TOW The Regrets - Part I

This fanfic takes place at the beginning of season 5. I didn't like the way they dealt with R&R story so I've decided to create a new one. In my
story, Ross flies to Greece with Rachel and Emily never shows up at the airport. It starts in the plane.

London International Airport

Rachel entered the plane before Ross because he went back to get his jacket. Rachel is sitting on her chair when the fly attendant approaches her.

Fly Attendant: Can I get you anything, Miss?

Rachel: Oh, yes, I will have a glass of the Merlot and uh, (points to Ross's seat) he will have a white wine spritzer.

Fly attendant: Ok (she leaves)

Ross arrives and seats next to Rachel.

Rachel: Ross, I ordered a white wine for you, is that ok?

Ross: Oh, of course. Thanks Rach. You remembered it is one of my favorite drinks.

Ross smiles at Rachel and she smiles back, trying not to show her real feelings.

Rachel: Yeah.... anyway, how are you feeling?

Ross: Well, I guess I'm all right, if I pretend nothing happened. (looks down)

Rachel looks down too for a moment and then tries to comfort Ross, who is still looking down. She puts one of her arms around his shoulders.

Rachel: Oh, Ross, don't be so hard on yourself.

Ross: Rachel, so hard on myself? That was all my fault! My fault!

Rachel doesn't know what to say. She has a sad expression on her face now.

Rachel: Ok, maybe, but it is not worth it to keep punishing yourself, because that won't make things better.

Ross (sadly): Yeah, I guess you have a point.

Rachel: Ok, I have an idea. Why don't you forget about that all for at least for these two weeks?

Ross looks at her. Rachel is really not sure about what she will say but she continues anyway.

Rachel: ... I mean, um, you can think of other things, Ross. You can rest your mind and then when we get back to New York you can deal with that
all. But not now. Come on, Ross! I can help you. That is why I came with you in the first place, right?

Ross looks at her and smiles weakly. She smiles back.

Ross: Yes, Rach, you are right. I am sorry. And thanks for being here with me. I don't think I would be able to go through this alone. Thank you.

They now smile at each other.

Rachel: You don't have to thank me, Ross. I'm your friend and I am sure you would do the same for me. I just want to see you happy. That's all.

Ross now looks a little better and they sit correctly on their chairs. The fly attendant arrives with their drinks and hands them to them. They get
the drinks and she leaves. Rachel sips a little bit of her Merlot and then turns to Ross.

Rachel: You know what? We can get drunk!!!!

Ross laughs. And Rachel looks happy to see that he is laughing.

Ross: Only you to make me laugh in a time like this.

Rachel: See? We will have fun. Just leave all those problems behind. You can deal with them all later.

Ross: Yeah, after all nothing can be decided now.

Rachel: Yes. So drink your wine.

They smile at each other and Ross drinks his wine while Rachel looks tenderly at him.

Cuts to the inside of another plane.

We can see Monica, Chandler and Joey sit together at those three-chairs thing. Joey is in the middle. He is sleeping and snoring, by the way.
Monica and Chandler don't look very happy with the situation.

Monica (madly): I can't believe we will spend the whole trip listening to this!

Chandler (madly too and in a loud voice): I KNOW!

Joey suddenly wakes up and looks around.

Joey: What?

Monica: Joey, could you stop snoring!!! Damn!

Joey: Snoring? I don't snore! Not anymore!

Chandler (ironically): Yeah, right.

Monica: Joey, believe me. You snore. A LOT!

Joey (sadly and almost crying): I miss Phoebe

Chandler: Oh, God! Would you stop? You will see Phoebe in some hours.

Joey (happy): The duck too?

Chandler (almost losing his patience): Yeah, the duck too and the chick too. Now go back to sleep. It is better having you snoring than talking!

Joey closes his eyes.

Chandler (speaking very low): This is a nightmare. I am so sorry, Monica.

Monica: That is ok. There is nothing we can do. Anyway, do you think Rachel got a plane back home? I am worried about her.

Chandler: Oh, yes. I hope so. Poor Rachel. Having to watch that all. I bet it was really hard for her.

Monica (sadly): Yeah....

Chandler: Hey, what about Ross? Do you think he will stay in London?

Monica: Well, he went to the airport to wait for Emily so they could go to Greece.

Chandler: Yeah, as if she is going to show up.

Monica: I KNOW!!!

Chandler: Do you think he will go to Greece by himself?

Monica: I highly doubt that. He will probably go back to New York or try to find Emily. But I guess we will know soon. He might call us soon.

They keep talking while Joey snores.

Cuts to Ross and Rachel's plane.

Ross and Rachel are talking.

Rachel: Yeah, Ross, I know that, but don't you think it would be better if they hadn't killed Jack? I mean, it was so sad to see Rose all alone.

Ross: Rachel, of course not. The whole point of the movie was his death and Rose starting her life over. That showed how brave she could be. He
was only there to show her the way.

Rachel (still not very convinced): Yeah, I know, but it is so unfair! I mean, so sad! They could have lived happily ever after with no death at all.
Ross: Yes, but then the movie wouldn't be so inspiring for people in general. Do you think you would have loved the movie as much as you did if the
end was different?

Rachel: Well, I don't know about that but I can tell you that I would have cried a lot less.

Ross laughs.

Ross: Rach, you cry a lot already. That wouldn't make such a difference for you.

He keeps laughing.

Rachel: Ha ha, very funny. And I don't cry that much anymore.

Ross (doubtful): Really? Since when?

Rachel: Well, I really don't wanna talk about it. But if you must know, since I've been through a lot I think I've become stronger.

She is referring to the break-Chloe thing. Ross gets what she means and looks a little bit guilty. Rachel notices that and tries to change the

Rachel: Anyway, I think she should have gotten that Oscar. She was really great!

Ross is still thinking about what Rachel said and doesn't get what she is talking about.

Ross: What? Who?

Rachel (ironically): My grandma!

Ross looks at her.

Rachel: Kate Winslet, Ross! Who else? Where have you been by the way?

Ross: Oh, yeah, you are right. She was great. And I was just distracted, that is all.

Rachel knows why he was distracted but pretends she doesn't.

Rachel: I am sorry, Ross. I keep talking about these girly movies. I promise next time we will talk about macho movies. (laugh)

Ross laughs a little too.

Rachel: What about Die Hard?

Ross laughs and Rachel laughs too.

The scene fades

Time lapse.

They are still talking.
Rachel: We are almost there, right?

Ross: I guess so.

Rachel (excited): Gosh! I've never been to Greece before. They say it is beautiful.

Ross (sadly): Yeah....

Rachel notices it.

Rachel: Oh, Ross, don't be like this. Remember about our deal, right? (smiles)

Ross: Yes. You're right. (smiles at her too)

The captain says something about Greece and says that they are almost there.

Rachel: Almost there! (smiling)

Ross: Yes. (smiles weakly)

Rachel: You know what? We will have fun, Ross. I promise you.

Ross: I hope so.

Rachel: Well, I know so, mister.

They smile to each other.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's apartment in New York.

Phoebe is sitting on the couch reading a book when suddenly Monica, Chandler and Joey arrive.

Phoebe: YAY! You guys are back! YAY!

Monica/Chandler/Joey: Hi Pheebs!!!!

Monica: Honey, we've missed you so much! How are the babies?

Monica hugs Phoebe.

Phoebe: Oh, I've missed you guys too! So much. And the babies are fine. But they keep fighting, you know?

Monica looks at her with a weird expression.

Monica: Do I?

Phoebe: Well, of course not! You have never been pregnant! (laughs)

Monica looks kind of hurt and Phoebe doesn't even notice it.

Phoebe (yelling): JOEY!!!!
Joey: Pheebs!!! I missed you so much! These people were so mean in London. (makes a sad face and Phoebe hugs him)

Phoebe: Awwwww.....

Chandler: Hi Pheebs. (kiss her forehead)

Phoebe: Hi Chandler

Chandler: And Joey, cut the crap! Stop being such a baby!

Monica: Yes, Joey, no one was mean to you.

Joey (all sentimental): See Pheebs? They are mean here too. They've changed!

Phoebe: Oh my God!!! He is right!!! Something is different here.

Monica and Chandler get worried, afraid that they find out about their "fling".

Monica (afraid): What Phoebe?

Phoebe: Chandler, what did you do in London?

Chandler gets all worried and looks at Monica.

Chandler: Me? ... well, nothing.

Phoebe: Yeah, like I suspected. See Joey? You don't have to worry. Nothing's changed. Chandler is still....Chandler

Chandler (hurt): Hey!

Monica: Ok, ok, let's stop this already. Because I need a shower.

Goes walking to the bathroom but turns back to Phoebe.

Monica: Oh, before I forget, Phoebe, did Ross call?

Phoebe: No.

Monica: And Rachel?

Phoebe: No.

Monica gets worried.

Monica: Oh my God!! They should have!

Chandler: Easy, Mon. Rachel is probably flying back now and Ross is probably looking for Emily.

Phoebe: Oh guys, what about Rach? How is she?

Monica looks sad.

Monica: Well, pretty much upset. I mean, he did say her name out there.

Phoebe: But you think that meant something? I mean, it is just a stupid name.

Joey looks at her with a weird face

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: What?

Monica rolls her eyes.

Monica: Of course it meant something. I mean, it wasn't just a name. It was Rachel's name. If he had said like Kelly or Victoria I would agree with
you. But he didn't. He said Rachel, honey.

Phoebe: Yes, you are right.

Chandler: Let's wait for him to call us and see what he will decide. He was not ready to get married, that I can tell you.

Joey: And hey, who are Kelly and Victoria?

The other three just roll their eyes.

Cuts to Ross and Rachel. They are leaving the plane.

Ross gets his and Rachel's hand luggage and carries them.

Rachel: Ross, it's ok, I can carry mine.

Ross: NO no. It's heavy for you. I take care of it, Rach.

Rachel has a "what a gentleman" look on her face.

Rachel: Thank you.

They leave the plane and get their entire luggage. Then they start looking for a cab.

Rachel: Ross, do you have the hotel address with you?

Ross: Yes, I do. But they know it here by the name. They said on the travel agency that it is a very famous hotel here.

Rachel: Really? WOW! How fancy!

Rachel has a sad look on her face now because she remembers that he did that all for Emily, not for her. But she quickly stops thinking about that,
because she is the one who is in there now. Emily is in London. She is past now.

Rachel: What is the hotel name, Ross?
Ross: The Greece Hilton and Towers, have you ever heard about it?

Rachel: Well, only about The Hilton's hotels, so it is probably a great one.

Ross: Yes, it is. I am sure you will like it.

Rachel smiles at him.

The cab arrives and they get in.

Cuts to The Greece Hilton and Towers.

Imagine this really-really huge and unbelievable beautiful hotel. Did you? Well, it is even more beautiful. It has everything that a hotel should have.
A private beach, a lot of polls, tennis square, gym, restaurants, a small mall, and special attractions. The hotel is crowed. It seems that there is a
convention in there or something. Ross and Rachel enter the hotel. Rachel is amazed and so is Ross.

Rachel: Wow!!! Ross, this hotel is fantastic. I love it.

Ross: Yes, it is really beautiful.

They walk towards the reception to check in.

Ross (to some lady who is there): Good morning. My name is Ross Geller and I would like to register. I have a reservation.

Lady: Oh, good morning, Mr. Geller. Welcome to The Greece Hilton and Towers.

Ross: Thanks.

Lady: I will just check to see which one is your room.

Ross: Ok.

Lady: Oh, you have the honeymoon suite. That is great. Congratulation on your wedding.

Ross (sad again): Oh, yes, that's.... um, you see, there is a slight change of plans. We will need an extra room.

Rachel looks embarrassed. And the lady looks confused.

Ross: Can you do that for me?

Lady: Oh, Mister, I am really sorry, but all our rooms are taken for the next two weeks. We have a huge convention here at the hotel. Your suite is
the only one available. (you guys saw this coming, right? lol)

Ross looks at Rachel, who, by the way, is really uncomfortable with the situation. Ross notices that.

Ross (to the lady): That is ok then.
Rachel looks surprised. She looks at Ross and doesn't say anything.

Lady: Here is your key and have a nice stay sir, and you too, miss.

Rachel: Thanks.

Ross looks at Rachel and sees that she is really embarrassed.

Ross: Come on, Rach. Let's go upstairs. They will take our luggage in a minute.

Rachel: Ok.

They go to the elevator. There is no one else in there. There is this awkward silence. Neither of them says a word. It seems that it is taking forever
for the elevator to arrive on the 10th floor. Anyway, it arrives and the door opens. Ross shows Rachel the way and they walk together to room

They arrive there and Ross opens the door. Now we can see a huge, and by huge and mean HUGE bedroom, with a king size bed and everything is
white and blue. Really beautiful. Rachel just feels really bad. She is uncomfortable, after all that was supposed to be Ross and Emily's honeymoon
suite. She is just standing by the door. Ross notices that and doesn't know what to do. He knows how weird that must be to Rachel, because it is
weird to him too. Anyway, he tries to say something just to break the ice.

Ross: This suite is really big

Rachel: Yeah...

Ross: Come in, Rachel.

Rachel (embarrassed): Ok.

She slowly enters the room. Now they are both inside and Ross closes the door. Rachel just can't believe what is happening. She is on her
ex-boyfriend's honeymoon suite and she is not even the bride. And she is in love with the ex boyfriend and she is not supposed to let him notice

Ross: Rachel, I want to talk to you about it.

Rachel pretends she doesn't know what he is talking about.

Rachel: About what, Ross?

Ross: About this room thing, Rach. I know how weird this must be to you. And it is weird to me too. I am really sorry.

Rachel sits in the same couch Ross is sitting.

Rachel: You don't have to be sorry, Ross. It wasn't anyone's fault.

Ross: I know, but I should have though about the room before.

Rachel: It is ok, Ross. I mean, it is still weird, but we can just pretend it is not. What else can we do?

Ross: I guess you are right. But I would rather be in a regular room, Rach. This is too painful.

Rach: Yeah, I know, honey. But the hotel is crowed.

Ross: And besides, I think you will get embarrassed by staying in the same room with me.

Rachel looks worried and doesn't know what to say. Ross notices that.

Ross: Well, I know that we have shared the same room already but now is different.

Rachel is kind of hurt inside but doesn't let it be showed to Ross.

Rachel: Yeah, you are right.

Awkward silence

Rachel: Well, but this room is huge so I guess it won't be a big problem.

Ross: Yes, it is true.

Rachel: I guess I can stand you for some days.

Ross laughs.

Ross: Yeah, totally.

They both laugh for a little bit and then there is the awkward silence again.

Ross: Ok, ok, you can have the bed. I'll sleep on the couch.

Rachel: Oh, no! No way! This is your room. I am just a guest. I'll sleep on the couch.

Ross: Ok, since this is MY room I will give the orders here. I'll sleep on the couch.

He smiles and she smiles back.

Rachel: Ok, you won. But I still don't agree.

Ross: Ok.

They laugh.

Ross: Well, I think I need a shower now.

Rachel: Yeah, I need one too.

Ross: Do you wanna go first?

Rachel: Oh, no, that's ok. You can go. I will unpack some stuff before. Take your time.

Ross: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yes, yes. 100% sure. (she smiles at him)

Ross (smiling): Ok.

Ross leaves to the bathroom and shuts the door. Rachel immediately runs to get the phone. She starts dialing.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Phoebe is there, sitting on the couch and Monica is talking a shower. Joey and Chandler aren't there. The phone starts ringing. Phoebe answers it.

Phoebe: Hello.

Cuts to Rachel

Rachel: Phoebe! Hi! It's me!

Phoebe (surprised): Rachel! Hi! Where are you? We are all worried about you. Did you get a flight back home?

Rachel: Oh my God, Phoebe, I have so much to tell you.

Phoebe (impatiently): What? What's going on?

Rachel: Ok, I will tell you everything but you've must promise me that you won't freak out and tell the others, all right?

Phoebe: Rachel, I am freaking out already. Just tell me!

Rachel: Ok you promise? Don't tell Monica because she will hate me.

Phoebe: Honey, Monica won't hate you, unless you throw garbage on her bed.

Rachel laughs.

Rachel: Yes, but you promise?

Phoebe: Ok, I promise.

Rachel: All right. Guess where I am?

Phoebe: Ok, I am not really good at that nowadays. I think the babies are taking all my guessing skills.

Rachel (all excited): I am in Greece!!!

Phoebe (astonished): WHAT???
Rachel (excited): I am in Greece with Ross, Phoebe! Can you believe that?

Phoebe (mad): No, I can't! What the hell are you doing there?

Rachel (mad): You told me you wouldn't freak out!

Phoebe: Yeah, I know, but you didn't tell me where you were! Rachel, what's happening?

Rachel: Ok, calm down, honey. You can't get nervous. Think about the babies and .... also about me. You are the only one I can tell this. (with a
crying voice)

Phoebe: Ok, sorry. And don't cry. Tell me everything.

Rachel (with her normal voice again): Ok, thanks. Well, it all began at the airport. I was there waiting to catch a fight back home and I found Ross
there. He was waiting for Emily to show up so they could go to their honeymoon. He was so-so devastated, Pheebs.

Phoebe: Awwwww

Rachel: ... and his flight was almost leaving and he didn't know what to do, because that bitch just wasn't there!

Phoebe: Oh, she is a bitch!

Rachel: I KNOW! Anyway, I told him he should go by himself, to rest his mind and relax and that he could think about that all when he got back.
And he thought that was a good idea... and....

Phoebe: And...

Rachel: Well, and he suddenly turned to me and asked me if I didn't want to go with him!

Phoebe (surprised): Oh my God! Really? So you didn't invite yourself?

Rachel: No, Phoebe! Of course not! I would never do that.

Phoebe: (doubtful): Yeah, right!

Rachel: Well, not under those circumstances... and would you let me finish?

Phoebe: Yes, mam!

Rachel: Anyway, he told me that he had two tickets and that he would really need a friend.

Phoebe (confused): But you don't wanna be his friend!

Rachel: I know that! But I don't have to tell him that now, right?

Phoebe: Right. So what are your plans?
Rachel (in a low voice): Well, I don't have any.

Phoebe: You have no plans?

Rachel: Well, we have just arrived and I really don't know what to do. I mean, it was supposed to be his honeymoon. What could I possibly do
here? I don't want to be all insensitive and just make a move, you know?

Phoebe: Yes, you are absolutely right. The right thing to do now is just be his friend and try to make him feel happy.

Rachel: Yes, that is what I will try to do.


Rachel: Oh my God! I didn't tell you the best part!!!!

Phoebe (curious): What?

Rachel: We are on the same room!

Phoebe (amazed): WHAT?

Rachel: I know, it is crazy, but the hotel is crowed and there wasn't any room left. I can tell you it is not all the best part, because it was really
embarrassed for we both.

Phoebe: Well, but at least there is no surprise in there, you know?

Rachel: Yes, I do know that. But still, it is their honeymoon suite. (gets sad)

Phoebe (trying to comfort her): Awww, Rachel, don't be so sad. You are the one that is there now, right?

Rachel (in a weak voice): Yeah...

Phoebe: So try to do the best you can. Just be his friend. Once you guys get back to New York you can see if there is hope for you two.

Rachel: Do you think there is?

Phoebe: Well, I don't know, honey, but he did say your name out there and he was with Emily for a month and with you for a long time. I mean,
you are lobsters!

Rachel (laughing): Yeah, the lobster theory.

Phoebe (mad): Hey, that's true!

Rachel: Sorry, Pheebs. I didn't mean that, but I am so worried.

Phoebe: Ok, but hey, you asked me not to tell Monica about this all but Ross will probably call her and tell her everything.

Rachel (worried): You're right. Oh my God! She will hate me for that.
Phoebe: Rachel, would you stop that? Why would Monica hate you?

Rachel: Well, I don't know, but I am afraid that she won't be very pleased with that.

Phoebe: That's not true.

Rachel: Ok, you can tell her about it then. But try to make me look good, right?

Phoebe laughs.

Phoebe: Ok, I'll see what I can do.

Rachel: And now I have to go, because I think he is getting out of the bathroom.

Phoebe: Ok, ok, so try to be calm and call me again!

Rachel: Ok, I will. Thanks, honey. Bye!

Phoebe: Bye.

They hang up the phone. The scene continues on the hotel suite. Ross is leaving the bathroom and Rachel pretends she is unpacking some stuff.

Ross: You were talking to someone? I heard voices.

Rachel (nervous): What? Me? Oh, no, that was ... umm ... that lady from downstairs. She wanted to know if everything is ok.

Ross: Oh, ok. These people are so nice!

Rachel: Yes, so nice.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's

Phoebe hangs up the phone as Monica leaves the bathroom.

Monica: Did anyone call me?

Phoebe: No, no one called you.

Monica: Ok.

Monica goes to her room to change. Phoebe just smiles.

Phoebe (talking to herself): God, the lobster theory is really true! That's pure fate! I just have to find a good time to tell Monica about it.

Monica coming out of her room.

Monica: What did you say, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Me, nothing. Just singing for the babies. They want to sleep.

Monica makes a weird face.

Monica: Ok.

She goes back to her room and Phoebe starts singing "Smelly Cat"

Cuts to the hotel

Ross and Rachel are in there. Rachel has just taken a shower and Ross was waiting for her. They are going downstairs for lunch. Rachel is in the
bathroom, looking on the mirror and trying to decide what earring she should wear. Ross is sitting on the bed, waiting.

Ross: Are you ready?

Rachel: Almost. Sorry, I just don't know which earring I should wear.

Ross: Oh no. Just pick one, Rachel. You will look fine anyway.

Rachel smiles. She is happy to hear those words. She just picks some earrings and leaves the bathroom.

Ross: Ready?

Rachel: Yes.

Ross: See? You look great! (he smiles at her)

Rachel (smiling back, a little bit ashamed): Thanks.

They leave the room.

Cuts to a cute restaurant.

It is inside the hotel and it has a lot of greek traditional things. Ross and Rachel are sitting in a table by the window so they have an ocean view.
Really amazing.

Ross: Wow! This view is breath taking.

Rachel: Yes, it is. Greece is really beautiful and we only got to see a little bit. There must be a ton of other good stuff to visit.

Ross: Yes, there is. I have this book with all the good things to visit. They say there are good plays here too. If you want we can watch one.

Rachel: Oh, I would love that.

They smile to each other as the waiter approaches them.

Waiter: Can I help you?

Ross: We are still deciding but you can bring us a bottle of wine, please? (turns to Rachel) Is that ok or you want another drink?
Rachel: Oh, no, that's perfect.

The waiter leaves.

Ross: So, what do you want to eat?

Rachel: I don't know. You decide.

Ross: Really?

Rachel: Yes, you go.

Ross: Ok, what about the salmon?

Rachel: Great! I love it.

Ross: Ok.

The waiter arrives and brings the wine. He pours them some wine and Ross orders the salmon. He leaves again and Ross and Rachel start talking.

Ross: So, are you enjoying the trip so far? I know I haven't been the best company but I am really glad you are here, Rach.

He takes her hands and her heart starts beating very fast

Ross: You have no idea how much it means to me. You are a great person. Not everyone would do that, you know?

He let go her hand.

Rachel: Well, you really don't have to thank me for anything, Ross. I am happy I can help you. And you have been a great company, don't worry.

Ross: Ok, I will pretend that is true.

Rachel: But it is. It really is. You are a great person to hang up with. I've always enjoyed your company.

She smiles to him and he smiles back.

Ross: I've always enjoyed your company too, Rach. And the weirdest thing is that I would never ever picture us in a situation like this. Life is crazy,

Rachel is a bit sad but she hides that.

Rachel: Yes, life is really crazy. We never know what will happen.

There is a silence.

Rachel:, are you feeling better?

Ross: Well, I really thought I would be dead by now but it turns out that I am not that bad. And it is weird, actually. I mean, it is like a have run
away from the world and here is not reality. You were right, Rachel. It was a good idea to come here and give me this time to rest and think things

Rachel smiles to him.

Ross (smiling): Thank you again.

Rachel: Ok, you know what? The next time you thank me again I will make you buy me something pretty.

They both laugh

Ross: Ok, get ready to get a lot of stuff.

Rachel: Ok, I think there is a mall in here, right?

They laugh again

Ross: You don't change!

Rachel: Is that bad?

Ross (in a sweet voice): No, it is great actually. Don't ever change, Rachel.

Now we can definitely see some flirting. They keep looking at each other for some seconds but then the waiter arrives with the salmon and they
"wake up". They look a little bit embarrassed but them start eating.

Time lapse.

They have finished lunch and are now talking.

Rachel: The food here is delicious. I am afraid I will put in some weights. But I don't care. It is too good to resist.

Ross: Yes, you re right. The food is great. In fact everything here is great.

They flirt for a moment again, but Rachel breaks the moment

Rachel: So, let's go?

Ross: Yes, let's go. What do you want to do now?

Rachel: Well, if you don't mind, Ross, I would like to take a nap. I am still tired because of all those flights and I am kind of sleepy.

Ross: Oh, no, you are right. I am tired too. We can take a nap and them go out tonight.

Rachel: Ok.

Ross: God! I've just realized! I haven't called Monica yet. She must be worried. I will call her tonight. That can wait. My nap can't.

They smile and go to their room.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Phoebe is still sitting on the couch. She is too big to do something else. She is watching TV as Monica walks out of her room.

Monica: Honey, is there anything you want? I can make you something to eat. Are you hungry?

Phoebe: It is ok, Mon. Thanks, I am fine. But I have got to tell you something huge. HUGE!

Monica (worried): Oh my God! What happened?

Phoebe: Ok, but before, you have to promise me that you won't freak out and be all-judgmental and Monica about it. Do you promise me?

Monica (doubtful): Ok, I do.

Phoebe: Ok, but remember, you promised.

Monica: Ok, Phoebe, just tell me!

Phoebe: Ok, umm .... ok, ..... Rachel is in Greece with Ross!

Monica just covers her mouth with one of her hands.

Phoebe: Yes, I know.

Monica is speechless.

Phoebe (worried): Monica? Say something.

Monica: Oh...My...GOD! How did that happen? Who told you? Are they back together? How is that possible?

Phoebe: Ok, first of all, breathe. And second of all, no, they are not together.

Monica: So how is Rachel there instead of Emily?

Phoebe (ironically): Ok, weren't you at the wedding?

Monica shots Phoebe a look.

Phoebe: Emily never showed up at the airport and Rachel was there, waiting to catch a plane back home...

Monica interrupts her.

Monica: ...which is probably what she should have done!

Phoebe (mad): Ok, you promised you wouldn't be judgmental and all Monica about it. And now I see why Rachel didn't want me to tell you anything.

Monica gets hurt.

Monica: What? Why?

Phoebe: Well, she was afraid you wouldn't understand and be all-mad at her and hate her for this.

Monica (sad): I could never hate her.

Phoebe (trying to comfort her): I know, honey. And she loves you, don't worry. She was just worried, that's all. After all Ross is your brother.

Monica: Yes, but she is my best friend!

Phoebe (hurt): Uh hu!!!!

Monica: Along with you, honey, of course.

Phoebe: That's better. So, can I finish the story now?

Monica nods.

Phoebe: Anyway, the british chippy didn't show up.

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: What? Yes, ok, but she is a bitch.

Monica: Whatever.

Phoebe: And Rachel told Ross that he should go by himself to relax and get some distance. And suddenly he invited her, telling that he had two
tickets and that he would really need a friend. So Rachel just couldn't say no. Do you get it now?

Monica has a sweet expression on her face.

Monica: Awwww... that was really sweet of Rachel. I guess how hard it must be for her to be a friend to Ross when she really doesn't want to be
just a friend.

Phoebe: And they are on Ross and Emily's honeymoon suite.

Monica (surprised): Nooooo!

Phoebe: Yes! The hotel was crowed and they couldn't get another room.

Monica: Oh my God! I have to talk to Rachel. And to Ross too. She won't tell him about her feelings, will she?

Phoebe: No, she won't. She said she would be just his friend. Just be there for him.

Monica: Awwwwww.....

Phoebe: I know.

Monica: She really loves him, Pheebs. I mean, if that isn't true love....

Phoebe: They're lobsters, Mon. I'm telling you. I've always been right about it.

Monica smiles at her.

Cuts to the hotel suite.

Ross is sleeping on the couch and Rachel in the bed. Rachel is sleeping like a log. And Ross just keeps waking up every time. He can't sleep. So he
sits on the couch and starts looking at Rachel. He looks at her in a very sweet way. He just stays like that for a long time, wondering.

"God, this is so crazy. How come I am having all this ideas about Rachel, when my marriage is almost ruined? This is not right. I should feel worst
about it but I am not. I just don't feel so sad as I thought I would. Is this because of Rachel? I don't get it. But the only thing I know is that I am
so happy she is here. I missed her company since we broke up. And seeing her now, next to me again is so good. It just feels right. But at the
same time it is not. But God we were flirting this afternoon! What is happening? And why I am not so worried about my marriage with Emily
anymore? Why?"

He keeps looking at Rachel who is still sleeping.

"She is so beautiful. Sometimes it seems that we are still together! God! What am I doing? I am married now. This is all so weird! What should I
do? And why did I say Rachel's name? Why? And why is Rachel here with me anyway? This is so confusing"

Ross lies on the couch again, still thinking. He couldn't be more confused. Suddenly he remembers that he has to call Monica. So he takes the
phone and goes to the balcony, so he won't wake Rachel up.

Cuts to the balcony. Ross is dialing.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

The phone is ringing. Phoebe and Monica are in there. Monica picks up the phone.

Monica: Hello?

Cuts to Ross

Ross: Monica?

Monica (excited): Oh my God! Ross! Thank God it is you. I was so worried. How are you?

Ross: I am fine, Mon, Don't worry. I am just calling you to say that.

Monica: So you are in Greece.

Ross (confused): How did you know?

Monica gets a "what now" face. She wasn't supposed to let him know that Rachel called.

Monica (nervous): Well, I didn't. I...guessed!

Ross: Well, I've decided to come here anyway. I thought it would be better. Actually, Rachel did. It was her idea and she is here with me.

Monica acts as if she is surprised.

Monica: Really? Why? Did something happen?

Ross (nervous): Well, nothing happened. I just needed some friend and Rachel was there and she is helping me a lot. Like you wouldn't believe.

Monica smiles.

Monica: I am glad, Ross. But isn't it weird, you know, because of you guys history and all?

Ross doesn't speak for a while.

Monica: Ross?

Ross: Ok, Mon, I have to go now. Talk to you later. Bye and say hi to the others for me. See you.

He hangs up the phone and just stays there, thinking.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Monica hangs up the phone and has a huge smile on her face. Phoebe notices that.

Phoebe: Are you telling me what he said?

Monica: Oh my God, Phoebe. This is all so crazy! Ross is totally weird! He told me that Rachel has been helping him more than I would believe and
when I asked him if it was weird for them to be there, because of the history and all, he said he had to hang up.

Phoebe: Is that possible?

Monica: I don't know, but that was really strange. Ross sounded different and I know him enough to say that something is bothering him a lot. And
it is not about Emily, that's for sure.

Phoebe: And I thought Rachel was the only one with hidden feelings...
Monica: Yes, me too. Let's wait and see if she will call us again.

Phoebe: This is getting so exciting.

Monica: I KNOW!

The smile to each other.

Phoebe: God, I really need to get out of this couch. I feel like if they throw some water on me a Phoebe plant will grow!

Monica laughs. Phoebe gets ups.

Phoebe: I'll go to the guys, ok?

Monica: Ok.

Phoebe leaves and Monica stays there, washing some dishes.

Cuts to Chandler and Joey's.

Joey and Chandler are there, watching some TV as Phoebe enters.

Phoebe: Hey you two.

Joey/Chandler: Hi Pheebs.

Joey: What's up?

Phoebe: Nothing, just wanted to get my butt out of that couch.

Chandler: So Monica is there alone?

Joey and Phoebe look at each other with a weird face.

Phoebe (confused): Yeah, why?

Chandler now sees what he did and gets nervous.

Chandler: Well, nothing. Just wondering.

Phoebe (not convinced): Hum, ok.

Joey: Sit down, Pheebs.

Phoebe sits on the couch and they start talking. Suddenly Chandler gets up.

Chandler: God! I've just realized! I have to buy a magazine now!

Joey (excited): Sports Illustrated???

Chandler (not sure): Yeah, of course! Yes!

Chandler runs to the door and leaves. Phoebe and Joey stay there.

Phoebe: That was weird.

Joey (not really worried): Well, whatever. So, any news?

Phoebe: About what?

Joey: I don't know. Just trying to make a conversation.

Phoebe smiles.

Phoebe: Well, if you must know there is big news.

Joey: Really???

Phoebe: Yes! But I won't tell you.

Joey: Awwwww...please, tell me Pheebs!

Phoebe: Um, ok. But only if you bring me a candy bar.

Joey: Ok!

Joey runs to the kitchen and gets Phoebe a candy bar.

Phoebe: YAY! Thanks, Joey!

Joey: Ok, now the news.

Phoebe: What news?

Joey: You told me you were going to tell me some big news if I got you a candy bar so go!

Phoebe laughs.

Phoebe: Oh, that! Ok. Rachel went to Greece with Ross!

Joey: Niiiice! But what about Emily?

Phoebe: Well, she is old news. But don't worry, nothing happened between Ross and Rachel. She is just there as a friend, because he asked her to
go with him, so he wouldn't be alone and sad. Although Rachel wants a little bit more than that.

Joey: Yeah, we all know that but Ross.

Phoebe: How come he can be so blind? God!

Joey: So enough with that. Wanna play strip poker?

Phoebe (disgusted): Ewww, Joey! No! I am pregnant!

Joey: So?

Phoebe rolls her eyes. The scene fades.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Monica is doing some dishes when Chandler suddenly enters.

Monica (surprised): Chandler!

Chandler (really not knowing what to do): Hi.

Monica: Hi.

Awkward silence.

Chandler: So?

Monica: Well, I am doing some dishes and have you heard about the news?

Chandler: What news?

Monica: Rachel is in Greece with Ross.

Chandler: Really? God!

Monica: Yes, but nothing happened. Wanna know the rest?

Chandler (in a sexysay way - that was for Mandie): Maybe.

Monica: I can tell you about it in my room.

Chandler smiles. Monica smiles back. They run to Monica's room and slam the door and we are out of here. lol

Cuts to the hotel room.

Ross has just hung up the phone. He is still on the balcony, thinking. So he decides to go back inside. The room is kind of dark, because they were
trying to take a nap. Rachel is still asleep and Ross tries to be really quiet so he won't wake her up. He sits on the couch and keeps staring at her.
He stays like that for a long time.

Suddenly Rachel starts moving and opens her eyes and sees Ross looking at her. She gets surprised and Ross notices that. He tries to pretend he is
looking at something else.

Rachel: Ross?

Ross: You are awake? Did I wake you up?

Rachel: No, you didn't. I think I slept a lot already.

Ross: Yes, you were really tired.
Rachel: Yes ... and sorry. You should have gone out and have fun.

Ross: Oh, don't worry. It's ok. I was kind of tired myself.

Rachel smiles. She gets up.

Rachel: Well, I better change and we should do something. What time is it now?

Ross: Um, almost 7 p.m.

Rachel: What? Already? God, you should have waked me up!

Ross smiles.

Ross: It's ok, Rach. It's only the first day.

Rachel smiles back.

Rachel: Yes, I know.

Ross: So, you want to do something tonight? There is a lot of things to do here, I believe.

Rachel: Well, of course. You decide.

Ross: Again?

Rachel: Well, you are the boss, remember? And I am already sleeping on the bed so you will have to decide all the rest in here.

Ross laughs.

Ross: Ok, right. I heard there is a special attraction tonight here at the dinner hall. Maybe it is fun. It starts at 9:30 p.m.

Rachel: That sounds great. And there is still time for us to get ready.

Ross: Yes. For me there is always time, but for you....

He laughs. Rachel shoots him a look.

Rachel: Very funny!

Ross keeps laughing and then breaks it.

Ross: Well, I think I will go upstairs for a while, ok?

Rachel: Ok.

Ross: So bye. See you soon.

Rachel: All right. Bye.

Ross leaves. Rachel just stays there staring at the door. She sits on the bed and keeps thinking.

" This is weird. I can swear he was staring at me while I was sleeping. I can't believe that! And today during lunch we were flirting! God! What am
I doing? I am supposed to be his friend for now. He is all messed up about his failure marriage and it is not the proper place or time for that. I will
have to pretend nothing is happening. But it could be possible that he is having some thoughts about me too? So why he married that bitch? I am
so confused. But I am also so happy to be here with him. It is always good to be near him".

She lies down on the bed and sighs.

Now we can see some clips of Ross and Rachel on Greece. It shows them having dinner and talking. Then it shows a beautiful beach. Rachel is sun
bathing and Ross is reading a book. He is going to swim and calls Rachel so she can come with him. She doesn't want to go so he drags her and
throws water on her and they laugh. Now they are all dressed up and it seems they are going to the theater. In another scene we can see Ross
sleeping and Rachel looking at him and in some other scene Rachel is the one who is sleeping and Ross is looking at her. Anyway, a whole week has
passed already.

Cuts to a small restaurant.

We can see the sunset and Ross and Rachel are in there, talking. They are drinking some drink and eating some food. (lol)

Ross: I can't believe we've been here for only a week. It seems so much more than that! We did a lot of things!

Rachel: Yes, you're right. It was fun!

They smiled to each other.

Ross: And Rach, thank you again. I can never thank you enough for what you are doing for me.

Rachel: Awww, Ross, it's ok. And now you will have to buy me something pretty, remember?

They both laugh.

Ross: Ok, I will.

Rachel: YAY!

They laugh again.

Ross: And you were so right. It was better for me to forget about that all in here and it is really working. It seems that I am in some other world,
you know? I am feeling good, I really am.

Rachel smiles at him.
Rachel: Oh, Ross, I am so happy to hear that. You have no idea. I was so worried I couldn't be able to help you.

Ross: You did help me. More than you think.

They smile at each other and keep looking into each other's eyes. Suddenly, Ross gets closer to Rachel and kisses her. Rachel stays still. The kiss is
soft at the beginning but them it starts getting really passionate. They are both really into the kiss. Then, out of the blue, Rachel breaks the kiss.
She looks at Ross and he looks at her.

Ross (guilty): Oh God, Rachel, I am so sorry.

Rachel doesn't say anything. She is just looking down. Ross is worried and doesn't know what to do. Rachel looks at him.

Ross: I'm sorry, Rach. I shouldn't have done that.

Rachel (sad): It's ok, Ross. It was my fault too.

Awkward silence.

Rachel gets up from her seat.

Rachel: I guess I will go to the room now. See you later.

She leaves. Ross stays there, devastated. He puts his hands on her forehead and looks down.

"Why? Why on earth I had to do that?? Everything was so good and I spoiled that. I am so stupid! And what about Emily? God, what am I doing?
And why I am having all these feelings for Rachel again? I can't stop that! I have to talk to her. I have to. But I don't know how. I bet she is hurt.
I am such an idiot! And why I am not worried about my marriage? This is so un-me."

He stays there, thinking. He looks really confused and lost.

Cuts to the hotel room.

Rachel is entering the room. She is crying a lot. She is devastated. She just sits on the bed and starts thinking.

"Oh God! That was so great and so bad at the same time. I can't believe he apologized for that. He regrets that! It was just a moment thing, for
sure. He so doesn't love me anymore. But that kiss was so great and so passionate. It doesn't make any sense! And he is actually married! God! I
don't think I can handle another week here with him. I would have to pretend too much. I don't think I can do that. I have to call the girls."

Rachel picks up the phone and starts dialing.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Monica and Phoebe are there. They are watching a movie when the phone rings.

Monica: I'll get it. Hello?

Cuts to the hotel room.

Rachel is still crying a lot. She will talk with a crying voice for a long time now, ok?

Rachel: Mon?

Monica: Rachel? (to Phoebe) It's Rachel.

Phoebe smiles.

Monica (worried): Honey, are you crying?

Phoebe gets worried too. She goes to Monica's room and picks the other phone so she can talk too.

Rachel: Yes, Mon, I am crying.

Phoebe: Awwww, Rach, what happened?

Rachel: Ross kissed me.

Monica and Phoebe are all surprised.

Monica: Oh my God!

Phoebe: Really?

Rachel: Yeah, and now I don't know what to do! God, I am such an idiot!

Monica: Honey, tell us what happened and please, don't cry.

Rachel: Well, we were having a great time and all. I was just being a friend, although I sensed some flirting from time to time.

Phoebe: Really? WOW!

Rachel: But like half hour ago we were on this restaurant and Ross was thanking me for helping him and all. He told me that he was good. So I told
him that I was happy I could help him. And we kept staring at each other and he got closer to me and kissed me and I couldn't move. I know I
should have, but I just couldn't. (burst in tears)

Phoebe: Awwww....

Monica: Oh, honey, don't cry. It wasn't your fault and you shouldn't feel guilty.

Rachel: Yes, but that's not all. We kissed for a while and then I suddenly broke the kiss. We kept looking at each other and he apologized! Can you
believe that? He even said he shouldn't have done that. God, I felt like crap!

Phoebe: But Rachel, it didn't mean what you think it did. He apologized because he was thinking he was rude to kiss you just like that. He just
thought it wasn't right.

Rachel: I don't know.

Monica: Phoebe is right. Ross was probably feeling guilty for that. And there is also the fact that he is married and all. He maybe thought he
shouldn't involve you on that.

Rachel: Oh, don't even tell me about his marriage. This is all a nightmare. I should've never come to Greece. And I should have never gone to
London in the first place. It is all my fault!

Phoebe: Rachel, that is not true. You went to Greece because he asked you to and you did nothing wrong. He was the one who kissed you, right?

Monica: And about London, you didn't say anything about your feelings, hon. He said your name out there by himself. No one forced him to.

Rachel: I know! I know! But maybe I am not hiding my feelings so well. And now I will have to face him again and I just don't know what to do. I
don't think I can stay here for another week. It is just too much. It will be too awkward for both of us, Mon.

Phoebe: Well, maybe, but I think you shouldn't say anything. Let him start the conversation. After all, he kissed you.

Monica: Yes, Phoebe is right. Let him do that. And please, stop crying now.

Rachel tries not to cry anymore.

Rachel (drying her tears): Ok.

Phoebe: And Rachel, that kiss was like a proof that he still has feeling for you! YAY! Isn't it great?

Rachel: But he is married, Phoebe! Married!

Monica: I don't know for how long though, Rach. This morning we got this envelope by mail and it is from Emily. Her lawyer called me and told me
that those are the annulment papers.

Rachel (surprised): NO!

Monica: Yes! I guess Emily wasn't happy about the whole "I take thee, Rachel" thing.

Phoebe: Can you blame her?

Rachel: Oh my God! Does Ross know about that?
Monica: No, I didn't tell him yet. I guess it is better to tell him when he gets back, right?

Rachel: Yes, you are right. Oh my God! It is all my fault! I am a marriage destroyer!

Monica: Would you stop that? You know it is not your fault. And if it is somebody's fault, then it is Ross's fault! He was the one who married Emily
faster than ever and said the wrong name at the altar.

Phoebe: Yes, but you guys are skipping the best part. What about Ross and that kiss? How was it, Rachel? Tell us?

Rachel (sighing): Oh, Pheebs, it was great. I missed that kiss so much. It was very intense, you know?

Monica and Phoebe smile and sigh too.

Phoebe: I think he is in love with you all over again, but he is just afraid to admit it now, because he has just gotten married.

Rachel is feeling better now. She is kind of happy.

Monica: Yes, maybe that's it. I mean, it all makes perfect sense! Why would he kiss you? I mean, he wanted a friend in there to help him. Let's
supposed Phoebe was there instead of you. He wouldn't have kissed her, I am sure!

Phoebe: How come you are so sure? I can be pretty irresistible!

They all laugh!

Phoebe: Monica is so right, Rachel!

Monica: I KNOW!

Rachel: You guys really think that? Aren't you just trying to cheer me up?

Monica: Of course not!

Phoebe: The other day when Ross called, Monica asked him if it wasn't weird between you two, because of the history and all. He got so nervous
that he said he had to go. I mean, we are so right!

Rachel (nervous): Oh my God! I don't know what to do now!

Monica: Ok, just relax and let him talk first. And then call us to tell what happened!

Phoebe and Monica laugh.

Rachel (smiling): Ok, I will. And now I have to go. I am afraid he might arrive anytime.

Monica: Ok, bye-bye, honey. And don't be sad.

Rachel: I'll try.

Phoebe: Bye Rach. Good luck!

Rachel: Bye-bye you guys. Thanks for the help. I love you.

Monica/Phoebe: Love you too.

They hang up the phone.

Monica (excited): Oh my God!

Phoebe: I know!

Monica: That is all so crazy! I mean, they dated for a long time and they were always on and off, on and off. Then he starts dating Emily and
decides to marry her in a month! And then he says Rachel's name at the altar and she goes with him for their honeymoon, instead of Emily. And
now he is probably in love with Rachel again! It is really crazy!

Phoebe: Yeah, I know, but Mon? Why are you telling me that all again? I was right here!

Monica shoots her a look.

Phoebe: Ok, ok.

Cuts to the hotel room.

Rachel has just hung up the phone. She is still sitting on the bed, thinking. She is not crying anymore but her really-really red eyes tell that she has
cried a lot. She is nervous, because she knows Ross is going to arrive in any minute. Then, there is a noise and Ross opens the door. Rachel
freezes. He slowly enters the room and sees Rachel. They look at each other as Ross walks toward her.

They keep looking at each other, like not knowing what to say. Ross sits on the foot of the bed (Rachel is on the head of the bed).

Ross (softly): Are you ok?

Rachel (obviously lying): Yes.

Ross: Really? Because it doesn't look like, Rach.

She keeps looking at him and tears roll on her face.

Ross (softly): Rach, I am really sorry. I didn't want to hurt you. I don't know why I did that. I am really an idiot! I am so sorry. Don't cry.

Rachel (in a crying voice): It's ok, Ross. I am only sad, that's all. And you are not an idiot.

Ross: Yes, I am. I made you cry and I hate to see that I hurt you again.
Rachel looks at him.

Ross: You have been so nice to me and I didn't know how to make it up for you.

Ross has teary eyes now too. And Rachel is still crying softly.

Ross (serious): Look, don't think that you don't mean anything to me, because that is not true. You mean a lot to me, Rachel. You have always
had. But that kiss was just not right, you know? I am married and I don't know what will happen when we get back to New York.

Rachel looks down.

Rachel (really sad): I am not asking you anything here, Ross. But why did you have to kiss me and then apologized?

Ross: I don't know, Rach. I guess spending so much time with you reminded me of how great we used to be together. And I am so confused and I
don't know what to think. I can't make any decision now. It is too difficult to me.

Rachel keeps looking down. She is still crying.

Ross: Rachel, please, don't cry. Look at me.

She looks at him.

Ross: I didn't apologize because I regret that, but because I thought it wasn't right to you. To me. To us. Do you understand?

Rachel (softly): Yes.

There is this awkward silence. They just don't know what to say or do now.

Ross: Things aren't going to be weird between us, right? Because I really need you, Rach. I can't lose you now.

Rachel looks at him in a sweet way.

Rachel (trying to be brave): You will never lose me, Ross. I am here to help you, remember?

Ross: You are really great.

Rachel smiles. Ross takes her hands.

Ross: Do you forgive me, Rach?

Rachel: Yes, I do.

Ross: You do understand that it is just what I can do for now, right?

Rachel: Yes, Ross, I do. And as I told you, I am not asking you for anything.

Ross: I know.

He smiles to her. She smiles back.

Ross: I am so confused, Rach.

Rachel: Do you think it would be better to go back to New York?

Ross: Do you want to?

Rachel (uncertain): Well, I don't know, maybe it would be better. I don't want things to go wrong and maybe it is time.

Ross: I don't know. I guess I am afraid to go back and face that all. But you are right: maybe it is time.

Ross looks down and Rachel looks worried.

Rachel: But we can stay more if you want to. I was just wondering.

Ross: No, we should go back home. It's been a while already. We should go.

Rachel: Ok. When do you want to leave?

Ross: I'm not sure. Maybe the day after tomorrow. I still have to switch the tickets.

Rachel: Ok then.

Ross takes Rachel's hands again and looks at her.

Ross (sad): I am sorry again.

Rachel smiles sweetly at him.

Rachel: It's ok, Ross. Really. I didn't take any sorrow.

Ross kisses her on her cheek.

Ross: Thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me.

They smile at each other. Rachel then breaks the tension. She gets up.

Rachel: I'll go take a shower now.

Ross: Ok.

Rachel leaves. She enters the bathroom and shuts the door. Ross lies on the bed. He doesn't look happy with himself.

"Oh God. Have I done the right thing? I am so afraid that I hurt her. But I really don't know what to do. I am so confused and lost. I didn't want
to tell her that I'm having all those feeling for her again because I want to be sure about it before. And there is Emily. I am still married to her
and we have to decide what we will do. But honestly, I don't think we have another option but the annulment. And I said Rachel's name at the
altar! I can't stop thinking about that. That must have meant something! But I can't decide anything now. The only thing I know is that I couldn't
be enjoying more to be here with Rachel. And that is so weird, because it was supposed to be my honeymoon and I hardly remember about Emily.
I can't stop thinking about Rachel. And she was so nice with me after all that. I wonder what is really on her mind right now"

Cuts to the bathroom.

Rachel is on the bath tube, but no boys, we can't see anything (lol). There is lather everywhere. He eyes are closed and she is thinking too.

"What did I do? I acted like a completely idiot. I was just waiting for him to tell me that he loves me when I knew he would never say that. At
least now. And now he knows I love him. Oh no! Ok, maybe he is not sure about it, but he must have noticed that. And I am sorry for him at the
same time, because I know it is not easy for him to be on this situation. And I am sure he didn't want to hurt me. And now we are leaving. But it
will be actually good, because then I won't have to see him all the time. I don't think I can handle be next to him for another week just as

Scene fades.

Now we can see a lot of clips. Rachel is calling Monica to tell her that they will arrive sooner and Ross calls her too. It shows Ross and Rachel
packing and going to the airport. Then it shows them inside the plane. Rachel is sleeping and she is resting her head on Ross's shoulder. Ross is not
sleeping and he seems to be enjoying Rachel close to him.

End of the first part.