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TOW Coney Island

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Post TOW Coney Island
Wed Mar 30, 2005 2:45 am
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*Legal mumbo-jumbo: This story is not licensed or endorsed by Bright, Kauffman and Crane Productions and/or Warner Brothers. All characters and Central Perk are registered trademarks of Warner Brothers, all rights reserved.

TOW Coney Island

[ Ross and Rachel's apartment. Ben is watching cartoons and Ross is reading the morning paper. All of the sudden the phone rings ].

Ross (answering the phone): Yello.....*pause*...You're joking, right?.....*pause*....They actually did that?.....*pause*..... I'm taking my son to Coney Island today. We've been planning it for a while. Can't somebody else take care of it.....*pause*..... Ok, I understand. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Ross (turns off the TV): Ben, I've got some bad news, pal. I'm afraid I won't be able to take you to Coney Island today.

[Rachel enters from the bedroom]

Rachel (kissing Ross): Morning, sweetie.

Ross: Uh, Rach...I can't take you guys to Coney Island today.

Rachel: What happened?

Ross: We had vandals strike the museum last night. It's not too pretty.

Rachel: What'd they do? Take a few bones home to their dogs?

Ross: No. The museum recently opened a Children's area and had a Flintstone display, and well...let's just say that they're having a "gay old time", alright.

** Rachel chuckles as Ross glares at her **

Ben: What's "gay"?

Ross: Happy!

* Ross leaves the apartment *

--- Opening Credits ---

[ Still at Ross and Rachel's apartment ]

Rachel: I'm sorry sweetie. But we can still have fun!

** Rachel gets excited **

Rachel: I can teach you how to bargain shop!

Ben: What's bargain shopping?

Rachel: This is why the schools need to teach shopping 101.

** Pheobe enters the apartment **

Ben: Hi, aunt Pheobe.

Pheobe: Hey (to Rachel) weren't you supposed to go to Coney Island?

Rachel: Yeah, but Ross had an emergency

Pheobe: What happened?

Rachel: Something about gay carton characters.

Pheobe: And you're just going to sit here and sulk? Just because Ross is not here does not mean you guys can't do anything.

Rachel: You're right, Pheebs.

Pheobe: What are you going to do?

Ben: Aunt Rachel was going to teach me how to bargain shop

Pheobe: He's only 7!

Rachel (defensively): It's a survival skill!

Pheobe: Hey! Why don't WE go to Coney Island?

Ben: Really?

Pheobe: Yeah. We can pack a picnic lunch and everything. It will be fun. Oh Yea!!!!!

Rachel: Sure.

Ben: Will you ride The Beast with me?

Rachel: Uhhhh.....

Pheobe: I will

Rachel (with a sigh of relief): Oh thank God!

Pheobe: Let's meet at the Coffee House in an hour.

Rachel: OK

Ben: Cool!

[ At Central Perk. Rachel is drinking some coffee and Ben is drinking some juice. Pheobe enters with a picnic basket ]

Pheobe: You ready?

Ben: Yea. He starts to run out the door

Rachel: Ben. Be careful

Pheobe: He's so excited.

Rachel: Yea. It's too bad that Ross could not be here. He's missing out in Ben's life. Sometimes I think something that's been dead for a billion years is more important than his own son.

Pheobe: Oh quit exxagerating. Dinosaurs have only been extinct for 360 million years.....oh my God. I'm starting to sound like Ross.

** Chandler and Joey arrive at Central Perk **

Joey: I can't believe you think Judy Jetson is cuter than the Little Mermaid

Chandler: And I cannot believe that it's been 30 minutes and we're still having this discussion.

Joey (yelling at Ben): Watch out for the cars.

Rachel (turning around to see Ben standing in the street): Ben! Get your butt off the street

Pheobe: Hey, ya wanna go to Coney Island?

Joey: I've got a date tonight

Chandler: Who is it?

Joey: You know that cute model at the department store?

Chandler: Really? She so out of your leauge.

Joey: I'm getting lip from the dude who HAS no date

** Chandler slinks to the sofa in embarrasment **

Pheobe: Hey, you wanna go with us?

Chandler: To Coney Island? Sure that sounds like fun.

** They all go to Pheobe's taxi. Ben gets in the back **

Pheobe: Ben, why don't you ride in the front. The back seat belt does not work

** Rachel, Chandler and Ben all scramble for the front seats **

[ The museum. Ross is supervising people as they re-arrange the display ]

Ross: Put Fred over, on second thought, put him over, the 1st area was right

Mover: How about up your ass?

Ross: It's fine where it is.

** The museum stereo plays "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as Ross stares into space, thinking about Marcel **

Mover: Hey.

** No answer from Ross **

Mover: Dr. Geller?

**No answer**

Mover: Yo Dr Geek!

** Ross finally snaps out of it **

Ross: Huh? Oh I'm sorry. What can I do for you?

Mover: How's it look?

Ross (checking over the display): Looks fine guys, thanks a lot.

** Ross' supervisor walks up**

Donald: Ross, thanks for coming on short notice.

Ross: We really need to beef up security here.

Donald: Due to short funds, that's not possible, but I do feel your concern

Ross: Am I needed any more?

Donald: Of course not. Thanks again

[ Ross hurries back to the apartment to find it empty and then goes over to Chandler and Joey's ]

Ross: Hey.

Joey: Sup, man?

Ross: Where's everybody at?

Joey: Monica's at work and everybody else is at Coney Island

Ross: Great! Maybe I can meet them there.

-- Commercial --

[ At Coney Island. Chandler looks sick ]

Pheobe: I told you not to eat all that food before going on the rides

Chandler: I'll be OK. I just need to rest for a while.

Pheobe (to Ben): Wanna ride again?

Ben: SURE!

Rachel: I'll sit this one out, too.

** An attractive woman walks up **

Woman: Excuse me?

Chandler (dazed): You don't need an excuse.

** Rachel rolls here eyes at a lame pick-up line **

Woman: Are you Chandler Bing?

Chandler: Oh my God. My prayers have been answered.

Woman: Is this your wallet? I found it on the ground. Everything is can check if you need to.

** Chandler takes the wallet **

Chandler: Thank you very much

** The woman walks away and Chandler moans and puts his head in his hands **

Rachel: What's wrong? That was nice of her to track you down.

Chandler: I was stupid to think that she wanted me.

Rachel: Don't do this to yourself. You are very attractive and the right woman is out there somewhere

Chandler: You really think so?

Rachel: Of course I do. And you will know her when you see her.

** a familiar laugh is heard **

Chandler (looking up to the clouds): Dear God! What have I done to deserve this fate!

** Janice walks up **

Janice: He-llo Chandler Bing.

Chandler (to Rachel): Kill me. Kill me now!

Janice: Hi Rachel

Rachel: Hey Janice.

Janice: So Chandler we meet again. Why do you think our paths keep crossing?

Chandler: I'm being punished for crimes I committed in a prevous life?

** Janice Laughs **

Chander: Ahh...the sweet song of hell

[ The restraunt where Monica is busy preparing a salad ]

Monica; So who was it?

Assistant Chef: I don't kiss and tell

Monica: Of course you do.

Assistant Chef: It's Michael

** Monica's eyes grow wide **

Monica: Michael?

Assistant Chef: Yea. What about you? Who are you seeing?

Monica: the moment.....

Assistant Chef: What about Chandler?

Monica (laughing and snorting): Please, Me and Chandler? We could not be more wrong for each other. Don't get me wrong. He's a good friend, and I do have feelings for him.....OH MY GOD!

[Back at Coney Island. Janice had already left]

Chandler: Was I stupid for ending things with Janice?

Rachel: That's the queasiness talking, right?

Chandler: I'm serious. Even though she annoys the living hell out of me, she did care about me and I cared about her.

Rachel (realizing that Chandler was deeper than she thought): Wow.

Chandler: What if she's the one? What if you only get one shot at this, ya know? I mean I look at you and Ross and wish that could be me.

Rachel (softly): Maybe it can be. Go talk with her.

Chandler: You're right.

[ Chander leaves and Rachel tries to comprehend how mature Chandler was, just now ]

*Pheobe and Ben arrive*

Pheobe: Where's Chandler?

[Rachel gives Ben money for the arcade so she and Pheobe can talk]

Rachel: Believe it or not, trying to patch things up with Janice

Pheobe (laughinf): Good one. No....seriously, where is he.

Rachel: I am serious. While you guys were gone, Janice came by and Chandler wondered if they ended things too quickly.

Pheobe: What about Monica?

Rachel: What about Monica?

Pheobe: Uhh....I want to get some Ice Cream.

Rachel (grabbing Pheobe's hand): What about Monica?

Pheobe: She made me swear not to tell anybody, but she loves Chandler

Rachel: Oh my god!

-- Ending Credits --

[Back at Central Perk where Monica and Rachel are sitting]

Rachel: Mon, you need to know something

Monica: What's going on?

Rachel: I'm telling you this now, to prepare you

Monica: What the hell are you babbling about?

Rachel: I know about your feelings for Chandler

Monica: You've been haning around Joey too long

Rachel: I know, Mon

Monica: I'm going to kill Pheobe.

Rachel: There's more.

Monica; What?

Rachel: At the park, Chandler ran into Janice

[ Chander and Janice enter the Coffee House, kissing ]

Monica (trying to fight back the tears): Oh my God

Rachel (sympethetically): I know sweetie (she hands Monica a tissue)

Monica: I can't believe it. The greatest guy in the world was right in front of me, and I never told him how I felt. Now it's too late.

Rachel: Do you want me to talk with Chandler

Monica: No....look how happy he is. I don't want to be the reason he's not happy.

-- The End --
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