The Things we Dont see

This is a fic I got the idea for while talking to Haydee on msn J So thanks women!!! We were having a discussion about parts we could play on the show and I came up with this idea, then thought hey, why not write a fic of it.

I own nothing of the show, I make no money from this. Also this takes place right after TOW Joey Tells Rachel(or whatever it was called) so if you have not seen season 8 and do not want to be spoiled I suggest not reading J lets say it’s been about a week or so since he told Rachel about his feelings.

Joey’s apartment-he is sitting in his chair, dressed in old sweats, he has not washed or shaved in a couple of days and he is just staring into space

CHANDLER: Hey man, whoooah you don’t look too good

JOEY: How am I suppose to look, the love of my life made it clear that we will never be, I just miss her so much. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before.

CHANDLER: I know man, I know. You may not belive me but it will get easier, you just need to get back in the game, go out there and meet someone, find a way to get your mind off Rachel.

JOEY: I don’t think I’ll ever be in the game again, I think all the Joey Technique flew out the window once I fell in love with Rachel. I don’t see myself getting over her for a long time

CHANDLER: well of course it’s going to take time, but you have to reintroduce yourself to the game, can’t do that sitting in here, come down to Central Perk with me

JOEY: Ehh, I don’t know

CHANDLER: come on Man, just come down, join the land of the living

JOEY: fine, but I’m only doing this for you

CHANDLER: I’m touched Joe(said with a hint of sarcasm)

(they leave and go to Central Perk)

CHANDLER: so, doing ok?

JOEY: yeah so far, what time is it?

CHANDLER: it’s 11:15 why?

JOEY: because Rachel gets off work at 4 on Tuesday’s and I don’t want to run into her

CHANDLER: you know you’re going to have to talk to her eventually Joe

JOEY: I know, but it’s just going to be so damn awkward

CHANDLER: Ok Joey, you need a diversion, you need to test the Joey love again and the way to do that is by talking to a women, I want you t hit on that women over there(points to an attractive women across the room)

JOEY: ehhh

CHANDLER: Joseph Francis Tribianni

JOEY: all right, all right I’m going, don’t middle name me(he walks up to the lady) Hi, How you doin?

WOMEN: (stares at him and walks away)

JOEY: (walks back to Chandler) oh god, oh god, I’ve lost it, I’ve lost my touch.

CHANDLER: no man, you haven’ t lost your touch

JOEY: Hello, a hot women just walked away from me, before all this Rachel stuff, that women would have been in bed with me by now.

CHANDLER: that doesn’t’ mean you lost your touch, maybe she’s just, I don’t know not attracted to men at all

JOEY: hmm maybe(in a way that he doesn’t really believe that) you know what, I’m just going to go(leaves)

A few minutes later

WOMEN: (walks up to Chandler) excuse me


WOMEN: hi, um my name is Vanessa and I was wondering if you could give your friend a message from me?

CHANDLER: oh you mean the friend you rejected before?

VANESSA: I’m sorry about that, it’s just well, I was caught off guard. I was in love with someone for a long time and I’m just now beginning to move on and I wasn’t sure how to act when your friend said hello.

CHANDLER: what’ s the message

VANESSA: just tell him this is my number(hands Chandler a piece of paper) and id love to meet him for some coffee or a bite to eat sometime, he can cal if he wants and if not, no hard feelings

CHANDLER: ok, I’ll tell him

(Chandler walks to Joey’s place)

CHANDLER: Hey Joe-I have a surprise for you(said teasingly)

JOEY: uh huh, yeah whatever

CHANDER: whoa, you are upset, usually you tackle me to the ground if you hear the word surprise

JOEY: uh hmm

CHANDLER: anyway, you remember that women you were talking to?

JOEY: the one who rejected me, who proved I’d lost my touch.. maybe that’s why Rachel didn’t’ want to be with me, I’ve lost my touch(starts freaking out) the Joey love is gone, it’s all gone(looks to the sky) Why god why???

CHANDLER: Joseph, you haven’t lost your touch

JOEY: hello, she rejected me, rejected me, Joey Tribbiani

CHANDLER: Joey, she came over and talked to me after you left, she said she didn’t feel comfortable talking to you because she’s in the process of moving on from unrequited love

JOEY: unrerq, requi, unre what>>>

CHANDLER: that means, she is in the same place as you, she is moving on from being in love with someone who didn’t feel the same. She wants you to call her, I think you shoud go for it, you two could talk and help each other.

JOEY: fine, I’l call her but I can guarantee I won’t enjoy it

CHANDLER: whatevr Joey, anything that gets you up and dressed decently works for me

JOEY picks up the phone and calls Vanessa) There, are you happy I made a date with her for tomorrow afternoon.

CHANDLER: I’m estaticlly thrilled beyond belief. So where are you going on this date?

JOEY: Just to the Coffee House

CHANDLER:W ell have fun man. (looks at his watch) oh crap I gotta go, I promised Monica we’d go out to dinner tonight

JOEY: nice

CHANDLER: yeah, think what you like but dining out with Monica is never an easygoing adventure, she has to critique every single aspect of the restaurant. The décor, the food, the arrangement of the utensils

JOEY: like I said, have fun

(Chandler leaves)

Phoebe enters Joey’s apt

JOEY: Hey Pheebs

PHOEBE: Hey, wow, what happened?

JOEY: what?

PHOEBE: you sound about a million times more cheerful since the last time I saw you

JOEY: Yeah, I decided to get over the Rachel thing

PHOEBE: oh really?

JOEY: yeah, I have a date tonight

PHOEBE: What??!!

JOEY: yeah with this women named Vanessa, we’re gonna meet at CP for coffee.

PHOEBE: wow, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day, I have to go

JOEY: but Pheebs, you just got here

PHOEBE: yeah, I Need to go um, wash my radishes

JOEY: ok(clearly puzzled)

A restaurant, Monica and Chandler are on there evening out

MONICA: Oh my god!

CHANDLER: what, what??

MONICA: they cook there lemon chicken with lemon seasoning, not lemon juice


MONICA: hello, lemon seasoning, not lemon juice

CHANDLER: and once again I say… so?

MONICA: see this is why you’re not a cook

CHANDLER: wow your’e so observant, no I’m not a cook. I’m a hungry man who’d like to enjoy my dinner

MONICA: well I’m sorry but I notice stuff like this

CHANDLER: I know, I know, you never shut up about it

MONICA: what??

CHANDLER: I said, and that’s why your so good at it.

MONICA: so what are you going to eat?

CHANDLER: the braised lamb

MONICA: nope

CHANDLER: excuse me?

MONICA: if they don’t use real lemon juice, I doubt there lamb would taste good. Just order some soup

CHANDLER: yeah, cause that’s what I came out here for, soup

MONICA: well don’t get lamb

WAITER: Are you ready to order

MONICA: yes we’d like the grilled chicken and soup

WAITER: all right, that will be up shortly

CHANDLER: thank you for ordering for me, I’m glad I like chicken

MONICA: hey chicken is one of the few foods that can’t be screwed up

CHANDLER: ever heard of.. salmonella poisoning

MONICA: oh my god

CHANDLER: whoa, whoa Janice flashback

MONICA: seriously should I tell the waiter we want to change our order

CHANDLER: No, for the love of god no, I’m almost 100 percetn positive they are not going to serve us raw or poisoned chicken

MONICA: ok but you know I’m going to be nervous until the meal comes

CHANDLER: Yes, I know

CP-Joey is there with Vanessa, she is played by Vanessa Marcil(yeah I know-same first name, but that’s what I want this character to look like) For those who don’t’ know, Vanessa Marcil was on All My Children and played Gina on BH 90210

Her and Joey are both sititng at a table drinking coffee and talking

JOEY: so are you doing ok, need any more cream, any sugar, more coffee

VANESSA: no Joey. Thanks, I’m doing fine.

JOEY: Ok, yeah so… you just moved here

VANESSA: about 3 months ago, I moved here from Indiana

JOEY: oh, I’ve never been there, How do you like NYC

VANESSA: I love it, my family didn’t want me to go, but I needed to be on my own you know

JOEY: oh totally, my family all lives in this area, but not in the city and moving out here was one of the best things I ever did. I have 6 sisters and I love my family but they can be a bit much at time

VANESSA: Oh my god, I have 4 brothers and 1 sister

JOEY: older, younger

VANESSA: all older

JOEY: aww, so you’re the baby

VANESSA: yep. So you’re an actor huh?

JOEY: yep

VANESSA: anything I’d have seen you in

JOEY: well I was in Mac and Cheese, but I doubt you saw that

VANESSA: oh my god, I loved that show, I was prob the only person in the world who watched it though, I was so upset when it was taken off the air

JOEY: and I’m currently starring in Days of Our Lives

VANESSA: I’ve never watched that show, but I think I’ll have to start doing so now

JOEY: you do that

VANESSA: this is nice, I thought it would be weird dating again so soon after all the stuff with Michael, but this feels nice

JOEY: yeah, yeah it does(they stare at each other then slowly lean in and kiss)

Ross and Rachel’s place

ROSS: Ginger

RACHEL: yeah, Veto

RACHEL: Clarissa

ROSS: veto

ROSS: Madison

RACHEL: hmm, that, that’s kinda nice

ROSS: you mean you like it, you really like it

RACHEL: yeah, I never thought I’d like a name you like but I like Madison

ROSS: so Madison then

RACHEL: yeah, Madison

ROSS: ok that’s done now we need a middle name

RACHEL: oh god, can we take some time off this for awhile, I don’t think I can spend another 3hrs going through names

ROSS: has it taken us that long

RACHEL: well to be honest thinking up Madison took us about 3 months-it’s just been three hours tonight

ROSS: whoah

RACHEL: yeah, we’re sad aren’t we

ROSS: yeah we kinda are.

RACHEL: so you wanna do something fun

ROSS: um, that’s what got us into this trouble

RACHEL: Not that, damn Ross control your hormones

ROSS: oh, ok, I um, I was um a just joking(said in his embarresed way) so what do you want to do

RACHEL: lets watch a movie

ROSS: fine, what movie

RACHEL: oh how about um….

ROSS: here I’ll pick one. (he goes over by the movies, picks one up and puts it in the vcr)

RACHEL: Ross, what if I don’t’ like what you pick, geesh thanks for asking me, I can’t believe you would do that, you are so mean(starts crying)

ROSS: Ok first off I’ll be glad when the baby is born so you’re hormones go back to normal and 2nd You will love this movie, trust me(he pushes play) and

Weekend at Bernies comes on/

RACHEL: Oh Ross, oh thank you, thank you. I love you

ROSS: what?

RACHEL: no, no I don’t’ mean love as in love as in being in love with you, I just mean I love you for doing, that,. No, no not that I love you, I Love what you did

ROSS: yeah, I know(they stare at each other for a minute) So what do you say we make some popcorn and have a lazy night in

RACHEL: yeah, yeah that sounds great.

The next day-Monica and Chandlers, Phoebe walks in

PHOEBE: so guess where Joey is

CHANDLER: no idea Phoebe, I’m not Joey’s keeper

PHOEBE: oh that’s all right, you just make your jokes Mr Funny man, you just keep joking and you know what I’ll do


PHOEBE: oh your’e so funny, you’re a funny funny man, no I’ll, errrrgh

MONICA: Pheebs, what’s wrong

PHOEBE: Joey is out with her again

MONICA: which her, oh you mean that women he was seeing

PHOEBE: yeah, Vanessa(said in a angry way) why is he always with her, he just met her, give it a break

CHANDLER: um, calm down

PHOEBE: yeah, yeah I’ll try but ooooh it’s gonna be hard. I’m gonna go see if my friend George is down on the corner of 57th and 23rd(I am not from NYC I have never been to NYC so I am totally making up street numbers)

(Phoebe leaves)

CHANDLER: what was that about

MONICA: I Have no idea, it’s Phoebe, when does she ever make sense

CHANDLER: true, true.

MONICA: now you and Joey have plans for tomorrow right

CHANDLER: yes, yes we wont bother your precious baby shower

MONICA> can you belive the in 2 months a little baby will be here

CHANDLER: here, what do you mean here(in his freaking out way)

MONICA: calm down there Skip, I mean in this general area, in the group-although if I were you I’d get used to the idea of a baby

CHANDLER: you, you you aren’t…

MONICA: no, but its going to happen. Besides I thought you were ok with it, after the almost running out on the wedding and all

CHANDLER: Oh I am, it’s just well always kind of a surprise to hear your wife might be expecting you know

MONICA: well its gonna happen, sooner or later(under her breath) hopefully sooner

A couple days later(it’s the bridal shower and The guys day out) so I’m going to jump back and forth between the two scenes

The Shower(It’s being held at Monica’s apt, Rachel, Mon, Phoebe are there and also they invited Monica’s mom, Rachel’s mom, Jill, Rachels other sister who I will call Allison, and 2 people from Rachel’s office named Gina and Hope and to be nice they invited Vanessa too(since she’s been seeing so much of Joey and Joey asked them to do so)

JOEY: Ok, guys so what are we gonna do?

ROSS: we could go get some coffee

CHANDELER: Yeah, cause we never do that

ROSS: ok, you think of something

CHANDLER: we can watch a movie

JOEY: guys we do that stuff all the time, lets do something we haven’t done in a long time, lets..go pick up a hooker and sleep with her


ROSS: we’ve never done that Joe

JOEY: well we could start

CHANDLER: um, aren’t you with Vanessa

JOEY: yeah, I know, I know, it’s just that was always my dream to do something like that—oh I Know!

ROSS: Yes Joey

JOEY: we can pick up a hooker and not sleep with her

CHANDLER: I don’t think there called Hookers then Joe

JOEY: well lets go do something, lets, lets play poker and get drunk


JOEY: who’s place

CHANDLER: well mine is out

JOEY: yeah and if we go to mine they’ll think we’re going to be spying

CHANDLER: well we would be

ROSS: how about my place, that way we can spy but they prob won’t even notice us over there

JOEY/CHANDLER: all right

(they all go to Ross’s place)

Monica’s(the baby shower-she has the place decorated with Pink and white balloons and a sign that says “Congratulations Rachel” everyone is sitting around the coffee table and Rachel is surrounded by gifts about half of which are open.

RACHEL opening a gift) oh, oh my god this is so cute thank you so much Phoebee(Holds up a cute little pair of PJ’s with a fuzzy ducky on the front)

PHOEBE: Don’t mention it-just remember who you got it from, when the tiem comes to name your child

RACHEL: oh Ross and I picked a name already(looks at Phoebe) and it’s not Phoebe

MONICA: what!!!! Well, you didn’t’ tell me

RACHEL: and I’m not gong to tell you, you can all wait and find out

VANESSA: when are you due

RACHEL: May 18th(I’m assuming that is when the s8 finale will air)

PHOEBE: well since you have picked a first name, remember who bought you the good gifts, when you are middle naming your child

JILL: Open mine, open Mine

RACHEL: Ok Jill,. Whoah I just had Christmas Morning De Ja Vu(to the group) Jill used to go crazy on Christmas, she would get so excited about the fitts

JILL: yeah yeah, too much talking, not enough opening

RACHEL: Oh my god Jill, it’s, It’s gorgeous(holds up a beautiful dress covered in small purple flowers-it’s not for a newborn but good size for

About a 6 month old.

JILL: hey your kid may not have a perfect home life, but at least it can look good

RACHEL: what do you mean, not have a perfect life

JILL: nothing, nothing

RACHEL: no Jillian Eliza Green, what did you mean

JILL: Well since you asked. I simply meant that since your child was an unplanned mistake and is going to grow up with parents who aren’t even together

RACHEL: (Near tears) get the hell out of this apartment, I can’t belive you would ever say anything like that. No Ross and I did not plan for this baby

But I want it more than I’ve ever wanted anything in the world, and belive me I;’ve wanted a lot. This baby means more to me than anyone and

Anything and nobody esp not some little snot like you is going to insult her. Now get out

JILL: fine, fine I’m going

RACHEL: sorry about that guys, she just, just(starts crying) excuse me(runs to the bathroom)

(by the point most of the gifts have been opened anyway, so the other guests except For Phoebe, Monica and Vanessa) leave

MRS GREEN: Monica, thank you so much for a lovely party, tell Rachel I will call her later and I’ll have a talk with Jill, you have to excuse her she tends to let her ass do her talking for her

MONICA: It’s all right, I’m sure Rachel will be fine, and thanks for coming.

PHOEBE: (knocking on the bathroom door) Rach, Rach let me in

RACHEL: (unlocks the door) hey

PHOEBE: Rachel it’s ok, shh oh don’t cry. She’s not worth crying over.

RACHEL: I know, I, I just cant’ stop

PHOEBE: nobody belives what she said you know

RACHEL: I know, but it’s not just that it’s other stuff too

PHOEBE: like what

RACHEL: I, I I’m scared, I’m so scared Phees, what if I cant’ afford stuff for the baby or what if she gets sick or if Ross and I start fighing and put our daughter in the middle and what if I’m not a good mom or…

PHOEBE: Rachel you are going to be an awesome mom, yes there will be problems it wont always be easy but you will survive, you will deal with each problem as it comes and you will be an awesome mom because you are the strongest person I have ever had the privillage of knowing

MONICA: that’s right,(entering the room) and we will be here every step of the way

VANESSA: I know we don’t’ know each other real well, but I just want to say I think what you are doing is amazing and it’s so obvious how much you love your daughter

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah I do, I mean at first when I found out I was shocked and didn’t know what to think. But I love her now, like I’ve never loved anything before. She’s a part of me and I just want to defend her and protect her

MONICA: see you’re just like a mother already, you have the protective instinct

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah I do(starts smiling)

PHOEBE: so are we good now

RACHEL: yeah, I’m good-come on lets go open the last few gifts

It’s now that evening and Joey and Vanessa are in bed at his place

VANESSA: I couldn’t’ belive how rude Jill was today

JOEY: why, what did she do? Although I’m not surprised we met Jill once and she was not a very hospitable person

VANESSA: Chandler got you more word of the day toilet paper

JOEY: yep

VANESSA: anyway Jill just went on about how the baby was going to have a hard time since it was a mistake and Ross and Rachel aren’t together etc…

JOEY: she did what, I’ll kick her ass, right now I’ll go kick her ass

VANESSA: simmer down Joe

JOEY: fine, yeah I know but ooooh how could she say that Ross and Rachel love that baby so much,a nybody can see that

VANESSA: why aren’t they together

JOEY: it’s a very long story, short version. Ross had been in love with Rachel for years, she finally found out and started to love him but he was with someone else, they got together eventually but he cheated on her, although he says it wasn’t’ cheating because they were “on a break” time went by he met Emily wa supp to marry her, Rachel went to the wedding in London to tell Ross she loved him, but saw how happy he was and congratulated him instead.Druing the Ceremomy he said Rachel’s name not Emily’s. After a few months Emily and him were divorced. About a year later we took a trip to Vegas, the two of the m got really drunk and married but had it annulled. Then a coupel more yaears passed, they slept together one night and well the outcome –you can

Obviously see.

VANESSA: they still have feelings for each other you know

JOEY: no, no they are only friends now, all that relationship stuff is way in the past

VANESSA: No, no they still care for each other, they’re still in love. You watch them sometime, watch tomorrow when we go to CP you’ll see what I mean

JOEY: Ok I’ll watch but I don’t think I’ll be seeing anything.

The next day CP everyone is there.

ROSS: (droning on and on) so then Jake said but the Jurrasic Period is known for the strength and power of the dinosaurs and I said, nuh huh

PHOEBE: Oh please, please kill me now, death would be better than listening to this

ROSS: am I boring you


ROSS: fine then, what do you want to talk about

MONICA: I know!!! Lets talk about last nights episode of ER

(while they are talking Joey is staring, very obviousy at Ross and Rachel)

ROSS: Um Joey

JOEY: yeah

ROSS: is my bra showing or something

JOEY: no, why?

ROSS: well you keep looking at me with this funny look on your face

JOEY: no, no I’m just um thinking, yeah I’m thinking

CHANDLER: don’t hurt yourself

JOEY: uh huh

RACHEL: Hey Ross, it’s almost 2:30

ROSS: oh we gotta go, bye guys

MONICA: where are you going?

RACHEL: we have a doctors appointment

PHOEBE: good luck

RACHEL: thanks Pheebs, bye guys

ALL: bye

CHANDLER: Ok out with it Tribbiani

JOEY: Out with what

CHANDLER: why were you staring at Ross and Rachel like the two of them were about to spontaneously combust right before your eyes

JOEY: I was not staring

MONICA: oh you were so staring, right Phoebe

PHOEBE: I saw definite Staring

JOEY: Fine, I was staring but she made me do it(points at Vanessa)

VANESSA: what??

JOEY: yeah you and your they still love each other talk

VANESSA: yeah I did say that, but I didn’t’ tell you to stare at them

MONICA: wait a minute, what do you mean still love each other?

VANESSA: I mean don’t you guys ever pay attention to the two of them, they are obvisously still in love

MONICA: no, no no, that is all in the past

PHOEBE: totally in the past, the lobsters have left the building

VANESSA: I’m telling you guys, just watch them next time they are together

MONICA: ok we’ll watch tonight when we go to their place for dinner, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything

(everyone continues talking as the scene fades out)

Later that evening, Ross and Rachel’s apartment:

RACHEL: hey, thanks everyone for coming, dinner should be ready soon, I’m just glad everyone could come, we wanted to have a big pre baby dinner party

JOEY: who cooked

RACHEL: Ross did

PHOEBE: Ross can cook

JOEY: hey anything has to be better than Rachel’s cooking

RACHEL: hey, I’m not that bad—anymore

CHANDLER: Ross is actually a pretty good cook, he cooked a lot when we were in college

PHOEBE: wow, Ross Geller, kitchen man

JOEY: no, no Kitchen Man in a Pink shirt

ROSS: (from the kitchen) it’s salmon, SALMON

(everyone laughs)

MONICA: so how did the appointment go today

RACHEL: it went well, everything looks good(sits down in a chair and obviously looks tired)

PHOEBE: are you ok Rach

RACHEL: I’ll be fine, my back just hurts is all

ROSS: diner is served

(everyone sits at the table)

JOEY: ummmm chicken

PHOEBE: is it good Joey

JOEY: oh yeah

CHANDLER: I don’t’ know if I’d trust Joey’s opinion, this is a man who once ate a sandwich he found lying on the sidewalk

PHOEBE: Hey, Joey Tribiani has good taste in food

CHANDLER: ok, ok-mental note, don’t argue with Phoebe ever again

PHOEBE: sorry, I just get a little tense over stuff like that

CHANDLER: um, ok??

VANESSA: so have you guys thought of a name for the baby yet?

ROSS: yes we have

MONICA: what?!!

ROSS: we’re not telling

RACHEL: yeah, we want it to be a surprise(rubs her head/temples)

ROSS: you still have that headache

RACHEL: yeah

MONICA: are you ok?

RACHEL: I will be, eventually

PHOEBE: I hated my last couple months of pregnancy

JOEY: hey is there any dessert?

CHANDLER: wow, Joe that was quite the subject change

JOEY: I’m hungry

MONICA: there’s something new Joey Tribbiani Hungry

ROSS: yes Joey there is dessert, Rachel made a cherry pie

JOEY: cherry pie, yummmmm

RACHEL: hold on Joey, I’ll go get it(goes to the kitchen) Oh crap, dammit, dammit, dammit

CHANDLER: and we have a catastrophe in the kitchen

RACHEL: (comes out looking very angry) Shut up Chandler. Look at this, I had the temperature set right and everything, damn oven(slams the pie down on the table-the edges are burnt)

MONICA: it’s prob your oven it probably heats faster than what that recipe said, when you cook you need to check periodically to see how the items are baking

RACHEL: Oh I’m soo sorry I’m not the cooking expert you are

PHOEBE: ahh the crabbiness of pregnancy—such a fun time

RACHEL: ok that is so not funny. I hate this night, I wanted this to be such a great night, and I ruined dessert and I feel like crap(starts crying and runs out of the room)

-everyone gets up and follows her

MONICA: Rach, it’s ok, the pie isnt’ ruined we can pick the edges off

JOEY: y eah Rach, I tried a piece it tastes great

CHANDLER: yeah it looks really good, and tasty

RACHEL: you’re just saying that, you don’t have to pretend to be nice, I know it looks and tastes horrible just like I know I look like a big cow

ROSS: sweetie come here(holds his arms out and she goes over to him and leans against him) you do not look fat, you look beautiful, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen you, because you have our baby girl inside of you. I wish I could make you feel better somehow Rach.

RACHEL: thanks Ross, you just did

ROSS: really

RACHEL: yeah(They gaze at each other for a minute) Guys I’m sorry this turned out so bad, I didn’t mean to make a scene

PHOEBE: it’s ok, I totally understand

MONICA: yeah Rach it’s fine, besides when I have a baby, you can support me

CHANDLER: uh uh uh uh

MONICA: it’s happening

ROSS: guys I think we’re gonna just call it a night, Rachel’s really tired and isnt’ feeling to well

CHANDLER: we understand totally man, I have to be up early for work anyway

JOEY: you mean you’re actually gonna go

CHANDLER: yeah the big boss man is coming in to look at our work output so…

(everyone leaves)

(outside of the building)

MONICA: oh my god, you were so right Vanessa

PHOEBE: I know, the lobsters are back in the aquarium

CHANDLER: did you see the way he hugged her and how he kept stroking her hair

MONICA: we have got to get them together, they are so meant for each other and we have to help them see it. I’m going to invite you guys all over tomorrow afternoon, just to hang out, and while they are there we have to do whatever we can to get them to think of being together

CHANDLER: ooh my wife, a women with a plan

MONICA: that’s right, I have a plan for tonight too

CHANDLER: really? What??

MONICA: oh it involves some body paint, a sexy nighty and the bedroom

CHANDLER: oh yeah

Monica and Chandlers(the next afternoon)

RACHEL: this is nice, all of us just hanging out

MONICA: Yeah it is

PHOEBE: hey why don’t we play truth

ROSS: huh??

PHOEBE: it’s this game kinda like truth or dare, only there are no dares and you have to tell the total truth to whatever is asked

MONICA: ok, lets play!!!!!! I”ll go first Phoebe, have you ever had a threesome

PHOEBE: once, when I was 22, with these two guys named Steve and Larry. Ok my turn um Chandler, have you ever kissed a man or thought of kissing a man

CHANDLER: I can honestly say no. Ok um Monica, what sexual technique of mine do you like the best

MONICA: when you use an ice cube, down there. Umm, Ross, what one thing from your past do you regret the most

ROSS: that’s easy, I regret the whole Chloe incident

RACHEL I do too, and not just your part in it but my part, I shouldn’t have gotten so friendly with Mark and I should not have kicked you out of my office that night

MONICA: do you guys think you’d be together if that hadn’t happened

RACHEL: I honestly don’t know

PHOEBE: do you ever think of getting back together

ROSS: to be honest Yeah I do sometimes, but I don’t think it will ever happen, it’s too late now

RACHEL: yeah, we had a great time, but it’s done with

Later that evening-Ross and Rachel’s

Rachel is sitting on her bed looking at a photo and crying softly

ROSS: Rachel do you know where my… Rach, what’s wrong

RACHEL: nothing, it’s it’s silly I was just thinking about stuff

ROSS is this about what Monica said earlier

RACHEL: A little bit yeah

ROSS: me too

RACHEL: do you really think we would not work out

ROSS: to be honest, no I think about us all the time, but I don’t want to push anything

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah I think about us too, especially lately. I guess I’m just scared

ROSS: scared of what

RACHEL: I have never loved anyone the way I loved you, and if we fought or broke up again I don’t think I could take it

ROSS: you want to know a secret

RACHEL: always

ROSS: when you came on to me that night, the night we created Madison, I wanted to sleep with you, I wasn’t drunk, I could have easily said no but I didn’t want too

RACHEL: I’m glad, because I didn’t want you to

(the two of them look deeply into each others eyes. Ross slowly reaches out and brushes his hand against her cheek)

ROSS: so…

RACHEL: yeah(she puts her arms around him and leans her head against him as he puts his arms around her, they gaze at each other some more and slowly move there faces into each other and kiss)

ROSS: Oh my god I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t’ mean, I mean, that was wrong of me, I’m sorry(walks away)

RACHEL: (stares at him for a minute) Ross, wait

ROSS: yeah

RACHEL: it wasn’t stupid at all(runs over to him and kisses him straight on the lips)

ROSS: wow

RACHEL: I know, so does this mean that we’re together

ROSS: yeah I think so, I think we should see how things go

RACHEL: I can do that

ROSS: yeah me too(they kiss again)

It’s now a couple weeks later and Ross and Rachel are still together and happier than ever. Everyone is at Central Perk

MONICA: this is nice

CHANDLER: what? The Coffee Shop?

MONICA: no, silly us being here, 3 happy couples

JOEY: yeah it is nice(kisses Vanessa)

PHOEBE: oh yeah it’s wonderful(said angrily as she gazes sadly at Joey and Vanessa) I have to go

MONICA: what was that about

CHANDLER: it’s Phoebe, have you ever totally understood her

MONICA: good point

JOEY: yeah I have to go to, I have an audtion this afternoon

CHANDLER: good luck man

JOEY: thanks(leaves)

VANESSA: guys, I have a question

RACHEL: what?

VANESSA: what if somebody, and I’m speaking totally hypothetically here, what if somebody is in love with someone else and you realize that they really are meant to be with someone else, that you are not meant to be with that person, and the one they are meant to be with, they don’t see it

MONICA: well if they were really meant to be with that person, I would say to step back and let them be with the other person

VANESSA: thanks, that helped a lot. I’ll talk to you guys later

RACHEL: what was that about

MONICA: I have no idea

RACHEL: eh, oh well, now anyways I was thinking of getting this crib, but Ross likes this one and…..

(her and Monica continue talking)

9pm-Joey and Vanessa’s

(they are in bed)

VANESSA: Joey, we need to talk

JOEY: yeah

VANESSA: I think you are the most amazing man I have ever been with, I care about you so much, but we’re not meant to be, I’ve seen it for a whiel now and tonight I finally realized it, there is someone out there better for you than me

JOEY: are you, breaking up with me?

VANESSA: yeah, I care about you so much, but it’s because I care that I have to do this

JOEY: Vanessa, I love you, I never thought I’d love anyone after I lost Rachel, and I found you, why are you doing this

VANESSA: I have to go Joey and you will find love, you’ll find your soulmate, sometimes it’s right under your nose(kisses him) thanks for everything Joey(leaves)

JOEY: aww crap(throws his pillow across the room and hugs “Hugsy”)

Phoebe’s apt

(knock on door)

PHOEBE: who is it?

VANESSA: It’s Vanessa, I need to talk to you

PHOEBE: um ok(lets her in)

VANESSA: I broke up with Joey

PHOEBE: really!!! Oh, I mean that’ too bad

VANESSA: You don’t have to pretend with me, I know you love him, that’s why I broke up, I’ve seen you two together, as much as I loved Joey I know I am not the one for him, the two of you are meant for each other

PHOEBE: oh my god, you, you did that for me

VANESSA: yeah, now go get him and don’t ever let him go

PHOEBE: thank you so much(starts to go, then runs back and hugs Vanessa)

Joey’s apartment

PHOEBE: Joey, Joey Tribbiani, let me in

JOEY: hey Pheebs

PHOEBE: Vanessa told me what she did

JOEY: I know, can you believe she did that

PHOEBE: Joey, she explained it all to me, she did it for us

JOEY: huh

PHOEBE: Joey Tribbiani I have been in love with you for ages, I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone but you

JOEY: wow, so that is what she meant, that the one I’m meant to be with is right in front of my eyes

PHOEBE: yeah, yeah that’s what she meant

JOEY: wow, I mean I used to wish we were together all the time but I didn’t think you felt the same

PHOEBEL Oh I do, I definitely do

JOEY: wow

PHOEBE: so are you going to kiss me or not

JOEY: oh yeah(They kiss)


One year later: Ross and Rachel gave birth to a baby girl Madison Vanessa Geller(middle name for the one who saw what they could not and broght them together) Monica and Chandler are still happily married and she is 5 months pregnant, Joey and Phoebe are engaged and Vanessa is still friends with everyone and is dating a great man named Carl, from Chandler’s work.


sorry this was kind of rushed in places, but I have tons of fics I’m working on so I wanted to get this one done