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With You- the sequal! Updated 8/06! Chapter 48 is here!
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Knows every episode by heart

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Post Chapter 42
Mon May 17, 2004 11:44 pm
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Chapter 42

Scene- At the hospital. Ross and Rachel are in the doctor's room with the doctor.

Dr.- Okay! You're doing fine. You just had a contraction, that's all.

Ross- How far along is she?

Dr.- She's due in 3 weeks.

Rach- What?! Three-uhh-three weeks?! That's like...........21 days!

Ross- No kidding!

Rachel just glares at him.

Dr.- But don't worry, so far everything looks fine. You're doing great. Keep it up.

Ross- Thank you, Doctor.

Rach- Thank you so much.

Dr.- Not a problem. Okay, i'm going to leave the room and give you two some privacy in case you want to talk.

He leaves the room. There is a moment of silence.

Ross- So uh, what was the thing you were gonna tell me before?

Rach- Oh, uh....well about the job...i got it----

Ross- Oh sweety that's great!

Rach- But in order to do it, now i'd tell them i'd get back to them to let them know, but um, i have to do it in Vegas.

Ross- What? What do you mean---what are you talking about?

Rach- What does it sound like?

Ross- Woah woah--you can't move to Vegas.

Rach- Well i'm not going to move, but I don't know. I mean, i don't even know if i'm going!

Ross- Please don't.

Rach- Well if i go, you and the babies will go with me obviously!

Ross- Wh--no. I'm not moving to Vegas.

Rach- Fine, then i won't take the job!

Ross- Fine!

A moment of silence.

Ross- Just take it.

Rach- What?

Ross- Wh--i just feel bad that i'm making you stay and you don't want to work at Sacks.

Rach- Aw honey, that's ok! I don't want to go now! You're right! I love it here! I don't want to live in Las Vegas!

Ross- Thank goodness.

They kiss.

Scene- Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica is with the twins. Everyone but Ross and Rachel are there.

The twins start crying.

Mon- Aw Chandler, can you get them?

Ch- Um, no.

Mon- Chandler?

Ch- What?

Mon- The babies are crying, go take care of them!

Ch-'re closer.

Mon- Chandler Murial Bing!

Joey starts to laugh, Chandler glares at him and he quickly stops.

Ch- Sorry, it's just---i'm too lazy.

Mon- Chandler?! What has gotton into you?! Your children are crying! Now go take care of them before i go and file for divorce!

Ch- Children, i'm on my way!

He gets to the twins.

Mon- (to the rest of them) That always works.

Ross and Rachel enter.

R/R- Hey!

All- Hey!

Mon- So are you okay?

Rach- Yep! Just golly! Juuust lovely.

Ph- What's with you? You seem a little nerve wrecking?

Ross- Yeah well, she is like this because the baby is in 3 weeks due, and she's all scared.

Joey- Aren't you supposed to be scared?

Ross- Yeah but surprisingly enough, i've done this three times, so i'm okay. And this is the second with Rach.

Rach- And me, i had 1 before, but this one, still!

Ph- Speaking of the one before, where is April?

Ross- Oh she's at my parent's house. They wanted to take care of her.

Scene- The next day. Ross and Rachel's apartment. Ross is in the living room and Rachel enters. It is the morning.

Rach- (entering the room miserable groaning) Ughughughghughugh.

Ross- Hey sweety, how are you?

Rach- Ugh! I'm just miserable here! I couldn't sleep at all last night! I kept tossing and turning all night long! And ugh, i threw up at least 3 times last night.

Ross- Don't you get sickness the first few months during pregnancy?

Rach- Yeah well i got nautious and the baby thought once again my bladder was a squeez toy and i had to pee all night, too. Luckily i didn't get the bed wet.

Ross- Aw honey, i'm sorry.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Ross- Wanna go to Mon's?

Rach- Not really. I think i just want to sit down and relax today here.

Ross- Alright. But it's more comfortable there.

Rach- Yeah well maybe i'll go there later.

Ross- Okay, then i'll stay here with you.

Rach- Aw no honey, you can go! I'll be fine!

Ross- Are you sure?

Rach- Yes sweety i'm sure. Just give me a kiss and i'll see you later ok?

Ross- Alright, but i'll visit you in about a half an hour to an hour alright?

Rach- Okay.

They kiss and he leaves. Rachel is now there alone.

Rach- (getting up from the coach) Ugh, let's go you 50 pound baby inside of me or how ever much you weigh!

Rachel starts getting contractions.

Rach- Ow, ow, owww!!!! Oooowww!!!! (she starts to breath) It's okay! Everything's gonna be okay! Owwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ross come back i need youuuuuuu!!! Owwww!!!!

Scene- Monica and Chandler's apartment. Everyone is there but Rachel. Ross enters.

Ross- Hey guys!

All- Hey/Morning!

Mon- Where's Rach?

Ross- She's at home, she thought she'd relax for a little bit at home.

Ph- Is she okay now?

Ross- Not really. She's real miserable. She just told me that last night she kept peeing, puked three times, and was tossing and turning all night and just couldn't sleep. I slept like a baby, i didn't even hear her or anything!

Joey- Aw, well i hope she feels better.

Ross- Yeah me, too.

Scene- Ross and Rachel's apartment. Rachel is sitting down on the couch breathing. She has been like this for about 25 minutes. She is still by herself and she is sweating and nervous.

Ross enters.

Rach- Oh my god honey there you are thank god!

Ross- Hey, what's wrong?!

Rach- I have been like this for like 25 minutes! I don't feel good what so ever!

Ross- Did you have contractions?!

Rach- Very strong ones that i hadn't had before!

Ross- Okay you know what? We're going to the hospital.

Rach- Okay!


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Regina Filange

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Tue May 18, 2004 12:03 am
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nooooooo! cliffhanger! Milly! no! i hope she's ok!

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

Jennifer Aniston's other #1 fan
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Knows every episode by heart

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Post Chapter 43
Mon May 24, 2004 12:35 am
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Chapter 43

Scene- Hospital. Ross and Rachel are rushing in, in the main room slash waiting room. Rachel is doing the breathing.

Ross- Hi hi, i need an emergancy right now, my wife is i think either having her baby early, or i don't know, but i need a doctor.

Receptionist- Ok, please have a seat. The doctor will be with you in a moment.

Ross- Thank you.

Rach- Owwwww!!! Why does it hurt Ross? Why do you have to make everything hurt?!

Ross- Me?!

Rach- I'm the one who made the baby with you, so obviously you're doing all the pain!

Scene- Monica and Chandler's. Everyone but R/R is there.

Mon- I think i'm gonna go do my laundary.

Ch- Um, you're laundary?

Mon- I'm sorry, i'm not doing the person's laundary who's clothes is miserably dirty.

Joey- Dude...?

Ch- My clothes aren't dirty!

Mon- Yeah i know i just like saying that. But you go and do it yourself. What do i look like, you're maid?

Ch- No.

She leaves.

Ch- Yes.

Ph- Oh! I have a massage appointment! I have to go!

Joey- Ok, bye sweety.

Ph- Bye.

They kiss. She leaves.

Joey- You know, it's weird that i'm with Pheobe.

Ch- Why, what do you mean?

Joey- Well, i don't know, it's just amazing. It's cool that i'm with her. I mean, her.

Ch- Okay.......

Awkward moment of silence.

Joey- Well i'm gonna take off.

Ch- And i gotta go to work.

They rush out.

Scene- The doctor's. RnR are there waiting.

Dr.- Mr. and Mr.s Geller?

Ross- Over here! (to Rachel) Okay now sweety, breathe ok? Everything's gonna be okay.

They enter the doctor's room. Rachel sits on the thing.

Dr.- Okay. What's the problem here?

Rach- Well, Ross you explain i can't. Owww!!!!

Dr.- Oooh that doesn't sound good. Ross, is she okay?

Rach- Yeah i'm fine. The pain stopped just now, i'm hopeing that was my last 'cause before they came one after another and this one isn't.

Dr.- Okay Rachel. Ross, how is she feeling?

Ross- Miserable. She says that she didn't sleep like all night yesterday.

Rach- Yeah and i like threw up like three times, i kept having to pee, luckily i didn't wet the bed i had to pee so much, and i just kept tossing and turning.

Dr.- Okay honey. You're due date is actually in two days. So you must be patient 'cause it looks here that you may be a little bit late.

Rach- Wh-how little?!

Dr.- We're talkin' at least two days, not much, don't worry. Even if you are late, everything still looks great so you'll still be fine. You just had minor contractions. It's okay. That happens when you're close to your due date. It's natural sweety. Okay?

Ross- Thank you Dr. Rose.

Dr.- No problem.

Scene- The next day. Central Perk. Everyone is there.

Mon- So Rach, how you holdin' up?

Rach- I'm better.

Ph- Oh, have you guys thought of any names yet?

Rach- Oh yeah!

Ross- Wow! We've been so consintrated on a lot of other things that we forgot about the names!

Rach- Yeah! Oh! How about Christine?!

Ross- That's nice! And for a middle name?

Rach- Hmmm, i'm thinking Christine as a first name.

Joey- Christine is beautiful!

Mon- Yeah!

Ch- Yup!

Ph- Oh it sure is!

Ross- Oh, what about Jennifer?

Joey- Like that actress Jennifer Aniston? Man is she hotttttt??

Everyine just glares at him. He pretends to look around the room.

Rach- (clears her throat) Anyway....i don't know, that just seems....too usual. You know?

Ross- Okay, how about, Krystal?

Rach- I'm sorry, are we having a huge piece of diamond coming out of me?

Ross- Well, are we not going to have a beautiful little baby that looks like a crystal?

Rach- No!

Ross- Fine! What about Vanessa?

Rach- Too usual!

Ross- Oh and Christine isn't?

Rach- Fine!

Mon- Oh! How about for a first name, Emma.

Rach- (gasps) Monica, that's beautiful!

Mon- That's what i wanted to name my babies, but i knew that you and Ross would get pregnant again, so i decided that if you would have a girl, i'll save Emma for you.

Ross- Aw Mon, that's sweet!

Rach- Aw yeah! Thank you!

Mon- No problem.

Ph- Oh i know a good name for a middle name!

R/R- What?

Ph- Pheobe.

Rach- Honey, we can't name it after you.

Ph- Why not?

Rach- ......Because we don't want to..

Ph- Fine. What about, Elizabeth?

Rach- That sounds nice, Emma Elizabeth. Hm.

Ross- I like it.

Rach- Me, too. Thanks Pheebs.

Ph- You're welcome!

Joey- So, Emma Elizabeth Geller Green.

Ch- That sounds great you guys. Oh and Mon, the twins are at your mom's right?

Mon- Yeah. I dropped them off this morning.

Ch- K.

Scene- Next day. It's Rachel's due date! Mondler's apartment. It is breakfast time. It's saturday so no work. Everyone is there.

Mon- So Rach, today's you're due date!

Rach- I know! And this baby is getting me agrivated!

Mon- Why?

Rach- Because i was supposed to go into labour in the middle of the night. That was what the doctor told me the other day.

Ch- Aw, sorry, Rach.

Rach- Get out of me you damn baby!

Scene- Later that day. Central Perk. Everyone is there.

Joey- (his cell phone rings) Hello?

Estelle- (on the phone) Joey, it's Estelle.

Joey- Hey Estelle!

Estelle- Listen, i got an audition for you on the 26th of August. (in 2 weeks)

Joey- Okay that's great! What's the part?

Estelle- It's on All My Children. You just play a doctor.

Joey- Oh that's great! Thanks!

Estelle- You're welcome!

Joey- (hangs up) You guys! I got an audition!

All- Aw that's great!

Ross- What's the part?

Joey- Well, i need to play a doctor on All My Children It's on August 26th.

All- Oh congratulations!

Joey- Thanks!

Scene- This is one week later. Rachel's baby is still not born. This is in the doctor's office. RnR are there to see why it's already one week late.

Dr.- Okay Rach! You're just late. It's okay. Everything still looks great. Just try to eat spicy foods, have sex, you know, just do anything. It should help for the baby to get out easier and quicker.

Rach-(groans) Ughguhguhgughugh, come on! (smacks her stomach) Why the hell are you doing this to me?! That's it, when you come out, you're grounded!

Ross- Okay doctor Ross, thanks.

Scene- Later that day. Ross and Rachel's apartment. They just finished spicy foods.

Rach- Ross, the food doesn't work! Nothing's happening!

Ross- Rach, be patient.

Rach- (pause) You know, she did mention another thing.

Ross- What, sex?

Rach- Yeah. Come on Ross, it's been a long time since you've done it anyway!

Ross- Hey, and you!

Rach- I know i was going to incorporate that!

Ross- I-i don't know. I really don't feel like it.

Rach- Come on please? Make your child come out!

Ross- (pauses) Fine!

They start making out. This is on the couch in his living room.

Scene- Central Perk. Everyone but RnR are there.

Mon- So Rach didn't go into labour yet?!

Ph- Yep.

Ch- Don't you think they'd tell us if she did?

RnR enter. Rachel is angry from her hormones obviously lol.

Ross- Hey!

All- Hey/Hi!

Ph- How's it goin' Rach?

Rach- (stares at her for a minute)

Ph- (to everyone) Did i say something wrong?

Rach- How am i feeling?! HOW AM I FEELING?!

Ph- Yes.

Rach- Ugh, Pheebs, i'm so sorry. It's just, these hormones are getting me all worked up!

Ph- I think they worked you up already.

Rach- Well, i'm over a week late, i'm miserable, having sex with Ross didn't work.

Mon- Wanna do it with Chandler?

Ph- Or Joey!

Rach- No! Thank you, but no!

Scene- It is already one week later. It is August 26th. Rachel is 2 weeks late! This is morning at Mondler's apt. Everyone is there.

Joey- Oh! I have an audition! I gotta go!

All- Bye/good luck! (he leaves)

Rach- Ughguhguhg, i'm gonna cry! I want this stupud baby to come out already!

Ross- Stupid?

Rach- You know what i mean!

Ross- Well, lets go. You need some rest.

Rach- (trying to be dirty on purpose) I need some Ross.

Ross- No, you need some rest. Ross doesn't work.

Ph- He doesn't?

Ross glares at her.

Ph- Oh he does!

RnR leave.

Scene- Ross and Rachel enter their apartment.

Ross- Sweety, relax.

Rach- I want you.

Ross- No you don't, you just want your baby.

Rach- Well yeah, that, too.

Ross- You know what?

Rach- What?

Ross- I'm only doing you a favour.

Ross kisses Rachel, about to you know, and they fall on the couch, from the side.

Rach- Oh my god!

Ross- I know!

Rach- Wait!

Ross- What?

Rach- I think my water just broke----finally.

Ross- Oh my god are you serious?!

Rach- Yes!!

Ross- Oh my god!!

They run to the door.

Ross- We're having another baby.

Rach- I know.

They have a passionate kiss, it's one of those RnR moments, and one of those kisses you'd say are your favorite.

More to come!!

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Regina Filange

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Mon May 24, 2004 12:50 am
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yay! woo hoo! She's having her baby! And you used my suggestion---yay! I feel special!

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

Jennifer Aniston's other #1 fan
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Post Re: With You- the sequal! Chapter 43 is here! Updated 5/23
Mon May 24, 2004 8:14 pm
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lolz this is funny and good cant wait till the next chapter!!
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Baby Girl Lobster
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Tue May 25, 2004 1:07 pm
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yeah!! 9months!!! (also runs away!!)

RUN SARAH!! RUN 4 YOUR LIFE!! (ala chandler!)
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Post Chapters 44-45 - Parts 1 & 2 ~ Rachel has her baby!!
Mon May 31, 2004 4:24 pm
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Chapter 44 - Part 1 - RACHEL HAS HER BABY!!

Scene- The hospital room. Ross and Rachel are there. Rachel is breathing.

Dr.- Breathe....breathe....breathe......okay. You're doing great, Rach.

Rach- (takes a deep breath) Okay. How far along am i?

Dr.- Hoeny, you're nowhere near the delivery room, i can tell you that much.

Rach- Yeah.....well.....

The gang enters.

All- Hey/Hi!!

Mon- Aw honey, i'm so happy for you!

Ross clears his throat purposly.

Mon- You, too, Ross.

Dr.- Excuse me, all of you need to maybe let Rachel rest a little, we need little by little entering. It's getting too cluttered.

Joey- Oh yeah Ms.?!

Chandler- (sarcastically) Easy Joe.

They leave the room.

Joey- (gasps) Oh my god! I have an audition! I completely forgot!

Mon- Wh-Joey! You can't go now! Rachel is in labour!

Joey- She'll understand, right?! I mean, i have had this audition waiting for me for three weeks already!

Pheebs- And she's three weeks late!

Joey- I'll go ask her.

Joey enters the room.

Joey- Rach?

Rach- Yeah honey?

Joey- Um, i've had this audition i've had to go to for three weeks ago, remember? And i forgot about it, and i really have to be there. I'm so so so sorry. Is that okay if i go?

Rach- Aw honey, sure! It's okay, you don't have to be here!

Joey- Are you sure?

Rach- Yeah! Go.

Joey- Okay thanks so much, Rach. Feel better.

Rach- Aw.

Joey- (he turns to leave but pauses) You know what? I'll stay. This is more important for me. One of my best friends having a baby. Actually, two of my best friends.

Rach- Aw sweety, really, thank you, but it's okay. You can go!

Joey- No, i'm staying with you with everyone here.

Rach- Aw honey, you're so sweet.

Joey- (Joey's phone rings) Hello? (pause) Okay i'll be right there. (hangs up) Well it looks like they need me. They are starting to do everything in 30 minutes, and if i'm not there then i'm not auditioning.

Ross- Well that's alright, Joe. Go do your job, we'll be fine.

Joey- I'll try my best to get out earlier. Thank you so so much, and i'm so so sorry.

Rach- Don't be.

He leaves.

Scene- One hour later. Mondler. They are walking around the hospital, bored.

Mon- I left the twins with my mom.

Chandler- Okay.

Period of silence.

Chandler- Want pizza?

Mon- No.

Another period of silence.

Ch- Wanna have sex?

Mon- Okay!

They start making out.

Mon- Wait. We can't do it here.

Chandler- We did last time!

Mon- So?

Chandler- So, lets go into a closet, and do what we have to!

Mon-(pauses) Fine.

Scene- Pheobe. The waiting room. She is sitting there flipping through a magazine. A sick man starts talking to her.

Man- Hello?

Ph- (confused) Hi?

Man- Hi, i-i'm Tony.

Ph- Oh! Tony the tiger?!

Tony- (pauses) What do i look like, an animal?

Ph- Sorry. May i help you?

Tony- What's your name?

Ph- Oh, i'm Pheobe.

Tony- Oh, hi Pheobe. Can you please help me get to the elevator?

Ph- Sure!

Pheobe puts down her magazine, and helps the handi-capped man to the elevator.

Pheobe- There you go! Good luck!

Tony- Thanks. Um, wait! Can you please take me to the floor i'm supposed to be at?

Ph- Um, okay.

The elevator opens.

Ph- What floor do you need to go?

Tony- 5.

Pheobe presses the number 5, and they are heading twards there. There is an awkward period of silence.

Tony- You're beautiful.

Ph- I know, i-i get told that a lot.

Tony- Do you have a boyfriend?

Ph- No.

Tony- Perfect.

Ph- I have a husband.

Tony- Oh.

Tony tries to make a move on Pheobe but slapping her butt, but the elevator opens right before.

Ph- (noticing) Okay, here's your floor, buh-bye.

She quickly closes the elevator. The next floor. Monica and Chandler are making out going into the elevator.


Mondler- Oh my god!

Ph- What are you guys doing here?!

Mon- What are you doing here?!

Ph- This old weird sick man asked me to take him to floor 5, and he hit on me!

Mon- Oh. Well, we were in the middle of---

Ph- Sex? Sorry, this elevator is closed.

She closes it.

Mon- No, Pheobe!!

Ph- Too late.

Scene- Joey's cab. They are 5 minutes from arriving, and Joey is 5 minutes late already.

Joey- Come on...............(doesn't know his name) cab man! Can't you go any faster? (he's still going slow) A little slower, i don't think you're going slow enough.

They get to the place.

Joey- Thank God! I thought we'd never make it!

He rushes out of the cab into the building.

Scene- He enters the room he's supposed to.

Joey- (out of breathe) Hi------------sorry-----i--i'm driver----very slow--and---best friends------having-----(does baby this with his arm) baby.

Casting Director (CD)- Joey, so us what you have.

Joey- (smiling fast) Well, you first.

CD- Joey, just go.

Scene- Ross and Rachel.

Dr.- Okay, Rach. You're dilated 5 centimeters. You're getting there. The baby should be here in about two hours.

Rach- Ughguhghg, come on!

Ross- Sweety, calm down, everything will be fine!

Mondler enter.

Mondler- Hey!

Rach- Hey guys.

Ross- Hi.

Ch- How you holdin' up?

Rach- I'm okay, thanks.

Pheobe enters.

Ph- (sees Mondler) Oh, i see it's the sex addicts.

Ross- What?

Mondler/Pheobe- Nothing.

Ross- Joey's at his audition?

Mon- Yeah.

Ph- I want one! (she starts getting teary)

Mon- Aw, honey what's the matter?

Ph- It just reminds me of my misscarriage a little.

Mon- Aw, come here.

Hugs her.

Scene- One hour later. RnR's room. Everyone is there. Joey comes in.

Joey- Hi guys. How's it going? Is the baby here yet? Did i miss anything?

Rach- Hi, Joe!

Ross- Hey! No, you didn't miss anything yet. She's 6 centimeters right now.

Joey- Oh.

Ph- Hi honey.

Joey- Hey.

They kiss.

Chandler- I'm guessing the audition didn't go so well?

Joey- You guessed right. No, i came late, the cab driver was real slow, and i was like 5 minutes late and i was in such a rush, that i skipped so many lines and made myself look like fool by trying to hit on the casting director.

Ph- What?

Joey- I love you. (kiss her)

Ph- Joey? I want another baby.

Joey- You do? Want to try again so soon?

Ph- It's not soon! Come on, please?

Joey- Okay. Where do you wanna go?

Ph- How about the closet somwhere?

Joey- Okay! Bye guys!

All- Bye!

The doctor enters.

Rach- Owww!!! Owww-----owwww!!!!

Mon- Are you okay?!

Dr.- Breathe, breathe, it's ok, the baby is just changing positions, you are almost dilated 7, though! Breathe, Rachel, come on you can do better!

Rach- No i can't!!

Ross- Sweety, yes you can! Breathe!

Rachel breathes.

Rach- Whew. That one hurt.

Scene- Half an hour later. Pheobe and Joey return.

P/J- Hey!

Rach- Hi.

Pheebs- Aw nothing happened yet?

Rach- Well, i moved up one centimeter.

Ph- Aw, sorry, Rach. But Joey and I really think that we made it this time.

Rach- Aw, normally i'd be happy for you, so very happy, and you know that, but right now, i couldn't care less.

Joey- Huh.

Rach- Aw i'm so sorry, it's just, i'm all nervous about this. It's so scary. Of course i'm happy for you two.

Mon- Yeah.

Rach- Oh---ow-----owww---owww!!!!!!!!!

Dr.- Rachel? It's time. You're dilated 10. It's time to take you to the delivery room!

Rach- Oh my god!

Ross- Yes! See honey? We made it!

Rach- Yes!

They kiss.

All- Aw, good luck!

R/R- Thank you!

They kiss her on the forehead.


Chapter 45 - Part 2

Scene- Two minutes later. They have reached the delivery room. Rachel is about to start to push.

Dr.- Okay, Rachel. You have to start pushing.

Rach- Ugh. Owww!!!!! (starts to push) Ooooh!! Owwwwwwww!!!!

Dr.- Come on, you can do it!

Rach- No, no i can't, i can't!

(BTW, this time the doctor is obviously a man)

Ross- Yes you can! Push!!

Rach- (pushing) Oooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Dr.- Come on, the baby's head is coming!

Rach- Eww!!! Ohhhh!!! Owww!!!!!!!!

Ross- Come push!

Rach- Owww!!!!!!!

Dr.- Okay come on, Rachel. You can do better! Push as hard as you can! Come on! Be strong!

Rach- This hurts so mad!!

Ross- (correcting her) Bad, honey, it's bad.

Rach- What-what the baby's bad?!

Ross- No you said this hurts so mad, you mean to say bad.

Rach- Oh. Don't scare me like that!

Ross- Sorry. Now push!

Rach- Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Dr.- Come on, you can do this!

Rach- Ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.- Okay! Here she is!

Rach- I'm done?

Dr.- Yeah.

Rach- No-no i don't wanna be done! I love being pregnant!

Ross- Aw honey, look! She's beautiful!

Dr.- You did it. Congratulations.

Rach- Aw.

Ross- You did it! Again!

Rach- Uh huh!

They kiss.

Dr.- Here she is. (hands them the baby)

Rach- Aw thank you. (to Ross) Look!

Ross- She's gorgeous. She looks like you.

Rachel looks up at him and smiles. They kiss. Treasureable moment.

The rest of the gang enters.

All- Hey/Hi!! Conrgatulations!!

R/R- Thanks!

Mon- (teary) Aw, she's so beautiful!

Ph- I so hope we made one of those.

Joey- (looks at Pheobe) Me, too.

They kiss.

Ross- April will be so happy! And so proud! She has a sister!

Rach- I know!

Dr.- Any names yet for her?

Rach- Yes. We want it to be Emma, her first name. Elizabeth, her middle name. And Geller Green has her last name.

Dr.- Emma Elizabeth Geller Green.

Rach- That's correct.

Dr.- Okay. She has a name.

Scene- A few hours later. The baby was born on April 3rd, 6:25 am. It is now 10 am. The gang is at home. Ross and Rachel are still at the hospital. This is at the hospital.

Dr.- (the woman) Okay Rach, she needs to be breast fed.

Rach- Okay!

Ross- Um, i'm gonna go get some coffee. Want ice chips?

Rach- Um, no?

Ross- Right. Want some coffee?

Rach- No thanks.

Ross- Okay.

He leaves the room.

Scene- Ross and Rachel's apartment. The gang is decorating the room for their welcome home/it's a girl party.

Ph- Okay! All done!

Mon- She is going to love this! And all of these gifts!

There is a knock on the door.

Mon- (opens it, it's Rachel's mom) Sandra! Hi! Welcome!

Sandra- Hi, Monica! (kisses her on the cheek) Are they here yet?

Mon- Oh, no they're still at the hospital. They don't know we're throwing her a shower, they think we're at work. They need some things done first there.

Sandra- Oh.

Judy/Jack- (enter) Hi!!

Mon- Mon! Dad! Hey!

Jack- Hi!

Judy- Aw, are they here yet?!

Mon- No, they're still at the hospital. They need some things done before they can go home.

Jack- Oh. What is this, a welcome back slash it's a girl party?

Mon- Yep! See, they don't know we're throwing them a party. They think we're at work. So it's a surprise.

Judy- Are we gonna yell surprise?

Mon- It's not a birthday party.

Scene- A little bit later. It is around 1 pm. Ross and Rachel in the hallway of their apartment.

Rach- Are you sure you have everything?

Ross- Yes. Now sweety, calm down, and open the door.

All- Hey/Hi!!

Sandra- Welcome home! Congratulations you two!

Rach- Oh my gosh! Hi you guys!! Hi mom!! (Sandra kisses her and Ross on the cheek)

Judy/Jack- Hello dear!

Rach- Aw! Hi! (they kiss her on the cheek)

Judy- Congratulations, you two!

Jack- Yep!

Ross- Hi dad! Hi mom!

Rach- Aw you guys! This was so unexpecting!

Ross- Thanks!

Rach- Yeah, thanks you guys!

Ch- Aw, more than happy to do it.

Ph- (entering from the bathroom) Oh! You guys are here! Hey!

R/R- Hey!!

Ph- (to everyone) You guys! Listen! I just took a pregnancy test! I'm finally pregnant again and hopefully this time for good!

All- Oh my god!! Congratulations!

Ph- Thanks!

Joey- Oh my god! We did it?!

Ph- Uh huh!

They kiss.

Ph- (to everyone) Enough attention to me. This is Ross and Rachel's day!

More to come! Hope you enjoyed this one! Wink

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Wed Jun 02, 2004 12:44 am
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I enjoyed it! Hehe, i hope Phoebe has her baby this time!

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

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Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:36 pm
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awk it's great and pheobe's pregnant yay! write more please!
Jennifer Aniston No 1 IRISH Fan!!

Ross + Rachel Foreva!

Tow the videotape:

Rachel: Clearly you donít want people to see this tape. Now I donít want people to see this tape either, but you so badly donít people to see it, it makes me want to see it. You see?

Joey: (confused) Are we watchiní the tape or not?!
(Fav ep!)
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Post Chapter 46
Wed Jun 30, 2004 5:41 pm
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A/N: Hi guys !! Wow, i havn't updated in like more than a month .. and sorry for the delay. I have just been sorta busy and kind of lazy to update lolz. This story seems to be coming closer and closer to an end since it's going kind of downhill. Since this is already on chapter 46, i might just go up to 100 chapters. I know it sounds like a lot, but i really enjoy writing this one. So here it is ... chapter 46. Enjoy Wink.

Chapter 46

Scene- The next day. Monica and Chandler's apartment. Everyone is there. It's breakfast.

Mon- So Pheebs, are you and Joey going to the doctor today to find out the stats and stuff ?

Ph- Well actually, we're going tomorrow.

Mon- Why not today?

Ph- I don't know.

Ross- ... Okay ... well, i have to go to work.

Rach- Aw okay .. bye honey.

Ross- Buh-bye.

They kiss. Ross leaves.

Rachel looks out of the ordinary.

Ch- No work today, Rach ?

Rach- Nah, took off for the week.

Ph- What's wrong?

Rach- Well ... i'm thinking of hiring a baby-sitter for April and Emma.

Mon- Oh ?

Rach- Well, Ross and I's parents can't always take care of them, and Ross and I have work to do, and there's no one to take care of the babies.

Ch- Well we don't have a baby-sitter either and we manage to take care of the twins.

Rach- I'm sorry, but leaving my kids with you isn't going to solve my problem.

Ch- (confused) What?

Rach- ......What?

Mon- Honey, if i were you, i'd look for a baby-sitter. Just ask Ross first because i think you'd be better off doing that first.

Rach- Okay i guess you're right. Except the part about telling Ross first. I think i better hold that off.

Mon- (to Chandler) Honey, why not get a baby-sitter for us ?

Ch- I'm sorry ?

Mon- No really, i have the same explanation as Rachel. I mean, my parents and your parents ----

Ch- My parents ?

Mon- (hesitates) My parents can't always keep taking care of them .. ? What do you say ? Want me to take off of work today and Rachel and I will look for baby-sitters ?

Ch- Sure i guess so. (looks at his watch and finishes his orange juice) Well kids, as much as i want to stay, i have to go to work. See ya.

All- Bye.

Ph- Oh ! I gotta go, too to the doctor. Come on, Joey !

Mon- I thought you were going tomorrow ?

Ph- Yeah well, i lied.

They leave.

Rach- Interesting.

Mon- I gotta call work and tell them i'm taking off.

Rach- Alright.

Scene- 3 pm. Rachel and Ross's apartment. Monica and Rachel are there. Monica is looking though the phonebook (yellow pages) and Rachel is on the phone talking to a baby-sitter.

Rach- (on the phone) Umm ..... 5 days a week? (pause) Monday thru Friday. (pause ... looking confused) No ... no .. my babies don't eat spiders. (pause) Alright, alright fine, but you know what, if they did eat spiders, i would've made them shove it in your face ! (hangs up). Geeze !

Mon- What happened there ?

Rach- That crazy woman doesn't like kids !

Mon- Well then why is she in the baby-sitter section ?

Rach- I don't know. I don't know, maybe i should just wait and ask Ross.

Mon- Oh well, didn't you call the other baby-sitter and was a male ? Isn't he supposed to be here soon ?

Rach- Oh yeah ! But that was for you.

Mon- Oh right.

Rach- Honey, if you hire this guy, Chandler won't be too relieved. I mean, why would you want a guy as a baby-sitter in the first place?

Mon- Well, honostly, he seems really good and sounds really cute.

Knock at the door.

Rach- (getting up with Monica to get the door) Yeah, well i don't know about you, but now that i'm with Ross again, i can't even think of looking at another guy. (opens the door and it's a really hott guy, looks like Brad Pitt).

Mon/Rach- Wow.

Rach- (to Monica) Okay that was a big lie what i just told you.

Guy- Hi, you uh, wanted to see me? I'm Gary, the baby-sitter.

Rach- Oh ! Nice to meet you Gary, i'm Rachel.

Mon- Hi, i'm Monica. I'm the one who called you. Even though we're both looking for baby-sitters, you were my call.

Gary- Oh, well it's no problem. I can take care of the three kids, if you want. Or however many you need.

Rach- I have two. Monica has the twins.

Gary- Oh.

Scene- The hospital. Pheobe and Joey are in their room waiting for the doctor to come in.

The {female} doctor enters.

Dr.- Hello. I'm Dr. Norman.

Ph- Hi, i'm Pheobe, and this is my husband, Joey.

Dr.- Yes, i'm aware of that, honey. Well, lets start by doing a sonogram, shall we?

Ph- Sure !

Joey- Uh, miss, just one question. Can we find out how many weeks along she is ?

Dr.- Yes of course, right after we do this.

Joey- Kay.

The doctor gets everything together.

Dr.- There it is. (points to the screen)

Ph- Oh my god.

Joey- Wow. It's beautiful ! Can you find out the sex of it yet?

Dr.- No not yet , it's too early to tell. It looks like she's about two weeks along. In about 2 to three months we can tell wether it's a boy or girl.

Ph- Oh.

Scene- Next day. Central Perk. Everyone is there.

Mon- So this baby-sitting thing is such a hastle !

Rach- Oh i know.

Ross- You do?

Rach- Uhhhh .... yes i do.

Ross- Why do you do ?

Rach- Um .. well, don't get mad but uh, i want to hire a baby-sitter.

Ross- Oh ?

Rach- You - you're not mad? Or anything ?

Ross- Well, no but why would i be?

Rach- Well, i don't know, maybe 'cause i didn't ask you first ?

Ross- You didn't ask me first ?!

Rach- No no i'm sorry i'm sorry.

Ross- Well , why do we need a baby-sitter ?

Rach- Well Ross, we can't drop the kids off at our parents' house all the time !

Ross- Alright fine. Did you look yet?

Rach- Yeah, me and Monica did yesterday. Oh Mon, what happened to Gary? Didn't work out?

Mon- Nah. He just seems ...... i don't know. Not the right kind, you know? Although he was pretty cute ..

Rach- Oh i know, so cute .

Ph- Hey-hey i want to see him !

Rach- Oh Pheebs and Joey, how did it go yesterday at the doctor's ?

Ph- Well, so far so good. It turns out i'm 2 weeks along ! I didn't even know that !

Rach- Oh wow !

Joey- This is so exciting .. expecting.

Ross- I know, isn't it?

Ch- I can't believe that you guys are having a baby !

Joey- Well actually i'm not, Pheobe is.

Ch- (stares at him) Are you sure? 'Cause i heard it was the opposite?

Joey- Well actually ---

Ch- Oh stop it!

More to come ! Wink

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Regina Filange

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Wed Jun 30, 2004 9:04 pm
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Good chapter Milana!

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

Jennifer Aniston's other #1 fan
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Post Chapter 47
Wed Jul 21, 2004 8:28 pm
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A/N: Hey !! Sorry i didn't update again in a while. I just want to let you know that i will not be here from July 25th - 31st because i'm going on vacation. Anyways, i hope you'll enjoy this chapter ! I watched an episode of Full House the other day, and it inspired me to write a chapter like how it is going to be. Enjoy it ! Smile

Chapter 47

Scene - A week later. Monica and Chandler's in the afternoon .. around 4pm. Everyone is there.

Ross- Oh Rach, Caroline is taking care of Emma and April, right ?

Rach- Yea of course, what do you think i would leave the two babies home alone ?

Ch- You guys finally hired a nanny ?

Rach- Yup.

Ch- (pauses) Is she hott ?

Rachel just glares at him.

Ross- (to Chandler) Yes.

Rachel glares at Ross.

Mon- (on the phone) Okay great. Bye. (hangs up) Oh my gosh, Rach.

Rach- What?

Mon- You'll never guess who that was.

Rach- Who ?

Mon- Do you remember Alicia Phillips from highschool?

Rach- Oh my god yes !!

Ross- Oh i do.

Rach- Excuse me ?

Ross- We dated. For about 2 and a half months. She was so hott. But then again, a lot of guys dated her.

Rach- (to Monica) Anyway ..

Mon- That was her !!

Rach- (gasps) What ?! Oh my god me and her use to be like sisters in high school !! We hung out so much, she was my second best friend, you know, after you.

Mon- Aww. Well she said that there will be a reunion this Saturday and that we're invited !!

Rach- (gasps) Oh my god !! A reunion from our high school ?!

Mon- Uh huh !!

Ross- Woah woah, shouldn't i be part of this, too? I went to this highschool you know ..

Mon- Of course you're invited !! It's gonna be at the Wrington Centre. (not a real place lolz)

Rach- Ah, where's that ?

Mon- In Downtown Manhattan.

Ross -Wow, this is gonna be a blast !!

Rach- I know ! Are you gonna go with Chandler ?

Mon- Yes ! I can show everybody how skinny i've become and that i'm married with twins !

Rach- And i can show everyone that i have to baby girls and is married to Ross !!

Ross- And i can finally say that i have 2 baby girls and am married to my biggest crush, Rachel.

Rach- Aww.

They kiss.

Ch- So i'm coming ?

Mon- Yes you are.

Ch- Sure !

Ph- Aw you guys ! This is so great ! Can me and Joey come ?

Mon- Aww sweety, i'm sorry, but you weren't in our highschool.

Ph- Oh. Well that's okay.

Joey- We have to go to my mom's house anyway.

Ph- We do ?

Joey- Yep.

Pheobe looks at Monica wanting to go with them 'cause she doesn't want to go to his mom's house. Monica gives her a 'sorry' look back.

Scene- Saturday. Ross and Rachel's apartment. Rachel is in the living room, all ready waiting for Ross. She is wearing a baby-yellow tube-top dress with her hair starightend.

Rach- Ross, come on !! We're gonna be late !!

Ross- No we won't, we'll be fine.

Ross comes out in a tux.

Rach- Aww sweety you look so good !

Ross- You look gorgeous.

They kiss.

There is a knock at the door.

Rach- I got it. (opens it up, it's Monlder) Hey.

Mon- Hey, you ready?

Rach- Yea.

Ross- Wow Mon, you look great !

Mon- Aw thanks !

They kiss on the cheek.

Monica is wearing a red tube-top dress.

Mon- Rach, you look beautiful !!

Rach- Aw thanks honey, you, too !

Chandler is wearing a tux.

Ch- Alright shall we hit the road?

Rach- Yes we shall !

Scene- They arrive at the place. They are getting out of the cab.

Rach- Oh wow ! This place looks great !

Mon- Oh i know !

They enter.

Alicia- (approaches them, greeting them) Hello. Welcome.

Mon- Alicia?

Alicia- Monica? Rachel? Ross??

All- Yes !!

Alicia- Oh my god !!!

They all hug except for Ross.

Alicia- Monica, you lost SO much weight !

Mon- Aw, i know !

Alicia- Rachel, you just look .. stunningly gorgeous !! As usual !!

Rach- Aw thanks honey !!

Alicia- Is this your brother Ross, Monica ?

Mon- Yes, yes it is.

Alicia- Hi Ross. Are you still a virgin. You know that's really why i broke up with you, right ?

Ross- Yes, yes i know, and no i'm not a virgin. I have a lovely wife.

Alicia- Aw? Who ?

Ross points to Rachel.

Alicia- You finally married Rachel Karen Green ?!

Ross- Yep. And we have two baby girls. One who's almost one year old, and a second one who she gave birth to about two weeks ago. The oldest one is named April, and the recent one is named Emma.

Alicia- Aw those are beautiful name !! Congratulations you two !

Rach- Aw, thanks !

Ross- May i just correct you on something?

Alicia- Sure. What ?

Ross- Um, i was the one who dumped you, remember?

Rach- Ross, come on.

Ross- No no no wait.

Alicia- Um no, i was the one who dumped you because i found out you were a virgin.

Flashback - In highschool, when Ross and Alicia in the boy lockeroom, making out.

Alicia- Ross, you are such a good kisser !

Ross- I know.

Alicia- Do you wanna .... you know ... go to the next level?

Ross- Um, no.

Alicia- Why not?

Ross- Um, i never told you this but um, i'm a virgin.

Alicia- Oh please. I will so not buy that. And even if you are, so what, i can be your first.

Ross- No no, i can't right now.

Alicia- Oh my god. Oh my god ! Ew !

Ross- Alicia wait ! I-i'm sorry ! I really am !!

Alicia- I'm sorry but i am not having sex with a virgin !

She leaves.


Ross- Oh yea, you're right.

Alicia- So Monica, are you married yet or anything?

Mon- Of course i am ! Do you not see our rings ?

Alicia- Sorry.

Mon- I married Chandler. And we have twins.

Alicia- Aw, i coulnd't be more happy for you guys ! Well, i'm gonna go now.

Mon- W-wait ! You still didn't tell us anything about yourself !

Alicia- Oh ! Right. Well, i married Darren Hoskins. And we are currently trying to have kids.

Mon- (gasps along with Rachel) You married Darren Hoskins ?!

Alicia- Yes !

Darren comes over to Alicia and passionatly kisses her.

Alicia- Well, i gotta go. I'll see you girls later !

She leaves them.

Rach- Wow ! I can't believe she married Darren !

Mon- (in her way) I know !

Rach- Oh my god. You have got to be kiding.

Mon- (gasps) Cindy Lapz ?!

Rach- Uh huh !! Ugh, remember her ?! Me and her were the biggest enemies for eachother !! We HATED eachother !! Remember when we got into that fight ?!

Mon- Yes ! And me and her were close friends !

She comes over to them with her date, Stevie.

Cindy- Hi ! Monica Geller ?

Mon- Yes !

Cindy- Oh my god, hey !!

Mon- Hi !

Cindy- Wait .. don't tell me. Rachel Green ?

Rach- You got it right !

Cindy- Oh my gosh !! (hugs her .. Rachel not knowing why 'cause they hated eachother back then) Hi !!

Rach- He-hey !

Cindy- Monica, you've gotton so much skinnier !!

Mon- (in her way) I know !!

Cindy- Rachel, you've become so much more gorgeous.

Rach- Oh well thank you so much, Cindy !

Cindy- Aw, not a problem. You know, remember how we couldn't stand eachother's guys back then?

Rach- How could i forget ?

They laugh.

Cindy- Well, i just want to say, that after all of these years, i'm sorry. I just, i was so jealous of you back then.

Rach- Really?

Mon- Ugh, who wasn't ?

Rach- Aw honey, why was that ?

Cindy - Well, you were always beautiful, and got all the guys, and were best friends with Monica. I mean, me and her were tight, but not as tight as she was with you ! And i'm sure that you two are very close, even closer now. And well, i wanted to be the best of best friends with her, too. But i knew i couldn't do that. So i hated your guts.

Mon- Oh my god, i didn't even know that !!

Rach- Oh wow !

Cindy- Yea, and i also remember when Monica told me that you two dug up a box of stuff.

Mon- Wh- we never did that !

Rach- Wait - wait- wait - wait a minute. (to Monica) Yes we did.

Mon- What?

Rach- Yes we did ! I remember !! We brought it to the park down the street from the school, and we thought that we should, put some memories in there !

Mon- (remembering) Oh my gosh !!! I remember now !!

Cindy- Aw, well i'm glad you two remember. I'm gonna go now. I'll catch up with you guys later.

She leaves.

Rach- Oh my god. We have to go there !!

They go to Ross and Chandler.

Rach- (to Ross) Honey, we'll be right back.

Ross- W-where are you going ?

Rach- It's important. (kisses him and Monica tells Chandler, and the two girls leave).

Mario - (who Ross was talking to) You're with Rachel finally ?

Ross- Yep. We're married. With two baby girls.

Mario- Wow !! That- that's great !!

Ross- I know !

Scene- Monica and Rachel, running in the park to look for the place.

Rach- WAIT ! I think it's here.

She bangs on the ground to see if it's hard.

Rach- Yes yes!! This has to be it !!

Mon- Oh wow !! Well lets dig in !!

They start digging in and they see the box.

Mon- (lifting the box) Here it is.

Rach- (reading it) The best friends box of Monica Geller and Rachel Green. BFF.

They slowly open it.

Rach- (gasps .. taking out something) My wedding barbie doll !! This was my favorite thing in high school !! It showed that i wanted to get married and soon !!

They giggle.

Mon- (taking something out) A slim fast bar. I remember that i wanted to loose weight !! (looks at it) Oh my god.

Rach- What ?

Mon- It is mold on it !!

Mon/Rach- EW !!

Monica throws it and the two giggle.

Rach- (picking something up) What's this?

Mon- Oh my god.

Rach- What? It's a folded note.

Mon- (takes it from Rachel and opens it up) This was from Ross. I remembe i told you it was the poem i had written but it was really a note from Ross, i decided to put it in because i thought that maybe you two would end up together !!

Rach- What ?! Let me see. (takes it from her) (reading it) "Dear Rachel, Hi, it's Ross. I am hoping that my sister will give this to you because i'm too much of a wuss to give it to you myself. I just want to tell you, since this is our last year and i might never see you again, i just want to let you know this: I have a major, major crush on you. I am in love with you. I really hope that you feel the same way. At least a little. Well, i highly doubt that you do, but yea. Anyway, please, if you get a chance, please respond to this note and give it to me in any way. Meaning, you can tell my sister to give it to me, or you can just give it to me, or mail me it. Well, i'm gonna go now." Oh wow.

Mon- Oh my gosh. I've forgotton how sweet that is !

Rach- (puts the note in her purse) (gasps) Look at my picture frame !! Oh my god. Howard Stewart gave me this !! I was going out with him then ! Aw oh my god. I wonder if he's here tonight.

Mon- Hm. (grabbing something else out, the last item) Oh my gosh !!! Look !! It's my Malibu Ken !! I looved this thing !!

Rach- Oh yes you did !!

Long pause.

Rach- You know, all of this stuff, reminds me, that we're still best friends. And i'm so glad for that.

Mon- Yea. Me, too.

They smile at eachother and hug.

Scene- The two girls enter the place again with the box, and meet up with Chandler and Ross.

Rach- Hey.

Mon- Hey.

Ross- Hi guys !

Ch- Hey ! Where were you two ?!

Rach- Well, we were talking to Cindy earlier, and she remembered that we left a box treasured in the park of me and Monica. And so, we decided to go visit it.

Mon- Yea, and they're so many memories in it !

Howard Stewart approaches Rachel.

How- Rachel Green ?

Rach- Howard ?!

How- Yes !!

Rach- Oh wow, hi !!

How- Hi !! How've you been ?

Rach- Great !! I'm married, to Ross, and have 2 baby girls !! What about you ?

How - Same thing ! Except i'm married to Heather Jones.

Rach- Ooh i see. Well, we have to go now, it was great seeing you again !!

How- Oh, it sure was !! See ya !

Rach- Bye !!

He leaves them.

Rach- Wow !! Me and him use to date !!

Scene- Ross and Rachel's apartment. They are entering their apartment. Just them two.

Rach- Wow, that uh, that was quite a night, huh?

Ross- I'll say.


Rach- Honey ?

Ross - Yea ?

Rach- Um, while Monica and I were looking through the box, i found this.

She shows him the note and he reads it.

Ross- Oh wow. She never gave you this ?

Rach- No ! She remembered that she said it was a poem she wrote !

Ross- (they giggle) Well, i think i ah, i already got my response.

They smile at eachother and give eachother a passionate kiss.

More to come !! Very Happy

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Fri Jul 23, 2004 8:00 pm
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That was SOOOOOOOOO great Lana! I LOVED it! Update reeeeel soon! I'll read it faster....promise Very Happy

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

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Post Chapter 48
Fri Aug 06, 2004 6:47 pm
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Chapter 48

Scene- Central Perk. Everyone is there, including Emma, April, and Mondler's twins.

Rach- (coming with a cup of coffee to the couch from the counter) You guys guess what?

Ph- Oh okay! (thinks) Okay i don't know, what?

Rach- Tomorrow is April's birthday!

Ph- Aww she's turning the big 0-1!

Rach- Yea!

Mon- We have to get planning!

Ross- Mon, it's a 1 year old's birthday party, what can we possibly plan?

Mon- Cake, flowers ---

Chandler- Flowers? She doesn't even know what flowers are!

Mon- So? It still can look nice!

Joey- Mon, why don't you just buy a cake, and a couple decorations to put up?

Rach- Yea honey that's all we need! We don't need a big hoopla.

Mon- Alright.

Ph- Ow, oh! Oh ow!!! Owww!!!

Joey- You okay, Phoebs?

Ph- Sorta!! Oww!!! They're just contractions!

Rach- How bad do they hurt? Because you might need to go to the hospital!

Ph- Oww it hurts real baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!

Joey- Okay honey lets go to the doctor.

Scene- Later that day. Monica and Rachel are at Babies 'R Us looking for gifts for April.

Mon- (pulls out a pink sweater) OH! Do you think she'd like this?

Rach- Umm, no?

Mon- Why not? It's really cute!

Rach- Yea okay, it is cute, actually! What do you think about this? (she shows her an abc book thing that you press buttons and it talks)

Mon- That's real cute! But she can't talk yet.

Rach- So? She can play with the buttons! See? If you press the cow, the cow talks and goes .. (she presses it)
The cow: Moooooo .. i am a cow. C is for Cow. Ck - ow.
Rach- See? She's gonna love this! It has all kinds of animals! Pigs, horses --

Mon- Alright i got it, Rach.

Rach- I'm getting this for her.

Mon- Aww!! Tell me this isn't cute.

She shows her a puzzle thing for the animals and alphabet things.

Rach- Aw! But what if she swallos a puzzle piece?

Mon- She won't. They're too big!

Rach- Alright, that'll be from you.

They continue to look around.

Scene- Ross's apartment. Chandler and Ross are watching TV. Chandler picks up a dinosaur toy and starts playing with it. Ross doesn't notice.

Ross- (laughing) Look at that guy! He can't even -- (sees Chandler) What do you think you're doing?

Ch- What? Oh i'm playing.

Ross- You need to not touch those.

Scene- The hospital. They are in the room. Dr. Long, who worked with Ross and Rachel, enters. (she got married here and changed her name to who she is on the show)

Dr. Long- Okay Pheebs, you just had contractions. You're a few months along. We do however know the sex of the baby, if you want to know ... ?

Ph- Oh i do!! No i don't. Wait -- yes i do! No wait, i don't. Okay somebody choose for me!!

Joey- Uhh yea lets see it!

Ph- Okay!

Dr.- You're going to have a--

Joey- Wait! (takes a deep breath) Okay go ahead.

Dr.- You're going to have a--

Ph- Hang on! (takes a deep breath)

Dr.- Okay, do you want to know or not?

Ph- Yes, yes we do, sorry.

Dr.- Okay, congratulations, you're gonna have a .... (pauses, to see if they will say anything) boy.

Ph- What?!

Joey- Oh that's so great!

Ph- Oh cool!!

Joey- This is amazing!

Dr.- It most likely will be a boy. That's what it looks like. We can't tell for sure yet, though. In about a month, we will know for sure so that's when you come here and I will tell you wether or not you'll have a boy.

Ph- Oh thank you so much!

Dr.- You're welcome!

Scene- Later that day. Monica and Chandler's. Everyone but Pheobe and Joey are there.

Rach- Hey, did anyone hear from Phoebe and Joey yet?

Ch- Nope.

Ross- So did you girls get all the things for the party tomorrow?

Rach- Yup. It's gonna be in our apartment. I invited your parents, my parents, and my two sisters.

Ross- (answering right away) What?!

Rach- I know i know, but i called my mom and she called them and invited them herself and they're my family! I can't say they're not allowed to come!

Ross- You do remember what happened last time, right?

Rach- Look, i promise, they will not bug us this time, okay? I told them to be good. And what happened last time?

Ross- With your sister Jill! Remember?

Rach- Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well if she does something, which i'm sure she won't, then i'll kick her out.

Phoebe and Joey enter.

Ph/Joey- Hey!!

All- Hey!

Rach- So how'd it go at the doctor's?

Ph- Great! I just had a contraction, that's all. But we found out the sex of the baby!! Eeee!!

Mon- Oh really?! Wow!! What is it??

Ph- Well, the doctor said it's most likely going to be that. They don't know for sure yet.

Joey- Yea, they said to come in about a month and they will tell us for sure wether it's a boy or not.

Ross- You're-you're having a boy??

Joey- Oh, yea!

Ph- Uh huh!! Isn't that exciting? I mean, none of us have boys!

Ch- We do, Phoebs.

Ph- (pauses) Nu uh.

Mon- The twins ...

Ph- Oh! Sorry. Where are they anyway?

Mon- Sleeping.

Ch- So have you two decided on names yet?

Ph- Oh, no not yet. I forgot!

Joey- Yea we need to get thinking on that.

Ph- Uh huh.

Scene- Next day. Ross and Rachel's apartment. Emma and April are sleeping, Ross and Rachel are putting up the decorations. No one is there yet.

Ross- So do you think Monica will get mad that she didn't put up the decorations?

Rach- Oh yea, she will be. Well, maybe not mad, but .... mad yea.

The gang enters.

All- Hey!

R/R- Hey!

Mon- Oh my god. You decorated without me?!

Rach- Www---i--well ...

Mon- Well ?!

Rach- You weren't here yet, and we thought you'd all come later, so we have about a half an hour left, so we had to rush things.

Mon- Oh. Well everything looks great! Except uh, let me just move this here. And this there. (she moves stuff around) And maybe i'll just---

Rach- Mon, mon. Stop it. It's fine the way it is.

Ross- (in Rachel's ear) Told ya.

Rach- (clears her throat) So should we get April up? Let me see if she's up.

Ross- I'll come with you.

They leave the room and Monica runs to rearrange some stuff from the decorations.

Emma/April's room.

Rach- Hey April! Hey birthday girl! (to Ross) Thank God she's awake. (lifting her) Hey honey! Happy birthday!

Ross- Happy birthday sweety!

He kiss her.

Rach- Here you go, i'll go take Emma. She's awake, too.

Ross- (starring at Rachel picking up Emma)

Rach- What?

Ross- No it's just that, i can't believe me and you have two babies.

Rach- (smiling) I know. I can't believe we made it through for so long!

They both knock on wood.

Ross- Yep.

They kiss.

They enter the living room.

Rach- Monica!!!

Mon- Yes?

Rach- You rearranged half the room!

Mon- No, you're wrong! I rearranged the whole room!

Ch- Relax, it looks fine.

Ph- (looking at Emma and April) Aww!! They're so adorable!

Joey- I know.

Ross sits on the couch, takes April on his lap, and Rachel puts a birthday hat on her that sayd "Happy Birthday, Birthday girl! 1 year old!" She puts one on Emma that just says "Happy Birthday!"

Rach- Aww, don't they just look adorable!

Ross- Thanks mommy.

Mon- (picking Emma up) Hi baby!!

Ross- Hi aunt Monica!

Mon- Aww can these two babies get any cuter?

Rach- (laughs) Aw, where are the twins?

Mon- Over there. With Chandler.

She goes over to them.

Ross- Oh hey, isn't everyone supposed to be here in like two minutes?

Rach- (picking up the girl twin, Grace, they both are awake, too) Yep. Aw Mon, these babies are so good! They like never say a peep!!

Mon- You're obviously not at our apartment at night.

There is a knock at the door.

Ross- I got it. (opens the door, it's Jack & Judy) Hey mom, hey dad!

Mon- Hi mom! Hi dad!

Jack- Hello kids! So where's the birthday girl?

Mon- (holding her) Here!

Rach- Oh no no, sweety you're holding Emma. April, the birthday girl, is with Ross.

Judy- Aw wow it's like a baby parade in here! Phoebe's pregnant, we have Monica and Chandler's twins, and Ross and Rachel's two daughters! I love it here!

There is another knock on the door.

Rach- (giving Grace to Monica) I got it. (opens the door, it's Rachel's mom, dad, and two sisters) Hey mom!! Hey daddy!!

Jill- Hi!

Rach- Aw hi Jill!

Amy- Hey everyone!

Rach- Hi Amy!

Amy- So where's the little twirt?

Rach- Excuse me?

Amy- I'm just kidding! You know i love babies!

Jill- I can't believe you and Ross have two babies.

Rach- I know!

Jill- No i mean you and Ross.

Rach- Oh, thanks Jill.

Ross- Hey Amy.

Amy- Hey Ross! Could i please hold Emma?

Ross- It's April.

Amy- No it's not, it's June.

Ross- Wrong again. This is April, and we named her April because she was born in April.

Amy- Ohhh I'm sorry. So where's Emma then?

Ross- She's over there in the cradle. (i dunno how to spell that lolz)

Amy- Oh. Well April is the birthday girl right?

Ross- Yes.

She takes April in her arms.

Jill- Aww!! Rach, could i please hold Emma?

Rach- Sure sure! (she gives her Emma) There you go.

Jill- Aww!! She's so cute! She's the youngest, right?

Rach- Uh huh.

Sandra- Oh darling, i'm so happy for you!

Rach- Why are you happy for me? It's April's birthday, not mine.

Sandra- Oh i know, but i'm so happy for you that you have the two baby girls!

Jill- (coming over to sit next to Ross) Hi Ross.

Ross- Oh, hi Jill!

Jill- So what's up?

Ross- I'm married to your sister.

Jill- (laughs) You actually think that this time i'm gonna hit on you and date you?! No! You're married to my sister! And plus, you're gay, like i said last time. So i would never date you again if my life depended on it.

Ross- (short pause) Thank you, Jill. (gets up and goes to Rachel)

Rach- Hey honey!

Ross- Hey! How's it going?

Rach- Good, good. Um, should we get the cake?

Ross- Sure!

Rach- Okay everyone, i'll be right back, me and Ross are going to the kitchen to get the cake ready.

They go in the kitchen.

Monica enters.

Mon- Hey you two!

Rach- Hey! Wanna help decorate the cake?

Mon- Nooooo noo!

Rach- Are you lying?

Mon- Yes! Give me that damn thing!

She takes it and starts decorating.

Amy enters the kitchen with April.

Amy- Um Rach, your baby just did something.

Rach- What, did she poop? Did she spit up?

Rachel takes April from her and smells her butt.

Rach- Yep, she definatly did number 2. And she spit up. Okay Ross, i'll be right back, i gotta go get this little girl cleaned up.

Ross- Alright.

Mon- Okay! All done! Lets serve this bad boy!

Ross- Hold on, lets wait for Rach, she's the mother, she also needs to get this cake out to everyone. Let me check up on her.

Mon- Okay.

Ross- (entering where Rachel is cleaning April, the babies' room) Hey you. Watcha doin? Cleanin' her diaper?

Rach- Yea. Here, you take this.

Shoves him the dirty diaper in his hands.

Ross- Thanks, what a lovely gift.

Rach- (picking her up) Okay! Nice, fresh, and clean! Now lets go! Is the cake done?

Ross- Yea, we're about to serve it.

They enter the kitchen.

Rach- (to Mon) Mon, could you please take April to the living room?

Mon- Sure!

Her and Amy leave the kitchen.

Amy- (in the living room) Okay everyone, here are Ross and Rachel Geller bringing out little miss April Geller Green's Birthday cake!

Everyone starts to sing Happy Birthday. Then they eat the cake, and so on.

Scene- Next day. Mondler's apartment. Everyone is there. It's the morning.

Mon- I gotta tell ya Rach, yesterday went so well with April's birthday party! I'm telling you, you're helping me once it comes time for Grace and Daniel.

Rach- No problem.

Ross- Okay, i gotta go to work. Rach, you're coming with me?

Rach- Yea in a sec. (she goes in the bathroom)

Mon- You're going to work with Ross?

Ross- Yea, i'm taking her with me. There's not much to do in the museum today, so i'm thinking we can be there all day, and all night, if you know what i mean, like our first date. I wanna surprise her. Mom and Dad took Emma and April with them yesterday so you can visit them if you want.

Mon- Aw that's so sweet what you're doing for her!

Rachel comes out.

Rach- Alrighty, lets hit the road!

Ross- I'm gonna show everyone what a hott wife i have!

Rach- Yea okay, lets go.

Scene- Later that day. The museum. Ross and Rachel are in the planiterium. Everyone left, they are pretending they are walking out with everyone else, Rachel thinks they're leaving, too. They're the last ones in line. Ross takes Rachel aside, shuts the door, and kisses her.

Rach- (after they kissed) Wow! What's ah- what's going on?

Ross- Oh, i'm just doing what we did on our first date.

Rach- Aww honey that's so sweet!

Kisses him.

They start making out, and Ross's co-worker who he didn't know was here, walks by.

Co-worker- (knowing his wife was hott and .. yea) Score!

They stop kissing and Rachel glares at the co-worker and Ross smiles at him to leave. He leaves and they continue what they're doing.

More to come! Wink

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awww that was so sweet! plees update soon!

Ross and Rachel 4ever :heart:

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