By Chloe

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane
Productions and Warner Bros. Their uses not intended for profit, only for entertainment.

(Scene: Ross & Rachel's apartment)

Ross: We had a baby! (Hugs Rachel tightly)

Rachel: This is your new home Cameron.

Ross: How about I whip something up for my ladies.

(Ross exits to the kitchen)

Rachel: How about I show you to your new room.

(Phoebe and Monica painted Cameron's room. A soft lilac purple. With purple teddy bears, purple checked carpet, bassinet with purple bears)

Rachel: Here's your new room darling. (Winds up the baby mobile to make soothing music. Switches on the baby monitor)

(Ross approaches)

Rachel: Goodnight darling. (Pushes a stray lock of golden-brown hair off her daughter's face)

Ross: C'mon let her get some sleep.

(Rachel & Ross exit)

(Scene: The living room)

(The gang enters)

The Gang: Welcome Home!

Monica: Where is she?

Ross: We just put her down?

The Gang: Here are our presents.

Rachel: You guys are the best! (Rachel has tears of joy in her eyes)

(Cameron Cries)

Ross: I'll get her honey.

Rachel: Let's all head into the living room so I can open the presents.

(Scene: Living Room)

Monica: This is from Chandler and me.

(Rachel has just opened their present. It's a tie-dyed sleeper)

Ross: Thanks guys!

Phoebe: Me next!

(Rachel has just opened Phoebe's present. It's a music outfit)

Phoebe: I bet when Cameron grows up she'll be musical like her mother's friend.

Ross: How about you Joe?

Joey: I don't think so Ross.

Ross: C'mon buddy.

(Rachel has just opened Joey's present. It's a toy chest)

Joey: I built it myself. (Looks mighty proud of himself)

Monica: Our parents are coming over tonight.

(Cameron yawns)

Chandler: Well I guess that means we better go.

(They all exit except Ross & Rachel)

(Telephone rings)

Ross: I'll get it.

Female voice: Is this Ross Geller speaking.

Ross: Mother!

Mrs. Geller: I heard that you and Rachel came home today with my granddaughter.

Ross: Yes we did, we thought you guys would be here with the rest of the gang.

Mrs. Geller: Your father had to head over sea's so we just got back.

Ross: So ya'll will be coming over later tonight to see Cameron.

Mrs. Geller: Probably so we'll be there around six are so.

Ross: Thanks again mother bye.

Mrs. Geller: Ta!

(Scene: Outside the apartment)

Ross: Now close your eyes honey.

(Rachel has just opened her eyes to reveal and candlelight dinner for two)

Rachel: Oh Ross it's perfect!

Ross: I'd knew you'd like it sweetie.

(Time Lapsed)

(Cameron crying)

Rachel: I'm sorry I have to interrupt the dinner but our daughter's crying.

Ross: Oh don't worry darling I understand.

(Scene: Ross, Rachel's apartment)

Rachel: Oh Cameron its ok Mommy's here.

(Cameron stops crying at the sound of her mother's voice)

Rachel: How about you come down to dinner you Daddy and me.

(Scene: Outside the apartment)

Ross: Somebody must have woke up.

Rachel: Yes I believe so.

Ross: (Holds up his glass of wine) To Cameron who joins the Geller family


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