TOW The Vacation Part III


Ross: Joey! What the hell happened?


Joey: (Shy, Mumbling) 


Rachel: What?


Joey: (Repeats shy Mumbling)


Monica: WHAT?


Chandler: C’mon guys! He (Mimics Joeys shy mumbling)


Pheobe: He stuck his arm out of the golf cart we rented, and then hit it on a tree.


Chandler: Joey! That’s why they say, “Please keep your arms and legs inside at all times!”


Joey: I know! It was so hard not to!


Chandler: What? It’s so easy, you just don’t do it!


Ross: (Interrupts Chandler) No, no, he has a point. I can feel the temptation.


    (Every one kind of chuckles, but go back to Joey)


Rachel: So are you alright?


Pheobe: He’s fine.


Rachel: Do you need any medicine?


Pheobe: No, he doesn’t. Well, maybe.


Rachel: Okay, Joey, Tylenol?


Pheobe: Tylenol will be great!


Rachel: Okay was I talking to you?!?!?!?


          Opening Credits




Monica: So, where are we going for dinner, everyone?


Rachel: Well, um, see Ross and I…


Ross: Rach and I are going out to eat tonight, together, so count us out.


Chandler: Oh my God.


Rachel: What?


 Monica: Don’t you guys see what you are doing? You are getting into another mess!


Ross: What? I see nothing “messy” about two people going out to dinner!


Chandler: Unless Joey’s one of them.


Rachel: Guy’s it’s fine! We’re gonna eat, then we’re gonna meet up with you guys for drinks.


Monica: Okay, Okay, but tomorrow, we are all eating together, agreed?


All: Agreed.


        [(Time lapse) Rachel and Ross’ Suit] (Rachel walks out from the bathroom in a short, form fitting, spaghetti strap dress, complete with cleavage.  She looks great.)


Ross: Wow! You look great! (We know!)


Rachel: Thanks! So let’s go.


Ross: Ok, I booked reservations at the “Van Cisco De Lucre.”


Rachel: Sounds excellent. (She grins.)


                    [The Van Cisco De Lucre Restaurant] (Rachel and Ross sit across from each other by a window facing the ocean. It is very dreamy and romantic)


Waiter: Here are your menus.


Rachel/Ross: Thank you.


Waiter: I will be back later o take your order. But first, what would you like to drink?


Ross: I will have the, uh, My Tie.


Rachel: And I will have the Peach Margarita.


Waiter: Thank you. I will be back in a bit.


         (Waiter leaves)


Rachel: So, what are you up to these days?


Ross: Uh, well, my job is doing great. I just got a fifteen-dollar raise. Ben Is tuning seven in two months, and my wife is still a lesbian.


Rachel: And girls?


Ross: No time.


Rachel: (Imitates buzzer for, “Wrong Answer.”)


Ross: What? I don’t have time for women right now.


Rachel: What ever Ross: (She laughs)


Ross: What about you? You haven’t had a date ever since, since, uh, Joshua!


Rachel: No! I am seeing Andy right at this instant!


Ross: Let’s just drop this, all right?


Rachel: Okay, all right, incredibly fine!


            (Brief stillness)


Rachel: So you’re not considering somebody?


Ross: NO! (There is an uneasy chuckle then an awkward moment)… You?


Rachel: What do you mean?


Ross: What do you think regarding Andy? I mean, are you serious about him?


Rachel: Actually, he asked me to move in with him.


Ross: But how long have you been dating?


Rachel:  About two months.


Ross:  (Noticeably worried) What, what, are you going to say?


          (Rachel looks worried too.)


           [Cut to Monica, Chandler, Pheobe, and Joey at a less fancy restaurant.]


Pheobe: (ordering) I will have the Caesar Salad, and the fish fillet.


Chandler: The Steak and potato salad please.


Joey: Same.


Monica: I will have the lemon drenched shrimp dish please.


Waiter: your dinner will be here before long. Thank you.


Monica: I wonder what Ross and Rachel are up to right now.


Joey: I can only imagine. (Stares off into space with a smirk on his face)


Chandler: Ewe.  Gosh, I wonder what has gotten into them.


Pheobe: I know! Their together, they break up, their together, they break up! MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE!


           (The whole restaurant is staring at her)


Pheobe: What are you looking at?  (To an attractive guy behind her) Oh, wait, you’re ok. Did you see something you liked?


                     COMMERCIAL BREAK


[The Van Cisco De Lucre Restaurant]


Rachel: why do you mind?


Ross: It was a straightforward matter!


Rachel: well I’m so, so sorry for not giving personal information that is clearly NONE OF YOU BUSINESS!


Ross: Look, I really don’t want to fight with you! I was just trying to make conversation. We need to be able to stand each other since we will be in the same suit for the next five days!


Rachel: I’m sorry. No, I won’t be taking his offer up. I really like living by all of you and for my part I am not ready for that dedication.


Ross: oh.


Rachel: Lobster looks good.


        [(Time lapse) the Surfs Up karaoke bar, night]


Pheobe: Have you guys picked out a song?


Joey: I picked, “My girl”


Chandler: Joey do you even know that song?




Ross: I’m gonna pass on singing. Rachel:


Rachel: Mine is a surprise.


Monica: I’ll go first. (She climbs on stage) Hi I’m Monica Geller sing this to my lover, Chandler:


                                Your just to good to be true,

                                        Can’t take my eyes off of you.

                                 You’d be like heaven to touch,

                                      I want to hold you soooo much…”


(Everyone is cracking up, Chandler looks satisfied…)


                                  I LOVE YOU BABY!

                                           AND IF IT’S QUITE ALRIGHT,

                                  I NEED YOU BABY…”


 (Time lapse)


 Pheobe: It’s not your fault!!! THANK YOU! Thank you.


Ross: So Rach, you ready?


Rachel: yes. (She climbs upon the stage) Ok, this isn’t dedicated to anyone special, but here it goes:


                                     (Music begins, “your still the one I love” By Shania Twain)


                                    Looks like we’ve made it

                                        Look how far we’ve come my baby,

                                    Might of took the long way,

                                       But know we’d get there someday.

                                  They said,

                                       I’ll bet, they’ll never make it,

                                 But just look at the story now…”


Chandler: Ross, you do know that she is singing this to you, right?


      (Ross just sits there, faithfully and lovingly staring at her.)


                               “You’re still the one I come to,

                                        The one that I belong to,

                               You’re still the one I want for love

                                   You’re still the one that I love,

                              The only one I dream, of

                                     You’re still the one I kiss good night,

                                        You’re still the one…”


                                                     End of TOW The Vacation Part III, Read Part IIII to find out if she was singing to Ross!!!