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Part Three AKA TOW The Thank You

opening scene-Central perk, the whole gang is there

JOEY: You know what I was thinkin

CHANDLER(puts his hand over his mouth in fake shock) Oh my god---NO!

JOEY:(looks at Chandler weirdly) Yeah I was thinkin, Smoky the Bear is not a good role model for those Forest Fire Commercials

ROSS: Umm, ok Joe, why?

JOEY: Dude, he is Smoky

RACH:(very confused look on her face) Huh???

JOEY:(clearly getting exasperated) he is smoky, he is Smoky the Bear, he smokes. I mean he goes on and on about "Only You can prevent forest fires" and he is smoky

ALL: Yeah, ok Joe, Good thing ya figured that out

(Joey sits back and looks proud of himself, everyone else looks at each other with what the heck is he talking about looks)

Monica and Chandler's apt

RACHEL: Oh, Joey I meant to tell you thanks for beating up Kyle, although I don't normally condone violence, i'll make an exception in this case

JOEY: Aww, it was nothing(goes over and kisses her on the cheek)

MONICA: Hey Rach, about the whole Kyle, thing i'm really sorry I didn't belive you or listen to you

CHANDLER: Yeah, I'm sorry too

MONICA: Here are some cookies I baked, you know kind of an i'm glad we're friends, sorry I was such a bitch sort of thing

(Rachel takes the cookies and begins to eat them, some crumbs drop on the table)

MONICA: Oh my god, no, no, no no, no crumbs!!!!! Go eat by the sink

RACHEL:(as she moves towards the sink) ok Mon, calm down, an anuresm before you are 35 is not a good thing

MONICA:(scrubbing the table) I know, but I just hate having a dirty table

RACHEL: Then its a good thing I never told you what Ross and I did on it 3yrs ago

MONICA; WHAT!!!!!! (lets the bottle of cleaning solution fall on the floor), oh my god, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew

(Chandler sees the look on Monica's face and collapses on the couch laughing, Joey looks over at Rach and then at the table and smiles)

JOEY: Now thats a realllll dirty table

MONICA: Shut up Joe, arent you supposed to be obsessivly watching your Facts of Life Tapes right now

JOE: Huh? Oh, Yeah!! (runs next door to his apt)

Central Perk

JOEY: You know who is hot?? Jo is hot

PHOEBE: Yes, Joe, we think you are very cute

JOEY: No, not me Joe, Jo, Jo the chick from Facts of Life

PHOEBE: Ohhh, yeah she's ok but Blair was prettier

MONICA: Oh my god, Blair was so prissy, all she cared about was clothes, who could ever be friends with someone like that


MONICA: Oh Honey, i'm sorry, but you care about a lot more stuff than clothes

RACHEL: Oh, ok. (they hug)

JOEY: Anyhow, back to Jo, she is soo hot. Oooh yeah, I'd like to give her some Joey love, man is she cute, ooh I could look at her all day

ROSS: Umm, Joe, you do realize that, that show went off the air, oh 13yrs ago

JOEY: Of course I knew that(he says it so it is obvious that he did not have a clue)

Monica and Chandler's

RACHEL: Hey! Where's Chandler?

MONICA: Oh, I sent him to do the laundry

RACHEL: Have you ever seen Chandler do the laundry

MONICA: Umm no

RACHEL: Well, he dumps everything in, in one big load

MONICA: Ok" miss I never ever did laundry until 5yrs ago"(said teasingly)

RACHEL: Well, yeah but, but(unalbe to come up with a comeback) even I know not to do that

(Chandler walks in)

MONICA: Chandler, I have a question for you

CHANDLER: Yes we can be like Ross and Rachel and do it on the table

MONICA: No, (pauses for a minute) well maybe later, but my question is, how many loads of laundry did you do

CHANDLER: (in a voice knowing he is about to get in trouble) One

MONICA: Oh My god, Chandler, how dumb can you possibly be

RACHEL: I'm going to go now guys.(they are too busy arguing to notice her) Yeah, ok ummm bye

MONICA: You separate the clothes, seeeppppaarrattte them

CHANDLER: They were separated, I put them in the wash machine one at a time, it's not like I just dumped the whole basket in

MONICA: No, you have to separate the colors, you have to separtate the darks from the lights, so they don't run

CHANDLER: What, like they're gonna go join the circus or something

MONICA: Errrrgh, come with me(grabs him by the arm)

CHANDLER: WHere are we going?

MONICA: We are going to the laundy room, it's time for Laundry 101, how to do Laundry the Geller way

CHANDLER: Oh goody, goody(jumps up and down and claps his hands)

MONICA: I'd watch it if I were you, or that kitchen table thing will not be happening

Rachel and Phoebe's

PHOEBE: Hi, Rach, oooh what are you makin

RACHEL: Oh a thank you card for Ross, for being so nice and all the past few weeks. I was gonna buy him one but I was at the store and I saw these adorable dinosaur stickers and then I saw this glitter and all this pretty construction paper and well...

PHOEBE: well, it looks super pretty, I bet he will like it. He is the Dino Man after all(begins making dinosaur noises and runs around the room flapping her arms

RACHEL: Yeah, I just wanted to do something nice for him, I mean he is always there for me no matter what, even after all we've been through, sometimes I wish(her voice trails off)

PHOEBE: You wish what?

RACHEL: That we hadnt wasted all that time fighing over such stupid stuff. I mean I would still have broken up with him, esp over Chloe, but I wish we hadn't carried on a grudge and snapped back and forth at each other for so long, and you know what? I'm going to tell him that. I'm going to write him a letter and say so(goes into her room)

RACHEL: (this is the letter)

"Dear Ross, I don't know exactly how to say this and I hope what I say comes out right and makes sense. I wanted to thank you for all of your help, not just these past few weeks but everytime you have been there for me. I care about you so much and you are such a big part of my life, I dont' know what i'd ever do if I lost you. It's hard for me to say how much you mean to me or what it means to have someone like you in my life. I feel that I can tell you anything and that you are the only one who really, truly knows me. You know all of my secrests, my hopes, dreams and fears, my good parts and bad parts and you still are willing to stand by me. I'm sorry about all the fights we had, if I could take them back I would. I can't tell you enough how much it has meant to have you on my side these past few weeks, this has been one of the hardest times in my life and just knowing you were there for me, made it so much more bearable. So thank you for being such a great friend. Love, Rach

(she seals it in an envelope and delivers it and the card to Ross)

THE END stay tuned for part four TOW The Letter