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RACHEL AND MONICA’S APARTMENT (Phoebe and Rachel are sitting at the table)

Phoebe: Rach, what’s wrong?

Rachel: Huh? Oh, sorry, I’m just tired I guess.

Phoebe: Bummed you didn’t get to go to England with the others?

Rachel: Excuse me? I chose to stay here. You’re the one who should be bummed. I mean, you have to stay here.

Phoebe: Sorry…

Rachel: No Pheebs, I’m sorry. I guess, I guess…

Phoebe: Rach, it’s okay. If the man I loved was getting married then I guess I would be bummed to.

Rachel: Yeah… (Suddenly realizing what she just said) WHAT! I am not still in love with Ross. (Everything in quotes she is just babbling) “He is just my good friend. I mean I love Ross, as a friend. That doesn’t mean that I am IN LOVE with him. I mean sure I still have feelings for Ross. That’s normal. Ross was my first real love. He was someone who I really connected with. It’s normal for me to still have continuing feelings of love towards him. I mean sure I love Ross.” Oh my god Phoebe. I am still in love with Ross. Why didn’t you tell me?

Phoebe: What?! We all thought you knew.

Rachel: What?!

Phoebe: Yeah, we talk about it all the time. None of us were really worried about you, with Ross’s marriage because we all figured that you would finally come out and tell him that you still loved him and he would drop Emily, like he did with Julie, and go back to you.

Rachel: I am not going to tell him that I love him, he loves Emily… (She is obviously upset) I just have to learn to deal with it.


Rachel: (Yelling from her bedroom) Phoebe?

Phoebe: Yeah?

Rachel: Do you remember where everything is?

Phoebe: Uh yeah. The towels are in the bathroom, the mop is in the closet, and the food is in the kitchen… (Continues talking)… why?

Rachel: (Coming out of her room with suitcases) Because I’m going to London. Ross has to know how I feel.

Phoebe: Rach, be careful. He is in love with Emily.

Rachel: I know, but deep down, I know he still loves me. Bye Pheebs.

Phoebe: Bye.

(Rachel leaves, closing the door behind her.)

Phoebe: (To herself) I hope Rachel gets him!

MONICA’S HOTEL ROOM IN LONDON (Monica is just walking in with Chandler)

Monica: How did we let that happen last night? I mean what are we going to do when we get back to New York?

Chandler: Monica? Mon, it’s okay. Calm down. You were upset last night. It is going to be okay.

Monica: (starting to break down) I’m never going to get married. I mean, this is Ross’s second marriage.

Chandler: Monica. Come here. (She walks over to him and he holds her in a hug.

Monica: (Backing away from him) I know lets get married.

Chandler: (In a high voice) What? (Normal voice) Mon, you’re tired; you’re upset, why don’t you just take a nap.

Monica: (In a small voice) okay (Chandler helps her into bed and starts to leave when the phone rings) What was that?

Chandler: It was the telephone. I’ll get it.

Monica: (Starts to lye down.) ok.

Chandler: (On phone) Hello?

Phoebe: (On the other end of the phone line) Hey Chandler!

Chandler: (on phone) Hey Pheebs.

Phoebe: Is Monica there?

Chandler: (on phone) Uh yeah. Hold on a sec. (to Monica) its Phoebe, she want to talk to you.

Monica: (she takes the phone) Hey Pheebs. How are you? Oh my god what’s wrong? (Starts freaking out) Are you in Labor? Oh my god! You’ll be all right. I knew that this would happen while we were away…

Phoebe: No, no, no. I’m fine. Listen, Rachel is on her way to London.

Monica: Great!

Phoebe: No, not fine. Rachel is coming to tell Ross that she loves him.

Monica: What! She had to wait until now!

Phoebe: Apparently she didn’t realize she was in love with him until I told her.

Monica: What? I mean we talk about it all the time. She is so obvious.

Phoebe: I know. That’s what I told her.

Monica: Well, I wish she could have picked a better time. All though, I do kinda wish that she gets Ross.

Phoebe: Me too. But what should we do? You need to talk to her.

Monica: When she gets here I try and talk her out of it. How bad is she?

Phoebe: She really loves him.

THE AIRPORT (Rachel is standing in line)

Ticket Agent: Next.

Rachel: Yes, um. One ticket to London please.

Ticket Agent: Um okay, that will be $2700.

Rachel: Okay. (Hands her the credit card)

Ticket Agent: The plane leaves in 20 minutes at gate 23.

Rachel: Thank you. (She starts walking quickly towards her gate.)

THE CHAPEL WHERE ROSS AND EMILY’S WEDDING IS BEING HELD (Monica is talking to Joey and Chandler)

Monica: Listen you guys. Rachel is coming to tell Ross that she loves him. We have to stop her.

Joey: Why? Don’t we want Ross and Rachel together?

Monica: Well yes. But no. NO. She can’t ruin the wedding with all these people here. She can tell him after he and Emily get back from the honeymoon. Then she can tell him and Ross and Emily can get divorced.

Chandler: Ok, lets worry about that then. Right now we just have to watch for Rachel and make sure she doesn’t talk to Ross until after the wedding.

TIME LAPSE ( the wedding is now about to begin when Rachel walks in the door. Monica was waiting for her. Ross is already at the altar)

Monica: Rach, thank god I caught you.

Rachel: Mon, not now, I have to tell Ross I love him.

Monica: No. Rachel, you have to wait. Listen the wedding is about to start, you have to wait. Just sit down and don’t say anything until we get back to New York. Please Rach. He loves Emily. You have to deal with it.

Rachel: (sounding depressed) I guess your right. (She goes and sits down.)


(Ross is standing at the altar with Joey and Chandler on his left with Monica and the other bride’s mates on the other side of the priest. Ross doesn’t know that Rachel is there yet. The Wedding March begins to play and Emily begins to walk down the isle. Emily reaches the end of the isle and Ross takes her hand. When Ross takes her hand he notices Rachel. Their eyes meet and you can tell that Rachel wishes she were the one at the altar with him.)(A flashback of Ross and Rachel’s first kiss comes into Ross’s head. He shakes his head and he and Emily walk up to the Minister.)

Minister: We are gathered here today to join Emily Waltham and Ross Geller in Holy Matrimony. If anybody objects to their marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace. (he pauses) Now Emily repeat after me. I Emily, take thee Ross, in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Emily: I Emily, take thee Ross, in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Mister: Now, Ross, repeat after me. I Ross, take thee Emily, in sickness and in Health until death do us part.

Ross: I Ross, (he looks at Rachel, and then at Emily) take thee Rachel in sickne…

Emily: (she glares at him)

Minister: Shall I continue?

Emily: Yes, (glares at Ross) Yes, do continue.

Minister: Let us try this again. Now Ross, repeat after me. I Ross,

Ross: I Ross,

Minister: Take thee EMILY!

Ross: Take thee Emily,

Minister: in sickness or in health until death do us part.

Ross: in sickness or in health until death do us part.

Minister: Now, by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride. (Ross goes to kiss Emily but she keeps moving her head. Emily grabs Ross’s hand and drags him down the isle.)

ROSS’S HOTEL ROOM (Ross and Monica are talking)

Ross: I can’t believe Emily just ran off like that, I mean Rachel is just my good friend, that is it.

Monica: Are you… (there is a knock at the door. Ross goes to get it) sure?

Ross: (Emily’s parents are at the door) Is Emily with you?

Mr. Waltham: No, she is not with us. She wants nothing to do with you.

Mrs. Waltham: We are here for her stuff. (They get her bags and start to leave)

Ross: Wait; tell Emily that I am sorry and that I love her. Rachel is just my good friend, that is all. Tell Emily that I will be at the airport waiting for our plane, and I would like her to come. Tell her that I will be there and that I love her.

THE AIRPORT (Everyone has already left on their plane. Ross is sitting in an empty waiting area, Rachel is walking down the hall towards him, they don’t see each other)

Ross: Rachel?

Rachel: (she turns around) What are you doing here? Still no sign of Emily?

Ross: No, I hope she comes. Why are you still here? The others left a few hours ago.

Rachel: I’ve been waiting around for stand by forever.

Ross: Sorry Rach.

Rachel: So when does your flight leave?

Loudspeaker: Last boarding call for flight 2360 to Athens.

Ross: Pretty soon I guess.

Rachel: Oh, I’m sorry Ross. Wait a minute. You know what, you should go. Go on your honeymoon, clear your head, and when you come back you will be all ready to start your marriage with Emily. ( While she is saying this a pained expression comes across her face) Go it will be good for you and Emily. Then you can come back and start your lives together.

Ross: I guess your right. Bye Rach, (gives her a hug) I’ll see you in New York.

Rachel: Yeah if I ever get out of her.

Ross: Yeah… (looks at his tickets and gets an idea) Hey, why don’t you come with me?

Rachel: What? I don’t know? What about Emily!?

Ross: Oh, come on. I’ll cry over my marriage and hope that Emily will forgive me and you can flirt with cute Greek guys. Come on it will be fun.

Rachel: Ohh… Ok, why not?

Ross: Great, come on. (They walk over to the boarding station and walk down the ramp, just as Emily arrives to see them get on the plane together. You guessed it, she is MAD!!)

AIRPLANE (Ross is on the aisle seat and Rachel is at the window.)

Ross: I’m gonna go to the bathroom.

Rachel: Okay. ( Ross leaves) ( Rachel picks up the phone and calls someone) Monica? Hey! I thout you would be home later I was gonna leave a message.

Monica: (on the phone) Where are you?

Rachel: On an airplane.

Monica: Oh. Great, you finally found a plane back to New York. What time do you want me to get you at the airport, or do you just want to take a cab home?

Rachel: No, no no. I am on an airplane, but I’m not heading for New York.

Monica: Where are you going? Is this about Ross? Hunny, you just have to let him go.

Rachel: Yes this is about Ross… But…

Monica: RACHEL!!

Rachel: Monica, he invited me.

Monica: What?

Rachel: Emily never showed up for their honeymoon. I told Ross to go alone and he invited me to g with him.

Monica: WHAT?!

Rachel: It must means he still loves me.

Monica: No, he probably just wanted a friend. Don’t do anything stupid.

Rachel: No promises. Bye.

Monica: Bye.

MONICA AND RACHEL’S APARTMENT (Monica has just hung up the phone, Chandler is on the couch.)

Chandler: Who was that?

Monica: Rachel, she is on a plane.

Chandler: Oh, does she need someone to get her at the airport, or is she gonna take a cab?

Monica: She will be home next Thursday.

Chandler: Huh?

Monica: Her plane is headed for Greece.

Chandler: Hey wait a minute… Greece is where Emily and Ross went for their honeymoon…

Monica: Well…

Chandler: She wouldn’t!!

Monica: She would, but not exactly like you are thinking.

Chandler: Heh?

Monica: Emily never showed up for their honeymoon, so Ross invited Rachel to come to Greece with him.

Chandler: Uh-huh.

(the doorbell rings)

Monica: (while she is walking towards the door she is looking at and talking to Chandler.) What do you think will happen?

Chandler: I don’t know. Do you think they will.

Monica: I don’t think they will. (she opens the door but is still looking at Chandler) But I kinda do hope that Ross falls for Rachel. (she turns to face the person at the door. IT IS EMILY!!)

Emily: (she heard Monica’s last sentence.) I knew it. Ross just married be for the free trip so he could take Rachie on the honeymoon.

Monica: Uhoh.

Emily: That’s right. Oops. Tell Ross that it is over. I’m going back to England and I never want to see him again. (She runs down the hall)

Monica: Sorry Emily, he loves you. (Emily is gone) (To Chandler:) I never really like her.

Chandler: Me neither.

AIRPORT IN GREECE (Rachel and Ross are just getting off the plane.)

Rachel: That wasn’t to bad.

Ross: Yeah, but you did fall asleep on me so I could move. I needed to pee!

Rachel: You could have woken me up.

Ross: You looked comfortable, anyways. Is there a bathroom around here?

Rachel: There is a sign over there.

Ross: GREAT(He drops his stuff and runs off)

Rachel: (deadpan) Sure Ross, I’ll carry all the bags.


Ross: Okay, where do we get our bags.

Rachel: That took awhile, what did you do.

Ross: This. (Takes a small box from his pocket. He gets down on one knee.)

Rachel: Oh my god.

Ross: I know I married Emily, that was a mistake. I knew that when I said your name. I still love you Rachel Green. I will love you forever, I just picked up Emily because you seemed to be over me, and I wasn’t over you. Rachel Karen Green I will love you till the day I die. Will you marry me? (The people around him in the airport start cheering.)

Rachel: Yes!! (She starts to cry as he puts the ring on her finger. He takes her up in a big kiss as the crowd goes wild.)


Ross: Rachel, Rachel, RACHEL!!

Rachel: Huh. Ross, hey honey! (She goes to kiss him but he moves his head and looks confused)

Ross: Rachel, are you okay?

Rachel: Yes! This is the best day of my life. I mean… (she looks at her finger, there is no ring) HUH!

Ross: Rachel, you fell asleep on the plane, come on we are here.

Rachel: (realizing that the proposal was a dream) Oh, okay.

MONICA AND RACHEL’S APARTMENT (Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler are there.)

Phoebe: So what are we going to do about these two? I mean they are total lobsters.

Monica: I know! I wish they would get back together, now that Emily is out of the picture.

Joey: (obviously not paying attention) I’m hungry.

Chandler: The food is in the kitchen Joe.

Monica: When they get back from Greece next week we need them to be together!!

HOTEL (Ross and Rachel are checking in)

Hotel Clerk: Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Gellar, the honeymoon suite is on the 30th floor.

Ross: Thank you. Could we have cot brought up to the room?

Hotel Clerk: (looks at him in a funny way) Sure.

Ross: Thanks. (To Rachel) Rach… Rach…?

(Rachel is kinda dazed; she is looking at a bunch of flowers)

Ross: Rach? You okay?

Rachel: Huh? Oh yeah ok.

Ross: Come on. (He takes her bag from her and puts his arm around her and pulls her towards the elevator.) Are you sure you are okay?

Rachel: Yeah, just tired.

Ross: Ok.


(Rachel is sitting on the bed looking dazed again.)

Ross: Rachel are you sure you are okay?

Rachel: Yeah, fine.

Ross: Why don’t we go for a swim?

Rachel: Sure.

SWIMMING POOL (Ross and Rachel are lying next to the pool)

Ross: So, you up for a swim? (no answer) Rachel?! (He looks at her, she is sleeping) I wonder if she is okay.

TIME LAPSE (Ross has been for a swim and Rachel still hasn’t woken up)

Ross: Rachel!!! (goes over to her) Rachel!! (She still doesn’t wake up)( he shakes her and she still doesn’t wake up)Oh no! ( He picks her up and carries her inside.)

HOTEL ROOM (Ross is just entering with Rachel in his arms, she is still “asleep”)

Ross: (as he puts her on the bed) Rachel? Are you okay? (No response.) Crap. (HE picks up the phone) Yes hello, this is the Gellars in the honeymoon suite. Yes, yes, uh… yes. Okay. Look, could you send a doctor up. Ummm… my (hesitantly) wife fell asleep at the pool and I can’t wake her up. I carried her up to our room and she still won’t wake up. She has been acting weird all day. Okay… Thank you.

TIME LAPSE (Rachel is half awake and the doctor is talking to Ross)

Doctor: Okay Mr. Gellar, she will be fine. Just keep her inside for a few days. She just had a heat stroke; it has been very hot these past few days. She probably just isn’t used to the temperature.

Ross: Thank you doctor. I don’t know what I would do with out her. Thank you again. Good-bye.

Doctor: Good-bye. (he leaves.)

Ross: (walks over and sits on Rachel’s bed.) Hey Rach. Are you feeling better?

Rachel: Yes thank you.

Ross: Okay, look you have to stay inside for a few days okay. Just take a nap. I’ll be on the couch reading if you need me.

Rachel: No Ross. This is your honeymoon. I’m not you wife. (a pained expression comes over her face as she says that.) Don’t let me ruin this.

Ross: No, I won’t be able to have a good time unless I have a friend with me. Anyways, I need to catch up on my reading.

Rachel: Okay. (she falls asleep.)


Rachel: (Is just waking up. It is late at night and she sees Ross tossing and turning on the itchy cot) Hee hee.

Ross: (Gets up to go sleep on the couch.)

Rachel: Hey.

Ross: How are you feeling?

Rachel: Better. How long did I sleep for?

Ross: Almost 8 hours.

Rachel: Wow. Is that cot that uncomfortable?

Ross: A little itchy and hard. I’ll sleep on the couch.

Rachel: For a week?

Ross: What else?

Rachel: You could sleep with me.

Ross: RACHEL! I am married.

Rachel: No, not sleep with me. Sleep in the bed. We have done that before. It will be like a sleep over.

Ross: I guess.

Rachel: Come on. (She pulls back the covers and turns in the other direction.)

MORNING (Ross and Rachel are in bed together. During the night Rachel has rolled over to his side and is now lying in his arms.)

Ross: (Stirring) Emily? (Looks to the person in his arms to find Rachel.) (Lets out a sigh of relief) Rachel. (Smiles as he falls back asleep.)


Rachel: (Awaking to find herself in Ross’s arms)(She smiles.) I love you Ross. I wish you felt the same way about me. ( She closes her eyes and rolls away, she doesn’t realize

that Ross was awake to here what she just said.)

Ross: (waits until he thinks Rachel is asleep and picks up the phone and dials) Hey Mon!

Monica: (On the phone) Hey. How is the honeymoon.

Ross: You heard?

Monica: (OTP) Duh? So when are you and the Mrs. coming home?

Ross: We… Rachel and I are coming home on Thursday.

Monica: Oh, by the way. Your marriage is off. Emily stopped bye and said that she never wanted to see or here from you again. Them she came back and dropped off some divorce papers.

Ross: Great.

Monica: (OTP) You don’t care?

Ross: Not really. I don’t think I ever really loved Emily anyways, I think I just did it to get back at Rachel. (What Ross doesn’t realize is that Rachel is awake and listening)

Monica: Have to talked to Rach yet?

Ross: No. She hasn’t been feeling well.

Monica: (OTP) Well talk to her. You might be surprised.

Ross: Okay, whatever.

TIME LAPSE (Ross is reading a paper and Rachel is just waking up)

Rachel: Hey.

Ross: Hey Rachel feeling better?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: Great I thought we could get a movie or something.

Rachel: Okay.

Ross: Here you get ready, and I’ll go get some.

Rachel: Great. (She gets out of bed and walks him to he door.)

Ross: (Once outside he leans against the closed door) Am I in love with Rachel? (a big smile spreads across his face.)


Rachel: (leaning against the door) I love you Ross.

TIME LAPSE (Ross is walking in with a bunch of movies in his hands.)

Ross: I’m back.

Rachel: Great, what did you get?

Ross: Surprise. ( He puts the tape in and sits next to Rachel on the couch.)

Rachel: What is it?

Ross: “The Panic Room”


(A scream comes from the TV and Rachel jumps and screams)

Rachel: (moves very close for Ross and puts her head in his shoulder) This is scary.

Ross: (puts his arms around her) It’s okay, it’s okay.

TIME LAPSE (they are still watching the movie)(By now they are basically cuddling on the couch watching the movie, every once in a while Rachel turns from the TV and puts her head in Ross’s shoulder to comfort her.)

Ross: (the movie ends) Okay what next. Another movie?

Rachel: Sure. But I get to pick his one.

Ross: No, no, no!

Rachel: (as he is putting in the next tape) No… What is I don’t… ( is cut off as “Weekend at Bernie’s comes on.) Oh, I love you!

Ross: WHAT?

Rachel: No I mean I love what you did. I don’t love you. I love what you did. I mean I loved you, which I do, then what am I doing here. I would have… (Ross is staring at her) What?

Ross: You just said you loved me!

Rachel: No didn’t.

Ross: Yes, you did.

Rachel: No didn’t.

Ross: Yes,… you did. Rachel… Do you still love me?

Rachel: (standing up) NO! Yes. Well I don’t know. Okay, all right already. Listen, I came to your wedding to stop it, to tell you that I loved you. But I saw how happy you were and I congratulated you instead. Listen, I’m sorry, okay. I know that you are married. (starts to cry.)

Ross:(walks over to her.) It’s okay. Listen my marriage with Emily was never real. I only got together with her because I was still in love with you and I wanted to get back at you.

Rachel: What?

Ross: It’s okay. (He hugs her tightly.)

Rachel: Do you remember how when I woke up on the plane I had called you honey?

Ross: Yeah, that was sort off weird.

Rachel: It was because I had a dream where you proposed to me in the middle of the airport and I said yes and we went back to New York… And then, for some reason we had a double wedding with Monica and Chandler.

Ross: Like that would ever happen.

Rachel: Are you saying that there is no chance of us getting married?

Ross: No, no no. Just Monica and Chandler? Yeah right.

MONICA AND RACHEL’S APARTMENT (Monica and Chandler are there)

Monica: So, what did we do in England?

Chandler: Something amazing.

Monica: Should we keep going. I mean, you are like one of my best friends. I just felt something between us that I haven’t felt before.

Chandler: I agree, but let’s not tell anyone else until we are sure. I mean you remember what happened when Ross and Rachel split up. I don’t want to get the other guys in the middle of this.

Monica: Okay.

HOTEL ROOM (Ross and Rachel are sitting on the couch giving each other the “look”)

Ross: So, what now?

Rachel: Are we together? Or am I totally lost?

Ross: Let’s give it a go. We still have six days left of this honeymoon, lets use it. If it doesn’t work out by the end of the week then we will go home.

Rachel: Agreed. What about Emily?

Ross: Monica said that she dropped off divorce papers and all I have to do is sign them.

Rachel: (starts to laugh, Ross glares at her and she shuts up) Sorry. I just never liked her. (Now Ross laughs)


AIRPLANE (Ross and Rachel are sitting together looking very close.)

Ross: So we are going back to New York.

Rachel: Yup. So what are we going to tell the others?

Ross: I don’t know, it might be a little awkward with the whole Emily thing.

Rachel: Okay, so let’s keep it a secret for a while, when the time is right we will tell everyone else.

Ross: Okay.

LATER (Ross and Rachel are getting off the plane.)

Ross: Did you tell anyone to pick us up?

Rachel: Yeah Phoebe said that she would meet us at baggage claim.

Ross: Okay. (Gives her a big kiss) Let’s go.

(The camera zooms in on Phoebe who was standing at the gate entrance, instead of baggage claim, to meet them. A big grim comes over her face.)

Phoebe: The lobsters are back!


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