TOW All of the Vacation Secrets are Revealed



Pheobe: (to Joey) That was so much fun.


Joey: So, uh, when should we tell them?


Pheobe: Uh, How about after everyone is situated, ok?


Joey: Okay, Mrs. Tribbiani. (He then smiles, and she returns the smile)


  (Chandler and Monica’s seats)


Monica: So, when should we tell them?


Chandler: Later, when everyone is situated.


Monica: Okay. (She proceeds to rub her stomach)


     (Ross and Rachel’s seats)


Rachel: So, when do we tell them?


Ross: Give it a day or so, when every one is situated.


Rachel: Oh my gosh, a day or so? Do you know how hard it has been to keep my hands off of you when we where around them? It’s crazy! It’s like I have wanted you for so long, but can’t have you. You have no idea!


Ross: (just stares at her, like “o my gosh your not serious!”)


Rachel okay maybe you do.




[Plane] (Joey and Pheobe’s seats)


Pheobe: Oh my gosh!


Joey: What! What’s wrong?


Pheobe: You know how you get that feeling that someone has a big secret and won’t tell you?


Joey: Yea.


Pheobe: Really?


Joey: no.


Pheobe: Well, I feel like Monica and Chandler have a secret!


Joey: Shhhhh, their right behind us!


Pheobe: Let’s just listen to see if anything comes up…




[Monica and Chandler’s]


Monica. This is so great. I can’t wait to tell everyone the news!


Chandler: I know I can’t believe we’re….


      (Just then, Joey and Pheobe fall out of their seats) 


Pheobe: Joey! You horn dog!


Joey: I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself.


Stewardess: Excuse me; you have to stay seated until we tell you that you can move around the area.


Pheobe: Ok, sorry. Bad boy Joey. Buckle up.


  (Joey and Pheobe buckle up.)


Monica: Oh my God!


Chandler: What?


Monica: Listen!


Rachel: (From the seat’s behind them) Meet me in the bathroom in Two minutes.


Ross: Yea, ok.


Rachel: (LOUDLY) Well, Ross, Looks like I have to go to the bathroom.


Ross: Ok Rachel.


Rachel: (whispers) I mean it! Two minutes!


Ross: Got it, go!


  (Rachel walks off and Ross’ eyes follow her)


Rachel: I know your watching me walk away!


 Chandler: (Turning and Whispering to Ross) Ross, what’s going on? Are you guys back together?


Ross: Don’t tell Mon, but, yea.


Chandler: Wow! That is so great! How long?


Ross: since the first day we got here!


Chandler: That is rad dude! I can’t pull that off, can I?


Ross: No. Oh, I have to go to the “Bathroom” (Makes quotes with his fingers on bathroom)


Chandler: Go on!




Ross: (Enters and locks the door]


Rachel: What took so long?


Ross: I was talking to Chandler about Joey’s arm.


Rachel: I was only asking, I really don’t care. Come here!


    (They kiss very passionately)


Ross: Rachel, I uh, I can’t breath.


Rachel: I know, it is kind of cramped in here, huh?


Ross: Yea


Rachel: Ok, I’ll go. But when we get home, we need to tell them so we’re not going stuff like this! We’ll go to your place!


Ross: Why don’t you unpack there?


Rachel: What?


Ross: I mean, why don’t you move in with me?


Rachel: No, seriously, what?


Ross: Yea. I know it’s soon, but we have dated in the past. Why don’t we just start off back where we ended? I mean, I was going to ask you the night we took a break to move in with me.


Rachel: Really?


Ross: Yea.


Rachel: Ok!


Ross: I love you!

Rachel: I love you too!


              COMMERCIAL BREAK


  [Pheobe and Joe’s seats]


Pheobe: Hear anything?


Joey: Hold on……………………No.


Pheobe: Oh, oh… Listen…


(Behind them)


Monica: So we’ve decided! If it’s a girl, we’ll name her Emma, and If it is a boy…


Chandler: We will name him Bryan.


Pheobe: Their having a baby!


Joey: Oh my gosh, this is huge!


Pheobe: I know!


Joey: Listen I have to go to the bathroom; I’ll be right back!


 (Joey heads for the bathroom, Ross exits.)


Joey: Just in time! I really gotta go!


Ross: Don’t you mean; have to?


Joey: Yea something like that.


 (Joey goes to open the door, it’s locked)


Joey: Ok, Ross, you just came out and it’s locked.


Ross: well um (Rachel exits)


Joey: (Mimicking Janice) OH…MUY…GAWT!


Ross: It’s not what it looks like!


Rachel: Ok, it is, but you can’t tell any one. We are going to tell them s soon as we get home.


Joey: No! Not again! I had to go through all of that with Chandler and Monica!


Rachel: No, no, no, no, no, see, um we are going to tell them asawgh.


Ross: Ok, it’s Joey, Rach.


Rachel: As Soon As We Get Home. It won’t go on as a secret for very long. We will tell them, we promise.


Joey: Ok…. Congratulations. But, I HAVE TO PEE!


Rachel/Ross: Ok, go!




[Monica and Chandler’s Apartment.] (Every one is there.)


Monica: Every one, we have an announcement. Chandler and I, we’re, we’re gonna have a baby.


All: Great! Awesome! O my god!


Monica: I know!


Pheobe: Well, I have an announcement too. Joey and I are married!




Rachel: Pheobe! How could you! You knew we all wanted to be apart of your guys’ weddings. At least been there!


Pheobe: I know, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing.


Monica: you guys haven’t even dated!


Joey: I know but Phoebe is my best friend. I know her perfectly well. And well, if you guys wanted to be there for the wedding, then we will have a full ceremony soon!


Pheobe:  Well, ok.


Joey: Well, Rachel, I’m sorry but I will have to kick you out. That room you have will be for the baby.


Pheobe: We’re not pregnant.


Joey: Yea, but if we are married, won’t we want to have kids?


Pheobe: Oh, yea I see what your getting at, ok. Oh, Rach, you can talk to my roommate about moving in. She probably wouldn’t mind.


Rachel: That’s okay. I have a place to stay.


Pheobe: Where?


Rachel: That’s my announcement. I’m moving in with Ross.




Monica: That’s so great! Wait, what about Andy?


Rachel: I broke up with him. Ross and I are finally together!


Pheobe: I know! FINALLY.


Monica: So, is this gonna be it though?


Rachel: yea, this is it.


         Closing Credits