By Chloe

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane
Productions and Warner Bros. Their uses not intended for profit, only for entertainment.

Scene: MT Sinal Hospital (Ross is arriving with Rachel in the wheelchair
waiting for the materinty ward)

Ross: Alright we timed it just right home and to the hospital in fifthteen

Rachel: (deadpan) The hard part is truly over. You don't have to deliver
our baby

All: Hi guys (The gang)

Ross: How'd ya'll get here before us.

Rachel: Ok Ross you stay and talk I'm going to have our baby.

Ross: (To the nurse behind the desk) Good afternoon I'm Ross Geller and
this is Rachel Green (Points toward her) we called from the cab.

Nurse: Yeah, we have a semi-private room ready for your arrivial.

Rachel: Go by that with me again.

Nurse: We have a semi-private room ready for your arrival.

Rachel: Listen lady this is not the only hospital in New York! (Gasping as
she starts a contraction)

Nurse: (See's how troubled Rachel is and turns toward Ross) Would you
like to see a semi-private room.

Ross: Yes I believe so. (Massaging Rachel's shoulder)

Nurse: (Show's them to a room)

Scene: Semi-Private Room (Rachel has just been wheeled into the room)

Janice: Oh….My….Gawd!!! (Ross and Rachel are, needless to say, stunned
at the arrival of Janice.)

Janice: Congratulations you two I didn't know you were having a baby

Rachel: Well this is our fourth time we got back together so it's good that I got
pregnant. So we decided to stay together.

Sid: Your one lucky man Ross I could never get a gal that beautiful. (Rachel blushes)

Janice: Oh silly me I forgot to introduce my husband. Ross, Rachel this is Sid I
nabbed him off in jail. Good thing I got arressted to. (Does the laugh)

(Scene: The waiting room)

Phoebe: It's been three hours labor takes longer now these days.

Joey: Poor Rachel she probably feels so uncomfortable.

Phoebe: Now Joe your not getting those mood feelings for Rachel are you.

Joey: Me, no course not. (Even though he does have feelings for her)

(Scene: Outside the nusery)

Monica: Aren't ya'll all so cute!!!! (Talking baby talk to the babies)

Chandler: Ha caught you looking in on the babes.

Monica: Oh Chandler I just want one so bad!

Chandler: You know I've been thinking about it lately to. Is it just because Rachel's
here giving birth is that why we want one so bad are is it us.

Monica: Oh I donno honey maybe we should just think this through.

(Scene: Semi-Private Room)

Dr. Jekins: you've dilated three centimeters Rachel very good. (Walks ff to Janice's

Janice: Oh hi Doc I've having a very good time (Does the laugh)

Dr. Jekins: Looks like your just about ready to go into delivery. (Wheels her out of the

Rachel: Oh look at that now Ross Janice even beat me what's wrong with our baby!

Ross: Well I guess she's thinking you made such a nice home for her in the past eight
months that she just wants to a stay a while longer.

(The gang enters)

Monica: How's everything going?

Rachel: Well it seems that this baby just wants to live inside me.

Ross:Oh Chandler you just missed Janice they rolled her out of here.

Chandler: Dude!

(Rachel's parents enter)

Sandra: Rachel darling are you all-right.

Rachel: No mother I'm having the baby today, duh

Seth: Duh San she's here just for the fun of it (I donno what Rachel's Dad's name is
so I made it up)

Sandra: So have you thought of any baby names yet.

Ross: We've been thinking if its a girl Cameron Jude or if its a boy we thought Tyler

All: Good!

Mr.& Mrs. Green: We need to talk to you and Ross before the birth

Mr. Green: (Motions eveybody to head outside)

Mrs. Green: Since ya'll are having this baby together have ya'll thought of the next

Rachel: Mom there's nothing else going to happen.

Ross: I know where she's getting at. Marriage right.

Rachel: Can I speak to Ross alone.

(Mr. & Mrs. Green depart)

Rachel: Ross honey I donno.

Ross: (Kneels on one knee)

Ross: Rachel Karen Green will you marry me.

(Rachel is astounded)


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