With or without you

Just a few thoughts of Ross and Rachel’s relationship in the past. Hehe

Disclaimer-The Characters don’t belong to me. (I wish they did!) well There are flashbacks of old episodes in here!

Scene- Phoebe and Rachel’s Apt. (Rachel’s Room)

Rachel lay on her bed thinking of these repeated memories pondering through her head. ‘Why? Why did it have to end like that?’ She thought. It had been 5 ½ years since her and Ross had broken up. Ever since the night of “the break” she has thought about him constantly. And now… she is carrying his child of 5 months.

“It’s too quite in here” Rachel said aloud

She got out of her bed and turned on the radio and the Song “With or without you” came on by U2

See the stone set in your eyes

See the thorn twist in your side

I wait for you

Sleight of hand and twist of fate

On a bed of nails she makes me wait

And I wait without you

With or without you

With or without you

With or without you

With or without you

I cant live with or without you

And you give yourself away

And you give yourself away

And you give

And you give

And you give yourself away

My hands are tired

My body bruised

She’s got me nothing to win

And nothing to lose

And you give yourself away

And you give yourself away

And you give

And you give

And you give yourself away

With or without you

With or without you

I cant live with or with out you

With or without you

With or without you

I cant live

With or without you

After the song is done, she wipes away her tears from her face, and immediately falls asleep and dreams about all the pain and love of her relationship that should have last forever.

Flashback to TOW Ross finds out

[Scene: Central Perk. Rachel is closing up and Ross comes in. Get your Kleenex.]


ROSS: I didn't get a cat.

RACH: Oh, that's um, interesting.

ROSS: No, no it's not interesting. OK, it's very, very not interesting. In fact it's actually 100 percent completely opposite of interesting.

RACH: Alright, I got it Ross.

ROSS: You had no right to tell me you ever had feelings for me.

RACH: [hurt] What?

ROSS: I was doing great with Julie before I found out about you.

RACH: Hey, I was doin' great before I found out about you. You think it's easy for me to see you with Julie?

ROSS: Then you should have said something before I met her.

RACH: I didn't know then. And how come you never said anything to me.

ROSS: There was never a good time.

RACH: Right, you, you only had a year. We only hung out every night.

ROSS: Not, not, not every night. You know, and... and it's not like I didn't try, Rachel, but things got in the way, y'know? Like, like Italian guys or ex-fiances or, or, or Italian guys

RACH: Hey, there was one Italian guy, OK, and do you even have a point?

ROSS: The point is I... I don't need this right now, OK. It, it's too late, I'm with somebody else, I'm happy. This ship has sailed.

RACH: Yeah, what're you saying, you just sort of put away feelings or whatever the hell it was you felt for me?

ROSS: Hey, I've been doin' it since the ninth grade, I've gotten pretty damn good at it.

RACH: Alright, fine, you go ahead and you do that, alright Ross.

ROSS: Fine.

RACH: 'Cause I don't need your stupid ship.

ROSS: Good.

RACH: Good. [Ross leaves]

[Rachel gets up and opens the door, yelling after him.]

RACH: And ya know what, now I've got closure.

[Rachel slams the door and locks it. She sits down, visibly upset. She puts her head in her hands and begins to cry. Ross comes back and is standing outside the window. When Rachel regroups and gets back up to finish closing, she sees him. She smiles. She goes to open the door and can't get the lock undone.]

ROSS: Try the bottom one.

[She opens the door and they kiss.]

Flash Back to TOW The list

[Scene: Chandler and Joey's apartment. Ross is up in arms about the Rachel/Julie situation.]

ROSS: I don't know what to do. What am I gonna do? I mean, this, this is like a complete nightmare.

CHAN: Oh, I know. This must be so hard. Oh, no. Two women love me. They're both gorgeous and sexy. My wallet's too small for my fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight.

JOEY: Hey, here's a thought, Ross. [reaches for the computer]

CHAN: Don't touch the computer. Don't ever touch the computer.

JOEY: Ross, listen. I got two words for you. Threesome.

[Ross gives him an insulted look.]

CHAN: Ok, all right, look. Let's get logical about this, ok? We'll make a list. Rachel and Julie, pros and cons. Oh. We'll put their names in bold, with different fonts, and I can use different colors for each column.

ROSS: Can't we just use a pen?

CHAN: No, Amish boy.

JOEY: Ok, let's start with the cons, 'cause they're more fun. All right, Rachel first.

ROSS: I don't know. I mean, all right, I guess you can say she's a little spoiled sometimes.

JOEY: You could say that.

ROSS: And I guess, you know, sometimes, she's a little ditzy, you know. And I've seen her be a little too into her looks. Oh, and Julie and I, we have a lot in common 'cause we're both paleontologists, but Rachel's just a waitress.

CHAN: Waitress. Got it. You guys wanna play Doom? Or we could keep doing this. What else?

ROSS: I don't know.

JOEY: Oh, her ankles are a little chubby.

CHAN: Ok, let's do Julie. What's wrong with her?

ROSS: [long pause] She's not Rachel.

[Scene: Chandler and Joey's apartment. Chandler is on the phone with a computer hotline.]

CHAN: I'm telling you this thing won't print. Yes, I pressed that button like 100 times. You know, for a hot line you are not so hot. What? What is that in the background? Are you watching Star Trek?

[Ross enters with a melancholy look.]

JOEY: [to Ross] Hey, so how'd it go with Julie? Did you, did you break her heart?

ROSS: Yes, it was horrible. She cried. I cried. She threw things, they hit me. Anyway, I did the right thing.

CHAN: [in phone] So, Spock actually hugs his father?

[Rachel enters.]

RACH: Hey, do you guys have...[sees Ross, pauses]...hi.


RACH: [sees his coat on] Where you goin'?

ROSS: I uh, I just got back from uh, from Julie's.

RACH: [dejected] Oh.

ROSS: No, no, uh, it's not what you think. It's um the other thing.

RACH: Well, what's the other thing, what do I think?

[Joey is looking at Rachel, smiling, and gesturing his head towards Ross.]

ROSS: Well, uh.

JOEY: He broke up with Julie. Well, go hug her, for god's sakes.

RACH: Really?

ROSS: Really. It's always been you, Rach.

[Ross and Rachel hug.]

RACH: Oh, god.


RACH: Oh, oh, this is good, this is really good.

ROSS: I know, I know, it's, it's almost...[turns around, sees Chandler and Joey] What do you say we go take a walk, just us, not them?

RACH: Let me get my coat.

ROSS: Ok. No, hey, whoa, whoa, I'll get your coat.

[Ross leaves.]

RACH: Ok, he's goin' to get my coat. He's goin' to get my coat. Oh my god, you guys. I can't believe this. This is unbelievable. [notices Chandler's computer screen] What's that?

CHAN: [nervous] What? Nothing.

[Chandler closes up the laptop computer screen.]

RACH: What's that? What? I saw my name. What is it?

CHAN: No, no, see? See? [the printer starts to run] Hey, it's printing. [to Joey, rattled] Hey, it's printing!

[Chandler rips off the sheet of paper from the printer.]

RACH: Well what is it? Let me see.

[Ross walks back in, Rachel's coat in hand.]

ROSS: Hey, someone order a coat?

RACH: Ross, Chandler wrote something about me on his computer and he won't let me see.

ROSS: He won't? [remembers what it is] He won't! Because, isn't that, isn't that the, the short story you were writing?

CHAN: Yes, yes it is, short story, that I was writing.

RACH: And I'm in it? Then let me read it.


RACH: Come on.

JOEY: Hey, uh, why don't you read it to her?

[Ross and Chandler stare angrily at Joey, who thinks he has come up with a good idea.]

CHAN: [through gritted teeth] Alright. [clears his throat] "It was summer, and it was hot. Rachel was there. A lonely gray couch. 'Oh, look,' cried Ned, and then the kingdom was his forever. The end."

ROSS: That's it? That's all you wrote? You're the worst writer in the whole world.

RACH: All right, you know what? This isn't funny anymore. There's something about me on that piece of paper and I want to see it.

ROSS: No, you don't.

RACH: All right, you know what, that's fine. If you guys want to be children about this, that's fine. I do not need to see it. [Rachel grabs the paper and runs across the room, reading it to herself.]

RACH: What is this? Ross, what is this?

CHAN: Good luck.

[Chandler and Joey leave quickly.]

ROSS: Ok, just, just remember how crazy I am about you, ok?

RACH: Kind of ditzy? Too into her looks? Spoiled?

ROSS: Now that's a little spoiled. He was supposed to type "little", the idiot.

RACH: Just a waitress?

ROSS: No, that, that was, I mean, as opposed to uh, the uh, ok. Is this over yet Rach?

RACH: Oh! I do not have chubby ankles!

[Rachel leaves, and Ross follows her into the hall.]

ROSS: No, no, wait, ok, ok, look at the other side. Look at Julie's column.

RACH: She is not Rachem. What the hell's a Rachem? Is that some stupid paleontology word that I wouldn't know because I'm just a waitress.

[She goes into her apartment and slams the door.]

ROSS: No, Rach, come on. Rach! Rach, no, no! She's not Rachel, she is, she is not, Ra--Rachel?

Scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment. Rachel is sitting on the couch, eating candy. It is raining out. Ross climbs up the fire escape and is knocking on the window.]

ROSS: Rach! Whoops! Rach, hey, open up, please!

RACH: [coldly] When somebody does not buzz you in, Ross, that means go away. That doesn't mean please climb up the fire escape.

ROSS: I just wanna read something. It's your pro list.

RACH: Not interested.

[Rachel closes the drapes over the window, goes into her bedroom and closes the door.]

ROSS: [reading his list] Ok, ok, number one: The way you cry at game shows. Number two: how much you love your friends. Number three: the way you play with your hair when you're nervous. Number four: how brave you are for starting your life over. Number five: how great you are with Ben.

[Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe enter, confused.]

ROSS: Number six: the way you smell.

JOEY: [opens the drapes] Hey, Ross! What are you doin'?

ROSS: Hey, Joey. You wanna open the window?

JOEY: Oh, yeah, I do.

[He opens the window, Ross comes in, soaked.]

CHAN: What are you doing out there?

ROSS: I am, uh, I am...

MNCA: Oh, you must be freezing. You know what you need? How about a nice steaming cup of hot Mockolate?

[Ross runs to Rachel's bedroom, knocking on the door.]

ROSS: Rach, come on, open up. Rach, come on, come on, Rach. You got to give me another chance.

[Rachel opens the door.]



RACH: That's what I said.

CHAN: Look, maybe we should go?

RACH: No, you guys, you really don't have to go, we're done talking.

ROSS: Rach, come on, look, I know how you must feel.

RACH: [near tears] No, you don't, Ross. Imagine the worst things you think about yourself. Now, how would you feel if the one person that you trusted the most in the world not only thinks them too, but actually uses them as reasons not to be with you.

ROSS: No, but, but I wanna be with you in spite of all those things.

RACH: Oh, well, that's, that's mighty big of you, Ross. [to the others] I said don't go!

ROSS: You know what? You know what? If, things were the other way around, there's nothing you could put on a list that would ever make me not want to be with you.

RACH: Well, then, I guess that's the difference between us. See, I'd never make a list.

[She closes the door in his face. Ross walks sullenly back to the couch and sits down. A moment of silence ensues.]

Scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment. Monica and Rachel are there.]

(phone rings)

MNCA: Hello?

[Ross is at his apartment.]


RACH: [to Monica] Is that him again? Tell him I'd come to the phone, but my ankles are weighin' me down.

MNCA: [to Ross] Listen, I... I don't think this is the best time.

ROSS: Look, can, can you do something for me?

MNCA: Sure, what? Ok, ok. [hangs up the phone] [to Rachel] Music?

[Monica turns on the radio.]

RADIO: The next one's dedicated to Rachel from Ross. Rachel, he wants you to know he's deeply sorry for what he did and he hopes you can find it in your heart to forgive him. (With or Without You plays)

[Rachel seems touched. She pauses for a moment, then picks up the phone and starts to dial. Cut to Ross at his apartment.]

RADIO: Uh, we've just gotten a call from Rachel, and she told us what Ross did. It's pretty appalling, and Ross, if you're listening, I don't wanna play your song anymore. Why don't we devote our time to a couple that stands a chance? Avery, Michelle's sorry she hit you with her car and she hopes you two will work it out.

End Flashback. Cut to TOW the Prom Video

MONICA: Oh, you look so great.

RACHEL: Ahh, so do you, beautiful. [they hug]



MONICA: Shoot, I think I got mayonaise on you.

RACHEL: Oh, that's OK, it's just the shoulder, it's not my dress.

MR. GELLER: Everybody smile.

MONICA: Oh, dad, turn it off.

MR. GELLER: It is off.

MONICA: Dad, it is not. What's with the red light?

MR. GELLER: It's the off light. Right Ross? [pans over to see Ross with an afro and moustache]

JOEY: Lookin' good Mr. Cotter.

ROSS: You look pretty tonight.

RACHEL: Oh, thanks. So, uh, what are you gonna do this summer?

ROSS: Oh, you know, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna hang out, work on my music.

RACHEL: [the shoulders of her dress keep falling off her shoulders] Is my hook unhooked? These things keep falling down, I can't. . .

ROSS: Uh, hold, let me see, I don't know. So what're you gonna do. . . [doorbell rings]

RACHEL: Oh, the guys are here.

ROSS: this summer?

CHANDLER: Work on your music?

[Ross is sitting on the stairs with a laptop keyboard playing 'Axel-F']

RACHEL: Oh my God, look there's Roy Gublik.

MONICA: Ya know, Roy saw Star Wars 317 times. His name was in the paper.

RACHEL: Where's Chip, why isn't he here yet?

ROY: He'll be here OK, take a chill pill. [Chip pins Monica's corsage on, Monica then turns and whispers to Rachel]

MONICA: I just told Rachel that Roy touched my boob.

RACHEL: I can't go to my own prom without a date, I can't, it's too late.

MONICA: If you're not going then I don't want to go either.

ROY: Oh, I'm gonna kick Chip's ass.

MRS. GELLER: [to Ross on the stairs] I have a wonderful idea. You should take Rachel to the prom.

ROSS: Doubtful.

MRS. GELLER: Jack, give me that. Talk to your son.

MR. GELLER: Your mother's right. Take her, you can wear my tux.

ROSS: Dad, she won't want to go with me.

MR. GELLER: Of course she would, you're a college man.

ROSS: I don't know.

MR. GELLER: Well, c'mon. Don't ya want to find out?

RACHEL: I can't believe I don't get to go to my own prom, this is so harsh.

ROSS: OK. Hold my board.

MR. GELLER: Atta boy. [Ross scrambles upstairs to change]

ROSS: OK, you guys, ya know, I think we've seen enough, let's turn it off.

ALL: No, no, no.

ROSS: OK, fine, well I'm not gonna watch, alright.

MR. GELLER: C'mon kid, let's go.

MRS. GELLER: Ahh, are you hadsome.

MR. GELLER: Let's show 'em.

ROSS: Uh, just a sec dad. [to himself] OK, be cool, just be cool. [walks down the stairs and grabs the flowers out of the vase on the endtable] OK dad.

MR. GELLER: [going downstairs] Rachel, ready or not, here comes your knight in shining. . . oh no. [Chip has shown up and the four are leaving]


MRS. GELLER: Oh, dear. Jack, how do I turn this off?

MR. GELLER: Press the button.

MRS. GELLER: Which one? Which button, Jack.

MR. GELLER: The button, the button.

MONICA: I can't believe you did that.

ROSS: Yeah, well.

[Rachel, seeing what he did for her, gets up, walks across the room, and kisses Ross]

PHOEBE: See, he's her lobster.

End Flashback. Cut to TOW Ross and Rachel Take a break

Rachel: You had no right coming down to my office Ross. You do not
bring a picnic basket to somebody’s work! Unless maybe they
were a park ranger!

Ross: Yeah, well excuse me for wanting to be with my girlfriend on
our anniversary, boy what an ass am I.

Rachel: But I told you, I didn’t have the time!

Ross: Yeah, well you never have the time. I mean, I don’t feel like I
even have a girlfriend anymore, Rachel.

Rachel: Wh, Ross what do you want from me? You want me, you want me to
quit me job so you can feel like you have a girlfriend?

Ross: No, but it’d be nice if you realised, it’s just a job!

Rachel: Just a job!

Ross: Yes.

Rachel: Ross do you realise this is the first time in my life I’m
doing something I actually care about. This is the first time
in my life I’m doing something that I’m actually good at. I
mean. if you don’t get that...

Ross: No, hey, I get that, okay, I get that big time. And I’m happy
for ya, but I’m tired of having a relationship with your
answering machine! Okay, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Rachel: Well neither do I!

Ross: Is this about Mark?

Rachel: (shocked) Oh my God.

Ross: Okay, it’s not, it’s not.

Rachel: Oh my God. I cannot keep having this same fight over and over
again, Ross, no, you’re, you’re, you’re making this too hard.

Ross: Oh I’m, I’m making this too hard. Okay, what do you want me to

Rachel: I don’t know, I don’t know. Look, maybe we should take a

Ross: Okay, okay, fine, you’re right. Let’s ah, let’s take a break,
(goes to the door) let’s cool off, okay, let’s get some frozen
yogart, or something.. (opens the door)

Rachel: No. (Ross is standing in the doorway.) A break from us.

(Ross looks at her, then leaves slamming the door behind him.)

End flash back Cut to TOW the Beach

Rachel: Okay, who’s next?! (She looks around the room, and stops when
she comes to Ross.)

Ross: No-o-o! (Rachel gives him a "Please?" look.) No way!

Rachel: Come on, please?! I’m boredddd! You let me do it once before.

(Ross shoots Joey a look, who shoots Chandler a look, who gives Joey
an "Oh my God." look back.)

Ross: Yeah well, if ah, if that’s the rule this weekend... (She gets
up) No!

Rachel: Yes! (she starts creeping up on him)

Ross: Get away!

Rachel: Just once!

Ross: Stay away!

Rachel: Take it like a man, Ross!

Ross: (he gets up and starts to run away from her) No! (in his escape
attempt he crushes Chandler’s sand castle) No!

Rachel: Oh, come on!

Chandler: Big bullies!!

(Ross dives over the couch, Rachel goes the other way, and lands up
top of him.)

Ross: Ow! Ow! Oh, no-no-no!

(They get into a wrestling match, that ends with Ross making Rachel
paint her forehead with the nail polish. They both end up lying next
to each other, stop, and look at each other for a moment.)
Scene: Outside the beach house, Ross is coming out to talk to Rachel.]

Ross: Hi.

Rachel: Hi!

Ross: I was having a little chat with ah, Bonnie, and ah, guess what,
she-she happened to bring up y'know, who was behind the um,
whole head shaving idea, and now, who was it? Oh, that’s right,
that’s right, it was you!

Rachel: That was her idea, I just gave her a nudge.

Ross: She said you gave her the razor!

Bonnie: (joining them) Hey guys.

Rachel: Hey!

Bonnie: So, anyone up for a midnight dip in the ocean?

Ross: Ahh, no, I’m good.

Bonnie: Okay, I’ll see you in a bit.

Ross: Okay, have fun! Wooo!!

Rachel: Come on see, she doesn’t look that bad.

Ross: You can see the moonlight bouncing off her head! What the hell
were you thinking?!!

Rachel: I don’t know.

Ross: You don’t know?! Rach, you balded my girlfriend!

Rachel: All right! Ross, do you think it’s easy for me to see you with
somebody else?

Ross: Y'know, hey! You’re the one who ended it, remember?

Rachel: Yeah, because I was mad at you, not because I stopped loving

Ross: You still love me?

Rachel: Noo.

Ross: You still love me.

Rachel: Oh, y-yeah, so, you-you love me!

Ross: Noo, nnnnn. What does this mean? What do you, I mean do you
wanna, get back together?

Rachel: Noo! Maybe! I, I don’t know. Ross, I still can’t forgive you
for what you did, I can’t, I just, but sometimes when I’m with
you I just, I feel so...

Ross: What?!

Rachel: I just, I feel, I-I just...

Ross: What?

Rachel: I feel...

(Ross leans in and kisses her. They both look at each other for a
moment, and then embrace in a more passionate kiss, only to be
interrupted by Joey and Chandler coming outside.)

Chandler: (to Joey) Noo!! I don’t care! I’m not, I’m not gonna playing
one-on-one strip poker with you for practice!

(Rachel and Ross both stop kissing, and quickly step back from each

Cut to TOW the Jelly Fish (401)

Scene: The beach house, it’s the same scene from the end of last year, with Ross in front of the two doors of Rachel’s and Bonnie’s rooms, trying to decide which door to choose. He finally chooses the one his right and goes in.]

Ross: (surprised) Hi!

Rachel and Bonnie: Hi!

Bonnie: Rachel was just helping me out. My head got all sunburned.

Ross: Awww.

Bonnie: (to Rachel) Thanks a million.

Rachel: Oh, you’re welcome a million.

Bonnie: (getting up and leaving) (to Ross) Okay, I’ll see you in our room.

Ross: Yeah. (closes the door, and goes over and kisses Rachel.)

Rachel: (softly) Oh my God.

Ross: I know.

(They both kiss again and fall onto the bed.)

Ross: (stopping suddenly and getting up) Okay, I gotta go.

Rachel: Whoa! What?! Why?!

Ross: Well, I-I gotta go break up with Bonnie.

Rachel: Here?! Now?!

Ross: Well, yeah. I can’t-I can’t stay here all night, and if I go in there she’s-she’s gonna wanna... do stuff.

Rachel: Well, can’t you tell her that you are not in the mood?

Ross: No, she likes that. Yeah. Faking sleep doesn’t work either, I can’t tell you how many mornings I woke up with her...

Rachel: (interrupting) Whoa-ho.

Ross: Whoa-oh, okay! Yeah, why am I telling you that?

Rachel: I don’t know.

(they kiss again)

Ross: Yeah, yeah. (opens the door) It wasn’t every morning.

Rachel: Oh, making it worse!

Ross: Okay.
[Scene: The beach house, Rachel’s bedroom. She is finishing up writing something as Ross walks through the door.]

Ross: It’s over.

Rachel: Oh, was it awful?

Ross: Well, it was loong. I didn’t even realise how late it was, until I noticed the 5 o’clock shadow on her head. (They both start to laugh, then stop themselves quickly.) Anyway, she didn’t want to stay. I called a cab; she just left.

(They kiss.)

Rachel: I wrote you a letter.

Ross: Ohh! Thank you! I like mail. (He goes to kiss her again, but she turns away.)

Rachel: (handing him the letter) It’s just some things I’ve been thinking about. Some things about us, and before we can even think about the two of us getting back together, I just need to know how you feel about this stuff.

Ross: Okay. (He leans in to kiss her again, but she leans back preventing him from making contact.) Wow, it’s-it’s 5:30 in the morning. (Rachel laughs) So, I’d better get cracking on this baby.

Rachel: Well, I’ll be waiting for you, just come up when you’re done.

Ross: Okay, I’ll be up in, (looks at the letter) 18 pages. Front and back. Very exciting.

[Scene: The beach house, the next morning. Ross is passed out on the kitchen counter. He wakes up with a start and has one of the pages of the letter stuck to his face.]

Ross: Oh. (looks at his watch) Oh-oh. (takes a drink of coffee and resumes reading the letter)

Rachel: (coming down the stairs) Hey! (Ross jumps up, and quickly puts the letter back together, pretending like he has just finished it.) What happened to you? Why didn’t you come up?

Ross: Done!

Rachel: You just finished?

Ross: Well, I wanted to be thorough. I mean this-this is clearly very, very important to you, to us! And so I wanted to read every word carefully, twice!

Rachel: So umm, does it?

Ross: I’m sorry.

Rachel: Does it?

Ross: Does it? Does it? Yeah, I wanted to give that whole ‘Does it?’ part just another glance.

Rachel: What are you talking about, Ross, you just said that you read it twice! Look, y'know what, either it does or it doesn’t, and if you have to even think about it...

Ross: (interrupting) No, Rach, no. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t have to think about it, in fact, I’ve decided, I’ve decided that, that it.......does.

(Rachel stands there for a moment, starting to cry. Then gasps and runs over and hugs him. While hugging her, Ross tries to find the ‘Does it?’ part in the letter.)

Rachel: Are you sure?

Ross: Oh, sure! I’m sure.

Rachel: I know. (Hugs him more violently this time and pushes him back away from the letter.)

End Flashback. (I’m gonna skip a few years kay?)

Flashback to TOW Rachel tells (yea I know big skip but its getting really long!)

Scene: The Hallway Outside Ross’s Apartment, Ross is walking towards his apartment and sees Rachel sitting in front of the door.]

Rachel: (seeing him) Hi!

Ross: Hi.

Rachel: Hi. (He helps her up.) Umm, I think there’s something that we really need to talk about.

Ross: (quietly confident) I think we do. Why don’t we go inside? (They go inside.) Look uh, I know why you’re here.

Rachel: You do?

Ross: Yeah, and to save you from any embarrassment umm, I think maybe I should talk first.

Rachel: (warily) Okay.

Ross: Okay. (He sits her down in a chair.) Uh, Ross and Rachel. Rachel and Ross. That’s been one heck of a see-saw hasn’t it?

Rachel: (confused) What?

Ross: I mean look, that-that one night we had was fun and…and certainly passionate, but don’t you think it’s better if we just stayed friends?

Rachel: Seriously. What?!

Ross: Okay. Okay. Y’know what? If you want to, we can do it one more time. I mean I’d-I’d be okay with that. In fact, I have some time right now.

Rachel: Okay, y’know what? Can I, can I talk now?

Ross: Oh sure. (He sits on the apothecary table and touches her hand.)

Rachel: (touches his knee) I’m pregnant. (Ross stops.) Ross? (Ross is staring off into space.) Ross? (Ross is still frozen) Okay, whenever you’re ready. (Sits back and opens her magazine.) And you’re the father by the way—but you got that…

Commercial Break

[Scene: Ross's Apartment, continued from earlier.]

Rachel: (closes her magazine) Can I get you some water?

Ross: I’m good. I’m good.

Rachel: Ross, there is no pressure on you. Okay? I mean you can as involved as you want. (Ross nods.)

Ross: Yeah, I need uh… I’m just—I don’t know—I don’t understand, umm, how this happened? We-we used a condom.

Rachel: I know. I know, but y’know condoms only work like 97% of the time.

Ross: What? What? What?!! Well they should put that on the box!!!

Rachel: They do!

Ross: No they don’t!!! (He runs to the bedroom to check and returns with his box of condoms.) Well they should put it in huge black letters!!!!

Rachel: Okay Ross come on let’s just forget about the condoms.

Ross: Oh well I may as well have!

Rachel: Listen, y’know what? I was really freaked out too when I found out…

Ross: Freaked out? Hey no, I’m not freaked out! I’m indignant! As a consumer!

Rachel: Y’know what? Let’s, let’s talk later.

Ross: No! No! I want to talk now! Okay? I—In fact, (picks up the phone) I am going to talk to the president of the condom company!

Rachel: Okay, y’know maybe I should come back… (Starts to leave.)

Ross: (grabs her) Shh! Shh! Shh!

Rachel: (stops) Okay.

Ross: (on phone) Yeah I’ll press 1! (Presses one which allows Rachel to escape.)

Scene: A doctor’s office, Rachel is on an examining table with her legs in the stirrups.]

Nurse: Okay Rachel, are you comfortable?

Rachel: (sighs) If I said I was, would you judge me?

Nurse: The doctor will be here in a minute to do your sonogram.

Rachel: Okay. (The nurse exits.) Oh man, I swear if they sold these at Pottery Barn…

(There’s a knock on the door and Ross enters.)

Ross: Hi!

Rachel: (shocked) Hi!

Ross: Uh we-we need to talk.

Rachel: Uh-uh-uh, right now? Because I’ve kinda got an el fresco situation going on over here.

Ross: Please, please I want to apologize for the way I acted earlier today.

Rachel: Okay Ross that’s fine, but can you please stand near my head?

Ross: What? Oh yeah. (He moves next to her head.) I’m sorry. I mean I-I think I went a little crazy. I mean I was thinking about myself when I (Wanders towards Rachel’s feet) really—I should have been thinking about you Rach…

Rachel: Okay. Head Ross! Head Ross! Head Ross!

Ross: Right! Right! I just—I want you to know that I’m going to be there through this whole thing, okay? Okay? The doctor’s appointments, the uh, the Lamaze classes, uh baby-proofing the apartment—Although we could probably worry about that ‘til after we get married.

Rachel: What married?

Ross: Well yeah, I think we should get married.

Rachel: What, because that’s your answer to everything?

Ross: No, because that’s the right thing to do.

Rachel: Yeah, maybe if you’re in love. But Ross, we are not in love, are we?

Ross: No but…but still you can’t possibly do this alone.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Ross: Come on Rach, you can’t even eat alone in a restaurant.

Rachel: What?!

Ross: I’m just saying if you can’t eat by yourself, how do you expect to have a baby by yourself?

Rachel: I can too eat by myself!

Ross: When have you ever?

Rachel: When certain people leave the table and I am not finished!

Ross: Well certain other people take two hours to eat a bowl of soup!

Rachel: Oh please, you inhale your food!

Ross: I grew up with Monica! If you didn’t eat fast you didn’t eat!!

Dr. Long: (entering) Am I interrupting?

Rachel: Oh no Dr. Long, please come in. This is Ross, he is the father.

Ross: But not the husband, because evidently she can do this alone.

Dr. Long: Huh. Nice to meet you. I’ll get started on this.

Ross: (To Rachel, standing by her feet) I don’t know why you can’t admit that you need me.

Rachel: I do need you! I need you to stand near my head!

Dr. Long: Okay, everything looks good. Here it is on the screen. (We see Ross and Rachel looking at the screen.) Here is your uterus. And right here is your baby.

Ross: Oh my God.

Rachel: Wow. There it is, I see it.

Dr. Long: Congratulations. I’ll give you two a minute.

Rachel: Okay.

Ross: Thank you.

(Dr. Long exits and Rachel starts to cry.)

Ross: Pretty amazing huh?

Rachel: I don’t see it!

Ross: What? What?!

Rachel: I can’t see it!

Ross: You-you just said that you did!

Rachel: I know, I lied! I didn’t want her to think I was a terrible mother! I can’t even see my own baby!

Ross: Oh sure, come here! (Sits her up) Sure you can! Uh, look come here look, (rolls the machine closer) it’s-it’s-it’s, it’s right there (Points).

Rachel: Oh. Oh, it’s beautiful. I see it now.

Ross: Do you really?

Rachel: No, I don’t see it!

Ross: Come on! Come on! Here, okay-okay, you see this? (Points) This tiny thing that looks like a peanut?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: Sweetie that’s it.

Rachel: That’s it? Well I saw that! Ohh-ohh-oh, thank you.

Ross: You’re welcome.

Rachel: Wow! I can’t believe that’s our baby.

Ross: Yeah, that’s our baby.

Scene-Rachel’s Room.

She wakes up in a cold sweat.

“I have got to talk to Ross”

End scene

Scene- Ross’ Apt. It’s around 3 in the morning and there is a knock on the door. It’s Rachel (duh!) (In her pajamas)

“Uh hi rach. Why are you here?” Ross asked

“I think there is something we should talk about” she said pacing around the room

“ At 3 in the morning? Cant it wait till tomorrow?”

“well unless your not interested of what I have to say. Then no I have to tell you this now!”

“Ok. So…?”

“Ok Ross. I’ve been thinking A LOT about US”

“what a bout US?”

“Don’t you ever think about US getting ya know getting back together… I mean I am carrying your child.”

“yea I think about it all the time.”

“ I mean… ( pause) I’m still in love w/ you Ross.”

Ross looks shocked

“… I’m still in love with you too.” He finally said

She grabs him into a very passionate and he closes the door, and were outta here!

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