TOW The Vacation Part I



[Monica and Chandler's- night] (Monica is sitting at the table talking to Ross)


Monica: So your love life is at a fall out for now, soon everything will be fine. Who is it exactly that is making you feel this way?


Ross: Well, Monica, I have had 3 failed marriages! I don't know what to do! I want to settle down and start a family!  I-I-I'm tired of being alone.


Monica: Ok, who is it you want to start this family with though?


Ross: I have been feeling, y'know, really weird around Rachel lately.


Monica: Ross, I don't think you and her would work out.


Ross: Yea, but she said she still loved me after Emily had left me.


Monica: I know, Ross.


Ross: Yea, and yesterday, when she hugged me after she had gotten her raise, I uh, I didn't want to let go.


Monica: Yeah Ross, I think you've got it bad. But Ross...


Ross: (excitedly) Should I tell her how I feel?


Monica: Ross...


Ross: Okay, bye Mon!


             (Ross exits)


Monica:  She's seeing a guy Named Andy.


                (OPENING CREDITS)


[Rachel and Joey's](Rachel is sitting on the counter reading a magazine as Ross bursts in)


Rachel: ROSS! What are you doing barging in at...(looks at the clock) 1 am?


Ross: I'm sorry, but I need to talk to you.


Rachel: What?


Ross: Okay, Do you still love me?


Rachel: Huh?


Ross: You said; after Emily left me that you still love me. Do you, Do you sill love me?


Rachel: Ross, I said that a long time ago! I wasn't thinking. You need to know that I will, for the rest of my life, be miserable with jealousy no matter whom you date. Remember Bonnie? I re-convinced her to shave her head so that...


Ross: (steps closer) Do-you-still-love-me?


Rachel: (her eyes almost fill with tears, but she controls herself.) No. Ross, I have a boyfriend and I love him. (She sounds as if trying to convince herself)


Ross: Okay, that was all I wanted to know. (Weak smile)


Rachel: Are you upset?


Ross: (lying) No, not at all. I just wanted to know.


Rachel: Ok, in that case I'm going to bed, but I'll see you tomorrow.


Ross: Bye.


      (Ross leaves. Rachel Exhales as if trying to hide something. Her true feelings maybe? Hmmmmmm.....)


              [Central Perk] (Whole gang is there, minus Phoebe)


Monica: So why do guys always do that?


Joey: See, women get all emotional after a break-up, they cry to their friends. It's a way of healing, if you will, so bars, to us, are places to go for us to pretend like we are ok.


Chandler: Was that all one big sentence?


Rachel: Or in my case, people get exceedingly depressed and indulge themselves in "stuff" that ends up ruining the relationship.


Ross: (Smiles, sarcastically that is) I know Rachel I totally agree! (Smile fades, then he says coldly:) I have to go. Bye guys, Rachel.


All: Bye, See ya, Later...etc.


             (Pheobe enters, Ross harshly bumps into her)


Pheobe: OW! Bye to you too Ross! (Sits) Guess what!


All: Huh? Yea? What? What's up?


Pheobe: I won $20,000 with a lottery card!


All: Wow! Holy Cow! Etc.


Rachel: $20,000! Wow! What are you planning to do with it?


Pheobe: First I am going to take you all out to Dinner, and then we are all going on a vacation!


Monica: Hmmmm....


Pheobe: What?


Monica: Oh, nothing, I just figured that you would give it to the poor or something.


Pheobe: Yea right! Those losers chose their lives, not me!


 Chandler: And now we know why Pheobe never won the Miss American Pageant!


Pheobe: Anyways, I didn't want to spend too much of the money right away, so I only bought 3 suits for our vacation. Here is where everyone will be sleeping: Monica and Chandler (hands then their suit receipt)


Chandler: Gross.


Monica: What???


Chandler: I love you, Honey.


Pheobe: Joey, you will be staying with me. (We look over at Joey who looks pleased) Hey you...


Joey: How you Doin'?


Chandler: Okay, Don't tell me Rachel and Ross will be in Suit number 3?


Pheobe: Yea, I donít know about you, but I think Ross and Rachel should get back together again!


Rachel: Um, Guys, I'm still here!


Chandler: No, seriously, why aren't you two together?


Rachel: Well, Um, Ross and I are very, very, different people.


Monica: Rach, do you still love him?


               COMMERCIAL BREAK


Monica: Rachel do you still love him?


Rachel: No!


Joey: Are you sure? Coz' he's always flirtin' with you.


Rachel: So he flirts a bit with me!


Pheobe: But you always  flirt back!


Monica: Do you love him?


Rachel (angry, stands) NO! And what is this? Jeopardy has fewer questions for chissakes!! I have to go!


Monica: Wait! Rachel! The other night, Ross went to your apartment to talk to you didn't he?


Rachel: Yes. He was asking me if I loved him.


Monica: What did you say?


Rachel: NO!


Monica: that's why he has been so bizarre lately! Rachel, he was going to let you know that he still loves you, but you said no so he chickened out!


Rachel: Okay, I have had enough! I will see you all tomorrow!



         (Rachel storms out)


Joey: (grabs her Muffin) Do you think she'll mind if I eat this?


Chandler: Look out Joey! She sees you have her 50-cent muffin! You're in for it now!


        (Joey chucks the muffin at Phoebe)


Pheobe: OW!


Joey: Oh, you where joking. (He walks over and takes the muffin back.)


Pheobe: Well, I guess that I need you go tell Ross to get ready for our trip!


Monica: Hey Pheebs, where are we going?


Pheobe: Oh! The Atlantis Resort for 6 days.


Joey: Pheobe!  It's a thousand dollars a night for those suits! You'll be paying $18,000 for all of us!


Pheobe: So?


Monica: Ok!


Chandler: (stunned) Did Joey just do all of that math in his head?


                 (They all stare at Joey who is now sniffing the muffin, and then he takes a oversize mouthful)


Joey: (with his mouthful and crumbs falling from his mouth) What?


     [Ross' Apt.] (Ross is sitting on the couch, and Rachel enters)


Rachel: Hey Ross!


Ross: Hey.


Rachel: I hope you aren't mad at me for what I said at the coffee house. Are you?


Ross: No, I'm fine.


Rachel: Well, you'd better start packing.


Ross: Why?


Rachel: Pheobe won 20,000 dollars on a lottery ticket! She is sending us all on a trip!


Ross: When? Where?


Rachel: Well, on my way here I bumped into Monica who said the Atlantis Resort. Next week actually!


Ross: Oh, wow, I can't go.


Rachel: Oh Ross! Why?


Ross: Um, I can't get the time off work.


Rachel: Oh, that sucks. Yea, Pheobe only got three suits. She seperated who slept where and you and me would be sharing suit number three.


Ross: (convinced) I'll call my boss.




   [AIRPLANE] (Everyone is there waiting for the plane to take off. Joey is by Pheobe, Ross by Rachel, and Chandler by Monica in three rows)


Joey: I Love flying! I canít wait to take off!


(The engine of the plane starts)


Rachel: (Grabs Rossí hand) I hate flying!


Ross: (Caring) Itís all right. I promise nothing will happen.


              (Rachel  sort of lets out a whine as the plane gets airborne)


Ross: Rachel, trust me youíll be fine (he kisses her hand) as long as Iím here.


Rachel: (realizing) Yea, maybe I will be, as long as youíre here.


                (She smiles to herself as they all head to Atlantis. So does he. )


                                 End of Part l, Read Part 2 to find out what happens next!