The One With The Weatherman
aka The One With The Weathergirl, part II
by TFK

Author's note: The sequel of “The One With The Weathergirl.” Please don't pay too much attention to spelling and grammar errors, I'm doing the best I can.

[SCENE 1: Central Perk]

[Early Tuesday morning. Phoebe is sitting on the couch, playing on her guitar.]

PHOEBE: Oh, hi! It's you again! A lot of things happened yesterday! Monica and I were catering at Richard's birthday party yesterday when Chandler suddenly dropped by.

(Shot of Chandler falling out of the tree in front of Richard's house)

PHOEBE: After that Chandler got drunk and started humiliating Richard. Monica was mad at Chandler and told him she wanted to take a break. Well, it looks like it's all just a little bit of history repeated because this morning Chandler woke up, and he discovered that he slept with Janice.

(Cut to Chandler and Joey's apartment)

MONICA: Hi, I think we need to talk.

(Chandler nods)

(Janice exits the bad room)

JANICE: Morning Bing-A-Ling!

(Both Chandler and Monica look shocked)

MONICA and CHANDLER: Oh – my – God!

(Monica slaps Chandler and runs back to her own apartment)

(Cut back to Phoebe)

PHOEBE: Oh, and that's not all. Ross and Rachel saw Monica and Chandler fighting and that remembered them of their old days, and they decided to get back together.

(Cut to: Ross's apartment, Ross and Rachel are there)

RACHEL: Why don't we give it another try?

ROSS: I don't know.

(Rachel gives him a quick kiss on his lips)

ROSS: Okay, you win.

(They kiss)

(Cut back to Phoebe)

PHOEBE: Well, they are lobsters of course so it was only a matter of time.

(Phoebe plays a couple of chords on her guitar)

PHOEBE: It's strange, you know. It almost looks like there's a rule saying there can only be one couple in our gang at the same time. Oh, and I wrote a new song this morning.

(She wants to start playing. The music of the opening credits starts playing. Phoebe looks at her guitar.)

PHOEBE: Wow. Spooky.


[SCENE 2: Chandler and Joey's apartment]

[Chandler and Janice are there. Chandler is (a) recovering from Monica’s slap, (b) still looking shocked by the appearance of Janice in his apartment and (c) suffering a hangover.]

JANICE: Oh, Bing-A-Ling. I'm so happy you called me yesterday.

CHANDLER: Janice. Please tell me you slept with Joey.

JANICE: What? With Joey? (she does her annoying laugh) No Chandler, I slept with you.

CHANDLER: Oh – my – God!

JANICE: Excuse me?

CHANDLER: Janice, would you please leave my apartment.

JANICE: Last night you called me to come to your apartment and now you want me to leave?

CHANDLER: Yes! Janice, I was drunk yesterday. I HATE you, especially early in the morning. Now would you please go? I have to talk to Monica.

(Janice slaps Chandler and leaves the apartment)

CHANDLER: Oh, what a day.

[SCENE 3: The front garden of Richard Burke's house]

(Joey is still stuck in the tree. Fortunately the garbage men were very kind and called the fire brigade. They just arrived, together with a television crew from City Channel.)

(Cut to the City Channel television crew, the reporter (REPORTER) talking into the camera.)

REPORTER: Good morning New York! The New York fire department is known for having saved a lot of cats that didn't dare to get out of a tree, but it looks like this is the first time that they have to get actor Joseph Tribbiani, known from Days of our Lives and the Milk Master 2000 commercial, out of a tree.

(Meanwhile, in the background, the firemen got Joey out of the tree.)

(Cut to Joey)

JOEY: Thank you guys, I love you.

(He hugs the firemen, the reporter approaches him.)

REPORTER: Excuse me, mister Tribbiani. John Bokkumstok, City Channel News. Could I ask you a few questions?

JOEY: Yeah, sure.

REPORTER: What were you doing in that tree?

(Well, that's a tough one, according to Joey's face.)

JOEY: I, uh, I climbed in there because there was a little kitty that didn't dare to get out, yeah, that's it. So I climbed in that tree to help her, but after that I got stuck so I couldn't get out any more.

REPORTER: It looks like we have a candidate for our ‘City-Channel-Hero-of-the-week’ elections ladies and gentlemen! Mister Tribbiani, you once were a promising actor in Days of our Lives, what happened?

JOEY: Well, I fell in an elevator shaft so I'm dead now.

REPORTER: Uh, yeah. I mean: what happened after you stopped with Days of our Lives? You starred in the Milk Master 2000 commercial but did you do anything else?

JOEY: Oh yeah! I have played in a number of acts and I gave classes at acting schools, you know. Passing on my knowledge to a new generation of actors.

REPORTER: Uh, yeah. Well, mister Tribbiani. I want to thank you for your interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to our viewers?

(Joey doesn't pay attention any more, distracted by the beautiful camerawoman, he winks at her)

JOEY: Hey, how you doin'?

REPORTER (confused): Okay, this is John Bokkumstok, City Channel News, back to the studio.

[SCENE 4: Ross's apartment, bedroom.]

[Ross and Rachel just finished their, uh, well let's call it their morning exercises. They're now cuddling.]

RACHEL: Oh, I missed you.

ROSS: I missed you too.

RACHEL: Do you remember the last time we said this to each other?

ROSS (uncomfortable): Uh-huh.

(Author's note: If you don't remember this, the last time they said this to each other was in episode 401: The One With The Jellyfish, I don't think it's necessary to tell you what happened after that.)

RACHEL: Things changed a lot.

ROSS: Uh-huh.

RACHEL: I was so selfish back then, blaming everything on you.

ROSS: Well, I made my mistakes too.

RACHEL: Oh yeah, you can say that again. I'm not saying you were right with your (imitating Ross) ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’ but that's just history, isn't it?

ROSS (He doesn't really like this subject): Mmm.

RACHEL: No Ross, I'm serious. I think we are both grown now. I'm sorry, I really can't forgive what you did to me, but that's the past. Despite everything that happened between the two of us, you're the only man I ever really loved, the only man I ever trusted, and the only man I ever want to be with. (tears in her eyes) I love you Ross.

ROSS: Oh God, Rach. Don't cry. I love you too. But there's one thing you must understand. I never, ever wanted to hurt you.

RACHEL: I know Ross, I know. Just promise you never ever leave me again, please?

ROSS (he's also about to cry now): I promise Rach.

[SCENE 5: Central Perk]

(Phoebe is still sitting there. Joey enters, happy)

JOEY: Hey Pheebs. Did you see me on television today?

PHOEBE: No, what happened?

JOEY: Do you remember that tree in front of Richard's house?

PHOEBE: Uh-huh, the tree Chandler dropped out yesterday?

JOEY (enthusiastic): Yes! That's the one. I was in there too, but I got stucked so they called the fire brigade to get me out. I was on the City Channel News! And the best thing is that they want me as their new weatherman! They told me my predecessor was fired yesterday. So I'm starting tomorrow.

PHOEBE: Yeah, that's right, Rachel was fired as a weathergirl yesterday.


PHOEBE: But that's okay, she also has her Ralph Lauren job. Congratulations with your new job.

JOEY: So, where's the rest of the gang?

PHOEBE: Well, Ross and Rachel got back together.

JOEY: Oh that's great!

PHOEBE: Yeah, and Monica and Chandler took a break yesterday after a certain incident at Richard Burke's house.

(Joey looks uncomfortable)

JOEY (changing subject): So, do you know why Rachel got fired as a weathergirl?

PHOEBE: Well, it had something to do with her stage name. I don't know. Just make sure you come up with a good one. I'm just wondering what's going on with Chandler and Monica now.

JOEY: How do you mean, you don't know? Didn't you have breakfast there this morning?

PHOEBE: No, I had the feeling that they would be fighting so I ate breakfast at home.

JOEY: So that means we're stuck here. We can't go to my or Monica’s apartment because Chandler and Monica are probably fighting over there and Ross is doing things with Rachel in his apartment.

PHOEBE: Uh-huh.

JOEY: Oh no! I'm trapped in Central Perk!

[SCENE 6: Monica and Rachel's apartment.]

[Monica is watching TV. There's a knock on the door.]

MONICA: Just go away!

(Chandler enters)

CHANDLER: Uh, I think we need to talk.

MONICA: I don't think there's a lot to talk about.

CHANDLER: But you said…

(He's cut off by Monica)

MONICA: Yeah, but I didn't know that you slept with Janice!

CHANDLER: Hey, I was drunk!

MONICA: Oh, yeah! That's the best excuse I ever heard!

CHANDLER: You want a better one?

[SCENE 7: Ross's apartment, living room.]

(Cut to Ross and Rachel, they are getting ready to leave.)


ROSS and RACHEL: Oh my God!

(They run to the window.)

(Cut from outside, we see their faces)

RACHEL: Do you think we should go over there?

ROSS: I don't know. Maybe we better leave them alone now. I think they have some talking to do.

RACHEL: Yea. Let's go to Central Perk. I don't want to watch this.

ROSS: Yea.

(They leave the apartment)

[SCENE 8: Chandler and Monica’s apartment]

[Cut back to Chandler and Monica]

MONICA: So, okay. We were on a break. Does that justify you sleeping with another woman?

CHANDLER: Well, in the Geller-definition of ‘a break’ it is allowed. Look at what Ross did after he broke up with Rachel.

MONICA: So you are saying that us Gellers are all cheaters?

CHANDLER (mumbles): Me and my big mouth.

MONICA: And by the way: I didn't cheat on you, you cheated on me!

CHANDLER: Have I already told you that I'm sorry?

MONICA: Ooh, you're sorry. Well, that solves our problem. Thank you Chandler. (shouting) Now piss off!

[SCENE 9: Central Perk]

[Joey and Phoebe are sitting on the couch. Ross and Rachel enter. They don't look happy.]

ROSS and RACHEL (depressed voice): Hi.

JOEY: Oh no, don't tell me you guys broke up already.

ROSS: No, we didn't. We won't.

RACHEL: It's just that we saw Monica and Chandler fighting.

(Now Joey and Phoebe look depressed too.)

JOEY: But they'll work it out, right. I mean, they have to.

(Nobody reacts.)

[SCENE 10: Monica and Rachel's apartment]

[Chandler and Monica are still there]

CHANDLER: But Monica, please, listen to me. You know how I am. After I am dumped by someone I get drunk and then I'm gonna call Janice. It's just a force of habit. Joey wasn't there to stop me.

MONICA: Well, you weren't dumped, we were on a break. And you were already drunk when we broke up. So it looks to me that you are lying, you skipped both phase one - wearing sweat pants and sitting in a recliner and phase two - getting drunk and going to a strip joint.

CHANDLER: But this is different.

MONICA: Really?

CHANDLER: Monica, don't you get it? I've never had anyone in my life who was as important to me as you are. I know I did a stupid thing, but please can't you forgive me?

MONICA: Then why did you sleep with Janice? It looks like she is important to you too.

CHANDLER: Janice doesn't mean anything to me! Please Monica, I need you. I never felt so good before. Since we fell in love I'm like a whole different person. I finally feel secure. I can't live without you. (He drops on his knees) Please?

(The screen fades to black)


[SCENE 11: Monica and Rachel's apartment]

[The apartment is empty]

(Phoebe and Rachel enter)


(Monica comes out of her bedroom. She looks like a mess.)

PHOEBE: Mon? Are you all right?

(No reaction)

RACHEL: Monica, sweetie.

(Monica starts to cry, Rachel hugs her)

MONICA: Could you tell Ross I'm not coming with him to our parents tonight.

RACHEL: Oh, sure. No problem.

MONICA: Thank you. Oh, wait. Rachel, would you go with Ross?

RACHEL: You don't want me to stay with you?

MONICA: No, I want to be alone.

(She starts to cry again, Phoebe and Rachel both run over to her to hug her.)

[SCENE 12: Chandler and Joey's apartment]

[Chandler, wearing sweat pants, is sitting in one of the recliners.]

(Joey and Ross enter)

JOEY and ROSS: Hey.

(There's no reaction)

ROSS: Come on Chandler, cheer up! We will work this out!


ROSS: Uh, I don't know but we'll find a way.

JOEY: Hey pal. I'll be there for you, okay?

(Chandler and Joey hug)

JOEY: Just tell me when you're ready to go to a strip joint, I'll be there too!

(Chandler pushes Joey away. Joey has a "what-the-hell-did-I-say-wrong"-look on his face)

[SCENE 13: The Geller residence]

[In front of the Geller residence. Ross and Rachel get out of a cab.]

RACHEL: Y'know, actually I don't really feel like going to your parents.

ROSS: Why not? You'll have to get used to them.

RACHEL: Yeah, it's gonna be my family too. It's just that I rather wanted to have some fun tonight.

ROSS: Oh yeah. Well, we can do that after the dinner. We'll just leave soon.

(They kiss)

(Judy Geller opens the front door)

JUDY: Excuse me?

(Ross and Rachel quickly break apart.)

JUDY: Hi Ross. And Rachel, what a surprise. Where's Monica?

ROSS: Well, uh, Monica didn't feel so good, but she sent Rachel as her substitute.

JUDY: It's a shame our little Harmonica isn't here. I really wanted to talk about her catering job at Richard's birthday party yesterday.

(She goes inside. Ross and Rachel look at each other.)

RACHEL: I understand why Monica sometimes doesn't like Judy.

ROSS: Oh, come on. It's not that bad. Unless she starts talking about her lack of grandchildren. That's when she's getting irritating.

JUDY (from inside): Are you guys coming?

(Ross and Rachel enter, Rachel has an 'I'm-so-not-gonna-enjoy-this' look on her face.)

[SCENE 14: Monica and Rachel's apartment]

[Only Monica is there. She's lying on the couch. A song is playing in the background. It's Mariah Carey with "Can't live without you." Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better one. Monica closes her eyes.]

[Cut to Chandler and Joey's apartment. Chandler is sitting in a recliner. The same song is playing in the background. He closes his eyes.]

[We're seeing a sequence now of Chandler and Monica moments. The same song keeps playing.]
(In the hospital during Ben's birth.)
(Chandler trying to find out what makes him undateble at the beach)
(Chandler and Monica waking up together in London)
(Chandler defining 'goofing around' in the hospital during The One Hundredth)
(Monica with a turkey on her head, dancing)
(Chandler proposing to Monica)

(I guess that there are a lot more (and better) C&M moments, but I haven't seen series five yet.)

[Cut back to Monica, smile on her face, but still looking sad.]
[Cut to Chandler, smile on his face, also looking sad.]

[SCENE 15: The Geller residence]

[Jack and Judy Geller, Ross and Rachel are sitting at the dinner table, eating. Rachel is looking extremely bored.]

JUDY: So, Ross. Tell me again. Why's Monica not showing up?

ROSS: Mom, I told you, she's not feeling good.

JUDY: Does it have anything to do with Richard's birthday?


JUDY: Your old college roommate, you know, the gay one, was there too. He was very drunk and he said that he and Monica were a couple.


JUDY: That's nonsense of course. Why would she be sleeping with a gay?

ROSS: Mom, Chandler's not gay.

(Suddenly Rachel jumps up, she quickly leaves the room.)

JUDY: What's wrong with her?

ROSS: I don't know.

(Rachel returns.)

RACHEL: I'm sorry, but I'm feeling sick. I would like to go home.

JUDY: Oh, it can't be the food, I made it myself.

ROSS: Don't worry mom, that's okay. I'll call a cab.

JUDY (mumbles): It's not Monica who made the food.

ROSS (annoyed): Mom!

[SCENE 16: A taxi]

[Ross and Rachel are sitting on the backseat.]

ROSS: Rach, are you okay?

RACHEL: Oh yeah, I'm fine.

ROSS: Are you sure?


(Ross frowns)

RACHEL: Ross, you promised me that we would leave as soon as possible. But your mother kept ranting about Monica so it would take hours before we finished dinner.

ROSS: Yeah, so?

RACHEL: Well, I told you I wanted to have some fun tonight with you.

ROSS: So, where are we going?

RACHEL: To your apartment of course!

(Cut to Ross's face, he looks happy)

[SCENE 17: Monica and Rachel's apartment]

[By the way, it's Wednesday now. Monica, Joey and Phoebe are eating breakfast. Ross and Rachel enter.]

(A lot of hi's and ho's)

RACHEL: Mon, how are you?


RACHEL: Really?


JOEY: You know, Chandler is a mess too. He is still sitting in his recliner.

MONICA: Really?

PHOEBE: Oh yeah.

JOEY: Yeah, and the worst thing is that he was watching The Shopping Network all night long. I couldn't get asleep while today is my first day as a weatherman.

ROSS: Oh yeah. What time were you supposed to be there?

(Joey checks his watch)

JOEY: Damn! Bye!

(Joey storms out of the apartment.)

PHOEBE: Uh, Mon. Don't you think you should go and talk to Chandler? I'm not saying you guys should get back together. It's just that if you don't sort things out we will all be stuck in a lot of awkward situations. You know, just like Ross and Rachel after their break up.

RACHEL: Uh, Pheebs. I think Ross and I ended up all right.

PHOEBE: Yeah, it just took you guys two years. Really Mon, I think you should go and talk with Chandler.

MONICA: Yeah, I guess you're right.

RACHEL: Do you want us to help you?

MONICA: No, I've got to do this alone.

[SCENE 18: City Channel Television studio]

[Joey somewhere backstage in the television studio, preparing for his debut as a weatherman. The director enters.]

DIRECTOR: Good morning mister Tribbiani. Do you already have a stage name?

JOEY: Joseph Tribbiani.

DIRECTOR: Mmm. Well, okay. We were thinking of something like Kevin.

JOEY: But I was Kevin in the Milk Master commercial.

DIRECTOR: I know, that's why. But don't worry, Joseph is good.

(Director leaves)

FEMALE VOICE: Well, well, well, look who's here.

(It's Emily again)

JOEY: Emily. What are you doing here?

EMILY: I'm one of the director's assistants. What are you doing here?

JOEY: I'm the new weatherman of this station's breakfast show.

EMILY: Really? You're still one of Ross's friends, aren't you?

(Joey nods)

EMILY: So, that means that you're also one of the reasons of my divorce. I hate you.

JOEY (with a friendly smile): I hate you too.

[SCENE 19: City Channel Television studio]

[Joey is standing in front of the camera, about to make his debut as a weatherman.]

JOEY (thoughts): Stupid British bitch. Well, what the heck. I'm gonna be a great weatherman! Just gotta look good and read the autocue. Oh man, woman will love this! "Hey, how you doin'? I'm a weatherman, I can give you a very bright day."

HOST: And now ladies and gentlemen, Breakfast in New York proudly presents our new weatherman: Joseph Tribbiani!

JOEY (reading from the autocue): Good morning New York. I am Joseph Tribbiani, your new weatherman. It looks like today is going to be a wonderful day. The sun will be shining all day. I must warn you though. I am a complete jerk and… – Hey, who messed with the autocue?

(Cut to Emily, with a mean smile on her face)

[SCENE 20: Central Perk]

[Ross, Rachel and Phoebe are sitting there.]

PHOEBE: Ross, shouldn't we go to your apartment? We can watch Joey's first day as a weatherman.

ROSS: Oh no. I've set my VCR. We can watch it later. If we go to my apartment we can see what's going on in Monica's apartment. I think they need some privacy.

RACHEL: Yeah, Ross is right. I'm wondering what's going on there though.

(Nobody says anything, wondering what's going on in Monica and Rachel's apartment. Joey enters.)


PHOEBE: Oh, Joey. What happened?

JOEY: She messed up my autocue so I made a complete fool out of myself, live on television.

RACHEL: Joey, I'm sorry. So you're fired?

JOEY: No! They said they got so many calls from women who wanted to know more about me that they offered me a promotion. I'm going to be the new co-host of their breakfast show!

ALL: Congratulations.

JOEY: Thanks. But I still hate Emily.


JOEY: You mean you don't hate Emily? She married Ross!

RACHEL: Yeah, so? If she didn't marry Ross I might never have realized how important Ross is for me.

ROSS: Ah, honey, that's so sweet.

(They want to kiss but they are interrupted by Phoebe)

PHOEBE (shouting): Stop it! You're in a public place, this is disgusting! Go get a room!

(Ross and Rachel look frightened at Phoebe, who smiles friendly.)


[SCENE 21: The hallway between Chandler and Joey's apartment and Monica and Rachel's apartment]

(Chandler is coming from the stairs, he just got his mail. At the same time Monica exits her apartment with a garbage bag. They look at each other.)



(Both don't say a word. They stare at each other. The screen fades to black.)


I hope you liked this story. Just tell me.

The characters in this script are the property of David Krane, Marta Kaufmann and Kevin Bright. No infringement of copyright is intended. Please don't sue me.