Temporary happiness

Hey guys this take splace right were my last fic left off so if you didn't read it I suggest you do. I don't own these characters blah blah hope you guys like it please give me your feedback positive and negative alike. Hope you guys like it .

Ross: what’s the last thing you remember?

Rachel: hmmm.....

Just then Phoebe, Joey , Monica, and Chandler come happily rushing in

Monica: hey

Rachel: hey guys

Joey: how ya doing ?

Monica: you gave us quite a scare there rach

Rachel : I’m okay I guess except that I have amnesia

Phoebe : really ?!

Joey: so how bad is it ?

Rachel : well the doctor says it’s not too bad I can remember everything up to about 4 months ago It’s just kinda weird ya know ?

Monica: we know honey but hey at least your okay otherwise your really lucky you weren’t physically hurt too bad

Ross: ya we’re just glad your okay

Rachel : I guess you guys will just have to help me remember what’s happened

Phoebe: we will don’t worry

Monica : so what’s the last thing you remember honey ?

Rachel : well um.....I remember I told Phoebe about that uh Princess Layia thing and Ross got mad at me and then we made up and uh that’s the last thing I can think of

The doctor walks in

Dr: okay guys I’m afraid visiting hours are over for now one of you can stay with Rachel but the rest of you will have to leave now

Rachel : Ross can you stay with me ?

Ross : of course honey

Rachel kisses him (just a small thank you kiss)and the gang can’t help but be shocked to see this

Rachel : what ?

Monica : nothing ...um well we better go sweetie we’ll see you tomorrow okay ?

Rachel : k bye guys

Ross: you should get some rest

Rachel : yea can you sleep with me ? I hate sleeping overnight at hospitals

Ross: sure ( Ross lies down next to Rachel and she cuddles up to him )

Rachel : goodnight ( she kisses Ross goodnight)

Ross: goodnight

The next Morning

Ross wakes up and sees Rachel next to him he smiles weakly remembering what happened last night.
He looks at Rachel sweetly and then walked out of her room to coffee

Ross sits down with his coffee and starts thinking about Rachel and what happened last night

Ross thinking to himself

Man what am I supposed to do ? She doesn’t remember our break up at all, and I can’t really tell her now I mean the doctor said not to upset her she just woke up from a coma for god’s sake. This is crazy what am i supposed to do just act like we never broke up ?! I can’t do that to her or myself. It hurts knowing she wouldn’t be acting this way if she hadn’t lost her memory. But on the other hand I really miss her and now finally I can be with her and, god I love kissing her , I just don’t know what to do.
I better go check on her she’s probably awake by now.

Ross walks into Rachel’s room and finds Rachel and Monica talking

Rachel : hey where were you ? ( she says this in a sweet way not a nagging way )

Ross: I went to get some coffee I got you some too

Rachel : thanks , and thanks for staying with me last night.

Ross: of coarse I’m always here for you Rach

Rachel kisses him softly

Ross: humph..... I missed that
( Rachel smiles as he touches her face gently)
Monica: Ross can I talk to you for a sec ?

Ross: what? oh yea

Monica and Ross in the hall outside Rachel’s room

Monica: Ross what are you doing ?

Ross: what do you mean ?

Monica: with Rachel ?!

Ross: I don’t know she forgot about are break up and the doctor said not to upset her or excite her right now because of the coma

Monica: so your just going to pretend that nothing happened ?!

Ross: well for now I have to

Monica: just be careful Ross because the time will come when you have to tell her and it’s gonna be really hard especially if you keep this up

Ross: I’m just gonna have to take that risk then....listen Monica I missed her so much after we broke up okay I love her I do and now I can be with her and hear her say she loves me again I’m not gonna ruin that

Monica: okay I just hope you know what your doing .

Ross: I’m going back to Rachel I’ll see you later

Monica: okay bye

(Ross walks back into Rach’s room)

Ross: hey

Rachel : what was that all about ?

Ross: nothing

Rachel : (with an unsure look on her face) okay

Ross: I can’t wait till you can come home

Rachel : me too I hate hospitals

Ross: I know who doesn’t

Rachel : kiss me

Ross: laughs what ?

Rachel : what you don’t want to ?

Ross: of coarse I want to

Ross softly brushes his lips against her’s then he kisses her much more passionately and leaves her breathless

Rachel : wow.....it feels like it’s been such a long time since you done that

Ross: it has

Rachel: ya because of the coma right ?

Ross: yea He smiles weakly

To Be Continued ..............