TOW the Vacation Part IV


[Monica and Chandlerís suit.] (Monica and Chandler are in bed)


Chandler: Oh, she was totally singing to him!


Monica: Chandler, why canít you be happy for them? They might get back together!


Chandler: I know, but last time, when they broke up we where all miserable!


Monica: And whoís to say that hey break up?


Chandler: Itís Ross and Rachel! Of course they are going to break up!


Monica: Iím not so sure at this pointÖ


[Pheobe and Joeyís Suit]


Pheobe: So, Rachel and Ross look kind of snuggly lately.


Joey: Oh my gosh, I wasnít gonna tell you, but Ross still has it huge for Rachel!


Pheobe: Who doesnít?


Joey: Whatís that supposed to mean?


Pheobe: That girl has every guy eating out of the palm of her hand. NOTICE ME!


Joey: I notice you PheobeÖ


                      (Whatís gonna happen?) J


                               OPENING CREDITS


[Rachel and Rossí suit]


Ross: wow, you did great tonight.


Rachel: Thank you.


            (There is a long awkward moment)


Rachel: so, where are you sleeping?


Ross: Iíll take the couch out here, uh, and you can have the bed.


Rachel: Thank you that is very sweet of you.


Ross: what time is it?


Rachel: itís 1:00 here but 11:00 our time.


Ross: wow. No wonder Iím not tired.


Rachel: What would you like to do?


Ross: Well, we could order a movie.


Rachel: sounds good. What one?


Ross: uh, (grabs a movie menu) How aboutÖ ďKissing a fool?Ē


Rachel: No, thatís a little too like my past. (Hint, Hint, Chloe)


Ross: (Kind of offended and/or hurt) Look, Iím sorry for what happened in the past. But the truth is, Iím not sorry that I love you. I am hoping you can forgive me, and maybe, just maybe, we could, uh, start over.


Rachel: (teary) I donít know. I ended a relationship with a guy named Ross because he wasnít faithful to me and he broke my heart. So I donít think I really want to start something new with you.  Iím sorry Ross.


             (She departs into the bedroom and locks the door.)


                   [Pheobe and Joey]


Joey: I love you Pheobe.


Pheobe: Oh my gosh. Wow, Thatís cool. (Smile)


Joey: Hey! Letís get married.


Pheobe: What?


Joey: Yea, letís get married.!


Pheobe: Wow, this relationship is moving way to fast. Cool! Letís go!


                  COMMERCIAL BREAK


{Monica and Chandlers}


Chandler: Hey, Monica: Are you asleep?


Monica: No, not tonight. I have a headache


Chandler: Monica, Itís been seven weeks.


Monica: No, not to night Chandler!


Chandler: Fine, fork over seven bucks so I can buy a decent magazine!


Monica: Oh, honeyÖ Here you go (Hands him a couple bucks.)


Chandler: Monica, what is up. (In a high pitched voice) YOUR CHEATNG ON ME!


Monica: No, I wasnít going to tell you yet, but Iím pregnant.


            (Chandler just stares as we fade into)[Ross and Rachelís Room]


        (Ross is lying on the couch trying to sleep. He looks up at the stars through the ceiling skylight. A door opens as Rachel exits from her room)


Rachel: Ross, are you still awake?


Ross: Yea.


Rachel: (winding her hair around her fingers and sitting down on the end of the sofa toward his knees) I have been thinking, about what you said. Um, I donít want you to think I donít love you. Ross, I love you with all of my heart. But I donít think we could ever work out.


Ross: Rach, you just need to have faith in us!

Rachel: Damn it Ross, there is no ďusĒ, and there will never be ďusĒ again. LETíS DROP THE ďUS!Ē

Ross: Okay.

Rachel: What?

Ross: Okay. I donít need to say it twice. You get it.

Rachel: Well, thank you for understanding. (stands up to leave)

Ross: Goodnight, Rach. I love you.

Rachel: I love you too. (realizing) I love, no, I donít love you, Iím in love with you.(smiles)

Ross: What?

Rachel: I donít need to say it twice. I want to be with you too, Ross. I love you. Listen. I love you so much that, I want to stroll down an aisle in a white formal gown and prove how much I love you. I want to be on a hospital bed  in complete and utter pain having our first child, I-I-I want to be by your side in a rocking chair telling our grandchildren tales about our past. Do I sound extreme, or is this what you want too?

Ross: Rachel, I have wanted all of that since ninth grade. I want all of that and more. I want to be standing at the end of that aisle, I want to be holding your hand as that baby is placed in your arms. I want to be buried next to you when I die.

Rachel: But what if you die first?

Ross: Well, then youíll be buried next to me after you die, years later of course.

Rachel: No, Iíd die of a broken heart, within the week you die.

Ross: this is a depressing topic.

Rachel: yea

Ross: what do you say?

Rachel: well what the hell do you think Iím saying?

Ross: I love you.

Rachel: I love you too.

         ( There is a good silence, then they kiss. time-consuming and passionately.)

[Chandler and Monicaís suit] (Chandler is pacing)

Monica: I didnít plan this. Arenít you happy?

Chandler: Happy? Iím Terrified! (Monica looks down, heartbreaking) But at the same time, I am ecstatic.

Monica: (Smiles) Really?

Chandler: Yes. I will finally be able to raise a kid, and not screw him up like my parents screwed me up. So, how long?

Monica: two months.

Chandler: O my god! Seven months in counting!

Monica: whatís wrong?

Chandler: Oh, well, we have only seven months until Chandler Jr. will be here and we have nothing!

Monica: First of all, Um, we are not going to name it that. Second  of all, Chandler! We have seven moths! Thatís plenty of time! Goodness!

Chandler: I canít wait.

Monica: Really?

Chandler: Really.


[Chapel] (Joey is standing at the end of the aisle as Pheobe walks down.)

Minister: Dearly beloved, Blah, blah, blah, you know all that junk. Just tell me I do so I can let you kiss the bride.

Joey: I do

Pheobe: I do

Minister: Ok, I now pronounce you Mr. And Mrs. (shifts through papers) Gabooni!

Joey: Actually, Itís Tribbiani.

Minister: Yea, whatever. Get out.

Pheobe: Weíre married!

                  END CREDITS