TOW The Regrets - Part II

John F Kennedy Airport in New York.

Ross and Rachel have left the plane and are waiting for their luggage.

Ross: Monica told me she would be here when we arrived but I told her that she didn't have to. But she said she wanted to. So....

They both laugh.

Rachel: Yes, that really sounds like her. Don't you know your sister, Ross?

Ross laughs. Then we hear someone yelling Ross and Rachel's name. They turn back and of course, it is Monica.

Monica (smiling and happy): Hi!!!!

She hugs Ross and then Rachel.

Ross/Rachel: Hi!!! We're fine, bla, bla, bla.

Monica (talking to Rachel): God, you are so tan! I loved it!

Rachel (smiling): Thanks! I really needed that. I was looking like a ghost!

Monica: God, I missed you guys!

Rachel: Awww.... I missed you too, honey.

Ross: Me too, Mon.

Monica: And I've prepared a special dinner to us! Phoebe, Joey and Chandler will be there too.

Ross: Good!

Rachel: That is great, Mon. I missed your food too.

Monica (hugging Rachel): Awwwwww.

Their luggage arrives and Ross puts them on those luggage-carrying thing (I don't know how you call that in english).

Ross: So, let's go?

Monica/Rachel: Yes.

They leave the airport.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Joey, Phoebe and Chandler are in there. Joey and Chandler are watching TV and Phoebe is reading a book. They are waiting for Monica to arrive
with Ross and Rachel. The dinner table is ready and the dinner too.

Joey (complaining): I'm so hungry! Do you think they will take long?

Chandler and Phoebe roll their eyes.

Chandler: Joey, you've just had a sandwich!

Joey (mad): Hey, that was my breakfast and by the way, it's been more than an hour already!

Chandler (ironically): Oh my God! Poor you! You must be feeling weak already!

Then the door opens and it is Monica, Ross and Rachel. They enter the apartment and Chandler, Phoebe and Joey get up.

Ross/Rachel: Hi you guys!

Phoebe/Joey/Chandler: Hi!!

They hug each other.

Rachel (hugging Phoebe): Oh, honey, how are you? And how are the babies (touching Phoebe's belly)

Phoebe: They are fine. And I am fine. (and now in a lower voice) And how are you?

Rachel (with a weak smile on her face): I'm fine, honey. I'm better.

They smile at each other.

Joey: Can we eat now? Please???

Chandler: Oh my GOD!

Monica, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe laugh.

Monica: Yes, Joey, we can.

Joey: YES!

They all sit around the table and start having dinner.

Time lapse.

They have finished dinner and are now sitting on the living room and talking. Monica, Rachel and Chandler are on the couch. Joey is sitting on the
floor. Phoebe on the armchair and Ross is sitting on the arm of the armchair.

Chandler: ... so Joey here snored during the whole fight!

Rachel and Ross laugh. Joey doesn't look very happy.

Chandler: Anyway, is Greece really beautiful?

Ross looks at Rachel for a moment. Everyone notices that.

Ross: Oh, yes, it is a beautiful country.

Phoebe: Oh, I would love to go to Greece!

Monica: Me too!

Rachel stays there, quiet. Monica looks at her and gets worried.

Monica: Honey, are you ok?

Rachel: Oh, yes, Mon, I am. I'm just a little tired, that's all. From the flight.

Ross looks down for a moment.

Ross: Yes, I'm tired too. I guess I'll go home. We can get together and talk more tomorrow.

(P.s.: Let's pretend that Ross's apartment is Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, all right?)

Ross gets up and picks his luggage. Then he turns to Rachel.

Ross (a little embarrassed): Um.... Rach, thanks again for everything. See you.

Rachel (giving him a weak smile): See you.

The rest of the gang notices that but no one says a thing. Ross leaves.

Chandler: Ok, I guess it is time for us to go too, right Joey?

Joey doesn't really get that.

Chandler: Right Joey?

Joey: Ok, ok, let's go then.

Chandler: Good night.

Joey: Bye.

Monica/Rachel/Phoebe: Bye!

Chandler (smiling): Thanks for the dinner, Mon.

Monica (smiling): You're welcome.
They both smile at each other for a while and then Chandler and Joey leaves. Rachel lies on the couch and Monica approaches her. She sits on the
couch and Rachel rests her head on Monica's lap. Phoebe is still sitting on the armchair. Rachel has a sad face.

Monica: Oh, honey.

Rachel (sad): Argh, now everything is back to normal. Now it is all gone. I wanted to come back home when I was in Greece but now I want to go
back there. (starts crying)

Monica: Oh, Rachel, don't cry. You guys have only arrived here and now things will have to be worked out. Ross will have to make a decision about
his married, although I think Emily has done that already. And you just should let things happened, you know?

Rachel (still crying softly): Yeah, I know. But I'm afraid, Monica. I'm afraid Ross and I will never get together again. Maybe he was just too sad in
Greece and that is why he kissed me. And the real thing is that he is over me. Why would he marry Emily if he weren't over me?

Phoebe: Duh! Rachel, I guessed that was too obvious!

Rachel looks at her with a confused expression.

Phoebe: He married her because he was too desperate to forget you. And Emily was like a good option for that. Let's face it: it was all just too
fast! And now he is paying the consequences, that's all. He didn't marry Emily because he was madly in love with her. Of course he liked her, but
not madly in love. He was trying to forget you and got a little carried away. That's what I think. And you should ad the "I take thee, Rachel" part to

Rachel is amazed. Monica too.

Rachel: Wow! Do you think that? Do you really think that?

Phoebe: Totally!

Monica: Phoebe, that does make perfect sense!

Phoebe: Yeah, I know. And Rachel, you only have to wait. It is gonna happen.

Rachel now has a smile on her face but then she frowns.

Rachel: I don't know, Phoebe. Things just don't happen the way we want them to, you know?

Phoebe: Ok, first of all, I do know that. But you have to believe it, Rachel. And second of all, it is so meant to be!

Monica: You believe it, Rachel?

Rachel is confused.
Rachel: I guess I do.

Phoebe (mad): You guess???

Rachel: Well, yes. It is too soon to tell. Ross doesn't even know about the annulment yet. How am I supposed to know the way he will react to
that? It's too soon.

Monica: I guess you are right. And I still have to tell him about the annulment.

Rachel: And when are you doing that?

Monica: Tomorrow morning.

Rachel has a sad face.

Phoebe: Awww, what is it, Rach?

Rachel: I don't know, but I just feel sad. Even if he agrees with that annulment and never sees Emily again, it is still not good, because things are
weird for us now. It is all messed up and I don't know if that's ever gonna change.

Monica: Maybe things will get weird for now, but not forever, sweetie. Think about it. It is just a bad phase.

Phoebe: Yes, Rach, things will get better. Ross is really screwed up now but he will get better. You will just have to wait, if you really love him.

Rachel: I do, and that is my problem.

Monica: That is not a problem. That is great! Love is always good.

Rachel (very sad): Well, I guess I don't have another option. But I am telling you guys: I am so not lucky in this love business. So not lucky...

Scene fades

Cuts to Ross's apartment.

Next morning. He is having breakfast when he hears a knock on the door. He goes to answer the door and it is Monica. She is holding an envelope.

Ross: Oh, hi, Mon. What's up?

Monica: Hi. How are you?

Ross: I'm ok.

Monica smiles. They enter the apartment and Monica sits on the couch. Ross stays up.

Monica: Ross, I have to talk to you about something.

Ross (worried): Is it about Rachel?
Monica (surprised): What? Why? What about Rachel?

Ross (uncomfortable): What? Nothing? .... umm, I asked you.

Monica notices that he is curious about Rachel and how she is feeling and all. She gives him a smile but then breaks it.

Monica: Ok, we can talk about her later, but I really have to talk to you about something very important, ok?

Ross approaches her and sits next to her.

Ross (worried): What is it, Mon? I'm getting worried.

Monica: Ok, here is the thing: last week, while you were in Greece, this (hands him the envelope) arrived.

Ross takes the envelope.

Ross: What is it, Mon?

Monica: Those are the papers of your marriage annulment.

Ross (surprised): What?

Monica: I'm sorry, Ross. Emily's lawyer called and he wanted to talk to you and since you weren't here I talked to him. He told me that he had sent
me the papers and that Emily didn't want to discuss anything else. That was her final decision and she wouldn't change her mind. He asked me to
ask you to sign these and send back to England.

Ross is looking down. He is sad.

Monica: Oh, Ross, don't be like this. You know, it is probably for the best. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, you know?

Ross: Yes, I know, but it is my second divorce and it is even worse, because we didn't even tried, you know?

Monica: You wanted to give it another try?

Ross (confused): Well, I don't know, but it just seems like the right thing to do, right?

Monica: Well, I wouldn't know. But I just think that when you decide to marry someone you have to really want that, you know? And it has to be
something planned, not out of the blue.

Ross: Yes, I know what you're saying. You think that we've got married too fast.

Monica: Well, didn't you?

Ross: Yes, we did. But it just seemed right.
Monica: But marriage is supposed to be forever, Ross. Not a hasty decision. You should have thought about that before. And why did you decide to
propose to Emily anyway? I mean, you had known her for a month. You dated Rachel for almost a year and didn't propose.

Ross now looks really bad. He is looking down.

Ross: It was different, Mon.

Monica: I'm sorry, Ross, I didn't mean to upset you. I am just confused and I wanted to understand that all.

Ross keeps looking down.

Ross: It was indeed hasty. I don't know, I guess one thing let to another. The fact that she was always half of the time in London and half of the
time in here. And also Rachel and I had broken up and I was feeling so bad and when I found Emily I thought that I could be happy again.

Monica: But you loved her?

Ross: Yes, I did.

Monica: Real love, like real?

Ross (confused): What you mean?

Monica: Well, you know? Like she was the perfect woman for you?

Ross (sad): Well, Mon, we not always can have the perfect woman, you know?

Monica: Why not?

Ross (mad): Because life sucks!

Monica (mad): Great argument! So you marry the next best thing because life sucks? Wow, Ross! That is so unreasonable! I guess this annulment is
not as bad as I thought then.

Ross: Well, to tell you the truth it is not as bad as I thought either. I was expecting something like that already. And to tell you the truth, Mon, I
can't blame Emily. She has the right to ask for this and to hate me forever.

Monica nods.

Monica: Yes, she does.

Monica: So, let me see if I got this: you are ok with the annulment. You think Emily is not the perfect woman for you and you said the perfect
woman's name at the altar?

Ross: What???

Monica just shoots him a look.

Monica: Come on, Ross. Let's face it.

Ross: Ok, ok, ok, ok! Mon, you are going a little too fast, you know? I am still technically married.

Monica: So what?

Ross: So that I don't wanna think about the perfect woman or my failure marriage. I just don't! I just want to sign these stupid papers and get this
over with. Then I can move on with my life. Me, not you!

Monica: Ok, I was just trying to help you and clear things for you, because you are so blind, you know?

Ross: Blind? Why? I'm not blind!

Monica: Ok, Ross, if you paid more attention you would realize so much.

Ross (confused): What are you talking about?

Monica shoots him a look. Ross is confused.

Monica: Ok, Ross, if you can't see things, I am not going to be the one to tell you.

Ross: Are you talking in codes now?

Monica (really not buying that): You really think you can full me, don't you?

Ross (confused): What?

Monica: Ok, Ross, I am not that stupid! And I just have to leave. I promised Rachel I would help her with something.

Ross (curious): With what?

Monica smiles.

Monica: Curious?

Ross pretends he is not.

Ross: Me? No! Just asking!

Monica (ironically): Of course. Anyway, bye!

Ross: Bye.

Monica leaves and Ross stays there. He looks worried.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Rachel is sitting in the couch. Phoebe is there too. Monica enters. Rachel just gets up.

Rachel (excited): So, how was that? How did he take that all?

Monica: Well, actually he was pretty ok with that all.

Rachel (surprised): Really?

Monica: Yes, he said that Emily was right and he couldn't even blame her. And it is not that he is happy with that because he is kind of sad, but I
guess he just realized that they have made a mistake.

Phoebe: Well, at least now he is aware of that!

Monica: Yes.

Rachel: Poor Ross.

Rachel sits again and Monica sits next to her.

Monica: Rach, I have something that is going to cheer you up.

Rachel smiles, excited.

Rachel: Really?

Monica nods.

Monica: We were talking and I told him some things he needed to listen. I told him that he got married too fast and I asked if he loved Emily, like,
real love, as in she is the perfect woman. Do you know what he said?

Rachel is really-really curious.

Rachel: What?

Phoebe (curious too): What?

Monica: That you cannot always have the perfect woman.

Rachel covers her month with her hands. She can't believe that! Phoebe is happy too!

Phoebe: Way to go, Rach!

Rachel (happy): Awww...Mon, he really said that?

Monica nods.

Rachel (sighing): Awwwwww...
She lies on the couch, smiling, and the girls smile. Suddenly, Rachel "gets back to reality"

Rachel (worried): Wait a minute! Who said he was talking about me?

Phoebe: Duh!

Monica: Rachel, wake up! You seem like Ross! All blind! Who else could it be?

Rachel: Well, I am not the one who was asked to marry him, am I?

Phoebe: That is just a tiny detail, honey. Believe me. Lobsters can play tricks on each other too.

Rachel rolls her eyes.

Phoebe: Ok, joke all you want to, but one day you will thank me.

Monica: And besides, Rach, you do know why he proposed to her so fast.

Rachel (still not convinced): Well, I do want to believe that, Mon, but I am afraid. I guess time will tell me whether that is true or not.

Scene fades.

Time lapse.

Now we can see some scenes that show that some time has passed. Phoebe is having the babies. She is with the babies and the rest of the gang
at the hospital, all happy. Frank Jr. and Alice are carrying the babies. Chandler and Monica still together and telling the gang about it (I can't really
get into those two now, it would be too much for me. So pretend they are together already and everyone knows). We can see Rachel on her
bedroom, thinking. She is looking to some pictures, some of them from the time she was with Ross. She is sad, by the way. Now we can see Ross
signing the annulment papers and sending them to London. He is single at last! Then we can see him at home, sitting on his couch, thinking. He has
a sad face and we can see a ring on the coffee table. He is staring at the ring with a sad face. The gang at Central Perk, talking. Ross and Rachel
aren't together and there is still this awkward thing between them. They look at each other but pretend they didn't. There is this huge tension.
Anyway, the gang is still at Central Perk and we can see "Three Months Later" written on the screen.

They are all in there. Monica and Chandler and cuddling at the couch. Rachel is sitting on the same couch. Ross and Joey are on that small table on
the left and Phoebe on that big armchair. They are talking.

Phoebe (looking at Chandler and Monica): God, I still can't believe you guys are together. This is know?

Monica: No, we don't know. It is so what?

Phoebe: Well, you know?

Chandler (ironically): See, this is the part where you explain the you know.

The others laugh.

Phoebe: I don't know. It is different. It is great too, of course, but it is different because we weren't used to that. With those two here (points to
Ross and Rachel) we were, but you guys are new!

Ross and Rachel look really-really embarrassed and uncomfortable. Rachel shoots Phoebe and look. Ross notices that. Everyone notices that and
there is this awkward silence.

Chandler (trying to break the tension): Well, Pheebs, but you will have to get used to us together. (he kisses Monica).

Rachel smiles.

Rachel: Awwww.... you guys are really cute together.

Monica: I KNOW!

Rachel smiles again. Ross looks at her for a moment and she notices that. She looks at some magazine. He notices that and gets a sad look on his

Joey: So Chandler, you are lucky! Monica is hot!

Ross/Chandler: Dude!!!

Joey: What? She is!

Chandler: Dude!

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe laughs.

Monica (flattered): Thanks, Joey!

Chandler (mad): Monica?

Monica: What? I am glad he thinks I'm hot! You should be happy too! Would you rather having a non-hot girlfriend?

She shoots him a look.

Chandler: Yeah, good point! I have a hot girl!

They all laugh but Ross.

Ross: Hey, that's my sister! I am not comfortable with that hot thing, you know?

They all laugh at him and he gets mad.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Later on that same day. They are all in there. They have just had dinner and are now talking. The guys are sitting around the table and the girls
are on the couch, looking at some magazines.

Chandler (to Ross): I am telling you, that is the best game ever!

Ross: No way!

Joey (to Ross): He is right, man. You will agree once you play it.

Ross: Ok, so let's go play it now!

Joey/Chandler: Ok

They get up and walk to the door.

Chandler: Mon, we are going to play some Playstation, ok?

Monica: Ok.

Chandler/Joey/Ross: Bye!

Monica/Rachel/Phoebe: Bye!

The guys leave. The girls keep looking at the magazines when Rachel closes them all and looks at Phoebe.

Rachel (kind of mad): Ok, now we are gonna talk, missy! What was that about????

Phoebe (afraid): What?

Rachel (really mad): That thing about me and Ross that you said at the coffee shop while ago. Were you out of your mind? And you better have a
good reason because there is no pregnancy to blame now!

Phoebe: Oh, that....umm .... That was just an observation. Nothing you should worry about, Rach.

Rachel: Nothing I should worry about? Phoebe, that was really uncomfortable!

Monica: Well, she is right, Phoebe.

Phoebe: OK, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Rachel looks down.

Rachel: Ok.

Phoebe and Monica look at each other.

Monica: What' the matter, Rachel?
Rachel (sad): Well, it is nothing, really. It is just not my day, you know?

They look at her.

Rachel: And Pheebs, sorry, honey, I didn't mean to be rude with you. Sorry. I know you didn't want to upset me.

Phoebe hugs Rachel.

Phoebe: Oh, that's ok.

Monica: Are you sure nothing is bothering you? Rach, you can tell us. We are your friends, hon. We're worried about you.

Rachel keeps looking down and then she starts crying like a baby. She just can't stop. Monica and Phoebe look worried and don't know what to do.

Monica: Rachel, please, calm down. Stop crying, sweetie.

Phoebe: What happened?

Rachel keeps crying. She can't talk. Monica gets up and goes get her some water. She hands Rachel the glass of water and Rachel drinks some.

Cuts to Chandler and Joey's.

The guys are there playing that Playstation thing.

Ross: Wow! This game is really great! You guys are right!

Chandler: I told you.

They keep playing.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Rachel is still crying but now it is softly. She is catching her breath.

Phoebe: Aww...Rachel.

Monica: Honey, tell us what is going on.

Rachel (with a crying voice): Oh, you guys, I am so miserable.

Monica: Why?

Rachel: I can't get over Ross. (burst in tears again)

Monica and Phoebe comfort her.

Rachel (sobbing): And... it's been three months already. Three whole months and nothing!

Monica: Did you guys talk about something?

Rachel: No, not even about the weather! He is all weird and different with me. I guess he hates me. That's all.

Phoebe: Rachel, don't say that! You know that is not true!

Rachel: So why is this happening? Why? I don't get it. In Greece he was so different. He said I was very important to him and he kissed me. Then
there was that "perfect woman" crap. I am so pathetic! I kept having all these hopes when I knew nothing would ever happen again.

Monica: Rachel, why are you being so pessimistic? Honey, he went through a failure marriage and an annulment. That is not easy. And he also had
to deal with all those feelings about you. I guess he wasn't ready to get involved with anyone. Maybe he is now. Who knows?

Phoebe: Maybe you should talk to him.

Rachel: No, no way! I can't do that. It will be too painful.

Monica: But you should try, otherwise you will never know.

Rachel: Maybe you guys should ask him! Not ask him, but try to find out.

Monica: Rachel, please, we are not teenagers anymore.

Rachel looks down. Phoebe raises her hand.

Phoebe: I can do that!

Monica: What?

Rachel (smiling): Thanks, Phoebe!

Phoebe: You're welcome.

Monica: Are you guys insane? That is so not the right way to solve that.

Phoebe: Ok, Monica, what do you know? Maybe it is better if someone, who is not Rachel, talk to Ross about that. You know? To open his mind.

Monica: Ok, I give up.

Rachel and Phoebe cheer and Monica smiles.

Cuts to Chandler and Joey's.

The guys are not playing anymore. They are just talking.

Ross: Can I talk to you guys about something?

Joey/Chandler: Sure.
Ross: Well ... umm ... do you guys remember when I went to Greece with Rachel?

Chandler and Joey nods.

Ross: Well, what you guys don't know is that I kissed her.

Joey: Score man!

Chandler: Really?

Ross and Chandler shoot Joey a look.

Ross: Anyway... she was being so nice to me and we were having such a great time. I guess all those feelings that I felt for her came back, you

Chandler: But what about Emily?

Ross: That is the weirdest thing, because I hardly remembered about her. I just couldn't stop thinking about Rachel.

Joey: Dude, what happened then? Why you guys aren't together now?

Ross: Well, Joey, it is not that simple. I was too confused, because I was still technically married to Emily and I didn't want to hurt Rachel. It was
awful, because Rachel got really sad about that all. She even cried. I felt so bad. But now three months have passed and I just don't know what to
do. Things are different between Rachel and I now. We are not even friends anymore. I am afraid I hurt her too much.

Chandler: But one thing I need to know. Do you love her?

Ross has a worried look on his face.

Ross: To tell you the truth, Chandler, I don't think I have ever stopped loving her in the first place.

Chandler smiles at him but then frowns.

Chandler: So why did you got married to Emily?

Ross doesn't say anything.

Chandler: Man, I've never really got that all, you know? You guys were together for a month! Only a month and you dated Rachel for a whole year!
Why proposing to Emily and not to Rachel if she was the one you really loved?

Ross looks down and doesn't say a word.

Chandler: Ross?

Ross: What?

Chandler: What's the matter?
Ross: Well, it is just too complicated, man. I could never explain that all to you. And besides, certain things about the past should remain in the

Chandler and Joey look worried. They didn't understand that.

Chandler: What about the past, Ross?

Ross: Chandler, please. I said I don't want to talk about it, all right?

Chandler nods.

Joey: Ok, you said it is not that simple but for me it is, Ross. You love her, right?

Ross nods.

Joey: So tell her! She was going to do the same to you, anyway. You guys so must work on your timing.

Ross (confused): What???

Joey: Yes, you do! You have the worst timing two people could possible have.

Ross is confused.

Ross (nervous): Joey, not that! She was going to do what?

Joey: Well, at your wedding, in London.

Ross (confused): What are you talking about?

Chandler looks at Joey and Joey doesn't know whether he should say that or not.

Joey (giving up): Oh, what the hell? We have to tell him.

Ross (super confused): Tell me what?

Chandler: Rachel went to London to tell you that she was still in love with you.

Ross just can't believe that. He gets up from his seat and starts pacing around. He has one of his hands on his head and he looks totally messed

Ross: Oh my God! Oh my God! How come you guys never told me that before? God, Rachel went there to tell me she was still in love with me? All
that time?

Joey: Well, Ross, you were in love with her too. You just didn't know that. Why else you would explain saying her name at the altar?

Ross looks at Joey.

Ross: And why she didn't tell me that? Why?

Chandler: Well, I guess she just couldn't. She thought you were so happy and she didn't want to ruin your wedding. So she just kept her feelings to
Ross (devastated): Oh God! And then I acted like a jerk! She was in love with me all that time in Greece. And I kissed her! God! What have I done?
How come I could be so blind?

Chandler: Monica always says you are so blind!

Ross shoots him a look.

Ross: We were in love with each other all that time. All that time.

Ross has a sad look on his face now. He is teary eyed. The guys notice that and try to comfort him.

Chandler: Oh Ross. Don't be like that. At least now you know that all and you guys can work things out.

Joey: Yeah.

Ross: No, you guys don't see it! She was in love with me back then. But we don't know now. After all I did she might hate me now. And I can't
blame her. After we arrived from Greece I didn't talk to her about everything that happened. I am such an idiot!

Chandler: Please, Ross, it's been three months. Only three months. Do you think Rachel's feelings are so weak that they wouldn't last for three

Ross is confused.

Ross: I don't know, Chandler. I just don't. All I know is that I don't want to hurt her again. Not again. Maybe it is better not to say anything.

Joey: Are you crazy? Why? Why would you turn Rachel down?

Chandler: Joey is right.

Ross: I don't want to turn her down. I just don't want to hurt her again.

Chandler: Do you think she won't get hurt when she finds out that you still love her and decided not to tell her about it? What kind of love is that

Ross: How is she ever going to find out?

Chandler: We'll tell her.

Joey: Yes we will!

Ross (mad): Hey! You guys are my friends and I don't allow you guys to tell her.

Joey: We're Rachel's friends too!

Ross is worried.

Chandler: And besides, I tell Monica everything and she will certainly tell Rachel.
Ross shoots him a look.

Chandler: Well, it is not my fault. It is a couple's thing. And you know we are right. You have to tell her. Do you want to live like that? Loving her
and not doing anything about it?

Ross: No, I don't. But you guys have to understand why I am worried. I don't want to disappoint her again. I am afraid to ruin things.

Chandler: Ross, don't worry about that. Why would you ruin things now? You are single, you love her and you know it. I'd say it is the perfect time.
What more do you need to make that work?

Ross keeps thinking.

Ross: I guess I'll go home now. That was just too much for me. I don't know what to do now and yet I do know I have to do something about that.
See you guys later.

Chandler: Ok. Bye

Joey: Bye man.

Ross leaves and Joey and Chandler look at each other, worried.

Joey: Should we tell Rachel now?

Chandler: What?

Joey: Well, aren't we telling her?

Chandler: Of course not, Joey! Are you nuts? We're not going to do that.

Joey (confused): But you just said you would!

Chandler rolls his eyes.

Chandler (trying to calmly explain that to Joey): Joey, I just said that so Ross would do something, do you understand now?

Joey realizes.

Joey: Oh.... that was smart!

Chandler smiles.

Chandler: But I will tell Monica and she will certainly tell Rachel, but then it is not my fault.

They smile. Scene fades.

Cuts to the hallway between the two apartments.

Ross is leaving Chandler and Joey's. He is closing the door as he sees that Rachel is leaving her apartment too. They look at each other deeply.
Neither of them know what to do or say. They keep looking at each other for some seconds. Rachel has these really red eyes (because she was
crying earlier, remember?) and Ross looks devastated too, because of what he has just found out. The moment is too awkward so Ross decides to
say something.

Ross: Um... hi, Rach.

Rachel tries to catch her breath.

Rachel (uncomfortable): Hi Ross.

Ross (noticing her red eyes): Are you ok?

Rachel (lying): Oh, yes, I am ok. I was just helping Monica with some onions. That's all.

Ross (really not buying that): Oh ... ok.


Rachel (breaking the silence): I have to tell Chandler something. Excuse me.

She walks to Chandler and Joey's door. Ross moves to the left.

Ross (sad): Ok. Bye Rachel.

Rachel looks back to him.

Rachel: Bye.

She enters the apartment and Ross stays there. He sits on that step between the apartments and just stays there, looking down and even more

Rachel is now inside Chandler and Joey's. She closes the door and leans against it, closing her eyes and trying to catch her breath. Joey and
Chandler keep looking at her, not understand anything.

Chandler: Rachel?

Rachel wakes up. She opens her eyes and look at Chandler and Joey.

Rachel (confused): Oh, what?

Chandler and Joey keep looking at her, more confused.

Joey: What what, Rach? What happened?

Rachel (obviously lying): Oh, nothing. Just resting a little on this door. See, I am so tired!
Chandler and Joey exchange looks, like "we know what happened".

Chandler: So, have you seen Ross?

Rachel (nervous): I'm not seeing Ross!

(P.s.: Sorry, but I loooved when Chandler said that in TOW Ross's Wedding - lol)

Joey/Chandler: What?

Rachel just realizes what she has just said. She gets embarrassed. Chandler and Joey notice that, of course.

Rachel: Well, he was at the hallway just a minute ago. Why?

Chandler and Joey exchange looks again and smile. Rachel notices that.

Rachel: What is going on here?

Chandler (lying): Nothing. Zero!

Joey nods. Rachel doesn't buy that.

Rachel: Yeah, right. You guys are the worst liars ever!

Chandler and Joey look at her and don't say anything.

Joey: By the way, what are you doing here?

Rachel: What? You guys are at my apartment all the time!

Joey and Chandler agree.

Chandler: Yes, you have a point.

Rachel: Anyway, I am just here because we are out of ice. Do you guys have some?

Chandler: Sure.

Rachel opens the fridge and gets the ice.

Rachel: Ok, I have to get back now. Thanks.

Joey: Rachel, wait!

Rachel turns back and looks at Joey.

Rachel: What?

Joey (worried): What's with the red eyes? Something happened?

Rachel looks sad.

Rachel: Oh, no. That's nothing, Joey. I have to go now. Bye-bye.

She leaves. Joey and Chandler look at each other, worried.

Joey: Why she was crying? Do you think it is because of Ross?

Chandler: Well, I don't know. But Rachel cries a lot, so....

Cut to the hallway.

Rachel is leaving the guys apartment. She is closing the door when she sees that Ross is still sitting on that step. She is surprised. He looks up at
her. They keep looking at each other for a bit.

Rachel: You are still here, Ross? What happened?

Ross: Nothing, I am just thinking. I need to think about some stuff.

Rachel gets worried.

Rachel: Well, I don't think the hallway is the best place for that.

She gives him a weak smile. He gets happy with her smile. He smiles back.

Ross: Yes, I guess you are right. I'll go home.

Rachel nods.

Rachel: Well, I'll go home too. (she points to her apartment's door)

Ross smiles at her and she smiles back.

Rachel: Bye then.

Ross: Bye-bye.

Rachel enters her apartment and Ross keeps looking at her. Then, when she is gone, he leaves too.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Rachel enters and closes the door. Then she leans against it and closes her eyes, just like she did at the guys' apartment. The girls keep looking at
her. Then Rachel wakes up and notices that the girls are looking at her, waiting for an explanation.

Rachel (sighing): Ross was on the hallway.

Monica and Phoebe: Really?

Rachel nods.

Phoebe: And did you guys talked?

Rachel (sad): Well, only for a little bit. He seemed so sad. And it was really uncomfortable, because we kept looking at each other and couldn't say
anything. So I entered the guys's and he stayed there. And when I came back, he was still there, sitting on the step, looking down.

Monica and Phoebe look sad.

Rachel: He told me he had to think about some stuff. And he even asked me if I was ok, because of my red eyes.

Monica (curious): What did you say?

Rachel: I was so lame. I told him I was helping you with some onions.

Monica and Phoebe laugh.

Monica: You? In the kitchen? I am so sure he thought you were lying.

Rachel: Well, what was I supposed to do? Tell him the truth?

Phoebe and Monica shoot her a look.

Rachel: Oh, yes, just like that? Out of the blue? On the hallway?

Monica: Well, it is better than having Phoebe to do that for you.

Phoebe: Hey, that will be fun! You won't regret that, Rach!

Rachel: I hope so.

Monica: So, you guys are really going to do that, aren't you?

Rachel: Well, I don't know.

Phoebe (mad): Hey!

Monica: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Ok, but Rach, you can trust me. I won't say anything that you wouldn't want me to, ok?

Rachel: Are you sure, Phoebe? Because sometimes you do things that I don't believe.

Phoebe: I am sure. I will only help you guys.

Rachel: Ok, thanks.

They smile to each other.

Monica: Oh my God! I give up.

She smiles too.
Cuts to Ross's.

Ross is there, sitting in the couch, still thinking. He looks really messed up. The ring is still on the coffee table and he is staring at it.

"Oh God! I have to do something. I can't keep on living like this. I want to be happy, right? And I want Rachel to be happy too. And what if she still
loves me? I have to tell her about my feelings. And I wish I could tell her first, because I just think it is the right way. She has already suffered
too much. And God, how come I have never realized why Rachel was in London? I am so blind! Monica is right. It all makes perfect sense now.
Why did that all have to happen? It would have been so much easier to be honest. To have told Rachel about my feelings since the beginning. I
should know that running away from things wouldn't work. And now I don't even know how to talk to her about that all. There is so much she
doesn't know. So much. If only she knew...."

He keeps looking at the ring and some tears roll down his face. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Ross quickly dries his tears and gets up and
goes answer the door. It is Phoebe. - the cupid! He-he

Ross (trying to hide his tears and red eyes): Oh, hi, Pheebs. What's up?

Phoebe notices that he was probably crying but pretends she doesn't.

Phoebe: Hi, Ross. Can I come in?

Ross: Oh, sure. Sure.

Phoebe enters.

Cut to Monica and Rachel's.

Monica and Rachel are there. Monica is sitting on the couch and Rachel is pacing around, nervous.

Rachel: Oh God! Oh God! I wonder what Phoebe is doing. Do you think she will say something crazy?

Monica: Well, you know my opinion about that, honey. But let's just hope she does the right thing.

Rachel is still pacing.

Rachel (freaking out): Yes, let's just hope. What if she pictures me as a pathetic idiot? As a loser? Oh my God! And I can't believe those drapes are
shut! They are never shut! Never! I can't see anything!

Monica: Ok, Rachel, you gotta calm down. Don't freak out like this. Let's just wait and see what happens. Phoebe is not that crazy.

Rachel shoots Monica a look.

Monica: Ok, ok, maybe she is but she loves you and she just want to help.
Rachel: Yes.

Monica: And besides, there is no way she will picture you as a pathetic loser because you are not one. Just calm down and sit down for a bit. You
are driving me crazy!

Rachel: Ok, sorry.

Rachel sits. Then she looks at Monica.

Rachel: I hate your brother!

Monica (smiling): You wish!

Rachel smiles at her and rests her head on Monica's lap.

Monica: Ok, things will be fine. You will see. I am sure Ross loves you as much as you love him. Probably even more. He has always been crazy
about you, honey. And you know that. Ever since high school.

Rachel smiles.

Rachel: You really think so? He loves me more?

Monica: Rachel!!!

They laugh.

Rachel: Oh, Mon, when I think of all the time we were apart I just feel so bad. And it was all because of stupid little things. Well, most of them.
(referring to Chloe).

Monica: Yes, you are right. But you guys are different now and have the past experience. So those mistakes won't happen again. See, Rach, you
learn with your mistakes. Maybe you guys had to pass through that all to value what you had. Things don't happen without a meaning.

Rachel: You are right. You are so right. I only know that I don't want to regret stuff anymore, Mon.

Cuts to Ross's.

Phoebe is sitting on the couch and Ross sits on a chair. Ross looks at Phoebe as if he is waiting for her to tell him what is the reason of such
unexpected visit. Phoebe kind of notices that.

Phoebe: So, how are you, Ross?

Ross: I am fine, Phoebe. Thank you. And you?

Phoebe: Oh, I am fine too.

Ross: Good.

Phoebe nods. There is this silence and Phoebe breaks it.
Phoebe: So, what were you doing? Am I interrupting something?

Ross: Oh, no, not really. I was just here, you know? Thinking about stuff.

Phoebe: Stuff? What kind of stuff?

Ross: Well, my life and how messy it has been.

Phoebe: Oh, Ross, that is not true. Your life is great.

Ross shoots her a look.

Ross: Great? Define great.

Phoebe: Well, at least you are not homeless or dead.

Ross: Ok, Pheebs, great points.

Phoebe: I am serious, Ross.

Ross: What about the fact that I have already been divorced twice, and that I ruin every relationship I have?

Phoebe: Well, would you rather be married to a person that you don't love instead?

Ross: No.

Phoebe: So you don't have to worry about those stupid divorces. That was just a mistake and you should be glad that now you are free to go after
your perfect woman.

Ross (sad): Yes, as if the perfect woman is ever going to want me back.

Phoebe: Back?

Ross realizes what he has just said.

Ross: Well....

Phoebe: Ross, do you want to tell me something?

Ross: Ok, ok, ok! You can drop the act, right Phoebe. I know you know and I know everyone knows too. I am just so pathetic.

Phoebe approaches him and tries to comfort him.

Phoebe: Oh, Ross, why do you think that? Why do you think Rachel won't want you back? What made you think that?

Ross: Everything, Phoebe. Everything. Maybe it is just too late.

Phoebe: It is never too late. You guys can be happy and if you tell her about your feelings you might be surprised.
Ross looks at her.

Ross: What are you saying?

Phoebe: Well, what you've heard. Just give it a shot. You won't regret it, I promise you.

Ross smiles.

Ross: Did Rachel tell you something?

Phoebe: Ross!! We're best friends! She tells Monica and me everything.

Ross smiles more. YAY!

Phoebe: You should go after your perfect woman. Don't waste your chance.

Ross (happy): You think?

Phoebe: I am sure. It is all I have been telling you guys since the beginning and you never believed me. There is no way to scape from that.
Lobsters are made to be together. It is fate!

Ross smiles at her.

Ross: Thank you, Phoebe. You are so great!

Phoebe: are welcome. But I know though.

He laughs. They hug for a bit.

Ross: I just don't know how I will talk to her about it.

Phoebe: Just talk to her. Tell her the truth. That is the best way.

Ross: You're right.

Phoebe makes a "of course" face.

Ross: Do you want something to drink?

Phoebe: Well, just a glass of water, please.

Ross: Ok

He gets up and goes to the kitchen. Phoebe stays there. Suddenly she notices this ring on the coffee table. She looks at it for a while and is
confused. It is a woman's ring, more like an engagement ring. Phoebe picks the ring and starts looking at it. It is a beautiful ring by the way. Ross
arrives from the kitchen and sees that Phoebe saw the ring and is holding it. He gets all nervous and doesn't know what to do. He keeps looking at
Phoebe. Finally she realizes that he is looking at her with a very weird face.

Phoebe: What's the matter, Ross? Who' is this from?

Ross is speechless. He can't say a word.

Phoebe (worried): Ross?

Ross starts pacing around the room.

Phoebe: Ross, I am freaking out here. What is going on?

Ross sits next to Phoebe.

Ross: Ok, Phoebe, I am going to tell you because I have no option. But you have to promise me that you will never ever ever tell this to anyone.
Please? Please?

Phoebe: Ok, Ross, I do. And I am getting worried now. What's the deal with this ring?

Ross looks down for a bit and then looks at her again.

Ross: Ok, this is not just a ring, Phoebe. This is an engagement ring.

Ross gets teary eyed.

Ross (trying not to cry): It is the ring I would give to Rachel.

Phoebe (surprised): What? When?

Ross is crying softly now. He is just too upset.

Ross: No one knew about this until now. And I didn't mean to tell anyone about this ever, Phoebe. But you just found out. You see? It is just too
painful for me. Too painful.

Phoebe: Ross, please don't cry. And I am still confused. When were you going to propose to Rachel?

Ross takes a deep breath.

Ross: Ok, I will tell you about everything. Well, remember when Rachel and I started dating?

Phoebe nods.

Ross: Well, I was so happy, Phoebe. So happy. I never though I could be that happy. And I had this feeling that it would be forever, me and
Rachel. I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I just couldn't lose her again. And one day I was passing by this jewelry store and I saw
this ring in the window. I thought it was the most beautiful ring ever. And I knew that when I proposed to Rachel it would have to be with that
ring. I could even see her wearing it. It was just perfect for her. So I bought it and saved it for the right day, you know?

Phoebe (crying): Oh, Ross.
Ross: But that right day never happened. And I just couldn't get rid of this ring. I guess that deep down I hoped that I would still give it to Rachel
one day. I think I just didn't want to believe that I wouldn't be that happy again. Never.

Ross dries his tears.

Ross: Do you understand now why this is so painful to me? Why I am so afraid to ruin that all again?

Phoebe: Oh, Ross, you didn't ruin anything. Things just weren't meant to be that time. But now it is different. You can make this work. God, after
all you've told me. You guys are so meant to be. If there is not real love, then I don't know what it is.

Ross: But Phoebe, how come I can pass though all that again? And what if I never have the chance to give this ring to Rachel?

Phoebe: But you will have the chance, Ross. You will. But you have to try first. And I can tell you the Rachel wants that too.

Ross smiles to Phoebe and she smiles back.

Ross: Thanks for being so supportive, Pheebs.

Phoebe smiles.

Phoebe: And don't worry. I won't tell anyone about the ring, ok?

Ross: Thanks, Phoebe. I want to be the one to tell Rachel that.

Phoebe: You're right. And please, don't be sad anymore. Think that soon you will see that ring placed on Rachel's finger.

Ross (smiling): I hope so.

Phoebe smiles to him.

Ross: I just have to think about a way to talk to her.

Phoebe: I am sure you will find the best time for that, Ross.

Ross smiles.

Phoebe: Now I have to go.

Ross: And thanks again for everything.

Phoebe: You're welcome. I can't wait to see you guys together again.

They hug and Phoebe leaves. Ross stays there, sitting on the couch. He is holding the ring and he looks really happy.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Rachel and Monica are there. They are watching TV when Phoebe enters. Rachel turns to her and gets up, curious.

Rachel (excited): Oh, tell me everything! Everything!

Phoebe smiles to Rachel.

Phoebe: All right, perfect woman, let me just sit.

Rachel smiles to her.

Rachel: Perfect woman?

Phoebe: Well, yeah, but not to me though. To Ross.

Monica laughs and Rachel giggles.

Rachel: Really, did he tell you that?

Phoebe nods.

Rachel (all happy): Oh my God! Phoebe, I love you!

She hugs Phoebe.

Monica (kidding): Hey, I thought you loved Ross.

Rachel smiles to Monica and they all sit on the couch.

Rachel: So Phoebe, tell me!

Phoebe: Ok, Rachel, here is the thing: I won't tell you much, because I am not the one who has to tell you stuff.

Rachel frowns.

Phoebe: Ross will tell you, honey.

Rachel gets worried.

Rachel (nervous): When? I can't talk to him. I don't even know what to say.

Phoebe: Ok, calm down. Of course you can. I can only tell you that the talk Ross and I had was very interesting and you have nothing to worry
about. He loves you so much.

Rachel leans on the couch, with a huge smile on her face.

Rachel: Awwww.... Did he tell you that?

Phoebe nods.
Rachel: What else?

Phoebe: Honey, there is so much you don't know, but you will soon, believe me. I just don't think I should tell you. In fact, Ross asked me not to.

Rachel: He did? Oh God! What am I supposed to do? Go talk to him?

Phoebe: Well, Rachel, I don't know. I would if I were you.

Rachel looks at Monica.

Rachel: What do you think, Mon?

Monica: Well, do you want to go there now?

Rachel nods.

Monica: So go. You have to follow your heart.

Rachel: Oh my God. I am going there. But I look so awful!

Phoebe: Yeah, right! Go now!

Rachel is really excited.

Rachel: Am I really doing this, right?

The girls nod.

Rachel (nervous - she is shaking): Wish me luck.

Phoebe/Monica: Good luck!

They all hug.

Rachel: Ok, I am going. I am so nervous.

Monica: Don't worry, honey. Everything will be ok.

Phoebe: And please, keep the drapes open!

Rachel shoots Phoebe a look and then smiles. She leaves.

Phoebe (to Monica): Well, it was worth the shot, right?

Monica laughs.

Cuts to Ross's.

He is there, sitting on the couch and staring at the ring. Then he gets up and goes to his room, to put the ring on its box. When he is coming back
from his room he hears a knock on the door and he goes answer it. He opens the door and it is Rachel. YAY! Ross can't believe she is there. He
keeps looking at her and she does the same. She smiles to him.

Rachel (kind of embarrassed): Hi.

Ross smiles back.

Ross: Hi, Rachel. Come in.

She does. She goes to the couch but doesn't sit. He follows her. They stand up next to each other and there is this silence, so Rachel breaks it.

Rachel (softly): Well, I came here because I wanted to tell you something.

Ross (softly too and smiling to her): I need to tell you something too, Rach.

She smiles back.

Ross: Do you want to sit?

Rachel: Ok.

They sit on the couch. They are next to each other. Rachel keeps looking at him. She is really excited and almost can't hold that.

Rachel: Ok, I am gonna tell you first then.

Ross: Ok.

Rachel takes a deep breath and looks into Ross's eyes.

Rachel (teary eyed): I love you, Ross.

Ross can't believe what he has just heard. He keeps looking at Rachel, sweetly. Suddenly, he leans and kisses her. It is soft at the beginning but
then it gets really-really intense. They kiss for a while. They break it with a warm hug. Ross smells her hair and kisses her neck. She has her eyes
closed and they are really into that moment.

Ross (whispering in Rachel's ear): I love you. So much. You are my perfect woman.

Rachel smiles and looks at him. She is crying but those are happy tears. Ross is teary eyed too. He smiles to her and keeps kissing her all over her
face. Rachel laughs.

Rachel: You are my perfect man, my perfect everything. I can't believe it took me so long to tell you this, Ross.

Ross (getting her hands): Oh, don't worry about the past, sweetie. The important thing is that we are together now and nothing will turn us apart
again. Nothing.

Rachel smiles tenderly to him and they kiss again. They softly break the kiss.

Rachel: There is so much we have to talk, Ross.

Ross: I know. I have to tell you so many things. First of all I would like to say I am sorry. I'm sorry for everything I did wrong, Rachel. And for being
such a jerk for this last three months.

Rachel: Oh, honey, I am sorry too. I was so distant. I guess I was afraid you didn't love me. And I didn't want to interfere in your life. You were
having so many problems.

Ross: My major problem was not having you, Rachel.

Rachel smiles to him and kisses him.

Rachel: You've always had my heart, Ross. Even when we were apart and fighting all the time. I couldn't stop loving you.

Ross hugs her.

Ross: And the guys told me about London. I am so sorry I put you through that, honey.

Rachel looks down.

Ross: I was just so confused. I thought I had lost you forever and yet I couldn't forget you. I guess I thought that was the easiest way to solve
things. I was so wrong. And my unconscious knew that. That is why I said your name, honey. I couldn't get you out of my mind. It was stronger
than me.

Rachel (crying): Oh Ross. That was the worst day of my life. I went there to tell you that I loved you and I found you there. You seemed so happy
that I just couldn't tell you. That hurt so much.

Ross hugs her.

Ross: Oh, baby, don't cry. Please. I love you so much. And I am so sorry about everything. I was so stupid back then. I hope you can forgive me
one day.

Rachel breaks the hug and look to Ross.

Rachel: There is nothing to forgive, Ross. We both did mistakes. And now we will make it up for that all. I am just crying because I remembered
that and I got sad. But I am so happy to be here with you again. And to know that you love me back. My life is finally right now.

Ross: Oh, honey, you are so special. I can't believe you are next to me again. And from now on, until I die, I will live to make you happy.

Rachel keeps crying softly.

Rachel: I love you, baby.

Ross: I love you too.
They kiss each other and they keep kissing for a long time. Then they break the kiss and cuddle.

Ross: Oh, I missed you so much. I missed your smell, your hair, your beautiful eyes, your voice and your kisses. Everything about you, sweetie.

Rachel smiles.

Rachel: I missed you too. I missed you by my side at night, when I was cold. I even missed your dinosaur talk, honey.

Ross laughs.

Ross: Really?

Rachel: Well, only because you were the one telling the stories, honey. I missed everything about you. And especially these cute puppy eyes.

Ross smiles to her and she smiles back. They continue cuddling.

Ross: Honey, I have to show you something. Can you wait here?

Rachel (curious): Ok, and what is it?

Ross: It is a surprise.

He kisses her on her cheek and goes to his room. She stays on the couch, curious. She has a huge smile on her face.

Cuts to Monica and Rachel's.

Phoebe and Monica are in there as the guys enter. Chandler goes after Monica and gives her a kiss. Joey sits next to Phoebe and they start talking.

Monica (excited): Oh my God, you guys won't believe what is happening.

Chandler (ironically): They are finally making a huge sack of Doritos?

Monica shoots him a look and Phoebe and Joey laugh.

Monica (talking to herself): I don't like this Chandler.

Chandler smiles to her.

Monica (smiling back to him): Ok, I like him.

Joey (curious): What is happening?

Phoebe: Rachel went to Ross's and they are talking or.... you know? Whatever.

Joey: Niiiiice!

Chandler: How did that happened?
Phoebe (all Phoebe about it): Well, basically because of me.

Monica smiles

Monica (to Chandler and Joey): She has a point.

Chandler: Ok, but I am still confused.

Monica: Ok, Rachel and Ross were all weird with each other since Greece, right? And yet, they were in love with each but didn't say anything.

Joey: Well, Ross told us about that today.

Phoebe: Really?

Monica: Really?

Joey: Yes.

Chandler: Well, he started talking about her and we told him that he should do something about that. And we even told him that Rachel went to
London to tell him she was still in love with him.

Phoebe: He didn't know that???

Monica: I'm telling you. He is totally blind!

Phoebe: Well, not anymore! He told me that he would talk to her but she went there before and now they are probably talking and ... whatever.

Joey giggles.

Monica: I just hope they work things out. They used to be such a cute couple, don't you guys think?

They all nod.

Monica: And besides, Rachel has to be my friend-in-law. It is just fate!

Chandler: Oh, honey, don't worry. I am sure she will be.

Monica smiles to him.

Phoebe (interrupting the moment): Ok, but you guys still don't know the best part EVER!

They all look at her.

Monica: What part, Pheebs?

Phoebe: Ok, are you guys ready? And by ready I mean with tissues? We need some Kleenex here!

They all look confused at her.

Monica: Phoebe, what are you talking about?

Phoebe: Ok, but you guys really should have a tissue, because it is so sad and beautiful at the same time. I cried when Ross told me.

Monica goes get some tissues. She hands them to the guys. Chandler shoots her a weird look.

Phoebe (to Monica): I'll need one too. I am too sentimental today.

Monica hands her a tissue.

Monica: Ok, can you please tell us now?

Phoebe: All right. I can tell you guys now, because Rachel is not here. Ross asked me not to tell her. He wanted to do that himself. In fact, he
asked me not to tell anyone, but I can't keep that secret for too long, especially now that Rachel will know too.

Joey (impatient): Phoebe, would you hurry? I am curious too!

Phoebe: Ok, here it goes: I was talking to Ross and we were like done talking. Then he got up to go to the kitchen to get us some water. So I was
alone on the living room. Suddenly I saw this unbelievably gorgeous ring on the coffee table.

Monica (surprised): Oh my God!

Phoebe (yelling): Not finished yet! (normal voice) Anyway... I picked up the ring and start looking at it. Then Ross came back from the kitchen and
saw that I was looking to the ring. You guys, he got pale! Speechless! He just didn't know what to do. And I was like, Ross, please, what is
happening? Anyway, he finally told me.

Monica, Chandler and Joey have these open eyes.

Phoebe: That was an engagement ring.

Monica covers her month with one of her hands.

Joey: Emily's engagement ring?

Phoebe (mad): NO!

Joey: Carol's?

Phoebe: NO! Joey, shut up!

Joey looks hurt.

Phoebe: Aww... sorry.

She smiles to him and he smiles back.
Joey: I can't be mad at you, Pheebs.

Phoebe giggles.

Monica: Hello??? I'm dying here!

Phoebe: Ok, anyway, that was the ring Ross would give to Rachel when they got engaged.

Monica (teary eyed): Oh my God. This is unbelievable. He was going to propose. When??

Phoebe: No, he wasn't going to propose to her. I mean, he would, but he just didn't know when. He told me that he knew she was the one.

Monica smiles, drying her tears. Phoebe smiles to her.

Phoebe: He said that one day he was passing by this jewelry store and he saw this beautiful ring so he knew that when the time came, that would
be THE ring. So he bought it and was just waiting for the perfect time. But that never happened.

Chandler (sadly): Oh my God. Poor Ross.

Monica (teary-eyed): Phoebe, I had no idea. That is so romantic and so sad.

Joey (drying his tears): She was right about the tissues.

Monica: Those two passed through so much. So much. They deserve some happiness now. And do you think he will tell her about the ring?

Phoebe: Well, I don't know about that. Do you think that would be too hasty?

They look at each other, not knowing what to think.

Cut to Ross's.

Rachel is sitting on the couch. Ross is coming back from his room. He looks deeply at her and approaches her. He sits next to her and takes one of
her hands. Rachel looks at him sweetly. She is curious to know what is the surprised.

Ross (looking deeply into her eyes): Well . you know how much I love you, right?

Rachel nods and smiles to him.

Ross: And I feel like this for a long time, Rachel.

Rachel keeps smiling to him. She is teary-eyed.

Ross: And that's why I want to give you this.

He opens this little black box and the ring is there. Rachel is totally surprised and just don't know what to say. Ross then takes the ring and places
it on Rachel's fingers. It fits perfectly. Rachel looks at the ring, smiling, and then kisses Ross.
Rachel (now she is crying): Ross, I can't believe this. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Thank you so much. I love you.

She keeps looking at the ring and smiling. Then she realizes.

Rachel (confused): Honey, why are you giving me this?

Ross: Well sweetie, this is what I want to talk to you about it.

Rachel (confused): What Ross?

Ross (softly): Well, I bought this ring a long time ago, honey. We had just started dating and I was so-so happy. I was finally with you. And deep
inside I had this feeling that you would be the one. That we were meant to be.

Rachel looks down, sad. Ross hugs her.

Ross: Oh, honey, don't be sad. We are together again now and that is what counts, right?

Rachel: Yes, you are right, but it is sad when I think about that all, Ross. We didn't have to pass through that. It is not far.

Ross: But there is nothing we can do about that, Rach. And we did learn a lot from that and now we are stronger.

Rachel smiles to him and he kisses her cheek.

Rachel: I am sorry, Ross. I didn't mean to bring you down. It is just that I remembered about that all. That's it. I couldn't be happier that we are
together again.

Ross: I am happy too, honey. I have no idea how.

Rachel (smiling): Yes, I do.

Ross smiles back to her.

Ross: And as I was saying, sweetie, I was really happy. So one day I was passing by this jewelry store and I saw this ring in the window and I
couldn't stop staring at it. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and I knew that when we got engaged, that would be the ring I would like
to give you. I was so sure you would love it, even though you exchanged all the gifts I gave you.

Rachel laughs for a bit and then smiles at Ross, sweetly. She is crying because she just can't believe what he has just told her.

Rachel: Oh my God, Ross, I just can't believe that. It is ..

She starts crying and Ross hugs her.

Ross: Oh, honey, don't cry. Please. I don't like to see you crying.

Ross keeps hugging her for some time and then they break it.

Ross (drying her tears): Oh, sweetie, don't cry.

Rachel: I am sorry, Ross. But that is just so big. I had no idea. You never told me about anything before. Not even about getting engaged. And you
had the engagement ring all this time. Why you never told me anything? Why?

Ross looks down.

Rachel: Ross, please, I am not mad at you. I am just trying to understand.

Ross looks at her.

Ross (sad): I was waiting for the perfect time, honey. I wanted it to be perfect and I was just waiting for the right time. Because I knew it would
be you. I knew you were the one. But then all those things happened and we broke up. And I got so sad for not having you anymore and I guess I
just did all those stupid things to try to forget you.

Rachel: Like marrying Emily?

Ross looks sad at her and nods.

Rachel: Oh, Ross, you should have told me about that all.

Ross: But I thought you didn't care about me anymore. So I just kept the ring for myself. I never told about this to anyone until today. Phoebe saw
the ring and I just couldn't lie.

Rachel is still crying. And Ross looks sad.

Ross: Rachel, I am so sorry. I know I should have told you about this but I had no idea that all those things would happen with us. And I don't
know, but even after we broken up and I was going to marry Emily, I could never get rid of this ring. I guess I have always known you are the one
for me.

Rachel smiles to him.

Ross: Can you forgive me, honey?

Rachel looks sweetly at him.

Rachel: Ross, I am not mad at you. I can't be mad at you after you told me all that. And there is nothing to forgive, honey. I just wish you had told
me that before.

Ross smiles at her and hugs her.

Ross: I love you, Rachel. I love you so much.

Rachel: I love you more.

Ross: No way! I love you most.
They laugh and kiss. Then they break the kiss.

Ross: But I am not done yet. I want to tell you one more thing.

Rachel (surprised): What?

Ross: Well, I kept this ring for all this time because I was waiting for the right time. And for me, Rachel, this is the right time. And it is not like it is
only an engagement ring, because we are not getting engaged now. We have to have a party for that.

Rachel smiles to him.

Ross: This ring stands for my love for you. The love that will last forever. It stands for the life we will share together. For all the good and bad
things we will share. For our future kids. For everything. My life can't be complete without you, Rachel.

Rachel is crying a lot. Ross is crying a little too.

Rachel: Oh, Ross, you are so perfect. I love you. That is the most beautiful thing someone has ever told me, honey. My life can't be complete
without you either. You are everything that I have always dreamed of. The perfect boyfriend.

Ross looks at her.

Rachel (smiling): Fiancé.

Ross smiles to her.

Rachel: I still have to get used to that.

Ross: I love you, Rachel.

Rachel: I love you too, Ross.

They kiss. They keep kissing for a long time. It is a very passionate kiss. Then it starts getting really hot and we are out of here.

Cuts to Ross's room.

The next morning. Ross and Rachel are laying on the bed. They are still sleeping. Then Ross wakes up and sees Rachel on his side. He smiles and
kisses her. She wakes up and smiles to him too.

Ross: Good morning, my fiancé.

Rachel (smiling to him): Good morning, my fiancé. I like how this sounds.

Ross laughs.

Ross: It just fits, don't you think?

Rachel: Totally.

They kiss.

Rachel (breaking the kiss): And when we are going to tell the guys about this? Do you think we should tell them about our secret engagement? Or
just tell them that we are together again?

Ross: Well, I don't know. But I think that they already know we are together again. I mean, you slept here and Monica must know that by now.

Rachel: You're right. So what do you think?

Ross: Why don't we enjoy our little secret for some time?

Rachel: (smiling): I liked that.

They kiss.

Rachel (breaking the kiss again): But how long we are going to keep it?

Ross (smiling to her): You are crazy to tell the girls about it, aren't you?

Rachel laughs and Ross does too.

Rachel: Well, since when do you know me so well?

Ross: Since I started loving you.

Rachel smiles to him.

Ross: Ok, let's do this: we keep our secret for sometime, just to give them sometime to get used to us again, and then we tell.

Rachel: So we can tell them tomorrow?

Ross laughs.

Ross: Sweetie, you can tell them whenever you want to, ok?

Rachel: Thanks, honey.

The kiss.

Rachel (breaking the kiss again): This is the last time I will break the kiss, I promise.

Ross (smiling): I hope so.

Rachel: I just want to ask you to remind me to tell Phoebe that her Lobster's theory is so true!

Ross laughs.

Ross: You are so right! I love you.

Rachel: I love you too.

They kiss.

The End.

I hope you liked it.