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CENTRAL PERK (Everyone is present)


Joey:Has anyone seen my shoe?


Chandler:How did you lose your shoe?


Joey:I dunno.I came down here and I only had one shoe on.I figured I must have lost it.Did you steal my shoe?


Chandler:No, Robin Hood stole your shoe and gave it to the poor.


Joey:Some chick stole my shoe?


Rachel:If Joey weren't so damn lovable, his stupidity would frighten me to death.


Ross:When did you realize that you only had one shoe on?


Joey:When I sat down.


Monica:You didn't notice when you were walking?


Joey:No.I just figured I hurt myself.


Phoebe:Doing what?


Joey:If you have to ask, you don't know me very well.†††


Rachel:Oh I know, we could send out an ABP on Joey's shoe.


Monica:Yeah, I don't think the cops in this City have enough to do with all the murders and stuff.




CENTRAL PERK (Continued from before.Joey has left.Courteney enters)


Courteney:Hey guys.




Courteney:Where's Joey?


Ross:He's looking for his other shoe.


Courteney:He lost it again?


Rachel:Again?This has happened before?


Courteney:Well not with his shoe, but yesterday he couldn't figure out where he put the condoms.I'm telling ya, it really ruined the moment.


Chandler:Joey missed his daily dose of sex!Quick, we have to get Joey to the hospital!


Monica: Speaking of Joey, here he comes now.


(Joey enters.He has found the other shoe)


Joey:Alright, no need to panic anymore, I found my other shoe.


Rachel:I didn't realize we were in panic mode.


Phoebe:Where did you find your shoe Joey?


Joey:It was next to the condoms that I couldn't find yesterday.


Chandler (to Courteney): What kind of sick sex games do you guys play?


ROSS & RACHEL'S APARTMENT(Chandler, Joey and Ross are hanging out)


Ross:What do you guys wanna do?


Chandler:Pretty much this.


Joey:Yeah, I'm really tired from looking for my shoe.But hey, I finally found the condoms.


Chandler:Too bad Courteney went to her parents.


Ross:Yes, but knowing Joey, Rosie and her five sisters are available.


Joey:Hey, Iím a one woman man now.


Ross:Ok, look.We have to do something.


Chandler:Ah, why?


Ross:Because it's Saturday.


Joey:And how is that different from any other day.


Ross:Well we don't have to work.


Chandler:An everyday occurrence for Joey.


Joey:Hey, I start work on Monday.


Chandler:Did they name your character yet?


Joey:Itís down to two names.


Ross:What are they?


Joey:Dick Hertz or Seymour Butz.Personally I like Dick Hertz.


Chandler:I wonder why.


Joey:I got it.


Ross:Got what?VD again?


Joey:No.Letís get drunk.


Chandler:Sorry, Monica and I do that on Sundays.




Chandler:Ah, no.


Ross:Itís 11 in the morning.


Joey:So?Itís past noon somewhere.


Chandler:The man makes a valid point.


Ross:Then getting drunk is the task of the day.††


CHANDLER & MONICA'S APARTMENT (Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are sitting around)


Rachel:This was a good idea, we never just hang out anymore.


Phoebe:That's because you both have children.




Phoebe:Chandler and Ross, could there be anyone more childlike then those two?




Phoebe:No, he's baby like.


Monica:Can I tell you guys something?


Rachel:No, keep it to yourself.


Monica:You need to stop hanging around Chandler.You're starting to sound just like him.


Phoebe:What is it?


Monica:Ok.But you have to promise me that you won't tell Chandler.




Monica:I'm late.


Rachel:Oh my God!


Phoebe:What?What did I miss?What are you late for?Did you have to work today?


Monica:No Phoebe, my period is late.


Phoebe:So?(long pause asMonica and Rachel just look at her)Oh my God! You're pregnant!


ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT (Ross, Joey and Chandler are three sheets to the wind)


Ross:Ok, I got one.Rachel does this thing with her tongue that makes it feel like sheís going after the chewy center of a tootsie roll.


Joey:Man, I knew I shouldíve hooked up with Rachel before you got back together with her.


Chandler:Ok, I got one.Monica does this thingÖ.


Ross:Hey thatís my sister youíre talking about.


Chandler:But I have to listen to you talk about my future sister-in-law like that?


Ross: Good point.


Chandler:Anyway, Monica likes to tie me up and pretend that Iím her bucking bull.


Joey:Monica does that?I always figured she was really reserved in the bedroom.


Chandler:What made you think that?


Joey:Well sheís really neat, I figured she likes her sex the same way.


Ross:Ok, enough about Monica.Iíve learned more than I care to know.What does Courteney do to you Joey?


Joey:Courteneyís very limber.She likes to play on my pommel horse like sheís a gymnast.


Chandler:Joeyís met his match.


Joey:Itís about time.


Ross:Whoís the worst girlfriend you ever had?


Joey:Thatís easy, Kathy.She cheated on me.


Chandler:And Iím still very sorry about that.


Ross:Mine would have to be Carol.


Joey:Carol?You married her for Peteís sake.


Ross:Yes, but she turned into a lesbian, it doesnít get much worse than that.


Chandler:Iíd have to say my worst girlfriend was Janice.


Ross:You get no argument here.


Joey:Sheís the one who should have been a lesbian.No man should ever have to date her.Howíd you date her four times?


Chandler:I was stupid back then.


Ross:A very horny and lonely man whoíd do anything for love.


Chandler:Shut up, at least I didnít marry a lesbian.


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT(Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are present)


Phoebe:When are you gonna tell Chandler?


Monica:Definitely not now.We just had the huge fight about when we were gonna have kids.


Rachel:Mon, youíve got to tell him.He has the right to know.


Monica:How about you guys tell him?




Monica:Look I donít even know if Iím really pregnant.


Phoebe:You havenít taken a test.


Monica:Iím scared.




Monica:What if I am pregnant, Chandlerís gonna be so angry.


Rachel:Or heíll be very happy.


Monica:This is Chandler weíre talking about.He begged me to postpone having kids, weíre supposed to be in our newlywed stage.


Phoebe:Sounds like you guys got carried away.(Monica shoots Phoebe a look)Sorry, it slipped out.


Rachel:How about we go get a test?That way you can know for sure.




ROSS & RACHELíS APARTMENT(The guys are drunk)


Ross:What time is it?


Chandler:I dunno, I canít read my watch.


Joey:Itís, itís, wait a minute, Iím not wearing a watch.


Ross:What do you think the girls are doing?


Chandler:Probably talking about babies and stuff.


Joey:Good thing Courteney isnít there, no way Iím ready for that stuff.


Ross:Iím with you there.


Chandler:If Monica was pregnant, Iíd shoot myself.


Ross:Letís go see what the girls are doing.


Chandler:Weíre drunk.I donít think theyíd appreciate us.


Ross:We owe them one, they got stoned.


Joey:So you guys will be sleeping at Hotel Tribbiani tonight?


Chandler:Maybe we should just hang here.


Ross:Come on, itíll be fun.


Chandler:Ok, but if weíre sleeping at Joeyís, I get the spare bedroom!


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are waiting for the results of the pregnancy test)


Monica:How long has it been?


Phoebe:Since the last time you asked or since you took the test?


Monica:Iím sorry, Iím just nervous.


Rachel:Relax Mon, everythingís gonna be fine.


Monica:Yeah, thatís easy for you to say.Youíre not the one waiting for the results.


(the oven timer goes off. Monica runs to the bathroom.The guys stroll in)


Ross:Hello!The men are here!


Joey:What are you guys doing?


Phoebe:Weíre waiting to see if Monicaís pregnant or not.


(Cut to Chandler who looks like he just found out his parents died)




Chandler: What did you just say?


Phoebe (backpedaling):I said weíre waiting to see if Monicaís eggplant is done or not.


Chandler:No you didnít!


Phoebe:Uh huh!I love Monicaís eggplant.


(Monica emerges from the bathroom pale as a ghost)


Monica:Hi honey.


Chandler:Do I need to sit down?


Monica:Guys, can you excuse us?




(Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey go to Joeyís apartment)




Ross:Whatís going on?


Rachel:Monica might be pregnant.


Phoebe:Rachel! We promised we wouldnít tell anybody.


Joey:Ah Pheebs, you already let the cat out of the bag.


Phoebe:But I put it back in and now Rachel has pulled it out again!


Rachel:Are you guys drunk?


Ross:A little.


Rachel:How many fingers am I holding up? (holds up two)




Joey:It looks like five to me.


Phoebe:You guys are totally wasted.


Ross:Pretty much.(to Rachel) Am I gonna be sleeping at Joeyís tonight?


Rachel:How much did you drink?


Ross:Let me put it this way, we drank all of the alcohol in the apartment and went out to the store and got some more.


Rachel:You drank my Jack Daniels?


Ross:No.Iím not that stupid.


Joey:Stupid enough to marry a lesbian.


Ross:But not stupid enough to throw my girlfriendís wooden leg on the fire!


Phoebe:Boys knock it off!


Joey/Ross:Sorry Pheebs.


Rachel:What about me?


Joey/Ross:Sorry Rachel.


CHANDLER & MONICAíS APARTMENT (Monica has sat Chandler down at the table)


Chandler:Are you pregnant?


Monica:Itís too early to tell.


Chandler:What did the test say?


Monica:It said Iím pregnant.


(long period of silence)


Chandler:So much for the newlywed phase huh?


Monica:Youíre not angry?


Chandler:Iím too drunk to be angry.


Monica:Thatís what that smell is!


Chandler:How late are you?


Monica:A week. But look, these tests can be wrong.


Chandler:But I might be a Dad.


Monica:Yes, you might be a Dad.


(silence again)


Chandler:But we were so careful.


Monica:I know.Iím as surprised as you.Anyway, I have an appointment with the gynecologist on Monday.Weíll know for sure then.


Chandler:I may be drunk, but whatever it is, Iím behind you 100%.




Chandler:You couldnít have done this all by yourself.Ok, you could have, but I know you didnít.If weíre gonna have a family, then weíll have a family.


Monica (starting to cry):You know that I love you right?




Monica:Weíre gonna be parents!


(The others knock on the door)


Phoebe:Can we come in now?


Monica:Come in!


(the others enter)




Chandler:Iím gonna be a Dad.


Joey:Holy !@#$!(to Chandler) Dude, you didnít shoot yourself!


Phoebe:Iím so happy for you guys, I think Iím gonna cry.


Ross (hugs Monica):Congratulations.


Monica:Thanks.Now maybe Mom and Dad will back off.


Ross:Doubtful, but worth a shot.


Rachel (to Ross):I want a baby.


Ross:Oh, donít even start.First things first, we get married and then we talk about kids.




GYNECOLOGISTíS OFFICE (Monday Morning.Chandler and Monica are awaiting the results)


Monica:What do you think about names?


Chandler:Yes, I think every baby should have one.




Chandler:I havenít even gotten used to the fact that you might be pregnant, we could name the kid Frankenstein for all I care.


Monica:Your childhood really screwed you up, didnít it?


(The doctor comes in)


Doctor:Ok, I have the results, Monica you.Ö