Hey guys! It’s me, Lily!!!! Or known as Lily Parker, and sometimes, Lily Geller! Finally I’m making a comeback in writing fanfics!!! I think this is the longest fanfic I have ever written!!!!!!! Generally, it’s a Friends fanfic, so it’s all about the gang!! It has mixtures of love, fight, fun, tears and also some silly moments!! As a devoted R&R fan, of course, this is basically a R&R fanfic, but anyhoo, I put some C&M moments to please you fans, and a bit of J&P! No matter how suck this fanfic is, please give me some reviews so that I can write better fanfic next time, okay! I worked for this baby for almost a month, meaning keeping them, not writing them, because I was sooooooo freakin’ busy lately! And trust me, this is the weirdest piece I have ever written, ever!!!!

I dedicate this piece to all Parkers in APFC, and to all R&R fans worldwide.

By: Rainmaker

It starts a few days before Chandler and Monica’s


Scene: Joey’s apartment. His apartment is in a mess,
the beers are everywhere, the James Bond videotapes
are scattering at the front of his TV. Joey’s in his
bedroom, Chandler’s on the barker lounger, while Ross
sleeping on the couch.

CHAN: (starts to wake up) Man, I am so hangover………..
(knocks Joey’s bedroom door) Hey Joey, where do you
keep your aspirin???

JOEY: (comes out from his room, he’s a mess) Dude, I’m
tryin’ to sleep!!

CHAN: I just need some aspirin! Then you can go to
your freakin’ bed and sleep all day!

JOEY: OKAY!!! It’s in…. it’s in…….. Nuh-uh I don’t
have any!!!!


JOEY: Ooohh… now I’m the one who has headache!!!

ROSS: (wakes up with a grumpy face) Guys…… slow down
your voice, hangover is in progress here!!!!!!

CHAN: Ross, do you have any aspirins??

ROSS: Ugh….. hang on….. (takes something from his
pocket) Haha… got extras!!!!!

CHAN: Give me that!!! (Ross gives him the aspirins)
Thanks man. You should learn something from my man
Ross here, Joey.

JOEY: And your man there is going to be your

ROSS: What time is it, you guys?


ROSS: WHAT???????????????????? Oh noooooo…. I got
meeting by 10!!!!!!!! And I’m in a mess………… (holds his

CHAN: You were so excited to watch James Bond marathon
with us you drank Joey’s fridge off!!!!!

ROSS: Dammit!!! Bye guys, I gotta go now and eat
dozens of aspirins to look better in front of my

JOEY: Wonder how are you going to drive your car like

ROSS: Guys, I’m 32, divorced 3 times and has a son. I
am the most sensible person ever! (walks towards the
door but knocks his face over the door) Ooops, I
forgot to wear my glasses.

CHAN: You don’t wear glasses.

ROSS: I mean my LENSES!!

JOEY: I don’t know you wear lenses!!

ROSS: Well today you know! Bye! (leaves the apartment)

CHAN: Ross wears lenses?

JOEY: You lived with him for four years and you forget
that fact?

CHAN: Because he doesn’t wear one before!

JOEY: Man, getting married DOES makes people lose
their eyesight.

CHAN: No, you’re wrong!! Where are my glasses??
(starts to search for his glasses on the barker

JOEY: Proves my theory there, man!

Chandler just gives Joey an evil glare.

Scene: Monica and Chandler’s apartment. Phoebe is
sitting at the couch, playing guitar while Monica is
so busy with a huge paper, a pen and a telephone.

MNCA: Hello, I’m Miss Geller, yeah the one who’s gonna
held the wedding this Saturday… I just wanna ask you,
when is the museum is ready for me to decorate?(break)
Oh, hey what do you know? I’m the one who’s gonna get
married, NOT you! (break) hey, you see… I have the
whole museum plan in my hand now, I could rob the
museum if I like! (break) I KNOW!!!!! So now please
give this damn phone to YOUR supervisor or else I’m
gonna kill you alive THIS VERY SECOND!! (break) I

PHOE: Mon, I know that you’re gonna get married, but
please, don’t get mad at everyone!!!! Let me sing a
song, “ Marriage is blissful, but death is threatful,
and I need to have tofu-“

MNCA: Phoebe, can you keep your mouth shut? I’m
planning my wedding!

PHOE: Yeah, like what? Since you’re five?? Monica,
calm down!!!

MNCA: Why should I?

PHOE: You’re- you’re scaring me!!

MNCA: SHUT UP PHOEBE!!! Yes, Miss Supervisor…..

PHOE: Oh yeah, now for the composing time…………..

MNCA: Okay, I’ll have the room for myself on Friday
morning!!! I don’t care, I’ll be there right on time!
Thanks! Whew, you see Phoebes… I’ll always win in any

PHOE: Well… why won’t you win??? (sarcastically)

MNCA: Okay, now back with my decoration planning….
(spreads a huge piece of paper revealing that it is a
map) okay, now this is where everything will be there.

PHOE: Wow, for a second I thought that I’m gonna rob a
bank with you!! wait, I won’t be joining you!!

Monica gives Phoebe an evil glare.

MNCA: The chairs will be aligned seven chairs in a
row, this (shows a list) is the list of materials that
I’m gonna use to decorate the chairs….

PHOE: Why should we decorate the chairs? We’re only
gonna use it for seating!

MNCA: Well this is MY wedding, not yours! Okay, you’ll
be playing here, and on this side will be the wedding
band, and and and…

PHOE: Monica, why do I have to listen to you talking
about this? I’m not your maid of honor!

MNCA: Oh, yeah, you’re right. I am soooo gonna get
that girl here!!! But where on earth is Rachel???

Oooh… oohh… where’s the Maid of Honor, Rachel Karen

SCENE: Rachel’s office. Tag and her are there.

RACH: Why didn’t you prepare the invoices?? You know
that I have a meeting within two hours!!

TAG: I’m sorry, Rachel, but I was too busy thinking
about you, and the invoice thing just slips from my

RACH: (She doesn’t know whether to smile or frown)
Okay, you know what Tag honey, you do whatever that
you have to do now, and I’ll be doing this stuffs by

TAG: Okay, bye Rach…

RACH: Bye.

She’s checking her answering machine now.

V.O.: Hi Rachel, this is Monica - and Phoebe! Shut up
Pheebs! Well, okay, where have you been?? You know
that I’m gonna get married within this very few days
and you’re not here to help me!! Okay, anyway, please
call me back. I’m worried about you, and also please
help me ASAP!! Bye Rach!

RACH: Oh noooo…………. (seeing her workloads) OH
NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I better crack up on these babies!!!!
Poor Mon!

(everything that is in open and closed inverted commas
are Rachel’s and anyone else’s thoughts)

“Oh my…. So many things to do in so little time, I
don’t know this promotion will rise my workloads!!
Poor Mon, I should help her with all this wedding
thing! Till now, I don’t have any idea what to do! One
thing that I know is I’m gonna bring Tag to the
wedding, that’s it! Aww.. thinking that Monica’s
getting married makes me sick… Not because of
Chandler, ewwrgh.. but she’s finally happy and gonna
spend the rest of her lives together with a man that
she loves. And Tag and I never even reach this topic
of conversation. Ah, I wish I was Mon.. Okay, I used
to have that once, but it’s a stupid drunken mistake!
Wait, I do love Ross, face it: he’s my best friend,
but what about Tag? Why this thing always happening to
me?? Okay Rachel, get to work!!!!!”

She gets busy with her work….

Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment

PHOE: Tonight is a special night… my gay friend’s
gonna marry the fat… noooooo…. Monica’ll chase me
throughout the dinner table! Okay….. I try again…
Monica and Chandler.. is like bread and butter…
they’ll produce a Mondler… and-

Rachel gets into the apartment.

PHOE: Hey Rach!

RACH: Hey, Phoebes…

PHOE: What’s with you… you looked sooo tired!

RACH: Something happened at my office..

PHOE: What happened? Oh….. you and Tag doing it in the
office, aren’t ya?

RACH: Phoebe? No…… I have to attend an urgent meeting
and Tag’s not doing his job.. preparing the invoices!
I don’t have the gut to scold him, so I have to
prepare them on my own! And the meeting goes on and on
and on….. so I have to go back home alone.

PHOE: Like you’ve never going back home alone!

RACH: Pheebs… you don’t understand… ugh… I gotta go
take a shower, by the way, what’re you doing? I heard
you singing just now….

PHOE: Composing songs about Monica and Chandler, what
else! Apparently I don’t know what to write about

I know! You can write about wool products, sweater
vests and towels!!

PHOE: You have spend waaay to much time at work,

RACH: No! Chandler likes wearing sweater vests, and
Monica categorizes her towels into 11 sections!!

PHOE: Cool! I’m gonna add that in my song!

RACH: Okay Pheebs, I talk about this wedding later,
okay! I’m a mess now!

PHOE: Yeah, go take your shower or I’ll add you in my
song too!

Rachel smiles.


Rachel’s bedroom. She’s checking her schedules for the
next day. But we can see from her face that her work
is not the one that’s on her mind.. when she looks on
the date on her organizer…..

V.O. RACH: Oh.. Saturday, Mon and Chan’s gonna get
married… and I’m the maid of honor… hope that incident
at Barry and Mindy’s not gonna repeat again this time!
Oh, I can still remember how Ross stood up for me that
day. He’s really sweet! (blinks) Earth to Rachel!
You’re not with him now, you’re with Tag! Okay, try
this, I love Tag, I love price tag, I love Ross… NO!!!
(blinks again)

RACH: (closes her eyes and saying this out loud) TAG,
TAG, TAG, TAG, TAG, TAG…….. (but she keeps on seeing
Ross’ face) UGH!!!!!

V.O. RACH: Fine! Ross IS my backup guy! But, despite
all that we’ve been through, I do hope that someday,
at the end of the road, we’ll be US again. Oh Ross,
you have the most beautiful eyes, and the cutest butt,
and the heart of gold…. UHM!!! Wait-wait-wait, I’m
with Tag now!! Tag is my boyfriend now!! We’re in a
relationship now…. And I might be marrying him, for
good perhaps… wait I said I MIGHT, I MIGHT BE marrying
Ross for good too, who knows? Anything can happen,
right? Oh God, where’s my relationship’s going? I do
hope that it’ll last… but Ross… oh Ross!!!


PHOE: (barges in) Rachel, what’s wrong? Do I make too
much noise again?

RACH: It’s not you Pheebs, it’s something else.

PHOE: Okay Rach, but I really care about you, you
know! If anything happens, I’m in my room, okay!

RACH: Thanks Pheebs…

PHOE: Are you sure that you can be fine?

RACH: Yeah, I am.

PHOE: Okay… I need my sleep now… I have to get up
early to face the Mooooonnnster… okay, Monica,

RACH: ‘Night Phoebes.

PHOE: ‘Night Rach.

Phoebe leaves.

V.O. RACH: Fine.. I’ll go to sleep… (closes her eyes)
………… UGH!!!!!! I can’t stand this anymore!!!!

She takes her laptop, which is under her nightstand,
switches them on and tries to go

“Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my time going
online…. Chatting using this ICQ thing, Chandler and
his sarcastic suggestion…. I use the name Rocky,
after the name that the delivery boy at work gave to
me.. I hate that name, so what? But anyway, I met this
very interesting man, his name is Red, he’s around 32,
and he’s a lawyer, yeah, as what he has described
before. Anyhoo, we’re becoming good friends and he’s a
very nice person, but we never met.”

Rachel sees that Red is online.

< rocky > hey Red

< Red > hi rocky… what’s up?

< rocky > nothing… I’m feeling depressed..

< Red > oh, why, what happened? Is it because that
tiresome job at the fashion company?

< rocky > umm… are you sure that you will listen to

< Red > I think I can, okay, sure I will try my best
to help you

< rocky > red, there are few things that I’ve never
tell you.

< Red > it’s okay, you can tell me anything, I’m glad
I can help!

< rocky > first, I…… um…… okay… I have a boyfriend-

< Red > I don’t mean to be judgmental, but are you

< rocky > No I’m not!

< Red > Uh, if I’m not mistaken, you told me that you
work in a major fashion company.

< rocky > Fine, okay, you must be surprised if I tell
ya that, um…. I am… uh… I am a woman.

< Red > What? You’re a woman?

< rocky > Yeah, I am… why? Is there anything wrong
with me being a woman?

< Red > No… because you never told me so… and by the
way, you ARE ROCKY.. whoa, all this time I thought you
were gay…

< rocky > Why Red, are you gay??

< Red > Whoa, NO!! Please don’t! I had a son, and I’m
a divorcee…… my ex-wife take care of my son though…
and I kinda gets scared and insecure when it comes to
this gay thing. It’s just that you talk about fashion
mostly all the time and I figured that this Rocky
fella must be gay…. You know, men who talk about
fashion are mostly gay…

< rocky > It’s just a screen name, I kinda a secretive

< Red > I don’t know… Rocky doesn’t sound feminine to
me… LOL!

< rocky > RED!!!!

< Red > Okay, Rocky. I’m sorry, okay! :((....:)?

< rocky > Awwwww…… okay, apology accepted.:)!

< Red > Yeah, what’s in a name, right?

Rachel seems to look puzzled again, still heavily
thinking about the whole “Who to choose - Ross or
Tag??” thing..

< Red > Rocky… Rocky..

Rachel still looks in a mess…

< Red > Rocky, are you still there?

Rachel, realizing she hasn’t reply the message,

< rocky > I guess…

< Red > Are you… are you mad at me?

< rocky > No, I’m not…. I’m fine! :D

< Red > Oh.. okay… we’re still friends, aren’t we?

< rocky > Of course! Well Red… actually, I’m in a huge
dilemma now.. it’s about making a decision.. you’re a
lawyer, right?

Scene changes to a room, where we can see that there’s
a guy is using his computer, and although we can only
see the back of his face, we can tell easily that he’s

< Red > (nervously) Uhm.. yeah?

< rocky > You must be an expert when it comes to
decision-making, right?

< Red > (seems to be nervous again) Well rocky… I’m
only a human being, who does makes mistakes in their
lives. But I …. Think I can listen, sure!

< rocky > Okay..

Rachel’s expression starts to turn pinkish, and we can
see that she is welling up…

Back to the screen…

< rocky > I’m in love with this certain guy for like,
God knows how long… but we’re always on and off and on
and off and on…. And now we’re off again, and he’s
single now. But, on the other hand, I do have a
boyfriend at work, and we’re in a relationship now.

< Red > Are you in a serious relationship with him

< rocky > Well.. sort of… I don’t know! But lately,
I’m thinking about where this relationship is going,
and I got really confused!

< Red > Why? Have you ever talked to him about this?

< rocky > I uh.. I chickened out.

< Red > What about the other guy?

< rocky > He’s a committed person, he knows how to
make me feel good! He’s great, smart, very educated,
and so damn sexy… ugh.. he’s the man of my dreams..

< Red > From your description, he seems like a very
good guy.. and you’re really into him! But why you
guys are “off” again?

< rocky > It’s actually my fault… me and my stupid
pride… and I regretted that.

< Red > Rocky… do you guys get along well now?

< rocky > Yeah, he’s one of my best friends!

< Red > And your current boyfriend?

< rocky > Uhh….. I don’t know… after all that the
first guy and I went through… I said to myself “come
on and move on” and now it went surprisingly well..
except that sometimes I wished that I was with the
first guy….

< Red > What’s with your boyfriend?

< rocky > Okay, first thing that makes me attracted to
him was his good looks..

< Red > How does he treated you?

< rocky > Pretty well… except that I wish he can grow
up a little

< Red > Why?

< rocky > I’m 7 years older than him, he’s 23 and I’m

< Red > Okay.. I can understand that..

< rocky > Understand what?

< Red > Been there… done that…

< rocky > You used to have it with a younger woman?

< Red > Yep… and we’re off for good. I hate to even
remember that it ever happened.. But who knows about
this relationship that you’re having with your young
man there?

< rocky > Even I don’t know what’s the answer… what
can I do??

Now we can see only the backside of Red.. and now we
can see his long fingers typing…

< Red > Um rocky, have you ever heard of the poem “The
Road Not Taken”?

< rocky > I guess I’ve read it at school… but not
anymore! My ex boyfriend, the one I told you loves
reading.. he has like, a jillion books!

< Red > It’s a very famous poem written by Robert

< Rocky > Hohoho.. who is he, the long lost cousin of
Santa Claus?

< Red > No, he’s a very famous poet. Verrrrry funny,
Rocky. Okay, here’s what that I can tell you. The poem
tells us about making choices in life. The decision is
actually on you. sometimes we thought that we’ll
choose the easy one because we’re afraid to take a
risk… but then, after a while, we decided that we’re
not suitable and compatible with the road that we’ve

< rocky > How do I know that I’ve picked the right

< Red > Rocky, YOU’RE the best person to answer that
question. You can’t run from the reality of life.
Somebody said to me that “ The happiest of people
don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they
just make the most of everything that comes along the

< rocky > Wow… Red, you’re good at this!

< Red > Because I don’t want you to fall into the same
position that I am in now.

< rocky > What happened to you?

Again… we see the back of Red’s head. We can see that
he’s doing some thinking. And then his long fingers do
the typing again..

< Red > It’s a very long story rocky, I’ll tell ya

< rocky > It’s okay, Red. Aaargh… I think I’ve been
online for long enough… and I got work tomorrow..

< Red > Me too! So.. I guess I see you next time?

< rocky > All right! :))!! TTFN!!

< Red > BYE!! :D!!

Rachel switches off her laptop.

V.O. RACH: Fine, I’ll talk to Tag first thing when I
arrived at work tomorrow. Ooh.. ooh.. what should I
wear tomorrow? Ugh.. I’ll decide it tomorrow.. I wish
I can meet Red.. he’s such a nice person.. very sweet!
Awwww…. `night, Rachel (drifts off to sleep)

And this stuff will appear on the screen.

“Dream what you wanna dream, go where you wanna go, be
what you wanna be, because you only have one life and
one chance to do all the things you want to do..”



Rachel’s office, the next day. Rachel is in an
elevator, talking to herself.

RACH: Okay Rachel, this is what that you’re going to
say, “ Tag, do you think about our future?” Nooooo..
too lame. “Tag honey, will you marry me?” Oh….. soooo
straight to the point… no! Ugh… maybe when I see him,
then I know what that I’m going to say to him…. OKAY!

The elevator door opens and Rachel is just about to
enter her office when she heard something.

GIRL: Oh Tag, you’re totally damn good at this!!!

TAG: Ooooohh.. thanks Linda!! You’re sooooo good too!!

LIND: Better than your Rachel?

TAG: The old girl?? Ugh.. she sucks!

RACH: (sigh) HUH?????

She peeps through the room. She sees that Tag and
Linda’s clothes are in disarray, and they’re making

RACH: (whispering) Oh-my-god…..

Back to the room…..

LIND: Do you love me then?

TAG: Oh yes Linda, very much! I only use her for my
job here so I can get more benefits… I never really in
love with her, that old bitch!

Cut to: Rachel peeping near the door.

RACH: Oh my god…

LIND: That’s so sweet..

TAG: Yeah, am I a baaaaddd guy????

LIND: Oh yeah you are!!!! (kisses him)

TAG: You are sooooo good…. That old woman is sooooo
boring, she’s not pretty, and she looks like that just
because of her expensive clothes and make-up she’s not
even attractive! It’s always “tag honey, tag honey…”

LIND: And you are having an affair with her…

TAG: Well… everything is money now baby…..

LIND: Tag, I love you..

TAG: I love you too, Linda. I’m glad those words are
from you, not from Rachel.

LIND: Oh yeah… won’t she realize that we’re here?

TAG: Nooooo… she only comes to the office by 12 today…
I don’t know, those outdoor works.. (they kiss again)

Behind there, we can see that tears are rolling over
Rachel’s cheek.

V.O. RACH: Oh my God……. After all things that I’ve
done to him, this is the result?? Aaargghh… Come on
Rach, be brave!!!!

She opens the door.

RACH: And here’s you OLD MAID!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TWO

LIND: I’m… checking the files!!!

TAG: And I’m…. waiting for you sweetie……

RACH: Linda, get out from my office now and go back to
your department! And you, Tag, my office, now!!!!!!!

TAG: Yes, sweetie..

RACH: Don’t even call me that! This is a serious

Scene: Rachel’s office, her room.

TAG: Rachel, I’m sorry! She’s the one who’s hitting on
me, I love you!!

RACH: No, you really are a good liar. I’ve heard
everything, Tag. I caught you red-handed this time!!!

TAG: You’re wrong, Rach..

RACH: Don’t call me Rach!! I’m not your Rach
anymore!!! I’m Miss GREEN!!

TAG: Why?????

RACH: Tag, you working progress is not good,
sincerely!!! You’re TERRIBLE!!!!! And I, as the Junior
Executive here, have the right to fire you. So, TAG,

TAG: Rach-Miss Green, please give me a second

RACH: No more second chance for you, Tag!!!!!! And I’m
very disappointed with you!!! so now, we are OVER!!
For GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you hear my last
word???? OUT, NOW! The human resources will send you
the memo and your final check. So now, pack your
stuffs and OUT!!!!!

TAG: Fine, Rach I’ll-

RACH: OUT!!!!!!!

Tag leaves the office, slamming the door-and Rachel’s

RACH: Why it has to be like this all the time???? Why
guys always cheat on me????? What’s wrong with
me??????? Am I not attractive enough for them??????
WHY, WHY, WHY?????????

She grabs her purse and leaves the office.

SCENE: Chandler and Monica’s apartment. Monica is
there cleaning the apartment, with a telephone on one
hand and a notepad and a pen in another pocket.

MNCA: Yeah, I need twenty dozens of tulips on Saturday
morning! My reception? Oh, Saturday evening!! Send
them on Friday? Noooo…. I don’t want dead flowers on
my wedding day!!!!!! What’s going on with you? I told
you I want pink and yellow tulips!!! Ten dozens of
pink tulips and ten dozens of yellow tulips!!!! You’re
running out of yellow tulips??? I don’t care, GET YOU
TULIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a perfect wedding and
nothing is going to ruin that!!!!!!!! Understand????
Thank you, you are sooo a doll! I’ve given the address
before, at the museum, okay!!! Bye (hangs up the
phone) Now it’s time to clean up the toilet! (enters
the bathroom)

Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe come out from Rachel’s (and
a while Phoebe’s) old room.

JOEY: Man, she can be sooooo moody when it comes to

PHOE: YOU guys aren’t here all the time, I have to
face that all day!!!!! Rachel’s not here, so I have to
help her!

JOEY: Chan buddy, she acts like this even when you got
married, I wonder what will happen when she got
pregnant and YOU have to face her cramps, her mood
swings, which I can GUARANTEE you that will happen a
lot! Are you sure you wanna MARRY HER Chandler?

CHAN: Yes I- wait….. Monica, pppregnancy…. Cramps….

JOEY: (seems to be satisfied with his job) Yeah

PHOE: (acts like Monica) Chandler, please change the
diapers! Chandler, please clean the baby’s barf!!

JOEY: (acts like Monica too) OoooOOoohhhhh Chandler…
please, come on! We’ll have loads of babies!!!!!

Chandler seems to be terrified hearing those stuffs……


Scene: Joey’s apartment. Joey and Chandler are there.
Chandler is sitting at the barker longer while Joey is
making coffee.

CHAN: Oh my god I’m getting married… MARRIED…

JOEY: DUH!! As if you don’t know about that already!!

CHAN: NOOOOO!! I mean, married, you know MARRIED???

JOEY: Ta-hah, with Monica’s driving us crazy all the
time about this wedding thing, who wouldn’t know??
Even the little Ben will know!

CHAN: NOOO! It’s not what you think Joey!! You know,
I’m gonna marry Monica!! MONICA< THE BABY FREAK!! The
minute after we got married, she’ll talk about having
more babies and then I’m gonna deal with all those
baby stuffs and OH MY GOD IT MEANS NO MORE

JOEY: Told ya, you got married too fast!!!!!

CHAN: NOT that fast, I’m 32, I’m supposed to get

JOEY: You’re marrying a Monica!!

CHAN: And then we’re gonna have kids! And oh my god
I’m gonna having an affair with my co-worker and oh
no, we’ll declare it during the thanksgiving! OH MY

JOEY: No Chandler, you’re not gay! (pause) if you ARE,
then I don’t wanna see you anymore!!

CHAN: Don’t worry Joey, I’m straight!!! I’m so NOT

JOEY: So you just have to face it! YOU are gonna get
married soon, and you can’t change it anymore! YOU
just have to control the situation, you’re a man

CHAN: (thinks) Yeah, you’re right Joey.

JOEY: Okay, so now calm down and we’ll have a Baywatch
marathon night okay!

CHAN: OOOKAY!! I’m ready for all the Yasmine Bleeth

JOEY: And you said just now that you’re gonna get

Chandler gives Joey a puzzled look.


Scene: a road in NY, quite near to Central Perk.

It’s already 11.30 p.m. Ross is driving his car, he is
on his way back from the university.

ROSS: Damn kids… they are the ones who’re too lazy to
study, and I am the one who has to carry the blame and
attend the long meeting - and now I’m stuck with a
workload of stuffs to be done… don’t they even think
that I do have a life? Oops, Ross, you do NOT have a

He keeps on driving until he’s about one kilometer
from his apartment, when he saw a very familiar figure
walking unstably and has a bottle of XO on one hand.

ROSS: Oh my… what’s that lady doing at the middle of
this road? ( gives a horn signal ) BEEP!!

The lady seems unalarmed about it. She keeps on
crossing the road. And when the camera focuses on the
lady, we find out that the woman is none other than…..

RACH: (singing drunkenly to the song Most Girls by
Pink) But I’m… hick! Not eeeeeeveryyyyyyyy
girrrrrrrrrrrl… and I don’t need thaaaaaat
worrrrrrlddddd…. To validate meeeeeeeeeeeeee….

ROSS: Oh no, don’t tell me that it’s Rachel…….. (gets
out from his car)

Ross tries to approach the drunken lady a.k.a. Rachel…

ROSS: Lady…. Miss.. God….. RACHEL????????

RACH: (still singing drunkenly) Most
girrrrrrrrrllllsss wanna mhaaaaaaaaaannnnn with a

ROSS: Rachel….. what’s wrong with you???

RACH: I just want reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaalllllllllll
luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv….. hey missshhhter!!

ROSS: You’re drunk!

RACH: Me, drunk? Watch out your wordshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
(tries to stand up but failed to do so)

ROSS: Rach, you’re drunk. Come, get into my car, now.
(he carries Rachel into his car)

RACH: Ooooooooo….. where are we going….. we are going
to the NEEEEVERLAAAAAANDD!! And you can be the
nexssssshhhhhh…. Michael Jackshhhhhhonnn!!!

ROSS: Oh no, what time is it? (glances at his watch)
it’s midnight! What should I do? (thinks for a while)
Fine, I’ll take you to my apartment so that I can take
a rest… besides I can’t drive anymore.. I’m getting

RACH: I wanna go backkkkkk…

ROSS: No, you don’t.

RACH: Fine by meeeeeeeeeee…

(Ross continues to drive with a worried expression on
his face)

Scene: Ross’ apartment. Ross is helping a heavily
drunk Rachel to walk.

ROSS: Okay Rach….. you’re soooooo drunk… I think you
better get some rest, okay…. come on…

RACH: No!!!!! I wanna danssssshhheee!!! Won’t ya dance
with me, WOSSSHHH!!

ROSS: We’ll dance together okay, but not tonight.
Come, you need to rest, okay!

RACH: I don’t care… I wanna danshhhheee… (she grabs
Ross’ hand and dances unsuccessfully)

ROSS: Rach….. no! You’re sleeping in my bedroom
tonight, and I’ll sleep on the couch (grabs her and
brings her to his bedroom).


Scene : Ross’ bedroom. Ross is carrying Rachel and
puts her on is bed.

ROSS: Okay… you need to get some sleep.

RACH: Rosshh…… would you schleepppp with me?

ROSS: No Rach, I can’t.

RACH: Why? Now everyone won’t want to schleeppp with
me… Am I too old to fall in love with anyone? Am I not
attractive anymore????

ROSS: You are VERY attractive……….. but you’re soooo
drunk, take a rest Rach…

RACH: Rossshhhh…….. You…… Uwekkkkk…… (she pukes on

ROSS: My God Rach…. (she pukes more) Fine, I hate to
do this, but now we have to go to the bathroom…… (he
carries Rachel to the bathroom)


ROSS: Okay Rachel, now you MUST take a nap, okay!
(tucks Rachel on his bed like a little girl)

RACH: Ugh…… fhhhhhiiiiinnneeeeeeee….

Ross is about to leave when Rachel starts to talk

RACH: Rosshhhh… do you think I’ll be marrying someone?

ROSS: Of course.. Hey, I’m your backup guy, right?
Now, rest. I have loads of work to do. (he leaves)

Scene: Ross’ living room. He was about to crash on the
couch when he heard a crash.

ROSS: Oh Rach…..

He enters his bedroom.

(sits near Rachel and watches her drifting off…..
Until she finally drifts off to sleep. He kisses her
forehead and leaves back to his couch, and writes in
his diary)

“Oh my…. Could I BE more exhausted today? Wow, that
sounds like Chandler! Those faculty meetings are
driving me nuts, but what can I say, it’s my job now!
But none of those things terrified me to death, the
one that makes me feel like that is when I see Rachel
walking on the street, drunk! And right now, she’s
still drunk and sleeping on my bed! I wonder what
makes Rachel get drunk like that…. And why she’s alone
without his toy-boy Tag?? God.. I hate that guy,
sincerely. But I have to put on a nice face to him
when they’re both around-wait Ross, you never liked
every single guy that Rachel dates! Yes because I love
her! Oops.. (knowing that no one knows) but now, I
just want her to be happy.. her happiness is much more
important than mine…”

He closes his diary and dozes off.

The Next Morning.

Scene: Monica and Chandler’s apartment. Monica is in
the kitchen, preparing the breakfast.

Joey and Chandler, who seems to be less terrified than
yesterday, enter the apartment.

JOEY: Whoa Mon, what a big breakfast you made for us

MNCA: Naaahhh….. this??? You should wait for the big
dinner on my wedding????

CHAN: Oops Mon, it’s my wedding too.

MNCA: Sorry honey (kisses him and he kisses her back,
Joey seems uncomfortable)

JOEY: Whoa you guys, save that for your honeymoon!

Chandler and Monica just give Joey a dirty look.

JOEY: Hohohoh… (tries to change topic) Are you gonna
serve sandwiches there Mon?

MNCA: Not the ones that you like, Joey.

JOEY: Aww…. But do you serve anything made with meat
on that wedding??

MNCA: Of course, there are plenty of them!!!

JOEY: I am sooooo gonna be at the food section on your
wedding, you guys!!!!!!

CHAN: Hope you won’t get diarrhea there, man!

MNCA: No way he’ll get diarrhea honey, I’ll make sure
the cooking area is fully sanitized.

CHAN: Now I love you even more (kisses Monica’s

JOEY: Wait, what’s diarrhea??

MNCA: It happens when you eat wrongly, either the food
is dirty or you eat way too much!!

JOEY: Ah, I’ve never had one, I have one healthy

CHAN: Except for the hernia incident!! (Both C&M

JOEY: Shut up!! You two are mean together!!!! Now I
really want Phoebe to be here and save me!!!

Phoebe enters the apartment. Joey seems so happy to
see her.

JOEY: PHOEBE!!!!! God, save me from these two!!!!
You’re my best friend, I love you Pheebs!! Thanks

PHOE: Wow Joey, please! I just arrived!!!

Joey sits like a little boy.

PHOE: Okay Joey, sorry okay! (he smiles again)

MNCA: Now I wonder why this two can be best buddies……

Scene : Ross’ bedroom.

RACH: Ugh…. It’s morning already……… aarrhhhh……
(realizes that she’s not in her room and she’s wearing
Ross’ clothes) AAARRRGHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! And now
I really caught a huuuge headache.. ugh….. (holds her
head with her hands)

ROSS: (enters the bedroom with a tray of breakfast)
Morning, Rachel.

RACH: Ross… what am I doing in your room, and why am I
wearing your clothes?

ROSS: (puts the breakfast tray on Rachel’s lap) I
don’t know, you tell me!

RACH: Oh no, did we sleep together last night?

ROSS: Logically yes-


ROSS: STOP! (covers Rachel’s mouth with his hand) But,
I was sleeping on the floor. You were sleeping on the
bed. See that lamp over there, you broke that.

RACH: I don’t care, did we do it last night?

ROSS: NO!!! You were drunk, heavily drunk, and I won’t
take any advantage from you. Now open up your mouth
and eat these aspirins (puts one aspirin in her mouth
and she swallows, then he gives her some water)

RACH: And how come I’m here?

ROSS: I found you drunk on the street, and I don’t
think that you can go home like that, and it’s getting
late, so I took you home. You were sooooo drunk, you
puked everywhere so I have to change your clothes.
Sorry, but I have to. Now, eat your breakfast.

RACH: Oh Ross, I cannot believe you. Aren’t you the
sweetest person alive on the planet? Thank you so
much, Ross…… (kisses him on the cheek)

Ross blushes.

ROSS: Well Rach, you’re my friend, and I really care
about you. Since I don’t have any classes today, I
figured that I’ll be here taking care of you.

RACH: Ross.. I’m 30, I can take care of myself.

ROSS: And you ended up being drunk! You’re not going
anywhere today, Rachel Green, you’re staying here.

RACH: Why?

ROSS: Because the rest of the gang are in Chandler and
Monica’s and they can see you from here!

RACH: Why is that important?

ROSS: I don’t want them to think that we slept
together and Monica would think that you are stealing
her thunder again.

RACH: OKAY, FINE. But they’ll wonder where am I now!

ROSS: As if you’re the first female President of the
United States!!!


ROSS: Okay, I tell you what, you finish your breakfast
and while you’re eating I’ll hop into the nearest shop
and buy you something decent to wear, besides my
t-shirt and shorts. Then, when you’re out from your
hangover, I’ll send you home, okay!

RACH: Phoebe will know that you’re with me!

ROSS: I’ll cook something up. Now eat those stuff and
I’ll be here within 30 minutes.

RACH: Can you find something that I can fit in?

ROSS: I’ve seen you naked like a million times, of
course I know your size!

RACH: Okay…

ROSS: Don’t go anywhere till I get back, okay!

RACH: Ross, I’m not Ben! (he stares at her) Ooohh,
this bagel looks yummy…. (she eats it and he leaves)

RACH: Oh Ross……….. why you have to be acting like this
even when we’re not together… (realizes what that she
has just said) Oh noooooooooo…… How am I going to face
him AGAIN?? Ross……. (looking at Ross’ t-shirt that
she’s wearing) oh…… (kisses the shirt and hugs

Scene: Chandler and Monica’s, Chandler, Monica, Joey
and Phoebe are having breakfast.

PHOE: Sorry guys, I have to go now! Got something to
do about the triplets!!

MNCA: Aww Pheebs!!!!!! You’re not here today to help

PHOE: Sorry Mon.

MNCA: Okay, just take this (gives Phoebe two bags).

PHOE: What’s in this?

MNCA: The girls’ dresses, they’re the flower girls,

PHOE: Oh.. Okay!!! See you guys later!!!

REST: Bye Pheebs!!!! (Phoebe leaves the apartment)

MNCA: Flower girls done, now you Chandler.

CHAN: What?

MNCA: Have you guys taken the tuxedos yet??

CHAN: I’ll take them on Friday, just like what that
I’ve told the tailor to do.

MNCA: Really?

CHAN: Yah-huh!

MNCA: Hmm….. okay.. anyhoo honey, you better brush up
your dance skills okay! I don’t wanna dance with you
when you are dancing like this!!! (does a Chandler

Joey laughs. Chandler gives him an evil glare.

JOEY: DUUUUUDE!! It’s true!!! (does the Chandler dance

CHAN: Yeah, hey, I’m the groom, I’m dancing! (does a
Chandler dance with a sarcastic look on his face and
then sits down)

JOEY: Okay buddy, I’ll teach you how to dance, okay!!!

CHAN: Hahahaaaa.. this thing is even better!!!
Remember how did you teach the jazz class how to
dance??? (does a Joey)

JOEY: Hehey I’ve improved okay! I taught Mr. Treeger
how to dance okay! (Chandler gives Joey an evil glare)
See who had the last laugh?? MEEEE!!!!!!!

CHAN: Hey, here’s an idea, why not you teach me how to
dance? Just like Treeger?

JOEY: Hohohoooo.. I don’t want to have “The Dropper”
as my student!!!!!!!!

CHAN: Please Joey, please, PLEEEASE!!!!!!! (kneeling
in front of Joey)

Joey gives Chandler a surprised look.

Scene: Ross’ bedroom. Rachel’s drinking the fresh
orange when Ross comes in with a paper bag on his

ROSS: Okay Rach, first I’m sorry this is not the kind
of clothes that you usually wear now-

RACH: Oh no, you’re buying me a dinosaur

ROSS: Calm down, it’s a sundress WITHOUT ANY DINOSAUR
PHOTOS on it. I just wanna say that it’s not those
designer outfit that you’ve always wearing now, and

RACH: (takes the sundress from Ross) You didn’t buy me
a Donna Karan?? (smiles) Thank you, I’m very grateful!
(gives Ross a hug and kisses him on the cheek) I owe
you big time! How much does it cost?

ROSS: Ooh.. you just don’t need to know about it..

RACH: No.. I wanna pay you back…

ROSS: No Rach, you may keep it, okay! Take it as a
present from me.

RACH: THANKS AGAIN!! (kisses his cheek again) By the
way, it’s cool! I can’t believe that you have such a
good fashion sense!

ROSS: (blushing) Well, being friends with you kinda
put me into that situation sometimes. You know, you
always talk about fashion, and shopping, and

RACH: Like you talk about those dinosaur craps….

ROSS: Hey, don’t insult the dinos, okay!

RACH: Okay, fine, actually those thingies are kinda
interesting sometimes… I still remember our first
night at the museum Ross…

ROSS: How can I forget? Okay… let’s don’t talk about
the past, Rachel. Let’s talk about what that actually
happened last night. How you ended up holding a bottle
of XO on your hand.

RACH: It’s a long story, Ross. I don’t think that you
are even interested to know about it.

ROSS: Come on Rach, you know you can talk to me about
everything! Oh yeah, by the way, I phoned your office
and said that you were down sick and you’re at your

RACH: And my workers didn’t know that you’re ROSS

ROSS: I told them that I’m your mother’s butler.

RACH: You have changed a lot now Ross. You can finally
seize the day…

ROSS: Well… the world’s moving, Rach. Time passes,
everything changes. (she smiles) oh yes, one thing,
why your boyfriend, Tag isn’t the one who answer the
phone? Is he playing football with his friends in
college or selling ice - cream at Dairy Queen?

RACH: Ross… it’s not funny.

ROSS: And you guys always tease me about my past
relationship with Elizabeth. But sincerely Rachel,
tell me, why?

RACH: Ross… I don’t think I can tell anyone about

ROSS: Rachel, it’s me. I know you the best than the
rest of the gang, even Monica. You can tell me

RACH: Well, as you said Ross, things changed. There
are things that we can talk and things that I’d rather
to keep it to myself.

ROSS: Rachel Karen Green, can you please for once
swallow your damn pride and just tell me what
happened? It’s not like you’re in hell or anything!

RACH: Professor Dr. Ross Geller, Ph. D., do you know a
word, secret!!! Or do I have to define it for you?

ROSS: You don’t have to define it Rach, I already know
the exact meaning of the word.

RACH: Then why you have to keep on asking me to tell
you everything?

ROSS: Because I care about you Rach!! What did you
think I feel the minute I saw you crossing the street,

RACH: I’m not yours to save, ROSS!!!!!!

ROSS: Rachel, you’re one of my best friends!! One of
the persons that I really cared the most in my whole
life! You’re harming yourself, Rachel, and I don’t
like to see you like that! I already lost you once,
and I don’t want to lose a best friend from that!

RACH: Yeah, because you were pushing me!

ROSS: No, you are the one who pushes me away from your
life! Is it wrong for me to care about you? Is it hard
for you to swallow your damn pride?

RACH: Pride, is it the only thing that you see about
me? You don’t know how painful I am to rejection,
Ross. You don’t know how it’s like to know that
someone that you think you’re in love with is actually
uses you for his own good!!

ROSS: What?

RACH: Yeah, now I’m swallowing my pride. Tag uses me.
He uses me just because of his work progress. And he’s
having an affair behind my back. And I (tears starts
falling from her cheeks) caught him red-handed and
I’ve heard everything! From his own mouth!! In his own

ROSS: Rachel, I’m sorry.

RACH: No, you haven’t heard the worst part, Ross. I
broke up with him and I fired him on the spot! Try to
put yourself into my shoes now, Ross. What would you
think you’d do if that happened to you?

ROSS: Rach, I-

RACH: And I got depressed, left the work and headed to
the nearest bar to moan about my unhappy life!!!
That’s the whole story, Ross, are you happy now??

ROSS: Rachel, I’m sorry for pushing you through this.

RACH: No, there’s nothing for you to feel sorry about.
It’s my own fault. Why I accepted that manipulative
and dumb jerk to work at my office at the first time?

ROSS: (cutting her) Because you find out that he’s
attractive and cute?

RACH: Ugh.. don’t remind me about that, Ross. The
thing is, why everything bad always comes to me? Why
Ross, WHY MEEE? (sobbing uncontrollably).

ROSS: Come here (hugs her and strokes her hair). No
Rach, it’s not like that. I mean, look at you. You are
a different Rachel than Rachel seven years before. You
are more mature now! See? You have a great job, you
work hard for it, and you got paid well, and you can
go to various sales without depending on your daddy’s
money, that’s a very good achievement! You should be
proud of yourself, Rach!

RACH: (sobbing) Ross……. Will I ever find the One?

ROSS: (calming her down) Yes, you will, Rach. You will
find the one.

RACH: Am I not attractive anymore, am I too old for
any guy anymore?

ROSS: No.. you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever
seen… Everything’s gonna be all right, okay sweetie?
(kisses her temples) Now don’t cry, I hate to see you
sad and crying.. it makes my heart ache, okay. Don’t
cry…. (wipes her tears)

RACH: Thank you, Ross…….. you’re the sweetest…. (hugs
him tight as if she doesn’t want to let him go).


Scene: Parking Lot. Ross and Rachel are in Ross’ car.
Ross is just going to start up the car.

ROSS: Rach, are you ready to go home now?

RACH: I couldn’t be more ready.

ROSS: Remember our “game” that we want to play to

RACH: Vaguely. Ross, I don’t know how to thank you.

ROSS: Just be with me, my best friend. That’s all that
I need for now. Shall we go now, Miss Green?

RACH: Yes, Dr. Geller. (they leave the parking lot)

Scene: Night, Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment. Phoebe is

Chandler and Joey barge into the apartment.

PHOE: Hey guys, I think you have arrived to the wrong

JOEY: Nononono….. this is the right apartment, Phoebe.

PHOE: I mean, aren’t you guys should go to your
(points to Joey) apartment for fun or to you (points
to Chandler) and Monica’s to eat and annoy Monica?

CHAN: Nooooo………… Phoebe, we’re facing a HUUUUUGE
PROBLEM HERE!!!!! (shakes Phoebe’s shoulders)

PHOE: (shocked) What?? What what what???

CHAN: I can’t dance.

PHOE: Of course you can dance, Chandler! (does a
Chandler dance, Joey laughs hysterically!)

CHAN: PHOEBE, STOP! This is serious!!!

PHOE: What?

CHAN: Pheebs, I want to give Monica the best dance
ever on our wedding day, so I want to- LEARN how to

PHOE: Although Chandler’s dance does looks like a
swan, a crappy swan!

JOEY: Gosh Pheebs (does a Chandler dance too!), could
I BE more agree with you? Well, so Chandler asked me
for help, you know, I taught Mr. Treeger before how to
dance, right?

PHOE: Whoa…. The ballroom dance? How can I forget? So?

CHAN: Yeah, he tried to teach me, but apparently the
Chan-Chan Man has two left feet.

JOEY: Man, I don’t know you have two left feet?

PHOE: Two left feet? Gross! Monica never told me about

CHAN: Guys…. Why you guys are soooo…. (pause) SLOW?

PHOE: Whowhoawhoa… No need to be the Red Chandler!!
Okay, I get your point!

JOEY: Yeah, Pheebs, he kept on stepping on my foot! It

PHOE: Chandler, how could you do THAT to my poor

JOEY: Well, he said that the last woman he had a dance
with is Monica, and you know how a perfectionist
Monica is, right?

CHAN: Wow.

JOEY: What?

CHAN: I cannot believe Joey said “PERFECTIONIST”

JOEY: And you’re going to get married to one!

CHAN: Whoa, remind me about that one more time and I
kill you!

JOEY: So he thinks that he should practice with a
woman instead. Maybe the fact that I’m a man makes him
hard to dance.

PHOE: Heheheeee…. I used to think that you guys will
hook up!

CHAN: Whoa, if I hook up with you, I’ll be the second
version of my father! (sarcastically) what a perfect
childhood dream come true!

JOEY: No way I’ll hook up with Chandler, see Phoebe,
“How ya doin’??” (Phoebe giggles)

PHOE: Okay, the point is, Chandler needs to practice a
dance with a woman?


PHOE: Why you guys took so long to explain this to

CHAN: (sarcastically) Ta-haaaaahhh!!!

PHOE: Then why you guys come here?

CHAN: Well, I cannot practice dancing with Janice
because she’s annoying and I don’t like her and her
dancing skills-

JOEY: (under his breath) And you used to say to me
without blinking that you’re in love with her…

CHAN: I HEARD THAT!! (Joey gives a duck pout)

JOEY: And he can’t go to pubs or clubs because Monica
will find out, also he’ll embarrassed himself in

CHAN: Grrr… it’s killing me, killing me now…

JOEY: So we figured we should go to your place to
practice, since you and Rachel are Monica’s best
friends, she won’t be mad, and we also think that you
can help!!

PHOE: Oh, okay! But Rachel is not around, she’s not
home since last night!

CHAN: Oh my god, where has she been?

PHOE: I thought she’s at her mother’s or her father’s
or her sisters’ houses, but I called them and she’s
not there!

JOEY: Oh my God….. wonder where she is?

Suddenly the door opens. Ross and Rachel enter the

BOTH: Hey Pheebs!!!

CHAN: And the missing woman is now found alive!

ROSS: Whoa guys, what’re you doing here?

CHAN: Mourning about Rachel’s death!

RACH: (madly) WHAT???

JOEY: No…. somebody here need to learn how to dance
for his wedding.

ROSS: And obviously, the person is Chandler!

CHAN: God, I DO hope that’s not coming!

PHOE: Shut up you guys!

RACH: Thank you Pheebs.

PHOE: Well-well-well- missy, where have you been last
night? I called your office and your whole family and
they said that you’re not there!

CHAN: Wa-hey, now Phoebe’s playing her card as a
Deputy Private Prosecutor of New York City! What’s
next, Joey as the policeman in NYPD blue?

REST: CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHAN: Okay, I need more sarcasm before retiring my
bachelor crown, although I know Ross always gain his
bachelor crown back, aren’t you Mr. Divorcing Guy?

ROSS: (turns to the Red Ross) You fumbler
flalalalapqk!!!! (obviously mimicking Chandler)

Chandler and Ross start to have an argument, until…


PHOE: Or I kick your butts outta’ my apartment!! (both
Ross and Chandler gives a ‘finger without giving it’)


Ross and Chandler just stand up and do nothing.

PHOE: See what have you two done! SO CUT THAT CRAP
OUT!!!!!! I hate my voice sounds like

JOEY: Okay Ross.. tell us what happened!

ROSS: Okay-okay-okay-okay! Rachel wasn’t at anyone’s
place last night! She stayed at a hotel suite.

PHOE: Why Rach, isn’t this place good enough for you?

ROSS: She needs rest, you guys, I mean look at her,
she’s an executive in Ralph Lauren, and of course she
has workloads!!

RACH: (Confidently) Junior executive, Ross. (Playing
the game, following Ross’ plan as well) Hey guys, I’m
a woman, particularly Maid of Honor, so I need to have
some private treatment too!!!!

ROSS: So, I was on my way to see Ben tonight, and I
saw Rachel on her way back here, so I send her home,
end of story!

REST: OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH………………. (Phoebe still looks

RACH: Well Ross, that’s not the end of the story.

ROSS: (just follows the story) WHAT??????

PHOE: I knew it!!!

RACH: Yeah guys, Tag and I broke up.

REST: WHAT??? (their jaws are dropped open

ROSS: (just go with Rachel’s flow now) Rachel?? Why
didn’t you tell me?

RACH: Well, sometimes I need to make a general
announcement to all, I guess. But Ross had tell you
guys the end of my story.

CHAN: Ha, that’s the perfect public announcement to
all New Yorkers! Now we don’t need any help from our
very own David Letterman!

PHOE: One more time Chandler or you won’t learn how to

Chandler takes a seat and gives a sarcastic expression
to Phoebe.


CHAN: Well, since you guys are ganged up against me
tonight, so why not you guys (points to Joey and
Phoebe) show some routines to me here before I start
practicing with you Phoebe.

J&P: Okay! Music!!!!!!

Chandler puts the CD into the CD player and the
instrumental version of “Strangers in The Night” is


Joey and Phoebe starts to dance, but then they pause.

CHAN: Whoa, why do you guys pause, the Great Dance
Teachers of Chandler Bing?

JOEY: Phoebes?

PHOE: Well, I can’t start first, I need to see other
couple dance first then I can dance. You know the
“Elite Society” rules?

RACH: I never heard of that!

PHOE: Because you don’t bother!

ROSS: Okay, fine. Chandler, play that song again!

CHAN: Oh, The Big Daddy wants me to play the song
again! (plays the song)

ROSS: Rachel.

RACH: (ditzy) what?

ROSS: Come, let’s dance!

JOEY: You… you (does a Ross expression) DANCE?

ROSS: Hey, I can dance!

RACH: Yeah, we used to dance alone in his apartment.

JOEY: (smugly) I wonder what type of dance it is!


ROSS: Fine, Chandler, replay!

Chandler plays the song again, with a boring face.
Ross, being a gentleman, takes Rachel’s hand and leads
her to the dance. Amazingly, both Ross and Rachel
dance gracefully and their moves matches the flow of
the song. Everyone gasped.

ROSS: (whispering) My God, everyone’s staring at us!

RACH: (whispering) Wow, it’s been so long since we
danced together….. you’re such a gentleman, Dr.

ROSS: (whispering) Thanks, Ms. Green.

Both of them keep on dancing until the song fades out.
Ross gives Rachel a peck on her cheek, and we can see
that Rachel is blushing.


ROSS: Chandler, that’s my dance. Hope you can learn
something from that.

CHAN: Thanks, future Brother-In-Law.

PHOE: Rachel, you’re amazing too!

RACH: Thanks.

JOEY: Ross, I can’t believe you can dance!

ROSS: Since I can’t get to dance during even my own
weddings, particularly second and third wedding, this
makes up for that.

RACH: Thank you Ross.

ROSS: Again, you’re welcome. (both of them shares this
special glance for quite long)

CHAN: Uhm! (breaks the tension in the room) So, Joey,
Phoebe, are you guys ready now?

BOTH: Yeah!

ROSS: Well you guys, I have to go see Ben, this is
getting late, I’m afraid he’s asleep by then, so see
you guys tomorrow!

REST: Bye Ross!

ROSS: Bye! (leaves the apartment)

RACH: Well, I’m off to my room now, I need to go
online and check my messages!

CHAN: And these words come from a woman who once said
to me “I HATE ICQ!!”

RACH: Save your sarcasms for later, Chandler. `Night

REST: `Night Rach! (Rachel enters to her bedroom)

CHAN: So you two, why are you still standing there?
Dance!!! (plays the song again)

Joey and Phoebe start dancing. Both of them are pretty
good, especially Phoebe! She has some secret moves!
Their routine goes on until Chandler joins them and
pulls a Chandler.

BOTH: CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHAN: You guys have some fun and I don’t??? You guys
are more selfish than Rachel!!

RACH: (voice-over) I HEARD THAT!!!!!!

Scene: Rachel’s room. She’s now using her laptop,
obviously she is online. She is now checking her

RACH: Oh, there’s one from Red!! Yay! What’s in

She opens the message….

Dear Rocky,
Hi! It’s me!!! Remember our last conversation on The
Road Not Taken? Well… I’m typing the poem for you, so
hope you can understand it more! Here it goes….

The road not taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another way!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

Rocky dear, I hope that you’ll get your answer from
here…. I’m glad if this helps… because that’s what
friends are for, right? Take care and bye for now…

Sincerely, Red.

Rachel just freezes at the front of her laptop.

RACH: God………… (starts sobbing, it lasts for a few
minutes, then tries to calm down) Come on Rachel
don’t cry…

She uses all her strength to reply Red’s message….

“ Dear Red,

I am so deeply touched after reading the poem that
you’ve sent to me. It does have a very deep meaning. I
appreciate it, thank you. It’s just that my mind has
been clobbered for a very long time, and now I hope
that the thick fog will clear away. Thanks for all
your help! I maybe won’t be around for a few days
because my best friend is getting married, so really
hope to see you soon! Bye.

Thoughts, Rocky.”

After she hit the “Send” button, she switches on her
printer and prints the poem. Then, she switches her
laptop off. The poem is now in her hand, and she
cannot take her eyes off of the poem.

RACH: Oh my….. Ross must’ve been hurting like hell
for everything that I’ve done to him! Oh god…… I never
want to take any risk to work things out in our
relationship… having a fresh start. Instead, I always
throw the past to his face…. And now I’ve chosen the
wrong path of life…. What am I going to do?

And her mind wonders…. Thinking of what that has been
going on between her an Ross for the past years……..
From the first time she entered Central Perk, soaked
wet in her wedding dress, to the first time Ross and
her doing the laundry together, the blackout, how Ross
comforted her after she broke up with Paolo, when Ross
let her win the poker game, when she lost Marcel, the
birth of Ben, how she found out that he loves

(the song “The Way We Were” will be playing…)

Memories, like the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way we were.
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were

She is now in her bed, reminiscing how she got
insanely jealous when Julie came, how she tried to
stop Ross from ‘doing it’ with Julie, when Ross found
out about her love for him, their first kiss, the list
incident, the prom video night, their first time, the
first time they say “I love you”, all the good old
days……….. until the night when they broke up.

Tears are now rolling over her cheek like water came
down from the waterfall……..

Can it be that it was all so simple then
Or has time rewritten every line
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would be, could we

The whole beach incident, the infamous “WE WERE ON A
BREAK”, when she revealed that she still keep the
keepsakes of their relationship, the whole Emily thing
to the disastrous London wedding, how she told him
that she loves him, the whole “we can’t see each
other” thing to Ross’ second divorce…………. And then the
“Drunken Vegas Wedding”………….

How she desperately and selfishly want the divorce,
when Jill walked into their lives…. And the whole “The
Stevens Fiasco” that happened to both of them. How
they kissed again on Monica’s supposed to be
Engagement Dinner, “Tag” drama, until he saved her
again last night…..

Memories may be beautiful and yet
What's to simple to remember
We simply choose to forget,
So it's the laughter we will remember
Whenever we remember the way we were,
The way we were

She takes a luggage bag, carefully hidden under her
bed. The luggage bag that she took from work months
ago, after she got promoted in Ralph Lauren. Inside it
reveals a shoebox, the exact same shoebox that she
showed to Ross on the thanksgiving night where
Chandler was in the box………… and also a big wood box.
She opened the wooden box, and then we know that the
box is full of her pictures with Ross, then and now.

RACH: Thank God I saved and kept this stuff in the
office.. or else it’ll be burnt with the rest of my
stuff during the fire… at least I have something to
remember about US……….

She keeps on staring at those stuffs…… and her mind
goes deep….. again. She feels that her body is being
carried away from her room, it’s like she’s entering
the time warp. She just stay there and her mind just
moves on and on and on………..

Suddenly, she realizes that she is now at the Plaza
Hotel, the exact hotel that’s in the end scene of the
movie “The Way We Were”. Except that she’s wearing
those expensive designer clothes. It looks like she is
waiting for someone.

Then, a guy, about 37 years old comes out from the
hotel’s entrance, with a woman who looks like an
Arabian woman. He sees Rachel standing there, and
called her name.


Rachel searches for the voice, and she knows that the
owner of the voice is none other than….


ROSS: (To the Arabian women) Hang on, I’ll be back
honey (kisses the woman).

Rachel looks surprised.

RACH: Ross, what are you doing here? Aren’t you
supposed to be in Egypt as what that I’ve heard?

ROSS: Yeah, I am. But then I met Sheherazad, that
Egyptian woman that you saw with me just now. I fall
in love with her, and now we’re married! I just came
here for a few days because I have to attend a
conference here, and I’ll be off to Egypt within this
few hours!

RACH: Oh……

ROSS: And you, why are you here? You’re now working in
Paris, right?

RACH: Used to, but not anymore. I’m married too (shows
him her wedding band, it looks so expensive with all
those diamonds), and actually I’m waiting for my
husband’s chauffeur to fetch me.

ROSS: Oh, you’re married. This guy must be rich!

RACH: Yeah, he’s a multi-millionaire fashion

ROSS: I didn’t even get you one of those (pointing to
the wedding band).

RACH: It’s okay, we’re over for good now, aren’t we,

ROSS: Yeah, you’re finally happily married……..

RACH: You too……

ROSS: Yeah, but remember this Rach, I’ll never forget
you. You have this special space in my heart. We do
love each other, we just don’t meant to be together
forever. I will always remember you, Rach.

RACH: Honey, I feel the same too. It’s just we are two
very different people, with so many differences that
we’re not compatible together. I married that guy
because I have to, well he gave my parents so many
expensive gifts, and they practically begged me to get
married with him. Yeah, I’m happy because all this
money and fortune surrounds me, but I can never love
him like the way I love you.

ROSS: Well, you got me. Just one more thing, I just
need one last kiss from you, since we’ll never meet
each other ever again.

RACH: Are you sure about this?

ROSS: I have never been surer.. (they started kissing
with passion and full devotion until he breaks it).
Goodbye Rachel.

RACH: Goodbye, Ross… I’ll never forget you…

Ross gives her a smile and disappears again………..

RACH: ROSS DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of a sudden she wakes up.

Phoebe enters her room. She sees that Rachel’s room is
in a huge mess. Pictures are scattering on the floor.

PHOE: Rachel, are you okay?

RACH: I just had a bad dream, I’m okay Pheebs.

PHOE: You’re lying. You just screamed Ross’ name, just

RACH: Yes Pheebs, I’m having a nightmare!!!!!!!

PHOE: Your room’s a mess!!!

RACH: What’re you doing, pulling a Monica?

PHOE: What’s with these photos of you and.. (picks
one) ROSS?

RACH: Pheebs!!!

PHOE: How these stuffs are here? Aren’t all of your
stuffs burnt during the fire?

RACH: Not these ones……. I kept them in the office
before I moved to your house for the first time. I
just don’t want you to find out. Only when I got
promoted a few months ago I brought them back here.

PHOE: And you told me that it’s just your new bag!

RACH: There are things that I should hide from you
sometimes, Pheebs.

PHOE: Rachel, are you…. are you….. are you….. falling
head over heels for Ross again?

RACH: Oh God Pheebs…… for this past few weeks I can’t
stop thinking about him!!!!

PHOE: For the past few weeks or since forever???

RACH: Um.. yeah… but the feeling for him grows
stronger than ever this few weeks.. even when I was
with Tag…. I always thinking of him, and comparing Tag
to him….

PHOE: Does he knows about this?

RACH: He who? Ross or Tag?

PHOE: Ross!

RACH: No, he doesn’t. I’ve kept it as a secret from

PHOE: Well, everyone but me!

RACH: Gosh… YOU? You’re always the last person to get
to know everything!

PHOE: Not in your case, Lovey-Loversome!


PHOE: Never doubted my psychic powers……

RACH: I never ever think you own one.

PHOE: Or the fact that you have always in love with
him, just like he is!

RACH: What, you think he loves me?

PHOE: God, that man’s in denial for such a very long
time! Don’t you remember how many relationships that
he has screwed just because of you? No matter how
committed he is with a woman, their relationship never

RACH: Pheebs, sometimes, things won’t work out the way
we want it to be.

PHOE: WHOA! Gosh Rach, now I want to know the truth,
and I know, as a roommate and your best friend-

RACH: YOU are? Aww….. Pheebs… I love you!

PHOE: Rachel! I haven’t even finished my question! By
the way, I love you too! (they hug)

RACH: Okay-okay-okay-okay, continue Pheebs…..

PHOE: Once and for all, where have you been on Tuesday

RACH: Didn’t Ross told you that-

PHOE: Yeah, he told the lamest story in the world!

RACH: And I thought his dinosaur stories are the
lamest stories ever….

PHOE: Okay, cut the crap, okay Rachel. I know he’s
lying. Tell me, where were you that night.

RACH: Phoebe, I told you that-

PHOE: Rachel Karen Green, the TRUTH!

RACH: FINE! You want to know the truth so bad! Okay,
you know that day Tag and I broke up?

PHOE: Of course, as if the whole world doesn’t know
about that!

RACH: Phoebe!!!

PHOE: Sorry.

Rachel continues the story until the very end. Phoebe
then hugs her.

PHOE: Rachel, after all that Ross and you have been
through, I think this WILL bring you guys back

RACH: You mean?

PHOE: Remember my “Lobster Theory”??

RACH: Although at first it’s weird, but then, yeah.

PHOE: You guys do love each other, but never have the
right time to make it through. You see, the lobsters,
when they are old enough, they will find their mate,
and they will be happy together, holding their claws
(does the ‘lobster’ thing with her hand).

RACH: I don’t get your point, Pheebs.

PHOE: Why did you break up at the first time?

RACH: Because he slept with somebody else?

PHOE: Rachel, I know that’s not the right answer. Tell
me the right answer.

RACH: (sighs) Fine, we can’t work it out because of my
damn stupid pride and I’m always the one who breaks

PHOE: See Rachel, you always run out from your
problems. You never want to think about it deeply, to
work things out again. Did you remember Chandler, the
man who owns the heart of stone and tin, finally cried
because of you two can’t work things out?

RACH: Yes, Phoebe. But still, I don’t get your
‘lobster story’ just now.

PHOE: Rachel, you know what, we’ve always in the
middle of your relationship with Ross, and you always
throw us in whenever you have a fight. But don’t you
remember how did you guys get together for many many

RACH: (starts to cry) Because of our love of each

PHOE: Huh, that’s right. And you guys did it on our
own, without our help! Rachel, Ross and you have grown
up now, I mean both of you are more mature now, just
like the lobsters!!

RACH: (sighs) Oh.

PHOE: The point of my ‘lobster story’ is actually you
guys now are different, meaning you guys have grown
up, but still, in your hearts, you guys still have a
special space for each other. Now that you guys are
more mature, you guys can work things out. Especially
you Rachel.

RACH: Why me, Pheebs?

PHOE: I’ve told you right, because you always run when
you have a problem. Now, you have to face it, Rachel.
And you have to face it on your own, without our help!
That’s being an adult really means!!!! Living on your
own and face the problems in life! And in your case
now, solving your own web of love puzzle!

RACH: (still crying) Thank you Phoebe, thanks so much.

PHOE: No biggie, Rach….. the burden is now on you, and
for once, you’re gonna solve this problem on your own.

RACH: Thanks again Pheebs……….. (they hug)

The next day.
Thursday, 2 days more to go before Chandler and
Monica’s wedding.

Scene: Chandler and Monica’s. The girls are there.

MNCA: Chair seating, check! Arrangements for the
tulips, check! The caterer, check! Wow, I’m really
good at this!

PHOE: Could you BE more specific?

MNCA: Wow…. You SO sounded like my fiancé! How sweet
of you Pheebs!!

PHOE: Finally you praise me for something. All this
time, all that I heard is your screaming!

Monica gives her an evil glare

RACH: Wait Mon.. I need to tell you something.

MNCA: What, Rachel? After vanishing from my life for
days and now you’re here, then now you feel like
talking to me?? Talk!

RACH: About the seating chart, I think you need to do
some changes in that.

MNCA: Whoa………. What are you trying to do to me,
Green?? Don’t you know that I’ve been organizing it
nicely and orderly???? This is MY WEDDING for God’s

PHOE: Oh my God, if I listen to that speech one more
time Monica, I am going to marry Chandler, not you!!

MNCA: Now you’re taking MY fiancé?

PHOE: Wohohooooaaa….. nope!! I have Joey as backup, I
don’t need Chandler to make the list full!!!

MNCA: FINE, Buffay… Now Rachel, what’s the teeny tiny

RACH: Okay, I’m not going to bring Tag to the wedding.

MNCA: Why? Because he’s still a minor or her mother
doesn’t let him go with you?

RACH: No, it’s the other way around. We broke up.

MNCA: (sympathetically) Oh Rachel, I’m sorry….

RACH: Yeah, you’re too busy with your wedding frenzy,
I don’t wanna steal your thunder. At least I’m living
with Phoebe!

Phoebe gives a boastful smile.

MNCA: Whoa-whoawhoa…… Phoebe knows about this break up
before me??? NOOOOOO…… how could you?????

PHOE: Hahahaaa.. to spice things up, actually Monica,
you’re the last one to know about this break up!!
Yay!!! Serves you right!!!!!!!!

MNCA: You mean, the rest of the gang knows about this
and I am the only one who don’t know?? RACHEL, HOW

The guys enter the apartment.

GUYS: Morning everyone!!!!

MNCA: (madly) Enough with all this huge headache that
I have within this very few days, YOU (points to the
guys) add them by NOT TELLING that Rachel had broken
up with Tag!!!

RACH: Come on Monica, it’s not that bigger deal. I’ve
already fired Tag. He’s vanished from my very eyes and
he’ll never gonna see us again!!!

REST: What???? WHATTTT??????? You fired TAG?????

ROSS: Relax guys, she told me that before! It’s okay!

CHAN: Whoawhoawhoa Rossy, you keep this from US??????

ROSS: Hey I’m not Rossy, I’m your

JOEY: Guys, please don’t fight okay! We only have this
very few days before the weddin’. Chan, you still have
to spend your last bachelor days with us!!

MNCA: Joey brings out a good point. GO, GO, GO,

CHAN: Monica, do I have to provide you some Spanish
dictionary for you to use now!!!!!

PHOE: Laugh your asses off, Chandler! You’re going to
hear that for the rest of your life!!

MNCA: Shut up!!! Now, everyone, go to the places where
you guys should go! Rachel, Phoebe, you guys come with
me! We have to pick up my wedding dress!

RACH: Why we have to follow you?

PHOE: Yeah, aren’t we consist in the word “everyone”??

MNCA: Let me think, NO!!!! Come on guys, or else you
won’t get your dresses too!! Oooh wait, I have to do
something before we go (she takes a list)

JOEY: Wonder where she has the idea of making a list
huh Chandler? (Chandler gives Joey an evil glare)

MNCA: Okay.. first, I have to cancel Tag’s name in my
wedding guest’s list, (crosses it) done! Then about
who’s gonna come with whom what do you think Rachel?

RACH: I think I better go with you and Phoebe, since
the guys are going together so why not us too?

PHOE: Yeah!

MNCA: Okay, good, second problem settled, now… oh yeah
I forget about this. Chandler, how’s your dancing

CHAN: You just wait and see Mon,,,

MNCA: Okay, we’ll see about that…. Uhm Joey and Phoebe
are going to dance together right?

JOEY: Yeah, we figured that we don’t have any dates to
bring to your wedding, so we decided to have a little
fun with ourselves, right Pheebs? (winks his eye at
Phoebe and Phoebe replies that with a flying kiss)

MNCA: Okay, enough with the public display you two……
Rachel, since you and Tag are not going together, your
dancing partner is… (looking down the list again)

ROSS: Monica, I told you I don’t want to dance on your
wedding! Doesn’t the word “dateless” means anything to

PHOE: Ross, Joey and I are dateless, but we’re dancing

JOEY: Hey, you are a good dancer, your moves last
night is much better than mine and “the dropper”
combined together!

CHAN: Oh no, childhood flashback!

MNCA: Moves, what moves?

JOEY: Ross danced with Rachel last night.

MNCA: WHAT??? I can’t believe you guys kept so many
secrets from me!!

CHAN: (picks a newspaper) Joey,

JOEY: Yeah?

Chandler hits him with a newspaper.

JOEY: Yeah Mon… but it’s okay, Phoebe and I are
learning to dance with those two, (sarcastically)
right Chandler?

CHAN: (gets Joey’s message) Couldn’t be more right.

REST: Come on Ross / only this once / please Ross /
you’re good!!

RACH: (walks towards Ross) Come on Ross, we’ll just
dance. We’re both the Best Man and the Maid of Honor!

ROSS: Hmmmm…… (thinks for a while) Fine, okay I’ll
dance with you.

RACH: Thank you!! (gives a peck on Ross’ cheek, he

MNCA: Done, the problems solved. Now girls, we’re off
to the bridal shop!

RACH: I can’t believe you haven’t taken your dress
yet!! When I was going to get married to Barry, that’s
the first thing I do!!!!

MNCA: Rachel Karen Green, you were born in a rich
family, with servants and everything, so you do
nothing! I really have to finish up with you, but I’ll
just save it, okay! Now get your cute butts off my
sofa, grab your purses and we’ll go, okay!!!!!! COME
ON!!!! (leaves the apartment)

RACH: Pheebs, what that she’s trying to imply from

PHOE: You’re still single and she’s getting married.
Get it?

RACH: Oh yeah….. (both of them leave the room)

JOEY: So Chandler, dance lessons again?

CHAN: Uhm… no. I need some quality time with my
pillows today. Those girls are going to shop all day,
so I can have the whole day sleeping here!

JOEY: Well then, so long! I’m off to my apartment!

(Ross’ cell phone rings)

ROSS: Okay, okay, okay, I’ll be there. Sorry Joe, have
to go to the university. Urgent matter. See you later,
okay! Bye (leaves the room)

JOEY: Now I am all alone. Huh.. Oh no, my lovely
chicken and duck!!! (runs back to his apartment)


Scene: Joey’s apartment. Joey is playing Playstation
II while Chandler is still sleeping on the couch!

JOEY: Wow, this thing is soooooo damn cool! Chandler,
come play with meeeee!!!!!!!!!!

CHAN: Yeah I do want to Joey, but you are interrupting
my lying around time.

JOEY: CHANDLERRRR!!!!!!!!!! (starts to pull Chandler
off the couch) Play with MEEEE!!!!

CHAN: No, please for the love of me and my pillow,

Ross barges into the apartment.

ROSS: GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen,
I have a very good news!!!

CHAN: Aahhh… finally you are here, Ross. This Daddy
Rooster is dragging me to play Playstation with


ROSS: Okay-okay-okay-okay, do you guys want to listen
to my voice or not???

J&C: Okay Ross, tell us!!

CHAN: If this news is Carol being straight again, whoa
that is a surprise!!!!!!

ROSS: NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Nothing related to Carol! This is
about my job!!!! I got my job back at the museum!!!!!

CHAN: What? I don’t believe it!!!!!!

JOEY: Yay you, dude!!!!!!!!!! (gives him a hug)

ROSS: Wait-wait-wait-wait……….. this is the best part.
I’m not only a paleontologist, but I got a better
post!! I’m now the-


ROSS: Not that!! Now, you guys are looking at the Head
of Paleontology Department of the Museum of National
History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

CHAN: Oh no, another “Jurassic Park” flashback!!!

JOEY: Wow man, that’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, what
about your job as the lecturer in NYU?

ROSS: Oh, I still do give lectures there, but just as
a part-time job. As if those people haven’t given me
much headache already!!

CHAN: That’s a lesson for having an affair with your
students! (Ross gives him an evil glare)

ROSS: Eat your jokes man, now, at the front of my door
at my new room will be Professor Dr. Ross C. Geller,
PhD. Woohooo!!!!!!

JOEY: I don’t know you have a middle name!

ROSS: Well, you never ask! Chandler knows my middle

CHAN: And that’s how we can be friends. I joked about
his middle name and he punched me right on the nose.

ROSS: He called me Christopher Robin! But then, I
helped him, so we become friends on the spot!

JOEY: Wait Ross, your middle name is Christopher?

ROSS: (a bit shy) Yah-huh… (sorry guys, I made
Christopher up! I don’t know what his middle name is!)

JOEY: Whoa… what a name! Professor Dr. Ross
Christopher Geller, PhD. I wonder if I can remember

ROSS: Nah, just remember I’m Ross, your friend!

CHAN: Thanks Ross…….. or our little friend here wound
need a brain implant so that he can remember your long
name!!! (Joey gives him an evil glare)

JOEY: Chandler, you know what? You’re getting more
annoying these days and I’m so… GRRRRR!!! C’mon Ross,
let’s play some foos and leave this chimpanzee alone!

Ross and Joey starts to play foosball.

CHAN: (pleads) Guys, I’m sorry… guys… GUYS!!!!

Both Ross and Joey just ignore Chandler.

Cut to: Chandler and Monica’s apartment. The girls are
entering the apartment, carrying loads of shopping

MNCA: YAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna try
my wedding dress on now you guys!!!!!!!! Lock the
door, I don’t want Chandler to see me!! Tonight is
specially reserved for us three!!!!!!!!!!

RACH: And you forget to shut the drapes!

PHOE: (shuts the drapes) DONE!!!!!!!

MNCA: Thanks Pheebs!!! I’m gonna change

PHOE: Wow, that reminds me on the time when we dressed
in those wedding gowns!!!!

RACH: Yeah……. You guys helped to cheer me up after
Ross comforted me after breaking up with Joshua…..

PHOE: Yeah.. sorry Rach…

RACH: Never mind….. Joshua has been vanished from my
life long time ago…. Anyway.. hey Pheebs, why not we
try our dresses too? It’ll be more fun!!!!

PHOE: Which dress should I wear? The bridesmaid one or
the one that I wear for my little gig?

RACH: I think the bridesmaid one… that’ll be more

PHOE: OKAY!!!!!! (runs to the bathroom with her dress
while Rachel rushes to her old room)

Fifteen minutes later…..

Monica comes out from her bedroom.

MNCA: GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU

Simultaneously, Rachel and Phoebe come out from the
respective rooms, wearing their dresses.

BOTH: SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU
GUYS!!!!!!! (hugs them both)

RACH: Hey Mon, I think since we’re all wearing these
dresses, why not we have a quick rehearsal, since you
said that you don’t want to have any!!!!

MNCA: Hmm…. Okay!!!

PHOE: Wait Mon, Why you don’t wanna have any
rehearsals?? I thought you’re gonna conduct them many
many times!!!

MNCA: Well… I just want the wedding to be the wedding
full of surprise!!!!! That’s why I get these dresses

RACH: Although you’ve ordered them since months ago!

MNCA: I want this wedding to be the one that should be
remembered by everyone to the rest of my life… no
more Ross’ disastrous London wedding. That’s another
reason I don’t have a rehearsal!!

PHOE: Why?

MNCA: Remember how Chandler and I get together for the
first time??

R&P: Oh yeah definitely…..

MNCA: So I just want that one to be remembered, and no
more dinner rehearsal anymore!!!!!!!!!

PHOE: Because you know….. usually the Best Man gets to
bed the Maid of Honor!

RACH: And in the case of my wedding with Barry before,
he slept with Mindy!!

PHOE: That’s why their marriage don’t work out!
Breaking the old tradition!

MNCA: Pheebs, I slept with Chandler, Ross’ wedding in
London didn’t work out either.

PHOE: That’s because he makes a terrible decision, not
because of you Mon!

MNCA: And I wonder if my Maid of Honor will be bed by
Chandler’s Best Man…

RACH: Mon, Ross and I has slept together like many
many times years ago, I think that makes up for
Phoebe’s “tradition” bit.

MNCA: Hmm……. (thinks)

PHOE: (sees Rachel’s start to feel down) Okay guys…
let’s start!!! I’ll walk first!!!! Come on, sing!!!
(starts to pretend to walk down the aisle…)

RACH: (starts to look better) Okay, my turn! (starts
to walk too…. But she’s imagining that Ross is there
beside her)

MNCA: MY TURN MYTURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play the
“Here Comes The Bride!!!”

R&P: Dum-dum-dum-dum…….. dum-dum-dum-dum………
dum-dum-dum-dum-dum.. dum-dum dum-dum………

MNCA: (pretends that she’s walking down the aisle) God
I’m so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (then reaches the
same place where Rachel and Phoebe stand) Okay, we
missed two persons now…

RACH: Who?

MNCA: Chandler and the priest!!!

PHOE: Oooh.. I thought tonight is only gonna be
between us girls!!!!

MNCA: Okay, if there is no Chandler, no priest…. So
it’s the perfect time to…..

ALL: (in unison) TOSS THE BOUQUET!!!!!!!

PHOE: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RACH: Come on Mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MNCA: OKAY!!! (throws the bouquet and Rachel catches


PHOE: Wonder who’s the lucky man!!!!!!! (winks at

RACH: I don’t know… but I know that I’m gonna toss
this bad boy!!!!! (throws the bouquet and Phoebe
catches it)


MNCA: Yeah, yay you Phoebe!!! Now throw the bouquet

Phoebe is about to throw the bouquet when there is a
knock on the door.

MNCA: Tonight is a girls’ night! No one can disturb

ROSS: (voice-over) I have some news to tell you

MNCA: Just speak over the telephone, I’ll turn on the
speaker and we’ll listen!

ROSS: Never mind, I’ll just shout it from here!

PHOE: Okay!

RACH: We’ll listen!

ROSS: (voice-over, but shouting) I GOT MY OLD JOB BACK

GIRLS: (surprised) OOOHH!!! YAY ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RACH: That’s even better!


PHOE: WOW!! You’re gonna do those jobs on your


MNCA: Whoa, he’s making more and more money!!!! I
CARE!! (runs to her bedroom)

RACH: Mon, what are you doing?

MNCA: (voice-over) I’m changing!!!!!

Rachel and Phoebe rushes back and change.

Scene: the hallway between C&M and Joey’s apartments.

The girls run out from the apartment!


ROSS: Wow, that is fast!!

Chandler and Joey comes out from Joey’s apartment.

JOEY: Now I want to get promoted, see how he gets the
girls Chandler?

MNCA: Joey, he’s my brother!!

R&P: And he’s our friend!

CHAN: Now I’m feeling left out! Come Joey, join the

JOEY: Oh yeah…. (they all gather in a group hug)

ALL: YAY!!!!!!

FRIDAY, tomorrow is the wedding

Okay, I’m gonna show some clips here. First when the
girls arrive to the museum, Monica starts to boss
people around, with her huge map she tells where to
put every single thing in the museum hall, while
Rachel and Phoebe starts to put on the decorations,
candles and stuffs in the room (with Monica’s yelling
at the background, of course), Monica keeps on
correcting every single thing that they’re all doing,
until finally the hall is almost fully decorated.

GIRLS: Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

PHOE: Now I want to get married……

MNCA: I am sooo gonna supervise where do they put my
tulips tomorrow, I don’t wanna see any single thing
goes wrong on my wedding!!!!

R&P: MONICA!!!!!

MNCA: Sorry, too excited

Next clip: Joey’s apartment. Ross and Joey are busy
decorating the apartment for the bachelor party for
Chandler. Ross is busy cleaning the apartment while
Joey is busy with the food, also eating them while
preparing!! Ross hits Joey’s hand and Joey grabs the
shaving cream and sprays to Ross and they’re running
chasing each other in the apartment!! Realizing the
apartment is in a mess again, Ross as the Best Man
orders Joey to clean up the apartment. So we can see
Joey actually cleaning the apartment, and Ross enjoys
a slice of pizza!! Finally the apartment is fully
decorated. Ross puts a CD in the CD player, reveals
that it’s the song from Ricky Martin, “She Dance”!!
Both starts grooving around the apartment!!

ROSS: This is going to be the best party ever!!!!

JOEY: Yeah baby!!!

ROSS: Joey, there are no girls in the apartment!!

JOEY: Hey, I’m singin’!!! When the stripper’s gonna

ROSS: Tonight, somewhere around 9. Remember what I
told ya about the stripper, Joey?


ROSS: Good!!!! Come on, let’s dance again!!!!

JOEY: All right!!!

ROSS: Wait, this dance is boring, why not on the honor
of Chandler, we dance…


(they continue dancing like clowns in the apartment)

Next clip: Chandler’s work. His co-workers organizes a
party for him. He seems to have a good time and cracks
so many jokes!!!!! He receives loads of presents from

CHAN: Oooh.. my wife is gonna love all there
presents!! But how am I gonna carry these stuffs back?
I don’t have a car!!!

DOUG: Well Bing, this is the big present, a brand new
car from you! (gives him the key)

CHAN: Doug, thanks man!!!!!!! I’m sooo thankful!!!!

DOUG: you’ve been working with this company for like
more than 10 years, and your work progress is very
good!! You deserve to own one!!!!

CHAN: Thanks man!!!

DOUG: And this is a bonus (slaps Chandler’s butt)

CHAN: Oh-my-god, when THAT is going to end?

Next clip: Chandler and Monica’s apartment. It looks
like the girls have a party for Monica too!!!! Since
Rachel and Phoebe organize this party, means no boring
card games… they got a male stripper!!!!
WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!! The girls are enjoying them!! We can
also see many people come for the party, even Monica’s
old co-workers!! Then, Monica starts to unwrap the
presents, she looks sooo happy with all the presents
that they gave her!!!! But, after a while, she starts
to frown….. They took a photo, and Monica forces
herself to smile, which then we can see a flash of
light, brings us to…

Scene: The hallway between C&M and Joey’s apartment.
Monica is just out from her apartment, just to find
out that Ross is sitting alone at the hallway.

MNCA: Ross…. What are you doing alone here? Aren’t you
supposed to enjoy the party?

ROSS: The stripper’s having her show now, I’m not
interested to watch it, so I just stay here.

MNCA: Oh…. Ross…. Actually, I am soooo nervous
thinking about the wedding, I’m afraid that it would
go wrong, or even worse, ends up like you.

ROSS: YOU, nervous about wedding?? After all people I
know in my whole life, you are the least person that
I know who has wedding jitters!!

MNCA: No….. it’s just after seeing all those presents,
I started to get scared you know… Oh Ross… what should
I do?

ROSS: Monica, come here. (she sits beside Ross, he
hugs her then releases) Mon, you are my only sister, I
know you since the first day you were born, and I’ve
known Chandler for years too. Nothing wrong is going
to happen, you two are good people, don’t worry!

MNCA: It’s just that……. Seeing you suffer from those
failed marriages makes me scared you know…

ROSS: No, Mon. You are a very independent woman, you
have teach Chandler the value of love that he has
never seen before. Of course you can work it out.

MNCA: Thanks Ross…

ROSS: Mon, you are my one and only sister, of course I
want to see you happy. No matter what, we are the only
children of the Gellers! Although we can be so
competitive at times..

MNCA: Or should I say ALL THE TIME??

ROSS: Well, in the case of us Gellers, ALL THE TIME,
as you said…. But we both know that in spite of all
those petty fights..

MNCA: Atomic wedgies, super flying wedgies,

BOTH : ULTRASONIC WEDGIES!!!!!!!!! (both of them

ROSS: Okay, seriously, no matter how much you hated me
when we were kids, no matter how much I have teased
you before, you are still Monica, my younger sister.

MNCA: Ross, you know what, I hate it when you’re
always right. But, obviously, I love you, bro.

ROSS: Yeah, I love you too my sis. Take good care of
your marriage, ok! (kisses Monica’s forehead)

MNCA: Yes I will. The first thing that I’m gonna do
after the honeymoon is to get the license laminated!!!
(both of them laughs again, imagining what’ll happen)

ROSS: Okay Mon, you have a party to attend!!! Go,

MNCA: Sure I will!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ross,

ROSS: Yah huh?

MNCA: You know what, I know someday at the end of the
road you won’t be ended up alone. Goodnight.

ROSS: I know, good night Mon. Once a Geller, always a
Geller! (both of them smile and she enters back into
the apartment)

The scene fades with Ross taking his solo moment,
thinking alone while sitting at the hallway…….

SATURDAY, the wedding day!

Again, half of this is going to be shown by clips…… I
don’t know which song to choose, so I just use
Jennifer Lopez’s song “let’s get loud” on the
background, okay!!!!

Clip 1: Monica gets up in the morning, and then she
wakes Rachel and Phoebe up, all of them rushes to get
ready to go to the salon. We can also see Monica busy
cleaning the house again and checks that her luggage
bags are packed, also Chandler’s.

Clip 2: The guys, recovered from the hangover, cleans
the apartment AGAIN, only this time Chandler is the
one who has to do it. Joey and Ross just boss him to
do practically everything, they even ask Chandler to
put on the apron! A mad Chandler then chases the guys
around the apartment, but thinking that this is his
wedding day, he just stop and just let the guys do
their thing. He cleans the apartment, singing.

Clip 3: The girls are now in the salon, only now Mrs.
Geller is busy fussing around, and we can see Monica
has a tension look on her face. Rachel and Phoebe just
laugh at her, seeing for the first time in weeks
Monica get to be bossed. Until finally…

MON: MOM!! This is my wedding, not yours!!

JUDY: Oh, sorry dear, I just want to ensure that
everything’s okay…

PHOE: Finally she said the right words to the right

RACH: Oh yeah!

The girls continue getting ready for the wedding.

Clip 4: The guys are gathering at Chandler and Monica.
All three of them look so incredibly handsome.
Chandler hands the wedding ring box to Ross, then he
hugs him. Joey, not to be left out, joins the hug too.

CHAN: I’m gonna miss you guys!!!!!!

ROSS: Not me, I’m your brother-in-law!!!!

JOEY: And I’m your neighbor!!!

CHAN: I mean I’ll miss my bachelorhood!!!

They release the hug. We can see that all three of
them try to shed one tear from each other’s face. Then
they leave the apartment.

Clip 5: The girls and Judy Geller are now arriving at
the Museum. They are carrying their dresses.

MNCA: Pheebs, Rach, carry these dresses to the
dressing room. I just want to check the hall once

She enters the hall, seeing everything is fine. The
tulips, her favorite flowers are everywhere. She

JUDY: Monica, I’m proud of you.

MNCA: What, Mom?

JACK: (comes from a corner of the room) I arrived here
early (kisses them both on their foreheads) Monica,
we’re both very proud of you. You organized this
wedding independently by yourself, you make us feel
very proud of you!

JUDY: Mon, maybe I always criticize you in everything,
but it doesn’t mean that your father and I don’t love
you. It’s just that you are our one and only-

MNCA: Little Harmonica.

JACK: Thanks. Today you’re gonna get married and I
hope that you will have a happy marriage with

JUDY: Same goes with me too, Mon. I love you (kisses
her cheek)

MNCA: (in a verge of tears) Thanks Mom, Dad.

JUDY: Now, don’t cry, okay! it’ll ruin your make up!


J&J just laugh!


Scene: The Wedding Hall. The guys are there now.

ROSS: I suppose that you’re waiting for your parents
to come, right Chandler!

CHAN: I do send them invitation cards, but I don’t
even know if they even bother to come and see me.

JOEY: Hey Chandler, look who’s coming???

CHAN: Who? Bozo the clown?

ROSS: Your parents, silly!!! Go meet them.

NORA: Hi Children!! Hey Ross…..

ROSS: How am I gonna forget you Mrs. Bing..

NORA: Oh my kiddo!! (hugs Chandler)

CHAN: Mom? Dad?

DAD: Yes Chandler, I’m coming today, for you. (he hugs
Chandler, surprisingly he wears a tuxedo, not those
horrible costumes! He’s actually good looking, he’s
played by Robert Redford, since we know that
Chandler’s father is actually a handsome blonde man
who turns gay) This is my Channy Boy!!!!

JOEY: (laughs a bit) Channy Boy???? I thought I was
the first one to call him Channy!!!

Chandler gives Joey a sarcastic look.

CHAN: (breaks the hug) Guys, this is Robert Bing, my
father. Or should I call you Roberta, your Vegas stage

RBRT: Robert is okay for today. (he shakes hand with
both Ross and Joey and flirts with both) Such fine

R&J: Thanks sir. Chandler, I think we better leave you
for a moment.

CHAN: Okay guys. ( Ross and Joey leave)

While leaving…

JOEY: I can’t believe his father dares to flirt with
both of us!

ROSS: I can’t believe both his parents flirt with
ME!!! Gross!!!

JOEY: AND you’re gonna face those two more often!
(Ross gives Joey a dirty look)

Back to the Bing family…

CHAN: Mom, dad, how come you guys decided to see me
today, BOTH of you PRESENT??

NORA: Well. I am gonna come, anyway because you’re my
son and of course I’d like to see you get married,

CHAN: (sarcastically) Aren’t I belong to the servants
at your mansions and the workers at the boarding

RBRT: Chandler, you’re my son. I only has a son, and
he is you.

CHAN: Then why you abandoned me all these years??? You
never called, never send me a postcard or anything??
Although you give me loads of money through mom, but
why you never meet me in the person?

RBRT: You know my job-

CHAN: At the gay burlesque that you owned! Don’t you
two ever think that you two are raising a son? I
always got mistaken as gay, I live a very independent
life, my relationships are total rubbish except for

NORA: Chandler, don’t talk to your father like that!

CHAN: No mom, I just saying the things that I’d like
to say to him after all these years!

RBRT: (who remains calm through the whole argument)
Chandler, I may be gay-

CHAN: Yeah you are!

RBRT: Yes I am, but I still have a heart! No matter
what, you are still my son, my only legacy!

CHAN: I don’t want to inherit your gay burlesque
empire! I don’t give a damn on it!!!

RBRT: Chandler Bing, son, I love you…….. (hugs him)

CHAN: I DON’T, I DON’T, I DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! (starts
to cry) I love you dad……… (they hug for quite a while)
why you didn’t even want to see me before??

RBRT: There was no right time, son!

CHAN: Will you go out with me after my honeymoon??

RBRT: Of course I will.

CHAN: (like a little boy) Promise?

RBRT: Yes, I promise you. (they break the hug)

NORA: We’ll be at the seats there. Good luck Chandler
(kisses him on his cheek)

CHAN: Thanks Mom. (kisses his mom back on his cheek)

RBRT: Now give me a smile (Chandler gives him his
smile, amazingly he looks so cute!!!!! :) ) That’s my
boy! Okay, see you later. (both Robert and Nora

Chandler just leans against the floor, and we can see
that he is controlling himself from crying.

Ross walks towards him.

ROSS: Chandler.

CHAN: Yes Ross.

ROSS: That’s the biggest thing you have done today,
Besides marrying my sister after this, by the way.

CHAN: What do you mean by that Ross?

ROSS: I’ve been knowing you ever since our first day
back in college! You told me everything about your
family, you know the stuffs you never told Joey.

CHAN: well, 23 years ago I think I’ve been all cried
out about this, but suddenly the Channy Boy is coming
back again in me I think.

ROSS: Yeah, I saw the little drama you had with your
family just now.

CHAN: And you said to me that you’re gonna give me
some privacy.

ROSS: No, it’s just that you’ve given me the wrong
box, Chandler! This is not the ring, this box is

CHAN: Oh , I’ve given you the wrong box! (hands Ross
another box)

ROSS: (opens the box) Thanks, wow this ring is
beautiful!!!!!!!!! Monica is so lucky to have you!

CHAN: no, I am so lucky to marry your sister, Ross.

ROSS: Chandler, I don’t know what else to say to you,
just one this teeny tiny thing, take good care of my
little sister okay! She’s my only sister, you know

CHAN: Yeah, I know. Thanks Ross, for being such a

ROSS: No biggie, big guy.

CHAN: Gotta get up… or else your sister won’t be
marrying anyone!!! (he smiles, and Ross smiles back.
Both leaves at the same time)


Scene: The dressing room.

MNCA: I’m ready!!!!!

R&P: Come out!! Let me see you!!!

Monica comes out, finally! She looks stunningly
beautiful in an ivory wedding dress. Her wedding dress
resembles the late Lady Diana’s dress, but she
redesigned it, with Rachel’s help of course, so that
the dress looks more modern and more Monica.

PHOE: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MNCA: OMG good????

PHOE: Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RACH: Finally, my fashion talents has been
appreciated! Mon, you’re so beautiful!!!

MNCA: I am beautiful, am I??

R&P: Yeah!

MNCA: Okay.. now it’s the ceremony time!!!!

Cut to: The wedding hall. We can see the little
Chandler and Leslie throwing flowers… they wear this
cute ivory dresses with rose ribbons and embroidery on
it. Then Ben, walks on the aisle, performing his job
as the ring bearer.

ROSS: (far behind) That’s my son!

Back to the other side of the hall.

MNCA: Oh my gosh…. Oh… oh……. I’m getting married!!!!
Please, I don’t wanna faint at the front of all those
people there!!!

PHOE: Monica, I thought that you are okay and so
wedding freak!!! This shocks!!!

RACH: Mon.. calm down… breathe… breathe… breathe…..

MNCA: I caught a headache!!!!

RACH: Mon… relax!! Phoebe, go on!!!!

PHOE: Okay!!! (she rushes out to meet Joey)

Cut back to the hall again. Phoebe, escorted by our
very own Joey Tribbiani, looks beautiful in a dark
blue dress.

JOEY: (whispers) Phoebe, you look beautiful tonight.

PHOE: (whispers back) You too Joey. But Mon caught a
huge headache backstage!

JOEY: (whispering again) Oh nooooooooo…….

PHOE: (whispers back) Don’t worry, Rachel’s with her.

JOEY: (unsure) Okay………. (both of them walks to
different sides)

Back to Monica and Rachel…

RACH: Okay Mon, calm down, okay! and don’t do the
things I’ve done on my previous wedding..

MNCA: What? Get drunk or jump over the window?

RACH: No, kicking Monica’s ass! Naaahhh… just relax…
it’s my turn now….

MNCA: Okay, just don’t ruin MY wedding ceremony!

RACH: Yeah, I know…. Mon….

MNCA: Yes?

RACH: Good luck (she hugs Monica, they cried until
Rachel breaks it)

MNCA: Rach, you are my best friend, I love you!

RACH: I’ll do anything for you!!

MNCA: Now go, perform your job!!! GOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!

RACH: Okay!!!! (she rushes out from the dressing room)

She is standing at the front of the door when she saw
Ross, the best man, standing alone at the end of the
other corner, standing and waiting for her.

(The part below will appear as Rachel sees Ross)

When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you
Are secrets and lies
I'll be your strength
I'll give you hope
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call
When standing here all alone

RACH: (voice-over) Gosh.. I’ve always seen him in
suits, but I don’t think I’ve seen him looking this
sexy.. Is it me or his butt looks damn sexy? Oops…
Okay Rachel, just be cool… be cool….

Rachel, smiling sweetly, keeps on walking towards
Ross. She looks deeply at him, lovingly and

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
’Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Ross sees Rachel walking towards him. He straightens
his suit and suddenly, he realizes something..

I've loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore

ROSS: (voice-over) Oh my God, she’s so beautiful… it’s
like she’s an angel.. MY angel…

I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

Ross takes Rachel’s hand, and she slips her arms on
his. He smiles.

ROSS: Okay, let’s start. We’re doing this for Monica
and Chandler, okay!

RACH: All right. (she tries her best to smile)

(This song goes as these two starts walking)

Just close your eyes each loving day
And know this feeling won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

As the camera focuses on Rachel, we can see that
she’s smiling shyly but still looks stunning.

Over and over I thought
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I just wouldn't be living at all

We can see that the guests are watching them,
including Judy Geller.
(everything’s in voice-over)

GUEST#1: Oh my God, those two looks so cute walking
down the aisle together!

GUEST#2: It’s like it’s their wedding..

GUEST#3: God, the Gellers’ having another wedding
AGAIN? I need to start saving my money for the next

JUDY: That’s my son…… oh boy, I hope Ross will marry
Rachel.. oops.. another wedding? I need a new set of
committee members..

Ross can’t keep his eyes off of Rachel. It’s like he’s
reminiscing something..

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Until the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

And now both of them are reaching the altar, still on
each other arms.

CHAN: Uh, Ross?

ROSS: Mmmm.. hmmmm?

CHAN: (whispering) This is MY wedding, not yours..
you can get married after this… to add into your
looooonggg list!

ROSS: (slowly) Oops…. (releases Rachel’s hand and
both of them take their positions)

JOEY: (talks slowly behind Ross) Don’t worry man, nice
job just now..

Ross just gives him a faint smile. He just can’t take
his eyes off of Rachel, and it seems like Rachel is
feeling the same too.

The song “Here comes the Bride” is playing, and a
stunning Monica is walking down the aisle with his
dad, Jack Geller. The guests start to cry, even Monica

MNCA: (voice-over) Oh god, I’m gonna ruin my expensive
make-up! Nononono… I won’t! SMILE!! (squeezes her
dad’s hand)

JACK: (whispering) Monica dear, I know you’re getting
married, but please don’t squeeze my hand so hard!

MNCA: (whispering too) Sorry Dad.

We can also see Chandler, although nervous, admiring
Monica’s undoubtful beauty that day, even though
sometimes he swears Janice is laughing at him, or
maybe tries to spoil the day with Richard Burke, who
sits beside her.

CHAN: (voice over) Monica………. Oh…… heheheh…(sees
Richard sits beside Janice, both look so
uncomfortable) serves you bastards right!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonder what happen to THEM next??

Monica and Jack then continue walking together, until
it’s time for Jack to give Monica to Chandler.

JACK: (kisses Monica’s cheek and so does she, then he
faces Chandler) Chandler.

CHAN: Yes, Jack.

JACK: Take good care of my beautiful Little Harmonica,

CHAN: I know this act is seldom done in any weddings
but…. (he hugs Jack and then he releases the hug)

CHAN: (confidently) Yes, Dad.

JACK: That’s my son- in-law! (Chandler smiles)

Jack hands Monica to Chandler.

The priest is going to start the ceremony.

PRIE: Friends, family, everybody in this wonderful
hall. Today, we are going to witness a unique wedding
ceremony, between Chandler and Monica. (both smiles)
Hope the happiness will always be with them till death
parts both.

The ceremony goes on, but Ross and Rachel still can’t
take their eyes off of each other. The look that can
change so may decisions in life, the look that can
make any heart melts like chocolate, the look that can
only be shared between Ross and Rachel. Suddenly……….

They are now both at the front of the altar, Rachel
beautifully dressed in an expensive wedding dress, and
Ross handsomely wearing the tuxedo, just waiting for
the time to say “I Do”……

PRIE: Ross?

ROSS: I do. (gives his sweetest smile to Rachel)

PRIE: Rachel?

RACH: (with tears falling down her face) I do.

PRIE: You may kiss the bride (they kiss passionately,
the audience starts to cry even more)

PRIE: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and
Mrs. Geller……….

Everyone in the ceremony hall claps until both Ross
and Rachel blink their eyes. No, this is no comedy
show, this is no soap opera, this is not their
wedding, this is reality, this is Chandler and
Monica’s. They both try not to look into each other’s
face and try to concentrate on the wedding. It’s now
time for Chandler to say…..

CHAN: (looking into Monica’s beautiful eyes and
smiles) I do.

Surprisingly, a tear dropped from Chandler’s cute blue

RACH: (voice-over) Chandler cried!

PHOE: (voice-over) YAY!!!

ROSS: (whispers to Joey) Monica made a very good
decision not to rewrite the vows….

JOEY: (Whispers back) Yeah, man. But I know you did
that before because of something else.

ROSS: (whispers back) I know. Hey, Monica’s going to
say her vows….

MNCA: (voice-over) God…. This is my time now!!!!! Calm
down, calm down. I’m gonna be Mrs. Bing and have lots
of babies!!!!! (smiles)

The tension is in the air in the very room as now,
Monica Geller is going to be no longer be Monica

MNCA: (takes a deep breath) I……. (starts to cry)

The guests just keep their mouth shut, as they are
surprised to see Monica crying.

MNCA: I do! (smiles)

PRIE: Chandler, you may now kissed the bride.

Both Chandler and Monica kissed, as if this is their
first kiss.

CHAN: I love you Monica.

MNCA: I love you too Chandler… (they hug)

Chandler now breaks the glass, following Monica’s
father’s wedding tradition.

PRIE: And now, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you
Mr. and Mrs. Bing!!!!!!

The guests stand up and applaud……

RBRT: Aww… my son’s married!!!!

NORA: Yeah, hope that he won’t turn gay like you!

RBRT: Nora, we’ll save our arguments for later, okay!
Let our son and daughter-in-law enjoy their day,

JUDY: Oh dear, her make-up is ruined!

JACK: Calm down Judy, she looks fine!!

We can see the guests standing up and applaud for
Chandler and Monica, but also we can see that Ross and
Rachel do clap for those two, but still keep on
staring at each other……

Cut to: The Photography Session. We can see that the
photographer taking loads of shots of C&M. then C&M
and their families, seeing Jack’s weird look towards
Robert and Judy’s glare towards Nora, then C&M + R&R,
C&M + J&P, the whole gang, J&P, and finally……..

PHOT: Okay, now a shot of the Best Man and the Maid of

ROSS: Oh my gosh, should we do this?

CHAN: Please Ross, this is my wedding, I want
something to remember from it.

JOEY: Whoa, Chandler says “This is my wedding”, not

Monica gives Joey an evil glare.

RACH: Fine, come on Ross, it’s only a picture, that’s

ROSS: If you are fine with it, so am I.

Phoebe just smiles to both.

PHOT: Okay you two, now smile!

Ross and Rachel give the photographer their best smile
ever. They are just going to leave that area until….

BEN: Daddy, daddy!!! (runs towards Ross)

ROSS: Come here Ben! (catches him) Aww.. That’s my
boy! (Rachel smiles)

RACH: Hey Benny Boy!! Remember me??

BEN: Auntie Rachel! (Rachel kisses him on the cheek)
Thank you!

RACH: Aww… you are much bigger than the last time I
see you!!! (Ben gives her a peck on the cheek, how

BEN: Daddy, daddy!! I wanna take a photo with you and
Auntie Rachel!!!

ROSS: (thinks a bit, then agrees) Okay Ben, anything
for you son! (Rachel looks at those two lovingly)
Rachel, are you okay with this little fella?

RACH: I’m so love this little guy!! Come Benny Boy,
you sit with me!

BEN: OKAY!!! Auntie Rachel, I love you!!

RACH: (touched) Aww… Ben! Who taught you that?


Ross looks embarrassed.

PHOT: Okay, are you three ready?

R&R: Yes.


PHOT: OK… smile!!!

Ross, Rachel, and Ben gives a perfect family pose
ever, and this photo freezes to………….

Scene: The Wedding Dinner. We are now looking at the
whole dinner thing. Ross gives his speech, and for the
first time ever, the audience laugh and Chandler seems
so embarrassed, then Rachel gives her speech and we
can see that Monica’s crying, then Chandler and Monica
gives their joint speech, while the Bings and The
Gellers seems to get along quite well, since they are
seating at the same table. Janice and Richard looks so
uncomfortable with each other; Janice with her
annoying guffaws and nasal voice, and Richard tries to
tell “Eye Jokes” to everyone but he failed to do so.

CHAN: (seeing Richard failed to make a joke) Haha, I’m
the King of Jokes and Sarcasm!! No one could steal
that from me!

Now it’s Phoebe time to sing.

PHOE: Okay ladies and gentlemen, tonight I am going to
sing for my best friends Chandler and Monica. Today,
I, with help with my friend here, Joey Tribbiani, will
sing this song that I composed it myself, it’s called
Our Day.

JOEY: Come on Pheebs! Let’s start!! (he helps with the

Phoebe plays the guitar while Joey plays the drums.


Today’s the day to remember,
Chandler is now more sober,
No more WENUS, no more ANUS,
As he meets the woman he adore,
Who lives only by the next door.


Monica, the sister of Ross Geller,
Who’s Chandler’s oldest roomy ever,
She’s neurotic, and energetic,
But she’s independent and beautiful,
That makes Chandler looks bashful.


Today, they finally get unite,
In front of everyone tonight,
They’ll fly to Hawaii, we’ll say Yippee!,


Hope that happiness will bear,
With them always, always and always…

J&P: As we, both your friends sing together, I hope
this song gives you too something to remember, as all
six of us will be the best gang ever, move over
Gunther, we rules the world!! We love you guys!!!

Both J&P sounds marvelous, no one could have think
that Phoebe can finally compose a decent song! C&M has
tears in their eyes, while R&R enjoy listening to the

Scene: The wedding dance.

C&M leads the dance, with the song “Strangers in the
Night” (ironic?)…… surprisingly, Chandler “the
dropper” Bing wows the crowd when he dances
gracefully, Monica’s amazing, too!

CHAN: Monica, you look beautiful tonight.

MNCA: You too Chandler. By the way, you really can
dance tonight. I’m proud of you!

CHAN: Thanks! (he waves to the rest of the gang)

PHOE: Oh, our Channy Boy’s growing up, he’s

RACH: Why did you say like that?

PHOE: I taught him how to dance, at least he does mean
something to me!

JOEY: Yeah… Phoebe’s right! It’s like seeing my chick
and duck dancing!!

ROSS: I never see them dance!

JOEY: Well, we see that later!

Cut to: Monica dancing with her father, then Chandler
with his mother, then Joey and Phoebe. The dance floor
seems to light up with these people dancing.

Suddenly, the wedding band is now playing the song
“Careless Whisper”.

I feel so unsure,
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor.
As the music dies...
Something in your eyes,
Calls to mind a silver screen,
And all those sad goodbyes.

Ross looks at Rachel.

ROSS: Rach…

RACH: (still watching people dancing) Yes?

ROSS: I think I owe you this one (gives his hand to

RACH: What a gentleman you are, Dr. Geller (takes
Ross’ hand)

I'm never gonna dance again,
Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Though it's easy to pretend,
I know you're not a fool.
I should have know better than to cheat a friend,
And waste the chance that I'd been given.
So I'm never gonna dance again,
The way I danced with you.

Ross takes Rachel to the dance floor. Although this is
a slow song, those two seems to enjoy this song.
Rachel rests her face on Ross’ shoulder, while Ross’s
face is near Rachel’s neck. They are dancing very
closely to each other.

Time can never mend,
The careless whispers of a good friend.
To the heart and mind,
If your answer's kind...
There's no comfort in the truth,
Pain is all you'll find.

Rachel cannot control herself, a tear fell from her
face to Ross’ shoulder.

ROSS: (realizing that Rachel’s crying) Rachel, it’s
okay.. (caresses her back)

RACH: Thanks Ross, thank you for understanding… (keeps
on dancing)

Tonight the music seems so loud,
I wish that we could lose the crowd.
Maybe it's better this way,
We'd hurt each other with the things we want to say.

We could have been so good together,
We could have made this last forever...
But now, who's gonna dance with me?
Please stay.

And now it's never gonna be
That way...

ROSS: Sorry if this is late, but you’re so beautiful

RACH: Yeah, you too… (continues to dance)

C&M is now thanking the guests, while R&R keeps on
dancing on the dance floor.

JOEY: Pheebs…

PHOE: Yeah..

JOEY: Look at those two (points to R&R) Aren’t they

PHOE: Of course they are!

JOEY: I just hope that someday they will get back
together… those two love each other, they just have
been in denial for a long time.

PHOE: Couldn’t agree more Joey. Those lobsters will
soon get back together….. (rests her head against
Joey’s shoulder, they are sitting near the wedding
band, by the way)

Now that you're gone...
Now that you're gone...

Now that you're gone...
Was what I did so wrong?
So wrong that you had to leave me alone?

The scene goes on and on and on… Until it fades out
with images of R&R still holding each other and


Scene: Outside the museum. C&M is about to go to the
airport, when Monica stops.

MNCA: Now I’m gonna toss the BOUQUET!!!!

REST: Yay!!!

MNCA: OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (throws the bouquet)

Everyone tries their best to catch the bouquet until
the bouquet landed perfectly on Rachel’s open hand.

RACH: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

MNCA: Whoa!!! After all the practices you get to catch
the bouquet for real!!!!

All young women there congratulate Rachel.

RACH: Thanks!!!!!!

CHAN: And it’s the perfect time for me to throw the
garter! (throws the garter and it hangs on Ross’ ear)
Whoa, could you BE more luckier, brother-in-law!!!

ROSS: (quickly catches the garter) Yes, sure I am!!!
I’m a Geller!!!

CHAN: But she’s a Bing now!!

MNCA: Once a Geller, always a Geller! (Ross smiles,
Chandler frowns) But I’ll take your name honey, now
I’m Monica Bing!

CHAN: Okay children, gotta go now or the plane’s gonna
leave us!!!!!!!

MNCA: Rachel, remember to take care of my apartment!!

RACH: Sure I will!!!!


C&M: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GANG: See you guys in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

The car with C&M in it leaves, so does the rest of the
guests, except Ross, who sits on one of the stairs,

Rachel, seeing that Ross is now alone, thinks.

RACH: (voice-over) Maybe this is the perfect time for
me to tell him that I love him!

She confidently walks to Ross.

RACH: Ross, why are you still here?

ROSS: I’m so tired… I don’t feel like walking
anymore…… I need to take a rest somehow…

RACH: Yeah, that was a one lavish wedding…

ROSS: Well… you know my sister…

R&R: The Wedding and Baby Freak!!! (they laugh)

ROSS: Finally my sister married her love of her life,
I wonder when will I have that perfect wedding.

RACH: Ross, you’ve been married thrice already…

ROSS: Do you want me to go all over again about my
unsuccessful marriages?

RACH: I think I know it like a book already…

ROSS: So you get my point… why you look miserable now?
I think you look so happy today!

RACH: I don’t know, seeing her getting married do get
me feel jealous sometimes…

ROSS; Why?

RACH: You know, you get to spend the rest of your life
with the one you love, having kids, starts a family,
deals with responsibility and everything……

ROSS: Wow, I could never think that you do think about
stuff like that..

RACH: Ross, like you said before, things change……

ROSS: Yeah, I suppose…

RACH: Ross, there is something that I really need to
tell you…

ROSS: Sure Rach, you may tell me everything!

RACH: Gosh… I don’t know how to start with this!!!!
Okay, Ross, Listen.

ROSS: Okay….

RACH: Ross, I love you. (Ross gasps) Yes Ross, I do, I
love you honey.

ROSS: (shocked) Yeah, of course I love you Rachel, you
are my friend!

RACH: No, not that kind of love, Ross. I really and
truly love you. I love you so much… you are the love
of my life…

ROSS: Nononononononono……… you’re just saying this
because you’re jealous seeing your best friends
getting married and you don’t, right? (seems so panic)

RACH: No, I truly love you!

ROSS: Oh no, Rach. You’re lying, right? I know this is
just a plan… (panics) I…… I can’t believe this is
happening right now… Um… Rach… I better leave…

He leaves Rachel alone, we can see that Rachel is
crying her eyes out.

Phoebe sees that Rachel is alone there. She asks
Rachel to go home with her, and she drives Rachel
home. Rachel looks devastated.


Again, I’m showing some clips… now I’m using the song
Take A Bow by Madonna… this song is perfect for this
situation…. Well.. bear with me, okay!

“Take a bow.. The night is over… This masquerade is
getting older… Lights are low… the curtains down…
There’s no one here… There’s no one here… there’s no
one in the crowd…”

Ross drives alone from the museum to his apartment. He
looks shocked. He still cannot believe
what that Rachel said just now……

“Say your lines… But do you feel them… Do you mean
what you say… When there's no one around… Watching you
watching me… One lonely star… One lonely star you
don't know who you are”

“I've always been in love with you… I guess you've
always known it's true… You took my love for granted
why oh why… The show is over say good-bye… Say
good-bye… Say good-bye…”

Rachel is now alone in her room, still crying. Phoebe
tries to comfort her but there’s no use. Phoebe leaves
her alone in her room, and Rachel just stares into
space, her face looks so heartbroken.

“Make them laugh… It comes so easy… When you get to
the part… Where you're breaking my heart… Hide behind
your smile… All the world loves a clown…… Just make
'em smile the whole world loves a clown… Wish you
well… I cannot stay…. You deserve an award… For the
role that you played… No more masquerade… You're one
lonely star… One lonely star and you don't know who
you are”

Ross enters the museum, feeling very happy and acts as
if there’s nothing happen to him before. The whole
paleontology team of the museum congratulated him and
praises him for his promotion. It’s like a party with
those museum geeks… well Ross is not one of the geeks,
he’s a handsome Dr. Geller! He reaches his new room
and put the new sign name, “Prof. Dr. Ross C. Geller
PhD, Head of Paleontology Department”. He enters the
room, and he sits down and looking bummed again…

“I've always been in love with you… I guess you've
always known it's true… You took my love for granted
why oh why… The show is over say good-bye”

“I've always been in love with you… I guess you've
always known it's true…. You took my love for granted
why oh why… The show is over say good-bye… Say
good-bye… Say good-bye”

Rachel’s entering C&M’s apartment alone, carrying her
whole bunch of stuffs. She takes a rest on a seat near
the balcony, and she sees that Ross shuts the drapes.
She looks so crushed, she just carries her stuffs to
her old bedroom…

“All the world is a stage
And everyone has their part
But how was I to know
Which way the story'd go
How was I to know you'd break
You'd break you'd break you'd break
You'd break my heart”

Rachel tries to go online and sees that Red is online.
She tells Red everything that happened to her… when we
try to take a look at Red we can see that he is none
other than ROSS himself… he feels that the story that
Rocky told is almost the same on what happened to him,
he himself get pretty exhausted and just tell Rocky to
calm down, that everything is gonna be all right…

“I've always been in love with you
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted why oh why
The show is over say good-bye
I've always been in love with you
Guess you've always known
You took my love for granted why oh why
The show is over say good-bye
Say good-bye
Say good-bye”

Rachel tries to concentrate on her job, she tries to
keep herself busy with her job, but all that she can
see and think is Ross. She gets mad easily to her
workers that day, but then she quickly apologizes to
them when she realizes that it’s her fault. She just
takes a seat and thinks…..

”Say good-bye….. “ Ross and Rachel just sit at each
other’s desks, thinking about each other…

Scene: Ross’ bedroom. He is chatting using his ICQ,
until suddenly Rachel appears beside Ross’ laptop.

RACH: I think I know you the best among the rest of
the gang, but now I don’t think that I understand you

ROSS: Rachel, what are you doing in my apartment at
this time of night? Didn’t you see that I’m busy right

RACH: Yeah, busy chatting with a girl that you haven’t
even met!

ROSS: Are you jealous at me, seeing that I’m chatting
with this very interesting girl, who ironically works
in the same field as you?

RACH: Yeah, right, SHE said that she works with a
fashion company. You have never met her, you just
believe every single thing that you tell her.

ROSS: She is a very nice person!

RACH: And YOU didn’t lie to her?

ROSS: That’s another question! It’s like whether I
prefer lobster to kiwi! Oops.. I’m allergic to both..

RACH: And what is THAT supposed to mean?

ROSS: It means… It means… Okay fine, I told her I’m a

RACH: What do you think that girl will react if she
knows the truth?

ROSS: We’ve been known each other for quite a while, I
think she can accept it!

RACH: Oh yeah.. and you lied to me about the girl from
that copy place!

ROSS: Why you like to bring that up to my face?

RACH: That girl will be mad when she knows that you
lied to her!

ROSS: Okay fine, Rachel, you know what, I’m soooo
gonna choose this girl!

RACH: Ross, you choose this girl over me? I’ve told
you that I love you, that I really in love with you
and you just abandon it because you are confused
between me and this unknown girl?

ROSS: I kinda like her Rachel, and you know that I
love you, and I’ll always love you. But I cannot stand
the pain that I had when we broke up, when we fight, I
can’t stand having this on and off relationship again
and again Rachel! It’s like whether it’s NOW, or

RACH: Okay, fine! You want the NOW thing sooo much, I
dare you to tell the truth to her now!

ROSS: If that is what that will make you happy, okay,
fine, I do it! (he types something before suddenly he
deletes them all) Umm…… uh!

RACH: Whoa, you can’t tell her, can you? You are just
as scared as a little cat!

ROSS: Hey! What do you want from me now, Rachel? Why
you keep on coming to me, in my dreams and everything,
huh? What do you want from ME?

RACH: Ross… the exact question is actually, what do
YOU want, Ross Geller? This is your life, you are the
one who makes the decision, not me! BE A MAN! (slaps
Ross’ cheek)

ROSS: Owwww!!!

Ross rubs his cheek.

ROSS: Rachel!! Rach!! Oh gosh, I’ve been dreaming
about her again. Oh God, what should I do? (glances
over his window……)

At the same time, we can see Rachel sitting at the
front of her laptop, but staring to a picture of Ross
and her taken long time ago…… With tears that seems to
never end…

RACH: Ross, how am I gonna convince you that I am
really in love with you? Oh God…

Back to Ross’ apartment, he’s still staring at the
front of the computer.

ROSS: Fine, I’ll make an appointment with Rocky

<Red> hey rocky

<rocky> yeah?

<Red> You know…. We’ve never meet each other in

<rocky> But still, we can be friends!!

<Red> Yeah! But uh…

<rocky> Why?

<Red> I was wondering, can I meet you tomorrow? I have
something to tell you, but I cannot tell you here,

<rocky> well, we’ve never met, so I say… okay!

<Red> um, do you know Central Perk, the coffee house?

<rocky> Yeah, why?

<Red> Can I meet you there at 8? This is a very
serious matter.

<rocky> Um, sure! But how am I going to recognize you?

<Red> Okay, I’ll wear a blue sweater and gray pants.

<rocky> Umm… I’ll be straight from work, so I’ll wear
a gray suit, okay!

<Red> Okay for me!

<rocky> Yeah!

<Red> So I’ll see you tomorrow then!

<rocky> Okay! I really wanna meet you!

<Red> Yeah, me too.

<rocky> Okay, I really have to go now, got to work
tomorrow morning, bye!

<Red> Bye rocky!

<rocky> You too Red!


Ross’ bedroom. He’s about to sleep.

ROSS: (in his head) Yes, I’m gonna tell Rocky the
truth and then I’ll patch things up with Rachel! Oh
Rachel…… You’re always in my dreams…… (closes his

Rachel’s bedroom. She’s sleeping soundly, and we can
still see the picture of her and Ross, taken long long
time ago on her nightstand.

Scene: Central Perk. The next day. Ross has already
arrived there, he’s having a double latte.

Rachel enters Central Perk, trying to search for a man
wearing a blue sweater and gray pants, and she finds
out that no one dresses like that except…


ROSS: (awkwardly) Yes Rach, what are you doing

RACH: (realizes) Oh no…… are you, are you RED??????

ROSS: (realizes something) You…… wha-how-who……(sees
Rachel wears a gray suit) ROCKY??????

RACH: (shocked) YOU LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (storms out
from the coffee shop)

ROSS: (shocked too) She’s Rocky??? Oh Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!
(chases her out the coffee shop)

Scene: The hallway between C&M and Joey’s apartments.
Ross just arrives to C&M’s apartment door.

ROSS: Rachel, RACHEL!!! Open up the door, open
up!!!!!!!!! Please open up!!!!!! I need to explain
everything to you now!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RACH: (opens the door a bit but it’s still locked with
a chain inside) When I lock the door, it means I don’t
want to have any visitors!!! Not wanting an uninvited
person to knock the door and bugging me while I want
to rest!!!

ROSS: Rachel, I’m sorry!! I’m SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please let me explain!!!!

RACH: No, Ross. I thought I can trust you with all my
heart again, but again, you lied to me!! YOU LIED TO
ME AGAIN!! How many times have you ever lied to

ROSS: Rachel, trust me, I don’t know that you ARE
ROCKY!! I have no idea!!!! Please Rachel, trust me!!

RACH: Oh, maybe you’re falling in love with that Rocky
Girl so much you’ve forgotten that she actually is

ROSS: Rachel, please!!!!!!! (she just shut the door)


Scene: Ross’ apartment. Ross is now looking depressed
he puts on a U2 disc on his CD player, “With or
Without You” is playing…

“See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you
Slight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait....without you
With or without you
With or without you”

Ross reminisces every single thing about his
friendship with Rocky, okay with Rachel online. He
remembered how they first met, how he will tell so
many stupid jokes to her and she will reply with all
those ditzy but cute comments………

Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you
With or without you
With or without you
I can't live with or without you

How she told him about the guy that she always loved,
about the torn feelings that she had… Until he
realizes that the guy she’s talking about is actually
none other than him……

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away

He feels like all his feelings for Rachel comes back
to him. Yes, he has always been in love with Rachel
all his life, but now he’s just scared of the
rejection that he may face. But when Rachel told him
that she loves him, he’s the one that rejected her.
And now, when he wants to tell her that he loves her,
he hurts her again.

My hands are tied
My body's bruised
She's got me with nothing left to win
And nothing left to lose
With or without you
With or without you
I can't live with or without you

He just stares through his window, staring at the
closed drapes at C&M. He just doesn’t know what to do,
except just staring at the window, entering into his
own Ross World…

A few days later…

Scene: Ross’ apartment. He’s just reached his
apartment from work. Without waiting, he walks as fast
as he can towards the window, just to see how Rachel
is doing. Rachel is alone there, sitting on the couch
eating ice cream… Rachel realizes that he’s looking at
her and she shuts the drapes…

ROSS: Oh………… (Feels hurt) Rachel, please forgive me…
(Just continue to watch the rainfalls from his closed
window) Oh………… (He picks up his telephone and calls
C&M’s apartment).

The phone rings like it never rings again. But sadly,
Rachel does not pick them up. She just kept the phone
ringing… and she just leaves them like that. We can
see that she is crying. While Ross still stands
against the window, holding the telephone, with a
hopeful look on his face. He tries to call her again…
and again… and again…… and again……

Rachel cannot stand the ring of the telephone anymore,
she just put the cushions to her ears and cries……

Ross is looking so bummed… he doesn’t know what else
to do… until he gets this idea…

Half an hour later…

Scene: Chandler and Monica’s apartment. The phone
starts to ring again. Rachel starts to feel
suspicious.. she opened the drapes and sees that Ross
is not in his apartment.

RACH: Hmm….

She picks up the phone.

PHOE: Rachel!!!!

RACH: (tries to sound excited) Phoebe….. how are you??

PHOE: I’m fine!! Hey Rach, what are you doing right

RACH: Watching all sorts of TV programs on the

PHOE: Okay, you better help me, okay! I have an Uhm….
Okay.. I have a man here in my apartment, and I really
want to watch this shows on MTV but you know, We’re
gonna… you know!!!

RACH: Phoebes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I’ll record the
show for you, okay! Only this, right?

PHOE: Yeah, only this one!!!

RACH: Okay.. I’ll do it ok…

PHOE: `Night Rach.

RACH: Night……

She searches for a blank tape in the kitchen….. and
she finds one..

RACH: I can still remember where she kept her tapes….

She quickly inserted the video and switched the
channel to MTV and just start pushing the Record

RACH: Phoebe watches MTV? That’s an improvement!

CARS: (yeah, Carson Daly!) Okay, now for our next
dedication for today, whoa, there are loads of votes
in TRL for this particular song!!!! But tonight we
have a special dedication for this song, it’s not from
young teenagers, but a man, an adult. Let me play what
that this guy said to me on the telephone before….

RACH: Whoa, what a brave man want to dedicate a song
through MTV without bothering that he’ll be laughed at
the next day at work!! Whoa… well.. Ross did that,
wait- who’s this guy??

CARS: (V.O.) Okay Ross, now for your dedication…….

ROSS: (V.O.) Okay………. Rachel, you are the only woman I
have ever truly love, ever in my life. We’ve been
through so many things in life, our huge history can
be written into a book now. But please believe me,
what that you think on your mind now is just a big
misunderstanding…. I want to talk through the phone,
but I know you won’t pick up, so Rach, please forgive
me. I know we can work this out…… I love you…

Rachel seems so shocked, she starts to cry….

CARS: And for you Rachel, this is your song, “Shape of
My Heart” from Ross… hope you’ll enjoy…

The song “Shape of My Heart” starts to play on the

RACH: Ross, I can’t believe you did this….. (crying

Baby, please try to forgive me
Stay here don't put out the glow
Hold me now don't bother if every minute it makes me
You can save me from the man that I’ve become, oh yeah

Looking back on the things I’ve done
I was trying to be someone
I played my part and kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Rachel dials Ross’ phone number…

RACH: Oh Ross… be home, be home, be home!!!!!!!!!

No, Ross isn’t at home, his answering machine starts
to play……

RACH: Fine, the answering machine… BEEP! Ross… hey
it’s me… I really want to talk to you okay, where are
you? This is a serious matter…… Anyway, uhm, I don’t
know what to say (chokes a tear) bye.

Sadness is beautiful
Loneliness is tragical
So help me I can't win this war, oh no
Touch me now don't bother if every second it makes me
You can save me from the man I've become

Ross is now wearing his black trench coat, walking
along the roads of Greenwich Village. The rain seems
not to bother him anymore, his mind is full with
Rachel; her face, her body, her soul, his memories
with her. He doesn’t seems like crying anymore, but
from his face we can tell that he’s crying his heart
out inside…

Looking' back on the things I've done
I was trying' to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Rachel just sits on the couch again, thinking…… until-

RACH: AAARRRRRGHHHHH!!! I know where he is!!!!!!!!!!!!

She runs into her old bedroom.

I'm here with my confession
Got nothing to hide no more
I don’t know where to start
But to show you the shape of my heart

I'm looking back on things I've done
I never wanna play the same old part
I'll keep you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Rachel comes out from her old bedroom, wearing a black
long pants and a blue sweater with the pin that Ross
gave her during her 26th birthday. She takes a glance
at the pin.

RACH: (smiles at the pin) For luck. Sorry Pheebs,
gotta leave the VCR for a while, this is much more

She grabs her trench coat and takes an umbrella with
her, then leaves the apartment.

Looking back on the things I've done
I was trying to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Ross still walks alone, his clothes are soaking wet
from the rain. But he keeps on walking…

Looking back on the things I've done
I was trying to be someone
I played my part, kept you in the dark
Now let me show you the shape of my heart

Rachel is now in the cab, still thinking on what that
Ross has done to her just now.

Show you the shape of……… my heart………

Scene: Central Park. The rain is not that heavy
anymore. Ross is now sitting on a bench, looking sad
and blue, until a woman walks towards him.

RACH: You forget to bring your umbrella.

ROSS: I don’t need an umbrella-


ROSS: (realizing that it IS Rachel) RACH!!! (Tries to
hug her but he takes it back) What are you doing here?
How did you know I’m here?

RACH: Ross, I know you too well.. this is our regular
seat before. Remember the old guard often blows his
whistles at us when we made out???????

ROSS: How can I forget? Sit. (Rachel sits beside him)
Okay, what actually brings you here.

RACH: I saw the video, Ross. And now for once, I’m
gonna clear things between us, once and for all. Ross
Geller, I love you. I’m sorry for my behavior towards
you after the Central Perk incident until now. I know
I always run whenever I have problems, but I’m not
going to run anymore. I’m tired of running, I’m tired
of waiting for the right man when I know the perfect
guy for me is… (starts to cry again) is at the front
of my eyes…… it’s you, honey! I want to work things
out between us, to entangle all these problems that
we’ve had. I’m ready to take the risk, Ross. (Ross
starts to get up from the bench)

ROSS: Rach… sorry… (starts to walk)

RACH: (standing and starts to shout, confidently) All
my life I have never feel this confident to confront

Ross turns back, with a serious look on his face.
Rachel just keeps on staring at him.

ROSS: Wh - (using his usual hand gesture) What did you

RACH: We were on a break, honey.

Ross, looking suspicious, walks back to Rachel.

ROSS: What is that supposed to mean?

RACH: (confidently) Yeah, we WERE on a break, it’s
actually both our fault. It’s just me and my damn
stupid pride, Ross… and now I’m admitting it!I'm the
one who proposed a break, not you.

ROSS: What do you mean by admitting it for real this

RACH: Ross, I’m ready to face everything now, I’m 30!
I have never think about all these things before,
Ross! Everything was decided for me! Now I want to do
the choosing, I want to make this decision, and I WANT
LIFE, and my decision is I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART,
AGAIN!!!!I'm the stupid girl who has ruined the best
relationship that she has ever had in her life. I'm
the one who abandoned you towards the end of our
relationship!!! I'M STUPID! STUPID!!!!! And I hate
myself for that!!!!!

ROSS: (Holds Rachel’s hand)You're not stupid!

RACH: (crying) YEAH I AM!!

ROSS: (still holding Rachel's hand) Rachel, do you
realize that we always don’t have the right time to do

RACH: Yeah…

ROSS: I imagined that we’ll have a romantic, candlelit
dinner, with wine and your favorite wine; and I’ll
tell you every single detail… But we ended up here, at
Central Park, midnight, under the pouring rain…

RACH: I don’t care a thing anymore Ross, I love you!

ROSS: Rachel, please sit down again. Please.

Rachel innocently sits down.

ROSS: (now kneeling in front of her, hugging her knees
and looking to her straight to her eye) Rachel, I have
been known you ever since we’re kids, I have a crush
on you since ninth grade and our history goes on… I
came to Central Perk that night just to meet Rocky,
the friend I met online, to tell her that I’ve met the
right woman, which is actually at the front of my
eyes… it’s you. I don’t know that she is you! Oh
Rachel, I’m sorry for all the lying that I did as Red.
Rachel, I love your little-girl-lost look, which you
still have until now. Behind all those make-up and
expensive clothes and jewelries, I know there’s a
woman who cares a lot about her friends like her own
family. Behind this woman, there’s a soul of a young
girl who still loves her mother and father although
they are divorced, who still calls her father ‘daddy’
although she’s already 30. Behind all the klutzy and
ditzy image that you portray, I know deep down in the
person lies a woman with a good but sensitive heart,
who bleeds her nose when her lovely dog dies, who
replies every single letter, phone call or even e-mail
that she receives, no matter what happened to her.
Behind this young Junior Executive of Ralph Lauren
who’s bossy towards her workers, hides a woman who
reads romance novels at night, and then dreams about
it. Behind the successful and mature Rachel Karen
Green that’s sitting in front of me now, is actually
my stunning, beautiful, sweet, sexy, kind Rach, my
world, my everything. I don’t want to be left behind
anymore Rachel. I wanna be with you too. I love you.
It’s just- it is hard for me to start the whole thing
again because I’m scared that you’ll reject me, and
I’m scared of having the same pain over and over again
Rach… I love you so much-

Ross is about to continue his long speech when
suddenly Rachel kisses him, and he kisses her back,
giving a kiss that makes up for all the things that
they’ve been through all these years.

Rachel breaks the kiss.

RACH: Ross, I know that you give wonderful speeches,
but this time you talk too much. I have to stop you
from rambling…

ROSS: If that’s how you’re going to stop me from
talking, I am so gonna give you long speeches more
often. Rach, do you forgive me?

RACH: Yes honey, very much… You, you forgive me??

ROSS: You are my angel; of course I forgive you, for
everything! So, do we’re going to be US again?

RACH: (smiling, choking a tear) Yes. To US…

ROSS: To US……… (They kiss again until Ross breaks it)
I love you.

RACH: I love you too……… Just don’t tell the gang yet,
okay! I’d rather enjoy some lonely time with you
before drops the bomb to them!

ROSS: As you wish, sweetie…

RACH: It’s been so long since the last time you called
me ‘sweetie’.

ROSS: And now I’m gonna call you sweetie much much
more often, until you’re sick of it… Rachie.

RACH: this is why I love you the first time, Rossy… By
the way, why did you choose the name Red??

ROSS: Remember the Red Ross???

RACH: (laughs) how can I forget?? (Gets serious again)
Ross, I don’t know how many times I’m gonna thank you
on all these things… but thanks again for the poem.
That really makes me realizes how wrong I was about

ROSS: It’s my favorite poem, after all.

RACH: And yeah, about the MTV thing… that’s the
bravest thing that you’ve ever done!

ROSS: I would do anything for you Rachel, even the
craziest thing a man can ever done in his life!!!
(Kisses her neck)

RACH: Awww……… Dr. Geller, stop! (Kisses him back)

They just keep on sitting on the bench, hugging and
kissing each other as the rain still watering the
whole New York City…

Two weeks later…

Scene: Ross’ front door. Monica, Chandler, Joey and
Phoebe have just arrived there.

MNCA: Why are you guys bringing Chandler and me

CHAN: Yeah, we’re supposed to rest, we’ve just got
back from our honeymoon, for OUR sake!!!!!!

PHOE: Well, wait until you hear these stuffs!!!!!!!!

JOEY: This is the biggest thing ever!!!

MNCA: Not even my lavish Hawaii honeymoon???????

JOEY: Nothing compared to this one!!!!!!!!

CHAN: I can’t believe this!!!!

PHOE: SHUT UP! Just listen!!!!

They’re leaning against Ross’ front door, in order,
Monica, seating, Joey, seating then Phoebe, kneeling
and Chandler, standing.

Inside the apartment………

RACH: Ross… Have you shut the drapes?

ROSS: Yeah honey… come on!!!! “Casablanca” is about to

RACH: Coming honey!!!

Cut to: Outside the door.


JOEY: Damn! They should have rented “The Godfather”
trilogy! Man, Al Pacino rules!!!!!

CHAN: And there goes to the Italian-American
community! Just shut up Joey!!!

Cut to : Inside Ross’ apartment. Ross and Rachel are
cuddling on the couch, and they’re watching
Casablanca, or are they doing something else?

Both of them are lazing on the couch, making out……

RACH: (breaks the kiss) ROSS!!!! (kisses him back)

ROSS: Okay, we’ll watch the movie sweetie.. but I love
you! (kisses her)

RACH: And I love you too! (kisses him back)

ROSS: Love you more… (they kiss)

Cut to: Outside the apartment.

CHAN: Ross and Rachel AGAIN????

PHOE: Yuh-huh!!

MNCA: I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell me!!!

JOEY: Hey, to make you feel good, they didn’t tell us

MNCA: Hmm… (thinks)Then that’s okay!!!

CHAN: Let’s gatecrash them!!!!

PHOE: NO, Chandler, don’t!

CHAN: Why not?

PHOE: We better don’t!

MNCA: Yeah, Phoebe’s right. Let’s just listen to those
two lovebirds.

JOEY: That is SO COOL! (takes a pack of sandwich from
his pocket)


JOEY: Hey, I knew that we’re going to face this
again!! I don’t want my ears to be plastered to the
door while my tummy’s growling!! (eats the sandwich)

CHAN: What’s in that?

JOEY: Baloney.

CHAN: Give me some, man. (Joey gives him some and he
eats them)

Monica looks irritated.

PHOE: (realizes what’s happening) Okay.. Shhussshh!!!

(all of them get their ears glued to the door again)

Cut back to: Inside the apartment.

ROSS: Rach, did you know that “Casablanca” is one of
the most watched movies in America? It comes second
after Gone with The Wind…

RACH: And I always think that you’re only interested
on “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World”!

ROSS: I’m not only interested in those dino movies,
Rach. “The English Patient” is also my favorite movie!

RACH: (sarcastically) And you ended up watching and
memorizing every scene!

ROSS: (looks hurtful) Rachel!

RACH: Okay… I’m sorry (kisses his temple, Ross smiles)
That’s my man!

ROSS: Whoa, you sounded like Joey!

RACH: Living with him for a while has changed my
vocabulary a bit… Aww… did you see the look on Bogie’s

ROSS: Yeah, I know, it’s hurtful. But you’ve watched
Casablanca like a hundred times, Rach!

RACH: It’s just that… you know that you’re in love
with someone, but you have to let her go…

ROSS: Rachel, you know what, you are my Bogie.

RACH: Um Ross, I think you’re a scientist, don’t you
familiar with a concept called “I am a WOMAN??”

ROSS: No Rach, watching this movie reminds me of what
you did for me during the whole London and Emily
thing. You love me, and at the same time you want me
to be happy… and you let me go.

RACH: But I got you back now… that’s the most
important! And we’re together again, that’s all that

ROSS: See Rach, every time I watched a romance movie,
the movie will reminds me of you. Everyone knows that
you’re the only woman of my life…

RACH: And I love to cuddle with you.. you’re my bear!

ROSS: You are comparing me with a BEAR? (gives a duck

RACH: NO… it’s not what you think… you know, it
actually means I love to be cuddled by you, having you
with me, caressing me, I feel so warm and comfy, and
it’s like being home!

ROSS: Not even compared to those lavish houses owned
by your parents?

RACH: Uh-huh!

ROSS: Even the expensive stores?

RACH: I can buy those clothes every time I want… but
you… you’re more worth than those clothes… see? That’s
why I’m saying that you’re my bear!

ROSS: (tries to act mad) Grrrr… grrrrr… gotcha! (hugs
her even tighter)

RACH: Aww… now I wished that you were Sam, so that you
can play As Time Goes By on the piano for me…

ROSS: I don’t have a piano, but I do have a KEYBOARD
in the storeroom!

RACH: Um, you remembered your last incident with your
keyboard, right, honey?

ROSS: Okay… I’ll just sing then… (starts to sing)This
day and age we're living in, Gives cause for
apprehension, With speed and new invention, And things
like fourth dimension, Yet we get a trifle weary, With
Mr. Einstein's theory… (starts to pick her up)

RACH: Oh Ross… aren’t we gonna watch “The English
Patient” after this? And what about the VCR?

ROSS: Oh nonononono… Those stuffs can wait, but not
this one…… (kisses her softly on her lips)

RACH: Uh… that’s my Dr. Geller…

Then Ross lifts Rachel up and walks towards his room……
(we do know what happens next, aren’t we?)

Scene: Ross’ hallway. We can see that Monica,
Chandler, Joey and Phoebe have just finished
eavesdropping everything from Ross’ door.

MNCA: Rachel’s finally my friends-in-law again!

CHAN: Me too!

PHOE: See? Finally my Lobster Theory paid off now.
Oooh, Ooohh.. should I write this theory and publish
it?? Whoa… I smell money you guys… cha-ching!!!!

JOEY: And I’m still listening you guys… they’re going
to have sex now…. Hohohoooo…….

REST: JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JOEY: What? (everyone gives Joey evil glares) okay,
fine, we’ll leave those two now…

All of them leave the hallway in front of Ross’

The song As Time Goes By appears… A perfect ending for
a match made in heaven…

This day and age we're living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like fourth dimension
Yet we get a trifle weary
With Mr. Einstein's theory
So we must get down to earth at times
Relax relieve the tension
And no matter what the progress
Or what may yet be proved
The simple facts of life are such
They cannot be removed
You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by
And when two lovers woo
They still say, "I love you"
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by
Moonlight and love songs
Never out of date
Hearts full of passion
Jealousy and hate
Woman needs man
And man must have his mate
That no one can deny
Well, it's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by
Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by