Swept In-Love

(Ross and Rachels apartment)

Rachel and Ross are walking in from Emmas doctor appointment. “Ross, I
know that doctor Getterman said a half a teaspoon!” Ross pulled out the pink
slip from Emmas baby bag that stated her perscription. “Look Rach, it
says....(the lable reads half a table spoon)....oh....” Rachel giggles
quietly, “I told you that you should listen to me!”
“HEY! it is not my fault that damn nurse kept interupting.” there was
laughter, and then Emma started wining.
“Hey Ross, Im gonna go put Emma to bed.” Rachel sighed.
“Oh aright, you wanna watch a movie or something?”
“Um yeah...sure (she smiled at him, then turned around) i’ll be out in a
minute!” As Rachel was lying Emma in bed, a whole mess of things rushed to
her head. ‘Emma, if only you knew the backround of this family.’ She knew
that she had to do something to get Ross to fall in-love with her again. But
little did she know, Ross was one step ahead of her
She walked out into the living room and candles were lit, and there was
champaigne on the table. “Whats all this Ross? You know, it would have been
nice of you to tell me that we were having company, I mean seriously, look at
me!” Ross came from in the kitchen
“I said,” Rachel said less angry, “That if we were having company, you
should have told me, I look a mess!” There was a bit of silence.
“Um Rach, I thought it was just gonna be us tonight, you know, we’ve had a
hard week.” Rachel had a puzzled look on her face. Ross told her to sit down,
and of course she did. “I uh wanted to talk to you about something Rach.”
Rachel knew whatever it was, Ross had practiced saying it, cuz he was
stumbling on all his words. She thought it was geeky, but in a way it was so
cute.In the backround thier song was playing, With or Without You. Ross
looked at her and said, “Do you love me?” This caught her totally off
gaurd.’What is he thinking, I mean out of nowhere asking if I love him’, but
this was really kinda sexy to her.
“What do you mean Ross?”
“Well Rach, I mean I know I love you.” Rachel couldnt swallow. A flood of
emotions ran over her, emotions that had been kept locked inside her.She
couldnt hold it in. She took her lips and locked them with his. He pulled her
in close to him, as if they were one. They looked into each others eyes.
“Of course I love you Ross. I dont think theres ever been five seconds were
I’ve ACTUALLY stopped loving you. I mean you are my SOMEONE in this world.
You are my only, you own my heart. I am in love with you. I mean we have been
through ssssooooo much. The bad the good, the ups the downs. divorces,
break-ups. And we seem to always end up right back with each other.”
“Rachel, I want you, I will always want you. I have wanted you for 19 years.
And I want to..” He was cut short because she kissed him again. “You want to
what?” she said half giggling. He got down on one knee and held up a ring and
said, “ I want to marry you Rachel Karen Green. I want to be part of your
life. And If you do me this honor.... I will spend the rest of my time here
on earth and in heaven deticating my life to you, to make you happy.” A tear
fell from her eye. He kissed it off. “All my life,” she whispered “I have
looked for my solemate, and everytime I tryed to track him down he always was
you. I wanted a Prince to take me away and love me and I found him, you. And
so I know that I dont deserve you, but I am so in-love with you that its a
need to be with you. And only an idiot would turn down a proposal like this!”
“So yes?”
“Of course yes!” They kissed pationatly and he held her close to his body.
“I love you Rach!” Just to hear him say that made her realize just how much
she loved him too. Ross was so scared that he would mess it up, that when
they were hugging he shook. “Rachel, would you dance with me?” She nodded
because she was so lost in his eyes that she couldnt move her lips. He saw th
at, so he kissed her lips gentley. To Rachel it felt like the whole world
stopped for that kiss. “Ross, what do you see when you look at me?” Rachel
asked. “What do I see? Well, I see.. my best friend, ..my lover, ..my
soulmate,..my fiance, ..my Rachel........my life.” She let out a long sigh of
comfort, that only he could bring her. They swayed back and forth in each
others arms, knowing that these would be there arms forever. “Ross,you know
if I ever hurt you I am...” She was cut short by the sound of Emma waking up.
“Rach, I’ ll get her, be right back.” He kissed her on the forehead and
to get her.When he returnted he gave Emma to Rachel, who put her on her
chest. Ross stood far enough out so that Emma could breath, but close enough
that the warmth of the three of them got her back asleep.”I love you little
Emma,” he whispered, “I will always always love you,” and he looked up at
Rachel, “and your beautiful mother. Rach, look, shes so happy!” Rachel
kissed the top of Emmas head, “thank you Ross.”

(Monica and Chandlers)

Monicas baking cookies. “Chandler, what about these ones?” Monica ran
over and shoved a cookie in his mouth. “Uh Mon,” he mumbled, “they taste
same as ..(swallowing) ...last time.” Monica turned around and gave him her
‘monica’ look. “But there so much better!” He tried to recover quickly.
“Hey,” Monica said, starting to mix more dough, “Wasnt Phoebe suppose to
come by here and pick-up that movie she wanted to borrow?”
“Uh yeah, but Joey said somethin’ bout them goin to the movies.” Monica
stopped mixing the batter, and looked at Chandler. She put the spoon down“
Again, I mean, they went last night. And Joey doesnt even like seeing movies.”
“No,” Chandler corrected her, “He doesnt like going to the movies with you
or Ross.”
“Why?”Monica said in her sqeaky voice. Chandler looks away,“Well cuz Ross
ALWAYS has to see “dumb “ movies, and he said that you cry & laugh so loud
that he cant even hear the movie in the first place.”
“Joey said that?” Monica said moving closer to Chandler.
“What, what why, does that not sound believable?” he backed up into a table
and knocked over a picture. “No Monica, look dont freak out, he was not sayin
anything bad about you. I promise. He, HES IN LOVE WITH PHOEBE!”(the crowd
goes crazy)A blank look comes to Monicas face. “Hes, what, how..why,
what,um...” She runs over to Chandler, “WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME?” Chandlers
face looks scared. Monica sits down and Chandler does the same. “So what is
he doing?” Monica asked. “ Is he just like going to ‘fall in-love’ with
of us?” Chandler shrugged, he felt the akwardness that went through there
bodies. Monica ran to the phone “ I HAVE to call Rachel! This is just such
big news! And I knew it first!!!” Chandler looks at her, “Um Mon...I knew
first.” Monica thought about it for a minute,”Maybe so, but who cares if you
knew, you dont count, I do!” Chandler was going to interupt but he just
walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a Yoo-Hoo. “So like when do
you think this hapened Chandler?” Monica asked annoyed with the fact he wasnt
telling her anything.Chandler looked at her for a minute, “Are you really
that shocked? I mean we all knew it would happen eventually. Maybe not this
soon, but we should be happy for them. I mean its not like Ross and Rachel
are together.” They laugh. (The Phone Rings) “Hello?” Rachel was on the
other line. “Oh My God Monica! You will not believe what just happened.”
Monica rolled her eyes,”It cant be anymore shocking then what just happened
here!” Rachel didnt care she just went on, “Me and Ross are back
Chandler who had been sitting close to Monica was nowstanding, “WHAT?!” they
both yelled.Rachel with her puzzled look on her face aks “What? Why is that
so shocking?”
“Its not SHOCKING... its just that its........ wierd.” Monica answered.
“Yeah but why is it so wierd? I mean its not like we havent been together
before.” Chandler took the phone away from Monica. “Its wierd because not
only are you and him together..and me and Mon together......but now Joeys
in-love with Phoebe!” Rachel on the other line wasnt as shocked as they had
been, she gasped a little bit though. “Really?! Well, I knew they would come
around to that, and plus it was just an amount of time before he got over
me.” Monica took the phone back from Chandler, “So your saying that your not
shocked, not even a little?” Rachel laughed on the other line, “They’ve
always talked about getting together, I just hope that she sees the goodness
in him, you know?” Monica and Chandler both smiled “Well,” Monica
“I am really happy for you guys!” “No Mon, theres more,” Rachel
“Me and Ross are getting married, yeah he proposed to me, and Oh My God
Monica it was sssooo sweet! I just love your stupid brother so much, but Im
gonna go because we didnt exactly get to finish the engagement...if you know
what I mean.” They both laugh. “Oh Rach, Im so happy for you, and yeah go
head, go get some!” “Ok Mon this is supposed to be romantic, not dirty!”
“Oh.” Rachel and her paused. “Im just kiddin, this is gonna be fun! Bye
Babe!” Monica giggled.” Bye sweetie.” Monica sighed and Chandler pulled
in close to him, “I love you so much!” He whispered in her ear. He loved her
so much and he loved being with her. And he knew how much she wanted a kid.
“Hey Mon,” he said kissing her neck, “you know, now might be a good time
work on that baby buisness we have been talkiing about.” She giggled lightly
and fell into his arms. The kissed all the way into the bedroom and shut the
door. (We can all use our OWN imaginations to figure what happend there!!! ;)

(Joeys Apartment)
“Wow Joey...that was a GREAT date!” Phoebe joked as they entered his
apartment. “Yeah that was pretty fun Pheebs!” Joey took her coat of and hung
it up. “Wow and Ive never seen this gentleman part of you!” They both
giggle, Joeys is more nasty, though in his funny way.”Phoebe, kiss me!”
(crowd cheerz!) “WHAT?!” Phoebe said backing up, in total shock. “Kiss me
Pheebs, I wanna see what its like. “OK....”she answers. She pulls him in
close to her and kiss him briskley on the lips. “How was that she asked?” Jo
eys eyes were still closed so obviosly it was a good kiss. “Wait, Pheebs,
kiss me again!” Phoebes eyes widen. But it being Phoebe she did it again.
This time more passionate than before. He leaned in for another kiss, but she
pulled away. “Whats the matter Pheebs, was that not right, damnit, I knew
that I shouldve flossed this morning!” Phoebe walked over to the door and
picked up her coat. Joeys face looked confused,” But where are you going?
Look Phoebe, I didnt mean to scare you. Its just..” Phoebe interuppted him.
“ Look Joey. when you kissed me it was GREAT, it was better than great. But I
dont wanna loose what we have, its to special.” Joey walked over to her,”I
know Pheebs, but its different now, were not just ‘Playing Around’ anymore.
This is life. And for the past eight years we havent lived it...I take that
back, I lived it, no that doesnt sound right either.Anyways, it just seems
right that we should be together. I mean Ross and Rachel just had a baby.”
“Thats right Joe, they did, but that doesnt mean anything , I mean you were
in love with Rachel for god sakes!” Joey looked down at his shoes. Phoebe
looked down at her shoes to try and figure out what Joey found so interesting
in them. I mean there just shoes. ‘Anyway,’ Phoebe thought, ‘getting off
subject a little!’ She took Joeys hands, kissed them, and walked out.


Monica was taking out the trash. “OMG Phoebe, so like are you and Joey
together?!” Phoebe looked at her with raised eyebrows. “THATS AMAZING, How
did you know about me and him?!” Monica ran and held her arm, “so you
Phoebe shook her head, “no, but REALLY how did you know?” Monicas cheekbones
lowered, “Chandler told me that Joey was in-love with you! I swear, if that
big guy told me a lie to cover up...” Phoebe interupted her, “No, Joey did
kiss me, and he told me that maybe we should hook up, but never did he say he
was IN-LOVE with me!” Phoebe turned and stared at the door. She felt what
Joey felt, kinda. Monica rubbed her shoulder, “I know how you feel, thats how
me and Chandler felt. Thats how Rachel and Ross felt. But guess what, its
ok,because your aloud to ‘break the rules’ when your in-love with
Phoebe turned and looked at her. She knew she was right, I mean when was
Monica EVER wrong. But she didnt know what to do. Monica knew that a part of
Phoebe wanted to love him and be with him, but that there was another part of
her that was stricklty friends. Phoebe stood the same way for what felt like
an hour, but then Mon brought her into there apartment and layed her on the
couch. Chandler walked over to Monica. “Whats the matter with Phoebe?”
Monica looked at him and then at her. “You know Chandler, I dont know how she
feels about Joey. Shes just really confused, I mean she just got over Mike. I
think its to much for her to handle right now.” Chandler wrapped his arms
around Monica tightly and she layed her head on his shoulder. She loved him
for being ‘Chandler’ the one that everyone could rely on. “OMG!” she
shouted,”I can take my pregnancy test now!” Chandlers face looked like it
was going to explode from happiness. She ran to the bathroom. Chandler stood
outside of the door. The seconds felt like minutes and the minutes like hour.
His life could change in these few minutes. The door opened slowly and the
figure of Monica in the moonlight was beautiful. All she had to do was kiss
him and he knew that she was pregnant. “We are!” she whisprered in his ear.
He kissed her and then bent down and kissed her stomach. This was amazing.
Finally it happened!

(Rachel and Ross’ apartment)

Rachel and Ross lay on the bed. He kissed her back and she turned over
toward him. “I love you” she said kissing him on the neck. “I love you
he repeated, kissing her on the nose. There love was so tender. He was so
gentle with her, he never wanted to harm her in any way. She needed him as
much as he needed her though. “So,” Ross smiled, “you ever find out what
happened with Pheebs?” Rachel turned over on her back and looked up at the
ceiling. “No, I didnt. Hopefully its good . Its so wierd though. I mean I
wasnt that shocked, but then again its Phoebe and Joey.” Ross laughed, Rachel
could always count on him to laugh or play around. He made it fun to be
herself .”Well sweetie,” he sighed, “I gotta go to work.” Rachel groaned
her cute little way. “No hunny, call in sick today!” Ross kissed her
shoulders, “Sweetie, you know I cant, I’ll get fired! But you know what you
can do?” Rachel gave him the ‘I can?!’ look. “Of course you can babe!”
Rachel flew back down on the bed. She was so happy that she would actually
get to be planning HER wedding. Ross got dressed, kissed Rachel and Emma
goodbye, and he left. Rachel lay on the bed gazing at the wall. She had her
family, and she loved it, she was happy, and for the first in a lwhile she
felt safe. Like she had a good pillow to lean on. She got up and walked into
Emmas bedroom. She quietly picked Emma up and walked back into her room. One
by one she opened the blinds, and let sun shine in brightly. She layed Emma
on the bed, and then layed down next to her. Gently she stroked her back, and
hummed to her. Rachel became really tired, and eventually fell asleep too.

(Monica and Chandlers apartment)

“Babe,” Chandler said walking into the kitchen,”what are you doing?”
Monica had batter all over her. “Honey, I am baking cookies!” Chandler
looked at the six other plates sitting on the table. “Okay Mon,” he
I just didnt know we were feeding Russia!” Monica looked at him, and he went
over and kissed her nose. “So when can we go to the doctors?”
“Oh,” Monica said looking up at him, “We could go today?” Chandler
at her and nodded(he was eating a cookie) and went over to get the phone. At t
he same point the phone Rang. It was Rachel. “Hey um Chandler is Mon there?”
Chandler handed the phone to Monica, “Its Rachel.”
“OMG Rachel, IM pregnant!” The other line was silent for a minute, as if
Rachel was in dis-belief. “Oh my god! sweetie thats so great for you! I have
to come over! Oh and Mon you have to help me with my wedding plans!” Monicas
eyebrows highered, “Weddings?! I love weddings!” Rachel giggled on the other
line, “Ok babe Ill be right there!” They hung the phones up. A few minutes
later Phoebe stumbled out of the bedroom, and plopped down on the sofa.
Chandler went and sat next to her, “Hey Pheebs, you know, its not all that
bad, Rachel got through it.” Phoebe knew he was right, but maybe he wasnt, I
mean it was Chandler. And plus she thought that MAYBE thered be a chance for
them together. “I know Chandler,” she spoke, “I just am not sure what I
to do with the whole thing right now u know?” Chandler rubbed her leg and
stood up. “I know Phoebe, its hard, but its just a simple question, do you
love him, or not?”
“Simple? Hell simple would be us back then, or us already together now, I
mean NOWAY is this simple!”
“Wow Pheebs,” he said looking worried,”are you sure you dont want me to
you Monica?”
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