TOW Forgotten Thoughts

This takes place in season 3 after The one with the fighting champion


Ross: hey guys.. What ? is something wrong ?

Monica: We just got a call from the New York hospital..... it’s Rachel

Ross: omg is she ok ?

Phoebes: not really she was in an accident ...god I just can’t believe this happened

Joey: I know none of us can

Ross: well how is she?

Chandler: she’s in a coma

Ross: I can’t believe this, well did they say anything else?

Monica: no they didn’t want to say anymore over the phone so we’re all going down their now ,we were just gonna call you

Ross: well let’s go

their at the front desk

Woman: can I help you?

Ross: yes we’re looking for our friend, a Miss Green, she was brought in this afternoon

Woman: she’s on floor 5 room 215

Monica: thanks

They walk into Rachel’s room and see her lying in the hospital bed

Chandler: she looks so weak and innocent

The doctor walks in
Dr: hi I’m Rachel’s doctor Dr. Burke

Monica: we’re all close friend’s of Rachel’s I’m Monica and this s my brother Ross and Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey

Joey: how is she ?

Dr: well she’s in a coma but she’s not that deeply unconscious so their’s a good chance she’ll recover from this, just try talking to her as if she could hear you that’s the only thing you can do right now.
The doctor leaves them with Rachel

Ross: she has to come out of this she just has to

Chandler: she will man

Monica: ya, you heard the doctor her chances are really good

Phoebe: good chances just don’t seem like enough right now

Joey : I know

Chandler : she’ll be ok we just have to be patient

Joey : I’m gonna go get some food you guys want anything ?

All: coffee / no thanks/ etc.

Phoebe: I’ll go with you

Monica: I should call Rachel’s parents

Chandler : ya they need to know...want me to go with you ?

Monica: yea thanks

Chandler : you coming Ross ?

Ross : no I’m gonna stay with Rachel

Chandler : alright we’ll be right back okay ?

Ross: k bye

Ross is talking to Rachel

Ross: Well I guess we should talk huh ? We have a lot to talk about anyway and hey this way you can’t get mad at me.( He let’s out a small weak laugh) Hmm... I wish we were getting along better I miss talking to you . I’m sorry I know I’ve been kind of a jerk lately but this has just been really rough for me. I know it’s hard because things are just so weird between us but I wanna spend more time with you I miss you ... you were such a big part of my life and now whenever we do talk it’s painful in some way. Am I making any sense ? Probably not....hmm I just want you to know that I care about you.. A lot ( he kisses her on the cheek) I ....

The rest of the gang walks in

Monica : hey

Ross : oh hey I was just..

Chandler : we know

Ross : so are Rachel’s parents coming ?

Monica : ya their on their way

Phoebe : we got you coffee

Ross: thanks

Joey : are you okay ?

Ross: ya I just wish Rachel and I were on better terms when she wakes up I wanna help her with this but she’s not gonna want me to be with her all the time , she doesn’t need me like that anymore

Phoebe: she still needs you Ross.

Joey : ya man she needs you to be there for her as a friend

Ross: I know that’s what hurts

Time lapse

Rachel has been in a coma for a week now and Ross comes to see her every night
The rest of the gang come as often as they can

The gang is at Monica’s talking
Ross walks in

Ross: hiiiiiiiiii

Joey: what happened now ?!

Ross: nothing just um Bonnie broke up with me and said some really horrible stuff

Monica : like what ?

Ross: that she understands why Rachel dumped me and that I’m a horrible boyfriend

Phoebe: uh that bitch .....she’s on my list

Joey : sorry dude

Chandler : ya

Monica : Ross you’re a great boyfriend ok she doesn’t know what she’s talking about she’s just jealous
that you spend so much time with Rachel

Ross : ya I miss her

Phoebe: bonnie ?

Ross: no Rachel

Chandler: we all do

Monica : try not to think about her all the time though Ross your just making yourself depressed

Later on Ross is at the hospital talking to Rachel

Ross: hey guess what happened to me today ? I got dumped once again. Great huh?...................... I can’t believe she brought up our relationship like that either, ya know ? As if she has the right to talk for you. ........................Gosh Rach I need you to come out of this I want to hear your voice again . I wish you could really hear me but you can’t . Ross kisses Rachel quickly on the lips. I wish you could feel that. (A tear rolls down his cheek he wipes it away and falls asleep in the chair besides Rachel’s hospital bed)

The next Day
Ross is in his room looking in his Rachel and Ross shoe box
He takes out pictures of ross n rach when they were going out
Monica comes in and sees him Moping

Monica: Ross your such a mess you can’t let this happen to yourself

Ross : I don’t know what your getting at Mon but I really don’t wanna hear it right now

Monica : Ross look at you , you never go out anymore all you do is work, visit Rachel ,and sleep. Your falling even more in love with her Ross guys broke up ...she’s moved on Ross and you need to too

Ross : I miss her okay that’s all

Monica : then why haven’t you gone out on a date for months ?

Ross: because I don’t have the time

Monica : you could find time if you weren’t always moping around your place looking at pictures of Rachel. Ross you’re my brother and I love you.. I want you to be happy.

Ross : I’m not ready to date okay?

Monica : fine but at least go out with us

Ross : okay

Monica: I’ll see you later Ross

Ross : bye

As soon as Monica leaves Ross puts on his coat and drives over to the hospital to see Rachel

Ross: Rachel I miss you so much and everyone keeps telling me to go on dates and have fun but I can’t. I feel guilty like I’m doing something wrong and I just don’t want to be with anyone. Monica’s right too I’m even more in love with you than before . It’s just that I know when you wake up I won’t be able to watch you sleep and spend all this time with you even though you don’t know I’m here I love being with you and I want to spend as much time with you as I can ,is that so wrong? ( Ross kisses her but longer than the last time, as he kisses her she starts to wake up )

Ross: Rachel ?! (She starts to open her eyes) Rach can you hear me ?

Rachel: (quietly) Ross?

Ross: Hey, your awake I can’t believe it !
Rachel : what’s going on Ross where am I ?

Ross: you just woke up from a coma you were in an accident

Rachel: omg am I gonna be ok ?

Ross: yea, your gonna be better than ok I’m gonna get the doctor I’ll be right back ok ?

Rachel : ok ....Ross wait

Ross: what is it ?

Rachel kisses him softly and slowly

Rachel : I love you sweetie

Ross: (Pretty shocked) I love you too

Ross is talking to the doctor

Ross: is she gonna be ok now ?

Dr: yea Rachel’s perfectly healthy but while running the tests we discovered she has amnesia

Ross: ( now understanding why she kissed him ) Oh I see

Dr: Rachel doesn’t remember anything up until 4 months ago so your going to need to help her through this , slowly her memory will most likely come back but it’s going to take time and patience

Ross: okay thank you Doctor Burke

Ross goes back into Rachel’s room

Ross: hey

Rachel : hey you

Ross: I missed you so much, are you okay ?

Rachel: The doctor told me I have amnesia

Ross: yea but it’s not too bad he said it should come back in time

Ross: what’s the last thing you remember ?

Rachel: hmm .....

To Be Continued ............