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I know that on the eps now, Rach is living with Joey, but when I started writing this she was stilll living with Pheebs, so in this series of Fan fics, it will be like the fire and Elizabeth never happened

Rachel has just ran out of the apartment in tears, everyone is looking at each other awkwardly

ROSS: (looks at his watch) Oh my god

MONICA: What's wrong?

ROSS: Nothing, I mean nothing major, it's just that I promised Carol i'd watch Ben today and I have to go get him(leaves to go out the door)

ALL: Bye Ross

-Ross walks out into the hall and sees Rachel on the stairs with her head in her hands sobbing

ROSS: Rach??(puts his arm on her shoulders)

RACHEL: Oh, hi Ross. I'm surprised you're even talking to me

ROSS: I don't know what happened back there but if you want to talk about it, i'm free. I told the others I had to go pick up Ben, but that's not true, I was actually just worried about you

RACHEL: Ross, thank you that is soo sweet, but you know what sucks, you are the only one to even care

ROSS: Rach, I know you. I know you're faults, and I know you would never do those things that Joey accused you of. You have such a good heart Rachel and you are a good person. Now, do you want to talk or not?

RACHEL: Yes, I'd like that.

Chandler and Monica's. Monica is doing dishes and Chandler is checking his e-mail

He runs across the hall to Joey's

CHANDLER: Joey, Joey you have a message from somebody who has a Facts of Life tape they want to give you

joey goes flying thru the door almost knocking Chandler over and runs in to C/M's Apt

CHANDLER: You're welcome, it was nothing, really, really no need to thank me, I dont need to be thanked, nope not me

JOEY: Dude, i'm tryin to read here could you shut up for a minute

-Chandler makes motions like he is about to strangle Joey, Monica laughs and comes over and kisses Chandler

JOEY: Whooo hoo guys, this dude says he will give me a tape with 8 episodes on it for 20 dollars. Oh Yeah!!!! Those sexy boarding school girls are mine!!!

CHANDLER: Yay, Joe(sarcastically)

JOEY: Yeah but this guy wants me to send him a videotape. (goes over to C and M's tapes and starts looking thru them) Hey guys, is this one blank?

MONICA: Yeah, but it's ours

JOEY: Whats your point i'm like a second unofficial rooommate anyway so technically I should be entitled to a third of all the stuff in here.(with that he takes the video and goes across the hall)

-Monica and Chandler stare after him with "what the hell" expressions on their faces

Ross's apt

Him and Rachel are talking, she has started telling him about the date and is up to the part where Kyle is asking her if she wants to go to his place

RACHEL: So I said sure, I told him I had to work early, but that I could come in for awhile. So he started doing this tour thing of his apartment you know. We ended up in his bedroom which was ok and all, even though I knew I wasn't going to sleep with him. I mean not on the first date, esp since I wasnt even sure if I liked him or not. I mean yeah he was nice, but I didn't know if I liiiiled him liked him ya know.

(Ross nods) RACHEL: So anyway(at this point she begins to fidget with her hair and to nervously bite her lower lip) He started kissing me and one thing led to another and his zipper started coming undone and I just didn't want to ya know, so I told him to slow down. He got mad and said something about how all women were jerks and he wanted us to pay for how his ex had screwed him over. Then he, he, he(at this she starts to cry softly) threw me on the bed and he had my arms behind my head, and I couldnt do anything. I tried Ross I really did but I couldnt do anything. Finally I somehow found enough strength to kick him, and when he was doubled over I jumped up and ran, but he came after me and he(she is sobbing hystercally by this point and can hardly speak) he,, came after me and grabbed my arm, he twisted it behind my back and threw me into the wall and then slapped me. He pushed me a few more times and I kept trying to get away and he kept hitting me and stuff. Well while we fought we moved away from the wall and towards this table and the table had a lamp on it, and I threw that at him. I just reached behind me and grabbed it and I didnt hit him but I hit the wall, and while he was distracted, I ran out of the apt. Then the next day I came over to Chandler and Monica's and I guess he had already told Joey a bunch of lies

Ross has been getting increasingly angry with each word Rachel says

ROSS: That B*st*rd, I'm going to kill him, I mean it I will kill the jerk. No, killing isn't good enough first i'll rip his limbs off and the i'll(he breaks off seeing how upset Rachel is and goes over and hugs her) Rach, Rach honey its ok, your'e ok I'm here, shh, come on Rach dont cry. He pulls her into his arms and begins to stroke her hair.

RACH:(still crying) but dont' you see Ross, it's not ok, it's not. Everyone else hates me and how can I tell them this, what if they don't believe me. Then there going to want to know all this stuff, like details and stuff and I dont' want to talk about it anymore. I have a hard enough at time with not being able to sleep and all the nightmares I keep having, I don't want to have to relive it anymore

ROSS: Rach, theyr'e your friends. Yeah sure they were mad, but it's only cause they thought you hurt Joey. Once you tell them what happened, they'll understand. You have to tell them Rach, don't worry i'll go with you. We can go over to Chandler and Monica's tonite. I know for a fact that Monica invited Phoebee over for dinner and to watch a movie

Post Office

CLERK: Can I help you sir?

JOEY: Yeah, I need to mail this tape

CLERK: And where do you need to mail it to sir

JOEY: Oh, um to Chicago

CLERK: Do you have a box or an envelope to put the tape in?

JOEY: Ok, I"m not mailing a box, I'm mailing the tape

CLERKk(getting exasperated) Sir, you cannot just mail a tape, it has to be inside something

JOEY: Oh, ok then well I guess I need a box

(Clerk goes behind the counter into a back room and finds a box, then Joey hands her the tape and she puts it in the box) CLERK: Alright sir this is just about ready to go except there is no zip code

JOEY: Umm I don't think you get it, I'm not calling the guy i'm mailing him the tape

CLERK(with a can you possibly be this stupid expression) a ZIP code not an area code I need a zip code to mail this package

JOEY: Well, you're the post office, figure it out

CLERK(mumbling under her breath) ok, here it is(writes down the zip code) That will be $7.42(I dont know how much it would really cost, so i'm just making up a price)

Joey pays her and then leaves

He turns around and goes back inside and leans against the counter

JOEY: So, how you doin

Clerk glares at him and Joey leaves

Monica and Chandler's

Monica is cooking, Phoebe is sitting at the table stringing beads on string to make a necklace, Chandler and Joey are sitting on the couch arguing over whether Starsky or Hutch is cooler

CHANDLER: Ok, Starsky is sooo much cooler then Hutch, I mean what kind of a name is Hutch

JOEY: Yeah, this is coming from the guy named after a type of light

MONICA: Yah know what I think, I think you're both idiots for even having this discussion. This is almost as pointless as the Mr Peanut fight you had 6yr ago

PHOEBE: Ooooh, oooh oooh I just thought of a new song, do you all want to hear it

ALL: sure Pheebs

PHOEBE: Beads are round, beads are small, small, small round, round beads, Beads in a circle, that cant climb a tree beads that roll on the ground

JOEY: Wow Pheebs, that was great

M/C: Yeah, great Pheebs(exchaning what the hell was that looks with each other)

Knock on door

MONICA: That must be Ross. Come on in Ross

(Ross enters with Rachel behind him)

MONICA Hi, Ross.. oh, hello Rachel(said with obvious fake politeness)

JOEY: SHe is not supposed to be here, I don't talk to traitors. (to Rachel) You'd better just leave now, unless you want me to go get the box. Cause as much as i'd like to smack you for what you did, us Tribbiani men don't hit women

ROSS: Guys, Rachel has something to say to you, all i'm aksing is that you hear her out, for me ok

RACHEL: Ross, never mind, it doesnt' matter. They probabaly won't belive me anyway, and you know I was thinking maybe they are right. I did deserve what happened, I did. You guys, I am so sorry for hurting Joey, you have to know I would never ever do anything to hurt you Joe. You're one of my best friends, at least you used to be and I wish you could understand how much I care about you (with that she leaves the room)

MONICA: Oh well, let's eat

CHANDLER: Yeah, i'm all for that. I cant' wait to eat some of that lasagna

JOEY: Now that certain people are gone, I can enjoy my meal

CHANDLER: Joe, you could enjoy a meal of rocks

JOEY:Oh, Rocks are sooo good, esp the gray ones

(Everyone looks at Joey likes he's an idio)-except for Pheebs

PHOEBE: ooh, ooh I know the gray ones are sooo yummy, but I like the little pink ones best they taste like creamsickles

CHANDLER:(saracstically) Personally I prefer cow manure

JOEY: Dude, that is gross

CHANDLER: Yeah but eating rocks is gourmet dining

JOEY: How would you like a gourment punch in the face

CHANDLER; oooooh, I am so scared

MONICA: Come on now children, sit down and enjoy your meal

JOEY: Hey I am enjoyin my meal just fine now that certain unwelcome people are gone. I cannot belive she had the nerve to show up like that.

CHANDLER: I know, could she have BEEN anymore rude

ROSS(who has been getting angrier with each word-jumps up out of his chair and throws his napkin down on the table) I cannot belive you guys. This is Rachel you are talking about. Rachel who has been your friend who 6yrs. Do you think so little of her that you just assume Kyle is telling the truth, That you don't even give her a chance to tell the truth. I know her better than any of you. I know that she can be selfish at times, but I also know she would have never said those type of things to Kyle. I cant' belive you think so little of her and of your friendship that you won't even give her a chance to explain. For your information she never said those things to Kyle, he tried to rape her ok.(with this he gets flustered because Rachel didnt' want anyone else to know about what Kyle did)

MONICA: What did you just say

ROSS: OK guys, she made me promise not to tell, she didn't want anyone to know, because she feels like that should be her punishment for upsetting Joey. But Basically "the wonderful Kyle" attacked her(he tells them the story). I know better than any of you Rachels faults. But I also know that she would never lie about anything like this. I know she was not lying. I dated her for a year remember, I can tell when she lies and she was telling the truth

PHOEBE: I should have known something was wrong, when I put my lemon in my tea this afternoon there were only two seeds

MONICA: Oh my god, poor Rachel

CHANDLER: Is she ok

ROSS: physically yes, she got away before anything happened, but I know she's still very upset

JOEY: You know what, you are all traitors, I can't belive you would belive that. Kyle would never do anything like that. (he runs out the door and into his apartment)

Phoebe and Rachel's

Rachel is lying facedown on her bed crying, Pheebs walks in and begins to rub her back

PHOEBE: Rach, don't cry, it's ok. I"m sorry I got so upset, I was stupid not to give you a chance to explain. Ross told us everything.

RACHEL: (looks up at Phoebe with tears streaming down her face) I told him not to tell anyone. God, I cant belive he did that to me

PHOEBE: Rachel, you can't just forget about this, it will not just go away, you need to talk to someone. Now what exactly happened

(Rachel tells her the whole story again, at the end she pushes up her sleeve and shows Phoebe two bruises where she was grabbed around the arms-it is obvious that the marks are fingerprints)

PHOEBE: Why don't you just try to get some sleep and tommorow we will go talk to Joey

RACHEL: I would, if I could but I can't sleep anymore, if I close my eyes I just think about.... him and his eyes. God Pheebs his eyes, he wanted to hurt me, it was like he was a different person you know

PHOEBE: I tell you what, I will make my super famous cinnamon Toast and then I will tell you a story about a magic butterfly

RACHEL: Thank you Pheebs(the two of them hug)

Next day at Joeys

(Rachel and Pheebs both have just opened the door to Joey's, he swivels around in the chair to see who it is)

JOEY: Oh, it's you. The door is behind you

PHOEBE: JOSEPH TRIBIANNI, You are going to listen to Rachel and that is all there is too it

JOEY: Ok Ok pheebs I'll give the traitor a chance to explain. (even though I dont care-he mumbles this under his breath)

PHOEBE: what was that Joe

JOEY: Nothing, nothing

PHOEBE: well, go on(gives Rachel a nudge) RACHEL: Ok Joe, well first off. We have been friends for 6yrs, 6 yrs Joey. You are one of the sweetest and funniest people I have ever known. I know I make mistakes and i'm not perfect but I would never ever hurt you on purpose. You and your friendship means so much to me. I would rather die than hurt you Joe and you have got to believe me. I would never have made fun of you or your family. But, Kyle is not as wondeful as you thought. I know he is your friend but I'm supposed to be your friend to. Do you care so little about our friendship that you would just automatically disbelieve me. I swear on everything possible I am telling the truth, he tried to rape me ok, He really, really did. I swear if I am lying I will never go shopping again. I know you probably don't belive me but it's true. You know I thought it was bad having to go thru all that. Having to feel so powerlesss and alone when he held me down on the bed or twisted my arm back behind me, or when he threw me against the wall, but I was wrong, losing you as a friend hurts so much more. I cant even tell you how scared I was, how afraid I felt, I didnt' know what he was going to do. He was so nice at dinner and then it was like he just changed, it was like he was someone else. Someone who was capable of doing this(she pushes up her sleeves and shows Joey the bruieses) I'm so sorry Joe. I know you prob don't believe me and I wish I could make you realize how much I care about you.

(She goes to walk out the door) JOEY: Rachel, wait(she turns around and Joey runs over to her and hugs her) Rach, I do belive you i'm soo sorry. I was stupid not to listen to you. Can you ever forgive me(he's crying slightly as he hugs her)

RACHEL: Joey, of course I can, we're friends after all

PHOEBE: Just out of curiosity Joe, what made you change your mind

JOEY: When I saw the bruises, those are the same marks my sister Tina Louise had when her husband was hitting her, now if you excuse me I have to go take care of something


Kyle's apt

(Joey knocks on his door)

KYLE: Hey Joe

JOEY: I have a message for you from my friend Rachel(punches him in the mouth) and this is a message from me, I like to call it "Don't mess with Joey Tribbiani's friends" (Punches him again)


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