TOW All The Talking

Warning: This fic contains slight spoilers from the 8th season, up until 815.

This fic takes place in the 8th season, right after Rachel moves in with Ross. Ross and Mona are broken up, but Joey hasn't told Ross that he likes Rachel. So it's kinda like half of TOW the Birthing Video has happened, but the other part didn't.

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's Apartment. It's morning and Rachel comes out of her room in her bathrobe, yawning. She opens the door to the bathroom and screams and runs out, covering her mouth with her hand]

Rachel: Oh my gosh! (she then smiles a little bit) Wow!

(Ross runs out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist)

Ross: Rach! What were you doing?!

Rachel: Sorry, sorry, I was just going to the bathroom. I didn't know you would be in there. Besides Ross, what's the big deal? It's not the first time I've seen your "thing."

Ross: Yeah, but still...why don't you knock next time? I mean, you would be upset if I walked in on you, wouldn't you?

Rachel: Not really....(Ross just stares at her and then turns and goes back into the bathroom. Rachel giggles a little bit and walks back into her room)


[Scene: Central Perk, later that day. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are there sitting on the couch talking]

Monica: So you and Ross are really doing ok living together?

Rachel: Yeah, I mean, we're having a lot of fun. And it's good for Ross, you know, to be around during the pregnancy. I mean, he really wants to be a big part of this baby's life.

Monica: Wow, that's so great for you guys then.

Rachel: Yeah, except for today (she laughs a little bit) I walked in on him in the bathroom!!

Phoebe: Oh wow!

Rachel: I know

Phoebe: Did you see anything good?

Rachel: Well, I did catch a glimpse, if that's what you mean...(Monica and Phoebe laugh, and Ross enters)

Ross: Hey guys, what's so funny?

Monica/Phoebe: Nothing

Ross: Come on, tell me.

Rachel: (changing the subject) So, uh, how was work Ross?

Ross: It was fine. Actually, I was going to grab some Chinese take out food on my way home, do you want to get some too?

Rachel: Oh, yeah, sure. That sounds good. (She gets up, to Phoebe and Monica) See ya guys later.

Monica/Phoebe: Bye!

(Ross and Rachel leave)

Monica: Wow, doesn't it seem weird to have them living together?

Phoebe: Yeah, do you think that they'll keep living together even once the baby comes?

Monica: Hmm...I don't know....

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment, that same night. Ross and Rachel are coming in with their Chinese food]

Rachel: (flopping down on the couch) Whew! I am just exhausted. (she rubs her stomach) Our little daughter is wearing me out more every day!

Ross: (smiles) Hey, you wanna watch a movie or something while we eat?

Rachel: Sure, what do you have?

Ross: (looking through his movies) Uhhhh, lets see...Jurassic Park, Face/Off, Air Force One, Die Hard-

Rachel: Don't you have any girl movies? Those are all guy movies! And I'm really not in an actiony, blood and guts type of mood...

Ross: Well, the closest thing I have to a chick flick is The Mummy.....In a way it's sort of a love story.

Rachel: Ok, I guess that'll be fine, put it in.

Ross: Ok (he puts it in and sits next to Rachel on the couch and they start eating and watching the movie.)

[Scene: Joey's apartment, same night. Joey is sitting in the chair watching something on TV and eating pizza when Chandler comes in]

Chandler: Hey man, what's up?

Joey: Not much, just eating.

Chandler: Are you feeling any better about Rachel?

Joey: (sighs) Not really...I mean, I'm trying so hard to get over her, but I just can't stop thinking about her. Why did I ever suggest that she move in with Ross? I'm so lonely now!

Chandler: Look Joe, you did the right thing. It's Ross' baby, he deserves to be around during the pregnancy.

Joey: Yeah, I know....It's just, I miss her so much...

Chandler: Look, you have got to cheer up! Monica sent me over to see if you wanted to come over and watch a movie with us and Pheebs.

Joey: Nah, I don't really feel like it...

Chandler: Come on, Man, you should come. It might make you feel better...

Joey: O-kay, I guess.

Chandler: Ok, good!

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's Apartment, the middle of the night that same night. We see Rachel sleeping in her bed, then she wakes up suddenly, her eyes wide, and puts her hand on her stomach and gasps]

Rachel: Oh my gosh! (her face gets all emotional as she rubs her stomach more) Awww, hey sweetie. Are you kicking again, huh? (Rachel slowly gets up out of her bed and goes to Ross' door and knocks) Ross? Ross, wake up! The baby's kicking again! (there's no answer from inside so Rachel quietly opens the door and goes inside the room) Ross? (Ross stirs a little and wakes up)

Ross: Huh? Rach?

Rachel: Ross, the baby's kicking again!

Ross: It is?! (He sits upright and turns on a lamp next to his bed) Well come here, let me feel it! (Rachel sits next to him on the bed and Ross puts his hand on her stomach) I don't feel anything...Aw, man! I always miss everything!

Rachel: Shhhhh, Ross, it's ok. She'll probably kick again in a second, just wait. (Ross keeps his hand on her stomach and they wait awhile)....or maybe she won't. Well, sorry to wake you up. (she gets up to go, but Ross grabs her hand)

Ross: No, just stay a minute, please? What if she kicks again and I miss it because you have to come all the way in here again? Here you can lay down if you want.

Rachel: Well, ok, if you want me to....(She gets in bed beside Ross and lays down. Ross puts his hand on her stomach and they both lay there for awhile, waiting)

Ross: Oh my gosh! I felt it! She kicked!!! (Rachel smiles)

Rachel: Yeahhhhhh

Ross: Oh, wow, that is so amazing!! Wow...she's kicking a lot! She's gonna be a feisty one....Awwww....(he looks at Rachel) Thanks for waking me up.

Rachel: No problem.

Ross: No, I really appreciate it. I didn't get to be a big part of Carol's pregnancy with Ben and I'm really glad you decided to move in here, or else I wouldn't get to experience stuff like this. I really want to be a part of our daughter's life, you know, and well, just, thanks....

Rachel: (smiles) You're welcome. (They share a sweet look and then Rachel starts to get up) Well, I better get going back to my room.

Ross: Well, actually....(Rachel looks at him questioningly) Would you mind staying a little longer? I kinda want to spend time with the baby, you know, talk to her and stuff, I mean now that we're both up......I haven't done that in awhile.

Rachel: I...guess.

Ross: Thanks. (Rachel lays back down beside him and Ross puts his hand back on her stomach and kinda rubs it) Heyyy sweetie. This is your daddy. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few months. We're going to have so much fun together! I'm going to teach you everything....I'll teach you how to ride a bike, how to swing, how to play games, and I'll teach you everything about dinosaurs!

Rachel: (touching her stomach now) Oh no he won't! (Ross and Rachel both laugh)

Ross: Your mommy will teach you all the girl, shopping, makeup, stuff like that. (jokingly) She would teach you about boys, but since you're not going to be allowed to date, I don't think that will be necessary.

Rachel: (laughs) Oh, don't listen to your daddy honey. You can date.....Mommy will teach you how to get all the guys to like you..(Ross glares at her and Rachel just smiles playfully)

Ross: Anyways, your mommy and I better get some sleep. Good night sweetie! (he kisses Rachel's stomach and Rachel gives him a sweet look that he notices.) What?

Rachel: You're gonna be a great father......I mean, you already are a great father to Ben, but, well you know what I mean....

Ross: (smiling) You're gonna make a great mother too.

Rachel: (she looks nervous) I don't know, Ross.....I'm so scared.

Ross: Rach, there's nothing to be scared of. We're all here for you, we'll help you. But you're gonna be fine anyway. All of your worries are going to be washed away the first time you see your daughters face. You're heart is going to explode with love for her, and you're not going to be able to imagine your life any other way.

Rachel: (a little teary, she gets Ross' hand) Thanks, Ross.

Ross: Hey, that's what I'm here for! (he smiles and kisses her temple, she gets up and walks towards the door. When she gets to the door she turns around)

Rachel: Hey Ross?

Ross: Yeah?

Rachel: You know Ross, I didn't plan on having this baby. But since I am, there's no one I would rather have it with than you. I mean, I know you didn't need this right now either, but here you are, right beside me all the way. I really appreciate that. Not most guys would do that. (Ross just smiles and shrugs) Well, thank you. (she blows him a kiss like Jennifer Aniston did in The Object of My Affection to Paul Rudd) Good night

Ross: (blowing her a kiss also) Good night.

(Rachel leaves and closes Ross' door, walking back to her room smiling. The camera goes back to Ross' room and we can see him turn off his light and close his eyes, smiling also.)

[Scene: The next day, at Monica and Chandlers. Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Joey are there. Rachel and Phoebe are sitting at the kitchen table and Monica is cooking something. Chandler and Joey are on the couch]

Rachel: So, last night the baby kicked some more!

All: Really?/Awwww/that's so great, etc.

Rachel: Yeah, and Ross actually got to feel it for the first time, so that was really good. (Joey looks down and Chandler touches him on the back slightly) You know Joey, it was a really good idea for me to move in with Ross. I think it's better for gives him a chance to be around for the little things more and that means a lot to him.

Joey: (sadly) Well, I'm glad I could help (Rachel smiles at him, and Ross comes in)

Ross: Hey!! It's all of my favorite girls!!! Hel-lo! (kisses Monica on the cheek) Hel-lo! (kisses Phoebe on the cheek) Hel-lo! (kisses Rachel on the cheek) and ohhh, heyyyy (bends down and kisses Rachel's tummy) And my favorite guys! (he walks over to Chandler and Joey)

Joey: Uh, you don't need to kiss us, dude.

Ross: What? I wasn't going to. I was just gonna say hi.

Joey: Oh...good.

Phoebe: Wow, somebody's in a good mood!

Ross: Well you would be too, if you just got a great bonus!

Monica: What? You got a bonus at work?

Ross: That's right! The Dean said that I'm making excellent progress teaching both of my classes!

All: Wow!/Congratulations/Yay!

Ross: Thanks! So, uh, Rach, you about ready to head home for dinner?

Rachel: Yeah, sure, just let me get my purse and coat and stuff.

Ross: Oh, I can get that for you. Where is it?

Rachel: I put it in the guest room, but really Ross, I can get it...

Ross: No, no, no, I'll get it! (He goes into the other room to get her stuff, the whole gang is staring at Rachel)

Rachel: What?

Monica: You two are certainly acting....coupley.

Rachel: What?! What do you mean, we are not!

Phoebe: Ha! (mimicing Ross) "Hey Rach, are you ready to head home for dinner?"

Rachel: So, we eat dinner together sometimes, what's wrong with that?

Monica: Uh, hello! He came over here to pick you up for dinner...that's kinda different.

Rachel: Nuh uh, he came over here to say hi to take me home for dinner.

Chandler: Well what about the fact that he kissed your stomach AND he's in there getting your purse and coat for you!

Rachel: What are you guys talking about?! I mean he kissed my stomach because his baby is in there! And he's getting my coat and purse because he's just a nice guy. (she stands up) Look, you guys are crazy..... (Ross comes out with her stuff)

Ross: Here ya go Rach. (He helps her into her coat and then hands her her purse, all the while the gang is staring at both of them, but Ross doesn't notice. He grabs Rachels hand and leads her out of the apartment) See ya guys!

All: Bye! (Ross and Rachel leave and shut the door and the gang just stares at each other with kinda raised eyebrow expressions)

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment, that same night. Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch, with the TV on, just talking. They look like they're having a really good time]

Rachel: (laughing) He so wasn't like that!

Ross: Oh yes he was! Rach, the guy got you a scooter as a birthday present!

Rachel: Well hey mister, why are you criticizing Tag when you went out with Elizabeth!? I mean, she was even younger than Tag!

Ross: (laughing) Ok, ok, you got me there! I'll admit, she was a little young for me.

Rachel: A little? Please Ross! She was barely old enough to get into R rated movies without being accompanied by an adult!

Ross: Alright, so we've both had some poor judgements when it comes to relationships.

Rachel: (sighing) Why does love have to be so complicated?

Ross: I don't sucks huh? (Rachel nods and they're both quiet for awhile, lost in thought)

Rachel: (quietly) You know which one of my relationships was the most complicated?

Ross: Which one?

Rachel: You and me.

Ross: (smiling softly) Yeah.....we were a bit of a roller coaster, weren't we?

Rachel: Why couldn't we ever just get together and stay together?

Ross: (uncomfortably) Rach, I don't really think we should start talking about this....

Rachel: I really think we should Ross. I mean, we've been broken up for nearly 5 years....and we've never really been able to calmly talk about anything.

Ross: What makes you think we can start now? (Rachel shoots him a look)

Rachel: Ross...

Ross: Okay, Okay...Well what did you want to talk about, specifically?

Rachel: Well....I've always wondered why you were so insecure about our relationship.

Ross: What? I wasn't!!

Rachel: Oh please Ross! Remember the whole Mark thing? (Ross looks down)

*Flashback of TOW All the Jealousy*

Mark: (talking to a woman) Okay, okay look, I know I'm being Mr. Inappropriate today, but it's just so tough, I mean see you walking around and I just wanna touch you and hold you, come on no one's around, just, just kiss me.
(They start to kiss, and Ross rushes into the office to break it up, thinking it's Rachel.)

Ross: All right that's, that's it!! Get off her!

Mark: What is going on?

Ross: What's going on?! (throws the love bug at him) I'll tell you what's going on!!

Rachel: (now standing behind Ross) Ross!
(Ross finally looks at the woman kissing Mark.)

Ross: I have been down in your store for twenty minutes trying to get a tie! What do I have to do to get some service?! (turns to Rachel) Hi Rach. (He's puts his hand on her shoulder and she knocks it away.)

(Back to present)

Rachel: (shaking her head) I still can't believe you did that. Ross, why didn't you trust me?

Ross: I did trust you! It's other guys that I didn't trust. I just......really loved you Rach. And I couldn't bear the thought of someone else taking you from me, I guess. Remember, I told you that when I apoligized that day also.

Rach: Yeah, I remember. (She takes Ross' hand) But Ross, you had no reason to be worried. (pause) I was crazy about you, you knew that right? There was never anyone else that even crossed my mind while we were going out. I mean....I was totally, completely, one-hundred percent in love with you. (Ross is quiet, looking down) Hmmm? (She tilts her head, trying to see his face) Ross?

Ross: (still looking down) Yeah I know. It's just hard, ya know. (he looks back up at Rachel)

Rachel: What's hard?

Ross: Well, if you had gone through what I had gone through, you would have acted like that too.

Rachel: You mean the whole Carol thing?

Ross:'s just hard to completely trust someone when you've gone through that. I mean, I know you loved me, and I had no reason to doubt you.........I'm sorry.

Rachel: (nodding, softly) Okay.

Ross: (uncomfortably) Well, uh, was there anything else you wanted to talk about?

Rachel: (she lets go of his hand and clasps both of hers together on her lap, looking down at them) Uh, no, that's pretty much it...(it's obvious there really is something else she wants to ask him)

Ross: Hey, c'mon. You can ask me now. I-I think I know what it is though.

Rachel: (looking at him) You do?

Ross: (quietly) You want to ask me what made me sleep with (pause, Ross looks as if he doesn't want to say her name)......Chloe. (Rachel looks down) What do you want me to say that I haven't already said, Rach? Huh? I mean, I told you.....I was devastated that I had lost you forever! I went to a bar, called you, I hear Mark's voice in the background.....and well, you know the rest...

Rachel: If only Mark hadn't come over....(getting a little upset) But still Ross, it all comes back to your insecurity issue. I mean, he only came over to talk to me, I wasn't even the one who invited him! (Ross doesn't say anything) You're right, maybe we shouldn't have started talking about this. I mean it's all way in the past. I-I'm just gonna go to bed now. (She gets up and walks away)

Ross: Wait. (Rachel turns around)

Rachel: What?

Ross: (staring at her, he looks really emotional and he has tears in his eyes. He says the next part really heartfelt) I-I'm sorry.

Rachel: (softening, she gets a little teary eyed and just nods at him and they lock eyes. She smiles sort of sadly at him and then turns and goes into her room. Ross just stays on the couch and sighs heavily.)

[Scene: The next day. Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica and Chandler are eating breakfast and Rachel comes in. She looks upset and like she didn't get much sleep last night.]

Mon: Hey Rach.

Rachel: Hey guys.

Chandler: What's wrong?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Chandler: look like you didn't get much sleep last night. Was the baby kicking again?

Rachel: (sigh) No, I stayed up talking to Ross late last night....and well, I brought some things up that I shouldn't have and I stayed up all night thinking about it.

Monica: What did you talk about?

Rachel: (sitting down at the table also) Well....basically our relationship and our breakup and stuff.

Monica: (making a face) Ohhh. How did it go?

Rachel: Eh...not well actually. I mean, we didn't fight or anything. Well, not really...

Chandler: What do you mean?

Rachel: I don't know. Look, I'm sorry, but I would really love not to talk about this right now. I've been obsessing over it all night.

Monica: It's ok sweetie. We understand.

Rachel: (sighing) Thanks.

(Ross walks in)

Ross: Hey guys. (he sees Rachel) Oh...hi.

Rachel: Hi (things are kinda akward) Well, uh, I better get going. I have to be at work in (checks her watch)........a half hour. Well, see you guys.

Monica/Chandler: Bye Rachel. (she leaves)

Ross: Ughhhh. I knew things were going to feel strange between us now.

Monica: (sympathetically) I'm sorry. Rachel told us you guys talked last night.

Ross: What did she say?

Chandler: She said you talked about your relationship and stuff. But she didn't really go into great detail...she said she'd been obsessing over it all night. wanna tell us?

Monica: Chandler!! you?

Ross: Well.......actually no not really. I've been thinking about it all night too. (he puts his head in his hands) Ahhhhhh.........why do me and Rachel have to be so complicated together?

Monica: you want my opinion?

Ross: I guess..

Monica: Well, you two have a huge history. I mean, you were so in love when you were going out, and I honestly think part of that never goes away. Even though you two aren't necessarily IN love anymore, you still care about each other so much that you really have a big effect on each other.

Ross: (thinking about what she said) Yeah...Yeah, I guess that's true..

Monica: And since you guys have that huge history and are so close now, you can really impact each other's feelings. When you guys were in love you were so passionate about each other, and you still are in a way. Whether you guys are in love or fighting, you're doing it with your whole heart.

Ross: Wow...Mon, that was beautiful!! And......true, I guess. (sighs) I really should talk to Rach. I don't want things to be tense between us. Especially when we have our daughter on the way. I'm gonna go to work now. Thanks for the talk guys.

Monica/Chandler: You're welcome/See ya.

(Ross leaves)

Chandler: Since when are you so good with words?

Monica: What do you mean?

Chandler: (imitating Monica) "whether you guys are in love or fighting, you're doing it with your whole heart" (he makes a gagging face)

Monica: (laughing a little) What? You don't think that's true about them?

Chandler: (shrugging) If you want to know what I think, I think they both still love each other, they're just too proud to show it or admit it............

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's Apartment. It's evening that same day. Ross is sitting on the couch reading a book when Rachel walks in]

Ross: (looking up from his book) Hey.

Rach: (quietly, looking down) Hi.

Ross: Look, can we talk?

Rachel: Ross....I don't know, I'm really tired right now.

Ross: Rach we have to! We can't be this uncomfortable around each other, we have too much other important stuff going on! Come on, just sit down. (He pats the couch next to him and Rachel sits down)

Rachel: Okay, go ahead.

Ross: (turning to face Rachel) First of all, I just want to say that you were right last night in bringing up our relationship and our breakup. That was stuff that really needed to be brought out into the open. We've both been ignoring it long enough. (Rachel nods) And I think we should talk about it some more. You know, clear everything up. (Rachel looks kind of surprised)

Rachel: don't think we talked about it enough last night?

Ross: Obviously not, because we've been tense around each other today.

Rachel: Yeah you're right. so.....


Rachel: About the whole Chloe thing.......Ross, I guess I should let you know that I don't harbor any resentment anymore against you. I mean, I can't say it doesn't still hurt me sometimes when I think about it, but really, life is too short and you're one of my best friends. I-I can't hold it against you anymore.

Ross: (nodding) Thank you. I can't tell you how good it is to finally hear you say that.

Rachel: (kinda smiling softly) Is there anything you needed to talk about? Get out?

Ross: Well.....I guess I just want to tell you that our relationship was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I mean, It was hearbreaking and hearwrenching and we didn't always get along....but I wouldn't trade all the pain for anything. I know we both sometimes don't admit it now, but we really were in love, and I'm so glad I got to experience that with you.

Rachel: (she's teary by now and wipes her eyes a little)Aww, Ross, thats so sweet! (jokingly) Don't you dare make me fall in love with you again! (Ross chuckles) No, seriously, you know I feel the same way right? (Ross nods) Was there a second of all?

Ross: Nah, I just think it sounds good to start a talk with 'first of all'. (Rachel laughs) So..are we cool now?

Rachel: (smiling) We're cool. Thanks for the talk Ross.

(She stands up and holds out her arms and Ross stands up and puts his arms around her and they hug. Rachel is still a little teary, but smiling, and Ross is closing his eyes, just holding her tightly. Neither seem to want to let each other go, and they just stay this way, rocking back and forth slightly)

[Cut to: Monica and Chandler's. Monica and Chandler are standing by the window, looking over at Ross and Rachel's apartment, watching them hug.]

Monica: What do you think just happened?

Chandler: I don't know.

Monica: Aw, look at Ross! (Ross is the only face they can see because Rachel's back is to them) He looks so happy and yet so sad at the same time! I wonder what they're hugging about. Is it a good hug or a bad hug?

Chandler: How can there be a bad hug?

Monica: (defensively) I don't know...but there could be!!

(Phoebe walks in)

Phoebe: Hey! What are you guys looking at?

Monica: Shhhh! We're spying on Ross and Rachel!

Phoebe: You guys! That's terrible!.........Let me see! (she joins them by the window) Ooh, what are they hugging about?

Chandler: (sadly, but in a funny way) If only we had bugged their apartment....(Monica and Phoebe look at him funnily)

[Cut back to Ross and Rachel]

Ross: (now opening his eyes and looking at the window, he notices Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe all spying on them) Hey!!

Rachel: (breaking the hug slowly and looking up at him, she looks a little sad that their moment was ruined) What? What's wroing?

Ross: (gesturing towards the window) Look!

Rachel: (looking and seeing Mon, Phoe, and Chan, she rolls her eyes) Don't they have a life?

Ross: (slyly) Well, do you want to give them something to watch?

Rachel: What do you mean?

Ross: Just follow me, camon. If they want a show, they're gonna get a show! (Ross takes off his coat and throws it on the floor and walks towards Rachel. She giggles)

Rachel: Ohhhh I see what you're doing. (She walks closer to Ross and unties his tie and takes it off, then backs up closer to the window and beckons to Ross. Ross comes closer to her, and leans over her with his hands pressed against the window. He leans down, pretending to be about to kiss her, and pulls the drapes shut quickly.)

[Cut to Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe and M&C's apartment. All of them are wide eyed, staring at each other]

Monica: WHOA!!!

Phoebe: Wh-what the heck was that?

Chandler: (still staring across) Come on!! Open the drapes, open the drapes!!!! (he turns away) Man, we could have seen a good show! (Monica hits him)

[Cut to Ross and Rachel again. They are in the same position, Rachel leaning her back against the window (well, the drapes now) and Ross leaning over her with his hands pressed against the window. They are both just staring at each other]

Ross: (breaking the stare and clearing his throat) Well, hm, that should show them....

Rachel: (softly, she looks kind of uncomfortable) Uh yeah, but Ross....

Ross: Yeah?

Rachel: Could you, uh, back away?

Ross: What? (realizes) Oh yeah! Sorry....(he moves away and Rachel moves too, they both kind of laugh nervously)

Rachel: (uncomfortably) Well, I'm uh, gonna go to bed now.

Ross: (softly) Okay. I'll uh, I'll see you tomorrow then.

Rachel: Yeah, see ya.

(Ross watches her walk away and then sits down on the couch, lost in thought. He kinda stares into space while Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7 plays. The first part of the montage is Ross' thoughts, and the second part is Rachel's)

"Everybody's got something, they had to leave behind,
One regret from yesterday, that just seems to grow with time,"

We see scenes from The One The Morning After. Rachel hitting Ross with the newspaper, Ross trying to kiss her, Both of them crying with Ross on his knees, hugging her

"There's no use looking back, or wondering,
How it could be now, or might have been
Oh this I know, but still I can't find ways to let you go,"

We see the scene from 814 (I think that's the right ep, I might be wrong) where Rachel decides to move in with Ross. We see the part where they're hugging, except we don't see Joey looking at them like in the real ep, we just see them looking really happy and stuff.

" I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you"

We see Ross and Rachel's first kiss in Central Perk

"Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby,"

We see Ross and Rachel in 804, TOW the Videotape. It's the part on the tape where they're talking about how they almost slept together when Monica and Chandler got engaged

"I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be with you."

Now we see the Ross sitting on the couch, with his head in his hands, looking sad, happy, and confused all at the same time.

"Somewhere in my memory I've lost all sense of time,
And tomorrow can never be cos yesterday is all that fills my mind,"

Now we see Rachel sitting in her bed, looking deep in thought also. She's absently rubbing her stomach. We see a shot of her in The One With the Morning After, where she's telling Ross to go.

"There's no use looking back or wondering,
How it should be now or might have been,
All this I know, but still I can't find ways to let you go"

We see Ross and Rachel in TOW Chandler Can't Cry, when they're talking about Jill in Monica and Chandler's living room. It's the part where Ross tells Rachel that he wasn't sure if anything was going to happen with them again, but he didn't want to know that it never could, and they do that cute little kicky thing.

"I never had a dream come true
Till the day that I found you
Even though I pretend that I've moved on
You'll always be my baby,"

The scene in TOA the Beach, where Ross and Rachel are standing outside, talking, right before they kiss.

"I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be......with you"

A split screen of Ross on the couch and Rachel in her bed. Rachel has tears running down her cheeks and Ross looks kind of hurt/upset. The song fades out as Rachel lays down and clicks off her lamp, still crying a little and Ross just leans back on the couch and closes his eyes.

[Cut to later that night. Ross is lying on the couch with his eyes closed, but obviously not asleep. He's turning restlessly and looks like he can't get comfortable.....don't ask me why he's not in his bed, hehe, lets just say he wanted to sleep on the couch]

Rachel: (V.O) There was never anyone else that even crossed my mind while we were going out. I mean....I was totally, completely, one-hundred percent in love with you.

[Cut to Rachel's bed. She's lying on her side with her eyes open]

Ross: (V.O) Well.....I guess I just want to tell you that our relationship was one of the best things that ever happened to me.........

[Cut back to Ross. He sits up and rubs his eyes, then quietly gets up and walks to Rachels door and quietly opens it. Inside, Rachel quickly closes her eyes and pretends to be asleep. Ross quietly enters and sits on the edge of her bed. He just looks at her for awhile and then softly strokes her arm. Then he leans down and kisses her on the side of her head, looks at her once more, then gets up and leaves. After he's gone, we see Rachel open her eyes and touch the spot where he kissed her]

[Scene: The next day, Central Perk. Monica, Phoebe, and Joey are there and Rachel comes in.]

Joey: Hey Rach

Rachel: Hey. (she sighs and sits down)

Monica: What's up?

Rachel: Oh, I don't know......I'm just really confused.

Phoebe: About what?

Rachel: Well, it's Ross...

Monica: I knew it!! Is it about what happened last night? You guys slept together didn't you?

Joey: (jealous) What?! You slept together AGAIN?

Rachel: What? No! You guys, we were just doing that because we saw you guys spying on us. It was just a joke.

Phoebe: It was a joke?

Rachel: Yes!

Monica: Then what are you so confused about?

Rachel: Well....I-I think I'm starting to have feelings for Ross again....

Phoebe/Monica/Joey: WHAT?!

Monica: How is that possible??

Rachel: I-I don't know, but I think he might be feeling the same way too. Maybe it's just us living together and being together more, but something is definitely going on. Last night I kept thinking about him and our history.

Phoebe: Are you sure he feels the same way?

Rachel: Well, no. But last night, he thought I was asleep and he came into my room and (pause, she smiles)

Phoebe: Come on, he what?

Rachel: Well he just sat there for awhile, kinda rubbing my arm and then he kissed my head.

Monica: Whoa! I mean...whoa!

Rachel: I know. I don't know what to do.

Joey: Maybe you should just wait know, keep it to yourself.

Monica: What are you talking about Joey, she definitely needs to talk to Ross. If there's a chance they could get back together, well, that would be great. (Rachel smiles a little)

Joey: Yeah, but you don't want to seem to forward....

Rachel: (frowning) Hmmm...

Joey: Oh, who am I kidding, you should go for it Rach! (all the girls look at him)

Rachel: You really think so?

Joey: Yeah. Come on, you guys are perfect together, you're having a baby. (sadly) I mean, you belong together.

Rachel: Aw Joey. Thanks. But I still don't know you guys. It's been so long since we were together, I'm not sure if Ross feels the same way,-

Phoebe: You're not sure Ross feels the same way? Please Rach!

Rachel: What?

Monica: Of course he feels the same way! He offered to marry you!

Rachel: Yeah but that was just because of the baby...

Monica: Well, from what he did last night, it sounds like something is definitely going on inside of him. You'll never know unless you talk to him.

Rachel: Yeah I guess..well I better go. Talk to you later you guys.

All: Bye Rach.

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's Apartment, that night. Rachel is sitting on the couch talking on the phone]

Monica: (O.S) So did you talk to him yet?

Rachel: (OTP) No he's not home yet. Ahhh...Monica I really don't know if I should say anything.

Monica: Camon Rach, it can't hurt.

Rachel: Yes it could...(Just then Rachel hears Ross' key in the door) Ooh he's coming in Mon, hold on.

Monica: Kay.

(Ross enters)

Ross: (smiling) Hey Rach

Rachel: (smiling back) Hey. How was your day?

Ross: Pretty good. Yours?

Rachel: Eh, it was alright. (They stare at each other for awhile)

Ross: Well uh, I'm gonna go lay down and take a quick nap. I've had a headache all day.

Rachel: (kinda disappointed) Oh, well okay then. See you later.

Ross: Ok (he leaves to his room)

Rachel: (Back on the phone to Monica) He just went into his room to take a nap.

Monica: Well go in there and talk to him!!!

Rachel: Mon, he has a headache.

Monica: Then bring him some asprin! Go go go!!!

Rachel: Okay, okay. I'll talk to you later.

Monica: You better!!

Rachel: Bye Mon.

Monica: Bye! (both hang up)

[Cut to Ross' room. Ross is laying on the bed, on his side, with his back kinda to the door. Rachel enters quietly with some asprin and some water. She goes to the side of the bed Ross is facing and he opens his eyes and sees her]

Rachel: Hey. I thought you might need some asprin.

Ross: Oh, thanks. Yeah that would help. (he takes the asprin and water from her and swallows the pills) Man, this headache has just been killing me all day.

Rachel: Aww, I'm sorry. Can I get you anything else?

Ross: Oh, that's sweet, but I'm fine.

Rachel: (worried) Are you sure?

Ross: (kinda smiling) Yes I'm sure. Don't worry. You're already getting those motherly instincts.

Rachel: (smiles, then it quickly turns into a frown) Ross....I didn't come in here just to give you asprin.

Ross: What's up?

Rachel: Well, it's just that lately, I've kinda been feeling (pause)....The thing is.....Well, uh, (Ross is kinda looking at her funnily) You know what? Never mind. It's not important.

Ross: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, you just rest. I'll talk to you later.

Ross: Okay. (Rachel leaves, and the camera follows her. She shuts Ross' door and leans on it an sighs.)

[Cut to a little later that night, Phoebe's apartment. Phoebe is sitting on her couch talking on the phone]

Phoebe: (OTP) Come on Rach, just do it! The more you wait, the harder it's going to get to tell him.

(Cuts to Rachel sitting in her bed with the phone)

Rachel: I know Phoebe, but I just don't think this is the right time.

Phoebe: Look Rach. I know about these things. Both of your auras are in the right place. Just go for it.

Rachel: I don't know.....I'm going to go to sleep now. Ross hasn't come out of his room all night, I'll just see him tomorrow.

Phoebe: (sighing) Ok, I'll see you later then.

Rachel: Bye. (both hang up, and the camera stays on Rachel who turns off her light and lays down)

[Cut to the kitchen. Ross is up and getting a drink of water. He starts heading back to his room but stops at Rachel's door first. He opens it and goes in]

Ross: (quietly) Rach? Are you still awake? (there's no answer, and Ross walks over to her bed sits down on the other side. He lays down and puts his arms around Rachel and puts his head close to her ear, whispering) Rachel, wake up.

Rachel: (stirring) Ross? Wh-what are you doing?

Ross: Shhhhhhh. Can I just talk to you for a second?

Rachel: Yeah......

Ross: (he still has his face very close to hers) What did you want to tell me before, in my room?

Rachel: Oh, it was nothing really....

Ross: Was it what I hope it was?

Rachel: What?

Ross: Rachel, look, I know what you've been feeling lately. Joey told me this afternoon.

Rachel: (upset) What?! He told you?? (She sits up, causing Ross to move away from her, so he sits up also)

Ross: Calm down Rach. He only told me because.....well, because I told him I'd been feeling the same things first.

Rachel: (softening) You have?

Ross: (nods) I-I'm falling for you again Rach. I don't know how it happened again, but it did. Maybe its us living together, maybe its the fact that we're having a baby, but I just can't get you out of my head.

Rachel: Oh Ross, I feel the same way. You're all I think about lately. I've been rushing through work so I can get home to see you.....I don' t know what's going on, but I think I like it.

(she smiles at him and he smiles back and puts his hand on her cheek, and she puts her hand on top of his and grabs it. Ross slowly leans in and kisses her, a short and sweet kiss)

Ross: Are you sure you want to do this? (Rachel just nods) It might be hard....

Rachel: (quietly) I know.

Ross: But you're ok with that? (Rachel just nods again) And you're ok with everything in our past?

Rachel: Ross, I let that go awhile ago. Remember, I told you?

Ross: Yeah, okay. I was just making sure. (she smiles at him again and grabs his hand and kisses it) Can you believe this is happening again?

Rachel: No...but I'm so happy. I missed you. I mean, I saw you, but I missed you as my know what I mean right?

Ross: (smiling) Yeah. I missed you too. More than you will know.....(He gets her other hand and kisses it, Rachel smiles at him)

Rachel: Can I just ask you to do one thing?

Ross: Of course.

Rachel: Can you hug me? (Ross just smiles and pulls her into a hug. Rachel closes her eyes and lays her head on his shoulder and Ross rubs her back) Ohhh I've missed the way you hold me.

Ross: (over Rachel's head) Now can I ask you to do something?

Rachel: Mmm hmmm

Ross: Can you let me kiss you again?

Rachel: (pulling away) Of course....You don't really expect me to say no to you, do you? (Ross smiles and they lean into a very long and cute kiss, and then they hug again)

Ross: Hey Rach?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: This time lets try to make it last forever, ok?

Rachel: (pulling away and looking at him in the eyes, quietly, smiling) Okay.

THE END!!!!!