The One With the Toilet and the Baby Arrangements

I don't own any of these characters except the one I made up.
(This won't make sense unless your already read the first part.. "The One With Joey's BIG Aftermath")

(where we last left off...)
Doctor's office (Ross and Rachel are there.. they just finished their checkup and are about to find out the sex of the baby)

Ross: Ya ready honey?
Rachel: Yup let's do this.. we're ready doc.. go ahead and tell us..
Doctor: You sure?
Ross: Yes yes! go ahead.
Doctor: Ross, Rachel, congratulations! You're having a.. (scene cuts off to a fade)

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Scene 1: (continuation)

Doctor: Ross, Rachel, congratulations! You're having a..
Rachel: WAIT!!!
Ross: Wha... what is it Rach??
Rachel: now I'm not sure if I wanna know.. What if Phoebe was right? What if it was just meant to be a suprise?
Doctor: I'll leave you two alone for a moment.. (doctor leaves)
Ross: Well Rach.. whatever you wanna do I'm here for you.. you decide whatever you wanna do.. this is YOUR baby.
Rachel: No.. you see.. it's OUR baby.. and I don't wanna be selfish about this.. I wanna make this decision together. And if you really wanna know what it is we can find out.
Ross: I really, really do.. (gives her a sad look)
Rachel: (smiles) ok.. let's do it.
Ross: Now are you REALLY sure this time?
Rachel: Yes.. I'm sure.
Ross: ok.
(doctor walks back in)
Doctor: Have we come to a decision?
Rachel: Yes!! we wanna know!!
Doctor: You sure this time?
Rachel: yes I'm sure.
Doctor: Ok.. Mr. and Mrs. Geller.. CONGRATULATIONS!! You're having a boy..
Ross and Rachel start yelling and screaming about how excited they are and then the doctor cuts them off)
Doctor: wait! let me finish! you're having a boy.. and a girl...
Ross: W-w-w-wait a minute!! a boy AND a girl.. that's 2- 2 babies!
Doctor: Yes, that's correct Mr. Geller. you're having twins..
Ross: Oh my god Rach this is great not 1 but 2-- 2babies!!
Rachel: Yea.. oh god.. this is.. this is so incredible.. now I really can't wait to have these babies.. wow Ross you don't know how happy I am!!
Ross: This is great!! Well Doctor.. if there's nothing else we need to know we'd like to get home and start preparing..
Doctor: Nope.. you're good to go.. these are very lucky babies.
Rachel: Well we're very lucky parents.. good bye doc..
(R&R leave)

Scene 2: J,N, &J.J.'s apartment (It's the day where J.J. gets to meet Jay-Z, Joey decides to go with her.)

Joey: (coming out of his room) I look rediculous!!! (He comes out wearing the clothes J.J. bought him.. which were white,blue and orange lowcut uptown sneakers, baggy Rocawear jeans that are almost down to his knees which is supposed to be showing his boxer shorts which you can't see because of his long white Allan Houston Knicks jersy. He's also wearing a long gold chain with a "J" at the end, and he's wearing magnetic, clip-on diomand stud earrings and he's also wearing a blue Knicks wool ski cap on his head and he also a toothpick in his mouth...)
J.J.: I think it looks great.. I don't even think Jay can beat that..
(Natalie walks in the door)
Natalie: (notices Joey and cracks up laughing) Joey.. why in hell's name are you wearing that?
Joey: J.J. made me do it!
Natalie: If J.J. made you stick your head in the toilet, would you do it?
J.J.: He probably would..
Joey: Yeah!
(J.J. and Natalie look at him rediculously)
Joey: I mean... yeah.. if she gave me like.. what?.. 10 bucks or something...
J.J.: I will give you 10 bucks right now if you stick your ENTIRE head in that toilet!
Natalie: J.J.!!
J.J.: Don't worry he won't do it..
Joey: You think I won't?
J.J.: If you don't do it in the next 5 minutes that better be your 10 bucks in my pocket.
Joey: Bet! Be prepared to owe me short stuff..
(They all go in the bathroom and quite suprisingly.. he unfortunately stuck his head in the toilet.)
Natalie: (to herself)Where did I go wrong?
J.J.: (looks at him like he's kinda gross yet she's very touched) I can't believe you did that.. (she says it like when Monica said it to Ross in "The One With The Prom Video")
Joey: (drying his head) Yeah well you asked me to.. and it's an easy 10 bucks I gotta say...
J.J.: yeah.. but dad that was gross.
Joey: I would do the most gross or dangerous or... illegal thing if I had to if it were for the two of you.
Natalie and J.J.: Really?!
Joey: well.. yeah.. you guys are so important to me.. I'll do anything for you two.
J.J.: aww.. that's so sweet.. that goes double for me..(they look at Natalie waiting for her to chime in)
Natalie: (chuckling) ..anything for you two knuckleheads!
(After a while Joey and J.J. finished getting ready snd are about to leave)

Scene 3: Phoebe's office in some building for her company)
Phoebe: (on speaker phone to her secretary) Joan? (yes the same "Joan" from "The One That Could've Been")
Joan: Yes Miss Buffay?
Phoebe: Could you please send Mr. Shawn Carter into my office, please?
Joan: who?!
(sends him in her office)
Jay-Z: You rang ma'am?
Phoebe: ahh.. yes.. Mr.Carter, please come in..
(he sits down)
Phoebe: Last week I mentioned to you about a friend of mine who's daughter is a fan of yours who was scheduled to meet with you today. I just wanted to make sure you were on top of that..
Jay-Z: Oh.. yea.. about that..
Phoebe: (getting worried) WHAT?!
Jay-Z: calm down.. calm down.. nothing serious.. I remembered.. I just wanted to know if you can get someone to get a limo so we got some form of transportation.
Phoebe: (sighs in relief) oh.. thank god.. I thought you forgot.. well.. sure! Are you looking for anything specific??
Jay-Z: Well.. If it's possible.. I'd like a black Hummer with COMPLETLY tinted windows if it's not a problem.
Phoebe: Of coarse not! Coming right up.. (calls in a limo) well... my friend should be here any minute.. would you like something to drink?
Jay-Z: No thank you ma'am.
(Joey and J.J. come into the office)
Phoebe: oh.. hey you guys!! uhh Mr. Carter.. this is my friend Joey and his daughter J.J. and uhh.. J.J. I believe you know who this is..
J.J.: OF COARSE!! Jay.. I am such a huge fan! It is such an honor to meet you.. and I was just wondering if I can give you a hug!!
Jay-Z: Ahh sure! Anything for my fans (she gives him a huge hug)
J.J.: and uhh.. this is my dad, Joey Tribbiani.
Jay-Z: nice to meet you Mr. Tribbiani.
Joey: You can just call me Joey and it's uhh.. nice to meet you too.. although I had no idea who you were until my daughter gave me a whole lecture on you.
Jay-Z: That's nice to hear.. and I'm guessin she picked out these clothes for you.... (checks them out) not bad... (he gets closer to check out Joey's hat and all of a sudden he starts to smell something.. he makes sniffing sounds) Hey, Miss Buffay.. (sniffs).. you smell that? (sniffs and directs her to go over there)
Phoebe: (goes over there and sniffs) yeah.. (sniffs) hey what is that? (goes over to Joey and sniffs him) ughh!! MY GOD JOEY!! DID YOU GET HERE THROUGH A SEWER OR SOMETHING?!
(Joey and J.J. look at eachother guiltfully)
Joey: (laughs) It's kind of a long story Pheebs.. but ahh.. we should get going!
Phoebe: JOSEPH FRANCIS TRIBBIANI YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! YOU SMELL LIKE YOU JUST STUCK YOUR HEAD IN A BOWLFUL OF CRAP! (sighs b/c she's annoyed) you're staying here with me! You two (Jay-Z and J.J.) go and have a good time!
J.J.: Good idea!! Bye Pheebs! and dad.. good luck with that..
Jay-Z: See ya later Miss Buffay.. and uhh.. nice meetin ya Mr.Tribb.
(they leave)
Phoebe: (now in a calmer tone) Joseph.. WHAT am I gonna do with you?
Joey: First of all, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't call me Joseph.. I hate that.. and second.. what did I do?
Phoebe: well.. (saracastically) sorrrrry if I'm calling you by your real name.. and if you're gonna meet a celebrity.. here's a little advice.. TAKE A SHOWER!!
(Joey lowers his head in guilt)
Phoebe: Now go home and get yourself washed up.. I'll have J.J. home no later than 10.
Joey: Thanks Pheebs.. (about to leave but Phoebe cuts him off)
Phoebe: WAIT!! Joey..
Joey: yeah..
Phoebe: (exhales) Listen.. I'm having a really rough day.. (in a lower tone) and I think I'm getting my period or something..(Joey gives her a "you got a point" kind of look) but ah.. anyway.. I just wanna apologize.. I didn't mean to embarass you like that.. and I'm sorry I yelled at you.. that was wrong.. it's just that.. you really stink..
Joey: (laughs)It's ok Pheebs I don't blame you.. I can hardly stand being around myself right now.. so I'll see ya later Pheebs.. (goes to give her a hug)
Phoebe: (about to give Joey a hug but then smells him again and moves back) ooo.. you know what?? maybe you should shower first..
Joey: (realizes) oo.. yeah.. you're right.. See ya tonight Pheebs..
Phoebe: Later Joe...
(Joey leaves and Phoebe has a look of a confused wonderment on her face then she just shakes her head and gets back to doing work)

Scene 4: C&M's apartment (Everyone is there.. including Natalie and J.J.-J.J. just got back from her day with Jay-Z)
Phoebe: So J.J. how was your day?? Jay told me he had a great time and wants to do it again one day.
J.J.: well.. it was great.. he bought me some new Rocawear clothes.. oh.. and I cannot believe he wants to see me again I thought I was actin like a loser.
Rachel: what happened?
J.J.: nothing.. I just thought it... but whatever.. if he wants to see me again that's more than okay.. he can but me more stuff..
Rachel: wow Ross... I just hope our daughter can be like J.J...
(at this point everyone is shocked because they didn't know about that R&R even knew)
Ross/Rachel: yeah...
(everyone else gets all excited for them and start congratulating them)
Chandler: what??
Rachel: you guys.. we're a having a girl
Monica: ( cuts her off impatiently) Yeah we know that!!!
Rachel: ughh... Mon! would you let me finish?!
Monica: (sheepishly) sorry.. sorry.. go ahead..
Rachel: Anyway.. as I was saying.. we're having a girl AND a boy... (Ross and Rachel smile and kiss)
Joey/Chandler/Monica/Phoebe/Natalie/J.J.: oh my god!/This is great!/How wonderful!/unbelieveable!/How exciting!/This is amazing!
J.J.: oh hey.. when the babies are born.. can I take the boy shopping?
Ross: Why the boy?
J.J.: Because.. boys have cuter clothes.. did you not see how I dressed my dad before??
Ross: (confused) yeah sure...
Phoebe: So what are you gunna name them?
Rachel: We're not sure.. but we did decide to have you guys come up with some names..
Joey: oo hey!! how bout Joey?!
Ross: That sounds great Joe.. but your daughter kinda has that name already.. we wanna try to keep it even.. any other suggestions??
Phoebe: How about Phoebe and Phoebo??
Ross: (a definate no.. but doesn't wanna make her feel bad) Thhhhhat's a thought.. anyone else?
Monica: oh hey.. you know what name I always like for a girl??.. Rosalia.
Rachel: Oh my god.. wow.. Rosalia.. that's such a pretty name.. (turns to Ross) Ross I really really like that name.. that's it we're naming the girl Rosalia!!
Ross: okay.. now we need a boys' name.. but we gatta try maybe letting it go with Rosalia..
Chandler: How about RosaliO?
Rachel: nah.. I don't like the idea that the name ROSE is in a boys' name.
J.J.: oo.. how about Angel.. I know it may sound kinda girly.. but I know about 5 guys with that name back home.. and it just so happens that that was the name of a friend of mine who got shot and killed about two years ago.
Ross: Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that..
Rachel: ..and you know what I don't think it sounds girly... I really like that name and that's what it's gunna be..
Ross: well it's settled.. right in here (points her stomach) is where you can find Angel and Rosalia.
Phoebe: whoa wait.. don't you guys need middle names??
Rachel: oh that's right.. well.. I always figured that maybe the middle names should be named after a saint.
Ross: That's a good idea but I'm jewish.
Rachel: So.. it's not against the rules..
Ross: okay then how about Christopher for Angel?
Phoebe: Yeah that sounds good.. Angel Christopher Geller.. I like it.
Natalie: Me too.. and how about Theresa for Rosalia.
Joey: Yeah that's good too.. Rosalia Theresa Geller.
Rachel: Wow.. those are all great names thanks you guys..
Joey: ooo!! I call godfather!!
Ross: okay.. you can be Angel's godfather..
Rachel: yeah.. and Natalie and Phoebe are gunna be the godmothers.
Phoebe: the both of us??
Rachel: yeah well.. Monica and Chandler are Rosalia's godparents and that leaves the 3 of you so we figured to have all three of you be his godparents...
Phoebe: oo.. that's a good idea.. but hey!! what about J.J.?
J.J.: well that's an easy one.. I will be the loving, caring, and generous cousin-slash-godsister to the babies...
Rachel: aww J.J. that's so sweet... thank you..
J.J.: no problem.. I never got to spoil kids before..
Joey: (pulls Natalie aside and whispers..)hey can we go talk for a second??
Natalie: sure
(they go into the guest bedroom)
Natalie: what's up?
Joey: I was just wonderin.. what if after we get married we try to have kids.
Natalie: don't you think that's a little soon.. we're about to spend a fortune on the wedding.. and we have J.J. right now and I'm saying I don't want another baby I just think it mighme what you think..