TOW Joey Plays Chicken

(In season six Ross is not dating Elizabeth, small TOW Joey's Big Break spoiler, Just so you know chicken is the game where you swim into the ocean and the first one to turn back is the chicken)


[Scene Joey's room, Joey is in bed snoring loudly, the pink panther song starts to play, enter Monica she tiptoes over to the closet and gets out a suit case puts it on the end of the bed, Joey is still sleeping, she opens the suit case. Quick cut to Ross's bedroom, he is asleep in bed, there is a suit case on the foot of the bed open, Monica takes some things out of the closet and puts them in, cut to Rachel's bedroom Rachel is a sleep Monica stuffs the last of her clothes into the suit case shuts it then puts it near the door, cut to Phoebe's room  Monica holds some clothes up to her while she is still sleeping, thinks for a while shakes her head then goes back to the closet. Cut to M&C's bedroom, Chandler is sleeping Monica tiptoes in and crawls into bed, after a moment bolts awake, looks over at the door sees already packed suit cases, and two piles of neatly folded clothes, smiles and lays back down]

Opening Credits

[Scene M&C's next morning, Ross, Chandler, and Joey are there, enter Rachel and Phoebe carrying suit cases]

All: Hey

P: Umm Monica packed your luggage and laid out clothes for today, for you guys too right?

All: Yeah/ Of course/As always etc. (enter Monica from bathroom)

M: Okay, okay, we're ready to go right?

All: Yes

J: Man I can't believe we're going to the Bahamas! This is gonna be so great hey (starts singing) Aruba, Jamaica ooooo I wanna take ya, (rest of the gang joins in) Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty momma!!!!!!!(all exit)

[Scene the plane Joey is sitting next to Ross who is trying to sleep]

J: Man this is gonna be great!!! I there will be so many hot chicks there!!

Ro: Joey that's the third time you've said that I get the point!

J: Alright no need to get grouchy! At least I know how to get a date.

Ro: Alright that's it go trade seats with someone!

J: Awww man!! (leaves, a few minuets later Rachel comes back and takes his place)

Ra: Hey Joey said you wanted him to trade

Ro: Yeah thanks

Ra: So what's up?

Ro: Well I was trying to sleep but I don't think I'll be able to now (we hear Joey and Phoebe singing very loudly in the back ground)

J/P: Aruba, Jamaica oooooooo I wanna take ya..........

Ra: Ya know I almost wish I was as free spirited as them, they can have fun no matter what

Ro: Yeah I suppose, hey what happened to your I don't embarrass cuz I'm a more secure person.

Ra: Aww shut up

Ro: Make me!

Ra: Ross shut up or else!

Ro: Or  else what?

Ra: Wwww, or else........I, shut up!!!!

Commercial Break

[ Scene Their Hotel Lobby, Monica comes back from the counter]

M: Bad news guys they booked four rooms instead of five by mistake so two of you will have to share.

Ra: I'll share with who ever

Ro: Me too

J: I don't want to

P: Me either

M: So it's settled, (gives Rachel the key, they walk off )

[Cut to R&R's hotel room, enter Ross and Rachel duh!]

Ro: Which bed do you want?

Ra: Doesn't matter

Ro: Okay (puts his suit case on a bed, there is a nock on the door. Rachel opens it, it's Monica)

M: Okay guys put your stuff away then we'll all meet down stairs in 20 minuets, come on move it!! (leaves)

Ro: I feel sorry for Chandler.( they laugh)

[ Scene Lobby everyone is there]

J: Where are we going?

M: Well we could go to the beach, or we could go shopping

Ra: Either one is fine by me. (all agree)

P: I know we can use my speed test to find out where to go, Ross answer these questions a fast as you can.

Ro: Okay

P: Which is better Rap or Country?

Ro: Rap

P: Good, Tom or Jerry?

Ro: Jerry

P: Who would you rather sleep with me or Rachel?

Ro: You

Ra: What? (looks hurt)

P: Oh Ross your so sweet, anyway where should we go the beach or the mall?

Ro: The beach

P: Okay then

[ Scene the beach, the girls are in laying under an umbrella, Ross comes over and joins them, Rachel leaves immediately]

Ro: Is Rachel mad?

M: I don't know

Ro: I'd better go talk to her   (goes over to Rachel)

Ro: Rach is something wrong?

Ra:(coldly) I can't hear you I'm swimming (dives under the water)

Ro: Wha.....Rachel, (pulls her back up) Rachel what is the matter with you?

Ra: Nothing I'm gonna go back to the hotel (runs away before he can catch her)

[Cut to R&R's room, Rachel is pacing around the room, enter Ross out of breath]

Ro: Ra-(gasps for air) Rachel your obviously mad at me, now what is wrong?

Ra: Oh nothing, nothing just you said you would rather sleep with Phoebe than me.

Ro: What?

Ra: When she was giving you that stupid little test

Ro: So why do you care?

Ra: Well I umm......I, I don't know..........I just, I don't know, but why do you want to sleep with Phoebe?

Ro:(yelling) I don't want to sleep with Phoebe, I just said that because if I told the truth then you'd get mad, that I'm in love with you

Ra: What? Your in love with me again?

Ro:(sighs) I never stopped loving you

Ra: Well why didn't you tell me?

Ro: What difference would it make if I had your still mad at me for cheating on you, if I had told you I would just be a pathetic loser who is in love with a woman he can't have.

Ra: Ross your not the loser I am, at least I you can love other people, I've never had a relationship where there was actual love other than with us.

Ro: What's your point?

Ra: You should have told me!

Ro: Well I just did

Ra: Sooner

Ro: What difference would it make?

Ra: Well maybe I would have wanted to try and work it out, did you ever think of that uh Ross?

Ro: No I-

Ra: And I told you I was in love with you while you were trying to work things out with Emily, even though everyone said it was a bad idea!

Ro: I'm sorry, I'm wrong, I should have told you

Ra: You always say your sorry!

Ro: Well what else do you want me to do? You want me to go back in time and not sleep with Chloe, cuz if I could I would in a instant but I can't (Rachel starts to cry)

Ro:(almost begging) Oh god Rachel, no, no Rachel don't cry, god when you cry I want to, to change the world so nothing will ever hurt you.

Ra:(crying harder) Oh god, damn you Ross! How do you expect me to stay mad at you when your being so sweet?!

Ro: I don't know (they look at each other for a minuet)

Ra:(uncomfortable) Uhh I'm going to my room

Ro: This is your room

Ra: Right well then I'm gonna go to, to, to....... (stare at each other for a moment very, very, slowly lean over to kiss just as their lips meet, there is a nock on the door)

Maid: Housekeeping! (enter maid) You want me to clean your room?

Ra: Yeah sure, I gotta go (leaves)

[Scene the beach, Joey and Monica are in the water playing, Phoebe and Chandler are sitting on the beach]

J: Marco

M: (sighs) Polo

J: Marco

M: Oh jeez come on Joey this is boring, we're 30 and we're playing a game that Ben plays!

J: Ooooo how bout we play chicken?

M: Oh yeah that's allot more mature

J: Oh you just know that I'll beat you

P/C: Oht oh

M: What do you mean you can beat me?! No one beats me!!! Come on lets go right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J: Okay

M: One, two (dives in) three!

J: Hey!! (dives in after her)

C: (to Phoebe)Ya know the sad thing is that right now we're the most mature ones on this beach. (we see that the beach is deserted)

[Time lapse Monica walks over to Chandler and Phoebe having to help Joey walk]

M: God can you believe this wimp gave up after only 100 yards?

P: Now Joseph what have we learned from this?

J:(panting) Never say you can beat Monica

P: Right


[Scene Restaurant, there is Reggae (Caribbean music) playing in the back ground, a bunch of people are dancing in the middle of the room, Joey is dancing with a girl and he looks really stupid, the girl looks embarrassed. The others are at a table]

M: Rach is something wrong?

Ra: No, no I nothing is wrong, I'm just tired, I'm gonna go for a walk (leaves)

[ Scene a beach Rachel is walking along the shore line]

Ross: (behind her) Rach?

Ra: What are you doing here I thought you were still at the restaurant.

Ro: I followed you, I wanted to talk to you

Ra: Oh?

Ro: Well I was thinking about want happened this morning and I think we should try to-

Ra: Stop, Ross it's too late.

Ro: No Rachel don't say that, we can work this out

Ra: No we cant Ross remember at the beach, it didn't work then and it wont work now.

Ro: Rach we never really tried, then we were still mad at each other now we can work past that cuz we've both grown

Ra: Ross I love you but there were so many things that stood in our way I mean Julie, the list, Chloe, the letter....... it's a sign that we shouldn't be together.

Ro: There signs that we should be together too, Chandler telling you, you leaving the message, the prom video, me saying your name at my wedding, us getting married

Ra: Ross we were drunk! I would have married a carrot! No I'm sorry I just can't do this again. (runs away Ross looks devastated)

[Scene next day at the beach Monica, Joey and Phoebe are there, ]

P: Okay ready, set, go (Joey and Phoebe dive into the water and swim out out, Rachel walks up to Monica.)

Ra: Hey what's going on?

M: Joey's mad that I beat him at chicken so he convinced Phoebe to so he can practice

Ra: Oh

M: Rachel what's wrong?

Ra: Oh nothing I just am in love with your brother (tells Monica all that happened)

M: My god

Ra: Yeah and now I'm beginning to think I was wrong to say that we couldn't work it out.

M: Well Rachel I really don't know what to say except that I hope you and Ross can be together cuz your my best friend I'd love it if you we're also my sister (Rachel smiles, just then Phoebe walks out of the water helping Joey who is panting and exhausted)

[Scene, Shopping center on the pier, Rachel and Chandler are shopping]

C: So what do you think I should get Monica?

Ra: I don't know, you could get her a dress

C: I don't know her size

Ra: What? Ross knows my size and you guys have been going out longer than we did.

C: Okay Rach I'm getting tired of hearing about how much of a better boyfriend Ross was

Ra: Oh, sorry

C: You really miss him uh?

Ra: Yeah I do, god I haven't seen him all day and I want to just tell him how sorry I am about what I said.

C: Well maybe you should send him a message in a bottle, we're at the beach

Ra: (rolls her eyes) I'm gonna go back to the hotel (leaves)


[Scene M&C's room, Joey and Chandler are there eating breakfast]

C: No, no, no

J: Please I'll give you 5 bucks

C: No

J: 20

C: No!!

J: 50

C: Oh alright, I'll play chicken

J: Yes this way I can get ready to beat Monica

C: I doubt that Joey

J: Why?

C: Well Mon gets up every morning and runs all over town, then does like 300 sit ups everyday

J: Sooooooo????????

C:(giving up) Nothing (enter Monica {from bathroom}, Rachel, and Phoebe {from their rooms})

All: Hey

Ra: Have you guys seen Ross?

All: No

Ra: God he hasn't been back to the room in two days

All: What?!/ Oh my god/ I hope he's okay etc.

M: Do you think we should call the police?

Ra: Ugh this is all my fault (starts to cry) What if some thing horrible happened to him?

J: No I'm sure he's fine he'll probably be back any minuet now  (and of course enter Ross)

P: Ross

C: You okay man?

Ro: Yeah I'm fine

Ra: Oh thank god your okay ( hugs him then slaps him hard) (now yelling)What the hell is wrong with you? You scared me half to death!

Ro: I was at another hotel, I wanted I while to think, sorry if I worried you guys

M: Oh it's okay just don't ever do it again

All: Yeah

Ro: Well I've been wearing these clothes for two days I'm gonna go change and take a shower. (leaves)

[Scene R&R's room, enter Ross followed by Rachel]

Ra: Ross uhhh, did you leave because of what happened?

Ro: Well yeah, I need awhile to think about what you said

Ra: Yeah about that, I think I changed my mind

Ro:(a little irritated) Of course you did

Ra: Whoa, whoa, whoa what does that mean?

Ro: You always change your mind, you don't know what you want.

Ra: Okay so what? Neither do you

Ro: Yes I do Rach, I know exactly what I want, but I'm not sure if what I want, want's me. (goes into the bathroom, Rachel follows him)

Ra: Hey we're not finished yet

Ro: Really? The other night you said we were. (shuts the door, Rachel sighs and lays down on his bed)

Ra:(to herself) Well Rach you sure managed to screw this one up.

[Scene the beach Phoebe and Monica are lying under an umbrella]

P: God how can I help Ross and Rachel?

M: Well you should probably step back and leave them alone

P: Hum no, (gasps) I've got it I can make a love potion!!

M: Pheebs their already in love they just cant work out their problems, so unless you have a work it out potion-

P: Oh no, last time I made that, I ended up with a gray coconut and was being charged with tax fraud. (Monica looks at her weirdly, Chandler and Joey come walking out of the water, Joey has just lost to Chandler at chicken)

[Scene R&R's room Rachel is asleep on Ross's bed, Ross comes out of the bathroom, sees Rachel, he sits down next to her, brushes her hair out of her face and kisses her forehead, then just watches her sleep, after awhile she wakes up]

Ra: Ross what are you doing here?

Ro: This is my room too ya know

Ra: Oh, do you think us sharing a room was a mistake I mean it has just lead to all that happened this vacation.

Ro: No, I think there is a reason for that, it shows that even after three years we still haven't gotten over each other

Ra: Humm your probably right

Ro: And you know what I don't that we ever will

Ra: So what do you think we should do? (they are looking at each other  then they lean in and share a very passionate kiss then break breathless)

[Time laps, scene outside of R&R room, the maid knocks on the door]

Maid: Housekeeping!  (Rachel yanks it open, hands the maid the "Do Not Disturb" sign then slams the door shut)

Ending Credits/Teaser

[Scene the beach C&M are laying under the umbrella, Joey struts up to them]

J: I finally won. (We see an extremely cute life guard carrying Phoebe who is obviously faking being exhausted)


The End

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