TOW the Wedding, part 3

Friends scripts: the characters belong to “F r i e n d s”

Everybody has one thought how this episode should have been . so I decided to write one myself.

It may be not so good because, like I said. it´s just a stupid thought I had .

All the characters do not belong to me. They belong to the writers of “friends”

Scene one: Phoebe is sitting in Rachel and Monica`s apartment

Phoebe: You wonder why I am sitting here so alone?

I am sitting here like this because the guys left me ,they went to London

To see the wedding of Ross and Emily. Rachel wanted to stay with me here because it would be to weird to see Ross getting married. She left because she realised that
she is still in love with him. When she was in London trying to stop Ross she saw Ross and Emily together

And she realised that he loves the English shippy.

But that was not all .Then Ross said the Rachel´s name at the altar and that´s were we left.

And I wanted to say : I am sorry but I have to tell my fans out there that I am not going to be in that episode because it plays in London.

Opening credits.: I´ll be there for you plays and the actors and actresses are presented:

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green

Courtney Cox as Monica Gellar

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay

Matt le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing

David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar

Priest: shall I go on?

(Ross is confused and says nothing . Emily looks at him mad)

Emily: How could you ?!(begins to run out)

Ross: (screaming) I am sorry ,so sorry(she has gone)

(Ross looks at Rachel who sits there like a statue .he decides what to do: He runs after Emily)

Ross :(running) wait!

(he leaves too and Rachel still sits there. Monica goes to her)

Monica: Rachel, you are okay?

Rachel: (looks up still confused) yeahh.. I am okay

(chandler and Joey join them. But Rachel walks away and Monica joins her)

Rachel: God , Phoebe was right I ruined his wedding.

Mon: its not your fault , Rachel

Rachel: Noo? Of coarse it is . I am such a bad person. I could kill myself sometimes

(we zoom to ross and Emily. He caught her and talks with her)

ross: Emily I am so sorry . I am just so sorry. Sooo sorry..

Emily: ross stop it. Now it s to late to be sorry,(miming him) to be sooo sorry.

You can´t change what you did in there

Ross: so you forgive me?

Emily: That’s not what I said . Listen to me, I know that what you did was stupid .

You know that what you did was stupid

(talking about joey) even your stupid friend knows that what you did was stupid

Ross: (knowing that she talks about Joey)Hey don’t speak about him like that

Emily :yeahh sorry . I just wanted to say I need some time to think about us.

Ross: What are you saying are you breaking up with me because of a stupid name?

Emily: First of all it wasn’t just a stupid name it was the name of your ex-girlfriend

Second :I am not breaking up I am proposing a break!

(zoom to the girls .monica and Rachel are sitting in a room in the church, talking

they ´ve got beer in their hands. They got it in a supermarkt near by)

RachelL (a bit drunk) .. he was always there for me even after we broke up. And I… I just ruin the happiest day of his entire life

Monica: I told you Rach its not your fault.

Rachel. It is my fault I made him confused. (drinking some more beer)Otherwise he wouldn’t have said my name instead of hers. . (drinking some more beer)

Monica: You made him confused? With what ? with coming to his wedding after he asked you to? Rachel it is his fault.

Rachel: (drunk)No i am the one to blame here. Maybe it wasn’t me who said the wrong name but I came to his wedding to ruin it, I came to tell him that I was in love with
him. I know me , somehow I would have find a way to dump him again. (drinking some more beer)

Maybe I would have said that I don´t forgive him for what he did . I would have find a way like I always did , Monica. I forgave him a long time ago and I don’t know why I
wrote that stupid letter . (drinking some more beer)I am just so scared , mon.

(they hug . we see Monica´s eyes going wide because she sees Ross behind Rachel.

He has been listing to the whole conversation. He looks at her and goes away. Monica decides not to tell Rachel about it)

Monica (stands up with the drunken Rachel in her arms): do you know where to sleep?

Rachel :no, I spend all the money I had on the flight

Monica. (takes the beer off Rachel´s hand and places it on the table)Rachel you can sleep at my room maybe I am going to sleep at the guys or I share a room with ross

Rachel: Thank you monica .

Monica´s hotel room: it is really big it has 3 rooms a living room with a kitchen a bath and a bedroom , where Rachel is right now. It looks pretty much like the appartmans
they have in new york: chandler Monica and Joey are sitting in the living room , talking

Monica: I wonder where he could be in the moment. Do you think they worked out after I saw him?

Chandler. No I don’t think so

Joey: Why not I mean its not like he said her name in bed (they stare at him)is it?

( we here a knock at he door and it is ross)

Ross: (from outside) can I come in? monica?

Monica : Come in.

(ross enters. He looks a bit confused and is really upset)

Chandler: how are you , man?

Ross: Not so good I am feeling lonely.

Joey: (not getting it) So did you guys work out

Ross : I don’t know. We took a break. Have I told you guys how much I hate breaks? She needs some time to think about it.

Monica: Did you guys decide that before or after we met?

Ross: Before.

Monica: What have you been doing all the time since then?

Ross: thinking. I need some time to think about us too

Monica: who do you mean with “us” :You and Emily or You and Rachel

Fade out at ross confused face.

Fade into The room Rachel is sleeping in

(Ross slowly enters and closes the door behind him he sits on the chair besides the bed and watches Rachel sleep , he slowly takes her hand and looks at it)

Rachel: (speaking while sleeping) ross

(he looks shocked and listens to her)

Rachel: (speaking while sleeping) Ross … I… love you

(Ross again looks really shocked

Ross is now thinking about him and Rachel )

With or without you by U2 starts to play in the back round

Now while we hear the song we see some shots of their relationship:

See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side

We see Rachel after the one with the list , she´s sitting next to the window

Thinking about what Ross did she´s really broke and sad

I´ll wait for you

Rachel kisses Ross after they did their laundry

Slight of hand and twist of fate

It´s their first night at Ross office

on a bed of nails she makes me wait

Ross watches Rachel coming back after her first and last date with Mark

And I wait without you

With or without you

Their first kiss in Central Perk

Wih or without you

Through the storm we reach the shore

Their fight after she found out he slept with chloe

You give it all but I want more

Their first fight before they said : “I love you”

And I´m waiting for you

Ross and Emily tell the guys that they are engaged

With or without you

With or without you (aha)

The prom video

I cant live with or without you

Rachel`s reaction after the prom(the kiss)

And you give yourself away

And you give yourself away

Rachel and Ross talk and then kiss at the beach

And you give

And you give

Ross and Rachel flirting at the beach

And you give yourself …

Ross enters one room after the kiss at the beach

My hands are tired , my body bruised

You got me with

He helped her in when he had to be at this tv show

Nothing win and nothing left to loose

They fight about Mark the first time

And you give yourself away

And you give yourself away

She gives him the letter after he broke up with Bonnie

And you give

And you give

They fight once again because of the letter

And you give yourself away

Rachel and Ross hugging before the wedding

(let´s say the shots stop here and we see ross is still sitting at Rachel´s bed while the song still plays. she slowly wakes up and he looks at her . He says nothing. She
slowly stands up

The song is still on but it´s not as loud as before. She gets his hand, he looks at her hand)

Rachel : hi ,how is Emily?

Ross : She´s good , I guess

Rachel: And you , how are you?

Ross : ( gets closer to her ) I am good too , I guess

( The song gets loud again and he starts to kiss her.)

With or without you

With or without you

I cant live with or without you…..

(ohoh) With or without you

we fade out

ending credits , the gang dancing while “ I ‘ll be there for you “ plays

the end(to be continued)