TOW it all ends

Written by : Nina Pina

These characters do not belong to me but are property of Bright, Kaufmann, Crane Productions and Warner Bros. They are not intended for profit but for entertainment.

This is my first fanfic and I have to say I am rubbish at writing.

This is how I think the very last episode ever of Friends should go. Be warned it does not have a happy ending.

Ross and Rachel are dating again but are moving to get away from it all. Monica and Chandler got married on 14th June (it’ll

Be relevant later, promise) and have a daughter. Enjoy!

[Monica and Chandlers apartment. Chandler is playing with a little girl [Aimee] she’s about 2/3. Monica is cooking what looks like a big dinner]

Monica Chandler, could you come over here and give me a hand?

Chandler Sure babe, what ya doin?

Monica Duh! Making a “Farewell” meal for Ross and Rachel

Chandler Wow, I can’t believe their actually gonna move...

Monica I can’t believe they actually got back together...but anyway, they’re not going

Too far, and they said they’d visit...

Chandler You’re really gonna miss them aren’t you?

[Monica nods her head and starts to cry, Chandler goes over and hugs her, Aimee runs over and they all hug]

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[Monica and Chandlers, everyone is there, Aimee is at Jack and Judy’s]

Monica I would like to propose a toast to one of the happiest couples I know may

They have all the happiness they deserve in ... [to Rachel] where you goin’


Rachel [whispering] Kuala Lumpa

Monica May they have all the happiness they deserve in Kuala Lumpa.

[Everyone clinks his or her glasses]

Phoebe So what times your flight?

Ross 3:30 tomorrow morning

Phoebe so morning or afternoon?

Monica Phoebe, he just said tomorrow morning

Phoebe Yeah, so morning or afternoon, Jesus...

Joey so Rach, is your flight in the morning or the afternoon?

Ross [changing subject] well were almost packed

Chandler is that all you guys have been doin for the past two days?!

Ross yeah, why?

Chandler no reason [gives Joey a look]

Monica so do you want us to say goodbye tonight. Or do you want us to come to the

Airport with you?

Rachel I dunno...I mean it might be really upsetting saying goodbye at the airport

Ross Yeah, I’m with Rachel

Joey Ross we know your dating her there’s no need to brag

Ross We don’t wanna be stepping onto the plane having just said goodbye to you


Monica well them we’d better say goodbye now.

[Time Lapse, it’s about 2/3 hours later]

[everyone is like falling asleep]

Phoebe Well goodbye, hope you have a great time!

Ross uhh Pheebs we haven’t left yet.

Phoebe I know I was just practicing

Rachel [looking at her watch]actually sweetie we had better be going.

Ross sure sweetie

Chandler I’ll just go and wake Aimee, I’m sure she’ll wanna say goodbye to you guys.

Chandler exits

Monica I’ll go and get your coats

Ross and Rachel move towards the door

Phoebe [hugging Rachel] don’t forget me O.K.?

[hugging Ross] I’ll miss you, promise

Rachel see ya Pheebs

Joey [to them both] I hope you have the best time

[quietly to Ross] I hear there are lots of hot babes there

[quietly to Rachel] you call me if this doesn’t work out

Monica enters with coats

Monica here are your coats

Gives them coats

Monica [hugging Rachel] promise you’ll write, k?

Rachel [crying] promise

Monica [hugging Ross] have a great time, I’ll really miss you

Ross [crying] look after Ben for me?

Monica [crying] of course

Chandler enters carrying Aimee

Chandler Hey wait for us

Aimee Why is mommy, uncle Ross and auntie Rachel crying?

Chandler They’re mad. k, bye man, send me a present yeah?

Ross yeah

Aimee [hugging Rachel] bye auntie Rachel, send me lots of pressies from Koala


Rachel sure sweetie

Aimee [hugging Ross] bye bye Rossie. Give me lots of money k?

Ross whatever you say

Ross and Rachel go to the door

Ross/Rachel bye guys/we’ll miss you

Guy’s miss you/good luck/see ya/ have a great time/ bye,bye,bye!

Ross and Rachel exit

[shot of Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey starring at the door and crying, Aimee is asleep in Monica’s arms]

[Ross and Rachel in hallway]

Ross We’re doing the right thing

Rachel of course we are, this is what you wanted

Ross when I said I wanted to get away from it all I meant like upstate, not...

Rachel Kuala Lumpa?

Ross yeah

Rachel Ross we had to go, remember what happened last time? It wasn’t just us

Having a relationship, they were all involved. I couldn’t do that again, it

Broke us up last time, I couldn’t have that happen again

Ross I know, but we could have spoken to them not just

Rachel left...

[They are now outside]

Rachel Taxi!!!

Ross I’m really gonna miss them

Gets into cab.

Rachel Me too...

Gets into cab.

[Monica and Chandlers, Monica is wide-awake]

Monica I can’t do it

Chandler what?

Monica I can’t let them leave without saying goodbye

Chandler sweetie

Monica yeah

Chandler you’ve said goodbye!

Monica I know but I wanna wave them off

Chandler Mon, your not 5!

Monica look you don’t have to come, but I’m going, I can’t let them leave this way, I

Just can’t...

Monica gets up and starts getting dressed

Chandler fine. I’m in

Chandler gets up and starts getting dressed

[Joey’s apartment, Phoebe’s asleep on the couch]

loud knocking

Joey comes out of his room

Joey Pheebs, is that you?

Phoebe I thought it was you?

Joey opens the door and Aimee is pushed into his arms

Joey hey!

Monica here you go Jo

Chandler see you soon

Joey walks in holding Aimee like Rachel held Ben when she first held him

Phoebe wow you work fast!

Monica and Chandler are getting into a cab

Monica Chandler c’mon!

Chandler Sweetie are you sure you wanna be doing this?

Monica of course I am! I can’t let them leave without being waved off

Chandler but I just think it would be too painful for you
Monica why would it be too painful for me?
Chandler y’know waving your best friend off knowing it’s gonna be ages till you see

Them again...

Monica I don’t care, I wanna say goodbye

[Joey’s, Joey is sitting on the couch with Aimee in his arms; Phoebe is sitting next to him]

Phoebe so where did she come from?

Joey I dunno. I opened the door and someone just threw her into my arms

Phoebe she looks kinda like Aimee

Joey who?

Phoebe y’know Aimee

Joey looks blank

Phoebe y’know Aimee, lives with Monica and Chandler, 3 years old, ginger hair

Joey I have no idea what you’re talking about

Aimee Daddy

Phoebe well she’s yours them

Aimee daddy!!!, mommy!!!

Aimee starts crying really hard

Joey no she’s defiantly yours

Pushes her into Phoebe’s arms

[Airport, Ross and Rachel are sitting in a airport seat]

Ross you still awake?

Rachel [half asleep] no

Ross oh that’s too bad cos Sean Cassidy’s over there

Rachel [wide awake] where?!

Ross starts laughing

Rachel you little...!

Ross sorry Rach I couldn’t help myself

Rachel it’s o.k. I needed waking up anyway.

Ross so are you really sure you wanna go through with this?

Rachel yes, I really am

Voice on airport tannoy (VAT)

VAT this is a boarding call for flight 1066 to Kuala Lumpa

Ross that’s us

[Ross and Rachel get up]

Rachel I can’t believe they didn’t come

Ross what do you mean?

Rachel nothing...I just...

Ross you were expecting them to come weren’t you?

Rachel I dunno, I guess I really didn’t expect them to...

Ross leave without saying goodbye?

Rachel no. They said goodbye. It’s just when I imagined this moment they were all

Standing at the gate...

Ross waving us off?

Rachel yeah

Ross me to, it’s just easier this way

Rachel Ross?

Ross yeah

Rachel it’s not easier at all

Ross of course it is

Rachel no it’s not. We still have to leave

Ross I thought you wanted to leave

Rachel I do, I just wanted one last look at them before we left

Ross I understand

[Monica and Chandler in cab, they are nearly at the airport]

Monica [shouting at cab driver] WILL YOU HURRY UPI PLEASE!!!!!

Chandler Mon, calm down!

Monica I’m sorry, I just don’t wanna miss them

Chandler what time does their flight leave?

[Ross and Rachel, airport]

VAT this is the final boarding call for flight 1066 to Kuala Lumpa

[Monica and Chandler, cab]

Monica any minute now

Chandler do you think we’re gonna catch them?

Monica Chandler their not thieves

Chandler I mean before they get on the plane

Monica I hope so

Chandler [to cab driver] CAN YOU HURRY UP PLEASE!!!

[Joey’s, him, Phoebe and Aimee are sitting on couch, Aimee is asleep]

Joey wow, peace at last

Phoebe I never knew that giving a kid a new diaper made them stop screaming

Joey Pheebs, look she’s waking up

Phoebe covers her ears

Phoebe is she screaming?

Joey no, hey little girl. My names Joey and this is Phoebe

Aimee I know

Phoebe wow, a psychic 3 year old

Joey how do you know?

Aimee your friends with my mommy and daddy

Phoebe who are your mommy and daddy?

Aimee Monica and Chandler

Joey so you’re Aimee?

Aimee yeah, where are my mommy and daddy?

Joey I don’t actually know...

Phoebe don’t worry they’ll be home soon

Aimee really?

Joey I hope so

[Airport, Monica and Chandler are running to the gate, they see Ross and Rachel]

Monica you guys wait!

Chandler stop...stop...stop!

Ross Monica?

Monica sorry, I couldn’t let you leave without waving you off

Ross you really didn’t have to...

Rachel start waving!

Chandler shouldn’t we wait till you guys are going?

VAT all passengers for flight 1066 to Kuala Lumpa should now be on board

Ross/Rachel Damm!!!

Ross and Rachel grab bags and start running

Monica Bye!

Chandler have a great time!

Monica we’ll miss you!

Chandler write!

Monica everyday!

Ross and Rachel disappear

Monica [softly] bye

Chandler hugs her and she starts crying

Chandler c’mon lets go home

[Cab, Monica and Chandler are going home]

Monica I love you

Chandler I love you too

There is a screech of brakes and we see the cab spin out of control. We see Monica and Chandler hugging and screaming. We see the cab ram into their apartment block and burst into flames

Cut to Joeys, Joey, Phoebe and Aimee hear a loud bang

Joey what was that?

The camera zooms out, outside, burning car, people rushing towards it. Fade to black


Vicar Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

[Zoom out, funeral, cemetery, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Aimee, Jack, Judy, Nora, Helena, Richard, Janice, Most of them are crying and Rachel has Aimee in her arms]

Phoebe [crying] look after them Grandma

We see the headstone says

Here Lies
Chandler Marshall Bing

Cruelly taken from this Earth


And his Beloved Wife

Monica Eleanor Geller

Who fell asleep


May they Rest in Peace

Ross Oh God Monica why?
Joey Why God why? We had a deal

Rachel It’s all my fault

Aimee I want my mommy!!

Rachel I miss them

Ross me too

Phoebe me three

Joey and me

Aimee Daddy!!

We zoom out and see Monica and Chandler (as ghosts)

Monica hey guys don’t cry

Chandler come on it’s not like we’re dead!

Monica gives him a look

Chandler sorry

Monica I’ll miss you guys

Monica and Chandler walk off holding each other and hug


Well I hope you all liked it and I’d love to get feedback, good or bad so e-mail me

Thanks for reading