon too. What do you think we should name him/her? I guess it's only right
that you pick the name, since you've been pregnant all this time. I can't
wait until this war is over. But when I come home, I promise it'll be like
heaven. I'll go find a job at the factory, and make lots of money so I can
buy you everything you've always wanted, and you can quit your job so you
can stay home and take care of the baby. Then I'll get home late, but
that's okay, cause we can take a walk by the moonlight, and make love under
the stars. Well, I gotta go baby doll. Love you.-Ross

(Rachel smiles widely, and sighs happily. Sort of a reasurement that
everything is going to be okay.)

(Montage. We see a bunch of scenes over a two month period)

Ross kissing Rachel's picture, before going to bed.

Rachel, having coffee with Paul

Rachel and Monica showing eachother there letters that they wrote to their
husbands, and giggling.

Ross, reading a letter from Rachel, and smiling.

Rachel having coffee with Paul.

Rachel, and Monica meeting Pheobe at the airport. They all share a group

Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica, in a restauraunt talking.

Rachel having coffee with Paul....

(Fade out to Paul, walking Rachel to her door.)

Rach: Well, thanks again Paul, I had a really great time.

Paul: Yeah, me too. So, do you uh, want me to come in?

Rach: Uh, sure, you can come in if you want to. (unlocks the door and they
walk in. The aparptment is dimly lit.)

Paul: Wow you have a really nice place.

Rach: Oh, come on you can't compare this to your aparptment.

Paul: Yeah, well if it weren't for the money I got after I sewed the guy
who hit me with his car, I'd probably still be living with my parants.

Rach: I still can't believe you have a fake leg, I still forget sometimes.

Paul: Well, sometimes things are right under your nose, but you don't see
it.....even when they're right in front of you.

Rach: (not quite sure what he meant) Yeah.

*Btw, the apartpment is still pretty dark except for right up by the door,
wich is were Rachel and Paul have been standing this whole time.

Paul: (pause) well, I uh, guess I should get going. Are you free next week?

Rach: Yeah, probably.

Paul: Great. I'll see you later. (quickly leans over and kisses her on the
lips. Rachel looks uncomfortable, but doesn't make an attempt to stop it.)

(They break, looking at eachother)

Paul: I gotta go.

(Rach sighlently nods, and Paul leaves. She closes the door slowly, and
pauses, thinking about the kiss. She turns around and turns on a light, to
reveal Ross, standing in there, looking at her. Yes, he saw the whole

Rach: (Looks shocked) Ross? Oh my God, what are you doing here? (Ross
turns, and goes into the bedroom. Rachel remembers the kiss.) Wait Ross,
let me explain. (follows him into the bedroom, were he is standing over by
the dresser, with his back to her) Ross...listen, I-

Ross: (turns around to face her) So this is what you've been doing all this
time I've been away.

Rach: No, Ross please, just-

Ross: And here I am, all excited that I can be with you, now that the war
is over.

Rach: (smiles) The war is over?

Ross: Yeah. (turns and gets his suitcases back out of the out of the
closet) Well, I guess there's no reason for me to unpack.

Rach: (Grabs his arm) Wait, Ross, were are you going?

Ross: I don't know. Anywere but here.

Rach: Ross, please, Paul kissed me, I don't feel anything for him!

Ross: Paul? Who the hell's Paul?

Rach: He's just a friend, I havn't even know him for that long!

Ross: Well, I hope you and your "friend" will be very happy together.
(grabs his bags, and walks out of the room. Rachel follows him)

Rach: Ross, wait, you can't leave me!

Ross: Well you don't appear to have missed me all that much!

Rach: Ross I've missed you like crazy, just ask Monica, I-I miss you so
much that I almost loose my mind at times......Ross, please, don't go.

(Long pause)

Ross: I'm sorry Rach.......I can't be with you right now.

Rach: (almost crying) Ross, no-

Ross: Goodbye Rachel. (Turns and walks out the door)

Rach: Ross!......Ross! (sits down at the table with her head in her hands,

Scene: (One week later. Rachel is sitting at the kitchen table, looking
down. Their is a knock at the door, and she gets up to answer it.)

Rach: (opens the door) Daddy?

Dr. Green: Hello Rachel.

Rach: What are you doing here?(They walk into the living room)

D.G: Well, I was in the neighborhood, and I realized how long it's been
since I've seen my little girl.

Rach: But Daddy, you've gone for much longer than two months without seeing
me before.

D.G: Well, I know but.....let's just say I finally realized what a jerk I
was the night that I said all that stuff about you and Ross not seeing
eachother anymore, and-

Rach: Well, actually Daddy-

D.G: Now I think I know what you're going to say, so just let me finish.
Even though I don't fully aprove of all the things that you do, that
doesn't give me the right to interfeare with your life.

Rach: Well-

D.G: And as for Ross. He's a very intelligent young man, and I know he
loves you very much. (Rachel cracks a weak smile) I forgivin?

Rach: Of course Daddy.

D.G: That's my girl. Now were is Ross anyway?

Rach: Well, as a matter of fact, he um...(sees her father looking at her,
and decides not to tell him the truth.) ...he went to the uh, the store.

D.G: Ah. Well tell him what I said, will you?

Rach: Sure.

D.G: Well, I'd better be going. Goodbye baby.

Rach: Bye.

(They hug, and Rachel has a very sad look on her face)

Scene: (Mon+Chan's aparptment. Ross is there, sitting on the couch)

Mon: (coming up to him) Here, have a cookie.

Ross: No, thanks.

Mon: Come on, they're fresh out of the oven, just the way you like them.

Ross: Alright. (takes a cookie)

Mon: (sees that Ross is looking sad) So when are you planning on cheering

Ross: I can't believe she did that. I was so happy about coming home, and
then, bam. There she is, kissing this other guy.

Mon: Well, Ross, put yourself in Rachel's position for a moment. Her
husband has been away at the war for the past four years, besides the fact
that she misses him like crazy, she's also worried sick that he's going to
get shot, or blown away by a bomb. Not to mention she's also pregnant with
your child.

Ross: But that still doesn't excuse it.

Mon: But after four years of lonlieness, she has no man to turn to when
she's upset, or when she needs a shoulder to cry on. So then she meets a
nice guy, who's willing to be the man in her life, and do all the things
that you aren't there to do. So of course, Rachel can't help but jump at
the oppertunity. Don't you understand Ross? You weren't there to dry her
tears, and this Paul guy was. And he kissed her, wich doesn't even make it
all Rachel's fault. Do you see what I mean?

Ross: (sighs) I need to be alone. (gets up and and gets his coat)

Mon: Think about what I said, alright?

Ross: Alright. (leaves)

Scene: (Ross is walking down the street, and stops by a magazine stand, and
buys a newspaper. The headlines read: "Local Couple Celebrates 50th Wedding
Anniversery". Ross stares at it for a few moments, thinking hard, then
closes it up and keeps walking. We see shots of Ross walking down the
street, sitting in a restaraunt, walking through the park while it's dark,
returning to Monica's. Fade out to Rachel, wallking up to her apartpment
door, after work. Paul is standing by her door, waiting for her.)

Paul: Hi Rachel.

Rach: Oh, hi Paul.

Paul: I havn't heard from you in over a week, is everything okay?

Rach: (kind of coldly) I've been busy (starts looking for her keys...again)

Paul: So are you free tomorrow?

Rach: No.

Paul: Why not, I thought you didn't have to work on Thursday's.

Rach: Well, I do now.

Paul: Oh. (Rachel is still rumaging through her purse) Wow, you..never can
seem to find those keys, huh?

(Rachel just glances up at him, annoyed)

Paul: Are you sure you're okay?

Rach: Fine. Ugh! Why can't I ever find those damn keys!

Paul: I don't know, maybe you're pre-occupied with something like...your
marraige, maybe?

Rach: What?

Paul: Oh come on, you can't tell me you didn't feel anything when we kissed
last week.

Rach: Uh, correction! You kissed me, when you knew that there was nothing
between us but a friendship.

Paul: Uh, you said "was".

Rach: That's right.

Paul: You mean to tell me that you would chose that jerk husband of yours
over your best friend?

Rach: How dare you call him a jerk when you don't even know him, and how
can you possibly call yourself my best friend? We've known eachother for
less than three months.

Paul: Wich is more than you've seen your husband over the past four years.

Rach: He can't help it, he didn't choose to go to war.

Paul: And were is he right now? The war is over, why isn't he home to let
you in the apartpment?

Rach: That's none of your buissness. Now why don't you go somewere else.

Paul: Are you sending me away?

Rach: That's right Paul.

Ross: Yes, that's right Paul (enters form around the corner)

Paul: Who are you?

Ross: Why didn't Rachel tell you? I'm Ross. Been out job hunting all day.
(Reaches into his pocket and hands Rachel his key to the aparptment) Yep,
gotta find some way to support the baby. By the way honey, have you seen
the doctor lately?

Rach: (confused, but happy) Uh, y-yeah. A few days ago.

Ross: Good. Well it's late. I guess we'll be seeing you around uh, Paul, is
it? (turns to Rachel who is smiling at him, takes her hand, and they walk
inside. We focus on the closed door)

****Five Years Later****

(A little girl with pigtails runs into the room. Lets call her Sarah )

Sarah: Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!

Rach: What, what, what, what, what?

Sarah: Look what I drew.

Rach: Oh, it's beuatiful honey.

Sarah: See, it's you, daddy, baby Mikey, and me!

Rach: Why don't you go hang it up on the refridgerator.

Sarah: Okay!

Rach: And then go get changed, daddy will be home any minute, and we have
to be at Aunt Monica's in an hour.

Sarah: Can I wear my pink dress?

Rach: But you wore that yesterday.

Sarah: But it's my favorate

Rach: Well, alright.

Sarah: Yay! (runs upstairs)

(Rachel walks over to a play pen and picks up a baby boy, about 10 months
old, really cute)

Rach: Let's go find you something to wear that you havn't spit up on yet

(Rachel exits with the baby and we go around the living room and see
several framed pictures of Ross, Rachel and the kids, and others of
Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. We focus on Ross and Rachel's wedding
picture as the sounds of the house fade away)


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