101-TOW Phoebe Finds Out

Ross and Rachel’s kids- Chelsea-15, Marie-7, and Rory-14.

Monica and Chandlers Kids- Jessica-5, Jaime Linn-11, and Joshua-16.

Joey and Phoebe’s kids- Jack-7, Jamie (girl)-3, and Dylan- 13.

They All live in Miami, Florida, and they all have their own house.

-Ross and Rachel’s house

Ross- Chelsea! Come here a sec.

Rachel- What’s wrong now?

Ross- You’ll see.

Chelsea- Yeah?

Ross- Well, I don’t appreciate you talking on the phone this much everyday.

Chelsea- And……..

Ross- And you are costing us to much money.

Chelsea- Look, it’s my own phone!

Ross- Look, it’s my own money!

Rachel- Honey, your father is right, you have to spend a little less time on the phone and a little more time with your chores!

Chelsea- Oh come one!!

Ross- Come where?

Chelsea- God you are so last century!

Ross- Yeah well, I am your father I am supposed to be!

Chelsea- Look, can I my punishment please?

Ross- Punishment, what punishment? I wasn’t going to punish you but now that you mention it… 2 weeks no phone!

Chelsea- What?

Rachel- 2 WEEKS NO PHONE! Listen.

Chelsea- Whatever! Can it start tomorrow because Julie just called and told me that Dylan, Phoebe’s kid likes me! And he is so HOT!

Rachel- Okay.

Ross- Yeah sure I guess!

Chelsea- Thanks!

-Chelsea’s room

Chelsea is calling Julie.

Julie- Hello?

Chelsea- Its me.

Julie- Oh. Hi!

Chelsea- Is it true that Dylan likes me?

Julie- Yeah! He was like so “Oh my god she is cute!” and I was like “Really?” and then he said “Heck Yeah!”.

Chelsea- Really??

Julie- Umm Yeah!!!!!!!

Chelsea- What else did he say?

Julie- He was all like “ Will you ask her if she likes me?” and I was like “I don’t know.” And he said “Please?” then I caved and said “Umm, yeah sure”. So do you????

Chelsea- YEAH!!!

Julie’s dad- Julie!! Come on! Dinner!

Julie- Okay I got to go.

Chelsea- Bye.

They hang up.

- Monica and Chandler’s house

Chandler- Honey??

Monica- Yeah?

Chandler- Where is Josh?

Monica- The mall why?

Chandler- Our boy is at the mall?

Monica- Yeah why? Isn’t it cute though?

Chandler- I knew he was going to end up like my parents.

Monica- Honey? What do you want to talk to him about?

Chandler- I wanted to know if he found any job listings.

Monica- He might find some at the mall.

Chandler- Yeah I guess.

Monica- Why do you want him to get a job?

Chandler- Because he is 16 years old. I got my first job when I was 15.

Monica- Okay. I’ll call him.

Chandler- Okay. Thank you honey. I have to go back to work.

Monica- Why?

Chandler- Because……..Because……….I really have to start listening to stuff my boss says.

Monica- Yeah that might be a good idea.

Chandler- Well, bye!

Monica- Bye. When will you be home?

Chandler- It is 6:22 now so around 8:30, I am guessing.

Monica- Okay. Bye.

Chandler leaves

Monica- Jessica Jaime Linn!!!

Jessica- What mommy???

Monica- Hi honey!!

Jaime Linn- What?

Monica- We have to go to the mall.

Jaime Linn- Why? Wait don’t answer that! Why am I complaining?

Monica- We have to get daddy a birthday present.

Jessica- YAY DADDY!!!!

Monica- Yep.

Jessica- What are we getting him??

Monica- Well, he’s turning 39, so… how about “The Series of Baywatch”?

Jaime Linn- Great now Joey will be here all the time.

Josh comes in

Monica- Hey Josh did you look for jobs?

Josh- Was I supposed to?

Monica- Honey! You know your dad wants you to look for jobs!

Josh- I was too busy at Rave, Debb, Wet Seal, 5.7.9, and Claires.

Monica- You’re her slave aren’t you?

Josh- Yeah. But I like her!

Monica- Like you father. One time… before any of us had kids… your dad met this girl I don’t even remember her name and she was dating like 5 different people and thats not including him.

Josh- Okay. How is that the same?

Monica- I don’t know. But come on off to the mall!

Josh- What? I just came from the mall.

Monica- I’ll give you 10 bucks.

Josh- Why are we going to the mall?

Monica- To get your dads Birthday present.

Josh- I already got him something.

Monica- What did you get him?

Jaime Linn- It probably sucks like he does.

Josh- Jaime I swear!

Jaime Linn- What you’ll hurt me?

Josh- Don’t give me any ideas.


Jaime Linn- He started it.

Monica- What did you get him?

Josh- I got him… this!

Jaime Linn- A tie?

Josh- Yep.

Jaime Linn- That’s a nice tie….we thought so to last year when we got it for him!

Josh- You joshing me!

Jaime Linn- First of all we really did get it for him last year second of all saying “You joshing me”. Makes you sound like more of a dork than you already are.

Josh- AWWW crap! Spent a months allowance on this tie.

Jaime Linn- Where did you get it?

Josh- Men’s Warehouse.

Jaime Linn- For $30? We got that for $20.

Monica- Come on we will return it. Lets go.

Josh- Okay.

- Joey and Phoebe’s house the next day

8:00 in the morning

Joey- Phoebe I am going to be late again.

Phoebe- Again?

Joey- Yeah that’s why I said again.

Phoebe- Okay. But this is the 4th time this week!

Joey- I am sorry!

Phoebe- Okay. I guess. Bye.

Joey- Bye.

They kiss goodbye.

Phoebe calls Monica.

Monica- Hello?

Phoebe- Hi can I come over?

Monica- Sure Chandler left for work.

Phoebe- Okay I have to talk to you about something important.

Monica- Okay sure.

Phoebe- Bye.

Monica- Bye.

- Monica’s house Phoebe is there

Monica- So what’s up?

Phoebe- Umm, well. I think Joey is cheating. Do you believe it?

Monica- Sure! Its Joey.

Phoebe- Gee… Thanks!

Monica- You think he’s cheating on you?

Phoebe- Well who is he married to?

Monica- Yeah that’s right you.

Phoebe- Gee…. Thanks again.

Monica- What makes you think that?

Phoebe- This is the 4th time this week he is going to be home late. And when he comes home he is always in a good mood.

Monica- I see.

Phoebe- Where are the kids?

Monica- School. Where yours are. Remember?

Phoebe- And Jessica?

Monica- Kindergarten.

Phoebe- Yeah sorry.

Monica- Look Phoebe when he gets home just ask him.

Phoebe- You don’t know a thing?

Monica (in a kind of lying voice)- No.

Phoebe- Yes you do. You have that lying voice!

Monica- Okay. He is.

Phoebe- What?

Monica- He had to tell his best Friends and that’s Chandler my husband and Ross my brother. And they both told me.

Phoebe- Oh my god. Oh….god! I can’t believe it! Oh god! (really loud) OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I outta kill him!!

Monica- Calm down~

Phoebe- Calm down? Calm down? You except me to calm down?

Monica- Well…. Yeah. I guess.

Phoebe- What would you do if you found out Chandler was cheating how would you feel?

Monica- I don’t really have to worry. Because he is too scared.

Phoebe- Okay. I better go.

- Joey comes home.

Phoebe- Hi honey!

Joey- Hi honey!

Phoebe in a mean voice- So what’s her name?

Joey- Who told you?

Phoebe- MONICA!!!

Joey- I outta kill her!

Phoebe- Not if I kill you first! I said what’s her name?

Joey- Okay okay Carlene.

Phoebe- Carlene???

Joey- Johnson.

Phoebe- You freak!! How could you cheat???

Joey- I don’t know I met her at a sunglass hut.

Phoebe- Wow great story! She didn’t see the ring on your finger?

Joey- No I guess not!!

Phoebe- Joey…… Honey?? I WANT A DIVORCE!!!!!!!

Joey- What??

Phoebe- You heard me! I want a divorce!

Joey crying- You can’t!

Phoebe- Oh yes I can! We have a appointment at the courthouse tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning!

Joey- I have work!

Phoebe- Well, you can take a few hours off.

Joey- I guess.

Phoebe- You don’t see disappointed!!!

Joey- I am devastated!!

Phoebe- Yeah well act like it!

Joey- Who gets the kids?

Phoebe- The mother does!

Joey- I guess that’s fair.

Both of them cry themselves to sleep. Joey sleeps on the couch.

Phoebe tells Monica and them about it and they all took it very hard. They even told the kids. The kids cried their eyes out.

-The courthouse.

Judge- Sit. Miss Buffay please talk.

Phoebe- Okay. I was suspicious that Mr.Tribbiani was cheating. Because he was working late 4 5 times a week. Then one day, I called Mrs.Bing my friend Monica she said that Mr.Tribbiani told Mr.Bing and Mr.Gellar that he was cheating. Then, Chandler and Ross told Monica about it and she told me. And thats why I want a divorce.

Judge- That’s a lot of information. Okay, Mr.Tribbiani your turn.

Joey- I have nothing to say. It is true.

Time passes by. They are divorced.

Phoebe’s house. Joey is there packing.

Phoebe- Need help?

Joey- I am single now. I don’t need any help. (he makes a confused look at what he said) Aww.. never mind!

He is finished packing.

Joey- Okay kids! I am leaving.

The kids come running to their dad.

Joey- I will miss you!

Phoebe- You get them every Sunday and Thursday.

Joey- Thanks Phoebe.

Phoebe- Okay.

Joey- Bye guys! I love you!!

Kids- WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Joey Leaves

Dylan- Are we going to be okay?

Phoebe kind of crying- Yeah honey just fine.

-ending credits.

The last scene

Ross and Rachel’s house

Rachel- Ross??

Ross- What?

Rachel- I love you!

Ross- I love you too!

Rachel- You aren’t cheating are you?

Ross- No honey! Of course now. It can’t get any better than you!

-Chandler and Monica’s house everyone is there even Joey and Phoebe.

Monica- Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to Chandler happy birthday to you!

Chandler- Thank you!!

Monica- Open my present!

Chandler- Okay! OH MY GOD!! Thank you so much!!

Monica- Your welcome!