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The One With Chandler's Tie

 Joey and Rachel's apartment

 Joey is banging away on his drumset, everytime he hits the cymbls he screams out "wahoo"!!

 Monica, Phoebee and Chandler come in the door

 CHANDLER: what is that awful noise??

 JOEYL It's called music

 CHANDLER: No, music is nice, music is pretty, what you are doing makes me want to rip my hair out

 JOEY: You obviously do not appreciate culture

 MONICA: Know what I appreciate, I appreciate quiet, which it had better start being, or I will jam those drumsticks up your nose.

 (monica and Chandler leave)

 PHOEBEE: I like your music Joe. In fact I think it would sound really fabulous with a guitar

 JOEY: I bet it would but where am I going to find a guitar player

 PHOEBEE: Uh-duh Joe, I play guitar

 JOEY: Oh... yeah

 PHOEBEE: Ooh, ooh, ooh we should start a band

 JOEY: Yeah!!!!

 PHOEBEE: we should play at Central Perk this afternoon

 JOEY: all righty then but how are we going to practice without Monica and Chandler killing us

 PHOEBEE: we dont' need to practice, music is best played spontaneoulsy

 JOEY: Ok then, i'll see you in a couple of hours for our big debut

 ROSS(walking down a street in NYC)

 EMILY(yes it's the Emily) Ross, Ross Geller

 ROSS: Emily, oh my, oh my god what are you doing here

 EMILY: I'm in the city for a few days visiting some friends

 ROSS: Oh um, that's nice so how um how have you been

 EMILY: I"ve been ok, I divorced my husband but I've been doing well, and you

 ROSS: Pretty good

 EMILY: so do you want to go get a bite to eat

 ROSS: Emily, I need to be honest, I dont know what you want to happen but I have moved on

 EMILY: Ross, i'm not looking for a relationship, I just thought we could talk I mean, I feel bad about how we left stuff

 ROSS Well, alright then

 (Rachel had been on her lunch break and had seen and heard the whole thing)

 RACHEL:(dials her cell phone) Hi, Barb yeah I'm not going to be able to come back into work, I suddenly dont' feel very well(hangs up) I need a drink

 Joey and Rachels apt

 Rachel walks in and goes to the fridge she takes out a bottle of Tequilla and starts drinking it straight(yes with no chaser or anything else)

 JOEY: Rachel, I think you have your days mixed up, it's 2pm on Tues afternoon not Saturday night

 RACHEL: I just saw Ross Talking to Emily, she is in the city and there going out to dinner so excuse me if I dont' follow Joseph Tribbiani's drinking rules

 JOEY: Emily, Emily!!!!! What is she doing here

 RACHEL: I dont know Joey, I didn't ask her, her life story

 JOEY: Um, ok Rach, I have to go meet Pheebs at Central Perk, so you um, you enjoy your drink

 Chandler and Monica's

 CHANDLER: So, I bought a tie today

 MONICA: You went shopping

 CHANDLER: yeah, it was all kinds of impulsive, it just kind of jumped out at me

 MONICA: Well, let's see it

 (Chandler goes and gets a neon green tie, we're talking bright, bright, bright put on your sunglasses bright neon green)

 MONICA: what the hell is that

 CHANDLER: this is a tie

 MONICA: No, that is not a tie, that is a mistake of nature

 CHANDLER: Well I happen to like it, come on, look at the pretty tie(begins kissing her lips and neck)

 MONICA: That will not be happening until that(points to the tie) goes

 CHANDLER: Fine, you know what I'm going to wear my beautiful tie to Central Perk and I bet people will be lining up to admire my tie

 MONICA: If even one person compliments that tie, I will be your slave for a week, otherwise you are mine

 CHANDLER: Fine, cause people are gonna love this baby(starts stroking the tie)

 JOEY(enters and looks at the tie) What the hell is that

 MONICA: see

 CHANDLER: Please, it's Joey, this is the guy that thought that Goofy actually existed

 JOEY: So you two going for coffee

 MONICA: yeah, is Rach going

 JOEY: No, Rachel is busy drinking up NYC's alchohol supply

 CHANDLER: She's getting drunk at 2pm on a Tues

 JOEY: Yeah, Emily is in town and she invited Ross out to dinner

 CHAN/MON: What???!!!!

 MONICA: Emily, the Emily???

 JOEY: yeah

 MONICA: errrrgh, why is my brother such an idiot, I have to go talk to Rach

 Rachel and Joey's

 Rachel has finished the tequila had 4 shots of Rum, 3 beers and is now drinking a Margarita

 MONICA: Rach, are you ok, Joey told us about Ross and Emily

 RACH(very gleeful cause she's well a wee bit drunk) Hii Monona, monic, monic, name with the M

 MONICA: well I see we're having fun

 RACHEL: Oh yeah, I was in such a bad mood, but now I'm happy(throws a pillow up into the air)

 MONICA: Um ok, I think you need to stop drinking

 RACHEL: Dont worry, I'll be ok, I got me some Jujubees(holds up the box of candy and starts laughing hysterically)

 MONICA; Alright then, I"ve got to go to CP so you keep on havin fun


 Monica and Chandler sit down next to Joey and Phoebee

 ANNOUNCER: And now I present the debut of the band Joeebs

 (Joey and Phobee begin playing what can only be described as the exact opposite of music, people begin throwing food and booing

 MAN IN AUDIENCE: For the love of god, stop the insanity, I'd rather wear one of those ugly ties(points to Chandler) then listen to one more second of that crap

 MONICA: see-people think your tie is ugly

 CHANDLER: people, what people

 MONICA: The 37 people I talked to from our apartment to here, face it the tie has lost

 CHANDLER: Fine i'll get a new one tommorow

 (Joey and Pheebs stop playing and go outside as everyone boos)

 JOEY: I can't belive they didn't like our music, this sucks

 PHOEBEE: Eh, oh well

 JOEY: You're not upset

 PHOEBEE: No, we tried it, it didn't work out no big deal(walks off)

 JOEY:(to himself) damn, damn damn I really wanted my own band

 (Ross enters CP)

 ROSS: Oh my good lord I think i'm blind-what on earth is that and what possessed you to buy it(points to the tie)

 CHANDLER: Yeah, yeah no one likes my tie, you all have no taste

 MONICA: Ross, what were you doing eating dinner with Emily

 ROSS: You knew, you knew I um...

 MONICA: Yes, Joey told us

 ROSS: How did Joey

 MONICA: Rachel overheard you guys talking, what were you thinking, I mean really Ross how stupid can you be

 ROSS: Nothing happened Emily is just in town visiting some friends she wanted to do dinner, then while we were eating all she did was badmouth Rachel and I remembered how annoying Emily was

 MONICA: so you're not going to see her again

 ROSS: Hell no

 MONICA: Good, you might want to explain that to Rachel

 ROSS: I'll go see her right now

 CHANDLER: Well seeing as how Rachel is partaking in the pleasures of the drink,now is probabaly not the best time

 ROSS: Ahh, I get you, I'll go tommorow then

 (Joey and Rachel's)

 JOEY: My life sucks now i'll never get on MTV

 RACHEL: You seem sad Joseph have a drink

 JOEY: Yeah, ok(takes a bottle of Jack Daniels from Rachel and starts drinking)

 (it's now around 11pm)

 RACHEL:(lying stretched out on the living room floor) Know what we need, we need Ice cream we need them, them splitty things

 JOEY: Yeah!!! Bana, bonnaer, (tries unsuccessfully to say Banana) nana splits. I'll get the stuff out

 RACHEL:(tries to stand up) Ya know what Joe, you're gonna have to make mine for me

 JOEY: Ok, oooh yah know who'd prob love a split, Chandler and Monica

 RACHEL: Yeah, make um one

 (Joey Makes four banana splits he then helps Rachel stand up and they go across the hall. Monica and Chandler are both in bed because they have to be at work early in the morning)

 Chandler and Monica's

 (Knock, knock)

 CHANDLER: What nitwit is knocking on our door at this hour

 MONICA: Maybe it's the fashion police

 (they go to the door)

 JOEY: Heyyyy Chandler, Chandalander Bing, the Chan Chan Man(slaps Chandler on the back)

 CHANDLER: Ok if tonites question is what two people had two much to drink, I know the answer

 JOEY: No dude, we got splits for you

 RACHEL: (Notices Monica) Oh Mon, I"m sorry did we wake you(tries to hug her and stumbles)

 MONICA: That's ok, um thanks for the ice cream. Chandler, why don't you take the tipsy twins back home.

 (The Next Day)

 Rachel and Joey's. Joey is still in bed and Rachel has taken asprin and is lying on the couch watching Days of Our Lives

 ROSS: Rach, hey Rach are you home

 RACHEL: Hi Ross, (starts to sit up, then puts her hands on her head and groans)

 ROSS: Oh yeah, Monica told me about your drinking extravaganza yesterday

 RACHEL: Yeah well, I had a really crappy day

 ROSS: I know you saw me with Emily. Nothing happened she just wanted to go to dinner to talk, we are not getting back together. As soon as I got to dinner I remembered how much she always annoyed me

 RACHEL: Really

 ROSS: Yes, all she did was badmouth you, I spent the entire time defending you

 RACHEL: wow, you, you defended me

 ROSS: Of course, you're my best friend Rach

 RACHEL: Ross, do you ever, no never mind

 ROSS: Do I ever what

 RACHEL: Think about us being more than friends

 ROSS: Sometimes

 RACHEL(Smiles at Ross as they gaze into each others eyes then slowly begin to kiss) So we're back together

 ROSS: I guess so(they continue kissing-just as passionatly as they did in TOW Ross Finds out

 Monica and Chandler's

 CHANDLER: Here is my new tie, I hope this meets your approval(shows Monica a very tasteful Royal blue tie)

 MONICA: That tie is perfect, in fact that tie will get you some lovin(begins kissing him as they walk towards the bedroom)

 CHANDLER: So i'm forgiven

 MONICA: Yeah, but you're still my slave