TOW someone to kiss

Friends scripts: the characters belong to “F r i e n d s”

(Part 2 of “tow one answer, big price”)

Scene1: the gang arrives at the airport in Italy ,lets say it´s Rom .there are many people, many Italian people. They see a man standing ,holding up a notice which says:”
Rachel Green & Co “ The man has blue eyes and black hair.(like Tag in the series 7 but he looks more like an Italian) He is , let´s say 32.

They go there

Ra : (to the man) Hi I´m Rachel Green

The man : (looks at her and smiles ) oh hi I´m Brian, nice to meet you.

Ra: (smiles back) :Yeaah for me too

(they smile at each other, they are obviously flirting. Ross looks really

jealous and makes a noise so they stop starring at each other)

Ra: (noticing) Ohh, äh sorry this is my “ company”.

(pointing at Phoebe and Monica) These are phoebe and Monica and (pointing at

the guys) These are the guys: Joey, Chandler and Ross

( everybody says hi and they start walking out of the airport .Rachel and bri(an)

are talking. We zoom into Ross face, he is really jealous.)

Ro: ( to Chandler, miming Bri) nice to meet you.. God I hate him!

(Chan looks confused. We zoom to Bri an Ra)

Bri : So ,are you together with one of the guys?

Ra: I? Nooo (smiling)

(Zoom to Ross he looks mad.)

Opening credits (the same as in the one with “one answer big price”

Scene 2:We see the gang and Brian arriving at a beautiful hotel .

Bri: So there we are . It´s beautiful isn´t it?

Ra: (looking at brian, starring at brian ) Yes it is.

(Brian looks at her to find her looking at him. She suddenly looks away and looks at the stairs. But he noticed it and smiles at her , she smiles back. Zoom to Ross and

Ro :(talking about Brian and Rach)god , I hate it.

Chan :(looking at the hotel) really ?I think it´s beautiful.

Ro: I am talking about the two love birds ,man.

Chan: Calm down . It´s not like you´ re in love with her ,or something?

Ro: Yeeah. (lying) I mean noooo , I am not in love with her(walking away)

(Chandler looks worried. And follows Ross to the rest of the gang)

Mon: we’ve got 3 Double rooms. Soo ,who is gone sleep with whom?

Jo: nice .

Ro: Maybe Phoebe and monica share a room. Chandler and Joey. And , Rachel we could take one , if you don´t care sharing a room with a guy ?

Ra: No, that´s okay with me but I think we should make three couples. Y´know

The Italians are a bit uptight.

Ro: You think?

Mon: Yes , that’s true.

Chan: So it´s Ross & Rach ,Phoebe& Joey and Monica& I

Jo : Okay fine by me. But could we please hurry up I am hungry!

(smiling embarrassed)

Phe : Me too. So we go up unpack and then we meet here in..(looks on the face of her watch)…

Mon: (interrupting)…Two hours

Phe: (in the way Lisa Kudrow does) Yes.. that’s …right!

Jo: (goes to the stairs ) So, see you!

Phe :(runs after him) I choose the bed ,Joey. Wait!(looses one bag )

Damn it!!

(Zoom to the rest of the gang)

Ra: So ,Brian, would you like to join us later?

Bri: Yeaah ,very much thank you ,Rachel. Y´know, you’ve got a lot of luggage

May I help you with these.

Ra :Yes, that’s really nice , Thank you Brian(smiles at him)

Ro : I take the rest of them.(takes some of the luggage)

Ra: thank you too, Ross

(they leave kinda fighting about who gets up the stairs first)

Mon: (to Rachel) Thank you for helping us out there. uhm, they are not really uptight are they?

Ra: no , I don’t think so . Bye (goes up the stairs only carrying the key)

Scene 3.:All of the guys +Brian are in a restaurant ,ordering. It’s not really a restaurant, because it´ belongs to the hotel and they don’t have to pay for the food, because
it’s already included in the price . they are all good dressed .Brian is just finishing a joke)

Brian: ……and then the camera fell down and broke!

(the gang starts to laugh , so it was a really good joke . But then there is the big tension around. And a soft song starts to play)

Ro: Ähhm, rach, would you like to dance?

(The gang looks a bit shocked ,especially Chandler ,who knows about Ross’ feelings)

Ra: ( a bit confused, but really polite)Yeahh, thank you

( they get up to dance )

Bri: (noticing the tension) were they a couple or something?

Chandler . Yes, it was like 2 years ago…(telling the story((That will take a long time)) )

(zoom to Ross and Rachel .They are dancing very slow and holding each other tight and looking into each others eyes really enjoying this moment

The song, that is playing on the background is something like

Someone by the Rembrandts :

We’ve been together now, for such a long time.

……… when I look back I almost can’t believe it ,

we’re not the same people that we still know

With all the years behind me (I )spend pretending (that)

I didn’t need someone like you around

It makes it even harder to imagine

The life I’d be living I hadn’t found

Someone to hold me…

( while the song plays they to get closer, even if that’s almost impossible)

Fade out /Fade in

(we zoom to the guys but still can see Ross and Rachel in the Background

Chandler is still telling their story)

Chan:… he decides to ask Emily to…

Mon: (interrupting)…Look at them ;they are almost kissing…

(the gang again stares at them, we zoom to the couple )

(they are now as close as they could be .Ross has his arms around her and she has her arms at his neck. They have their eyes closed and their lips nearly meet. They
breath and are now starting to kiss..)

A man: (who dumps into Ross ,while dancing) Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt .

(Ross and Rachel have their eyes open now and breath heavily. We can hear a “Awwwww ”-noise of the gang ,(with Brian).but Ross and Rachel didn´t notice and

they keep on dancing. Big tension around)

Ro: (breaking the tension , really nervous)So, what´s up with Brian?

Ra: ohh , Brian? (lying) He is gay !

(Ross breathes heavily and it seems like he is really happy to hear that.

We zoom to the guys. They are all staring at Brian because they listened to the conversation of Ra and Ro)

Br: (loud) I am not gay, okay. (the gang stops staring at him but a man at the other table still stares at brian and tries to flirt)(very loud, looking to the man at the other
table)I like Girls . I love Girls

(The man looks away)

The man at the other table:(to a other man at the table): The first time is always hard. Right, sweetie ?

(Brian looks mad. Ross and Rachel come back to the table ,holding each others hands)

fade out / Fade in

scene 5:the gang returns to their rooms.. in a hallway:

Ra: (whispering to Brian´, so nobody hears it) I am sorry about before

Bri: It´s okay , Rach, really. I understand, Chandler told me about you two.

I hope you work things out . I have to go now I have to get up tomorrow

Morning. Good luck, Rach , and good night. (louder) Good night guys

Everyone: Good night/ etc

Ro: I really like him (chandler looks at him)(scared) uhh.. I think we are going too, good night guys.

Ra: Yes, Good night

Everyone again: Good night.

Scene 6: Ross and Rachel´s. Ross is sitting in his pyjamas on a bed Rachel is in the bathroom.

Ra: (from the bathroom) Are you ready?

Ro: (laughing a bit ) yes

(she comes in wearing a large pyjama with ducks on it. He laughs)

Ra: Hey don´t laugh at me (He stops but still smiles) Uhm (pointing to the bed he is sitting on) This …a…

Ro.: Oh, it´s your bed ?

Ra: Yes ,it´s the one I chose before

Ro: oh sorry ,I didn´t know that (he stands up and she smiles at him They are now standing next to each other. He looks in her eyes )Y´know what. You look really
great in this pyjamas.

(she smiles jokingly shy. He gets her hands , looks again in her eyes and kisses her slowly on the lips. At first she is shocked but then she gets into the kiss. After a
while they break it.)

Ro(opening his eyes and looking into hers) Good night ,Rachel

Ra(looks at him and smiles) : good night.

(the lights go down)

closing credits

Scene 7 . A hall. Brian is there in front of a door he unlocks it with one key and opens it to see the man from the restaurant lying in his bed smiling at him.

The man: (with his sexy voice, pointing at the bed)hi , you, I thought you could need somebody to night . Y´know to warm up that icy night(he smiles brighter)

Brian: (closes the door and locks it again) OH MY GOD. I´m going to sleep at Rachel´s.(he walks off)