TOW the Vacation Part II



Stewardess: (offering it to Rachel) Peanuts?


Rachel: No thank you.


Ross: Iíll take one though.


Stewardess: Here you go sir, and are you sure your girlfriend wouldnít like one?


Ross: Well, um, Sheís not my girlfriend and no, I donít think she wants one.


Stewardess: Well in that case, (she hands him a piece of paper) thatís my number.


Ross: Thank you.


         (Stewardess moves on)


Rachel: Oh my gosh! Are you going to call her?


Ross: Nah, She doesnít seem like my type.


        (He kind of smiles at Rachel)


 Rachel: (Clears her throat) So, how cool is this? Weíre going to the Atlantis Resort! This is going to be fun.


Ross: Yea. Now, donít take this weird, but Iím glad that out of everyone we will be sharing the same room.


Rachel: Really? Thatís sweet of you. I totally agree. (She smiles, a big one this time.)


Ross: Cool. (He smiles back)


                 Opening Credits


                  (Now we see Pheobe and Joey in the next seats up.)


Pheobe: Once again! I spy with my little eye something blueÖ(as she stares out the window)


Joey: I have guessed everything! What is it! I give up!


Pheobe: The sky, Joey, the sky.


Joey: (He sheepishly grins) Oh, the sky. Yea. Letís play another game!


Pheobe: Really? What?


Joey: Um, Oh! Okay! Weíll play cards!


Pheobe: Okay!


               (Joey pulls out some playing cards)


Pheobe: What game?


Joey: Poker?


Pheobe: Nah, Later.


Joey: What game then?


Pheobe: Oh! Go fish!


Joey: Iíve never known how to play that game.


Pheobe: (Evil grin on her face) Iíll teach you.


Joey: you will?


Pheobe: Oh yea.


         (Now we see Monica and Chandler behind Rachel and Ross)


Monica: (Whining) Are we there yet?


Chandler: No for the jagillionth time!


Pilot on Speaker: Ladies and Gentlemen We are flying 50,000 mph and are about 5,000 ft in the atmosphere. If you look below you, you will see the Atlantic Ocean. We will be arriving in our destination in about five hours.


Stewardess:  If you would like, the movie will be starting soon. Ask the stewardess as she comes by for your earphones. The movie will be, ďLife as a HouseĒ Starring Kevin Kline and Hayden Christianson. I have reports that we will be accessing some mild turbulence. Please stay seated. Thank you and I will be notifying you within the hour on our progress.


Monica: Chandler, get us some earphones!


Chandler: Do I look like a slave? (She glares at him) I guess so. Excuse me maíamÖ


         (Pheobe and Joey still playing cards)


Phoebe: (Holding her last four cards) Ok, do you have a queen, an ace, a two and a seven?


Joey: Are you sure this is how you play?


Pheobe: Oh, oh, yeah.


       (Joey hands over all of his card)


Joey: you win again!


             (Rachel still has Rossí hand.)


Rachel: Would you like to watch the movie with me?


Ross: Why sure.


Rachel: Excuse me, Maíam, (The stewardess turns around) yea, can I get two earphones.


Stewardess: Here you go Miss. (She hands Rachel the earphones.)  Enjoy the show.


             (Then, turbulence shakes the plane and Rachel freaks out, grabbing Ross and pulling him closer to her.)


 Ross: Rachel, honey, itís ok! Iím here!


Rachel: Oh GOD! Weíre all gonna die!


 Ross: (chuckles then as a reflex, he kisses her on the cheek.) Hey, youíre not gonna die.


Rachel: Thank you Ross.


                               COMMERCIAL BREAK


(Time Lapse, the six of them get off of the plane, itís just now morning at the resort.)


Pheobe: Okay! Time to check in!


All: Wow! Awesome! Cool! ÖEtc.


Pheobe: This way!


              (They all step inside the lobby while Pheobe, Ross and Chandler go and check in at the front desk)


Rachel: Wow! Itís so beautiful here! I canít believe it!


Joey: I know!


Monica: I canít wait to go to the pool! Whoís gonna join me?


                (Chandler, Pheobe, and Ross comeback from the front desk)


Rachel: Well, Iím gonna go unpack and get situated. Ross, do you want to come with me?


Ross: Uh, yea, letís go!


               (As Rachel and Ross disappear, we see the rest of the group give knowing looks to one another.)


Monica: Okay, Chandler, want to go upstairs, unpack, then go down to the pool?


Chandler: Well, I know thatís an order and not a suggestion so I guess I have to. (Makes a pouty face and marches upstairs.)


Pheobe: Well, Joey, Letís hit the Casino!


Joey: ALRIGHT!!!!


                 (Cut to Monica and Chandlerís suit, Chandler is finishing putting his clothes in his drawer while Monica is in the bathroom, stealing towels.)


Chandler: Hey, Rach, thatís called stealing, yíknow!


Monica: Oh, yea, well, I mean, umÖ


Chandler: Grab like two for me okayÖ


Monica: Okay! Soap too?


Chandler: No, no, hotel soap gives me rashes.


Monica: Well, wash clothsÖ


            (Monica exits the bathroom to see Ross and Rachel cracking up at them)


Rachel: Monica! You canít steal the towels!


Monica: (lying) I know I was just um, yíknowÖ


Ross: Stealing them?


Monica: Yes. I mean No.


Rachel: (unsure) Weíll be by the pool.


Chandler: Okay! Bye!


Monica: That was close!


Chandler: What? They know you where stealing the towels!


Monica: RiiiiightÖ.




       [Ross and Rachelís Suit]


Ross: Um, so, what time do you want to go to the pool?


Rachel: I donít. Actually, I was wondering if we could talk for a bit.


Ross: Sure. (He sits on the end of the bed)


Rachel: The other night, you asked me a question, and I said no.


Ross: Right


Rachel: Ross, are you still in love with me?


Ross: (caught off guard) Um, well, yes actually. I know Itís kind of weird. I think itís just a little crush. But Iíll be fine. Donít worry. And please, donít make thing weird between us now. I just want to have a good time and not get into anything complicated now. Iím sorry, I canít control my feelings. And those feelings I have for you are very deep. But, I can live without you, now we donít need to be together.  I mean, unless you want to.  Oh, GodÖ.


Rachel: Ross, I just wanted to know. Of course things wonít be weird. I promise. I just wanted to know. Thank you for being so sweet, Ross. Come hereÖ.


             (Rachel holds her arms out to hug Ross and they cuddle for a long moment.)


Ross: Is that all thatís on your mind?


Rachel: Yea.


Ross: Are you sure? You seem a little, uh, you know, troubled.


Rachel: Yea, Yea, Iím fine. Címon! Letís go have some fun! I am so ready to go dawn that slide!


Ross: Um, Rach, Do you want to go to dinner with me tonight? Just with me?


Rachel: Ross, do you really think thatís a great idea? You know, with our whole talk we just had?


Ross: Oh, just as friends. Just really good friends.


Rachel: Um, okay, yea great.


Ross: Yea, great.


                   [Cut to Pheobe and Joey at a Casino]


Pheobe: Címon! Mama needs a new pair of shoes! SHOW ME SEVEN!


              (We see the dice land on 12 rather than her seven)


Pheobe: OH NO! That was 50 bucks!


Joey: Pheobe, I really think you should stop; itís not good for you. Your gonna loose all of your money!


Pheobe: Oh, well, letís go to the pool!


Joey: ok, itís free.


          (Cut to pool. Monica, Ross, Chandler and Rachel are playing Chicken; Rachel on Rossí shoulders and Monica on Chandlers!)


Rachel: Your going down!


Monica: Bring it on!


Chandler: GO MONICA! (To Ross) Rachelís gonna win.


Ross: I know. GO RACHEL! GO!


             (Sure enough, Rachel pushes a very upset Monica into the pool)


Monica: O MY GOD! I CANíT BEIEVE YOU WON! Good job Rach!


Rachel: Yea, I always have to push guys off of me so yíknow, practice.


         (Pheobe and Joey enter, Joey has a cast)


Rachel: Oh my God!


                END of TOW The Vacation part II, Read part III next to find out what happened to Joey!