TOW Starting Over

(I was just thinking about Phoebe's prediction in TOW After Vegas, and I thought how would it go if that actually happened? If you want drama and sad stuff stick around, if you want a fanfic that would actually be an episode read something else. Well on with the story)(If you haven't seen TO After Vegas read it here)

Prolog: Chandler and Monica where married in the year 2000. Shortly after their marriage Chandler got promoted, to a higher position and started making more money, he was transferred to New Orleans along with his promotion, Monica happily moved with him and got a job at a French cafi. Joey got a job in the movies and moved to LA, Phoebe moved to Montauk to live with her mother, she eventually bought her own house there. Leaving Ross and Rachel being the only two in the gang still left in New York, Rachel moved back into her old apartment, and Ross moved into Joey's. A few years later C&M started having problems, and got divorced, Chandler moved back to New York and lived with Phoebe in Montauk, Phoebe and Chandler started to date. Back in YNC Ross and Rachel had become lovers again but didn't tell anyone, Rachel got pregnant and they got married with out letting anyone know. It was then they learned of Chandler and Phoebe's engagement, they didn't approve of it, Ross then died (on no! Want to know how well read it and find out!) Phoebe and Chandler's marriage lasted a VERY short time they where divorced and Phoebe got alimony, a lot of alimony! Rachel was heartbroken after Ross's death, Joey was there to comfort her, and eventually the two of them got married. They had two sons (Ross, and Jimmy) along with R&R's daughter (Lydia). Out of the pressure of Ross's death, and her loveless marriage to Joey, Rachel started to drink. Rachel's drinking became a real problem and she was put in a treatment center and divorced Joey, Joey got custody of the kids, Lydia was 10, Ross was 6, and Jimmy had just been born. Joey and Phoebe where married, and live in Staten Island. Only Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel know about R&R's secret marriage, even Lydia, isn't sure whether Joey is or is not her father, she spends most of her time with her mother at the clinic. The Friends are now between 46-48. Ross is now 9, Lydia 13, and Jimmy 3. C&M, and P&C, had no kids.[Scene: A convenience store Monica is there she goes up the counter behind a girl (she has light brown hair, and brown eyes)]

Monica: Lydia?
Lydia: Oh my god Monica! (they hug, she doesn't know Monica is her aunt) What are you doing in town?Monica: I came to visit uh your mom actually, how is she?
Lydia: She's doing a lot better actually they say she might get to go home soonMonica: Oh well that's good- (they are interrupted a commotion in the other end of the store, it is Phoebe with two boys, the two boys have almost blonde hair and blue-green eyes)Jimmy: Mommy I have to go to the bathroom!
Phoebe: I told you to go before we left! Oh gosh Ross will you take your brother please? (the older boy leads the younger one away)
Monica: Phoebe
Phoebe: Monica! (they hug)
Monica: So how are things?
Phoebe: Well we're doing pretty good, Jimmy calls me mommy poor babyMonica: I know umm that's one reason I came back I wanted to see how Rachel was doingPhoebe: Well we can go see her as soon as the boys get out of the bathroom
Monica: Okay
[Scene: The Treatment Clinic, Rachel's room Rachel is there in a bathrobe with a nurse]Nurse: Rachel, have visitors (enter everyone from earlier, minus Phoebe she's out parking the car (yes she has a car now)Rachel: Hey oh my god Monica!
Monica: I know it's seems like we haven't seen each other in ages! So how are things?Rachel: This is my nightmare! Do you know they make us take naps! I'll tell ya where you can stick your extra blanket!Lydia: Mom!
Rachel: Sorry, hey guys (hugs Ross and Lydia at the same time, she smiles and opens her arms for a hug) Jimmy (Jimmy looks scared)
Jimmy: Mommy!!!!!!!!! (he runs into Phoebe as she enters)
Phoebe: Whoa calm down I- (Rachel doesn't look happy anymore) Hey Rach (Rachel just nods and looks away) Umm we brought you some lunchRachel: (coldly) Thanks
Phoebe: Well we just came to visit we gotta run , but I'll tell Joey you said hiRachel: (coldly) Whatever, bye kids, bye Monica I hope I'll see you again soon (they all say bye then leave, after they are gone Rachel picks up the sandwich they got her and throws it in the trash)(Confused? Well read on to find out!)
[Scene: In the car on the way home Monica is in the passenger seat and Phoebe is driving, they are in a very expensive car]
Monica: She still blames you for what happened?
Phoebe: Yeah I'm beginning to wonder if she's rightMonica: No Phoebe's that's not true the police said it wasn't your fault, and I don't blame youPhoebe: I know, but still..(looks at Lydia in the rear-view-mirror)Monica: Still what?
Phoebe: Uh? Oh nothing (they keep driving)
[Scene: J&P's (it is a big house) enter Phoebe, Lydia, Ross, and Jimmy]Phoebe: Hey we're homeJoey: Hey (hugs the kids then kisses Phoebe)
Joey/Phoebe: You will never guess who run into!
Phoebe: You go first
Joey: No you
Phoebe: No you (they keep flirty arguing like this for a while, Ross and Lydia roll their eyes)
Joey: No you!
Phoebe: No you!
Joey: Well okay then! (leads the five into the living room, and sitting there on the couch is none other than.Chandler!)Chandler: Hey
Phoebe: On no!!!!!!!!!
Chandler/Joey: What?
Monica: (entering) Pheebs where can I put my bags? (noticed Chandler there, and drops her luggage)
[Scene: The guest bedroom in J&P's Monica and Phoebe are there]Phoebe: I didn't know he was here I swear!Monica: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I can't deal with this! I should have just called Rachel![Scene: The other guest bedroom, Joey and Chandler are there]
Chandler: Joey maybe I should just go to a hotel I mean two of the women in this house I have been married to that can't be good!Joey: Will you relax man! I mean I thought that you and Pheebs where okay as friends now?
Chandler: Yeah Phoebe and I are but I haven't seen Monica in years! I guess I didn't think I ever would!Joey: Okay, okay just don't think about it okay! Hey where gonna have dinner then I gotta go I'm gonna be on Letterman!Chandler: Oooo yay! But that still doesn't solve this!Joey: Okay then I don't know what to tell ya(they leave and go down to the dining room, everyone is already there they sit down and start eating)
Chandler: (looking at all the weird expensive stuff they have) Wow Pheebs you sure spent my money well! (they all laugh)
Phoebe: Yeah well you know (smiles, everyone laughs again then there is an awkward silence, they finish dinner in quietly)
[Scene: The Living Room Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and Lydia are watching Joey on Letterman]
Dave: So we're almost out of time here, is there anything else you want to say?Joey: Yeah Dave I just wanna say hi to my wife (looks into the camera) I Pheebs I love ya
All: Awww
Monica: He's sweetPhoebe: Yeah I know (they look at Jimmy who is a sleep on the floor) Well I'd better put him to bedChandler: I'll do it (goes over and picks up Jimmy and carries him away)[Scene: The kitchen J&P's it is Chandler is there, enter Monica]Chandler: On sorry did I wake you?
Monica: No, what are you doing here it 3 am
Chandler: I couldn't sleep, so uh how are you doing?Monica: I'm fine, but ya know it's just it's always hard around this time of year he was my brotherChandler: Yeah it'll be 13 years, soonMonica: Next week, so how have you been?
Chandler: Good pretty much the same, how bout you, you still live in New Orleans?
Monica: No actually the cafi owner asked me to move so I could help him expand so I moved to Baton Rouge and opened an extension there, where doing pretty good.
Chandler: Well that's good, seeing anybody?Monica: (joking)Why you wanna ask me out?
Chandler: (joking) Maybe, no seriously I'm just curiousMonica: No, no god I think about all those men I dated but none of them where good enough for me and then suddenly I'm not good enough for themChandler: Oh come on, your still beautiful any man would be lucky to have you
Monica: Yeah right!
Chandler: Yeah but hey at least you'll always be above me, mean I think the last time I had sex was when I was married to Phoebe, well okay maybe not that long but it's a long time. I think now I officially qualify as a dirty old man!Monica: Oh come on your not that old! (as she is talking Chandler lights up a cigarette) What? Chandler when did you start smoking?
Chandler: Oh god about 12 years ago
Monica: Why you had been clean for 5 years!
Chandler: Well it was just all that was happening in my life my divorces, Ross dying so many bad things had happened I just didn't give a crap about anything!Monica: Well you shouldn't smoke! Your not 20 anymore you really need to start thinking about your health!Chandler: I do think about my health! (takes a puff)
Monica: (snickers) Yeah right! (takes the cigarette out of his mouth and puts it out)
[Scene: Rachel's dream we see Rachel fall onto the side of the road and hear screeching tires, suddenly Rachel awakens with a scream, she is in her bed at the clinic, it is mourning]Rachel: Uhg! (feels her neck) Oh my god (looks around frantically) Oh my god nurse! (a nurse comes running in)
Nurse: What?
Rachel: Where is my necklace?
Nurse: I don't know?Rachel: (panicking) Well it didn't just disappear! If you stole it I swear I will kill you!Nurse: Okay calm down (gets out a needle, the kind they use in hospitals)
Rachel: I don't want drugs! I want my necklace!Nurse: It's right here (hands it to Rachel) It just fell on the floor, it's okay (Rachel sighs with relief, and puts it back on) Here (starts to give her a shot)Rachel: No, no this is a rehabilitation clinic! You're suppose to get me off that stuff not give me more!Nurse: It's to make you sleepRachel: (Getting up) I wanna sleep, I just slept for 16 hours, and can I have my clothes back I hate this stupid robe!
Nurse: I have to go check on the other patients (leaves, enter Lydia)
Rachel: Hey sweetie
Lydia: Hey guess what I suck in ( pulls a thermos of coffee out of her purse)
Rachel: Oh I love you (takes a sip)
Lydia: Good news the doctor said that if your okay of the rest of the week he'll let you goRachel: I get to go home!
Lydia: Yes
Rachel: (screams) Oh god that is like the best news ever! I cannot live here anymore I'll go crazy! Ugh I can't believe I get to go home! So how is Monica?Lydia: She's good she said she'll be by later, um Jimmy said he's sorry about yesterday and he misses youRachel: Okay you don't need to lie, I may be locked up but I'm not stupid!Lydia: I'm sorry I've tried to tell him Phoebe isn't really his mother but he won't listenRachel: You don't need to do that I'll figure this I am his mother ya know you need to worry less you may look 13 but you act like your 60! You don't need to come here so much go out have fun spend time with your friendsLydia: I don't have any friendsRachel: Oh well maybe you get some if you didn't spend so much time hereLydia: I'm just trying to take care of youRachel: Lydia, you don't need to take care of me, I'm your mother I need to take care of you, and I say get out of here now or your grounded!Lydia: Okay, okay I'll see you laterRachel: Bye now go, go! (exit Lydia)
Ross: Shame on you! (Rachel turns around to see Ross sitting on her bed) She was just trying to be nice ya know
Rachel: Excuse me dead people aren't allowed to talk much less give advice!
Ross: Hey you spend almost 13 years wishing I would come back and now I'm here and this is how you say hi? (Rachel gives him a strange look) Yes I can read your mind when I want to.
Rachel: So what are you like a ghost?
Ross: No I'm a figment of your imagination
Rachel: Oooookayyyy, I wonder if there was something in that coffee?
Ross: Nope
Rachel: I am seriously freaked out now! What do you want?
Ross: Well I think you already know (slowly disappears)
Rachel: What? No I don't, hey wait, wait! (she looks around the room in shock)
[Scene: J&P's (five days later) Phoebe and this kids are there]
Phoebe: Come on, your mom is gonna be here any minuet! (they rush down the stairs) Oh, you guys look great
Jimmy: Mommy I'm hungry!
Phoebe: You can eat later, sweetie
Jimmy: I'm hungry!!!!
Phoebe: Jimmy I am not I the mood for this right now! (she really sounds a real mom doesn't she?, Phoebe looks out the window and sees a car pull up) Oh they're here!
(enter Monica, Joey, Chandler and Rachel, they hug and greet, except Jimmy who hides behind Phoebe, Rachel looks hurt at this)
Rachel: Oh god it feels so good to see the outside world!
Ross: (R&J's son) Mom I made you this (hands her a drawing)
Rachel: Oh thank you sweetie! (hugs him)
[Scene: Another guest room, Rachel is there unpacking, Ross appears in front of her]
Ross: You still haven't done the thing I wanted you to do.
Rachel: Well it might help if you would tell me what it is you want
Ross: You already know your just too scared
Rachel: Okay if your gonna haunt me will you please give a strait answer!
Monica: Rachel? (Rachel spins around, Monica is in the door way) Who are you talking to?
Rachel: Well (Ross is gone now) no one (shakes her head) yeah no one
Monica: Are you okay?
Rachel: Yeah I think so
Monica: So glad to be home?
Rachel: Uhg it feels like paradise!
Monica: Yeah
Rachel: What's wrong?
Monica: Nothing it's just seeing everyone again, it makes me think about old times and then I remember all that has happened and I get so depressed
Rachel: Yeah I know what you mean
Monica: Do you ever wish you could go back and do it again?
Rachel: Are you kidding? Of course I do I have been a horrible mother
Monica: No you haven't
Rachel: Monica I'm an alcoholic! I have been a horrible mother! I spent three years of my children's lives in rehab! It hurts so much to see Jimmy call Phoebe mommy and be scared of me but haven't seen him since he was born I guess I deserve it!
Monica: Hey your better now if you work at it I'm sure you can get to know your kids again
Rachel: You think?
Monica: Yeah and they can pay for therapists with the money their father leaves them! At least..(looks down)
Rachel: I'm sorry you never had kids
Monica: Yeah me too
Rachel: Do you ever miss Chandler?
Monica: Sometimes
Rachel: Yeah I know how it feel but al least I have a little piece of the love of my life left over
Monica: You mean the kids?
Rachel: Yeah
Monica: I didn't know you loved Joey that much
Rachel: What? Not Joey- I oh
Monica: What?
Rachel: Uh I'm kinda tired can we talk more tomorrow?
Monica: Yeah sure (leaves)
[Scene: Rachel's dream we see a vivid picture of an apartment Ross, and Rachel are arguing, next we see Rachel starting to cross a street we see bright headlights, we see Rachel fall onto the side walk and hear screeching tires, then a hospital a doctor comes up to Rachel and says something, Rachel is then wakes up]
Lydia: Mom wake up
Rachel: What?
Lydia: (tired)You where screaming
Rachel: Oh are you okay?
Lydia: Yeah I just had the weirdest dream though
Rachel: What was it about?
Lydia: Well it was you and this guy fighting, then you walking across a street, then you fell onto the side walk, then you where in a hospital waiting room, then I woke up and heard you screaming
Rachel: Who was the guy?
Lydia: I didn't know him strange uh?
Rachel: Yeah,
Lydia: Goodnight
Rachel: Night (to Ross) So that's what you want
Ross: You got me
Rachel: I Ross I cant! I mean Jimmy's scared of me, Ross is loves me in a, I'm his mother so he has to kind of way, Lydia is the only one who actually feels like my child if I tell her then she'll hate me
Ross: She'll be upset yes but then longer you wait then worse it will be
Rachel: No I can't
Ross: Okay you'll be sorry
Rachel: What's that suppose to mean? (but he's already gone)
[Scene: The dining room Monica is there, enter Rachel]
Monica: Morning
Rachel: Yeah hi Mon, um do believe in ghosts?
Monica: Well there are a lot of old buildings in Louisiana, you hear tons of ghost stories about then I don't really believe any no, why?
Rachel: Nothing, nothing I'm gonna go for a jog (leaves, enter Chandler)
Chandler: Hey
Monica: Hey, so what's up?
Chandler: Nothing just reflecting on the past
Monica: Yeah I know
Chandler: Ya know I really missed you
Monica: (smiles) Oh that's sweet I missed you too (Chandler takes out a cigarette) Chandler!
Chandler: Hey give me a break okay it's the anniversary of my best friends death in two days
Monica: Yeah well he was my brother you don't see me sucking on a bunch of flaming leaves wrapped in paper do you?
Chandler: (points to a coffee cup) That yours?
Monica: Yeah why? (Chandler puts the cigarette out in it, Monica glares at him)
[Scene: The living room the everyone is there]
Monica: So then this new chef put in two cups of yeast in stead of two teaspoons and then baked it for an hour we had like an explosion of dough! We had to shut down for three days!
Joey: Tough
Monica: I know!!!! God ya know guys I was kind of nervous about coming back but I'm glad I did
Chandler: Yeah I mean their are plenty of people out their looking to screw me over but you guys I can trust
Rachel: These past few years have been hard and I just want to say thank you for being there for me (they all smile)
Phoebe: Stop it! I can take this any more! Can't lie like this!
Joey: Phoebe!
Phoebe: No Joey we have to tell the truth! Chandler I just married you for your money I didn't ever love you!
Chandler: What?
Phoebe: Uh, hu that's right, and Lydia Joey isn't your real father!
Rachel/Joey: Phoebe!!!!
All: What?
Lydia: What are you talking about? Mom is this true? (looks at Rachel, Rachel just nods her head) Oh my god
Rachel: Lydia I just-
Lydia: Get away from me leave me alone! (runs up the stairs)
Rachel: Phoebe how could you do that?
Phoebe: How could you now! I can't stand to see her not knowing
Rachel: God I cannot believe that just a minuet ago I thanked you! This is all your fault anyway he'd still be alive if it weren't for you!
Monica: Hey come on Rach!
Rachel: No! It's the truth and you know it!
Monica: Rachel! It wasn't her fault!
Joey: Great job Pheeb's now look what you did!
Phoebe: I couldn't live in lies any more okay I'm sorry if that upsets you but that's how I feel!!! (everyone is arguing now except Chandler, how looks very pale)
Chandler: Hey, hey I- (falls to the floor)
Monica: Chandler? Oh my Chandler! (runs over to him) Some on call 9-1-1! It's gonna be okay, we'll get you to a hospital you'll be fine I-
Chandler: (painfully) I, uh, um, Monica I love you (then he passes out)
[Scene: The hospital, everyone event the kids are there, the doctor comes out of the waiting room]
Doctor: Okay he's gonna be fine it was just I mild heart attack, he should fully recover, but he needs to rest, one of you can go in now everyone else tomorrow So who's going in? (everyone looks at Monica)
Monica: I guess I am
[Scene: Chandler's room, enter Monica]
Chandler: Hey
Monica: Hey, how you feeling?
Chandler: Better I kinda got a new outlook on life though
Monica: What do you mean?
Chandler: Well I thought I was gonna die so I had figured I'd get everything done, before then
Monica: Chandler your didn't know what you where saying-
Chandler: Yes I did, and I meant it too your the only woman I have ever loved!
Monica: That's not true what about Phoebe?
Chandler: I married her cuz I was venerable and confused! I never loved her and she never loved me
Monica: Chandler-
Chandler: Marry me
Monica: What?
Chandler: Let's just start over again from scratch
Monica: No we can't I mean I we got married again and had kids we'd be 70 when they go out of high school!
Chandler: It's doesn't matter, Monica we can't end up like Ross and Rachel
Monica: Ross and Rachel?
Chandler: Yes they where still I love when he died why do you think Rachel married Joey, why do you think she started drinking and tried to kill herself? And I'll bet you that Lydia is Ross's
Monica: Chandler it's too late!
Chandler: No it's not, do you love me?
Monica: Yes, yes Chandler I love you but
Chandler: No buts lets just start over from here
Monica: I really hope this works
Chandler: What is that a yes?
Monica: Yes (they kiss, then break) Well I gotta I'll see you later
Chandler: Bye (they smile at each other then Monica leaves)
[Scene: J&P's later that night, Lydia's room there is a knock on the door]
Lydia: Go away! (enter Rachel)
Rachel: Lydia-
Lydia: What I would like to know is why did you lie?
Rachel: I was so broken when your father died that I just couldn't face anything
Lydia: That's no excuse
Rachel: I know, (crying) I haven't been there for you or your brother and for that I'm sorry
Lydia: (also crying) I'm sorry I got so mad I'm just shocked and- so uh who is he?
Rachel: Monica's brother Ross
Lydia: What?
Rachel: Yeah you look just like him
Lydia: Do you have a picture? (Rachel gives her a picture)Oh my god! That's the guy from my dream
Rachel:  I know I had the same dream but for me it was a memory
Lydia: I don't understand
Rachel: After everyone moved away we started to date again and I got pregnant so we got married but no one knew about it, then we found out about Phoebe and Chandler, Ross was not happy I didn't think it was a good idea either, but I was supportive so one night we got in a fight about it (flashback, apartment 20 Ross and Rachel are arguing, we see in the past but hear Rachel talking,) I stomped out and was going to go for a walk to let off some steam, I was so upset so I wasn't watching where I was going. (Rachel starts to walk out in to the street a car is coming, the headlights shine in her eyes, and she can't see, suddenly someone pushes her she falls onto the sidewalk, we hear tires screeching )(back to the present) It was Ross, he saved my life, the car hit him and he didn't make it
Lydia: Oh my god, but wait what does this have to do with Phoebe? Was it just because she was reason you where fighting?
Rachel: No there's more (flashback, Rachel gets up and runs over to Ross, the driver of the car gets out and that's right it's Phoebe!)(back to present)
Lydia: What?!
Phoebe: Yeah it was me (Phoebe is standing in the door) I killed my best friend the police said it wasn't my fault but Rachel blamed me, (starts to cry) and I blamed myself!
Rachel: Pheebs I don't really blame you I just, oh my god I'm sorry! (the three hug, and cry)
[Scene: The Hospital (two days later) Chandler's room Chandler is there in a wheel chair Monica is packing his stuff up]
Monica: Is that everything?
Chandler: Yep (she leans over to put it on the back of his chair, he grabs her and pulls her into his lap)
Monica: Chandler! (he smiles innocently)
Chandler: What? (they kiss)
Monica: Okay, okay the gang will be here any minuet (Chandler picks up a pack of cigarettes off the night stand) Okay now that don't like!
Chandler: I know, besides I don't need them any more (throws them in the trash, Monica smiles and gives him a kiss, the rest of the gang minus the kids enter)
Rachel: Hey
Joey: Hey man
Phoebe: Ready to go home?
Chandler: Hell yes (they leave)
[Scene: In the car on the way home they are stuck in traffic]
Monica: So Rachel I heard you got an apartment?
Rachel: Yeah and I got a job, Lydia is gonna come live with me there and Joey and I are gonna share custody of the boys
Joey: Yeah it'll be lonely with out them home all the time though
Phoebe: Umm well no it won't (everyone stares at Phoebe)
Monica: Are you pregnant?
Phoebe: Yes! (everyone says congratulations to J&P)
Joey: Oh my god!!!!
Rachel: Oh my god look where we are (they are outside Central Perk)
Chandler: Lets go in
All: Okay
[Scene: Central Perk enter the gang]
Phoebe: Oh my god
Joey: It looks exactly the same!
Monica: I know!
Rachel: (to the guy behind the counter) Excuse me we would like 5 cappuccinos please (the guy turns around and we see it is Gunther!)
All: Oh my god Gunther!
Chandler: You still work here?
Gunther: Yeah me and my wife own it
Monica: Your married?
Gunther: Yeah there she is (points to a woman, guess who it is Ursula!)
Phoebe: Ya know you'd think I'd be surprised but-
All: Yeah (they all sit down on the couch and drink there coffee)
Phoebe: Hey this is great all of us hanging out together here again
All: Yeah
Monica: But it's not all of us (the gang looks down)
Rachel: (gets up) It's time (they all nod and get up)
[Scene: The Grave yard they are (everyone including the kids) standing in front a Ross's grave, they put flowers on it]
All: By Ross/ By man/ See ya/ Take care etc. (Jimmy tugs on Rachel's dress)
Jimmy: Mom, mom what are we doing?
Rachel: What, you, you just called me mom, oh my god! Oh honey I love you! (hugs Jimmy, everyone smiles and looks happy)
(Everyone is getting into the car in the parking lot)
Rachel: Oh shoot! I forgot my purse! (goes back up to the grave, and picks up her purse)
Ross: So everything turned out okay
Rachel: Go away I hate you!
Ross: Why?
Rachel: Cuz you left me that's why! (crying) Why did you have to die! Why Ross!
Ross: Cuz it was either you or me and it just goes to prove that I would give my life for you, (wiping her tears, in the background we hear the car horn) Well time to say good bye
Rachel: (crying) I can't! I can't lose you again
Ross: Don't worry we'll be together again just not for a while yet, (the car horn again) I love you (kisses her, then disappears)
Rachel: (stops crying) Bye (looks at her necklace we see it is her wedding ring with an encryption "To Rachel, My Lobster" *I love that lobster thing it's so cute!*
Monica:(from the parking lot) Rachel come on lets go! (Rachel wipes her tears away then walks down the car)
[ That's The Way It Is, by Celine Dion plays in the back ground *I love that song and it's perfect for this moment*
Courtney Cox- Monica Gellar Bing
Lisa Kudrow- Phoebe Buffay Bing Tribbiani
Jennifer Aniston- Rachel Green Gellar Tribbiani
Matt LeBlanc- Joey Tribbiani
Matthew Perry- Chandler Bing
David Swimmer- Ross Gellar
Lydia Gellar
Ross Tribbiani
Jimmy Tribbiani
 The End
Please, please give feedback!                                           *Just if your curious Lydia is my middle name that's why I used it :)*