TOW Benís Birthday Party


[Central Perk] (Everyone is there)


Ross: So, are you guys all going to be able to go to Benís Birthday Party?


Joey: Where are you guys going?


Rachel: Oh, well, we were just going to hang out at home; Benís bringing his friend Jacob over.


Chandler: Poor Ben! You have to take him somewhere! Heís turning 8!


Joey: Oh! Take him to Chuck E. Cheesesí!


Phoebe: Oh! I used to love that place!


Monica: Me too!


Chandler: (Sarcastic) Yea! Take him there! We can all see a rat dance around our pizza! Thatís gonna be fun. Wait, that sounds like my first apartment, plural rats.


                                Opening Credits


[Monica and Chandlers] (Phoebe and Monica are chatting)


Monica: Look what I bought Ben for his birthday!


Phoebe: OH MY GOSH! A PlayStation 2?


Monica: Yea, cool huh?


Phoebe: Monica! Those are like, $300!


Monica: Oh, this one was $400.


Phoebe: See! Monica! Why did you get Ben something so expensive?


Monica: I donít know! I just, I just, (starts crying) I canít have babies of my own so why canít I spoil my brothers?


Phoebe: Because heís you brothers! Monica, itís ok. Just, try not to spoil him too much.


Monica: (perky) Ok.


[Chuck E. Cheeses] (Minus Rachel, everyone is there including Ben and his friend Jacob)


Ben: Daddy, I want to go into the Kid Place!


Ross: You and Jacob go ahead.


Jacob: Thanks Mr. Geller! (to Ben) Címon! Letís go give the girls cooties! (They run off giggling)


Chandler: Yea, I tried giving girls cooties, but I was considered a cootie.


Phoebe: Do you guys know what cooties are?




Joey: what are they? (Phoebe: whispers the answer into his ear) Oh for the love of God!


Ben: (Running up, crying) AUNTIE MONICA!


Monica: Sweetie, what is it?


Ben: Someone stole my tickets! I had a gazillion of them and now their disappeared!


Ross: Oh, Ben, why donít we look for them.


Ben: No! I want Aunt Monica to look with me!


Ross: (Taken aback) Oh? Wh-why not me?


Ben: Because Aunt Monica can beat up whoever did this!


Monica: Ok, letís go Ben.


Phoebe: Oh! How sweet!


Ross: God! Am I that much of a wuss?


Joey: Iím not going to lie to you, you are a wuss, but Ben still loves you.


Ross: I know, I just want to be more of a hero to him.


Chandler: Hey! My father wasnít my hero!


Phoebe: your dadís gay.


Chandler: I know, but he wasnít my hero.


Phoebe: and we are very happy for Monicaís sake!


Rachel: (entering the room) So, Iím kind of freaked out. Chuck E. wonít stop following me. (We see Chuck E. enter the room, and just stands there waiting for Rachel to move.) See what I mean?


Ross: ok, now I see it.


Phoebe: Wow, Chuck E. is a pervert!


Chandler: Maybe they should call this place ďChuck E. Sleaze!Ē


Rachel: No, that name is already taken.


Chandler: I havenít heard it.


Rachel: Sure you have! Itís your dadís house!


Chandler: Leave me alone.


Ross: So, Rachel, do you want to ride the Jet Ski?


Rachel: You bet.


Chandler: My wife doesnít love me.


                                                COMMERCIAL BREAK


[Where we left off, now Ben is opening gifts]


Ben: WOW! A Play Station 2! Thanks auntie Monica! Youíre the best!


Monica: You betcha!


Ross: Ok, Ben, here Mom and Dadís present to youÖ


Ben: you mean Rachel and you?


Rachel: (hurt) Yea, this is from us.


Ben: Cool! A computer!


Ross: Do you like it?


Ben: I love it! Itís great dad, thanks!


Ross: youíre welcome!


Ben: can I go play now?


Ross: go ahead! (Ben runs off)


Rachel: (softly) Youíre welcome, Ben.


               (We see Chuck E. still in the party room. A kid goes up to give him a hug, but he pushes the kid to the ground.)


Rachel: Ok, what is your problem? (Chuck E. takes off his mask to reveal a good-looking guy. Adam Sandler plays him.)


Man: Hi, Iím Troy. Sorry I have been following you itís just your so beautiful. WowÖ


Rachel: Well, thank you Troy.


Troy: Hey, can-can I ask you out sometime?

             (Ross becomes very interested)


Rachel: Um, my boyfriend probably wouldnít like that.

          (Ross nods)


Troy: Oh, well, he doesnít need to know about it.


Ross: Hi, Iím Ross Geller. This is my girlfriend, Rachel. Is there a problem?


Troy: Oh, hi. No, no problem. I was just asking your girlfriend out.


Ross: Yea, so I heard.


Troy: So, Rachel is it? Do you want to go out say, Friday?


Rachel: Um, no, Ross and I have plans.


Troy: Come onÖ


Ross: Ok, you heard her. She has a boyfriend!


Troy: What? You guys have a closed relationship?


Rachel: Yes.


Troy: Yes? So Iíll see you Friday!


Ross: Ok, thatís it pal! (Ross Punches Troy)


Security: Alright, all of you, OUT!


[Ross and Rachelís] (Ross, Ben, Rachel and Jacob are entering)


Ross: Sorry I got us kicked out of Chuck E. Cheesesí.


Ben: Are you kidding? That was so cool, Dad! How you punched that guy straight in the nose! Youíre my hero dad! (Ross smiles)


Jacob: I got to admit, that was pretty cool, Mr. Geller.


Rachel: Ok, letís watch a movie. (She fumbles through all of Rossí movies) Prom? Whatís Prom?


Ross: Oh, thatís the prom. Yours and Monicaís anyways.


Rachel: Ok! Letís watch this! How about it Ben and Jacob?


Ben: is it scary?


Rachel: Yea, especially when you see Aunt Monica! (She pops in the tape.)


Ben: Whoís that?


Rachel: Thatís me.


Jacob: Whatís wrong with your nose?


Rachel: Well, it was pretty big then.


Ben: (Looks at Rachel) Iím glad you grew into it.


Jacob: Whoís that?


Rachel: Thatís Monica.


Ben: Wow, Iím glad she grew out of herself.


Jacob: Rachel? Why are you crying?


Rachel: (Looking at Ross) Well, my date for the prom was late and I didnít know if he was coming or not.


Ben: WOAH! Dad! Whatís with the hair? 


Ross: It was cool then.


Jacob: (to Ben) Thatís weird. What was cool then is NOT cool now.


Ben: thatís nice of you to try and take Rachel to her prom dad!


Rachel: Yea, it was very nice. OH! Ben before I forget, I need to talk to you in my roomÖ


Ben: (to Jacob) Iíll be right back.


[Ross and Rachelís room]


Ben: Yes, Rachel?


Rachel: I have a present for you that I wanted to give to you alone. Now, you canít play with it, but Iím sure you will like it. (She hand him a picture frame with a cute picture of her, Ben and Ross in it) So even though you have to live with your mommies during the week, we will always be together.


Ben: I love it! This is better than all of my gifts. (Smiles) Thanks, Mom. (He hugs her tightly)


Rachel: youíre welcome, Sweetie.