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TOW After They Kissed

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Post TOW After They Kissed
Wed Mar 30, 2005 2:46 am
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*Legal mumbo-jumbo: This story is not licensed or endorsed by Bright, Kauffman and Crane Productions and/or Warner Brothers. All characters and Central Perk are registered trademarks of Warner Brothers, all rights reserved.

TOW After They Kissed

[ Monica and Phoebe's apartment. Monica is listening to sad love songs on the radio ]

** Phoebe enters and starts to cleanse the aura **

Phoebe: The air in here is so negative

** Monica is off in her own little world. Phoebe turns off the radio **

Phoebe: You've got to snap out of it.

Monica: You don't understand. It's too late and there's nothing I can do about it. If only I could turn back time and tell Chandler how I felt.

Phoebe: What if you built a time machine?

Monica: What???

Phoebe: I saw on TV that a scientist turned a DeLorean into a time machine.

Monica: Back to The Future?

Phoebe: So you've heard about it!

Monica: Pheebs, I'm not in the mood right now.

Phoebe: You know what will make you feel better? You could kiss Joey

Monica: That won't make me feel better

Joey (passing thru the hall): Oh yes it will.

-- Opening Credits --

[ Ross and Rachel's apartment ]

** There is a knock on the door. Ross answers the door and invites Carol in **

Ross: Hey Carol.

Carol: Hey.

** awkward silence **

Carol: Thanks for taking such good care of Ben for us. We just needed to get out

Ross: No problem. We had a great time.

Carol: We met a woman named Lisa in Paris

Ross: One woman not enough?

* Ben charges into the room*

Carol: Hey, sweetie. Did you have fun?

Ben: Yeah. Aunt Rachel, Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler took me over to Coney Island

Carol: Sounds like you did have a good time. We gotta run.

Ross: Right.

[ Carol and Ben leave as Ross is a little depressed ]

[ Chandler and Joey's apartment. Joey is eating a bowl of cereal and hears Janice laugh in Chandler's room as he shudders ]

** Janice and Chandler emerge from Chandler's room as Joey recoils as if he just saw Lucifer. Janice and Chandler partake in one more kiss before Janice leaves **

Chandler: I know what you're thinking.

Joey: Then why aren't you getting your shots?

Chandler: It's going to work this time.

Joey: Stop scaring me!

Chandler: Janice may be my only shot at having somebody

** Joey covers his ears and runs out screaming **

*Chandler sees Monica and sees her eyes are red*

Chandler: Mon?

** Monica does not answer **

Chandler: Mon, are you crying?

Monica (shaky voice): No. I've just got a bad case of allergies

Joey (returning): Did you know this freak is seeing Janice again?

** Monica runs into her apartment and slams the door **

Joey: That's how a sane person reacts to Janice.

-- Commercial --

[ Central Perk. Monica and Phoebe are there ]

Phoebe: Are you feeling better?

Monica: A little

Phoebe: It will take time.

Monica: I know

* Chandler enters. Monica tries to leave, but Chandler blocks her path *

Chandler: Oh no you don't. Something's wrong and I want to know what it is.

** Phoebe interferes**

Phoebe: Just give her some space

** Monica leaves **

Chandler: What is with her?

Phoebe (trying to come up with an excuse):'s "that time of month"

Chandler: For the love of God, give her all the room she needs

** Janice enters **

Janice: Hey guys

Chandler: Hey, sweetie.

** Chandler and Janice kiss. Joey sees them thru the window and runs off screaming **

Phoebe: Keep it low-key around Mon, ok?

Chandler: Why?

Phoebe: She feels left out. You have Janice. Ross has Rachel and she doesn't have anybody

Chandler: So that's what's bugging her.

*Janice: I know somebody at work who will be perfect for Monica

Phoebe: Uhhhhhh......

Chandler: That's a great idea!

Phoebe: Uhhhhhhhhhh

Janice: I'll call him right now. See you tonight.

** Janice Leaves **

Phoebe: Uhhhhhhhh.....

Chandler: Cat got your tongue?

Phoebe: You are such an idiot!

** Phoebe storms off and Chandler wonders what he said **

[ Joey and Chandler's apartment ]

** Joey just finished watching Star Wars and was trying to bring a beer to him, using The Force. After a few seconds, Chandler picks up the beer and tosses it to him **

Joey: Thanks, man. I just didn't feel like getting up. Where's the Wicked Witch of the North East?

Chandler: Ok, don't say anything to Monica, but Janice is going to fix her up with a co-worker.

Joey: So you got her on the path to the Dark Side too, huh?

[ Phoebe and Monica's apartment . Monica stumbles in drunk.....with Fun Bobby ]

Rachel: Oh My God. Fun Bobby!

Monica: Drunk Fun Bobby!

Rachel: No offense Mon, but you smell like a brewery.

Fun Bobby: Gotta run. Good to see you again, Rach.

Rachel: Mon, this is not good. This is not the way to handle it

** About 10 minutes pass and Joey bursts in**

Joey (panicky): Call 9-1-1. Chandler was just hit by a car. He's not moving!

Rachel: WHAT?????

Joey: Call now, dammit!

-- Ending Credits --

[ Chandler is being hoisted into an ambulance. Fun Bobby is in hand-cuffs, charged with a DWI ]

Rachel (sobbing): This isn't happening

* Ross tries to comfort Rachel as Joey climbs into the ambulance. Monica is giving Fun Bobby a how-could-you look *
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