The one with the Loss

by Tina and Rach

Okay, this is our first fan-fic together, but it's not the first time write together! We used to write a LOT at the Interactive Stories from "Friends Café", and she also helped me out a lot in "The one where they all go to France", so... Well, the story may be a little too confusing sometimes, but it all makes sense! Just pay atention and follow the facts! Now watch out and read it!

P.S. If you know us, you'll know that we both are R&R fans, we just wanna warn you that this is NOT a "Just R&R fan-fic"... Well, it kinda is about R&R, but it isn't just about them! Ya know what I mean, right? The C&M thing starts getting better in the middle, but it involves everyone, just read, you'll like it... we hope!

P.P.S. This is how we think the last episode of FRIENDS should go... But this is waaay too long, it'd be like... a 4 hours special! Hmmm, THIS is good t.v.!

Last P.S. I swear! Don't forget to visit my Ross'nRach website later! We have a fan-fic session that is updated regulary!

Tina : )

Short Cut to...

Part I
Coming Back Home... Home?!

Part II
It's all clear now, but not okay.

Part III
Endings are beginnings...

~*~Monica and Rachel's apartment~*~

(Rachel and Ross enter - Monica's on the couch)

RACH: (finishing a story) then the paper was that fax-paper, ya know?

ROSS: I hate that paper!

RACH: Me too! But it's as slippery as a anything! Someone dropped one page at the top of the stairs and our boss fell all-ll the way down.

ROSS: Aren't you on the fourth floor? (Rachel nods) Ouch!

RACH: Yeah... but because of that tragic event I had today off from work!

ROSS: Well that's good for me! Hey, you free for lunch tomorrow?

RACH: (smiles) Are you making another date?

ROSS: Mmm, yeah, maybe...

(they get real close to each other, real obviously flirting. Monica is watching them with a displeased look on her face)

RACH: Well how could I ever turn you down??

(they smile at each other, then enter an awkward moment of silence)

ROSS: Yeah... wow, I have to go.

RACH: Okay, see ya tomorrow.

(They lean into a hug, Rach kisses Ross on his cheek and then Ross puts his hands on both of her cheeks)

ROSS: Bye.

RACH: By-ye!

(Rach watches Ross leave, all a glitter :). Monica watches disgustedly)

MON: Pffffftttt!

RACH: Monica, what kind of sound is that and what is it for?

MON: Well... nothing, its just that you two have been spending an awful lot of time together!

RACH: First of all... It not an awful time! Second of all... Soo....???


RACH: We're only friends, Monica!

MON: Rachel, I know you... You gave him the "look". Come on, you still love him!

(Rachel looks shocked- almost offended, then sort of collapses onto the chair)

RACH: Ughhh, its that obvious?

MON: (like a mom who nicely tries to convince the daughter NOT to date!) Okay, listen to me. Ross has had a hard time these past couple of months, and if you bring up a relationship, you'll mess with his head, with his sanity, with his heart, and in the end no good will come of it. I know you can't yet understand that you and Ross are over, but please, give yourself some time. He and you both need some time before you can get back into anything. Camon, haven't you seen his state for the past months?

RACH: (depressed) Yeah...alright....

MON: Good. I'm going to bed.

RACH: Goodnight.

(Monica goes to her room and Rachel at that point begins to kick the table over and over)

RACH: Stupid Monica! I hate when stupid Monica is right! (hits the table real hard) ow! Ohhhh, (sit down in a chair) I guess I could wait to figure this all out. (beggining to get tear eyed) I mean, what's the harm in waiting? So our anniversary is tomorrow, why is that still so special to me? Ohhh, I just don't know what to do anymore!

(lays on the chair)

MON: (coming out of her room) Rach? Honey, is someone over?

RACH: Nooo.

MON: Then who are you talking to?

RACH: Umm, myself?

MON: You have been hanging out with Phoebe wayyy to much.


Oh nooooo! Last time you'll listen to the song... Okay, maybe it's not gonna be the last time, but... Ohhh, I am so weird! I can spoil my own fun!!! Okay, back to the fan-fic! (Tina)

Anyway... It's the long version, which's like... really great if you haven't heard it. And the opening credits are different... since it's the last episode...!! Awww :(


(Rachel asleep on a train. There's a voice saying "Welcome to Manhattan... blablabla!". Yes we know you don't know why she is on a train. But ask yourself this- do you *want* to know why? Good, read on!)

(a guy goes get his luggage next to Rachel and ends up waking her up)

RACH: (wakes up with the noise) Wha??

MAN: Oh, sorry, I was just getting my stuff...

RACH: ohhh, (looks around and gets totally confused) What? Where am I?

MAN: Manhattan.

RACH: No, I mean... (pointing around) Here!

MAN: (confused) A train?

RACH: (kinda embaressed) Okay... Er... Is there any chance you might know why?

MAN: (sarcastically) Well, you took the train... So... to *get* in Manhattan... maybe...

RACH: (looks nervous) Okay that's where I live, that's a good thing....

MAN: How long have you been out?

RACH: Uh-I don't even remember getting on this train, so I'm just going to go, okay?

MAN: Yeah, sure. Aren't you gonna get your stuff? And... isn't that your newspaper?

RACH: What?

MAN: Here, this has to be yours.

(hands her the paper)

RACH: (looks at the paper) Is this some kind of joke?

MAN: No...... I saw you reading it before you fell asleep!

RACH: No, it's not this... This paper says its the year 2006.

MAN: Okay Ma'am, I don't know what kind of joke is that! (to himself) Oh, maybe I'm in a "Hidden Camera" kinda thing! Act cool man, act cool...

RACH: (completely confused) What?? Okay, you know I am not going to put up with this anymore. It isn't funny.

(starts to leave)

MAN: I just wanna say hello to my mom!!!

(Rachel by then has walked off)


(Rachel apartment's hallway - right outside the door to her apartment]

RACH: (looking around) I didn't know they had made a reform here... (starts looking for a key in her purse) Where's my key? Urgh... (bangs on the door) Mon?? Monica?? Mon??

(The door opens- a little girl is standing there- we'll call her Samantha)

SAM: My name's not Monica, it's Samantha, and no one named Monica lives here.

RACH: (totally confused) Ohh-kay.... is this some kind of joke? Is Joey involved in this?? Ohh, did he pay you and that man to pull a trick on me? Okay, ha-ha it's very funny, now can I come in?


RACH: Good, a grown up.

MOTHER: (rushes to the door) Excuse me! Can I help you?

RACH: I am *very* sorry, its just that... Doesn't someone named Monica live here?

MOTHER: (kindly now) No, sorry, she moved out awhile ago.

RACH: Oh....kay....

MOTHER: Are new in the city or something?

RACH: I... I suppose...

MOTHER: Were you supposed to visit her and got her old address? (Rachel nods slowly, still confused) You know what, its too late to try to get her tonight. Why don't you just spend the night at the hotel down the street?

RACH: Yeah, I'll do that...

[Rachel walking to the hotel]

RACH: Okay, so the supermarket that I always go to is now a bookstore? And I would have known if they had put an Ann Taylor shoe store here!


(Rachel is in her hotel room. Inside one of the drawers in her nightstand is a phone book, as is the case in most hotel rooms. She opens it to look for Monica's phone number)

RACH: Geller, Geller, Geller, Geller, Aha! Geller, Mark; Geller, Melvin; Geller, Millie, Geller, Nancy. What? Where's Monica? [looks down further] Geller, Ross. Huh. [thinks for a while and then picks up the phone] Ross?

[Cut to: Ross- picking up the phone in a kitchen of some sort, he looks older, but still really cute and charming! The same hot gooffy guy as ever.......... :)]

ROSS: Yeah, who's this?

RACH: Rachel, god, sorry, it's Rachel.

ROSS: (confused) Rachel? Rachel who? (with a bit of excitement in his voice) Rach- rach- rach-wait! Rachel *Green*??? Am I speaking to Rachel Green? Rach is that you?

RACH: Yeah, yeah its me, listen, Ross...

ROSS: Where are you? How are you? I can't believe we lost touch these past few years... it feels like yesterday we were all still hanging out together.

RACH: You have *no* idea....

ROSS: Yeah, I missed you so much.

RACH: (yeah she's confused as all hell, as is I'm sure everyone reading this is. But, she's kind of flattered by Ross' comment) Did you?

ROSS: Yeah, of course I did! We haven't seen each other in forever! So what's up with you?

RACH: Well, I really think I'm loosing it here... you see, I can't remember anything about these past few years. I mean, yesterday I get off the subway, and-

ROSS: Subway? Wait- you're in town?

RACH: Yes. I'm at some hotel- the.....Star hotel.

ROSS: The one by your old apartment? Hold on, I'm coming to get you!

RACH: Okay, but Ross I need to tell I...Ross? Ross?

(Ross hung up. A frustrated Rachel turns on the TV in the hotel)

TV: ...and here is the news for this Thursday, the second week in May, 2006.

RACH: (shuts off the television) Okay, so, the last thing *I* can remember is living in an apartment with Monica in 1999 and now its I know how Rip Van Winkle felt!

(there's a knock on the door)

MAID: Room service!!!!

RACH: Come in! Excuse me, could you come here a second?

(the maid wanders on in)

RACH: Listen, I have a question. It seems that I can't remember *anything* that has happened to me in the last seven years. What do you think is wrong with me?

MAID: (looking at her) Too much marijuana!

RACH: No, no! I don't do drugs!! I just woke up in a train and all of the sudden it was like 7 years past by me!

MAID: Ahhh, like Rip Van Winkle!

RACH: I know, but, what do you think is the matter with me?

MAID: (nodding) Too much marijuana. (Rach starts to protest) Okay, okay, maybe you knocked your head and got amnesia? It could happen. But I know that I would never be able to believe it. Am I to clean your room now?

RACH: Sorry, yeah I guess you are. I somehow have to tell my friend that I don't remember anything.

MAID: He's going to think you're crazy.

RACH: I know. But what can I do?

MAID: Well, if you really have amnesia then why don't you just talk to him a little? Maybe something he says will jog your memory and you'll be back to normal. You really can't remember?

RACH: No, I can't remember anything... he won't believe me, will he?

MAID: Well, I'm sure you'll friend will believe you- he'll believe you and then have you diagnosed.

RACH: Hmmm... Okay. I'm going to the bar then... (walks out, then after a few second walks in again) Could you tell me where the bar is, please?

~*~Hotel Bar~*~
(Rachel's trying to get a drink)

RACH: (to a waiter) Could you bring me a martini, please?

WAITER: I'm sorry... We don't allow any kind of alcoholic drink anymore... (looking weirdly at her) ...since 2004! Especially in the morning!

RACH: (embarrassed) Okay, so... Could you please bring me a menu? (pauses) You still have that, right?

(he walks off very confused. Rachel looks around for a while then takes her purse and starts looking what she has inside of it. She takes her wallet and sees a few pictures there. One of the whole gang (from 1st season maybe :)), one of R&R together, one of M&C together, Phoebe and Joey dressed all... punky, her parents, she a guy who she can't say who it is and a few pictures of some kids (two of them babies). She goes back to the pic that has R&R and stares at it... till...]

ROSS: Oh my God, Rachel!

(Rachel startles)

RACH: Hi Ross.

(He hugs her really tight)

ROSS: I can't believe you're here! Why didn't you tell us? We'd pick you up!

RACH: It was all of the sudden...

(they sit)

ROSS: So, what's up? Tell me everything, I wanna hear everything!

RACH: (nervously) Er... not much! Just... the usual... (he looks weirdly at her) Oh, a guy on the subway thought I was from those... Hidden camera kinda thing. So... What's up with you and the guys?

ROSS: As always... Joey and Phoebe getting in their little adventures... Monica's still a baby freak... Chandler sarcastic as ever... (Rachel laughs)

RACH: (looking sweetly at him) Some things never change!

ROSS: Yeah... Hey, do they know you're in the city?

RACH: No, I couldn't talk to Monica. Besides, it's our date today, right?

ROSS: What?

RACH: Ooops, sorry, sorry...

ROSS: So, are you on your vacation or something?

RACH: Yeah, yeah... I hope...

ROSS: I heard this time of the year is pretty cold in Australia, hu?

RACH: Australia?

ROSS: Yes... Monica told me you're loving living there...

RACH: (even more nervous and shocked) Yeah, I mean with all those... (looking for a word) ...kangaroos...

ROSS: (concerned) Rachel, are you okay?

RACH: Yes, I think it's just the trip... I'm still kinda tired...

ROSS: Okay, so I better forget about my plans for us today...

RACH: (interested) What plans?

ROSS: Well, you barely come to visit us, so I was thinking maybe we could spend the day together, but only the two of us... You know, go to Central Park, go shopping, have lunch together...

RACH: Oh, I'd love that!

ROSS: I thought you were tired.

RACH: Well, it's not always I'm around, right?

(they smile at each other)

ROSS: So... How's Sandra?

RACH: She's... fine, (to herself) I guess...

ROSS: Monica told me she was dating this guy... What's his name again?

RACH: It's... a... You know what, I forgot... Just keep talking!

ROSS: (weirdly again) Okay... And they were having a great time... He's a surfist, right? I hear there are a lot around Australia... I mean, with all those beaches...

RACH: Yeah...

ROSS: And how is Julia?

RACH: (not knowing who he's talking about) She's fine, she's fine...

(the waiter brings the menu)

ROSS: You're gonna eat here?

RACH: That's what I had in mind...

ROSS: Let's go out, I'll take you somewhere better, we can talk more, let's go.

RACH: (smiling) Okay.

~*~Coffee Place~*~

(It's not Central Perk! Ross and Rachel are sitting in a couch, pretty much like in Central Perk)

RACH: So, how are Monica and Chandler? I mean... their relationship?

ROSS: Oh, they're great... Lisa just came, so everyone's happy... again!

RACH: Excuse me, Lisa?

ROSS: Yeah... The new baby.

RACH: Of course, of course I knew that! What about the other... ones?

ROSS: Jenny's almost 6 now... God, that girl looks like Monica, don't you think? (she nods uncertainly) Running around the house trying to hit Brian with the feather duster! And... Okay, you *have* to watch Brian and Jimmy's jokes contest! Those two sometimes can be worse than their father! And you can guess how they are gonna be when they grow up... they're still just kids!

(Rachel laughs)

RACH: I *gotta* see this...

ROSS: Where are you planning to stay? The hotel?

RACH: I was wondering I would stay with Monica and Chandler, but... Not anymore!

ROSS: Hey, you can stay at Phoebe and Joey's!

RACH: (shocked) Phoebe and Joey???

ROSS: What's wrong? Their apartment is *huge*, plus is near all your favorite stores, Central Park.... (notices she's still looking shocked) What's wrong about staying with them?

RACH: Nothing's wrong... Just... you know... "them"!

ROSS: Them? Hmmm, okay, they were *always* weird!

(they smile)

RACH: And what about you?

ROSS: (looking at her, kinda doing her) Just the usual!

RACH: (playfully) Oh camon, Ross... Please!

ROSS: What?

RACH: What about Ben?

ROSS: He's fine too. .

RACH: Okay then... So, you were saying about Phoebe and Joey...

ROSS: Oh, you should definitely stay in their apartment! I think they got back from Europe yesterday.

RACH: Europe?

ROSS: Yeah... From their tour with the band...

RACH: Band?? (Ross looks at her weirdly again) Of course, the band! (awkward silence) So... no beer, hu?

(Ross looks weirdly at her again)

~*~Central Park~*~

(they're walking eating ice-cream)

ROSS: it's pretty hard to hang out with the guys, I mean... Monica and Chandler have to take care of the kids, Phoebe and Joey are sometimes in their tours, and me... (she looks interested) I have my own business too. But almost every night we all go to Monica and Chandler's. The kids go to bed, only sometimes Jenny stays there. She's so intelligent, I think we'll end up racking her mind!

(Rachel laughs)

RACH: (about the ice-cream) This tastes like crap! (throws it out. There's a long silence) (out of nowhere) I miss this...

ROSS: Why don't you come back then? We miss you so much too... Yeah, we have our little reunions, but it's not the same without you gossiping and talking about fashion and the guys you meet...

RACH: (a little shy with all he said) Yeah... But, I have my life there now... But if maybe I had something stronger here... (looks deeply into his eyes) I might stay...

(He smiles too)

ROSS: Don't worry, Rachel, you're a pretty girl... Anyone would wanna go out with you. See that guy over there? (he points to a guy and she nods) He was checking you out... (she makes a face) What? Oh, you have a boyfriend in Australia already?

RACH: (confused) No. But... I you know Ross I don't want to date a guy I barely know. I mean, that was great when I was in my 20's, but now...I'd need more time to get to meet this person and I don't have all this time here! If only I already knew this person... (by know it's *obvious* she's hitting on him!)

ROSS: Okay...

(he puts his arm around her and she smiles)

ROSS: Here... See, now he's (the guy who was checking her) all disappointed.

(Rachel makes a "what?" face, but doesn't care...)

[cut to *later* - it's night and they're still talking, now holding hands]

ROSS: Oh, that's Veronica, she moved there when Monica got married and you got you offer job in Australia.

RACH: (totally faking) Ahhh... I knew she was familiar!

ROSS: So... It's pretty late, hu?

RACH: Yeah...

ROSS: Listen, do you wanna go over my place for dinner?

RACH: (all excited) That'd be great!

ROSS: (totally calm, like it's the most normal thing in the world!) Maybe you can sleep over.

RACH: (shocked) Wh-... Hmmm, maybe.

ROSS: So let's go...

(he pulls her)

~*~Ross's apartament~*~

(Rachel and Ross are getting in)

ROSS: Okay, don't mind the mess, okay? The cleaning woman was suppose to come here yesterday, but she didn't, so...

(she takes a toy from the couch)

RACH: I thought Ben was too old for playing with this)

ROSS: (laughing) No, it's not Ben's.

RACH: Whose is it?

(A woman (about 30 years, brown curly hair and brown eyes) enter from inside carrying a 3 years old girl (curly black hair and black eyes, she looks like Ross). Rachel's shocked)

ROSS: Hey, look who's here!

WOMAN: Rachel? (to Ross) She's Rachel, right?

ROSS: Yes, that's she. Rachel, don't you remember Michelle?

RACH: (faking again!) Of course I do... Hi.

(they shake hands)

RACH: (referring to the girl) And this is...

GIRL: Katie.

ROSS: (to Michelle) Hi, honey.

(they kiss and Rachel's even more shocked)

RACH: (nervous, to Katie) I... suppose this is yours.

(hands her the toy)

KATE: (really cute, with that baby voice) Thank you, Rachel.

RACH: I... I should get going now.

ROSS: What? I thought you were staying for dinner...

RACH: No, I-I... I'm going to Phoebe and Joey's.

ROSS: (kinda sad) Hu.. Okay then. Hey, see ya tomorrow at Monica and Chandler's?

RACH: Okay. Bye...

(she leaves)

MICH: What's wrong with her?

ROSS: I don't know. She was fine till now...

MICH: Weird...

(Rachel re-enters)

RACH: Could you give me Phoebe and Joey's address, please?

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

Actually penthouse. Its incredibly elegant, they're sitting in a room that's all white- white carpet, white walls, white sofas, a light wooden coffee table, and tons of silver pieces all over the place. This is hysterical because Joey and Phoebe are sitting in this colorless room with really broght clothes on. They look kinda older... Phoebe has the hair cut Lisa actually has and Joey's hair's a little longer. They're playing cards at a table.

PHO: Aha! Gin!!! GIN!!

JOEY: Gin? We're playing poker!

PHO: Ohhh don't you try that on me again! We're playing gin! Now fork over your money!

JOEY: Aww, man! [takes out his wallet and starts counting out hundreds]

PHO: Don't worry- I'll treat ya to the next trip to Accopocco!

JOEY: Well in that case [hands her the money] Aloha!!

PHO: Ohh that's Hawaii Joey!

JOEY: Oh yeah- same difference.

PHO: Na-uh! Remember the song "I've been around the world and I, ya, I can't stand Hawaii!"?? (just think of it as the same tune as "I've Been Around the World" remake by Puff Daddy)

JOEY: Ohhh yeah! why'd we write that again? I can't remember why we hated Hawaii.

(both think)

J/P: We brought Monica with us!

JOEY: Mann! You wouldn't think such a tiny girl could complain so much in one week!

PHO: I know! Try living with her! It was pure hell!

JOEY: Must have been- hey, wanna play in the fingerpainting room?

PHO: Or....let's paint this room!

JOEY: Excellent! I didn't want to say anything, but this room....doesn't have a lot of color.

PHO: I know! Obviously the decorator kinda lost it! [at that moment the buzzer is sounded.] Patricia, honey, will you get that?

PAT: (the maid) Sure sure, [under her breathe] just don't sing another song or I'll shoot myself....

(Pat walks through this immaculate white room and out to the door)

PHO: Okay, lets get some paint!

JOEY: Okay! Hey- can we paint a night sky on that wall?

PHO: and a sunset on that wall!!

JOEY: And the rain on that wall!

PHO: and...that wall...wel can leave white!


PAT: (entering) Ms Buffay, Mr.....Hottest Guy Ever [Joey holds his thumb up- he obviously makes her call him that] there's a girl downstairs that claims to know you guys, she says she's an old friend. (whispers) I think she's just a crazed fan!

PHO: Ohh, so what's this girl's name?

PAT: Rachel. Rachel Gold or something?

PHO: Rachel GREEN!!!

JOEY: YAY! (runs to the buzzer) Rachel?

RACH: Joey. Oh thank god its you!

JOEY: Hey, come up! Come up! [presses the button of the buzzer to let her up] RACHEL'S HERE!!!!!

PHO: Oh yay! Why is she here though?

JOEY: I dunno! But- she's here!!!

(Joey and Phoebe start to hug and jump up and down. They grab the maid and make her do like a ring-a-round the rosy thing until the door knocks)

JOEY: Rach??

RACH: Yeah.... You know there's only one apartment on the whole floor? And the doorman had to give me a key and, wow this place!!

PHO: Is that how you greet your best friend Phoebe? Come here girl! [gives her a hug] So how was Australia?

RACH: Okay I don't know!

JOEY: Ya don't know??

PHO: Okay, Rachel, you're Ms. Negativity today aren't you?

RACH: Well you see, you guys, I woke up on this train and I couldn't-

(looks at them for a moment then realizes that explaining her whole day to PHOEBE and JOEY might take awhile)

RACH: I couldn't believe how much I missed you guys! And this city!

PHO: Ohh Rach I miss you too!!! So....tomorrow are you, uhh, going to Monica's?

JOEY: Phoebe she can't, becau-

(Phoebe slaps her hand over Joey's mouth)

PHO: She has Sunday dinner ya know.

RACH: Well, yeah, I was thinking of it, but now.....

PHO: Yeah, you realized Ross was going to be there, right?

RACH: Well actually yeah.

JOEY: Rach you can't be here and not visit him! He misses you more... more then all of us! Besides, Michelle works tomorrow, he'll be by himself.

RACH: Joey, I saw him today.

PHO: Ohh how was it?

RACH: Wonderful....and horrible. This is the worst day of my life, you have no idea....

(Like they were never away from each other at all, Phoebe wraps her arms around Rachel and Rach lets out one of those sad little sighs, fighting back tears)

PHO: Shh.. it's okay... it's're just overwhelmed right now! After awhile you'll stop feeling this way....

(they're still hugging)

JOEY: (watching) Ohhh my!

(both jump out of the hug and cast Joey a menacing glance)

JOEY: Heyy don't let me stop ya!

RACH: ...same Joey (smiles) WOW, you guys have a white room? O my god! This is exactly like Donna Karen's house! Who designed this?

JOEY: Some idiot who forgot to add color!

PHO: Yeah, you really like it? It seems a little plain to me....

JOEY: Ooh! Wanna help us paint it?

RACH: Oh nononono you can NOT paint this! This is the most gorgeous room I've ever seen! Please leave it the way it is...for me?

JOEY: But I really wanna paint this room, Rach... Camon, help us, it's gonna be fun!!!

RACH: Okay-okay... Just imagine... Oh, imagine your inside a cloud!!!

JOEY: A could?!

RACH: Yeah! Look...

PHO: Yeah okay....

JOEY: Awww, but I was thinking of doing a jungle theme!

PHO: Joseph, NO.

JOEY: but Pheebs-

PHO: No means NO Joseph!

(Joey puts his head down)

PHO: (to Rach) I control the happenings in this household!

RACH: Woah, you sure do!

JOEY: So tell us about Australia....everything you wanted it to be?

RACH: I guess....I just don't know why I ever went there...

JOEY: To get away from Nick. (Phoebe looks at him angrily) And Ross.

RACH: Nick?

JOEY: You know the one you almost married till you realized you didn't love him as much as Ross? Remember you realized you were just using him to-

(Phoebe pinches Joey until he moans and shuts up)

RACH: Oh god....I'm tired. Do you have anywhere I could sleep for tonight?

JOEY: Rachel, what are you kidding? We have your own bedroom- remember we kept all the furniture? Its the third bedroom on the right (points to a small spiral staircase)

RACH: Thanks, do you mind if I go to bed early? I've had a rough day....

PHO: Well wait don't you wanna hear some of our new songs??

RACH: Actually... I *really* wanna see this...

(Phoebe gets out a guitar)

PHO: (sings to the song of "Everything she Does Is Magic)
Do I have to tell a story of a thousand days we spent in Central Perk?
He's not that bad a manager but sometimes I think that Gunther is a jerk

P/J: Well every little thing he does is frightening
Every little movement chills my bones
Even though I know his life's the pitts
Its bad that his love for "her" goes on.........

I resolve to call him up
Many times a day
And tell him his love's across the world
And he can throw out her old tray
But my silent fears hurt me
And before I can say the words,
I feel sympathy inside me
This man will al-ways be a-lone....

[cut to: next morning. Phoebe's at the phone with Monica, Monca's off screem, we can't actually see her]

PHO:...I'm telling ya, she's here!

MON: (O.S.) And she didn't tell me??

PHO: Sounds like she spent the day with Ross, so she wasn't feeling really well... Why don't you come here! We can spend the whole day together!!! Camon, Rachel's in town! I'm in town! You... well, you're free!

MON: (O.S.) I dunno, I was suppose to get Jenny to her friend's house.

PHO: Tell Chandler to do this! You're not the kid's slave!

MON: (O.S.) Yeah, all right. I'm coming over now. Bye, Phoebs.

PHO: Bye.

(just when Phoebe hangs up, Rachel gets in)

RACH: Who was that?

PHO: Monica! She's coming over.

RACH: Mon? Oh thank God, I *need* to talk to her so badly!

PHO: So, did you unpack already?

RACH: Not yet...

PHO: If you want, I can ask Patricia to do it.

RACH: Oh, no, I'll wait for Monica, don't worry..

PHO: Okay, so... How's Julia?

RACH: (uncertainly again) She's... fine...

PHO: Why didn't she come?

RACH: Coz... She needed to... relax. So, where's Joey?

PHO: He's talking to our decorator... You know, he really liked the jungle theme thing!

RACH: Ohh... What about the could thing?

PHO: I don't know... He said something about high fear...

(Joey runs in holding a phone)

JOEY: Okay, Phoebe, what about "Star Wars" theme?

PHO: Can I be Princess Leia?

JOEY: Okay!!

RACH: What happened to the jungle thing?

JOEY: I dunno... I just think I look better as Luke Skiwalker than as Tarzan!

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

it's a pretty place, really conftortable and clean. Monica looks also older, of course... But she looks fine, didn't put on weigh or anything, she's playing with a 3 years old boy. He's Jimmy, who looks like Chandler... He's really cute! Has brown hair and blue eyes (Monica's)

CHAN: (entering, he looks great, just have some gray hair. But he still looks good) Have you seen my razor?

MON: No...

(after a while they look at each other scared and run out)

[cut to the boy's bathroom]

CHAN: (getting in with Mon) Brian??? How many times will I have to say not to use daddy's razor?!

(this really little boy's trying to shave. He has the lotion cream and everything... He has black hair and black eyes, also really cute!)

MON: Oh my God!

(a little girl (Jenny) stands by the door... She looks exaclty like Mon: black hair and blue eyes. You wouldn't even say she's Chandler's daughter... She is though, don't worry! :))

JEN: Mom? I'm ready to go.

CHAN: Where's she going?

MON: Just a friend's house.

CHAN: Which friend?

MON: I dunno, just a boy from school.

CHAN: A boy from school?

MON: What's the big deal?

CHAN: What's the big deal? This girl's only 5 years...

JEN: (cutting) 11 months and 18 days!

CHAN: Okay, this girl's only 5 years, 11 months and 18 old! And she's going to a little reunion of a guy she met at school?

MON: And by the way, you're taking her.


MON: Yes. Oh I forgot to tell you, Rachel's in town, so I'm gonna meet her at Phoebe and Joey's.

CHAN: Rachel's in town???

JEN: Rachel??? Aunt Rachel's in town?!

MON: Yes, but you'll only see her at night, she's coming over for dinner. Now I gotta go. Bye, honey.

(he kisses Chandler and goes out)

CHAN: Oh God... Jenny, go get daddy's keys and Brian wash this thing out of your face. (we can see Jimmy's by the door) Brian and Jimmy, I called Rita and she's coming over to watch you and the baby. So, behave yourselves. Bye.

(Chandler kisses them both and leaves. Brian looks at the razor and smiles. Chandler comes back and get it)

CHAN: I'm taking this too, by the way.


~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

the finger painting room- Rachel and Joey are there, he's trying to play the guitar

(he takes a while to get the fingers in the right place. He goes on making funny faces until he can make it, Rachel's just watching him. When he gets it right and he goes (finally) play it...)

PHO: (nervous) Joey, turn the t.v. on!!!

(Joey, startling, throws the guitar away)

JOEY: You scared me!

(Phoebe turns the t.v. on)

T.V.: ...and the students from the philosophic class are in the inter thoughts week, and also, they're trying to get the famous singers "Phoebe and Joey" to sing this afternoon, alleging they're the major font of inspiration for their studies. I say, keep trying, but... I don't think they'll even get it!

(Phoebe shuts it off)

PHO: We're going there.

JOEY: What?

PHO: Camon Joey, those guys need us! Didn't you hear them? Ohhh, I remember when I was a kid, all I wanted was to meet Harrison...

RACH: Ford?

PHO: No, just a guy that I used to like.

JOEY: Okay, so I'm gonna get changed.

RACH: So... What are you gonna play there?

PHO: I was thinking about a song that I wrote yesterday! Wanna hear it?

RACH: Yeah.

PHO: It's just a begging, but I guess it's really good so far!
(singing) I look at the river and I see the moon...
I look at the moon...
(in a normal voice) Hey, where the hell is the river??

(Rachel just looks at her. Monica gets in the room)

MON: Oh my God, Rachel!!!

(they hug)

MON: Why didn't you call me??? I'd pick you up!!

RACH: I just had a few problems...

PHO: I'll leave you guys alone.. JOEEY!!! Let's go!!!

(Joey gets in, still getting ready... He's brushing his teeth)

MON: Hi, Joey!

(he says something, but we can't understand a thing! After all, he's brushing his teeth!)

MON: What?

PHO: He said we're going help some philosophic people. (Monica and Rach look at her like "how did you know?") I don't know!

(Joey goes in again)

MON: So Rach, I heard you met Ross yesterday, hu?

RACH: Yeah... And also Michelle and the little girl.

MON: So how's Sandra? How's Davie? Oh, how's Julia??

RACH: Monica, I gotta tell you something!

PHO: Joeeeeeeeeeey!!!

(Joey gets in, all dressed up)

PHO: Bye you guys.


JOEY: See ya.

(Joey and Phoebe leave)

MON: So... What is it that you wanna tell me?

RACH: Well... I... Hmmm... (Monica looks at her for a response) Would you help me unpacking!

MON: (excited) Okay!!!

~*~Chandler's car~*~

(Chandler and Jenny are there... Yeah, he has a car now, he has a famly.. wow, isn't that weird??)

CHAN: So... Who's this guy?

JEN: Just a friend, daddy!

CHAN: Do you know his parents?

JEN: They got divorced a long time ago. I know his mom, she's so annoying!

CHAN: So, you don't like his family, hu? That can't be good.

(Jenny looks like "oh god, here we go again...")

JEN: Daddy let me play with my friend! There he is! Goodbye!

CHAN: What? No, I'll walk you inside

JEN: Oh man!

CHAN: I heard that!

JEN: I know...

[cut to the boy's house]

JEN: Hey Tim!!!

TIM: Hey, Jenny!

(Chandler makes a face, coz the boy is *older* than Jenny)

CHAN: So, (with a voice) Where's your mom?

TIM: She's right there.

JANICE: Ohh... My... Gawd!!!

(Chandler's in shock!!! Oh no, Janice's back! Wow, "Janice strikes back"! Woohoo :))

~*~Philosophic Lecture~*~

(Phoebe is talking and everyone's paying a huge attention! Joey's bored...)

PHO: (talking about the song she sang before) It shows how the lake can translute the moon... But the moon, the shininng moon, can't translute the river, you know? It's like those really self involved people, they only think of theirown... They don't translute the others's image.

ALL: Ahhhhh...

JOEY: (whispering) Phoebe, can we go now?

PHO: No, Joey! Go sit over there and stop whinning!

(he goes there)

JOEY: Oh man...

(a girl approaches... She looks really shy)

GIRL: Hey...

JOEY: (already dirtily!) Hey... How you doin'?

PHO: (on the microphone) Joey! You know you can't do that anymore, don't you?!

JOEY: I'm just... Talking about philosophy!!! (to the girl) Wanna hear my new song?! It's called "A confortable place to make out".

(the girl laughs)

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

(Rachel and Monica are unpacking)

MON: (handing her a huge plastic bag) What's this?

RACH: You got me, open it.

(Monica opens it and it's a lot of baby stuff. Some of them you can see the name "Lisa" and some others are for much older kids)

RACH: Oh, it's for Lisa, Brian, James and Jennifer.

MON: Awww, thanks Rachel!

(Rachel goes on watching Monica)

RACH: Okay, that's it. Monica, I gotta tell you something.

MON: Sure, what is it?

RACH: I... I think I lost my memory!

(Monica starts laughing)

RACH: Why, Why are you laughing?

MON: That's a joke, right?

RACH: I'm dead serious, Monica.

MON: Oh my God!

RACH: I know, this is so crazy... I mean, I was at our place drooling over Ross and next thing I know I wake up in a train!

MON: Oh God! You're serious! What's the last thing you remember?

RACH: Well, the year was 1999!

MON: Oh my God!

RACH: I know...

MON: So you don't remember anything?

RACH: Nope...

MON: That's bad, that's bad...

RACH: (sarcastically) You think?!

MON: Does any one else know this?

RACH: Well, only you and... The maid in the hotel.

MON: Okay...

RACH: So, Monica please, tell me everything that happened till now!!! I freaked out yesterday when I realized Ross's married and has a kid... and Phoebe and Joey? Who knew one day it'd happen?!

MON: Oh, no... They're not... together.

RACH: They're not? Weird... I could swear they were!

MON: That's what the tabloids try to prove too... Okay, let me see...First, lets talk about you and Ross. You better get that straight. Still in 1999 Ross met Michelle and he fell in love with her. You started dating this other guy, Nick, but then you realized you were only with him to forget about Ross, but you didn't... So you dumped Nick. Then, Ross proposed to Michelle and you were devastated... That's when you got a job offer in Australia, so you took it.

RACH: Ow... Now I see why I went there...

MON: Okay, so you moved there with your mom. Now she's dating this really yummy surfist, Davie something.

RACH: What about me? Do I have any boyfriend??

MON: No. You called me last week telling me you had a surprise, that now I guess it was you coming over here.

RACH: Great... Living in a far country with my mom and I don't even have a boyfriend! Could I be more pathetic? Oh, I have a question, who's Julia?

MON: Oh my God! You don't remember her, do you?

RACH: Monica, you're freaking me out! Just say it!

MON: Ohhh... kay. She's... She's your daughter.

(Rachel gasps)

RACH: She's my what???

MON: She's the cutest little thing.

RACH: Monica! How?? When?? Who's the father??

MON: Okay, breathe! She's one year old... You didn't tell anyone who the father is!

RACH: I didn't? Oh... I hate myself sometimes!

MON: You know, I thought of many points to make you tell me who was the father, but to tell you when you get amnesia... I should've think of that!

RACH: That's not the best time for making jokes!

MON: Ohhh... I must have a picture of her here, hold on.

(she picks her wallet and goes seeing)

MON: Look, it's this one.

(Rachel sees it and get a sweet look, we can't actually see her...)

RACH: (whispering) She's so pretty... (realizes something and picks her wallet) Oh look. (she has more pictures of her in her wallet and again we can't see her!).

MON: Yeah, that's her...

RACH: Oh my God, Monica. How did this all happen??

MON: I dunno, maybe the thought of returning to your home brought back too many emotions and you just couldn't handle it.

RACH: Emotions? What are you saying?

MON: Nothing.

RACH: Are you saying it is the year 2006 and I STILL can't forget about Ross?

MON: Hmm, maybe?

RACH: Well my life sucks.

MON: Or, or, Rach, maybe you're just upset over the Julia's father.

RACH: Okay…. Maybe... God I can't stand this- I got to get back home and meet my kid... again!

MON: Come on, don't freak out! If Ross sees you like this he's going to freak out too!

RACH: Why would he freak out? Its not like, like *Michelle's* leaving him, is it??

MON: Rachel, you know you two have always been close, you're like his sister…

RACH: Okay, 'cause that doesn't make any sence because you're his sister!

MON: Funny, very funny, but I'm telling you if you just leave he's going to flip! He missed you so much when you left... I mean unlike all the rest of us he never truly understood what made ya leave... Rach just stay okay?

RACH: Monica I want my memory back, okay? Maybe if I go back there it will all come back to me and...

MON: Rach??

RACH: What?

MON: Maybe... maybe you don't want to remember. I mean there has to be a reason for this right? So maybe... maybe you're better off not coming to terms with all that stuff… not now.

RACH: Ei... this sucks.

MON: Come on! You have so much to see... again…!!

RACH: Like... Lisa and Brian and Jimmy and Jen?

MON: Yeahhhh!! Come on! They are so cute!

(Patrica enters)

PAT: Where are ya going?

RACH: I'm going to dinner a little early. Could you tell Joey and Phoebe to meet me there, please?

PAT: Sure, but maybe they'll take long... After that they'd go to a party.

MON: They never get to work... it angers me sooooo much!!

(they leave)

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

CHAN: Rachel!!!!!

RACH: Ahh, Chandler you haven't changed a bit! [gives him a hug, all teary eyed] I missed you!

CHAN: I missed you too! Why did you have to leave us?

MON: honey its a bad time to ask that question!

CHAN: Really Rachel, we all need ya here, I mean, I do, Ross, he's always worried about you and Julia… Phoebe and Joey are writing songs about you… and, you know, me and Monica are tired of hearing these songs!!!

RACH: Chandler, I...

CHAN: Now I will find you a job! Just move back please????

MON: When's Ross getting here?

CHAN: Ahh, he wanted to get here a little early so he could talk to you alone… (realizes something) well, I guess that won't happen will it?

MON: No, its okay…ohhh (smiles adoringly at something we can't see) I think I see the love of my life!

CHAN: Yes honey I'm right here!

MON: (picks Brian up- who's like 4 and is shocked his mother found his hiding place- behind the couch Chandler's sitting on) not you! The one over here!

BRIAN: (kicking and stuff, like a kid!) Moooo---ooomm!!! (smiling as he kicks)

MON: (laughing) Hey Mr. Squirmy don't you want to say hello to Aunt Rachel??

BRIAN: (still squirming and laughing in his mom's hands) Helllllllllllllllooooo nurse!!!

MON: Hey!!! Thats it! I'm going to have to tickle ya to death!

BRIAN: Ohhh nooooooo!!!!

(imagine this scene- Monica playing with the little kid on the couch in a tickle war, Chandler sort of laughing and joining in with a tap here and there….and Rachel, just standing there feling so jealous J)

BRIAN: Stoopppppp it!!!! Stop it! STOP IT NOW!!

(you know the voice that you get when a kid is borderline tempertantrum? Well thats the voice he just gave. Monica and Chandler jump off the couch and bring their hands back up in the air like they were just caught by a cop)

CHAN&MON: Wooahhh!!!!

MON: Okay! Mister! You mean business when you take that tone don't you??

BRIAN: Yeah… Daddy, whats that? (Chandler looks down at what he's pointing at) Made ya look! (only a kid makes that sound like Major look :) hehe)

CHAN: ohhh! Fell for it again! (slaps his head with his hand)

BRIAN: (runs up to Rachel) Bye Rachel! Nice to meet ya! (runs to his room, but then runs back) Rachel?? (motions her to come close, like he's going to tell her a secret)

RACH: what is it? (Brian gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and then screams and runs into his room. Rachel smiles but then gives a envious look)

MON: And thats our boy…!

RACH: He is so cute….

* Rachel's an expert in kids!!! She wrote this entire scene, I don't even dare to change anything there! LoL! :) (Tina)

CHAN: What like he wasn't cute last time you saw him? (both look at him like "who invited you in this conversation?") Okay, you know what? I'm going to get something to eat! (leaves)

RACH: You guys… have the perfect life.

MON: Well, it is pretty great, but it's a lot of work. Whats the matter?

RACH: Nothing, I know its stupid (wipes a tear) I mean, I don't even have a memory of my life, but I'm jealous of you… you and you're cute little kids, with their little father, and…

MON: You haven't seen the other two yet! (motions for her to follow her into a room)

RACH: James and Lisa?

MON: Lisa's asleep- she's so tiny….

RACH: How old?

MON: Aww, nearly a year. James is three, Brian's four, and Jen's five. You're Jen's godmother, and Jimmy's, Phoebe's Brian's godmother, and Lisa's.

~*~Lisa's room~*~

MON: Here's Lisa. Cute, isn't she?

(She IS really cute... She also looks like Chandler, has brown hair and it's a little curly)

RACH: Wow... Monica... what if I never gain my memory back and I never remember how Julia looked at this age? (starts to get teary-eyed) I mean, what kind of mother am I? I can't even remember my own kid!!!

(then a door slams)

ROSS: (O.S.) Monica??? Listen, I guess you know that Rach's in town, right, because I wanted to do… Monica where are you???

MON: In Lisa's room!

ROSS: Ahh, (walks in) ohh hi Rach.

RACH: Hey.

MON: I'm going to go check on Jimmy (leaves)

ROSS: Is everything okay?

RACH: That is a hard question to answer right now (looks down at Lisa and picks her up) shh, sweetheart…..

ROSS: Reminds me of Julia. You know, I really want to see her.

RACH: I know you do, okay Ross, I want to see her too! (puts Lisa back into the crib)

ROSS: okay, listen, I… I want to go to Australia sometime… why don't I leave with you?

RACH: Ross, ya don't have to do that….

ROSS: (puts his arms on her shoulders) Yeah, but Rachel… (looks at her, Rachel is looking down, apparently upset) Rach, you look just awful. God, you're never happy anymore, ever… are you short on money? Because… I told you I'd help.

RACH: Ross I'm not short of money I'm short of compassion… love… understanding…

ROSS: I can help ya with that too (pulls her into a hug) I missed you… I told you moving to Australia would be tough. Its too hard to live in a country where you know no one. I hate seeing you like this….

(there's some silence, Rach is obviously crying)

ROSS: (who's already upset) ohhh god now you're making me cry… Rach, why do you have to look so helpless and so distant at the same time?

RACH: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I guess I'm just going through a helpless stage!

ROSS: Yeah I know the feeling. Theres something wrong though Rachel, come on, you left so suddenly last night, you're crying at odd moments, you aren't telling me a thing about Julia….

RACH: Don't take it so personal- I'm not telling anyone about Julia.

ROSS: But I'm not everyone, Rachel, you know that! I'm..

[Rachel gets a weird look on her face]

MON: (entering) Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe… want to sing a song to you.

RACH: Okay lets go!

ROSS: Rachel...

RACH: [gives him a smile] After dinner okay?

ROSS: Okay….

~*~Monica and Chandler's living room~*~

PHO: Hey! Enough chitchat! Time for the music!!!

JOEY: " Do you have an ache?
To listen to me Rach?
About coming back to live in New York….
Sometimes Australia gives me the creeps
Sometimes I think it screws you too!
I miss my friend a lot- I think I'm breaking up!
And don't call me paranoid
I'm not sure what it means…..
Do you think its a loss?
If ya listen to me Ross?
Cos you need to have another baby
Call it Rach if its a girl
Joey if its a boy
Oh… sometimes I think you don't care what I say!
Sometimes I wish you two were together….


JOEY: [shrugs] Ad lib!

ROSS: Guys it's been years okay? We're happy as friends… Now, that dinner- is it ready?

PHO: uhh, monica cooked it so of course its ready at 6:00 on the dot- right monica?? If you didn't know that then you obviously don't know our song "101 obsessive compulsive habits countdown" do you???

RACH: nooo…..

JOEY: ohhh we'll sing that after dinner!

CHAN: I'm gonna get the kids...

(they crowd into the dining room, Chandler goes get the kids (only Jenny, Jimmy and Brian of course) and there's a knock at the door)

MON: I'll get it.

(she goes to the door and sees a *really* charming cute guy there, he's tall, brown straight hair with blue eyes... Ho mama! :))

MON: (stunned) Hmmm... h-hiiii.

GUY: Let me guess... Monica?

MON: How do you know?

GUY: I've heard SO much about you!

(he hugs her)

MON: Excuse me?!

GUY: Oh, sorry. I'm Chris, I came here to see Rachel Green.

MON: Oh, you know Rachel?

CHRIS: (smiling) Yeah, kinda...

MON: Come in, she's in the dinning room.

(they enter and everyone (the kids are there already) get up)

CHRIS: Okay, let me guess, let me guess... (points to Chandler) You're Chandler, (to the kids) Jennifer, Brian and James, (to Phoebe) Phoebe, (to Joey) Joey and you're (to Ross) Ross, am I right?!

PHO: Oh, Oh, I can do that too!!!

JOEY: (to Phoebe) But you know us already...

PHO: So?

CHAN: Okay, and you are...?

CHRIS: Oh, sorry, I'm Chris.

(he shakes hands with Chandler, then goes to Rachel)

CHRIS: Hi, sweetheart.

(he kisses her (she pulls out of the kiss way too fast...) and she's confused, so is everyone else. She looks at Monica, who gives her an "I don't know!" look)

CHAN: Should I put another plate in the table?

CHRIS: Actually I'm not hungry... And I just came by to say hello, Julia is sleeping down stairs in the car.

RACH: Ju-Julia? You brought Julia?

CHRIS: (weirdly) Well... Yeah. You asked me to, don't you remember?

RACH: Of course, of course I did... Could you bring her up here, I wanna mee-see, I wanna see her!

CHRIS: Okay, I'll be right back.

(kisses her again and leaves)

ROSS: Rachel... You haven't told us about Chris..

RACH: (nervous and really fast) Yeah, well... Monica, could I speak to you for a moment? Thank you!

(they leave to a corner)

RACH: (fast again) Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...

(cut to Chandler and Joey)

CHAN: Joey, come here, I wanna talk to you.

JOEY: Sure man, what's up?

CHAN: Okay... Today I went to leave Jenny in her friend's house... You are not gonna believe who this boy was!

JOEY: Uh, Uh!!! Makulin Calkin!!!

CHAN: Joey, he's 25!!! (we didn't really do the maths, so... whatever!)

JOEY: Oh... I just love "Home Alone"...

CHAN: Okay, let me just say it! It's was Janice's son!

JOEY: Janice? Who's Jan.... (realizes) THAT Janice??? (Chandler nods) Oh noooooooo!!!

CHAN: I know!!! I had to make up this whole story I got married in Yemen with this woman so I could come back to NY!!!

JOEY: You didn't tell her?!?!

CHAN: Are you crazy?? I love my life! And, can you believe she waited all this time for me???

JOEY: Hey, that's not truth! Remember when she fooled around with Ross?!

CHAN: Oh, that's right! I'm free!!!

(the phone rings and Jenny gets it)

JENNY: Daddy, it's Tim's mom!!!

CHAN: Oh my!!!

(Chris comes back holding a Julia, he shushes everyone while he's entering. Rachel runs to him. Julia is about Ben's age in "The One Where Old Yeller dies", when he started talking. Anyway, she's almost blond (NOT blond), with blue eyes.)

RACH: Let me see her.

(he hands her to Rach, but she doesn't pick her up)

CHRIS: Rach...

RACH: What?

CHRIS: Aren't you gonna get her?

RACH: Oh, sure, sure...

(she picks her up, a little weirdly, but she does. The others go up to them, except for Chandler, who's still talking to Janice)

ROSS: She looks just like you, Rach...

PHO: Look at the little fingers!!!

JOEY: Wow... She's gonna grow up to be such a babe... (they all look at him) Hey, that's good!

(Rachel's amazed with her baby)


(Chris is showing some pictures to Phoebe, Joey, Ross and Chandler, Monica is not there (probably putting the kids in bed) and Rachel's *still* playing with Julia)

CHRIS: ... and this is from this summer, we were in vacations, so we made a little tour around Australia, I just wanted to show Rachel my country... Here it's us in "The Great Barrier Reef" (this place is amazing... oh well :))... It was so great, Julia loved it. We stayed in a boat... It wasn't too confortable, but it was better... Besides, it was really romantic, right honey? (she doesn't answer) Rachel?

RACH: (finally taking her eyes from Julia) What?

CHRIS: Never mind... Mother's love... (he smiles sypatically) Okay, this pic is from when we were in Melbourne...

ROSS: Where do you guys live again?

CHRIS: Rachel lives in Sydney, I live in Cairns (Ross looks confused) It's in Queensland.

PHO: So you don't live in the same city?

CHRIS: Not actually, but I'm *always* around. See, she understands I can't leave my job, she respects that.

(Ross looks unconfortable)

JOEY: And what do you do?

CHRIS: I'm a park ranger.

PHO/JOEY: Cool!!!

(Monica enters and goes talk to Rach)

MON: Oh my God!

RACH: What?

MON: This Chris guy... He's so yummy!!!

RACH: You think?!

MON: Rachel? You are totally in love with Ross, aren't you?! Camon, look at him... Those big blue eyes... I could just swim in them...

RACH: I haven't noticed...

MON: Awww...

(she hugs her)

RACH: Monica, what if he... wanna... do stuff... you know...

MON: Aw, that's bad... That's bad... Just say you have a headache... OR you could tell him the truth! He's so perfect, he'll understand it...

RACH: You think?

MON: Yeah...

(cut o the others again)

PHO: Oh, I'm so in the mood for writing a song about you Chris...

JOEY: Okay, but first we gotta learn a few things about you... How often do you see Yogi Bear?

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

[Phoebe and Joey's. Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Chris and Julia, who's asleep, are getting there]

JOEY: Okay, this is last one, I swear... How does it feel wearing that stupid uniform?

CHRIS: Actaully we just wear them when there are tourists there. Now, Rach, can we go to bed *please*.

RACH: Ahhh, you can go, I'm just gonna... hang out with Phoebs.

PHO: But now Joey and I will write our song... And I'm sorry Rach, but that's only between the two of us...

RACH: Okay...

CHRIS: Let's go Rach...

~*~Rachel's room~*~

(he takes her free hand and pulls her into the bedroom. Rachel lays Julia in the bed)

CHRIS: Oh my God, that was great, wasn't it? Did you see Ross' face when I sad you respected my job??

RACH: (confused) Hmm, what?

CHIRS: (now getting worried) Okay Rach, that's it, what's wrong with you?

RACH: Nothing, I'm fine.

CHRIS: No, you're not... Camon, I know you... I'm your best friend, aren't you gonna tell me?

RACH: Okay, okay! Well... yesterday, when I was getting here... I kinda... I don't know... Lost my memory?

CHRIS: (shocked) You what?!

RACH: I know it's crazy! I can't remember anything... I don't even know who you are!

CHRIS: This is unbelieveable...

RACH: And you tell me!

CHRIS: Okay... I'm Christian... You met me when you moved in Australia, a few years ago, we work together in Sydney.

RACH: I thought you lived in Queensland.

CHRIS: No, Rachel, that's just a little play we made up to make Ross jealous.

RACH: So we're not together?

CHRIS: Rach, I'm gay.

RACH: What?! Wow...

CHRIS: Yeah... But we're best friends. Actually, my dad dates your mother.

RACH: But Monica said my mom's boyfriend was yummy.

CHIRS: Yeah, I know... that's my dad!

(Rachel is impressed and even smiles. There's a long silence then)

RACH: What about Julia's father? Did I told you who he is?

CHRIS: Yes...

RACH: And... who is he?

CHRIS: Rachel... (pauses, not knowing how to tell her) You loved him... You loved him like you never loved anyone else. He was your dream. You were his dream. But it's all over now, you'll have to accept this.

RACH: Hmmm... Does he know about... Julia? (Chris disserts) And... Do I know him? (Chris nods) And who is him?

CHRIS: It's Ross.

RACH: (shocked) How?? How???? It can't be, he said we haven't seen eachother in years!

CHRIS: It was like... almost two years ago. He was having a crissis in his marriege. Katie have just been borned and Michelle was acting really weird. Then... he came to Australia to be with you a little while, but it just happened this one night and he thought it was a big mistake. So you guys promissed not to tell anyone about this. But you got pregnant. Since Ross and Michelle were fine again, you didn't want to spoil his happiness... So, here we are.

RACH: (with tears in her eyes) This is... unbelieveable. I don't even know you, and yet I have so much to be grateful for...

(they hug)

CHRIS: It's okay Rach...

(they break and she looks at Julia)

RACH: And now, I wake up and I'm a mother... (she gets on her knees next to the bed, caressing Julia with her fingers) And I don't even have experience. I mean, the only experience I had with babies was with Ben about... 10 years ago!

CHRIS: You're gonna be just fine. Julia loves you. And I'm here for helping.

(she smiles at him, with tears running down her face)

RACH: Oh my. My daughter... And Ross'... This is so weird. (pause) Could I see those pictures again?

CHRIS: Sure!

(Chris starts showing all those pictures of the three of them... and Sandra and Davie)

RACH: Oh my... Is that my mom?!

CHRIS: I know, pretty different, hu?

RACH: (laughing) Yeah... Is this your dad? (he nods) Wow, Monica was right...

(she sits on a chair)

CHRS: Feeling better?

RACH: I guess... I'm deffinitly more relevied now!

CHRIS: Oh, I know what we should do. Maybe I should tell you everything that happened so maybe your memories can come back.

RACH: I guess... It always works in the movies!

(they laugh and Julia starts crying)

RACH: Oh no...

CHRIS: Relax, Julia can feel the stress...

RACH: (sarcastically) Good, a psycic daughter.

CHRIS: Camon, you'll do it fine...

(Rachel gets up and picks her up)

RACH: Okay, now what do do?

CHRIS: Rachel... Just give her protection!

RACH: I surely didn't think like that when I was with Ross, hu?

(Eventually Julia shuts up and keeps staring at Rachel)

RACH: She's so beautiful...

(Rachel sits on the chair again)

RACH: Okay, now let's go on with this "getting my memory back" thing.

CHRIS: Okay, let's see... I met you in the beggining of 2000. You have just moved in Australia, we bumped into each other by accident and I helped you to get your job, and we started working together. That's when we became best friends and you started telling me everything that happened before you went there. You told me everything about Ross, do you remember that?

RACH: Just untill 1999, two years after we broke up.

CHRIS: Okay then. Let's see what happened then... Oh, okay. You two got really, really close, but that was when he met Michelle and you kind of became apart, since he was spending too much time with her. That was when you met Nick, he was a model and he was working on Rauph Lauren, that's how you met. After a few months he proposed and you said yes... But a few weeks later Ross proposed to Michelle...

RACH: That doesn't surprise me, now he proposes within two weeks after they date!

CHRIS: Let me finish Rach...

RACH: Okay, go on...

CHRIS: Anyway, when Ross propposed you got really upset and that's when you realized that you still loved him, even when you were with Nick... Nick did everything to try to make it up to you, but that was when you decided you should be out of here for a while to clear your mind and you decided to move out.

RACH: No job offer?

CHRIS: No, you made that up so it wouldn't be clear the reason why you were leaving...

RACH: Now it makes sence...

CHRIS: Okay, so you moved out and you didn't come to Ross's wedding, you said you was too busy and all... Anyway, after all this time, the only few times you got in contact with everyone was when you came to see your family actually and to be Monica's kids Godmother... And you and Monica always talk to each other on the Internet, Chandler e-mails you all the time!

RACH: And what about Julia?

CHRIS: I was almost getting there... Anyway, after Ross and Michelle got married, he wanted to have a kid, but Michelle always said she was too busy and she had a career, she didn't think a baby would be good... He got pretty upset, but he respected that... By the way, Monica told you that! Okay, so after a while Michelle accidently got pregnant and she was mad at Ross coz she thought that he planed it. After Katie was borned they almost got divorced and he needed support, that's when you kicked in... He went to Australia to clear up his mind and spend a few days with you. I wasn't there when it all happened though, I was in a fashion conference in France, which you turned down to stay with Ross, he doesn't know that though. Okay, you guys got really close again and one night it happened, but he regreded later and you decided to make a pact and never tell anyone about that... but you got pregnant.

RACH: Wow...

CHRIS: Yes... So I helped you till now with Julia. When your mom knew about it, she packed her bags and went to Australia too, it was supposed to be a temporary thing, but she met my dad and they started dating. Now we're almost like brothers!

RACH: Nice... Oh, do you know anything about Monica and Chandler? I didn't have time to ask her about what happened with her...

CHRIS: (smiling) Sure, everyday you tell me about your old friends... Okay, all I know is that, still in 1999 Monica got pregnant and Chandler proposed, he didn't know she was pregnant though, so it was a great surprise for her! Chandler's mom gave them a trip to Hawaii as a marriege gift, plus all expenses of the wedding, and they decided lived there but just untill Monica realized how much she loved NY. Now all they do is have kids!

RACH: I noticed that!

CHRIS: And Phoebe and Joey... Well, Joey was short of money and he needed to make more money since Chandler was moving out. Phoebe decided to record a demo tape and send it to record companies, they liked her style and she decided to put him in the band. Oh, I forgot to tell they had to spend a year in England. The company was there and it was in the contract. That's why they're also very popular in Europe.

RACH: Well, my memory didn't come back and I just get more shocked with every word you say!

CHRIS: Okay... So, do you wanna carry on with this jealousy thing we did for Ross?

RACH: I don't know... I think so, I mean... he's married! I don't wanna sound like a poor mom who's not married and doesn't have a boyfriend!

CHRIS: Wow, that's exaclty what you said when we set this up!

(Rachel looks at Julia, who's now asleep)

RACH: Yeah, when we come back to Australia I can go see a doctor. (pauses) I still can't believe I'm a mother!

CHRIS: (sarcastically) I think this is actually working, you say that everyday too!

(Rachel gives him a sarcastic smile)

~*~Ross and Michelle's~*~

(Ross and Michelle are washing the dishes while Katie's watching cartoons)

MICH: So, how was at Monica and Chandler's?

ROSS: It was okay, I got to talk more to Rachel, she's acting really weird...

(there's a knock at the door)

MICH: Must be them...

(Ross opens the door and it's Carol, Susan, Ben and another baby, let's call her Mary, she's red haired and has brown eyes. Ben's now... 11? Whatever, he looks really cute... He's wearing jeans, T-shirt and tennis, so you can see his the type of guy who's lke... "hip-hop" and all, he's a great person :))

ROSS: Hey you guys.

ALL: Hi / Hey / How are you? / etc...

(Ben runs to the t.v. and changes the channel to MTV... Hmmm, do you think we'll still have that in 2006?? We hope so!)

KATIE: (in protest) Hey...

(Ben high fives Katie and she laughs)

ROSS: So Carol, do you know who's in the city?


ROSS: Rachel.

BEN: (looking from the couch) The one who used to live with Aunt Monica?

ROSS: Yeah.

BEN: Cool!!! Can I go see her??

SUSAN: How is she?

BEN: (to Katie) Rachel kicks ass!!

MICH: Ben, don't talk like that in front of your sister!

BEN: (miming) Ben, don't talk like that in front of your sister...

CAROL: (looking at Mary) Is there any place I could put her, she's getting heavy...

MICH: Sure.

SUSAN: (to Carol) Let me help you.

(she gets Mary from Carol and they go in Katie's room)

CAROL: How's Rachel? I haven't seen her since Jenny and Jimmy's baptism.

ROSS: She's okay, she also brought Julia.

CAROL: Oh my God... I wanna go see them.

BEN: Me too!!! Me too!!!

KATIE: Rachel...

(Katie laughs)

ROSS: Okay, so... Maybe we can go see her at Monica and Chandler's tomorrow, she'll deffinitly be there.

CAROL: She's staying with them?

ROSS: No, she's actually at Phoebe and Joey's. The house is bigger and she has more peace to be there with Julia... and her boyfriend.

CAROL: Oh, she brought a boyfriend?

ROSS: Yeah, she met him in Australia.

CAROL: Okay, so you call her and tell her to meet us there, okay? Then I can pick Ben there.

ROSS: Okay.

CAROL: Susan, let's go!! Ben, bye honey.

(she goes to Ben and kisses his hair and Michelle and Susan get out of Katie's room with Mary)

BEN: Bye mom.

KATIE: (looking at Carol and Susan) Bye mommies!

(Michelle shots Ben a look)

BEN: Nice shot, Katie!

(they high five and she laughs... She's a happy kid, isn't she?)

~*~Rachel's flashbacks~*~

(she's asleep in her room, in the dark)


(cut to: an office somewhere, Rachel and Chris are there. The phone rings and Rachel's answers)

RACH: Hello? (pauses) What? (longer pause) Calm down, Ross... (pause) Of course you can! (pause) No, it won't be a problem... (longer pause again) Of course not, you need a friend... (pause) Yes, I have enough space. (pause) Tomorrow? (pause and wrtes something down) Okay, okay... (pause) See ya then, bye. (hangs up)

CHRIS: That was... Ross?

RACH: Yeah.

CHRS: What did he want?

RACH: He's coming over.

CHRIS: Coming over? Hmm, when you say that sounds like he lives across the street! What happened?

RACH: He said he needs some help now...

CHRIS: (after a while) Rachel, you still remember about our conference in France, don't you?

RACH: (suddenly remembering) Oh my God... (pause, thinking) I can't go, I'm sorry, I just can't!

CHRIS: This is crazy Rachel!


(cut to: Rachel's apartament... It's a mess! She and Ross are there eating chinese right from the boxes in the couch)

ROSS: ...anyway, thanks for letting me stay here and for being so supportive, I really needed this.

RACH: Sure Ross, I'm your friend... That's what friends are for, hu?

(she smile and moves next to him, holding his hands. He starts to cry (awww) and she holds him)


(cut to: Chandler and Monica's wedding (yes, that was before Ross proposed to Michelle, so Rachel was still living in NY), they're in a beautiful church and everyone's present. They're saying the vows... Btw, Monica has a notable belly)

CHAN: (smiling at Mon) I do.

MON: (smiling at him) I do...

(they kiss)

(Of course it'd be longer, but this is a flashback, it's supposed to be fast!)


(Cut to: a fancy apartament, Rachel's there with a handsome guy, Nick. They're having a fancy dinner)

NICK: Rachel, there's something I gotta tell you...

RACH: (getting nervous) Sure...

NICK: Come here...

(they go to the balcony)

NCK: Well... I know we've only been together for a few months, but... I just never loved anyone like I love you. At first it scared me a little, but now I've finally realized why. (long silence) Aren't you gonna ask me why?

RACH: Oh, sorry... Why?

NICK: It's because I realized I can't live without you... And that's why I'm doing this now... (gets on his knees) Rachel Green, would you give me the honor of being my wife?


(an hospital room, Rachel just had Julia and is now looking at her alone... She beggins to cry softly)


(This may be a little too heavy scene (yeah, right! :) Now a days only porn can be called too heavy!), but Ross and Rachel are in the couch, but they're still fully dressed! They're kissing and beggining to undress each other)


(cut to: Monica and Rachel's, the scene where Ross and Rachel broke up)

ROSS: It just can't be it...

RACH: Then how come it is?


(cut to Rachel's room again. Rachel wakes up startling! She looks around and sees Julia next to her and Chris sleeping in the couch. She turns around and starts playing with Julia's fingers, beggining to cry a little... Now the song "Mer Girl" by Madonna starts playing on the background, so sad...!)

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

(Monica's in the living room with all the kids (except for Lisa), they're doing their home work, except for Jenny, who's in Monica's lap)

JENNY: ...and Tiffany said to Paul she didn't like him anymore, which he took pretty well, he actually told her that he was already seeing Kiffy behind her back! That was when Tiffany said that...

(Chandler enters all dressed up)

MON: (to Jenny) Just a minute, sweetie. Chandler, where are you going?

CHAN: Oh... I gotta solve a few things at the company, I'll be back soon though.

MON: I hope so, we still gotta make the plans for Jenny's birthday party.

CHAN: Okay, I'll be back as soon as I can, I promise.

(he goes over her and kiss her, then all kids)

CHAN: Bye.

ALL: Bye.

(he leaves)

MON: Okay, so what happened to Tiffany?

JENNY: Now she's upset a little, but she's glad they broke up anyway, but now she's with her eye on Tim which is really bad!!

MON: What's so wrong with that, sweetie?

JIMMY: (looks up to say on his cute baby voice) Tim's Jenny's boyfriend!

JENNY: (angry) No, he's not!

MON: Is he?

JENNY: (shy) Well... no.

MON: Jenny, camon I'm you mother!

JENNY: Well, yeah, he's really cute and we're best friends!

MON: Oh honey, that's how the best relationships beggin.

JENNY: Really?

MON: Yeah...

(they hug)

BRIAN: (looking up from his home work) How do you spell boobies?

(Monica looks at him)

MON: That's your home work?

(phone rings)

MON: (picking up the phone) Hello? (pauses) No, he's not home, he's in a meeting. (pauses) Who's this? (pauses) Janice? (pauses) May I know what this is for? (pauses) Okay- okay, bye.

(she hangs up)

MON: Jenny, do you know who's Janice?

JENNY: Sure, she's Tim's mom. She met him at the party yesterday.

MON: (shocked) She has a son named Tim?

JENNY: Yeah, it's Tim... Ya know, my "friend".

MON: Oh my God! Does she sound a little... too nasal?

JENNY: Oh yeah, and she's really annoying too!!!

MON: Oh my God!

JENNY: You know her?

MON: She's you dad ex girlfriend.

JENNY: Tim's mom?? (looks nauseous and put her hand on her belly) I'm gonna be sick...

BRIAN: (looking up) Finally took the courage to look yourself in the mirror?

(Jenny gets really mad and starts running after Brian)

MON: Kids, kids!!!

(the phone rings again)

MON: (on the phone) Hello? (pauses) Hi Rachel. (pauses) Today? (pauses) Okay, but you'll have to come over coz there's no one to babysitt the kids! (pauses) Carol and Susan? (pauses) Yeah, okay, it's been a while since the kids last saw Ben. (pauses) No, he's not here, he has a meeting or something. (pauses) Okay, see ya in a minute, bye.

(she hangs up)

MON: Brian and Jennifer!!!

(they stop running)

MON: Okay, I want you to stop fighting and go back to the home work! Aunt Rachel, Aunt Carol, Aunt Susan and Ben are coming over and I don't want her to hear you guys argueeing anymore, okay??

JENNY: But he...

MON: (cutting her) No "buts", if one doesn't want, the two don't fight!

(I hate when my mom says that to me and my sister... (Tina))

BRIAN / JENNY: (looking down) Okay...

(they sit in the table and make their home work. We can hear Lisa crying on the background)

MON: (she's really stressed) Argghh!!!

(leaves to her room)

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

(it's this really weird room, it's the dining room, but the decoration's all funny. Anyway, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Chris are there, having lunch)

JOEY: We just got back from the studio, we were recording "Lake's Translutions", our new hit!

PHOE: Yeah, our manager said that it should hit #1's again.

JOEY: Feels good to say we made money this morning... (proudly) Oh, we made millions this morning, what did you do?

RACH: We went shopping.

CHRIS: Yeah, we spent millions!

(they laugh)

PHOE: Where's Julia?

RACH: She's taking a nap, we're going to Monica's, we're gonna meet Carol and Susan there and I want her to meet Lisa.

PHOE: I have a question...

RACH: (looks at Chris) Hmm, sure...

PHOE: Who are Julia's Godparents?

RACH: Hmmm, I know that, sure... of course I know that... Why don't you answer that, honey?

CHRIS: Sure, er me and Sandra.

PHOE: Sandra? (pauses) Your mom?

RACH: Yeah, I mean... She just left everything here to go stay with me there... She was being such a sweetheart, it made me remind how hard work she had with me!

PHOE: Awww, okay.

JOEY: Hey, it's a good idea!!! We could use that in a song Phoebe!!! Like... (you know in which tone... just read :)) "I'll be there for you, when your belly is getting full... I'll be there for you, coz I've been there before... I'll be there for you, coz there's so much to lose..."

(smiles at his own idea and Rachel and Chris look weirdly at him)

~*~Rachel's room~*~

Her and Chris are there, getting their stuff to go to Monica and Chandler's.

RACH: Look Julia what mom bought to you. (gets "few" bags full of baby stuff) (to Chris) And I always thought those gap kids were a waste of time... (gets one of the bags and get a little hat from it and puts on Julia) Isn't that the cutest thing you've even seen?

CHRIS: Yeah... That's the same thing you said about the bath, the fingers, the pijamas...

RACH: Ah camon, I'm getting to see these things for the first time, okay?

CHRIS: Oh yeah, right.

RACH: Look, look, look!

(she gets out of one bag two dresses which are the same, but in different sizes, one for her and one for Julia)

CHRIS: Oh so, that's what you were doing when I was changing her diappers. (he rolls his eyes) You know, in Australia you also bought about 15 of those "look alike" stuff...

RACH: Really?? Oh, now I don't feel so bad for not buying the pants...

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

(the kids have finished their home work already, Brian and Jimmy are playing with cars and Monica and Jenny are talking and playing with Lisa, in the couch)

JENNY: ...Justin, and Heather, oh we gotta invite Heather!

MON: Okay, I thought this was supposed to be an usual ocasion!

JENNY: Yeah, but I changed my mind after Ginger's party!

MON: Isn't she the girl who's competing the "first grade little princess" with you?

JENNY: Yeah... She thinks she's so much better just coz she's older than me!

MON: Aww honey, she's just jealous coz you're inteligent, funny and beautiful! It wasn't by accident why you and your brothers skipped so many grades!

JENNY: I guess...

(there's someone at the door)

JIMMY: Ding-Dong!!!! Meee!!! Meeee!!!

(he runs to get the door, but turns out he's so little that he can't reach the knob)

BRIAN: (under his breath) Everytime...

(he opens the door and Jimmy's kinda mad. Anyway, it's Rachel, Chris and Julia at the door)

RACH: Hey you guys.

(Jimmy runs up to Rachel and hugs her leg really tight)

RACH: Wow, he surely has a lot of love to give...

MON: Hi Rach.

RACH: Hey...

(Jimmy still hasn't let her go)

MON: Jimmy, sweetie... Please.

(Jimmy lets go of Rachel's leg)

JIMMY: Oh man...

(he walks out looking down)

RACH: What's wrong with him?

MON: Tipical "I'm too little for too much things" crissis...

RACH: Wow... you're an expert with that already, hu?

MON: After reading zillions of books about it, having four kids and all you kinda get it! (looks at Chris) Oh, hi.

CHRS: Good day*.

* What's up with that?!

RACH: (looks at Lisa) Awwww, Monica, she's so cute...

(Rachel goes to the couch with Julia and Chris follows them)

MON: Jen, why don't you go plan your party in your room now? When Ben gets here I'll call you there, okay?

JENNY: (excited) Okay!!

MON: Brian, sweetheart...

BRIAN: What?

MON: Why don't you go play with Jimmy in your room?

BRIAN: Oh no... He's too young to play my games...

MON: Okay, don't say that in front of him! Just be nice to your brother and play his games then.

BRIAN: (walking to their room) Stupid mouth...

MON: So... Hmmm, how was last night?

RACH: Actually... It's not what we were thinking... (Monica has a confused look) You see, he's not my boyfriend, he's my best friend (pauses) and "brother". His father's Davie.

MON: Ahhh... (pauses) What were those kisses last night about then?

CHRIS: She asked me to. (Monica has a confused look again) Yeah, so she wouldn't be, ya know, the poor ex girlfriend who's a mother and doesn't even have a boyfriend!

MON: Yeah, that does sound like something you'd do, Rach.

RACH: (sarcastically) Thanks...

(there's a knock at the door)

JIMMY: (coming out of his room) Knock-knock!!! Meee!!! Meeeeeeee!!!

MON: Come here boy!!

(Jimmy runs to Monica and she lifts him up so he can reach the knob and open the door. After a while trying to, he can open it and lifts his arms in happiness)

JIMMY: In your face!!!

(Jimmy laughs and Monica puts him down)

(Carol, Susan and Mary come in, Susan's carying Mary)

RACH: Oh, hi you guys!!

(oh God, how I hate to write this! Everytime you say that they're hugging saying "hi" sounds stupid! So... just imagine, I'm not gonna say!)

RACH: (to Ben, who's kinda shy now) Oh my God, Ben, you look so... wow. Tall!

BEN: (waving) Hey Rach.

RACH: Come here.

(they hug)

CAROL: (seeing Chris caring Julia) Awww, is this Julia?

RACH: Well, if it's not Monica's...

(they laugh)

SUSAN: She's so cute...

RACH: (looks at Mary) Awww, what's her name??

SUSAN: This is Mary... (Rachel looks confused, looking for explanation) It's actually my kid... It's a whole long story.

RACH: Say no more.

MON: Oh you guys, sit, you're making me nervous.

(they all sit)

RACH: So, how have you been?

CAROL: Pretty busy actually, two kids to raise... (about Chris) Aren't you gonna introduce us?

RACH: Oh, sorry... Carol this is Chris, Chris this is Carol, she's Ross's ex wife...

CHRIS: (cutting her) Yeah and that's Susan. (shake hands) You have a bad memory, hu Rachel?

RACH: Sure, of course you know that...

(Carol and Susan look confused)

RACH: So, er, Ben, how are you?

BEN: Great. Now I have two sisters... Hmmm, I wonder if one day I'll have a brother! I'm tired of playing Barbie!

(they laugh)

~*~A Restaurant~*~

(Janice and Chandler are there...)

CHAN: Okay, now you be fast because I had to lie to Monica!

JAN: So, what's the big deal?

CHAN: What's the big deal, we're... (realizes) good friends... Juuuuuuust good friends, best friends in fact! (Janice looks suspecious) WHAT do you want??

JAN: Well, you came here, so that means you want something to happen.....

CHAN: You said you were dying!!!

JAN: I am! (he looks shoked) Of love...

CHAN: God, please say it's not for me, please, please, please...

JAN: You are so cute, how did you find out???

(arrr, now you see good how fan-fics are: Janice laughs, and yet our ears are safe!)

~*~Monica & Chandler's~*~

(They're all in the floor now, there are a lot of toys around and the kids are all there: Lisa, Julia and Mary in their mom's lap (Mary's in Susan's!), Jimmy's playing cars with Brian and Ben and Jenny are talking...)

BEN: So how's it going with Tim? Did Tiffany slowed down?

JENNY: Sure, after last tuesday I bet she won't do anything again!

BEN: I wouldn't...

JENNY: Hey, remember Tim's mom?

BEN: Ahhh, how could I forget?

JENNY: Mom told me she's daddy's ex girl friend.

BEN: Ewww!!!

(there's a knock at the door)

JIMMY: (getting up) Meee!!!

(Monica hands Julia to Chris and runs after Jimmy, getting him at the airs while he screams)

CHRIS: Are they always this happy?!

(Jimmy opens the door and it's Ross, with Katie and Michelle)

KATIE: Antieeeeeee.

(she hugs Monica)

MON: Hey sweetie.

(yeah, well... again! Ya know, they do that thing.... P.S. don't be pervert!! :))

(Katies goes play with Jimmy on his room... I told you not to be pervert!)

BRIAN: Ahhh, good! (stops) I'm all alone now! (running after them in the bedroom) Katieeeee, Jimmyyyy!!!

ROSS: (laughing) Those kids... (looks at Rach) Hi Rach!

(they hug)

RACH: Hey.

(again she sits on the floor, now next to Chris and Julia)

MICH: (to Chris) Oh, we never met.

CHRIS: (getting up and shaking hands) I'm Chris, Rachel's boyfriend.

MICH: Oh hi, I'm Michelle, Ross's wife.

CHRIS: How you doing?

MICH: Good.

(He sits again next to Rachel)

MON: Does anyone want anything to drink?

BEN: I'll want some water.

JENNY: Oh, me too.

MON: You can get that yourself, Jenny, you're not a visit.

(Ben laughs at Jenny)

MON: So, who wants something?

RACH: Oh, I'll have some water too.

(there's a knock at the door... We can see Jimmy coming out of his room running, but then we can see Brian and Katie running after him)

KATIE: Come back!!!!

BRAN: Get him Katie!!!

(Katie gets his hand and Brian holds her other hand, they start pulling him back to the room, untill they do it)

MON: (from the kitchen) Could anyone get that?

ROSS: Sure.

(he goes get it and it's Phoebe, Joey and Chandler)

ROSS: Wow, hey you guys.

PHOE: Hey Ross!! Long time no see, hu?

ROSS: (puzzled) We had dinner together yesterday.

PHOE: (remembering) Oh... Then just "hey".

(they hug, Joey and Chandler come in after, chatting)

JOEY: Noooo!!!

CHAN: I'm telling ya, she's going crazy!

ROSS: Who?

CHAN: Statue of Liberty! Ya know... Hand cramp is not very pleasant!

ROSS: (puzzled again) Okay...

(they all greet, blablabla...)

MON: How was the meeting sweetie?

CHAN: Very annoying!

(Joey and Chandler nod)

MON: You guys came together?

CHAN: No, we met downstairs..

(they all sitting down, like this: Joey and Chandler chatting in one corner standing (hey, they're not sitting!), Rach, Chris and Julia together in the floor, playing with her and a few toys, Ross talking to Michelle and Phoebe in the couch, Ben and Jenny next to Rach, Chris and Julia, with Lisa, Mary, Carol and Susan, and Monica comes out of the kicthen and just stares at them all)

MON: Ow you guys. Look, it's the first time in years we're all together again.

(they all stop and look at each other, smiling)

(Michelle looks at Ross and kisses him, Rachel just looks down, then looks at Chris and hugs him tight)

JENNY: Aunt Rachel, when are you leaving?

RACH: (trying to make a joke) Wow, I barely got here and you already want me to leave?

JEN: No, it's not that, it's because I wanna know it, so I can plan my party when you're still here.

(both smile)

RACH: Aww, that's so sweet. Well, I don't know... Chris?

CHRIS: We gotta be back soon... Ya know, work will start soon and Sandra can't stay apart from Julia more than a day!

JEN: Okay then... Mom, please let's make it soon, please, please!!

MON: Talk to your father..

JEN: Damn, I hate when you say that!

JOEY: Me too!

MICH: Oh hey you guys, I was wondering if you could join us tomorrow. We're gonna spend the day at my parent's and they asked to call a few people, it's their anniversary...

MON: And they're inviting us?

MICH: Yeah, you're Ross's sister, Chandler's your husband, Carol's ex-wife and Ben's the son! (looks at Phoebe and Joey) They're the stars! (looks at Rachel) And my dad still has the big respects for the man your father was.

(Chris and Monica get a serious look, while Rachel has a confused one, Chris mouths "Later", to her)

MICH: So, are you guys coming?

ALL: Sure / Why not / ...

RACH: I - I don't know...

ROSS: What? Camon Rachel, please, come...

RACH: (melting) Okay.

CHRIS: (cleans his throat) Rach?

(Ross shoots him a look and Chris just smiles, putting his arms around Rachel)

~*~Jenny's room~*~

(Monica, Chandler and Jenny are there)

MON: ...okay, so it'll be next week. This gives me only a few days to organize this... Oh my God!

CHAN: Don't worry, Mon, you'll do it fine.

JEN: Yeah mom, every year people say our parties are the best!

MON: (getting nervous) Of course they're the best!

JEN: Easy mom, that was a complement!

MON: Okay, sorry sweetie... Now get ready to sleep coz you've got school tomorrow!

JEN: Okay... G'night, mom, dad.

(they kiss goodnight and she lays on bed. Chandler and Monica get up, turn the lights off and close the door, leaving the room)

~*~Monica and Chandler's room~*~

(they're getting there)

MON: Oh God, here we go again...

CHAN: Don't worry Mon, you always make it on time. Remember when Brian broke his leg and you planned his party in two days?

MON: Yeah, okay...

(he comes behind her and kisses her neck, but she gets away and starts prepparing the bed to sleep)

CHAN: (check on his breath first) What?

MON: Where were you today, Chandler?

CHAN: I told you I had a meeting.

MON: Don't lie to me, Chandler. That's not what they told me at the office.

CHAN: You called them?? Why-why-why would you call them?

MON: I don't know... Janice called? Is that a good reason?

CHAN: (trying to lie, but failing miserably) Who's-who's Janice?

MON: (getting tear eyed) I knew it!

(he gets closer, but she moves away)

CHAN: Mon... She just... She just called and... I don't know why, I just went there, but it didn't mean anything, I swear!

MON: If it didn't mean, why did you go? Do you like to see me crying??

CHAN: No Mon, I just...

(long silence)

MON: (leaving the room) I'm gonna sleep in Lisa's room...

CHAN: But Mon...

(Monica slams the door before he can go on)

~*~Rachel and Chris's room~*~

(He's not there and she is on the bed with Julia. She's trying to make her sleep, but she has her eyes opened and doesn't sound sleepy... Rachel does though!)

RACH: Oh camon sweetie, I'm tired... Why won't you cooperate?

(Julia laughs)

RACH: Awww, you're so cute, ya know...

(starts getting teary eyed... :) Oh, we can hear Julia saying "mama")

RACH: Hmm.. Did you just say "mama"? (stops) Oh my God... I don't even know if she's done this before...

(Julia says again)

RACH: (screaming) Chriiiiiis!!!

CHRIS: (running in) What??

RACH: Er... Has Julia ever spoke "mama" before?

CHRIS: Oh my God, she just spoke??

RACH: Yes.

CHRIS: No, she's never done this before!

(they hug Julia, kiss her and stuff...)

RACH: (smiling) Ahh, it's not that bad actually...

CHRIS: What?

RACH: This whole "getting amnesia" thing...

(she hugs Julia and Chris gets a worried look)

CHRIS: Okay, Rachel, there's something I need to tell you...

RACH: What?

CHRIS: Remember today when Michelle said that thing about you dad?

RACH: (getting worried now) Yes...

(she lays Julia on the bed)

CHRIS: Well, about three years ago he got cancer and... Well, he decided not to go through the medicine coz he knew he wouldn't last long...

(at this point Rachel's crying already)

RACH: I... I...

(she breathes deeply and get up... then starts pacing around and having difficulties to breath....)

CHRIS: Rachel, calm down... Sit here...

RACH: NO!!! Damint, why did this have to happen?? Why this damn memory had to go away?? (he tries to get her arm and she makes his let it go violently) You don't understand me. No one does!! You don't get how it feels to someday wake up and your whole life is up side down!! Everything I builted and fighted for!

(she starts crying harder, leans against the wall and goes sitting slowly on the floor. He approaches her and gets on his knees next to her)

CHRIS: It's okay, Rachel...

(he hugs her and she hugs him back)

RACH: (softly) No... it's not okay. If I didn't take it all gradualy how will I take it all like this now?? Everything's just coming to me and I can't protect myself...

CHRIS: You'll learn Rachel... You're a strong woman... You'll learn...

(fades out)

~*~Michelle's parents' party~*~

Ross, Michelle, Katie, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, Chris and her parents are already there, including a lot of old people, who obviously we don't know. Let's call Michelle's parents Paul and Jamie :) Hmm, where have I heard this before??

KATIE: Daddy, I'm hungry, daddy...

JAMIE: Come here sweetheart, I'll feed ya.

(they leave)

JOEY: If I have closed my eyes I could swear she was talking to an animal..

(he smiles, Paul glares at him and Ross hits him)

(Monica, Chandler and their gang join them, they're just arrivng. Hmm, again I'm not gonna say they hug and greet (Oooops) ...again! :))

MON: Michelle, sweetie, where can I put Lisa, she's been sleeping since we left our home.

RACH: Oh, you can leave her where I left Julia, come and I'll show ya.

MON: Oh, thanks.

(they leave)

~*~A room in the house~*~

There's a bed and Julia's sleeping there. Of course Rachel improvisated a protection so she wouldn't fall of the bed! Rachel and Monica get in, with Lisa.

RACH: ...yeah, yeah he told me yesterday. I didn't really take it that well, but... I'm surviving, aren't I?

MON: The bad luck's not just in your side, sweetie...

RACH: Wha-what happened, Mon?

MON: Well, yesterday Chandler and I had this fight and... (trails off)

RACH: Oh camon, Mon, you know it's just temporary.

MON: Not this time...

(Now Rachel stops and looks worried at Mon)

RACH: What did he do?

MON: I think he's cheating on me. (Rachel gasps) That's not all.

RACH: Okay, then no matter what you have else to say I won't handler either...

MON: With Janice.


MON: Wow, you remembered of her way faster than me.

RACH: Of course sweetie, for me two weeks ago she was hooking up with Ross.

MON: Oh, of course...

RACH: But Mon, Janice??

MON: I know...

RACH: He wouldn't do this in a million of years!!

MON: I also thought that, now I don't know...

RACH: Oh, camon Monica... You guys have 4 kids together, you mean the world to him.

MON: Maybe that's the problem. He may feel that he already has everything... Do you know what happens when you feel like that?

RACH: Of course... You wanna screw it up just so you can built it all again...

MON: Oh, so you do know it.

RACH: Why wouldn't I? That's what happened with me and Ross.

(there's a long silence, they're both thinking hard and looking down)

(The music "Hands", by Jewel starts playing on the background. "If I could tell the world just one thing it would be "we're all okay". And not to worry coz worry is wasteful and useful in times like these...")

~*~Back to the Party!~*~

We can see Phoebe sitting alone in a chair writing something on a napkin, probably a future song. A guy comes up to her and sits on the same table.

GUY: Hey.

PHOE: (looking up from the napkin) Hey.

(starts writing again)

GUY: May I say...

PHOE: (cutting him) Okay, I understand what you're doing and I just wanna say I don't have time for this. My life is too busy and it's gonna take me a while to find someone, okay? (this "okay" was a typical sarcastic Phoebe "okay")

GUY: Have you ever thought about what would be of romantic movies if the lady had cut the guy off at the beggining?

PHOE: (thinks) There wouldn't be any movie.

GUY: (comes closer) Don't you wanna be a star?

(Phoebe just looks amazed by what he just said and he smiles)

PHOE: Wow.. (pauses...) Would you mind if I used that in a song?!

(the guy's face frowns)

(cut to: Ross and Katie. They're playing freezbe together. Yes, she's too little for that, but God, she's having fun)

ROSS: (showing how) Okay, now you throw it slowly with direction, sweetie.

(he throws it and it goes right on her hands)

ROSS: Okay, try it now.

(she throws it and it hits a man. Katie just laughs puttng her hands in her mouth)

ROSS: Mr. Katsopolis, I'm sorry... again! (throws the freezbe back to Katie) Camon, sweetie, try it again, this time try to throw it to me.

KATIE: But daddy, I don't wanna hit you...

ROSS: (he looks sweetly at her) Camon, I want you to hit daddy.

(she tries it again and this time she actually hits his head)

(cut to: Rachel, who's watching them and laughs)

CHRIS: (from behind her) He's really important to you, isn't him?

RACH: More than you can imagine.. (pause, still watching them) You know what, I should tell him Julia's his daughter.

CHRIS: What?? No, Rachel, you can't and you won't!

RACH: But why? If his love for Michelle's that strong nothing will happen. Julia will just win a father. (Chris looks at her and is about to say something. Presenting what he'll say, Rachel already replies) Her real father.

CHRIS: You know that no one will ever compete with you in his heart. Remember Julie? Remember Bonn-

RACH: (cutting him, looking down) Remember Emily?

(they both stay in silence)

CHRIS: This is not just your life, Rachel. It's (counting with his fingers) yours, Julia's, his, Michelle's and Katie's. Think about everyone before making a decison, okay?

(he leaves her alone and she keeps staring at Ross and Katie again, who are still playing and laughing)

(cut to: Joey and Ben. Joey has a remote of those toy cars and Ben's just staring at him playing. Chandler comes up to them)

CHAN: (to Ben) What's going on?

BEN: I don't know. He said he had a present for me, but he opened it himself and doesn't let me have it.

JOEY: It's not a toy!!

CHAN: Joey, I gotta talk to you.

JOEY: Not now!!

CHAN: Joey?!

JOEY: Okay, okay, you can have it Ben.

(he gives him the remote and leaves with Chandler)

(cut to: somewhere still in the house...)

JOEY: What's up man?

CHAN: Okay, remember yesterday when I told you I met Janice at that restaurant and all...

JOEY: Sure.

CHAN: Well, Monica found and... Well, you know Monca, she's just thinking the most horrible things about me...

JOEY: What did she do??

CHAN: Nothing violent thank God! She just slept in Lisa's room yesterday night... What should I do, man?

JOEY: (confused) What, you're asking me??

CHAN: I can't ask Ross! He's her brother, he'll kill me!!!

JOEY: Well, but I don't know... (pauses) Oh, oh, I know!!!

CHAN: (hopefully) What??

JOEY: You come up to her and you say... (a la Joey! :)) "How you doin'?".

(Chandler glares at him)

~*~The room where Lisa and Julia are slepping~*~

Monica's there changing Lisa's diappers and Julia starts crying.

MON: (picking Julia up) Oh, don't cry sweetie... Shhh...

(she keeps trying to make her stop crying, but fails. Suddenly the door opens and it's Ross)

ROSS: I thought you were needing some help.

MON: Oh Ross, could you please watch Julia while I go call Rachel, please.

ROSS: Okay, no problem.

(she hands Ross Julia and leaves, carrying Lisa in her arms)

ROSS: Hey Julia.

(looks at her and she's still crying, but now is calming down. He hugs her, holding her head with one of his hands and keeps walking around. Awww :) Just then Rachel enters and keeps looking at them, who haven't heard or seen her. Julia stops crying and now Ross notices Rachel)

ROSS: (whispering) Oh, hi.

RACH: (also whispering) Sounds like you did the whole job, hu?

ROSS: (I won't keep writing that they're whispering!) I learned a lot with Katie. Here.

(he offers Julia to Rachel hold)

RACH: Oh, but you're doing such a great job...

(he keeps holding Julia then. Now he sits on the bed and notices that Julia isn't sleeping)

ROSS: I could swear she's fallen asleep.

RACH: She's very tricky.

ROSS: I still have too much to learn about her.

(Rachel smiles)

ROSS: Listen, we didn't have time to finish that talk...

RACH: Oh...

(Rachel sits on the bed, right next to him)

ROSS: Is there any problem Rach?

RACH: (staring at Julia on his arms) Does this sound like a problem?

ROSS: You're just so different....

RACH: Don't all women change after becoming a mother?

ROSS: (now probably remembering of Michelle) Yeah, you're right.

(now they both focus on Julia, who's sucking her thumb)

ROSS: (mocking) Who'd think Rachel Green would end up like this?

RACH: (taking it really as a joke) Hey, this is not the end, okay?!

ROSS: It's just so weird. Sometimes I stop to see everything that has happened since you moved in with us. I mean, all our lives changed completely. I mean, you and I together, Joey and Phoebe getting famous and maybe if you hadn't came, Chandler and Monica wouldn't be together in the first place.

RACH: How come?!

ROSS: Yeah, I mean, you introduced me to Emily and in London they started their... thing.

RACH: Oh yeah, right.

(both look at Julia again, for a long time they keep in silence, just watching her and she smiles, followed by their smiles)

ROSS: How come you never told anyone about Julia's father?

RACH: I told you already, Ross. I don't tell anyone about her.

ROSS: But why?

RACH: I have my reasons... But they're also personal, sorry.

ROSS: You know I just wanna help, Rachel.

RACH: You are... Don't worry.

ROSS: Okay, just tell me how he is, okay? What did he do to make you not tell anyone about him? Why aren't you together? Does he know he's a father?

RACH: Calm down, Ross... Gosh. (pause) Well, I know you'd like him. He's sweet, gentle, caring, loving, intelligent... And no, he doesn't know he's her father.

ROSS: Why don't you tell him?

RACH: I can't...

ROSS: Do you love him?

RACH: (looking sweetly at him) With no doubts.

ROSS: Is he Chris?

RACH: (suddently remembering of Chris) Oh, no.

ROSS: (confused) Don't you love Chris?

RACH: Not as much as Julia's father.. Camon, haven't you ever gone out with someone when you were in actually in love with another person?

ROSS: Oh camon, you know I have.

(they laugh while thinking about the past)

ROSS: It's so nice having you here again. You have no idea how much I missed you.

RACH: (sentimental) Me too..

(she looks down and gets up, presenting the tears coming to her eyes)

RACH: I'm gonna get some drinks, want too?

ROSS: (kinda confused) Ah, no, thanks.

(she leaves in a rush)

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

They're getting back from the party, all of them.

MON: Okay, Jen, Brian and Jimmy go brush your teeth and streight to bed, okay?

KIDS: Okay, mom.

(they leave)

CHAN: Listen, Mon, can we discuss that thing now?

MON: (coldly) No.

(she leaves to their room)

~*~Monica and Chandler's room~*~

I didn't mention this before, but in their bedroom there is a crib too. So Monica puts Lisa in the crib, as Chandler gets in there.

CHAN: Camon Monica, you can't just keep avoiding me like that.

MON: Oh and I suppose you can go out like that to cheat behind my back.

CHAN: I did not cheat on you Monica. You know, that's Janice. Don't you know Janice?!

MON: Yes Chandler, I know Janice. Janice who you got together with a gazillion times before!

CHAN: But Monica this is crazy! I'd never leave you for her.

MON: Oh sure, you'd just carry on doing it behind my back!

CHAN: (now he's also getting pissed) Why don't you trust me for God's sake??

MON: Because you lied to me!

CHAN: You know what, if you don't really trust me, we should consider getting divorced then!

MON: (taken by surprise, but trying not to show it) Okay. Then maybe we should!

CHAN: Fine!!!

MON: Fine!!!

(when he's about to leave the room we can see Jenny by the door, looking really depressed. Monica and Chandler look shocked.)

MON: Sweetie...

(before Monica can finish she runs to her room and we can hear the nose of her door slamming really hard. Now Monica and Chandler look down)

~*~Jenny's room~*~

Jenny's laid in bed, we can hear her crying and someone knocking on the door.

JENNY: Go away!!!

MON: (O.S.) Sweetie, let me in.

JENNY: (now even more upset) I said GO AWAY!

MON: (O.S.) Honey, ya know, you're not making it easier for neither of us.

JENNY: So? You're also not making it easier for us...

MON: (O.S.) Jenny please, let me in... I just wanna talk to you.

(Jenny gets up and unlocks the door. Monica gets in and hugs Jenny. They're both crying)

JENNY: Why, mommy??

MON: (breaking the hug so she can look at Jenny's eyes) One day you'll understand what it's like to be a grown up, sweeetie.

JENNY: (still crying hard) Well then I don't wanna grow up! You just lie to us and we think everything's okay. Why can't you two just stay together?

MON: Love's hard, Jenny. But hopefully you'll never pass through this... (removes some hair from Jenny's face) Now you're gonna have to be brave and help, mommy, okay?

(she nods and they hug again)

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

They're all (Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Chris) having breakfast. Patricia's serving them.

PAT: Miss Buffay...

PHOE: (cutting her) Phoebe, Patricia.

PAT: Oh sorry, Miss Phoebe, (Phoebe rolls her eyes) Mr. Martin called you today twice again.

PHOE: Oh Gosh, Ricky really won't give up, will he?

RACH: Wowow, Ricky Martin's calling you and you're actually saying this?!

PHOE: Oh camon Rachel, the guy's been divorced 4 times already, that can't be good!

RACH: (surprised) Oh, sure...

JOEY: What are you guys doing today?

CHRIS: Rachel's gonna show me NY.

JOEY: Ah camon. There's gonna be this great concert this afternoon and I really think we should go.

RACH: Which?

PHOE: (joyful) Ours, at Central Park, you guys really have to go!

RACH: (looking for an excuse) Ahhh, you know what, I just remembered I promised Monica I would...

JOEY: No-no-no! You're gonna watch us.

CHRIS: Yeah, Rachel. I'm intrigued now...

RACH: Okay, then...

(the phone rings and Patricia leaves to get it, after a few seconds she comes back with the phone)

PAT: Miss Green, it's Mrs. Bing, she said she needs to talk to you urgently.

RACH: (getting the phone) Monica? (listens) Calm down, sweetie. (listens) Okay-okay, I'm coming over, bye.

PHOE: What's wrong?

RACH: She said she didn't want to talk about it on the phone.

(Rachel gets up)

RACH: Well, maybe I'll take too long there, so I'll meet ya at Central Park, okay?

PHOE: Oh, you need a password to get on backstage.

RACH: Sure, which?

PHOE: The mouse ate the Rome queen's clothes.

RACH: What?!

JOEY: (proud) I came up with that.

RACH: No wonder...

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

Monica's there alone and someone knocks. She gets it and it's Rachel.

RACH: (noticing that she's been crying) Oh my God, what happened, Monica?

MON: Chandler left me.

RACH: Oh my God.

(Rachel hugs Monica)

MON: Yesterday we had this huge horrible fight in front of Jenny... It was horrible, I said I didn't trust him so he said maybe we should get divorced.

RACH: But it can't be, honey! Camon, it's you guys!!!

MON: You also broke up with Ross after he cheated on you...

RACH: Yeah, honey, but I also regreded about this every single day. (pause) Where are the kids?

MON: They just left to school.

RACH: You gotta talk to him about this Monica... Maybe he didn't even do anything with Janice. He just didn't want to tell you coz he knew you'd get jealous and all...

MON: But we tell each other everything!

RACH: No, sweetie. You never tell the person you love stuff that will hurt him unless you really have to. He chosed not to.

MON: Maybe... But now I just need to think about this whole thing... I'm too confused.

RACH: It's okay, I'm here for you.

(they hug again)

RACH: Remember no matter how bad you are... I'm always gonna be under you...

MON: Stop talking like that Rachel!

RACH: What? I'm telling the truth...

MON: Still not a sight of the memory?

RACH: Not at all...

MON: Damn, I was kinda hoping if you remembered Julia's father now you'd tell me...

RACH: Well... I do know who he is though...

MON: You do??

RACH: Chris kinda told me...

MON: Oh my God! He's the father??

RACH: Nope... It's not him.

MON: Who it is then?

RACH: Well... I don't know if should tell you this...

MON: Rachel! Not again, okay?

RACH: Okay-okay... It's... (she closes her eyes really hard) It's Ross... (now opens them softly) It's Ross.

MON: No, it can't be Rachel. You haven't seen each other in years.

RACH: That's not truth. When Katie was borned Michelle was too hard with him and he needed a time to cool off. So he left to Australia to meet me and... I don't know, it just happened. And believe me, I really don't know how!

MON: Oh my God! That's where he was?? He told everyone he was at mom and dad's! And they actually covered up to him...

(Monca looks now at Rachel, who looks very down)

MON: Some lucky girls we are, hu?

RACH: And you tell me...

MON: It's like they say... "Can't live with them, but can't also live without them".

RACH: (who's now praticly crying. She gets Monica hands) I let mine go... Don't let the same happen to yours, Monica.

(they hug again)

(on the background we can hear the song "Love is standing by", by Whitney Huston. It goes on like "and you, you'll never stand alone, I'll be standing by, I'll keep you from the cold, I'll hold you when you cry, I'll be there to be strong when you can't find the streingh inside. And you, you'll always have a home in these arms of mine, you'll never stand alone... love's standing by" It's beautiful :))

~*~Central Park~*~

Chris is there with Julia and we can see people prepearing everything on the stage while Phoebe and Joey are testing the sounds on the background. Suddenly his cell phone rings.

CHRIS: (on the cell phone, duh :)) Hello? (listens) Rachel? (listens) What? (listens) But Rach, there are still 4 hours left to the show, you know I still have to pick that orders for Mrs. Donaldson. (listens) But how? (listen) But Phoebe and Joey can't babysitt, ya know... it's them! (listens) Oh my God! Okay, okay, I'll figure something out, you stay there with her. Bye. (he hangs up and looks around, not knowing what to do) Wanna make some shopping Julia?

JULIA: Mama :)

CHRIS: That's what I thought.

(he turns around and he sees Katie running. Right after we see Ross running after her, just laughing and playing. Chris has an intriged face)

(cut to: Ross and Katie)

KATIE: Daddy don't get me!!

ROSS: Yes I will!

(Katie sees Chris and Julia and stops running)

KATE: Julia!

(she laughs while Ross gets her and picks her up on his arms)

ROSS: Gotcha!

KATE: No fair! (yes, I know, it's "not fair", but she's just a little girl :))

CHRIS: Hey Ross. Hey little one.

KATIE: No little.

CHRIS: Oh, sorry ma'am.

ROSS: Hey Chris.

CHRIS: Ross, what are you doing here on a weekday?

ROSS: Oh, every friday I take the day off to be with the kids. Since today's Phoebe and Joey's show we're gonna spend the whole day here.

CHRIS: Where's Ben?

ROSS: He met a few friends and he's gonna join us in a few minutes. So, where's Rachel?

CHRIS: She's with Monica and left me here babysitting. Well, now I gotta go. I still have to go to Phoebe and Joey's and leave Julia with Patricia.

ROSS: Hey, if you want to, I can babysitt her!

KATIE: Let me!! Let me!!

CHRIS: Er... I don't think that would be a good idea...

ROSS: Oh camon, it's gonna take a long time before Rachel comes back and I see her again... I know Rachel!

CHRIS: Well, okay then.

(she hands him Julia and her stuff. She smiles)

CHRIS: Okay, I gotta get going, bye you two. (kisses Julia's hair) Bye sweetie.


(he leaves)

ROSS: So, what do the ladies want now?

JULIA: Mama.

ROSS: Aww, isn't this cute?

KATIE: Daddy, I want a baby!

ROSS: Nononono, just when you're older, sweetie.

KATIE: 5 years?

ROSS: I'd say 90!

KATIE: Okay... Can I have ice cream then?

~*~The Stage~*~

The time has lapsed, but Phoebe and Joey are still testing the sound. There are a few fans there trying to get altographs and all...

PHOE: Okay, Joey, try your guitar.

(he tries and sees it's not working)

JOEY: Still not working Jason.

(Jason, the eletronic guy goes there and tries to fix it. He's YU-MMY btw :))

JASON: Try it now.

(Joey tries and it goes waaaay too high)

JOEY: Cool! Can we leave it like this?

PHOE: (sounding provocant, like in "Tow everyone finds out") Oh, come and test mine Jason!

JASON: Again?

PHOE: Hmm, yeah. (he gives her a look) Yeah, okay.

JOEY: Okay, let's practice now?

PHOE: Okay, (to the other people on the band) let's try "Ants Microscopic World".

~*~Central Park~*~

Monica and Rachel are getting there. It's night already, but the show hasn't started yet.

RACH: ...and all he says is "no", "no way", "you won't" and "you can't!".

MON: Yeah, but sometimes he's right Rachel.

RACH: He has the right to know Monica.

MON: But sweetie, you don't know how he's gonna react!

RACH: But this isn't far! In my head right now this is really unfair. Coz last time I was with the Ross I know I was trying to get him back and now without even trying I lost the battle?

MON: That's a lesson, honey. Take your time, but never give up on doing something you can do now to do it tomorrow. Nobody knows what will happen then.

RACH: I'll keep that in mind... (upset) Now that it's useless!

(now they see Ross sitting in a bench, holding Julia on his arms while Ben's playing "spinning" with Katie)

RACH: Oh, just look at him. He likes her so much.

MON: See. There's no need for you to tell him that. He loves her already... The reason you wanna tell him is that so he'll love YOU.

RACH: Maybe...

MON: He's married Rachel. A kid won't change what he feels neither for Michelle or for you. But it'll deffinitly change what she feels for him. Your life won't change, just theirs, including Katie's.

RACH: (looks down) Well, I'm gonna go there.

MON: Don't tell him, Rachel.

RACH: I won't.

(she leaves to talk to him)

(cut to: Ross on the bench)

(Rachel joins him)

RACH: Hey.

ROSS: Shhh, I'm trying to make her sleep.

RACH: I garantee you won't make it.

(Julia notices Rachel and holds her arms up so Rachel can get her)

ROSS: Sounds like someone here really missed her mom.

(Rachel gets her)

RACH: Did you guys have fun?

ROSS: Yeah, look.

(he holds his hand up and Julia high fives him)

RACH: I thought Joey and Chandler would be the ones who would teach her this kind of stuff!

ROSS: Yeah, well, after two kids you kinda learn how to be more relaxed.

KATIE: (joining them really dizzy) Daddy, I'm gonna throw up.

ROSS: (joking) Don't you think you're too young for bulimia, sweetie?

KATIE: Buli- what?

ROSS: Okay, just come here.

(he gets her on his lap)

ROSS: Okay, look up and take a deep breathe.

(cut to Rachel's face, which shows a big smile)

(Ben now joins them)

BEN: Hey Rachel.

RACH: Hi Ben.

ROSS: Don't play like this with her anymore, Ben.

BEN: But she asked!

ROSS: Don't you know your sister?

KATIE: No fight.

(she gets out of Ross lap and hugs Ben)

RACH: How much time do we still have till the concert beggins?

ROSS: (looking at his watch) About two hours.

RACH: So, what do you suggest?

(he smiles)

ROSS: Come here.


Okay, there'll be a lot of shots of scenes while the song "Sweet Child" by Sheryl Crow plays on the background. Yes, I chosed Sheryl's version :)

Okay, first scene has them eating ice cream. Katie has this huge ice cream and keps getting dirty with it. Ben also has a big, but not as big as Katie's. He keeps stilling some from her though. Ross tries to keep them away from making a mess... unsucessfully! Rachel has a little one and is sharing with Julia, who seems to love it.

The following scene has them walking in Central Park. Katie keeps running from Ben, hides behind trees and all, while Ross and Rachel try to make Julia walk, each of them is holding one of her hands.

The next has them in a fountain. The ground's wet, like it rained that day. They keep stepping hard so the water will leave the floor and wet them. Rachel gets worried about Julia and Ross gets her from her arms and puts her on his shoulder. Imagine something like that scene of "One Fine Day".

Now they're making those charicatures. Katie keeps moving all the time and the drawer seems to be upset. There are a lot of people looking, some of them seem to be saying stuff like "what an adorable family!".

Okay, next scene has them looking at the plants. Ross seems to be telling them the names of them, which makes them bored. Katie looks pitiful at Ben and he nods. They get out running, then Ross gets out running after them, like saying "I haven't finished yet!!!"

This scene has them buying candies. At this time Ross isn't looking, when he does he gets all "father" and stars telling them to get easy. That's when Rachel smiles at them and helps them hidding some candies.

Hmmm, now they're walking again, but now Katie's in Ross's shoulders, Ben seems to be tired, just like Rachel. Julia's praticly asleep. The song stops now.

KATIE: I'm tired...

BEN: Me too.

RACH: I think Julia fell asleep.

ROSS: Okay, what about we-ahh (thinks) Oh, how about we lay on the floor and look at the stars?

KATIE: Oh yay! Down, daddy, down!

(he puts her down and she runs to get one spot on the ground)

ROSS: (as they walk where she is) She's crazy about the stars. I think she's gonna grow up to be an astrolog.

(they sit next to Katie.)

KATIE: (pointing) Daddy, name that star!

ROSS: That is... Gaia!

KATIE: No daddy. Gaia's Earth!

ROSS: (to Rachel) I read her some greek mithology stories before she falls asleep... (to Katie now) But that's mithology, sweetie. We're playing "Imaginationy"!

(Katie laughs)

KATIE: (pointing again) Okay, so what is that star's name?

ROSS: That's Eros.

KATIE: What's Eros?

BEN: Love, dummie. The God of Love.

KATIE: Not dummie! (pointing again) What about that one?

ROSS: That is... Artemis.

KATIE: I know!! She protects the animals and pregnant women!

ROSS: And her twim brother is...?

KATE: Apolo!!!

ROSS: (hugging her) Are you smart or what?

RACH: (smiles amazed by all that, then get serious) Oh my God, how long do we have till the concert beggins?

ROSS: (looking at the clock and getting nervous) I can't believe, it started about an hour ago. Let's go guys.

(they get up and rush, as we hear for the last time "ohhhowohhh sweet child of mine. Oh-oh-oh-ow sweet love of mine...")

~*~Phoebe and Joey's Concert~*~

We can see them singing, it cuts to them and at Monica and Jenny, on the side of the stage. Then we can see Ross and Ben coming up to them.

ROSS: (pating Jenny's head) Hey Mon.

BEN: Hi Aunt Monica.

MON: Where were you guys?

(kisses Ben)

(by this point Ben and Jenny start talking and kinda leave the scene)

ROSS: We were with the kids. Since we had much free time before the concert we were having fun with the them.

MON: (looking at his shirt, which is all dirty) Look at you, Ross.

ROSS: Oh, Katie spilled some ice cream on me...

MON: Some?! (Ross makes a sarcastic smile) Where's Rachel?

ROSS: Oh, Julia's tired so she's making her fall asleep. Katie's trying to help... I just hope she doesn't like it that much.

MON: What's the big deal? I used to be crazy about kids myself when I was her age!

ROSS: Exactly!

(Monca now makes a sarcastic smile)


Rachel and Katie are there, trying to make Julia fall asleep. Rachel's holding her and is sitting in a chair, while Kate is standing next, staring at them.

KATIE: Did it hurt?

RACH: What?

KATIE: When she came.

RACH: Oh, I think so... But you know, it's worth it.

KATIE: (laughing) She's soooooo cute!

RACH: Do you wanna hold her? (Katie nods really quickly and happy) Okay, sit here. (she gets up and let's Katie sit where she was) Okay, here. Be careful.

(Rachel hands Julia to Katie)

KATIE: Cool.

RACH: (looks around and sees a polaroid) Oh, do you want me to take a picture of you two? (again she nods very happy) Okay. (she gets the camera and take it. Then she gets it and waits for the image to come...)

KATIE: (whispering) Look Rachel, look!

RACH: What?

(we can see Julia sleep)

KATE: (still whispering) She's sleeeeeeping!!

(Rachel smiles)

RACH: Okay, good job, sweetie. (goes there and gets Julia from her arms) Thank you. (now lays her in a couch, improvising the protection with some bags) Oh, look at the picture. (she gets on her knees to show the picture to Katie) See?

KATE: Can I have it?

RACH: Sure.

(she gives it to her)

KATIE: Oh, can I tell Kelly Muggler she's my sister?

RACH: (smiling) Yes..

(cut to the door and we can see Chris there. He looks down)

~*~A Restaurant~*~

It's after the show and Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chris, Julia, Katie, Ben and Jenny are there.

ROSS: Okay, that was a great show.

MON: Yeah, specially those special effects with that giant spider during "Amazon Adventures".

PHOE: Yeah, right! You say that coz you weren't there!

(they have a confused face)

JOEY: Don't you remember the spider story?!

ALL: Ahhhhhh...

(Rach and Chris still have confused faces)

MON: (to Rach and Chris) He thought this spider was dead and tried to take a picture of it. But then she jumped on the lens like in "Arachnophobia". Then everyone there started calling him like that.

ROSS: Okay, I'd like to propose a tost to all of us and these wonderful days with Rachel. May that become an habit and she starts visiting us more.

ALL: Chears.

RACH: Ya know, that's actually unfair... Why don't you go visit me?

(at that, R&R exchange looks)

JOEY: (finding it a pretty interesting idea) We could really go there... Phoebs?

PHOE: Oh, we could talk to our mananger and try to get come concerts there. It'd be so much fun! Monica?

MON: Oh... I don't know...

JOEY: Yeah, Phoebe, she better stay out. We don't want the Hawaii incident to happen again, do we?

MON: (getting nervous) But there was a fly in my sheets!!! Who knows where it has been before that!

(Phoebe and Joey roll their eyes)

RACH: Okay, so is that a yes?

PHOE: You bet your ass it is!

(they look at her)

PHOE: Our manager said it'd be a great idea to start talking like that.

ROSS: And what happened to your own words?

(she has a weird look and Joey looks at her like "told you so")

PHOE: Yeah, well, he told me that and I got all floopy and... (realizes) Oh look! (she smiles)

JOEY: Hey, since tomorrow's saturday, what do you think of you guys leaving the kids with Patricia and we all go to a night club?

RACH: I thought you were too famous for going out like that.

PHOE: No dummie, we can get our private night club.

KATIE: Daddy, I wanna go too!

ROSS: Katie, what's up with you wanting to be older?

KATIE: It's just a phase daddy! It happens when I'm neither a little girl nor a teenager. I try to surcumb my needs with older friends to finally realize I'm growing up and freak out.

(they all look at her)

MON: Ross, sweetie, you better stop reading scentific books for her.

BEN: Katie, I should be going through that, not you. (looks at Ross) Can I go?

(Ross rolls his eyes)

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

Monca, Rachel, Julia and Jenny are getting in.

MON: ...thank you Rachel, it's very sweet of you to come over to spend the night here.

RACH: That's what friends are for, hu?

(we can see a lot of empty sanduiche boxes and plastic cups around the house, which makes Monica freak out.)

JENNY: Oh-ow... She should've done this.

MON: Rita!!!

(this teenager runs in)

RITA: Thank God you're home Mrs. Bing. Listen, no matter how much you pay, this is the last time I babysitt for you, okay??

MON: (now confused) What?

(Brian and Jimmy get in wearing roller blades, baseball masks (I'm not an expert at that actually, here in Brazil nobody plays it, but I know there's one position where you have to wear this mask to protect your face. Whatever!) and holding water guns.)

BRIAN:'ll never get me Dr. De- (sees Monica) ohhhh!!

(Jimmy keeps splashing him with his gun)

BRIAN: Jimmy!

RITA: (horrified) Bye Mrs. Bing!!

MON: Wait, your check..

RITA: Keep it!

(she leaves in a rush)

MON: (focusing in Brian and Jimmy again, pointing at them) You and you!!! (she's getting M-A-D!) What the hell do you think you're doing?? Can't you cooperate once for a change?? What do you think I am? You just keep on doing this and expect me to forgive and foget like that??

BRIAN: But we were just...

MON: (praticly screaming now) I don't care what you were doing!

(Rachel, at that, holds Julia closer, afraid that that will wake her up)

RACH: (now getting in trying to calm her down) Monica sweetie, calm down... Brian, Jimmy, just take off the roller blandes and help me cleaning this mess, okay?


RACH: (to Monica) And you, please take a nice long bath...

MON: Okay, I think I need that. (she turns around to leave and turns back) Rach?

RACH: What?

MON: Thanks.

RACH: (smiles) You're welcome.

(Monica leaves)

JENNY: (after watching Monica leaving) Aunt Rachel?

RACH: Yes, sweetie.

JENNY: (seriously and afraid) Does love really hurt that much?

RACH: (Rachel gets this sad / sweet look and gets on her knees next to Jenny) Yeah, sweetie... (pause) But once you have it, even if it's just for a day, it's worth it for the rest of your life.

JENNY: (scared) I don't wanna fall in love.

RACH: (smiling) Yeah, you do. I used to be like you, sweetie. Wanna know what changed my mind?

JENNY: Uncle Ross's butt?

RACH: (laughs) Okay, besides that. (Jenny nods no) Finally having someone who would make my days have a reason. Who would make me feel scared of my own feelings, and even feeling scared I wanted to with this person. (Jenny has a confused face) One day you'll understand, sweetie. And of you're lucky enough, you won't make the mistake of letting it go.

BRIAN: (taking ther atention out of the subject, holding a condom) Where should I put this?

RACH: What kind of babysitter is that?!

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Chris are there.

CHAN: Thanks for letting me stay here guys. I was gonna stay in a hotel, but then I'd feel too lonely...

JOEY: It's okay, pal. (to Phoebe) You know what, maybe we should ask for money everytime we do that. We'd be millionares!

PHOE: Joey, we are millionares! You have to stop thinking how you used to think before.

CHRS: Okay, as much as the talk is... (thinks of a word to describle it) interesting. I gotta go. I have to work tomorrow morning. Good night guys.

(he gets up)

ALL: G'night.

(he leaves)

JOEY: So, do you feel like talking about it?

CHAN: Not really... I'm just really sorry about what Jenny saw. That wasn't supposed to happen.

PHOE: Yeah, this is you guys! You can't stay apart, you have four children to raise.

CHAN: Yeah, but if she doesn't trust me then there's not pretty much I can do, ya know.

PHOE: I'll tell you what, we're gonna go tomorrow to a night club and you're coming with us! And you'll get her back!

CHAN: I don't know... I'm just gonna go to bed now. I'll think about it.

(he gets up)

PHOE / JOEY: G'night.

(he leaves)

JOEY: So, what do you wanna do?

PHOE: Joey, it's midnight, what do you think we're supposed to do?

JOEY: (dirtily) Ohh... I thought you'd never ask, Phoebs.

(Phoebe leaves fustraded)

JOEY: What?

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

It's still night. Kids are probably sleeping, except for Lisa and Julia, who are with Rachel and Monica on the couch. Mon and Rach are drinking wine and chatting.

MON: I'll just apologize to them tomorrow... God, what's happening to my life?

RACH: Monica, you have to learn to trust.

MON: I know.. I know that! I just can't help it.

RACH: It's okay sweetie. You can take your time, we all know he'll wait for you.


MON: What do you wanna do?

RACH: Hmmm, I don't know. Maybe we should just keep talking... and don't mention neither Ross or Chandler, okay?

MON: (after a long pause) I don't think that's gonna work!

RACH: Yeah, well, me neither.

MON: That's what I thought. How was your day with him?

RACH: Awful... Everytime I keep remembering of us more and more.

MON: I know, you two were great together.

RACH: God, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm obsessed with him.

MON: This is funny actually. He spent 10 years of his life obsessed with you. Next year you two will be even.

RACH: (sarcastic) Ha-ha, very funny. (looks at Julia) And what hurts me the most is that he won't get to be much in touch with his daughter.

MON: Well, you can always come back.

RACH: And watch him with Michelle? No way.

MON: Well, but you seemed to have a great time with Katie.

RACH: Yeah, she's very cute. Chris was telling me that Michelle didn't want to have a kid. I think that's why Ross has such a strong connection with her.

MON: Yeah, boy does she like her dad.

(Rachel smiles sadly)

RACH: How's Chandler with the kids?

MON: He's very caring... Spoil them too much sometimes, but... That's what all father's are for, hu?

RACH: Katie asked me today if she could tell her friends that Julia's her sister.

MON: Poor girl... I'm pretty sure she'll never have another brother or sister. Just Ben.

RACH: (looking down) Yeah... (pause anmd says completly disgusted) This is so unfair.

MON: What honey?

RACH: Life!

MON: Tell me about it...

RACH: No, Monica, I'm serious... I mean, these are our lives. Think about it. We just live once, unless you believe in karma thing... But still we only come down here and live these lives once! And even if you think life's short, I think it's long enough to screw it up several times till you reach the bottom!

MON: Yeah. I can see your point. It just seems to me that if there's no consequences with our acts, there wouldn't be anything pushing us to do or don't do them.

RACH: But what if you're not as prepeared to life as you should be and lose everything? It's not like it's your fault, after all "no one told you life was gonna be this way".

MON: What do you mean?

RACH: Okay, let's use me for an exemple. I lived all my life under my parents roof, being spoiled like Madonna's baby, having no idea of what real life was like and living in my own Rachel world. And then, out of the blue I come out here to have my own life, to see the real world with my own eyes and not trough some stories we usually read on the papers. Ya know, to get out of the pink house to the dark woods. No one told me there was gonna be wolves there, or-or... rocks, or even little dwarves who would help me with magic. Or even... a prince who would take me and make me feel scared of my own feelings. (Okay, I know I used this phrase already, but haven't you ever said the same thing to different people?) I didn't know he was actually gonna still all I have inside.

MON: Rachel, first of all, reading fairy tales to Julia isn't making you really well... Second of all, you didn't left Barry out of the blue and you know that. Everything that happened with you ever since made you grow in ways that I hope you understand, coz Rachel, oh my God. It's amazing how much you've grown, it makes me just so proud of being next to you all this time, seeing you become a mature woman. Yes, you did it in the hard way, but at least you did. Most people spend their whole lives trapped in the pink house for free choice. But you didn't. You faced your fears and you came out. You came out and you fell in love.

RACH: And let it go...

MON: Because you wanted to! You haven't grown enough when that happened. Coz if you had, you wouldn't let him go like that. Rachel, you had so many chances. So many!

RACH: I know, I know, I know... I just thought his love was enough to handle it all and never let me.

MON: Sweetie, this is not love you're talking about, that's craziness and obsession!

(Rachel sighs heavily, holding Julia tight again)

RACH: But I still have a part of him inside of me and here with Julia. This I won't never let go. Never.

(fades out with the song "Outside", by Mariah Carey)

P.S. I am SO dramatic! If you like drama though let me know and I'll write some more. I loooove dramas and stuff. The best part for me in a movie is crying. I always get a good lesson out of them and it touches me SO deeply! Anyway, if you want me to keep writing dramas e-mail me to let me know (be sure to put "Drama" on the subject)! Now on with the story! (Tina)

~*~Monica and Chandler's~*~

Brian and Jimmy are watching cartoons while, Monica and Rachel are having breakfast.

RACH: When do you think you're gonna tell them about Chandler?

MON: I'm gonna hold it as long as I can... (Rachel looks at her) This is too hard, okay?

RACH: Maybe not as hard as it's going to be for me when Julia asks about her father.

MON: (thinks) Truth.

(Rachel tilts her head as "told ya")

JMMY: (coming up to them) Where's daddy?

MON: He already left for work, sweetie.

(Jenny enters the scene, but sounds like she got that last line)


JIMMY: Daddy

JENNY: (kinda sad) Oh..

MON: (handing Jimmy a toast) Here sweetie.

(Jimmy leaves to watch cartoons again)

JENNY: Why did you lie?

MON: We'll have to play along, sweetie. I don't want them to know it now.

JENNY: Is that what you were gonna do with me if I hadn't seen it?

(Monica just watches her for a long time)

MON: Yes. But I'm glad you found out after all. Now I have someone to help me here.

(Jenny has a sad look and hugs Monica)

~*~Phoebe and Joey's~*~

They're already getting ready to leave to the night club. Joey and Chandler are seated in a very colourful room.

JOEY: ...and then it hit me. Why doesn't Bugs Bunny change after all the years? I mean... Mickey Mouse had his phases! But Bugs Bunny sounds to always be the same.

CHAN: Are you actually saying these words?

JOEY: (ashamed) Okay...

CHAN: (upset) Of course he had his phases! Even Pepe le Pew had his phases!

(Joey smiles, but wonders about it)

PHOE: (getting in) Joey, have you seen my funky boots?

JOEY: You mean that funky pink jar?

PHOE: (glaring at him) What did you do to it?

JOEY: Well, let's just say that this flowers' better dressed than all the garden in Singapure.

PHOE: (sounds mad for a second, then says calmly) Okay, I'll just wear the lemon green!

(Ross, Michelle and Katie get in)

THEM: Hey guys.

PHOE: Oh, hi. Bye.

(she leaves and Rachel gets in, glaring mad at Phoebe)

PHOE: Shh, not a word about it!

(she finally leaves)

ROSS: What?

RACH: She's gonna wear pink funky boots!

JOEY: Not anymore.

RACH: Oh, thank God she lost it!

JOEY: Yeah, she's gonna wear the lemon green ones now.

(Rachel looks horrified for a minute then runs after Phoebe)

KATIE: Where's Julia?? I wanna see Julia!! Daddy??

ROSS: Talk to Rachel sweetie.

(Monica and the kids enter)

BRIAN: (looking at the clock) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (looks at everyone) Right on time!

(Monica and Chandler exchange looks)

JIMMY: Daddy!!!

(Jimmy runs and hugs Chandler. Then so does Brian and slowly Jenny)

CHAN: (to Jenny) I wanna talk to you later, okay?

JENNY: (you praticly can't hear her voice) Okay...

(Chris and Rachel get in)

CHRIS: Just let it go Rachel. Colourful boots are coming back.

RACH: (upset. A lot!) Back?? I don't remember it ever being cool.

CHRIS: Summer of 2002.

RACH: Whatever! (relizes everyone there) Oh, hey.

CHRIS: Hey everyone.

KATIE: (approaching Rachel slowly) Rachel... I wanna see Julia.

RACH: Aww, sure, come with me. But be quiet coz she's asleep, okay?

KATIE: (already whispering) Okay.

(they leave)

MICH: Monica, did you plan Jenny's party already?

MON: Almost everything. It's gonna be this tuesday.

MICH: Already? Today's saturday Monica.

MON: Don't underestimate my potential!

MICH: Okay, sorry.

(Patricia enters)

MON: (to her kids) Okay, you guys if you don't cooperate again... Well, there's not pretty much I can do. (pause) Except cut out the presents.

BRIAN: We'll be good, mommy.

JIMMY: Yeah.

MON: That's what you said last time.

CHAN: That's what they always say.

(Chandler and Monica just keep looking at each other)

~*~The night club~*~

Everyone's dancing, chatting and having a great time. There are also a few people who we don't know, but just a few.

RACH: (sitting on this table, where Ross and Chandler are chatting) I just went to the bathroom and Jewel was there.

CHAN: So? (excited) I shared a martini with Will Smith!

ROSS: You guys are so childish.

RACH: Ahh, camon. You think I didn't see you asking for Geri Halliwell's autograph?

ROSS: Well, she-er-she... (thinks of something) happens to be a brilliant... writter!

RACH: Yeah, right!

CHRIS: (joining them) Hey guys. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to take my beautiful girlfriend for a little dance.

(he gets her hand and she smiles as she gets up and leaves, looking back on her way to the dance floor at Ross. Then we can see them dancing on background)

ROSS: So... How's everything with Monica. Did you talk about that already?

CHAN: Ahh.. no.

(cut to: Phoebe and Joey, rounded by photographers)

PHOE: Joey, I thought you haven't called them!!!

JOEY: Well, I wouldn't. But the last party we threw they came and my mom missed the paper. So I decided we should remake the party so my mom could get it again. (showing her) Look, I'm even wearing the same clothes!

(Phoebe rolls her eyes)

(cut to: Michelle and Monica chatting)

MON: ...and Rachel's also being really supportive. She spent the night over and we talked about it all night long.

MICH: You guys are really good friends, hu?

MON: Yeah, she's been my best friend since... forever!

MICH: Monica... (trails off) Oh, forget it.

MON: What? Tell me.

MICH: Okay... (pause) Do you think there's any change Ross can... you know... fall in love with her again?

MON: Well, I don't know, I mean...

MICH: (cutting her) Monica, I'm just asking you coz I know you know both of them really well. And God knows I know how much he likes her.

MON: I don't know Michelle. But I think Ross's too nice to do that. He also turned her down when he was married to Emily. And they weren't even seeing each other then.

MICH: Yeah... I know sometimes I'm not the best person to live with. But Monica, I just love your brother so much.

MON: I know you do...

(Ross and Chandler join them)

MICH: (looking at them and getting surprised coz she was just talking about them) Oh hey.

ROSS: Wanna dance, sweetie?

MICH: (smiling) Sure.

(she gets up and they leave)

CHAN: Hey.

MON: Hi..

CHAN: Listen, I wanted to tell you that...

(Monica puts her finger on his lips)

MON: Not now Chandler.

(he watches her calmly)

MON: (lovingly) See ya later.

(she leaves)

(cut to: the dance floor. Now the song "Kiss Me", by The Sixpence None the Richer (it doesn't play that much here (Brazil), but I know it plays a LOT in US - Tina) playing on the background. Ross and Michelle are dancing very close, kissing and sharing caresses. Rachel's dancing with Chris and watching them)

RACH: (suddenly having this weird feeling) Oh my God.

CHRIS: What?

RACH: I don't know... I just have this weird feeling... Oh my God.

CHRIS: Stop looking at them Rachel. Must be it.

RACH: (looking down) I can't...

CHRIS: You better...

(she looks down again)

(we can hear a cell phone ringing)

RACH: Is it yours?

CHRIS: No, I think it's yours.

(she leaves him alone to answer the phone)

RACH: (on the phone) Hello? (listens) Patricia, please speak up, I can't hear you. (listens) Julia? (listens) No, why? (listens and gets nervous) Oh my God. Are you sure?? (listens) Okay, don't do anything, I'm coming over. (hangs up as Chris joins her) I told you something was happening!

CHRIS: What happened?

RACH: It's Julia.

~*~The Hospital~*~

Yeah, it's so sad. The poor little girl :) Anyway, the gang (including Michelle, Chris and the kids) are there, on the waiting room. Rachel's seated, looking terrible with her face on her hands, visibly crying, as Chris talks to her lowly next to her. Near them it's Ross, with Katie sleeping on his lap. He's looking worried at her and the rest of them... doesn't really matter, as long as they're there!

CHRIS: Don't worry, Rachel. Everything's going to be alright. (she ramains quiet) Camon, Rachel. You know she's strong. Everything's gonna be just fine. (long pause, waiting for an answer) Rachel?

(she doesn't answer and he just keeps playing with her hair, looking really sad)

MON: (joining them, with a glass of water) Here sweetie, that'll calm you down.

(Rachel finally looks up to get it)

RACH: Thank you..

(she drinks it)

CHRIS: Don't you wanna talk, Rachel?


CHRIS: Okay...

(he leaves and Monica sits on his place)

MON: Feeling better?

RACH: No...

MON: Why are you being so hard with him?

RACH: Because the only thing he says is that everything's gonna be okay. And it's only getting worse... Monica, I said I would never let her go and what if I... (cries more) What if I lose her?

MON: (firmly) That won't happen! You're not supposed to think like that.

(Rachel looks down again, as she rubs her eyes with her hands, then she "accidently" looks at Ross and, noticing that he's looking at her, their eyes don't leave each other's. It's a sad look though, from both of them. The kind of look that means "I'll always be here for you...". They're cut by the doctor though)

DR.: Miss... Rachel Green?

RACH: (getting up) It's me. How is she?

DR.: I'll actually need to talk to you in my office.

(Rachel freezes at that. You can see her getting pale!)

RACH: Okay...

DR.: The father's also allowed to join us.

CHRIS: (before Rachel can say anything) I'm right here, sweetie.

(they leave)

JOEY: (to Phoebe) Didn't she have a better time to get sick? I was this close from finally getting Lauryn Hill!

(Phoebe looks at him like "you're unbelievable!" and leaves)

JOEY: What?!

(cut to Ross with Katie, she's still sleeping. Monica sits next to him)

MON: Chandler's gonna take the kids home, don't you wanna leave Katie there?

ROSS: No, Michelle's gonna go home soon, I'll probably go home with Phoebe and Joey.

MON: Okay... (pause) Do you think she'll be alright.

ROSS: (he looks down, then looks up) I remember once when Kate was just a baby and she got a fever. I was in hell. I couldn't figure what to do and kept imagining everything she was feeling. Then I finally calmed down, gave her this medcine and held her close to me untill the morning... Just watching her sleeping and waiting for her to get better. (he smiles and looks down again) I can imagine what Rachel's feeling...

MON: Everyone who has a kid can imagine that... (pause) or everyone who lives with Joey, Do you remember when he got saramp?

(they smile)

ROSS: (after a long pause) I wish there was something I could do to help Rachel...

(he looks down at Katie)

MON: (to herself, but loud enough for him to hear) Now I understand her...

ROSS: What?

MON: Nothing, I was just thinking outloud.

(at this moment Rachel and Chris join them)

MON: (getting up and approaching Rachel) What did he say?

(she just mentions her to ask Chris. Monica sees her sadness and hugs her, as she gestures Chris what's happening)

CHRIS: The Doctor said she got pneumonia and she'll have to stay over till she's completely recovered.

MON: Is it serious?

(Chris stays in silence. Monica just hugs Rachel tighter)

MON: Can you go see her?

CHRIS: The doctor said we'll be in in one second.

MON: Okay..

(Monica breaks the hug to look at Rachel)

MON: Did you hear that? You're gonna go in there, and you're gonna look at your daughter and see that there's nothing to fear. She'll be alright, Rachel. (her voice's starting to get weird, like when you're starting to cry! Shes also getting teary eyed, duh :)) Okay, Rachel?

(Rachel nods and they hug once again! ...and are interrupted by the doctor.)

DOC: Ready?

~*~Julia's Hospital Room~*~

She's sleeping on this bed that looks like a crib. I don't really know how it is, but anyway... :) Rachel and Chris get in, followed by a nurse.

NURSE: You have 2 minutes.

(she leaves)

RACH: (approaching her and sitting in a chair next to the crib) I've never seen her so tiny...

(Chris walks behind her)

CHRIS: I remeber the first time she got sick... You called me crying.

RACH: (smiles) Did I?

CHRIS: Yeah... You were really scared and your mom was out of town.

RACH: What happened?

CHRIS: When I got n your house she was alright already. You did everything alone...

RACH: I highly doubt that. I probably just called my dad and asked to be on the phone with the best doctor he knows...

(Chris laughs)

(Rachel focuses again in Julia and seems upset coz know she remembered of her father)

RACH: I don't want her to join the list of people I've lost...

CHRIS: She won't, Rachel... She'll be alright and one day you'll laugh about this whole thing.

RACH: I hope so... (pause) Listen... Could you give me some alone time with her?

CHRIS: Oh, sure, of course. (kisses Rachel's forehead and gently Julia's hair) I'll be outside, if you need me.

RACH: Okay.

(he leaves. Rachel looks sweetly at Julia, as she caresses her face with her fingers)

RACH: (singing softly and begining to cry) You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know dear just how much i love you so please dont take my sunshine away...

(fades out with the song, awww)

~*~Waiting Room~*~

The gang's there as we see Rachel slowly closing the bedroom door behind her.

MON: (coming up to her) How is she? Is she okay?

(Rachel just nods slowly)

PHOE: Camon, guys, let's just go home. The doctor said...

RACH: No, I'm gonna stay here.

CHAN: But Rachel, the doctor said she's okay. There's nothing you can do now and...

RACH: (getting upset) I'm staying here! (even more upset) I am not leaving this hospital untill I can take her home with me.

CHRIS: (hugging her) Shhh, okay-okay. Then I'm gonna stay here with you.

RACH: (now hugging him back, emotionally) Really?

CHRIS: Yeah.

JOEY: (whinning) Okay, can we go now?? Maybe we can still catch Lauryn!!

PHOE: Joey!

JOEY: What?

(they start saying good byes, hug, kiss, blablabla)

MON: (hugging Rachel) I'll be here tomorrow morning, okay?

RACH: Okay.

(they all leave)

CHRIS: Okay, I'll get me some coffe. Do you want sone too?

RACH: Yeah..

(he leaves and cut to her face, which is worried / sad)


We can see Rachel sleeping in a chair, and again, let's cut to some flashbacks! With the song "Little Star" by Madonna playing on the background.


(cut to: Julia's room. It's all decorated with baby stuff, teddy bears, blablabla, ya know the thing! Anyway, Rachel's sittng in a chair and Julia's really, really tiny, like she's just been borned. Anyway, Rachel's feeding Julia and is looking amazed at her)


(cut to: Julia's birthday party. Rachel's holding her and they're obviously singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She sounds to be having a good time, but it's sleepy and hugs Rachel. Sandra's also there, just like Chris and Chris' dad... and of course a few people we don't know)


(cut to: a beauty saloon. Rachel's getting nails done and the camera moves a little and we can see that Julia's also getting hers. Of coure on this scene she's about the age she is in the fan-fic. Looks like my (Tina's) cousin. She's really tiny and her mom takes her to get her nails done, so cute!)


(cut to: Julia's room. Rachel and Chris are there. Chris is reading a book (which we can see the cover, it has a baby) and Rachel's trying to change her diapers. Obviously he's trying to explain it to her reading from the book. Yeah, I know Rachel changes Ben's diapers in "The one where Old Yeller dies", but that was sooo long ago!)


(cut to: Rachel's bathroom. She's taking a bubble bath with Julia, awwww :) )


(cut to: back to the hospital. Rachel's still sleeping and smiles....)


A few days passed, just keep on reading and you'll know how many. We can see Rachel sitting in a chair and Chris is speaking on his cell phone.

CHRIS: ...yeah, but the doctors said she's getting better. (listens) I know, I know, Sandra. (listens) Yeah, of course all doctors lie... (listens) Rachel? (Rachel nods no for him) Well, she... She's out having breakfast now. (listens) Okay, I'll do that. (listens) No-no-no... There's no need for it, Sandra! (listens) Really, of course I'm sure. (listens) Okay-okay... Bye (hangs up) She wants to come over.

RACH: What?!

CHRIS: Well, she just came back from Christchurch (she looks confused)... New Zeland and they tried to talk to us. But anyway, she got to talk to Joey and well... Let's just say the first thing she said on the phone was "Don't let them kill my graddaughter!".

RACH: No, but she can't come over, I mean... No!

CHRIS: That's what I told her. But anyway, it was the 4th time she called today! (the phone rings) (on the phone, kinda mad) No, Sandra, we don't need you to come over!! (listens and gets ashamed) Oh, hi Mr. Adams. (listens) Tuesday?? But today's monday! (listens) No, sir, I don't want that... Okay, I'll be there, bye. (hangs up) Uuurgh!

RACH: What?

CHRIS: That was our boss. He wants me to come over to this conference tomorrow!

RACH: Tomorrow?? But that's when Julia gets out of the hospital.

CHRIS: And it's Jenny's birthday party.

RACH: Is it? (pause) Oh God, I forgot about that...

CHRIS: I'm sorry Rachel... I have to go.

RACH: Oh... it's okay, I mean... You don't wanna lose your job, hu?

CHRIS: I'm so sorry won't be here tonight with you.

RACH: It's just a night...

(they hug and the gang gets in, not including the kids and Michelle)

JOEY: (dirtly) Want us to come back later?

RACH: No, Joey..

JOEY: Oh, good. So, do we get to watch?

(they shoot him a look)

MON: Hey sweetie.

(she and Rachel hug)

(now the rest hug and greet, lalala...)

RACH: What are you guys doing here?

MON: Well, I finished planning Jenny's party already and the kids are with Patricia. So we decided maybe we should come up to be with you in the last day.

RACH: Awww, thanks you guys.

JOEY: And, and, look what we brought!!

(he shows the guitar and everyone but Phoebs is all "oh no")

Time Lapse

Monica, Rachel and Ross are talking, we can see Phoebe and Joey composing a few songs in the background and Chris on the phone.

RACH: ...his boss said he needs to come over and well... The man's gotta do what the man's gotta do, right?

ROSS: I didn't know park rangers were so important...

(Chris joins them)

CHRIS: Okay, I just got a flight reservation for 6:00.

RACH: Well, you better go pack then.

CHRIS: Yeah... Listen, I'll come here before I go to the airport, okay? And if Sandra calls you, tell her I'm still here.

RACH: Okay.


RACH: Bye.

(they kiss, coz after all they're still pretending to be valentines!)

CHRIS: Bye everyone.

ALL: Bye.

(he leaves)

MON: Aww Rach, I wish I could spend the night here with you...

RACH: No, it's okay, Jenny's party's tomorrow, don't worry about me, I'll be fine.

ROSS: Hey, maybe I can stay here with you.

RACH: What? What about Michelle? Won't she be mad if you don't spend the night home?

ROSS: Don't worry, every Monday she works till the morning...

RACH: What does she do again?

ROSS: Oh, she's a neorocirurgian. (Rachel looks oddly at him) Don't ask...

RACH: Okay...

ROSS: So... Is it okay if I stay here with you?

RACH: Hmmm, sure.

(they smile at each other)

PHOE: Hey, guys, guys, listen the song we just composed!!!

ALL: Okay...

JOEY / PHOE: (singing) We're in the hospital, we're getting kinda bored. But at least we're not, one of the patients!

(they all look like they're waiting for more)

MON: (after a while) That's it?

PHOE: Yeah, did you like it??

ALL: (totally faking) Sure, sure, it's great.

ROSS: I just have a question... Why don't you use some rymes?

JOEY: Well, we didn't use it in "Getting sick on the Ferris Wheel" and the single solled over 3 millions copies.

MON: (to Rachel) Could they BE any more lucky??


The gang just left and now R&R are alone. Wanna know what'll happen? Keep reading then! :)

ROSS: So, what do we do now?

RACH: Dunno... Wait for tomorrow and hope they don't change their minds about letting Julia get out tomorrow?

(Ross smiles)

(a nurse approaches)

NURSE: Miss Rachel Green?

RACH: Yes?

NURSE: The doctor said that Julia must be out tomorrow in the morning, she'll spend the night in so we can take a look at her.

RACH: Aww, thank God.

(Rachel hugs Ross)

NURSE: Do you wanna go in to see her? (looks at Ross) The father can also get in.

RACH: Camon, let's go.

(Rachel takes his hand and the nurse leads them into Julia's room)

~*~Julia's Hospital room~*~

NURSE: Take your time.

(she smiles at them and leaves)

RACH: (sitting in the same chair next to the crib she sat last time) Gosh, she's lost so much weigh...

ROSS: That's normal, she's been eating through her vains... She'll recover it when she comes back home.

RACH: Thanks, doctor.

(Ross approaches the crib in the spot across her, so he can look at Julia and face Rachel. He's looking at Julia)

ROSS: She's so beautiful...

RACH: I know... (joking) It's like they say, daughter of a fish, little fish it is!

ROSS: Who says that?!

RACH: (she really doesn't know... but obviously she heard after she left NY and her subcouncience knows) I don't know...

(they focus on Julia again, who seems to be waking up, yeah, she was asleep)

RACH: (softly) Hey sweetie...

(Jula finally wakes up and, looking at Rachel, she smiles)

RACH: (getting teary eyed) Did you miss mommy?

(Julia lifts her arms so Rachel can pick her)

RACH: (to Ross) Should I?

ROSS: Sure, the nurse said she's okay, she just needs to spend the night over. Camon.

RACH: Okay..

(Rachel picks her up and Julia hugs her)

ROSS: Awww.

(Ross goes behind her to see Julia's face)

ROSS: Hi Julia.

(Rachel holds her in the way that she can also see her. Julia, looking at Ross, holds her hand up so he can hi fives her. He laughs, does it and she smiles)

RACH: (smiling) I just hope you don't also teach her to give the finger. Then I'll kill you, Mr Geller.

ROSS: It's like when Brian was born. Monica was really mad when Chandler was teaching him this kind of thing.

RACH: Why didn't he teach that to Jenny?

ROSS: Coz Jenny's like... Monica's porcelan doll!

RACH: Sure, and Brian's Chandler's what?

ROSS: Joke student?

(they laugh)

ROSS: And Jimmy's the balance.

RACH: Okay, so let Julia be my porcelan doll then.

ROSS: Okay...

(they look at each other pretty weirdly, realizing they're comparing themselves with a married couple. Rachel looks down at Julia and sees she's really tired)

RACH: We should probably leave, she's getting tired,

ROSS: Sure.

(Jula lifts her arms so Ross can pick her up)

RACH: Well, looks like someone has a crush in someone over here...

(Ross laughs)

RACH: Camon, you won't disappoint your fan over here, will ya?

(he smiles and picks her up. They keep on silence Ross is really concentraded on Julia and Rachel's watching them. Ross looks down at Julia)

ROSS: Look, she fell asleep.

RACH: Oh, we better go now...

ROSS: Okay.

(before he puts her in the crib, Rachel kisses her hair and they leave)

~*~Waiting room~*~

RACH: Well, now I'm relieved...

ROSS: Me too...

RACH: (looking sweetly at him) And Ross, thanks for spending the night here... You have no idea how important this is to me.

ROSS: Well, I have a daughter and a son... I think I might have an idea.

RACH: Sure... (joking) Forgot I was talking to Dr. Geller, childer PhD!

ROSS: Don't make fun okay? I bet I know a lot more about kids than you.

RACH: No way... You didn't have to raise a baby on your own.

ROSS: Oh no?


ROSS: That's where you're wrong.

RACH: What?

ROSS: Actually, when Katie was born Michelle kinda... rejected her. She didn't want a kid back then.

RACH: Oh... I'm sorry then.

ROSS: No, it's okay.


RACH: Okay, but you ca't still say you know more about kids than me.

ROSS: Okay, I'd say we're even.

RACH: Better!


ROSS: Rachel, I have a question...

RACH: I won't tell you anything about Julia.

ROSS: Easy... It's not about her.

RACH: Oh... Okay, then ask.

ROSS: (after a small pause) Why don't you move in here again?

RACH: (after a long pause) Because I can't.

ROSS: Why Rachel?

RACH: Because my life now is there... I belong there, not here.

ROSS: I don't understand... You were so happy here.

RACH: Okay, let me try to explain... Remember when I ran on Barry to live with you guys?

ROSS: Sure

RACH: Okay, I ran because I didn't belong there. I belonged here and I built a whole new life here. Now the same happened, I got myself another life, where now I belong.

ROSS: But Rach, why? I mean... You have lots of poeple who love you here, I think you should come back.

RACH: That's what my dad thought too when I ran on Barry!

ROSS: (sarcastically) Are you comparing me to your dad?

RACH: It's just an exemple, Ross... (pause) Besides, Julia loves Chris and Davie. Mom's almost married to him and Julia loves mom.

ROSS: But she also loves me, Katie, Ben, Monica...

RACH: Why are you trying to convince me to move in back here?

ROSS: Because I miss you, Rachel. I miss these nights of talking, and alll... We all miss you so much.

(she smiles)

RACH: I miss this too...

ROSS: Then come back.

RACH: I can't.

ROSS: Why?

RACH: (losing it) Because I can't stand seeing you with her!

ROSS: What?!

(Rachel realizes what she said)

RACH: Oh my God...

(she gets up and starts pacing around)

ROSS: What did you say?

RACH: I said... I said..

(Ross gets up and hold her arms)

ROSS: What?

RACH: I said I won't be able to stand you and Michelle, that's what I said, so what?

ROSS: Rachel, you...

RACH: (teary eyed, but trying to look tough) Yes... But I mean, it's no big deal, right?

(she makes him let her go and sits on the chair, putting her face on her hands. Ross looks confused for a minute, then gets on his knees next to her)

ROSS: I, I'm sorry Rach... I didn't know... (pause) I'm sorry.

RACH: (looking up now) It's, it's okay...

ROSS: I'm sorry...

(he hugs her. It's a long, warn and deep hug. She keps crying and he sighs heavily. After a long time they break and look at each other)

ROSS: Stop crying, Rach...

RACH: I can't...

(Ross takes some hair out of her face and rests his hand on her cheek. They keep on looking at each other. P.S. she's still on the chair and he's still on his knees. After a few second their faces start approcahing each other's. Their lips touch and his hand that was in her cheeks starts caressing it, while the other one wraps around her. She also wraps her ars around his waist. At first the kiss is soft, then it gets more intense, really intense. It's very long, those ones that just on thinking about you get breathless! They start breaking it with some quick and soft kisses. After about 6 of them (hehe :)) she opens her eyes and smiles. He kisses her again, keeps his arms around her and his eyes closed. She also closes her eyes. They're both breathing heavily. She leans in for another kiss, but he lets her go and moves away. They keep looking at each other.)

ROSS: What did just... What-What?

RACH: I...


(she looks down and Ross sits next to her)

ROSS: Rachel, I'm married...

RACH: I know...

ROSS: We promised each other we wouldn't turn back again, remember?

RACH: But that's what you wanted... What about what I wanted?

ROSS: (now getting upset) What? Rachel, it's always like this, hu? Your needs, your choices, what you want! Listen, I won't give up on my marriege. I won't leave another woman because of you.

RACH: Well, if you keep on coming back to me it's because you just don't love them enough!

ROSS: And if we keep on breaking up it's because you don't love me enough!

RACH: (hurt) What?!

ROSS: Oh no? Then tell me why we've broken up so many times??

RACH: (really mad, but says it softly coz they're in a hospital. Still we can notice her anger) Because I was too afraid of being controled by you... I was too scared coz you were changing all my life and I couldn't do anything about it... I was afraid of losing you, and yet I did... I was scared coz you stole all my feelings... (beggining to get teary eyed again) coz I knew that after being loved by you no one could make me as much happy as you did... (pause) That's why. Don't say I don't love you enough before you know the facts, okay Ross?

(she goes into a room and slams the door, leaving Ross alone)

~*~Jenny's Party~*~

It's in a children buffet. There are a lot of kids there and the gang, except for Rachel. It's night. Everyone's in a table, talkng.

MON: Where's Rachel Phoebe? I thought she was coming with you guys.

PHOE: Oh, she said she's gonna take a while. She doesn't look like she's feeling really well.

(Monica looks at Ross and he doesn't say anything)

JOEY: Yeah, looks like she's been crying all day...

(Monca notices Michelle wondering about it and looking at Ross)

MON: I mean... Coz she must be missing Chris so much.

MICH: Oh, yeah...

(Rachel gets in with Julia)

RACH: (sounding normal) Hey you guys.

ALL: Hi Rach / blablabla...

(they hug, greet, ya know)

RACH: Where's Jenny?

MON: Oh, hold on, I'll call her.

(Monica leaves)

MICH: You brought Julia? Are you crazy, Rachel? She's been in the hospital for days...

RACH: Exactly... (to Julia) Wanna go back to the apartament, sweetie? (she nods no) See?

(Monica comes back with Jenny and Katie)

JENNY: Aunt Rachel!

RACH: Happy birthday, sweetie.

(Rachel get on her knees and hugs Jenny with one arm, coz the other one's holding Julia. Katie also hugs Rachel)

RACH: Wow, big hug. (gets a bag) Look, this is for you, Jenny.

JENNY: Thanks.

(she opens it and it's a dress... Probably from... I don't know, CK, Dona Karan, Gap, Guess...??? :) Choose!)

CHAN: (sarcastically) Well, I'm shocked!

MON: Jenny, why don't you put that with the other presents? (Jenny leaves, but Katie's still there. Now she goes to Ross and sits on his lap) Rachel, don't you wanna put Julia in a room? Lisa's resting there.

RACH: (to Julia) Wanna sleep, sweetie?

(Julia hugs Rachel)

RACH: Nah, she's okay here, thanks Mon.

(Joey gets a chair to Rachel)

JOEY: Here.

RACH: Thanks, Joey.

MON: So, is Julia okay?

RACH: Yeah, she's just a little upset... I guess she's just not really recovered from being so lonely these days.

CHAN: (sarcastically) ...and that was Dr. Green, children's psycologist.

(Rachel has a sarctic smile)


Chandler's video taping the birthday. Right now he's taping the kids (we can see what the camera's taping, so we can't see Chandler)

CHAN: (O.S.) Jenny, look at daddy.

JENNY: (kinda shy) Oh, hi!

CHAN: (O.S.) What are you guys playing?

JENNY: (sarcastically) The bottle game!

CHAN: (O.S.) What?!

JENNY: Just kidding...

CHAN: (O.S.) Phew...

(he turns the camera around where the gang is. The camera focuses on Monica and he zooms in. Monica realizes and gets shy)

JENNY: (O.S.) (like she's been calling him for hours) Dad???

(now he turns the camera off and we can see through the regular camera)

CHAN: What?

JENNY: Why don't you video tape us singing?? Can we use the karaoke now?

CHAN: You know what sweetie, I'm gonna ask for Uncle Joey to do that, okay?

JENNY: Okay.

(Chandler walks to where the gang is)

CHAN: Joey, could you video tape the kids for a moment, please?

JOEY: Cool!

(he gets the camera and goes to where the kids are)

CHAN: (to Mon) Camon, I wanna talk to you.

MON: Okay..

(they leave)

PHOE: (praticly singing) Sounds like someone's gonna get back together...

(R&R look at each other unconfortable)

(cut to: Monica and Chandler, they're not far. It's somewhere in the buffet and they can't be seen from the table where the gang is, but they can be seen from where the kids are. But the kids just don't care because... well, basicly coz they're kids! :))

CHAN: Mon, I just... I can't stand this anymore, okay? Yes, I made a mistake not telling you that I was going out that day with Janice, but Monica, please, it was just that day and nothing, absolutely nothing happened. I swear... And the only reason I didn't tell you was because I knew it'd hurt you and I didn't want to hurt you. Remember in our first anniversary? You went out with Richard that day and you didn't tell me, it's the same thing.. So you know, it's not because I love her, coz after all I don't think I've ever loved her, I just...

(Monca cuts him off by kissing him. After a while they break)

CHAN: Wow, I thought it'd be harder.

MON: It's just that... I've been thinking and... (joking) How could you ever leave me for her?

CHAN: Yeah!!

MON: And it also made me realize that... (now everythng's gettng serious) I can't live without you anymore, Chandler... I can't. After all this time it's just... (getting teary eyed) It's what's meant to be happening to us everyday of the rest of our lives... waking up every morning finding each other next to us... loving each other each day more... fighting and every time getting back more passionately...

(he smiles and they kiss again)

(cuts to: where the kids are, again cuts to the camera that Joey's holding. He's taping this girl singing in the karaoke)

GIRL: "Oh when you walk by everynight talking sweet and looking fine..."

(hehe, I can't stop remembering this girl in "Rush Hour" singing that (it was the only funny part of the whole movie!) :) It's a Mariah Carey's song, "Fantasy"... coincidently she's my favorite singer!)

(Joey keeps video taping her, but after a while he turns the camera around and he gets to see M&C kissing)

JOEY: (O.S.) Nice.

(cuts again to the usual camera. Jenny sees them too)

JENNY: (happy) Oh my God!!! (sees Joey taping) Uncle Joey?!

JOEY: (still taping) What?

JENNY: Don't tape that!

JOEY: Are you kidding? If things get better I can get a fortune with this!

(cuts to: the table)

Katie's next to Rachel playing with Julia

RACH: (to Katie) Look. (to Julia) Where's mommy? (Julia points to Rachel). Where's Katie? (Julia points to Katie) Where's Julia? (she points herself)

(Katie laughs)

KATIE: (really natural, still looking and smiling at Julia) Mommy, can I have a sister?

(Michelle gets pale and exchange looks with Ross)

MICH: I don't know, sweetie... We can discuss this later...

RACH: Okay, Katie, you better enjoy Julia tonight, coz we're leaving tomorrow.

ALL: What?!

RACH: Yeah, that was my way of telling you guys.

(Chandler and Monica get in now, holding hands)

PHOE: (pointing to their hands) Oh my God!!!

(Chandler and Monica just smile)

ALL: Congratulations / Thank God / We new it / Blablabla...

MON: What were you guys talking about?

PHOE: Rachel's leaving tomorrow!

MON: What??

RACH: Yeah, my boss called and said they need me there. Plus my mom can't stop calling asking if Julia's okay.

MON: But Rachel.... Can I talk to you for a second?

RACH: Sure.

(Rachel gets up to leave)

KATIE: Julia.

RACH: Oh, do you wanna stay with her?

KATIE: Yeah.

ROSS: Here, I can stay with her.

RACH: Thanks.

(Rachel gives Julia to Ross carefully, kissing her hair then leaves)

PHOE: Hey Katie, do you wanna see something funny?

KATE: Yeah!

(Phoebe signs to this boy to come over. But he's older, let's say he's Ben's friend)

BOY: (all shy) Phoebe Buffay?

PHOE: No, I'm actually Ursula Buffay.

BOY: (scared) From "Sisters may be Evil"?

PHOE: Yeah.

(the boy runs out screaming and Phoebe laughs. When she looks at Katie, she also has a scared face)

(cut to: the room where Lisa's sleeping. Monica and Rachel get in)

RACH: What?

MON: You're leaving tomorrow?!

RACH: Yeah..

MON: What happened yesterday? (Rachel looks down) Camon Rachel, it's me...

RACH: Okay, okay...

(Rachel sits on the bed)

MON: Okay, so spill the beans.

(Monica also sits on the bed and Rachel lays on the bed and rests her head in Monca's lap, while she strokes her hair. Hmmm, I love this :))

RACH: Well... Basicly... We kissed.

MON: (gasps) Oh my God.

RACH: But then... he got all mad at me... and he said I didn't love him enough and I just got mad at him... (pause) It's very confusing.

MON: But you didn't tell him that did you?

RACH: No... I don't wanna use Julia to get something. Ya know, with this whole getting sick thing I think I'm starting to realize what it s to be a mom actually. Coz you know Mon, she's all I really have. And I know I'm everything she has. And her whole life will depend on how I take care of her now... (pause) I also don't want Ross to want me because of her, I want him to want me because of me.

MON: Oh, thank God you're thinking like this Rachel... (pause) I'm gonna miss you.

RACH: Me too... Why don't you come over to visit me?

MON: Whenever I can I will... But it's gonna take a while... (she looks at Lisa) She's gonna keep me busy still for a long time.

(they smile at each other and hug)


Back to the table. But now Susan and Carol are also there. Besides them, everyone else is there except for the kids, just Julia's with Rachel. She's asleep.

MON: (noticing Julia asleep) Rachel, don't you wanna put Julia on the room now? (Rachel just shows her Julia holding onto her dree tight) Nevermind...

CAROL: Oh Rachel, I wish you could stay more. I was thinking maybe we could go out before you leave to do some shopping. I was needing some fashion tips...

RCH: Aww, thanks, but... I really gotta come back. Work calls me.

SUSAN: But Chris told us that you took a month off from work.

(Ross looks suspecious at Rachel, she doesn't notice though)

RACH: Emergencies...

MICH: Oh, I know how it feels. I can't even say how many times we had to cut out vacations because of my work.

SUSAN: Oh please, Michelle. But that's too much already. You work at least 20 hours a day!

MICH: Well, it never really affected my personal life.

(Ross looks down and Rachel notices)

BRIAN: (coming up to them) When will we eat the cake?

MON: (getting up) Oh, gimme a minute. You guys are already hungry?

BRIAN: (sarcastically) No, we just enjoy driving you crazy so you can yell at us later.

CHAN: (laughing) Good one. (Monica shoots him a look) What? I'm just proud of my work.

(he gets her hand and kisses it, she smiles)

MON: Okay, I'll be right back.

(she leaves)

(Ben and Katie join them, Katie's crying)

ROSS: Oh my God, what happened sweetie??

BEN: Well, everyone was playing hide and seek and Ginger bumped into her when she was looking for a place to hide!

(Ross puts her in his lap and tries to make her stop crying. He looks at Michelle and she's just talking to Carol and Susan, not caring about Julia. The camera points to Rachel and we can see that she noticed the whole thing)

ROSS: (to Michelle) Excuse me, your daughter's feeling unbelieveble pain??

MICH: (looking now) What?

ROSS: (closes her eyes in disbelief) Never mind.

(he leaves)

JOEY: (to Michelle, who's still confused) Shame on you... You should really listen to "Mom's are meant to be moms after all", "Family Songs" album, song number 7. (they all look at him) What?! We had a bad sailing with that album, I gotta do some promotion!

The room where Lisa was sleeping

Lisa's not there anymore, we can presume she's woken up a while ago and Monica took her. Ross is there with Katie and she's stopping crying. He's pacing around with her on his arms.

ROSS: Are you okay sweetie?

KATIE: Yeah... (cries a little more) Am I still your princess?

ROSS: Of course, sweetie. Why wouldn't you?

KATIE: You yelled at mom.

ROSS: Couples have fights, honey, don't worry. Do you wanna stay here or do you wanna go back to the party?

KATIE: I'm tired...

ROSS: Okay then...

(he puts her in the bed and strokes her hair till she falls asleep. Which's actually fast! It's amazing how fast young people fall asleep... Wish I were like that!)

ROSS: (whispering and kissing her goodnight) G'night.

(when he opens the door it reveals Rachel in the other side about to open it too)

RACH: Oh... I was just gonna leave Julia here.

(she gets in, puts Julia on the crib as she moans a little in protest. But once she's in there she falls back asleep)

ROSS: Rach... I actually wanna talk to you.

RACH: Oh... Okay. (pause) Does it have to be here?

ROSS: Yah, I want some privacy.

RACH: Oh...

(P.S. If you're wondering, they're gonna whisper the whole scene coz there are two children sleeping there!)

ROSS: I just... I just don't want you to be upset. Yesterday we didn't leave things really well and...

RACH: (cutting him softly) It still won't make any difference, Ross. You're still gonna be here with her and I'm gonna be there.

ROSS: Yes. (small pause) Rachel, what we had was amazing... But you see, just the fact of being amazing shows that there was something wrong.

RACH: (shocked) What?!

ROSS: Yes... I mean, we...

RACH: Ross, if love could ever hurt more than that I'm pretty sure no one would never fall in love more than once! I guess you're just not used to have real love, that's all.

ROSS: How can you say that?

RACH: (giving up) Okay, I'm not gonna get into that again!

ROSS: Then why did you kiss me?

RACH: Me?? May I remind you there were two people there?

ROSS: (slowly) Why did you do it?

RACH: (after a long pause) Because I still love you. Because after all this time my heart only belonged to you and that was the only way I found to show you that? (pause) Is that a good reason?

ROSS: (again slowly) Why are you coming back to Australia?

RACH: Coz this is making me no good...

ROSS: (upset) No. Because that's what you do when things get rough, you run.

RACH: There's not pretty much I can do this time, is there? (he stays in silence) No. (long pause) Don't worry Ross... I know I've lost this time. I know what I've lost. I know I made a big mistake on the past, I shouldn't have let you go when I knew I still loved you. But you know what, you didn't do it ether. My only mistake was not showing you what I felt. Guess what, again you also didn't!

ROSS: You were mad at me! You woun't take me back, that's why!

RACH: No, Ross... After that crazy fog lifted you knew... You knew I'd take you back. Then I guess my only mistake is loving you...

(she looks down and turns to leave, but he holds her arm, making her turn back)

ROSS: You said you loved Julia's father.

(she looks at him and looks down again, approaching the crib and staring at Julia. He wonders for a moment and seems to realize something)

ROSS: Oh my God. Rachel... How old is Julia?

RACH: (slowly) A year and 4 months.

ROSS: (he deffinitly knows it) Rachel... Am I...? (mentions to Julia) Am I...? Er... Am I?

(she looks down, looks at Julia, at him and back at Julia)

RACH: No... (pause) She's not your daughter if that's what you're asking.

ROSS: (trying to arguee about it) But Rachel...

RACH: She's not, okay? You're daughter is Katie. You have her, Ben... and Michelle. (picks Julia from the crib) Just leave us alone, Ross... (turns around to leave and before she does so she stops to look at him) Just never say or think I never loved you enough, Ross. I did. (pause) I do. I just gotta learn not to leave stuff to the last minute...

(they keep staring at each other hurt, knowing that that moment is crucial for the rest of their lives. They can either stay like they are or try it again... which may be painful at first and good, resulting in a great relationship (again!) But it may also ruin their lives forever, for the simple fact that it's just too late! She looks down and leaves. Ya see people, it shows maturity. Even though she knew she deffinitly loved him now more than ever and that she could have him that time if she wanted, she opted on the right thing, which was to make him happy the way things are and giving up on her happiness to his. It takes too much streight to let someone go even if you don't want to. Or at least try!)


At this point the song "Let me let go" byt Faith Hill starts playing on the background. It's so perfect for the ocasion!

"I thought it was over, baby. We said our good-byes. But I can't go a day without your face going through my mind..."

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Jenny, except for Rachel, who at this time leaves.

"In fact not a single minute passes without you in it. Your voice, your touch, memories of your love are with me all of the time..."

Everyone at the airport with Rachel and Julia. They all hug and kiss... Before leaving, Rachel looks back at Ross. He, who's carying Katie btw, puts his free hand around Michelle. Rachel looks down and leaves.

"Let me let go, baby. Let me let go. If this is for the best why are you stilling my heart, are you stilling my soul? Let me let go..."

Rachel in the air place, holding Julia close while she plays with her (Rachel's) fingers and sucks them. Rachel smiles as a tear runs through her face.

"I talked to you the other day, looks like you've made your escape. You put us behind, no matter how hard I try, I can't do the same..."

Ross in the airport with everyone. He's still looking at the plane that hasn't left. He looks at Katie and kisses her cheeks. Then Michelle approaches and hugs him.

"Let me let go, baby. Let me let go. It just isn't right, I've been two thousand miles down at dead-end road. Let me let go..."

C&M with the kids, everyone's smiling. Chandler and Mon look at the kids, smile at each other and kiss. Phoebe and Joey are playing with the kids.

"The lights of the strange city are shinning. But they don't hold no facination for me. I try to find the bright side, baby. But everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, you're all I see..."

Rachel in her apartament, in Australia, putting Julia to sleep. She's reading a book, which we can see the cover. It says "Greek Mithology Encyclopedia". After reading a little she stops and just stares at Julia.

"Let me let go, baby. Won't you, let me let go. It just isn't right, why are you stilling my..."

Flashes of Julia's face, C&M's wedding, Joey and Phoebe playing, Katie and Ben running at Central Park, Chris holding her while she cries, Jimmy, Jenny and Brian playing, Carol and Susan with Mary, R&R kissing...

(the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth starts playing on the background and the screem gets black)

~*~Monca and Rachel's~*~

Suddenly Rachel wakes up on the couch. (P.S. The song's ("All Star") still playing and we can see Joey by the stereo.)

JOEY: (noticing he woke her up) Oh, I'm sorry Rachel, I haven't seen you sleeping here. I just wanted to listen to a little music.

RACH: Where am I?

JOEY: (confused... That's new!) Hmmm... home?

RACH: Oh my God... What-What day is today?

JOEY: 9?

RACH: The year, Joey!!! The year!!!

JOEY: Stop, you're scaring me!

(She gets the paper)

RACH: (happy) Oh my God!!! Oh my God, it's 1999, Joey!!!

JOEY: (also happy) Oh yeah!!! (stops) Why is that good again?

RACH: I love you!

(she run up to him and hugs him, rushing to the door after that)

JOEY: What happened? Where are you going? It's 5 AM.

RACH: I'm gonna change my future! (she leaves and comes back in) What are you doing here at 5 AM?

JOEY: I was just hungry...

RACH: Typical...

(she leaves)


We can listen to someone knocking on the door like crazy! The living room's empty, till Ross comes in and opens the door, still sounding sleepy, wearing just boxers and a t-shirt. I'd love to see that! :)

ROSS: (opening it) Rachel? What are ya-

(He's cut by her kissing him. Her's shocked and confused)

ROSS: (with his lips glued in hers) What?

RACH: (breaking to look into his eyes) I love you, Ross... I just, I love you.

(they kiss again, and this time he gets into it, wrapping his arms around her waiste while she wraps hers around his neck)

ROSS: (breaking it and holding her apart, so they won't do that again) Okay, we gotta talk... (breathes heavily looking sweetly into her eyes) We really gotta talk.

RACH: Okay...

ROSS: What... uh... I thought we were just gonna go out tomorrow. (pause) Well, today!

RACH: I just. I realized Ross, we can't stay apart anymore, I mean... I just, I love you so much. Please don't marry Michelle!

ROSS: Michelle? What are you talking about?

RACH: I love you, Ross... Can't we just try it again?

(he smiles)

ROSS: Thought you'd never ask...

(they smile, kiss again and hug)

RACH: (hugging him tight) And don't worry, we'll have beautiful children...

(he laughs and they kiss again)

ROSS: Do you wanna go out for a walk?

RACH: Sure, I have the day off anyway...

ROSS: Good, then we can spend the whole day together...

RACH: I'll like that.

ROSS: (sweetly) I know I'll love it. Because you know... Today is...

RACH: ...supposed to be our anniversary.

ROSS: You remembered it?

RACH: And how could I ever forget?

ROSS: Aww... (he strokes her hair next to her) Let me get dressed in a minute.

RACH: Okay...

(they kiss and he leaves. She sighs heavily like a teenager!)

~*~ N.Y. Streets ~*~

It's night now. They're getting out of a restaurant with their arms around each other.

ROSS: Should we go to Central Perk now and tell everyone the big news?

RACH: (excited) Yeah.

(when they turn around, they bump into this woman)

R&R: Oh Sorry.

(the girl looks up and it reveals Michelle's face. She stares at Ross lovingly)

MICH: (shy) It's... It's okay.

(Rachel's shocked, Michelle leaves and Rachel's still staring after her)

ROSS: Shall we?

RACH: (still looking after her, but then looking back at Ross) Oh... Sure.

~*~Central Perk~*~

Joey's there alone and R&R get in, holding hands.

R&R: Hey.

JOEY: (noticing their hands) Oh my God!!! So that's what you meant about changing your future!

RACH: Yeah!!

ROSS: (smiling) Hey Joey, where's everyone else? We wanna tell them the big news!

JOEY: Well, Chandler and Monica are out on a date and Phoebe must be here any minute.

(Monica and Chandler rush in really excited)

MON: You'll never believe what happened!!

RACH: You'll never believe what happened either!!

CHAN: We're gonna get married, man!

MON: And I'm pregnant!

RACH: Oh my God!

(Rachel hugs Monica)

MON: What about you?

ROSS: (hugging Rach from behind) We just got back together.

MON: Oh my God!

(Monica hugs Rachel, but then remembers what she said on the day before)

MON: (now upset) Oh God...

(Rachel smiles at Monica and Ross is still hugging her also smiling)

RACH: We'll be okay, Monica.

(Monica nods smiling)

CHAN: Well, there's more!

ALL: More?!

MON: Is there?

CHAN: Yup! Well, I asked my mom some tips about how propposing to you and all... and she ended up coming with all these ideas about the wedding and all... She got us tickets to our honnemoon... Guess where?

MON: (excited) Italy???

CHAN: (kinda upset) No, Hawaii!

MON: (kinda sad) Oh... (notices) I love Hawaii!

(Rachel laughs remembering of the song Phoebe and Joey wrote)

CHAN: And and... Remember that one year cooking classes you wanted to take there and all...

MON: Oh she didn't!

CHAN: Yes, she did!

(they hug)

ROSS: Two years? You'll stay two years out?

(Phoebe runs in excited)

PHOE: Guys, guys!!! You'll never guess what happened!!!

RACH: We also have news sweetie!

PHOE: Yeah-yeah, I know you and Ross got back together and that Monica and Chandler are gonna get married and have a baby!

JOEY: Oh my God, she really is psycic!

PHOE: No, I was actually listening from outside! I just didn't want to be left out! Anyway, so... Remember I was sending those demo tapes to all those record companies and all? Well, I just got a reply saying they want to make an one year contract with me!!! I mean, it's a beggining...

ALL: Oh my God... Blablabla!

(they all hug her)

PHOE: There's a but...

ALL: What?

PHOE: Well, the record company is like in... England. And in the contract I'll have to spend that year living there... Which means I'm gonna have to leave you guys.

ALL: Oh Phoebs!

PHOE: But I really, really wanna go... Hey, why don't you guys come with me?

ROSS: (sitting on the couch) I've got Ben.

RACH: (sitting next to him) I've got Ross...

(they smile at each other)

CHAN: We have to get married.

MON: Yeah..

JOEY: Hey, I can go! I mean.. I have no job! I have no money... Hey, maybe we could play together!

PHOE: Oh, yay! Joey, you're the sweetest! Now get you butt outta this couch and let's practice!

JOEY: (to them as he leaves) I'm gonna be famous, baby!

(they leave)

CHAN: (sarcastically) Yeah, right.

RACH: Hey, don't underestimate their power!

CHAN: What, you believe they'll get famous?!

RACH: Well, let's time speak for itself!

MON: Oh Chandler, we better come up to start planning the wedding!

CHABN: You mean, have sex?

MON: Yeah!

CHAN: Bye guys!

(they run out)

ROSS: Wow...

RACH: I know...

(thy look at each other and smile, kissing lighly several times. Gunther notices and leaves upset)

ROSS: I still can't believe we're back together.

RACH: Me neither... You have no idea how much I've dreamed to finally get this!

ROSS: You mean how much you dreamed about this?

RACH: (smiling, knowing what she really meant) Yeah...

(they just cuddle and stay in silence, cherishing that moment)

ROSS: Do you think after this all we'll ever hang out together again like now?

RACH: (smiling) Yeah... We will. (pause, hugging him tight) We will.

(they kiss again as the song "Heaven" by Bryan Adams starts playing on the background)

"Oh thinking about our younger years, there was only you and me, we were young and wild and free. Now nothing can take you away from me, we've been down that road before, but that's over now. You keep coming back for more. And baby you're all that I want, when you're lying here in my arms, I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in heaven... Coz love love is all that I need, and I found it there in your heart, it isn't too hard to see, we're in heaven..."

P.S. I just realized this song is older than me! (Tina)

* Teaser *

The scene with Ross and Rachel freezes and it becomes a picture. We can see a thumb on it, so someone's holding it. The camera zooms out and we can see this girl. I'm gonna play a little coz after all this is MY fan-fic! :) She's played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

GIRL: (played by Sarah M.G.) Ben, look at this. It's one of mom and dad's old picture.

(we can see the girl's in a coffee place, pretty much like Central Perk. There are a lot of people there next to her)

BEN: Let me see.

(Let's say Ben's played by Brad Pitt! :) I was told a looooooong time ago he'd be on the show... Ahhh, rumors!)

BEN: Well, your mom, Julia. (keeps looking at it) Wow, Rachel was such a babe!

JULIA: (getting it back) Ben!

GIRL: (played by Katie Holmes) Where did you get this from, Ju?

JULIA: Here, Lisa.

(Julia hands Lisa a box)

LISA: Oh my God, look at this one of mom and dad, Brian!

BRIAN: (played by Ben Afflec) Could I borrow those? I need a backup to dad.

GIRL: (played by Marisa Tomei) Is it still the birthday stripper thing, Brian? (mocking) Ahh camon, I thought you liker her...

BRIAN: (upset) Him, Jenny!!! Him!!!

(they all laugh at him)

(Scott Wolf and Jennifer Love HeWitt enter holding hands)

ALL: Hey Jimmy, hey Maria.


JULIA: Where's everyone else?

JIMMY: They're parking the van.

LISA: How was the show?

MARIA: It was great, dad fell off of the stage during "Shocking Shocks that Shock People"... Then mom said it was all planned and everyone kept clapping... He's at the hospital.

JIMMY: Third time!

(a lot of teenagers get in the coffee house, all dressed up weirdly. We presume they're all Phoebe & Joey's)

ALL: Hey / Hi / How was the show? / Nice / Blablabla...

(A woman played by Sandla Bullock enters)

ALL: Hey Katie.

KATIE: You will never believe what happened at the museum!

ALL: Ahhhhh!!!

In memory of our loved José Kasuo Kumassaka.

And the magic goes on...