The One With The Weathergirl
aka "Monday, bloody Monday"
by TFK

Authorís note: My second FRIENDS fanfic. Imagine this story to be happening somewhere in season six. It would also be a nice season five finale though, although this story does not have a real cliffhanger. Chandler and Monica are still together, Ross and Rachel are not together. Please keep in mind that I am from the Netherlands, which means that English is not my native language and that I haven't seen any season five episodes yet. Enjoy!

[SCENE 1: Central Perk]

[Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are sitting on their usual spots. Chandler is reading a magazine, Phoebe is trying to compose a song and Joey is reading a script.]

PHOEBE (singing): A friend of mine was telling me his WENUS has been choked. So that was when I realised his life is just a joke. Lalalalalalalalalala!

CHANDLER (sarcastic): Thanks Pheebs!

(Phoebe smiles happy)

(Ross enters and sits down)

ROSS: Hey!

ALL: Hey.

ROSS: Do you remember the vacancy at Columbia University I told you guys about last week?


ROSS: Well, there was a vacancy at the department of palaeontology at Columbia University for a professorship in the Mesozoic area. I applied to that vacancy and guess what?

PHOEBE: They rejected you because you didnít know anything about it?

ROSS (slightly annoyed): No! I got the job. I am now a professor in palaeontology.

CHANDLER: Ah, your parents will be so proud!

ROSS: Thank you WENUS-boy! Letís talk about your exciting life at the office.

(Chandler wants to say something but he is cut off by Phoebe)

PHOEBE: Oh Ross, donít listen to Chandler. Congratulations with your new job. Whenís your first day?

ROSS: Iím giving my first lecture next Monday.

PHOEBE: Wow! Do you already know what you are going to talk about?

ROSS: Oh yes! I am going to discuss the different theories of the dying out of dinosaurs.

CHANDLER: Oh, what a shame! I have to work on Monday, I would love to see your audience falling asleep.


[SCENE 2: Central Perk]

[Continued from earlier: Chandler, Joey, Phoebe and Ross are sitting there. Rachel enters.]

RACHEL : Hi guys!

ALL: Hey!

ROSS: Rach, did you hear the big news? Iím appointed as a professor of palaeontology at Columbia University.

RACHEL (unimpressed): Ooh, really? Congratulations. Iím so impressed.

(Rachel sits down)

RACHEL: Guys, did you hear the big news? Iím going to be the new City Channel weathergirl!

PHOEBE: Huh? How?

RACHEL: Oh, I was at a fashion seminar and a manager from City Channel asked me if I would like to be the new weathergirl on their breakfast television show.

JOEY: Ah, you slept with him.

RACHEL: No I didnít! Why would I do that?

JOEY: Thatís how I get my roles.

ROSS: Uh, Rach? Donít you uh, think that you should know something about meteorology when you want to be a weathergirl?

RACHEL: No, why? All I have to do is be at the studio at seven oíclock in the morning, read a text from the autocue, theyíll repeat it five times during the show so I can go home. So I can even stay at my current job!

(Monica enters)

MONICA: Hey you guys, guess the great news Iím going to tell you?

ROSS: Uh, I got a job as a professor at Columbia University?

MONICA: No, why would I get a job atÖ Oh, you got the job, congratulations. Now guess what Iím going to tell you?

RACHEL (enthusiastic): Iím going to be a weathergirl?

MONICA: Huh? Oh, congratulations Rach. No, Iím going to cater at Richardís birthday party next Monday.

CHANDLER: You mean Richard as in ex-boyfriend Richard?

MONICA: Yes, do you have any problems with that?

CHANDLER: No. Why would I have any problems with that? So, when are we going?

MONICA: Youíre not going, I am going to cater. Youíre not invited. Oh, Pheebs, could you waitress for me?


MONICA: Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.

(Cut to Chandlerís face, he does not look happy.)

[SCENE 3: Monica and Rachelís apartment]

[Monday (the Monday). The gang, minus Ross, is there, eating breakfast. Rachel is running around, looking for something.]

RACHEL: Whereís my bag, whereís my bag?

MONICA: Rach, honey, would you relax?

RACHEL: Hey, itís my first day at my new job.

PHOEBE: Yeah, so? Itís Rossís first day too. He ainít nervous.

RACHEL: Oh yeah. Professor Geller. Sounds sexy, huh?

(Monica and Phoebe look at Rachel. Rachel realizes that wasnít a very smart remark.)

RACHEL: Thereís my bag. Bye guys!

(She quickly leaves the apartment)

(Ross enters, he looks like a train has just hit him)

ROSS: Uh, whatís wrong with Rachel? She just literally ran through me. All she said was, uhÖ ĎBye honey.í

MONICA: Oh, sheís just in a hurry. Sheís gotta be at the television studio in time. Boy, was she nervous.

JOEY: Hey Ross, your first lecture today! Are you nervous too?

ROSS: No, why should I be nervous. I have spoken for big audiences before.

PHOEBE: Hey Ross, is it okay if I join you? I mean, I have nothing to do today. I would love to see your first lecture!

MONICA: Uh, Pheebs? Youíre supposed to waitress tonight, remember?

PHOEBE: Oh, sorry Monica. Do you want me to stick around in your kitchen all day while you are preparing the food?

MONICA: Uh, Ross? Could you take Phoebe with you to your first lecture?

ROSS: Sure Pheebs, be my guest. Iím sure there will be some seats left in the auditorium.

CHANDLER (sarcastic): Really? I mean, professor Gellerís first lecture about palaeontology. I thought it would be swarming with people.

ROSS (ignoring Chandler): Anybody else wanting to go with me? Joey?

JOEY: Uh, I remember, I have a script to study for my audition next week.

(Joey runs out of the apartment.)

ROSS: Uh, okay. Iím off then. Iím gonna be welcomed by the dean of the faculty of palaeontology. Are you coming with me Pheebs?

PHOEBE: Do you think I can find the lecture room myself?

ROSS (thinking): No.

PHOEBE: Well, then Iím coming with you now.

(Ross and Phoebe leave)

MONICA: Chandler, when are you leaving?

CHANDLER (hurt): Why? Remember I have a day off? I thought we could hang out together.

MONICA: Hey, I have a lot of food to prepare, I donít want you to get in my way.

CHANDLER: Why did you actually accept Richardís offer to cater at his party? I mean, you have your chef job, do you need some money? I could give you some.

MONICA (annoyed): Chandler! Iím not a hooker! Now get out of my apartment, Iíve got a lot of work to do.

(She pushes Chandler out of the apartment)

[SCENE 4: A corridor, Columbia University]

[Ross, Phoebe and the dean of the faculty of palaeontology (DEAN) are walking and talking.]

DEAN: So, professor Geller. Do you have any urgent questions?


DEAN: Iím off then, I have another new employee to welcome. Good luck with your first lecture. Iíll see you later.

ROSS and PHOEBE: See you.

(Dean walks off)

PHOEBE: Wow, PROFESSOR Geller. That sounds so cool!

ROSS (absent-minded): Mmm.

PHOEBE: Ross, are you all right?

ROSS: Oh yes, Iím fine. Just thinking.

PHOEBE: Oh, donít tell me you donít remember what youíre supposed to tell those students.

ROSS: No, just wondering what Rachel said this morning. (quizzically pronounced) 'Bye honey?'

PHOEBE: Oh, that was nothing, sheís just nervous.

ROSS: Yeah.

[SCENE 5: A room, the City Channel television studio]

[Rachel is sitting in a chair, while somebody is doing her make-up. The director (DIRECTOR) enters.]

DIRECTOR: Miss Green. Are you ready for your debut on our network?


DIRECTOR: Great, now letís see. Now, all you need is a nice stage name. Any suggestions?

RACHEL: Uh, what about Rachel?

DIRECTOR (laughing): Oh, nice joke young lady. No, we want you to have a stage name. Every famous person has a stage name!

RACHEL: Forget it, Iím Rachel, and nobody is going to change that!

DIRECTOR (shrugs): Sure.

[Cut to later, the studio where the breakfast television show is being shot. The host (HOST) is sitting there, talking to the camera. Rachel is standing in front of some sort of projector-type kinda thing (hey, Iíve never been in a television studio!).]

RACHEL (thoughts, with a happy smile on her face): Good morning NewYork! Iím Rachel, your new weathergirl on the City Channel!

[Cut to the host of the show]

HOST: And now, ladies and gentleman. 'Breakfast in New York' is proud to present our new weathergirl: Emily Waltham.

[Cut to Rachelís face, she looks shocked.]

RACHEL (thoughts): What the hell is going on here?

(Suddenly Rachel sees Emily Waltham (EMILY) appear, she happens to be one of the director assistants on this television show, itís a small world after all. Emily, sarcastic smile, waves at Rachel. Rachel looks confused, she waves back.)

DIRECTOR (off screen, angry): Rachel! Youíre on the air. Read that bloody autocue!

(Rachel still looks shocked.)

DIRECTOR (off screen): Youíre fired.

[Cut back to the host]

HOST: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like thereís no weather today. Our next guest isÖ

(fade out)

[SCENE 6: Somewhere backstage at City Channel television studio]

[fade in to: the television studio, somewhere backstage. The director is shouting at Rachel]

DIRECTOR (shouting): What the hell did you think you were doing?

RACHEL (small voice): I was confused, why did you guys name me Emily Waltham?

DIRECTOR: Thatís the name of one of my assistants. According to our company policy every worker that appears on television needs a stage name, itís for your own security. And now piss off, I never want to see you in this studio ever again!

(Director walks away. Emily Waltham walks to Rachel, big grin on her face.)

EMILY: Hey Rachel! Long time no see!

RACHEL: Why did you do that to me?

EMILY: Letís just say that this is my own revenge for you ruining my wedding.

RACHEL: I did not ruin your wedding!

EMILY: Oh yes, you did. You just came over to London to confuse Ross so he could humiliate me in front of all my friends and my family.

RACHEL: I did not!

EMILY: Oh really? Then why did you come to London?

RACHEL: IÖ (she does not know what to say)

[SCENE 7: Chandler and Joeyís apartment]

[Joey is sitting in one of the recliners, watching television. Chandler is pacing around.]

CHANDLER: She pushed me out of her apartment. Me! The love of her life. Just because she is making food for that Richard.

JOEY: Hey pal, relax! You trust Monica, right?

CHANDLER: Yes, of course I do trust her!

JOEY: Fine.

(He continues watching television)

CHANDLER: I mean, what do you think that horny, moustache-wearing oldman is going to do. Heíll be going like: 'Hey Mon, remember me? The only real man youíve ever had. Why donít you forget about that sarcastic idiot and have fun with me again, I have a Jaguar!í

(Joey sighs, he turns the television off.)

JOEY: I think I know the solution.


JOEY: Tonight we go to Richardís house, just to keep an eye on her.

CHANDLER: Oh Joey, thatís a brilliant plan! Oh, wait, weíre not invited.



JOEY: We just stay outside, we can see whatís going on inside.

CHANDLER: You mean like spying?

JOEY: Yeah.

CHANDLER: Do you really think thatís necessary?

JOEY: Do you trust Monica?

CHANDLER: Yes, of course I do.

JOEY: Well, then itís not necessary.

(Joey turns the television back on)

CHANDLER: I mean, what if RichardÖ

(Joey looks annoyed, he turns the television off again)

JOEY: Chandler, why donít we just go over there tonight. Nobodyís gonna find out and maybe you stop talking so I can watch this show.

CHANDLER: Okay, weíll go to Richardís house tonight. But donít tell Monica, she will kill me.

JOEY: Of course.

(He turns the television back on)

JOEY: This is gonna be cool. I always wanted to be double-o-seven!

CHANDLER (mumbles): What about double-o-nothing?

[SCENE 8: Auditorium, Columbia University]

[Students are trickling into the auditorium. Phoebe is sitting somewhere in the auditorium. On the stage, an assistant (ASSISTANT) is attaching a microphone to Rossís tie. (Note: Iíve never been at an American university, but Iím studying at a Dutch one, and one of the most remarkable things I have discovered is that 90% of the lecturers are not able to turn on a microphone without breaking it, or in an even worse case blowing up the sound system. Therefore there is always an assistant during the first lecture who helps the lecturer with the sound system.)]

(Ross is glancing through his sheets.)

ASSISTANT: First time huh?

ROSS: No, Iíve given lectures before!

ASSISTANT: Oh sure, but remember that this is a university. You are facing students. There are two possible reactions from the audience. It could be that nobody is paying attention because youíre talking about a boring subject, which gives you the feeling that you are making a complete fool out of yourself, which isnít true because nobody notices. Or it could be that everybody is listening, which makes you very nervous. You realise that everyone is focussing on you, you start to stutter, and your knees start shaking . Thatís when you risk of making a complete fool out of yourself.

(Ross does look nervous now)

ASSISTANT: Good luck!

(Assistant walks off)

[Cut to later. Ross is about to start his first lecture.]

ROSS: Good morning everybody. I am Ross Geller and uh, IÖ (He look sup, he sees that the entire audience is staring at him, he swallows.) I donít know what to say.

[Cut to later. Ross is giving his lecture. He is getting the hang of it now. He is pacing around at the stage, pointing at the screen.]

ROSS: All right people! Letís have a break. Iíll continue my lecture in fifteen minutes.

(The students start to leave the auditorium. Phoebe walks up to Ross.)


ROSS: That was bad, wasnít it?


ROSS: Pheebs, please be fair.

PHOEBE: Well, no. You did fine. I mean, it is your first lecture. You were just a little nervous at the beginning. After that, you did fine.

(The dean approaches them.)

DEAN: Professor Geller, Iíve been watching, what a nice debut!

ROSS: Iím sorry. I uh, I just got nervous.

DEAN: Oh, thatís no problem. Weíve seen them much worse. I once saw a lecturer who stumbled over his microphone cord, there was one who stood in front of his audience for fifteen minutes without saying a word. You did fine.

[Cut to the second part of the lecture. Ross is talking, he looks like heís comfortable. We donít hear what heís saying but we hear his thoughts.]

ROSS (thoughts, voice-over): Well, it looks like everything is going great now. Iím not even nervous anymore. Stumbling over a microphone cord, thatís ridiculous! (Ö) Wait. Oh no, thereís no microphone cord here. Thank God.

ROSS (talking): So basically you could say that the so-called 'meteoriteí-theory entered the scientific community like a big bang.

(Ross didnít pay attention to where he was walking and falls off the stage. He gets up.)

ROSS: Uh, Iím fine.

[SCENE 9: Monica and Rachelís apartment]

[Itís early in the evening. Monica and Phoebe are doing something in the kitchen, Joey and Chandler are sitting on the couch, watching television.]

MONICA: Chandler, honey. Iím going. See you tonight.

CHANDLER: Bye Monica, have fun!

(they share a quick kiss)

PHOEBE: By the way, what are you guys going to do tonight?

JOEY: We? Oh, nothing. We just stay home all night, doing nothing. We just stay home, we donít go anywhere.

(Phoebe and Monica look suspicious)

CHANDLER: What Joey tries to say is that we have no life, so we just stay home and watch television. Now hurry, Iíll see you tonight!

(Phoebe and Monica leave the apartment.)

CHANDLER (to Joey): You idiot!

[SCENE 10: Outside Richard Burkeís house]

[Itís dark outside. Chandler and Joey are sneaking through the front garden.]

JOEY: What do you think will be a nice place to hide the microphone?

CHANDLER: I think we should put it near the kitchen window.

(they sneak to the kitchen window, Chandler uses some scotch tape to stick the microphone to the window-frame.)

CHANDLER: Letís see if it works.

(Joey puts on a headphone. Chandler blows into the microphone. Joey screams.)


JOEY: It works, just remember to turn down the volume!

CHANDLER: Great. Now, where shall we hide? (he looks around) What about that tree over there. We can watch both the kitchen and the living room.We can even see all the guests coming. I think thatís a perfect spot.

[Cut to Joey and Chandler climbing in the tree.]

(Joey steps on Chandlerís hand. Chandler wants to scream, he realises itíll betray his presence, so he just opens his mouth wide)

[SCENE 11: Kitchen, Richard Burkeís house]

[Monica is preparing the food, Phoebe is looking out of the window.]

PHOEBE: Hey look, thereís someone climbing in that tree!

MONICA: Yeah, sure!

PHOEBE: No, really, look!

(Monica walks to the window, thereís nothing to see.)

MONICA: Uh, Pheebs, I donít see anyone climbing into that tree.

PHOEBE: Yes, butÖ

(Sheís cut off by Richard Burke (RICHARD) entering the kitchen.)

RICHARD: Hi girls! How is the food?

MONICA: Itís fine. Just tell me when you want us to serve it to your guests.

RICHARD: Speaking of guests, I want you to meet someone. Jenny?

(A gorgeous blonde woman (JENNY) enters.)

JENNY: Whatís up, honey?

RICHARD: I would like you to meet the caterers, this is Monica.

(Monica and Jenny shake hands)

MONICA: Nice to meet you, Jenny.

RICHARD: And this is Phoebe.

(Phoebe and Jenny shake hands)


RICHARD: Girls, this is Jenny, my new girlfriend.

(Richard walks off to the living room. Monica does not look happy.)

(We hear a soft yell from outside.)

JOEY (from outside): I told you you had nothing to worry about!

(Monica frowns)

PHOEBE (to Jenny): So, you are Richardís new girlfriend?

JENNY: Oh yeah!

(Monica slowly turns away to the window)

MONICA: Oh, I wish Chandler was here now.

(Cut to a Monicaís point of view, sheís looking out of the window.)

JOEY (from outside): Hey dude, just go to her. She wants you now.

CHANDLER (from outside): No way, sheíll know Iím watching her.

JOEY: (from outside) Just go inside, you heard her.

(We hear Chandler screaming, Joey pushed him out of the tree. He gets up, he sees Monica standing at the window, staring at him.)

CHANDLER (nervous): Uh, hi honey?

(Monica does NOT look happy)


[SCENE 12: The front garden of Richard Burkeís house]

[Chandler is still standing there, smiling sheepishly at Monica, who's not amused.]

CHANDLER: Uh, hi, I just happened to drop by.

(Monica motions him to go inside.)

[Cut to the front door. Chandler rings the doorbell.]

(The front door opens. Richard looks surprised.)

RICHARD: Hey, whatís your name again?

CHANDLER: Hi, itís Chandler. I just came to bring the salt. Monica forgot the salt.

(Richard looks confused, he motions Chandler to enter.)

[Cut to the kitchen. Chandler enters.]


MONICA: What the hell are you doing here?


(Richard enters)

MONICA: You know what, weíll talk about this later.

RICHARD: Uh, Monica, just for your information, I have salt myself.

(Monica looks puzzled)

MONICA: Yeah, sure. Richard, remember Chandler? Heís my boyfriend now.

RICHARD (laughing): Really? Congratulations.

(Chandler looks annoyed.)

[SCENE 13: Central Perk]

[Rachel is sitting on the couch, alone. She is flipping through a magazine.]

(Ross enters)

ROSS: Hey!

RACHEL: Hi! Oh, finally somebody to talk to!

(Ross sits down.)

RACHEL: So, how was your day, professor Geller?

ROSS: Oh, you know, just a normal first day at the university. You are welcomed by the dean, introduced to a number of colleagues. You give your first lecture, and you make a slamming debut by tumbling off the stage in front of a packed auditorium.

RACHEL (laughing): Oh, thank God! So Iím not the only one who had a bad day.

ROSS: How do you mean? Wasnít this supposed to be your first day as a weathergirl?

RACHEL: Oh yea, Iíve been on television.

ROSS: This is so cool, one of my friends is a celebrity now.

RACHEL: You havenít seen the show this morning?

ROSS: No, I was on my way to the university.

RACHEL: Oh, you see, I got fired this morning.

ROSS: Why?

RACHEL: Letís just say that I forgot to read the autocue when I was on the air.

ROSS: Oh Rach, Iím sorry.

(Ross and Rachel hug)

RACHEL: Thanks Ross, youíre the best. Itís a shame though, I forgot to tape the show, so now Iíll never see myself on television.

ROSS: Oh, donít worry about that Rachel. I have set my VCR to tape the show. You can watch it.

RACHEL: Okay, letís go.

(Rachel gets up)

ROSS: You wanna watch it now?

RACHEL: Yeah, why not?

ROSS: Donít you think that it would depress you now?

RACHEL: Trust me Ross. After all I went through this year I can handle this.

(Ross looks confused. They leave Central Perk)

[SCENE 14: Kitchen, Richard Burkeís house]

[Monica and Phoebe are in the kitchen]

PHOEBE: So Mon, what do you think Chandler is doing here?

MONICA: I donít know.

(Both looks at the window frame. They notice the microphone. Monica opens the window.)

MONICA (shouting in microphone): Hey!

(We hear a yell coming from the tree)

JOEY: Aah! My ears!

(Monica looks angry)

PHOEBE: Oh my God.

[Cut to the living room. There are a lot of guests. Among them are Monica and Rossís parents, Jack (JACK) and Judy (JUDY) Geller.]

JACK: Hey look, itís Rossís old college roommate, you know, the gay one.

JUDY: Yeah, it doesnít surprise me that Monica is still single if that is the type of man she hangs out with. Monica and Ross are coming over for dinner tomorrow. We should talk about it.

[Cut to Chandler, standing in a corner of the living room, drinking a beer. It looks like it wasnít his first beer, to speak euphemistically. Richard walks toward him.]

RICHARD: So, you are really Monicaís new boyfriend?

(Chandler nods)

CHANDLER: Do you have any problem with that?

RICHARD: No, although I guess that the rest of the male New York population was occupied.

CHANDLER: Really? Well I guess that she finally found someone that wasnít ready for the old peopleís home.

RICHARD: Ooh, that hurts. By the way, did you meet my new girlfriend Jenny?

(He points at Jenny. Chandler's mouth drops open.)

CHANDLER (impressed): Wow!

RICHARD: Yes, thank you. Apparantly she doesn't have any problem with dating an old man.

CHANDLER: Yeah, sure! Remember the reason Monica broke up with you?

RICHARD: Yes, I do.

CHANDLER: So if Jenny wants to have children you break up with her?


CHANDLER (loud): Oh, that's it. I'm sick of you. I think that you are the most hypocritical person in New York, no, in the entire United States.(normal voice) Well, of course there's always Kenneth Starr.

RICHARD: So, what are you trying to say?

CHANDLER (talking way too loud again): What I'm trying to say is that MY little Monica is way too good for you. Since she hooked up with the Chan-Chan man she's finally a real woman. Not a silly loner in the city that can be used by men like you!

(Cut to Judy Geller)

JUDY: Oh, Monica and I are going to have a nice little talk tomorrow.

(Cut to Monica, she is standing in the doorpost. She heard Chandler's little speech. Phoebe is standing behind her.)

PHOEBE: Uh-oh.

[SCENE 15: Rossís apartment]

[Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch.]

(Ross presses a button on the remote control)

[Cut to a shot of the television screen]

HOST: And now, ladies and gentleman. ĎBreakfast in New Yorkí is proud to present our new weathergirl: Emily Waltham.

(We see Rachelís face on the television, she looks shocked)

(Cut to Rossís face. He looks confused.)

ROSS: Uh, Rachel? Emily?

RACHEL (small voice): Iím sorry.

ROSS: Why?

RACHEL: Just before the shooting the director told me that I needed a stage name. I refused to pick a name. I mean what is wrong with Rachel? And then they decided to name me Emily Waltham.

ROSS: Uh, okay. But why?

RACHEL: Well, apparently Emily and her new husband moved to New York. She is now working as a directorís assistant at City Channel. She came up with that name. She said it was her revenge for me ruining her wedding. Iím sorry Ross.

(Ross gets up.)

ROSS: No, Rach. Donít be sorry. Itís not your fault. I messed up my wedding. Oh, God. I donít feel happy now.

RACHEL: Do you want me to go home?

ROSS: No Rachel, itís not your fault. I donít blame you.

(He looks out of the window that gives him a view on Monica and Rachelís apartment.)

ROSS: Actually. I uh, I donít think you should go home now.

[SCENE 16: Monica and Rachelís apartment]

[Cut to Monica and Rachelís apartment. Monica and Chandler enter. Monica looks angry.]

MONICA (shouting): You idiot. How could you do that to me?

CHANDLER: Mon, come on, relax!

MONICA: Relax? You want me to relax? You said you trust me, but you go over to Richardís house and you even place a microphone to hear what Iím saying!

(Chandler swallows)

CHANDLER: It was Joeyís idea.

MONICA: Oh, yeah sure. Blame it on Joey. For your information Chandler Bing: you were there. You placed that microphone.

CHANDLER: But honey, I just wanted to know what you were doing.

MONICA: And after that, you come inside and you humiliate me and Richard in front of all his friends, and in front of my parents to, for Godís sake! Iím supposed to go to my parents tomorrow to have dinner. Oh boy, will they have fun. (Imitating her motherís voice) 'So Harmonica, how is your boyfriend doing? You know, the funny guy. We were laughing out loud at Richardís party yesterday.í How could you do that? I HATE you!

CHANDLER: Oh, and I love you. How about a little workout, just to make things up.

MONICA: Oh, yeah! That sounds like a plan. First you make me look like a complete loser, even my mother could learn some tricks from you, and after that you think you can use your penis to make up?


(Monica hits Chandler)

[SCENE 17: Rossís apartment]

[Cut to Rossís apartment. Ross and Rachel are looking out of the window.]

(Ross and Rachel wince)

ROSS: Oh God.


ROSS: We shouldnít watch this.

RACHEL: Yeah. And it does remind me our break up.

(Both walk away from the window. They both look depressed now.)

ROSS and RACHEL: Iím sorry.

ROSS and RACHEL: About what?

RACHEL: Uh. About everything?

ROSS: Yeah.

RACHEL: Me too.

(Both look uncomfortable)

ROSS (changing subject): So what do you think they are fighting about?

RACHEL: I donít know. Do you think they get through this?

ROSS: Uh, if Chandler sleeps with another woman I think he is in trouble.

RACHEL: Yea. (Silence) You mean you are afraid they end up like we did?

(Ross nods)

RACHEL: No. Monica is way too clever to make a stupid mistake like I did.

ROSS (confused): YOU made a mistake?

[SCENE 18: Monica and Rachelís apartment]

[Monica and Chandler are still fighting]

MONICA: Oh God! I am so sick of you. Get out of my apartment. I donít want to see you now.

CHANDLER: So we are on a break now?


(Chandler leaves the apartment)



[SCENE 19: Rossís apartment]

[Cut back to Rossís apartment.]

ROSS: How do you mean you made a mistake?

RACHEL: For being so mad at you.

ROSS: Uh, hello, I slept with another woman.

RACHEL: Yeah! I know that but I mean, I practically chased you into her arms.


RACHEL: I mean, of course I was mad at you, but I should have forgiven you. We were so good together, I still miss us. (She starts to cry)

(Ross hugs Rachel)

ROSS: Oh Rach, come on. Donít cry. God. I sometimes  miss us too.

RACHEL: Really?

(Ross nods)

(They stare into each otherís eyes. The unevitable happens: they kiss.)

RACHEL: I love you Ross. I never stopped loving you. You wanna give it another try?

ROSS: I love you too Rachel, you know that. But I don't think we should do this.

(Rachel looks dejected.)

ROSS: I mean, youíre still the woman of my dreams, but youíre also one of my best friends. I already lost you as a friend once. Iím afraid weíre gonna fight again, so that I will lose you as a friend.

RACHEL: Ross, not this time. I promise. We are both older. Sadder but wiser. I think we are mature enough to work things out now. If we try it again it will last forever.

ROSS: I don't know.

(Rachel gives him a quick kiss on the lips)

RACHEL: I promise.

ROSS: Okay, you win.

(They kiss)

(Screen fades to black)


[SCENE 20: The morning after]

[Cut to Rossís apartment.]

(Ross and Rachel are in bed together, cuddled. They wake up.)


RACHEL: Hi. Oh! Itís really you!

ROSS: Yea.

RACHEL: After all this time again!

ROSS: Oh yeah!

(They kiss and dive under the covers)

[Cut to Joey and Chandlerís apartment. We hear the shower running.]

(Chandler comes out of his bedroom, clearly suffering from a hangover.)

(Monica enters)

MONICA: Hi. I think we need to talk.

(Chandler nods)

(Janice (JANICE) exits the bed room)

JANICE: Morning Bing-A-Ling!

(Both Chandler and Monica look shocked)

MONICA and CHANDLER: Oh - my - God!

(Monica slaps Chandler and runs back to her own apartment)

[Cut to Richardís house.]

(A cab stops in front of the house. Richard and Jenny leave the house.)

RICHARD: I really want to thank you for what you did yesterday.

JENNY: Oh, come on. Itís my job. You pay me, I do what you want me to.

RICHARD (uncomfortable): Yeah, okay. See you.


(She gets in the cab, the cab drives off.)

(Richard gets in his car and drives off too)

[Cut to later. Two garbage collectors are emptying Richardís garbage cans into a trash truck.]

VOICE: Hello?

(The garbage men look around but they donít see anyone.)

VOICE: Hello? Up here. Could you guys get me out of here? Iím stuck.

(Cut to Joey. Heís still in the tree in front of Richardís house.)

[to be continued]

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